Dale & Keefe - Is Danny Ainge getting the Belichick GM treatment? Andy Hart hates arrogant music snobs; Rozier facetiming Ainge raises a major red flag

Dale & Keefe
Friday, June 22nd
Hour 1: Dale, Greg Dickerson, and Andy Hart discuss the many storylines from last night’s NBA Draft including the Celtics selection of Robert Williams, the 76ers trade of Mikal Bridges, Terry Rozier being on facetime with Danny Ainge, and Luka Doncic’s mom. Also discussed in this hour, Brady’s singing at a U2 concert, Andy Hart’s music takes, and Dickerson wanting absolutely nothing to do with Dwight Howard.

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Yeah yeah. From time time question. Dedication. And commitment. Defeat all world hall of fame quarterback for the New England Patriots that's going into the 2018 season. Now that I've heard him say hammered eighty U2 concert I really calling the question. The dedication and commitment that he has to the upcoming football season that was just water. He looked at our company said to Graham account judging him I'd. I guess that. Is that sort against the whole TB twelve method thing. Well it's a good sign for patriots fans the old saying goes don't quit your day job he's not not gonna detour now there's no singing sequence coming on the line drunk or sober I'm just embarrassed that it and now. You don't see that all of Tom Brown we already got that forget about the plate gate for forget about missing or DA's that was is this worth it dancing member of the dancing economy Boller gets its own economic on the mind. First there's one other note note that the dancing thing was at the he was like in a race track he was on the sidelines. Those cars out of town and anybody and I felt as people had that that was your line thing now and not the slide all the slide with us at odds why isn't the same offseason. But it was a separate issue ya hands were a couple times not a good so it we almost had another bus can sing either. And I lecture I can't sing I know he's dancing. Because you just barely speak. Out and buy your that's so early victories and is fit to fisticuffs in the other room because we were talking about Brady. Looking hammered at YouTube and and united. NA in a moment of self reflection. Said that we're not huge YouTube fans at which point Dickerson threatened to walk out this is on American and not be you too far and the American golf. And alluding bullets clothes and often in Ireland Boston it was still celebrating its rate saying now over the eagle ray and I hate they're rated too hot I. I hate the whole what you like who why I. While you're on you do terrible part can you not like so and so. Had I like all of the political discourse in this country right. This are you guys are worse Americans forget that forgot statesman like you to now they clearly put forth a great Super Bowl halftime in or that was one of the great moments ever. As equal air time. Jordan is their most women yet part of it was just the apps the situation the country was in and everything coming off of it was always us. Bit too preachy for me wanna thank him in concert just a wee bit different times I just wanted to shut down galloping it's just the Broncos are either. Don't think he ought to 44 seconds units that apple is always they've been somebody somewhere. I don't courts but good for a better than better than me there are certain musical acts which are you know hugely popular gigantic act. I've said this on a couple of occasions in the past I don't kept Bob Dylan at all book if I don't know what I don't understand his word that the brawl that's not that I mean I don't understand it. He's a horrible singer yes probably a really good songwriter but a horrible singer. Just don't get that you two infatuation. Will see that probably mean and then take a lot of heat for this law I'm sure that now. As the music's overeat the the automaker general in general as these people that fall bands around in line just I managed to get those kind of people who'd who'd wanna would you follow Springsteen. There's everybody in the media goes to Springsteen one person one person to look at and say OK that's fine now I won't want to argue that the only one per I won't ports and you will. You will laugh OK so who's the one I supposedly things and cut our home park and I've I love apple cart that's great to put the CD in your car you don't have to go to the concert. He sounds better and gonna are you amazed I cannot necessarily be crazy Internet today. McCarty we knew he'd give single did carpal karaoke with James all I wanna see ally NCAA now our brief aside here. So they're driving in Liverpool but they're both Liverpool and they're driving down penny lane and they're driving to the barbershop. They go to the house he grew up Lian. Knocked on the door. And the woman nearly faint who answers the orange any does is Paul McCartney here at age she lets them men idiots that wander around and it's really cool. I have a big McCarty and saw him in Jacksonville after yes it was fantastic you sought to. Don't go with a what are you not paying coherent at that time I didn't like cold we writing should run for patriot football weekly during that I do not remember that Oca. He was I wasn't don't want to. Indeed do something you know one. Now I don't think so you didn't now. He was he was the Jacksonville halftime. It went very memorable that is the only time I've ever seen you've ever seen him other than not just that one place three hours it doesn't stop OK and hours and I'm five years old now who's the one you should be embarrassed