Dale & Keefe - Dale is tired of Gronk’s antics; Barry Pederson joins the show; Lamar Jackson could replace Tom Brady.

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, April 24th
Hour 2:  The guys are sick and tired of Rob Gronkowski’s antics. How come his agent isn’t warning him of possible consequences? The Patriots have a lot to accomplish in this years draft.  

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Yeah. Whatever two daily key Sports Radio WEEI. After welcome minus colleague Mark James. Into the studio. Ol' mark great to be here with the guys you know it's one of the things that you someone told me once about my princess that you always on a train and send technique it must be nice to have a retirement about. Toward a half months ago. And then have the company. Bring you pack in the spot in rat for the last three decades probably a youth much more personal petty I'd imagine you know I just strive to be like Mike princess of the guys yes that's from try to do get the most successful man ever in the history of the business lingo he would say he's on mount Rushmore failed to give me a look I don't know why is adding dog is to dock his departure. Both those guys and it real to throw the mount Rushmore they'll. Not rush or talk right out and away my ear don't let them yet or on bingo. On nationally Jim Rome. Moment. To take. A maybe. It maybe Rome I guess you know but that's nice for my friend that's great for intercom so kudos to Entercom our sister station and we can do some solid cast of mud and he'd love to do it like that I don't even that we exist around big Red Sox yankees series though we have Mike on an editor and let me ask you this what do you think Michael Hastings who today after he won one book the author of how. I. Catherine about I'll see about it all and like wrecked his partner and take as long. Will go get rid of this guy you guys back a mobile warned him onboard. So in the in the open there you -- heard yesterday talking about it's been one big bucks for the sake they'll have a very negative so let me just give it let me just give you the rundown OK yes please this is in order Celtics lose game pre. Bruins lose game five. Red Sox get no hit Celtics lose game four Red Sox lose in the eight inning Bruins lose game six that's the street. Or on your mind do you miss one thing. It's one thing he missed Austin uprising a Barack Austin on the ground. Big drop dead wrong or fund proxy war on super and moto cross press conference right next to the patriots press room argue that's in me is the most of those things happen deal the wrong. Things stands out the most from it was the worst is the only one that was not on the field but he just did field that it's gone. It's gonna show its head again later on that it's gonna come back to haunt you or maybe this is would lead him to being traded or I don't know if you're a look back on that moment that I was so bizarre. What was he doing because. I think you lost the favorites I think you lost the bid I don't they're not the ones that decide withers traded or not but they at least. They're always in his quarter we loved rock rocket do it every wants he wants to hold out don't care products in catch touchdown passes. But the way he handled himself. I think a lot of people are sort of turnaround that was the biggest F few Belichick press conference of ever seen in my life those that it was right at its relative. It's right up there with he lies to feed his family yeah. Ever lawyer Malloy won out or Ty Law a dialogue I love these family everybody out one thing Alec there have been some some bad ones I I think that. I said this yesterday if if we find out between now and Thursday night net in the draft the patriots have traded drunk not surprised. And they haven't and fans would not turn on ballot check at this point. You know now there are what are a number of fans who say you know what I've had it. You sick about it all this stuff was behind the scenes assay Belichick was dealing with this and to scenario and they were doing we Drew Rosenhaus Robert how's he and they were kind of hit her head against the wall. But you didn't get the weird post game press conference are about retirement you didn't get all the tweets about bans a maker dance and then he certainly. Did he get this monster energy Rome Rome press conference. Fans who have lost their mind they would have drunk would have been again Brady V ballots checked that's splitting everybody up Belichick vs gras one to have. And more they split down the middle the fan base. If it wasn't for all this stuff. Not dollars and 421 yet and let's just kind of just go through revisionist history here that the pictures of won four Super Bowls with Al Rob Gronkowski he was not there for 2060 diaper. The second week on Sunday night game. Against can't she answer in the Seattle Seahawks he was not part of the run he was not the fuel the page to down when he got the greatest comeback ever not there not there's only one force balls on end him. One into he was on the field for the giant the second giants' Super Bowl is on the field this animal was reasonable doubt he was hurt in the one game I got anyone yet equal. Ease the most dominating weapon in the history NFL the patriots can with the one irreplaceable personal histories franchise TV twelfth but how is he gonna feel a favorite. Brady has always. He has dealt with the past he has got lost it all Americans I was upset. But then we signed I was I was still I was got a thousand set would Deion Branch and David Givens and Wes Welker and although and now. The patriots have won they've moved off those guys and they want an end. Brady may be. Behind the scenes you know to himself or Gisele or whoever was irate potentially but publicly he always said the right things it was always there I wonder I'm gonna be more audio I've got a feeling that drunken Brady talk. That I don't make sure that it was fun topic about communicating well I island Brady knew. 041 did this stop what he was gonna do. All I guess is he didn't try to talk him out of so that's the thing I think about Chris Klein said this yesterday if rock does something like this again. Anywhere near this again you know Brady is sound off on. Because maybe he didn't talk to him before the weekend stuff. And then India after that but he McCarron to power down but they would have talked after for sure war. So he doesn't again and you know Brady has zero to rob I think now as you see an I'm sure you know the silent majority patriots nation that they are seeking top I am sick and tired of Rob Gronkowski I had some odd now. I hated tweets confident right to Graham I don't might like I didn't air driving Mina where we're frustrated as the site for yet another hit she called the one that has brought balanced out Alexandra yeah I definitely believe. And that's great. Anderson frequently give her own room which yeah you guys bucking the training program yeah yeah he's an and we talked about like you know dirt like stuff than this that the other and it's like. You know as well as anybody else would barely checked things about you being gone and eventually. Happy and see yet Wes Welker Richard Seymour Mike Vrabel Vince Wilfork bill. I was unbelievable now I I've and we brought this up in the past but in the eighteen years of Bill Belichick is bad year. The best player his coach is without question it's opera debate. Maybe gras who's who's before him. Well Randy Moss really plan Moscow for a double over the I don't like I'm about to announce each. A look at all day. It was yet once he has been unbelievably Jere and what I mean like the the totality qualities that give eggs at the other guys and then you look at that Richard Seymour. We'll trade you for a future first round pick and betray you before this he's right currency later in the in a Logan Mankins and with the guards is not exciting but very good guard at one time the best guard in the league. Trade him away Paula back to or Malloy with that was one of the best safety iPod anyway in the league on. Taiwan wherever you're back on all these guys all of them or all of the errors can move on from soaked rock. He really heat he might be the best of that group preschool in the group. He's in that group but I would say he's the second best patriot in their Belichick radio or maybe ever right I don't know anybody that has he already mosque he said I don't consider rainy mosque though. A troop teacher. You don't accuse anybody kind of look that up here he was of like it is great he was he hurt real hot as they are record breaking year unbelievable but you're right. Did you know that he played in the Super Bowl. But the the true patriots have a multiple rings with the best patriots now if they wanna suitable but the problem a couple they they absolutely do an infamy I look at Rob Gronkowski he's acted like a little bitch did this whole entire offseason and I when I look at it it's literally it's got the words like. It's not funny anymore we're not laughing we're not even before nothing we view this I think that you now we're now you're being mocked and that was an. I don't. I would not be the slightly surprised if Belichick trades him blow prior to the end of the seventh round of the draft. I don't yeah I anticipate rob this week not this this week could be the last rock and prosecute tiger's view I agree could definitely happen and oh a year ago you'd never would have thought that would be the case but now insurgency this kind of trickling out the relationship stuff and everything that's gone on there. And it's it's not great now. Somebody had reported before that wrong really wants the play. We have Brady and Brady is going to be here this is this where you even if he's not seen I'd I would Belichick this is where he's going to be. But I think brought something has clicked in or something is changed in him that. You know what I can play somewhere else and it's gonna pay me a ton of money I'd go up a lot of fun I wanna go do it somewhere else. That's what's in there was gonna happen in this all goes back to bring you need saw the first episode of Tom verse is times like this you better be prepared to sacrifice your life is I will I and then the last episode that. I'm doing what we took a look for its. I got to find it if if you lose your conviction you should be doing something else and then you start basket and now he's eating comes out and Susan they'll Tom's complaints when he team we want the content seed break we wanted he wanted Jimmy grappled on he got unique rumpled gone. And now it's like sort of think about it and and waited to make up this narrative. What Derek what you just said. The pit because the whole thing we're Robert Kraft. But like Glenn and you know what the whole thing about which he would bark you make an alleged reports Brooke exactly alleged. Or let's reports this report out better than alleged airport he didn't like the fact did you think Rob Lowe is here. And then and again I I look tonight registration of rat right. And you've taken it as gospel. Why would Trajan to drop we'll deal for 142 round pick when he got to first round pick for brainy cooks. I in my opinion it was because. They weren't donuts franchise the guy waving what else. Do the math mark normally do the math but it pages increased all of our. All up yeah I understand that all these guys that they sign in this offseason they could've signed any of them. If they could make it okay fine. You don't you don't get the thirds for another battle wanted to you know it none of them play you'd have to get rid of more than that Liberty Mutual field the team that photo where you'll never going to a franchise a backup quarterback for 25 million dollars get a bottom a lot of gonna have. Now why why do you think Brady was happy when grapple arbitrator. Yes yes I absolutely have no idea about who haven't had a guy that it would see everybody's making this stuff up and stating it inspected you just did. That would probably do it it gets better and it's you ready wanted to Rob Gronkowski trade it. And grab an idea grounded out now