about Ahmad will be judged on me. I've Jimmy Buffett. I'd rather see you went out and Paul and everybody else and I'd rather see Buffett the McCartney. Moody's and 100% had no winter you'll have a lot of issues no interest on it at all Buffett I don't love but. You know somebody sit on the back deck you throw the grow on durable Buffett on the speaker. On that now again I don't McCartney's only appeal that it took years and I've asked that I just don't care I originally after IE anything popular. No I'm anti hate the over analysis of music and these these people that try to tell you this is cool music but this is only a lot like that's a lot music this is great writing this is story. I don't care about I sit down if I like it sounds good I like honestly I have. The widest variance on my phone of just random things from show tunes to wrap to whatever. Because I like them not to somebody tells me. Oh this is really good music usually osu does on the all the settlers was. Far nom on no. I I I agree I I mean I hate saying well. You you don't like to me off what's that. There's so much. Arrogant yeah balls there are very urgently the music fans are arrogant but Beatles just surpassed all The Beatles there. So that's your problem there that's my that's my that's where you looked down upon their yes if you don't like the Eagles USC regrets I don't like and I don't care I just all when I gul and ample a lot of concerts the last one. Luke Bryan. It I'd like a little George Strait it shall it was now. All I wanna be is entertain G if you Intertrust statement doesn't really entertaining is the opposite he's gonna stand in the middle of the stage and sing his songs you don't like I just think I noticed the thirty year Sharon has sold out to let's say yes. That's nothing but stand there and plays guitar and sing and is there something cool about that that you just gonna let the music. Either music I don't have to you know for those prices I wanna I wanna cardiology and swelling around us a lot of video I don't feel it tells me not that talented they can't stand alone on their music they need to distract you. Like a magician it's like yeah. He and shipped here oh don't look we're not that the bullets and I agree there is something to them to be said for a guy sleight of fanfare plays the guitar I'm trying to I'm trying to follow the draft last night nag at Twitter open. And my Twitter is just blowing up with YouTube videos from fox. Okay I see. I'm Karen. There I don't know who's drinking with Tom Brady but he was there live and I'll get ready direct and I do the same thing you don't they're going no one going to see him. I. Else. Which is here and the clothes on records I couldn't get a ticket to hear political connection to somebody Connecticut so that the only one million phones the next I'm not follow refutes that you've seen there here policies seem like a lot of them all over two people off the McCourt by the way several textures say McCartney did do a number before you to. Thank you in at least a lot of or was it on its not there I remember seeing. Now they're all right Kerry was there. And you too I believe with a nicely at the entire halftime show for Jackson ride is not meant as I sat there and watch was it good yes it was great and how ridiculous was great he would've remembered songs Haiti or marital. That he what McCarty must've done. It was a 9/11 song that he did. Back in 2001 at bat that's what he did I wanna say it was a supposedly according to the texture he sang freedom freedom that's the that's the nine elevenths happened yeah. I told you steel trap here. When what you don't know how much I don't remember seeing McCartney and Jackson Paul Austin socked magic's Dwight I was it pre game. Pretty and this is all great point which one. The U2 years that the of the old one yes that that supposedly McCartney sang pre game and and you tooth did after news there. Although the greatest you know now that you say it I should've remembered this because now I'm walking the waterfront New Orleans. And there's this young. Docked at the waterfront that is like the got involved it's as it's got a cart stock Ali I got a helicopter on the back. And the submarine the little personal submarine. So I looked up the yacht and it's Paul Allen's you know the Microsoft guy the owner of half the world. And he was letting McCartney used that is his personal hotel for the week. At a sub. Valiant little two person sub mini sub you write that yourself as a promoter. Guess if you're Paul Allen you probably have somebody to. Pilot the submarine must totally dangerous to just sort of wing it took Paul McCartney do you do you have to mean if your Paul Allen you said McCartney on and it's always brag on I. Restaurant but the author now it's just right you know like I loaned it because people like you fall on follows an. You don't look you don't aren't I don't do anything I'd be like no ten grand and up and I. Exactly yeah I think did that if it's Paul Allen's Paula with them I think if you were on. How weekend's road. Because Tom Brady was hammered utilize America's youth to hate YouTube that's one that is that it takes to strong core yeah I don't hate I just like I don't get the I don't think they're that good. In them that's on a mockery preaching I wanna be on the they're overrated and very simple term. Over rated in like you before this it's you know what does you know. Somewhere don't tell you were my third favorite writer director of football weekly drop before somewhere in the four seasons right now the edges listening to rating on. So