though he does what Robert about you but you just edit like it was a bad that's and we. He was a major strategy to grapple and twenty boards he was he not know all the war. Ports I alleged reports alleged. Well and and what did he do to indicate how adequately on the Nate let me grab it would would already said what he said at the end of congress' time in the final episode about. If you don't want that up what are we doing this if you lose your conviction that maybe we should do something up when he set the episode when GG was still here. What you set that give them to be like okay we got our necks that network never betray Tom Brady. Dale would not want to but I don't know why the group of French IGG for one or it's stupid now that's why freeze this tab ten. I know how much they increased the salary cap by. Look at the numbers not just. What you in this guy would you now can't sign anybody else for the or they could get raided the home the country they lost big solar Douglas Malcolm Butler 3-D image but that wouldn't trade him until they got rid of all this salary cap money first and that's fine cut and cut Dwayne Allen he's been Scalia whenever I got it sound like you're cut Dwayne Allen you got the money all I caught. I was actually on the victim that. We're doing today they could do it there or as mark the Eagles wrote the articles immediately out bad then ball and maybe outline what you have to do regard ego yours that here's the players yet to cut yet the weight on signing some of these guys got the signed cordial Paterson yet I don't you know I mean what really has a page and it got much better with him on the field yet you know what I said what they're better off in court Errol Paterson and all of the launch I don't know what I do then the eye out for sure that everybody thinks. This this is a product of elders cap is crap. BS. OK it's not crap Bill Belichick as hard that you can't manipulate the cap he has sent Pitman middle yeah it is crap it's one of us on little saint but this you can't and so you think that picture you're gonna pay your. A quarterback. Ten million more a year that your starting worse off now I would have done that with on this show I don't know that I work just. Don't know you won't let. Presently the and they had a problem I don't 88 in the Amazon dot he could of done us. It got a franchise and they can get a lot more I don't think he wanted to and I'm signing here he was not citing year. That wasn't happening market wasn't there why would my only wish you had him and what's one more year was the franchise. You're gonna pay him ten million more than the started the hall of fame quarterback. And you got to blow up your team's salary cap wise to do what here's the good news though the agent represented both clients so they can work that sought. I. Asked. Our Honda Reynard has never been warned that I like I don't even know I talked about this this week it has ever been in the top three ice pick quarterbacks in his career. Ever never I don't know why. What's good and the haven't backed up making ten million he's okay no solo drivers Sam Bradford was the number one overall pick in 2010 get a fifty million dollar bonus that's not the same as your back. Back up making ten million more the new mark what impact that now he's back it's making more enemies difference is what I there are reports now that he's upset about that. But he got baggage of her alone yeah I don't know that we probably haven't looked at that event that started that Doug is that we talk about a contract extension of Brady and he knows what should I drop below is making with the niners so I'm sure he wants to make more money. I don't think they're both going to be on the same team this year in 2000 happened but there's another way to go about ice could have continued in its vital port Clinton out. You are you work and don't carry ons that he could we could it kept. The free could've been like like the whole fast and the fury state and instead now we got maybe 12 more years break. Three maybe we'll talk with Barry Petersen will get to your calls as well dealing keep with Mark James Sports Radio WB. And doing the talking moral we're playing really good team in Boston series has won its high Enders who ruined they go high end players. Always think we're gonna win. And so. We thought that all along that started poorly and crawled away Bachmann you know you have an opportunity lifetime and this was talking with tonight just as funds were wanna be. Going for periods as funds were wanna be wanna be in these moments in your life. Mike Babcock Toronto Maple Leafs coach after last night's game six win forcing game seven. Tomorrow night at the garden joining us on the line right now is my nest and colleague in Boston Bruins great Barry Petersen hello Barry. Hello partner you don't all right thanks should I be afraid of game seven tomorrow night. I don't know what you but I feel a little bit more comfortable going into game seven that I did going into game six I just did Nolan gained six took it was good to. Rebound I thought he did he gave his team a chance to win what copper and how little Patrice was gonna feel that we thought he. Played very well controlled via faceoff circle and create some opportunities. And the fourth line that we get a little bit more consistency like the fourth line I feel good however we've also got a giant that's weakening in Toronto. Up there what if you've seen from Charlie Mack a voice so far is there any chance he still mean you know not a 100%. I he could be we don't is we talked about last night with tail on the show it's. You just don't know the Buick I can go by is what my eye tells me by Colby gave wanted to. He was a lot more aggressive. With the pocked. By eight. Skated the puck up through the neutral zone being more of a scoring threat pitching more aggressively along the boards. Now all as we were showing last night he was you get that puck he would attend to now instead of rushing game moving his feet making Toronto come to him close the gap he's kind of like he was sitting back. Trying to make a pass to Ronald would justly trapped form. And they would counterattack very quickly to wait for the world to be successful. They're gonna have to do what they did all year long which was have. Pressure from the back and you're gonna have to of the crew to go back avoid have to push the pace of the Bruins have to get more aggressive in game seven. Especially the third when he started game five. Buried the Bruins losses in games 35 and six the one line of Bergeron martian posture knocked. Zero goals zero points and a minus sixteen rating what happened. Well I think the minus sixteen in the goals against the bigger concern for meet during the playoffs having your offense is gonna common goal to get different matchups and different situations a power play opportunities and so forth are gonna come but distracted as Bruins hockey club well all year long has been their defense even though they've been able to. Pushed the pace offensively and be right up there in. Offense throughout this season the backbone of this team was so many injuries once their team defense that was only good goaltending was also what threw six solid B. But more important either forwards were very very responsible and have the trust of the coaching staff. And I really think that's what they're gonna have to get back to Ivica I'd look at that number one line if they're shut down. Authentic which is gonna happen to you now that you're gonna need them to play a lot more solidly. Defensively. And I think that's about looking for games. We're talking to Boston Bruins great Barry Petersen also Mya colleague and nest and Bruins analysts Brad marsh and was on the station earlier today on with Owen map. And he was talking about Fredrik Andersson and Howell and you've got to make the extra pass because of how well he's playing. It almost leads me to believe based on what I saw that top line doing in the third period. That he sooner have a little bit right now. Here ideas like I would actually got to say I would go the other way I think part of the problem for that top line is they go a little bit too fancy. The you know game one into what they totally dominate like remember us sitting on the fifth floor they'll. The first couple of ships that top line had they went down the ice they had the pace to head the energy. They got the Blue Line they really didn't have any safe place to what do they do they dumped it in the corner did make Ronald defense turn around go back to get it in the important thing there's two that they turn around that means they can't do that stretched past what they can't do distract spout that means the Bruin defense to pushing up. And the really putting the pressure on them. So I think what the Bruins had to do was take what they give you don't force things I think last night watching a marsh and in particular he looked a little frustrated at times. Things weren't going his way I thought they were trying to get too fat gimmick it's in good a little bit more like that fourth line dale. Which is keep it simple put the pressure on the Ronald defense one through that some 600 that were there weaknesses. Stand behind it was scratched. Last night Tommy dwindles in at. Morning skates today or practice today it was hiding on the second line and not win goals. Should it be Ryan did not know or or do you do you like that the change gone back behind it. Well I think a tough decision actually for the quote was that which is a good decision for organizational standpoint with the depth. The one thing that would it treat me with the not a would be the power play and the Bruins power play let them down I thought last night at third period again I had the opportunity especially. Coming oh red begin effort here with a clean cheap device to have an opportunity to the broad Specter that they did they have a chance later on a hockey game but. That looked down right and ultimately develop that power play has been effective. But let's try and stay consistent with my ia comments I think what the coach is looking for is consistency on the defensive side. And even though lopsided is a young player and a rookie he's the guy that is. Which we talked about dale has been a very mature games he's a kid that the coach can trust that all situations he's a penalty killer. He's a guy that you can put out at crucial times of the game I think that's kind of what he's looking for I was a coach what I'm looking for improvement from. If fight it might he goes up there and played hard defensively that meet their intent that means they're ready to go that means you're paying attention to detail. They will witness on the defensive side to I think that's probably why you'll be leading toward aren't. Berry to grass home militia elimination playoff game record is one in five which -- is gonna show up tomorrow night the guy we saw on game three of the guy we saw in game four. Well you hope it's gonna be via. Latter rights abuses which are used to the guys that though like you saw last that is what I thought gave his team a chance game five was obviously the game. You didn't want it to to rescue. A key bench that he was interrupted his game. I would also remind Bruins fans that Anderson has been pulled once this series as well has found his game. So you're hoping that two. As his game and there's going to be able to match Anderson. And control the rebound control intent to make those big saves. When he have to provide Bruins standpoint you hope you're cutting down on the quote scoring opportunities given his team a chance the one thing that concerns me that we talked about last night. To promote Bruins fans standpoint is Anderson he's found his game. But he was struggling even though going a little luckier early on to gains. Three when he wasn't looking to be technically sound he's back to playing. His game which is a I think a lot more technically sound a lot more aggressive he's playing bigger when he's going down. He's not flopping around and I think that confidence is also permeating all through the young