what are the light and block. If you have a name with the thought in front of it your little pretentious don't yank yet little unless it's unless you're the big ship. All the big Russell what did you want to show another show cannot there's a lot of you our. Wrestler and other wrestler right well when you're that big you can be whatever you want. The edge of this poem you think that maybe Bob Moffitt. I think that would what would mock that. Thus brings the Larry growth you can Larry Mullen junior it'll separate the guest this clearly is an issue of the stage and somebody named. On edge probably he's not involved Mullen might could be if he won. To say it. So the draft last night went on unfortunately exactly as I predicted sitting here with Keith yesterday which was not into anything. Wait they're gonna make their picket 27 they're going to be done for the night. And get the big steal of the draft well and that's the thing that was after that well the thing that I found amazing was not the local media saying. As you'd expect especially the NBC sports Boston Crowe. Is great thought water. All along. He was there but it was the national people are overweight or any change has gone into Belichick and where people just everything he does is mean he'll watch NFL now. Work sometimes when they're at the draft they interview or they'll have to allied hit from July and it's Belichick who. We like you referred to as a magician in the second round the way he works the board and I'm thinking. Second round he's analogue or really bad pit late but he's just reached that level where he's just fall on over and Danny's in that range and Donald Denny's run. Right now on I think that's why people are falling all over because of the mistakes terrible. He's got a problem really Ari brings great free doesn't play here JR didn't actually elect right he's he's not perfect but he's. He's hit that the one thing that he's gone well. He's hit pretty well on late first and second round but think it makes me a little nervous we talked about the city yesterday I hate the idea when you hear. Well we think he's on motivated but I'm sure what he gets with Brad Stevens like -- and Brad Stevens gonna fix everything now when he's playing alongside practicing alongside Al Horford all the problems go away if they find him. I think they found now right they found that women did finally find and yes I don't for a guy who heads. That concerns and issues. A bodies off court appearances first step it's it's not a good idea to not be as well you're not there right and then be late for your conference call Eric. Quick update we are having some issues getting all the rock at this morning. Well you know the video from last night he was at a Buffalo Wild Wings and things can get levels not please out of report at buffalo wild and great inquiries I'd like buffalo got it. No I'm also a sponsor dale so you I'd sign up mocking them all I love Buffalo Wild Wings. But I'm guessing there might not be a lot of other options in Shreveport Louisiana. Well he comes from did you guys read the Goodman it was actually feature written on wins before he went back to school. And it was just about how he's from this little inaudible cliche one stoplight town he ever really want to oil springs or oil something. And didn't wanna leave there and that actually worry me he sounds like a really really small town. Hold body. Went and I think that's a four hour drive OK let's let's hear any sounds like. What are good that they hope you have letter. A reporter what all of you it did so well before him. Well cause you were. You had to cover caller who had. All the laws. Yeah old. Yeah how it. Worked out the all all of. Well and I can't does anyway what is making shows up for the ball and cough this guy had JaJuan Johnson written. All over him a lot fall into the national media or. MSNBC. Wanted to help they're called NBC sports Boston trap. Anytime a guy is drafted in the late warnings and people say about them great length great athleticism. OK he's a great lengths and great athletes is I why the hell would he drafted 27 because he's got issues off the court he's got motivation problems. This guy I hate there's a lot of red shot I know club with the any less Angelina on a twenty. Seven if you can't you swing for the fences and eat at once and you don't even have to hit a home run if you had a single your fine if you write write out whatever actually. He's not a home run like you sling. Just kind of a run of the mill journeyman center plays defense like that's all you need these JaJuan Johnson your team felt you are you have a team establish you're not looking for him to carry anything. But the red flags there at the more today already fired one agent was an epic combined teams didn't happen medical's you have the terror your call the Danny which is another issue we can talk about. You know good teams didn't have medical there were rumors of a knee injury. Overweight eat. Beat then you watch the draft last night and I. I'm just a layman I'm not I get mixed messages when I listened to analysts tell me the exact opposite that's about a guy. One tells me he has motivation issues and if you can get them to play he's really athletic the other tells me is a guy shows up every night gives you all he has and eat it did well. It knows and I I would probably suggest you go with the guy who covered him and watched him. As opposed to the former player who was relying on some. PA to give him highlights in numbers and get all The Who goal and wrote a script right. Yeah I talk we're talking about