Toronto team now. They have a lot of belief it and so this is gonna be one heck again so. Rick Nash has about I'm not even exaggerating I think twenty shots on goal. It in the in the six games so far by games so far six that he's played he's got one goal. I guess the good news is he's getting shots. But he doesn't seem to be doing anything. No I think the other side of that deal that I think a lot of that's coming up power play opportunities. He's going to be one of those guys again a veteran who's been through the wars and all that second line with putted great she had to brought that he is going to need to elevate his game because the need to come through. Offensively get you to see that from pretty cute well. You gotta hope the big line is there again I think one of the things last night. What they did cause a little bit of problems what you saw on Nash's shot back is going to the net crashing the net. Trying to make you Anderson's life difficult not only screens. But also just to have Anderson feel that pressure around this what you want which beat the goaltender if he feel what you have to control every single rebound so. You wanna get those big bodies but boy Rick Nash is one of those guys from a Bruins respect that you would love to see wake up offensively. All right ball which on the spot before we let you go. Does the season and tomorrow night. Daughter not to say you know ability and remember what we're previewing this this series to me was the best series most evenly matched we thought it would probably go six or seven games this could be a conference final. If the Bruins can play. Like they're capable of which is solid team defense. Put the pressure on Ronald defense one through six I'd like their chances if they show up like it did in game five. I don't. Always appreciate time Chelsea at the rink tomorrow. Look forward to it hopefully your daughter addresses you welcome. And yeah seeing it and hearing. Things. That is former Bruins great Barry Petersen in my area my nest and Ali. So he does not think he's a pretty good about it he's. Right he's feels good about game seven is not terrified my daddy actually feels good about tomorrow night as well. He's. I don't know how got this position I go back to if things that's a big yes and I think the Bruins are gonna win tomorrow at home. But if they don't. Go back to that final regular season game the home against Florida. And and why he squandered a golden opportunity to get New Jersey with the Bruins were three you know undefeated against. Now tipped to be like in these children clean around like five game series down they went on second round right. Usher the product easy you know that's the roster into India it would have been nice we will get back to the discussion that we began before Barry Petersen joined us. Mark James delusional. Idea that somehow. It's a neon red alleged reports the hell happened it would take less money how would be okay. Don't think that's the Capel talked about it 6177797. ID 37 Sports Radio W media. Offense is doing really great to write your flights and train really hard. I think for a really good. Right down slightly no other. Rob Gronkowski stuff. Press conference facilitation fingers up his monster energy race press conference on Gillette Stadium. If you get a chance and Iran Twitter at dale. I said it if the patriots traded Rob Gronkowski before the draft on Thursday whose side are you want. Option a is teeing ground dating partner little tight focus I was in a hurry trying to notice how about there yet. OK Andy and and I don't know how to vote and I was small void an option B is ballot check is the man Posey two choices okay yeah. So far 490 if you devoted. 67%. Belichick is the man while a very low tire and that the advent apps out 7580%. And would would be my guess it would also. When you listen back to oh what prompted there again from the weekend. It's such a departure from what we normally hear from ground who has the patriots talking points down as well as anyone. And it's how they stick a microphone part of space and don't in season off seasons are a little bit different. But he's the guy says I can't wait to work of my teammates he's always given credit to Brady the offensive line everybody else out there. You know he was. A cost an interview you ever during the playoffs the on field interview would like Tracy Wilson or whoever. And should ask you about Toronto harmonies and he's a great teammate in this that like he is so humble and he is so team first. Throughout the year. And then to see and act like a jackass now you're and one what is going what does change for this guy I don't know that's the thing that he knew that that fans would turn on and after that no. No no I'm at and I don't want to turn he will. You don't want to regulate is there any advice has he done now don't know he turned heel we know it's gonna go over like DN WL go the right to alienate would you go hold in the hall attaching notes to go over this is not that bad not know I think he's on intentionally. I was an. Who knows what they'll text did you he always there's always that element surprised but. I am we eight's not in good to be the least bit shocking or surprising if Rob Gronkowski not if but when he's traded. This weekend before the end of this week and maybe before the end of the seventh round. All of the draft he'll be gone I think you know like if it. Happens and I don't disagree with you that it could happen. He's gonna go whole crap I didn't think that was gonna. I I I thought I guess I mean I get a new contract I mean I he's got rosenhaus though rosenhaus is Smart you need to say whatever you want about it but he's better on a long time if he sees gras or just the way they've handled. The whole off season to forget about the weekend just leading up to it. Rosenhaus has the sort of war and it paid by the way a league if you wanna play with fire here this is the patriots they will treat you how much of a slap in the face though do you because there was a report scale. That Belichick didn't