Chauncey bills vs they're jealous OJ adults Jay bill that's had him as an athlete would motivational issues flags issues. And Chauncey Billups had a masses. Not only super athletic but gives you empty the tank every night and that would lead to super athletic and empties that tank every night and he's on the border 27 YE. That's not well Mark James asked Danny Ainge earlier why did he slipped to twenty sat. Mark James Hansen the coach. Was subjected to people ought to protect them before this season throughout this season what he thinks he fell all the ligaments when he sent. It's not my job to know from. What the other 26 teams are thinking they obviously all have a lot of people that. Work hard and try to find a target the right pick for their team you know we we thought that. You know we thought that he was the right pick for us. And we felt very fortunate. To be able to get him tonight he's again he's a very good player. There are a lot of good players out there and and you know. I just not my job to assess that. Sorry my mistake obviously not range that was Brad Stevens Mark James still asking the question. And I can see where Brad probably wouldn't have an idea why don't ask I would he's the little busy during the season. And even legitimately not know if you take them at face value I mean it's the luck to change in these doctors and they all the other front they know some of the questions but they don't know why other teams and related the concern more than the pros and said you know what we're gonna pass at this point. If you believe them it was what seventeen they start to say special report loud crashes are out and I like him. But I never know what to believe that's the whole Belichick then when they took. Moroni and Chad Jackson and Chad Jackson the second topic but really we consider taking 121 to we have and he wouldn't epic at 21 yet taken Roni. No they're just cover their butt so what they're saying we really have to first round that they don't if one person wants a second that the way it works but. It's all waiting the pros and the cons and I just think initially it was home run city. Like dale said nationally and locally and almost everybody in San own life. Can't believe especially I want oh and I want to prevent the best big man on the board recognize that old that the guy is that Schmitz is that it might she hits from ESPN Vienna he said it would speak under rated pick of the draft yet everybody be over you know the best value pick in the draft laws in a sense it probably was I can't play well we'll know what I'm saying are you picking guys with that or if you ever find him if but you pick a guy with that sort of talent and ability. The 27. Out is he's gonna have issues but now you're better off. You better off selecting that guy does meet he turns into. As opposed to a guy that. You know being injures his way through four years in the NBA and you know was the twelfth man him on every single team and what's your prediction. 21 short years from now he will be. In Turkey. That's not great length does. Doesn't sound like the playoffs the draft back Alter or whatever and that's enough money ESPN right now and six big winners from the NBA's draft first round and one of them is the Celtics picked. One of the six big winners of the round and act IE you know a contradict myself I say that they're probably a winner take what you you don't determined. The winner of a draft. That day that day after you make a draft pick you determine it 234. Years from now right now. They they swung for the fences and made the gonna hit a home run will he play in the G leak. Yes. Yes he will be the main the main rent laws get used to being up in Portland names on it's a great city you'll love it doesn't look okay Ron Robert fearless well. It's it's got the potential to be a home run because they picked them where they pick them and he's got the talent but you don't. I don't seeping hole either if you don't know what's he's in Turkey and if she's got warts and questions like that. It's probably I going to I don't really care. I'd the united generally and second round picks who cares I'm sorry no disrespect meant second round pick I'm sorry I'm all be listening you get sent to the geely. First round pick a little harder even late first round picks it's a little evidence of a what are the numbers last year dale. Thirteen. We thirteen guys from the first round. Played significant minutes in the G Lee at some point it's it's done and I'll put it was a few years right a third of the round and if you're picking 27 that guy's more expected to play in the G league and the guy picked at 9 or thirteen I am happy and one of the things at the Celtics do. Is able ball guys back and forth you know they may go on that Andy West Coast road trip aren't you stay here gulping main. Play in three or four games in the we'll bring it back to the roster and got the Celtics have done that a number of times with young players and leaders want them back and forth I see him play and have hey guys have numbers that we've been on this. Oly doughnuts to I was up you know remain Garrard definitely don't just you know it's funny we were never had bullied I am not we were Holm we are home recently and my wife said. We gotta find this place called holy don't have somebody told me it's like one of the ten great donuts and I think US open right I don't know I guess they're like told them and not the way. I don't know what other authors write I'm a no I don't think overeat. Why are going to be a sponsor but not anymore one of the top ten I get I think there's more in this beautiful country of ours was better dunks. It's just different it's a potato taste yeah donut and actually their best item is in a doughnut place held holy donuts. It's a big and chatter. Mean out of the doughnut dough so it's just deep fried dill weed bacon and cheddar in the middle. Now back is not over that is that is rated RR rated don't deserve more publicity that's the number one item on the manually don't. I'd you guys are satisfied with the but the Celtics did last night are unsatisfied. You've got a bout but are you gonna get which is which is a picket 27. And your night was golden Turkey three yeah. All right yeah I had much of can be bears aren't as sung it radiates think Turkish read up on it. The ball. I was the announcement last night by the way. I don't need any further. Proof of I get it on a daily basis that I am you know old. I normal life I understand that how old are I don't need to tell you that. But I thought except that it doesn't sell with you except it's a liberal but here's today's further evidence of the fact that I'm old. A mom of a draft pick you can pretty punitive me that's got nothing to do what a horrible until you're about a game winner last night. So today you're about the age of thirteen you looked at her and said. So I I showed a picture to my wife this morning on line and she said there's no way that is his mom look at don't church for people who don't know and they inform us last night it's don't church. Don't cheat you don't you don't church know they call you sell right away pictures started pairing of Luka and his mom. Not today he's in Dallas he's doing the obligatory holding up the Jersey by the way he's wearing 77. The Dallas Mavericks but anyway and people said move the Jersey your clobbering your mother it's the very first time I've ever seen a mom posing with a player. Standing there with a Jersey also covers it a look at it look a little over here while that's well let a little overlap both. That's the first time that I can remember where a mom over should have been a top five draft pick in the NBA. All. Moms in the NFL. Well I remember all the players have had moms who've been in the NFL but countries that are. And there's an Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron program now of the mom is so I can't help anywhere here he'd be he'd be treating his wife at Andy's got a very major thing for AJ McCarron mom deviant Karen. It DD is appropriate. I don't know all of this and assets that are interesting. While Luka don't sheets is as Denny's his obligatory. Jersey close putt as mama's standing beside him and he ought. Greg is there a basketball. Are we looking at these photos on her last night I was thinking to myself you know what the yeah it was right if you really wanted to bring that got to Boston trying trade up into the top five wait a minute how come in this browser over here when I type in LU. It fails then. KJ space DO NC ICH space MON space out immediately that would be little hello guys I don't write care. Jags learned it easy for Aaron she's a stunning one. And she is a mall but I guess it's not like yeah just a no monitor not what you just a mom no but she has a history. Of her body being hurt you know temple and her work. Why would mimic a concert we've played all barriers and Auburn they're afraid I don't will be in she her body was her tough job to the press column of add on on what you. And it's gonna music. All of the world wants us there. Well good move by the Dallas Mavericks and had moved by it is that a good move by the pirates an issue I have no idea hash tag me to being one and not drag on our lot and it's it's not quite as sad as that is the story out of Philadelphia. Yeah that one took a turn where the what is she the senior vice president of human relate HR would bet if you make human resources well. I don't know all but it's HR guy and I Jones she's a big wig and yes in the they draft or sign she goes crazy she knows an instance where the mom was being part of the story last night. Because she was doing the interview with her son a different reason bright and and you know the obvious she works for the organization they've drafted her son it's his grave. And an hour period it traders often not. Bomb Heidi describe this moment you know how it's come full circle it's amazing. As long as an experience I'll never forget and so I think I would be part of our sixers fan it's amazing that it. That's known. And it's got a job with the sixers raise your hand. Back out on the excitement I can tell you guys right now. Mikhail bridges is not going to be here in Philadelphia. Hoops that the reporter you'll bring it that the is that this isn't Philly reporter yes. She's got a little knowledge content on. You sell the story well here's the reason why she's. She's in part. More excited didn't I is she's about to cry in on that but. She says she won't ruin her make up such television. And she's very excited us. Finally some Lamar was bush you have your size right there around a corner again. And this is really cool. I don't even know what to tell you guys right now. The tale bridges is not gonna be here in Philadelphia. It's just like the why sixers organization. You know. I give you going to treat this player. Perhaps you just you pulled off that press comments by a couple of minutes me that you know that I increments this is gonna sound like the hockey guy bashing the NBA again but. But I don't wanna bash them about this thing. Can you explain to me why they do. They the obligatory hat photo and handshake. For players who