like. Something wrong idea on social media on aaron's all oriented Allen or let me free yet very happy you are not just play the game with me here okay. There were reports that Belichick was unhappy Belichick told anybody. Keeping Belichick told anybody about the set wicker shame article does that seem like backing from his camp knowing it. They Belichick tells anybody anything ever yes yeah of course you know I don't think he told show after about the grapple trip stuff. I think you I think everybody wants to trade him for 41 round picks yeah. I didn't really wasn't on the market he told us that later on I think anybody generalization. Act. I I think Bill Belichick talks that no one all I about it anyway on the giants held doesn't talk to people about Rob Gronkowski instantly sure. Does that that Seth wicker sham article dale it almost seemed like he came from the office of Bill Belichick it was very recently did towards belly check and it was not pro Brady that is okay and how not only that guys that high. That he was released on Friday of wild card weekend the patriots had applied. Don't even remember what happened that wild card we can accept the fact the chief Steve back in Kansas City. And yet I did you meet that the titans came back and music would that article. Was that any thought OK galvanized and then once the patriots lose a ball 52 all these things now that articles seem to have come now so it quicker Sheehan sort of like a prophet. Yeah I think I think he's right on a lot of a lot of there there are certain details and there was even he had to correct and there are certain things that a stab at a lot of unnecessary like you don't bells are meeting with could tell that probably did happen and not really necessary. But a lot of that stuff is in their Tommy Kern had written some been prior to that that was sort of similar about. This different yearly this is this is different will the what's going on one not saying that it's not different yet thing. I just don't think Bill Belichick tells anybody anything out all right stuff. Hey how I I'd like that gronkowski instrument the hot chef there was so sorely organized race all the audit somebody new organization. Absolutely told chapped I don't trade or so I don't think that'll Belichick but I bet it was orbit was one degree away from bell Jack don't check just. Doesn't talk to anybody that personal odd that this doesn't say a word to anybody yeah I immediately speaking to people Bill Belichick talks to also don't talk to anybody. I mean it's it's one of those. Pretty well known Faxon and you've talked of friends of ballot Jack who say. I'm not saying anything about what he says what he can make. Wanted to not just scared politics anymore. On revenues I don't know I guess is Mike Lombardi different about Jack he says he doesn't shut up if you hit it and I thought I don't I don't I think Mike Lombardi soft. A less maybe you buffalo Bill Belichick has come out so many times extolled the virtues of Michael Barton of Michael he likes what he did I don't know about you that it is yeah. But we deal 177. Point two million dollars for this year's cap you don't think an and I understand what you're saying. How TB twelve would have been extremely upset if GE G had stayed here. But Tom Brady grew up in San Francisco Tom Brady's solid shall aren't it'll she's job to Ron Amadon. And the niners continued to win a suitable to yours after Montana was gone so you'll get rid eagle this is a business at his father's sick it's not going to. And well Tom Brady salary cap number this year's 22 million that's not what you get but that's his cap number Jimmy droplets cap number would be about 24 million. So you would be committing 46 million of that 177. Point two million dollar cap to one position. 25 point 3% of your salary cap space to two guys are you got. I think for a minute there still don't let. Letter rabbi your nose mighty city if you can't do that Gail bale lost it until Malcolm Butler Neitzel there Dion Lewis Cameron Fleming in branding clocks only because a lot of people are building a 53 man roster. Helen out you don't get to play out there with thirty I can't get it I present my cap tied up in the east so that's right deprive you could have. Franchise and and traded him you could not have temple on the roster that's just too much I went against even made the point that well if any team is gonna do something so unorthodox it would be the patriots. But you're just hamstring yourself too much well here's the thing when you traded Jimmy grapple with Snooki get two or three more good years out brief thought let's just CES two more years for argument sake this season next season yes but then after that worked at thanks bill but then after that in lets you are getting the next Jimmy garrote lol I'm telling you there's no Jimmy grapple to coddle let up please stop it. Even if it's more job by the margin because I think Kyle a lot of play how many times I've seen Phil mobile. Hawks and I had a funny guy. I got a lot of OK okay nauseated. All I will save the one thing about mark Jackson's this he's he if you throw Russell Wilson and Michael Vick in a blender that's when Marchex he has Michael vick's athletic schism with Russell Wilson's. A vase of this idiot Billy except for the bull and his last bowl game. The last game he played college was terrific in 210%. Moral cause got a terrible games and no I absolutely but the patriots. Do you are you gonna be shot I think they draft a quarterback in the first or second round this year I think that probably will have to. You have to I think if enough people here say they called it 41 next year yet I think you have to you don't bill bill was lying on Tom Brady to regress to the mean and Brady never requested of me or when he dropped to drop -- I've that he thought Brady had two or three years he found out by Rupert and try to remember that after that horrific loss on Monday Night Football and 2014 against the chiefs when some of my charity. It might yard pass somewhat. We're gonna send us on the ask them either don't know how they're gonna describe that perhaps. Did know was hardly the majority are yet I guess that could change at core values that are you know at least the gonna assess everything goes are you gonna assess the quarterback position and he just gave conduct like. He's please and I think people thought they did snort he did he snorted out there and out of and that was about it what happened like the question for months later they won the Super Bowl but he did a great idea of the Super Bowls well Bryan stork I I thought it was healthy and then mixing available. I would agree with you guys that when they drafted Jimmie drop below it was with the idea that Tom Brady was gonna be mortal. You know he was like he was gonna play quarterback high level and then like every other quarter only think campaign season GAAP one got a bright funny idea and and that's ultimately what happened I think with the trade last year. If they had if they had drafted to Rob Lowe in the first round. They have had their fifth year option. And you could keep him for another user your same day just ignorant they drafted Rob Lowe instead of Dominic eased down it was a perfectly and out of for another year then you could unblock everything you just describe you could do you can't do what with the franchise tag and that's why you wonder now I don't think Brady I don't think Brady's play for another five years now why don't either but. How different is that if you draft a quarterback at 31 compared to 43 that extra year of a guy that its critics have not embraced what I feel so expert but you give yourself another little bit of wiggle room like you don't. Have to get radio out here in three years so he you have just got to start you have you give yourself an extra year to do it so. That's why I think the first from makes a lot of sense specially if Lamar Jackson or some who they really like I don't that is maybe it's based Rudolph it it's whoever but if he's there. Rather than trading down and they do so often approximately Thomas and just the take they got there. You just know how tough it's if it is to find a franchise in league quarterback mislead and how well I'm not convinced Jimmy exactly if he got right is that we have turned in to we have we have in San Francisco 49ers back to the Brinks truck to validate current era leaf it is potential. It just to me it seems that the page to sitting on a winning powerball ticket would you EG OK they failed we'd. Hole you're Natalie are castle you know Cassel got the big money and a lot of it is to be. A continuum. The problem was Brady got better he didn't get our salaries have our best seasons last year right here. This regulatory treaties or news or excuse. And you use a prompt and what I got myself caught up into a little bit is. Graf will play five games with the Myer south post trades also how we're viewing him and and him making it only once he was legit Jackson's death any big debate but he beat him and now the best defense in the league and he played really well so there wasn't as much tape obviously on grapple at the time of the trade. I think the back I don't a broken record at best a circle back to you train at the beginning of the year or each rated at the end of the year you don't trade him midway through the year I think that was probably the time that you were gonna get a least in return form I I agree with your notion that you tried him before the year. There aren't cheap year that he would take a man who doubted her and all that you could have gotten better hauled back now I wouldn't of had any more tape to show people not he would play the exact same time. Quarterback a game and a half that he play but almost like a three years enticing enough so let me ask both because let's say didn't like the ideological B percent B in the back clear politics they're graded out filled source said adding so somebody they are you comfortable with what they have a year ago Belichick and his stereo what do you think in retrospect knowing what the deed. What they would've could've gotten for GE G1 year ago this week what do you think they could have gotten older and here you're not gonna get silly again known and I think because it got a one and it's. I don't. Ideal ideal and we thought you want to house what I might give I think if they if they pushed it in the future if they hated the browns. And niners against each other cannot see the jets that's up for debate you on trade and individual I. They're I don't know if he's I don't think he's gonna be a top five quarterback. But if you're aware if you're afraid of that than fine that the browns and the red scare of the the browns and the niners against each other. And I think maybe you get a first maybe first third or something like that that part is it's more than what you got the second and how they don't Brady is going to be healthy all season BD MVP of the league. In April finalist and all they would trade him before the year what they should have you take a chance with a forty year old quarterback that eight he's going to be LP. Mean who knows stuff happens. I just think that I at the trade deadline they settler. We're not gonna franchise basically we train now or yeah or we let him walk at the end you only insured yourself for half a season and that's why have a question when. Right again by the insurance for a year that's like if you went home nearby health hazards that I get to June about it through June and there's no way am I need it you know between that and the end of the year. They show you the guy that built the whole time or gotten the most bang for their balked at the beginning of the year. I just it's to me I compartmentalize this whole thing by like. Where the patriots got a number two for Jimmy gee I'm not a great number two and got a number one for branding cooks. So is almost the tristate nothing really got the number one for GBC and it's super break today yeah that'd take it right now. You look at Tom Brady he's one step in terms of hierarchy in salaries he's one step above. And they