we already know have been doubt I never understood why they added that. They don't do it they don't put on the sweater than make a deal on the NHL they don't know the difference letter. It's pretty stupid I'm Michael party was very critical Jesus sixers fan and I happened Allman Twitter just because he was with the patriots and he was. He thinks it's terrible because of this type of situation look if you make a deal an hour later than OK I understand. But the whole thing with don't change. And the deal from three to five we do we don't want it so now we know what the deal once you know when they go up and announced that the the pick we know. But now sorry we got to do this picture. That debate do that with Philip Rivers and Eli Manning and trying to remember. Ever when they the mean technically. Who went first and remember how worked out exactly but that the chargers. You like Manning was drafted by the chargers have Philip Rivers got giants they swap them virtually immediately. No I don't think they did the photos whatever was the NFL shortly theater the nail right now I'm exactly. I don't understand why the NBA in society that it's most important even worse for that was the local. The only thing Gail and I disagree with opium. That the local Comcast to mean the year with a team like that don't set this up I had this press conference emotional moment on. Yeah I I know I know they're always great to us. He thought I would be part of our sixers family it's amazing that. I. Another is becoming whole once or twice a year and some or maybe she'll go to Phoenix Open a jobless and I you know. Eli doesn't trip and they didn't want to charters its heat seeking out there's been a little. Changed recently amateur you've heard about it with these 76ers in their office like. I understand there's there's maybe some issues there and that image she's posting all of writers might get crossed but if you HR. That any dual basketball. You have to fill out their insurance forms just like everybody else good morning well speaking of issues and or look at don't features mom. Jeff that yes you know nobody else my. The Dallas Mavericks that is along those you know that that's my center right right organization this outlook Apatow weeded out the bad people medals right missions that are on the chart and we're all good now. Mark Cuban says I have cleaned out here everybody segments of Blanca Luka Luka. Your what your mom's on don't teach. And nor name. A unique pattern of growing doubts and our. And the idea of HR they're coming down the hall right after this therapist or a hot woman what's wrong with your site. Isolate our it will briefly touch generous here. Because there are those who think that this was all set. You buy an added you don't know like he's a dummy. I think he is an absolutely us I don't really he's on Yahoo! right he's still gonna pop out with what I thought it was it was leaving early to Raleigh reported to a pot of people watching. Probably now that the FaceBook lives. So funny you walking more than half and going now we dollar off what is it because if you're an NBA annual watch him you know. NBA TI PH on the idea that you're one of them young kids one of them millennial kids now you'll Arnold on your watch and my settings and my experience right exactly so. Terrace years on. And he's got to any changes number eight facetime gains right. To be fair Danny doesn't have to it's exactly a look at this is on day. Or that they can go either bill Giles. Answer this for me see what he wants it he's in trouble as this number all the rhetoric is this an arrest I need to know rock and rap. But supposedly Gainey didn't I don't think terrorists here informed Danny what was going on Danny thinks he's got a player on the team. Those facetime and it was and it any air and and you can understand now this guy's name has been in rumors and and Danny's probably try to calm things down a little bit so he takes the call and he talked to the guy we eczema on a little bit first. You know and then Danny wood when we don't need a point guard. Did it. This. Who has go big. God yeah I didn't really know who would go beside me you know the mood inside scoop. So upon are now okay you don't really wanna give you access to understand. You. Guess it beat Bob Williams and economic on look at all the stuff. America got to the united wondered has won the coldness to move this to us. You know. Mentality. Music the piece there Bob Williams will go Bubba go up. Yes it's pretty exempt except it's really. No I'm questioning and and by the way their some legalities involved. Oh yeah you can't you can't route you can put somebody on the video card when I'm now without telling them. Yes is standing oddly enough I guess he's not gonna press charges now that you might call into the office that's what I think it probably already happened. My guess is Andy's already had a I would hope authorization with because it's just embarrassing and it all Denny is itching I didn't know all that's when he was stolen he brought a lot. He thought a guy who's worried about his spot on the team is name's been in trade rumors all along. You can see where that player would hate anybody taken here. Any sane you can finally take Bob Williams were all right and I heard that the mid day show guys talking about it the first thing I thought of because of Belichick is the GM of this town Munis sort of measure everything against. Was a similar player doing a similar thing to him. You know it Brady you're wrong call okay he takes. Then he's got a bump Megyn I don't know definitely believe