need a lower back and people won't give you and I'm kidding it's ridiculous. He's never been about he's always acted he's being declared its. He's also available on the I was gonna say let's baton around Walden you know yards sales. He felt pretty well didn't get through school yeah Brooke lied out right up front and look he's made a lot of money in his career all locked of course he has he has never maximized what he could make. But DNA evidence Karzai and if you have a new contract for the season. Because I thought reported gasoline right now yeah well see I'm not sure that now I don't I thought that you know going into the offseason after the Super Bowl. Your you'll extend a meal you give a couple more years. Now with Brady you know. Kind of wishy washy about how long he wants to play he has always said he wants to play till 45. Ben and Tom vs tiny did sort of back away from that at the and he did and we actually deserve this issue after sort of an update I guess on the contract stuff with Brady. Today Don. 2018 cheese and again. Not a huge surprise and anyway she performed and we want to make you got to be something that's not what today. Don dispelled any questions that anyone at night they some people some of those questions that Tom Brady would be vaccinated to its intent. To return. For the 2018 sees it in a week and what's the patriots very well could be involved in the quarterbacks in this draft double ones double twos could take a quarterback expected. Take a quarterback somewhere I've done he also said Tom Brady. Has thought about his contract which patient considerably less than generic rock blow its former understudy is making ships just goes so. This is again an issue that doesn't seem like it's going away anytime soon but Don he's just today. The Tom green is expected and does intend to return the 2018 season. So it went on who's gonna back on the Dow was there a debate and chapters they all had some people question yet because you'll have the headline that I haven't heard yet what you're made it more historic heartland Tom curry and kind of broke his way before shift now if while that anyone checked or did it the okay and it it stops everybody here's the thing Rick I do think he's gonna have a new content Oxley why. It's hold leverage. He doesn't have the threat of his successor in the or is crafting that point for. According to what you need a successor not know the successor now but not here to see. Easing my next year but next year could be he could be but I'm saying you were schooled in 2018 hit Tom pretty holds out. And don't yet you talk to training camp insists I'm not quite gaffe he had he would be right so he. To ricotta pulled debates let's be like hey I want brothels contract. The haters gonna do they have to. They have to at this announcer rich they have to get up no match at least ten I don't know. Here's tailback but no doubt we'll get into that I think I don't know enough I don't violate the I don't think this America to know I know it's it's an air across the street I. I don't think they thought the rooms have to put Jimmy rappel salaries that can be one more dollar engine problem that there are these acts in contract in a dollar the team you play it was in Michael Jordan and what broke up the bulls is the fact the Jerry Krause Jerry Reinsdorf would not. Continually pay Michael Jordan to make him. And yet he didn't pay Kukoc more than pontoon down not a problem and that's what broke it up now Britain has a chance now to be he needs to be greedy he should decrease the greatest quarterback of all time. He's coming up his last game evident these greedy he also hurts himself. That's so because dead you don't I was in my surrounding cast of but the cast about if they re always been Smart enough which by the way Peyton Manning never realized. It paid if you pick up this much of the Indianapolis called 900 gallons then you don't have what you need around but they get rid of Rob Gronkowski of the party's gonna do them a single that are now big dowdy there's the Adam's album I'm not gonna and I'm not gonna do this makah signed extensions you guys can reduce the books are not doing that featured arm that's why you've used raft is Paramount for the future of this franchise they need a left tackle the needle right tackle they need linebackers being a want to look at with a right tackle lady left tackle back at least that's the protectively Britain's blondes are that they do and but I mean you're talking Jeremy hill aging Claiborne decent quarry Jeanine shield quartile Paterson Jordan that he's offseason because of that. But you need more and you need guys that. They couldn't get off the field. A kid's neck Franken pulls the guy who looks love child of Napoleon Dynamite and Chelsea Clinton I really think field. Mark James in the house its daily keep. And yes we have talked a lot of Bruins today we will work in the Celtics who play tonight. At the garden are Red Sox are back in action by the way Hanley who's at the ballpark in Toronto said last night was the first hockey game he's ever seen in his life. There was a great shot of one of his teammates I think it was Christian baskets try to get him to eat a piece of his soccer ice cream yeah and Hanley said I can be nice agreements and a steal thirty bags is supervised obviously well used to eat ice -- -- -- -- -- -- and a lot of interest rate applied Billy the right here he's all about TD twelve Bruins our own one though it -- in attendance it's like not to want -- and I don't doubt right now I'm shocked he in the -- who's been in Boston twice is -- players never -- each week hockey game live set last night was his first one ever. All that's likely player showed up as cruel as Canada and football squad there was a lot of pizza eaten going on some beer drinking so much yeah. Herself was smashed in slices it was Corey IMAP. The actress Selma I mean look he weighs about. 74 pounds the man is that the senator Conyers but he sort of add more pieces because it would no matter everyone cites daily key Sports Radio WEEI.