the odds are they similar dateline Brady anyway but at some you know ran dumb second here guys who may be a little bit of sending calls in the middle of the draft the other on the clock at twenty. That Devin according calls he's not ready not get news and call for rank and and then asks who we drafting in his life on. He envisions. Imagine a major player actually saying hey. I think it's a good night right let me do this I guess is they try not to talk to him effort. On the phony person they avoid looking bad things could happen like the number pops out. Belichick on the bill. Own doing what Angel. So I politely screw up the pronunciation so my apologies but apparently. Look they're Bloody Sunday Luka is mama Farrell enough Lucas mom her name is apparently Mir yum potter bit yup. At the color number I'm only guessing it's MI RJ AM I'm guessing that's Mir yum. Me and I'm JR event. I am just am I'm only guessing I don't know them. Maybe it is smear job but I don't think so it's really have an unhealthy fascination. I think they're totally going arming its healthy and normal in the are basing part of the human nature and I looked back get to the calls that you guys 6177797937. Kyle's in New Bedford take out I don't. I don't act has been my culture. I honestly I'm pretty upset about this whole Rosie thing and actually the ball in the fusion strategy today to talk about funny it is but I don't know that these are some. He's a moron for doing it on the banks that you welcome. Well let's just keep in mind that for the entire road here that when asked after a game seven but it didn't take away from the playoffs once he says oh you mean besides the teacher. I just feel like this get a big head he's got to come off as really selfish to me. He's going on this huge toward trying to promote his brand and he really put any in the past Paula I can just imagine for a second that any fed. All while we think we're gonna take that and I'm kid but the audience we're gonna send him a couple more takes off the San Antonio to collide you just can't let anybody out bit. What did you oh what do you just said you know we think it's going to be Bob Williams but. Tired Terrence getting that it's right to kids got a lot of issues off the floor. Don I don't know yeah that's it. So I feel like there's just so many things that could've went wrong so the risk is not worth while promoting that every rosier brand Adidas is the backup point. He's screwed up did do well feels pretty good about himself right now who was and he said screwed up it's something stupid like we all have gone all the matter early once and other athletes have done Antonio Brown. Right in the the post game locker room in front of Mike Tomlin speech that's the world we live in the good thing is. Nothing bad came from it and maybe it is now something that day. Add to their list of things to talk to players about what it is made it becomes one of those. Teachable. Moment that our number talked to Bob Williams will go Obama yeah. Well apparently now another Kyle brings up a good point what if on line. On Bleacher Report but he didn't. No but I'm just saying what it Danny says you know I gotta be honest we got some real questions about this guy but that's because he doesn't know supposedly now last night. According to what happened last night. The Atlanta Hawks had a deal in place with the Milwaukee Bucks to move up from nineteen to seventy they had a deal last night okay. And then. She ams sure Ronnie at reports that the boxer gonna take Dante di Vincenzo. And Atlantis a rule we don't need to move up now as forget it that deals off now because they leaked depict. Because that happened they'd backed away from a deal that they had agreed to at Nassau that the general managers said -- most of the times you don't get anything out of media leaks in media stories what he should do in this case it worked out great for us practice he then knew that the two guys they wanted were gonna still be on the board nineteen. We don't have to move up now they're gonna take this guy at seventeen soul. One of these still is going to be there so I don't need to do the deal now there's an instance where. Because a deal got leaked. By the way I just gotta say this. Adrian what aroused he is a genius is a huge ones of the way he did it last night and and how he handled it. And the whole story here was ESPN because they're a partner with the NBA said we're secondly connects. Ash and show Ronnie in who replaced watch Murkowski Yahoo! since her that I only can everything. They're not partner so bright and and Yahoo!'s not and Nancy that's not usual Warren made his name right was doing that. We did it anyway. I don't but it does Celtics are in July when with solid because because he's not saying the Celtics are gonna take so and so I don't Seoul August all I'm I'm after. About the plug one who knew exact. What he's Google even before the draft he blistered. He or the top six picks from what I'm hearing or we are teens or leaning or use all these different adjectives in funny XP and that's the end yeah actually impressed public odds we all New. York I. Basically. The pay NBA if you don't want the pics leaked to the teens not to only come. Yet he can make an upright somebody from inside those building absolute told them the pick so don't worry about controlling the media don't worry about the Droid yet yes. Control your but it does any of your ESPN annual willing to find your suspect and admonished. Anybody and everybody for giving an opinion or doing something articles against the code of conduct too old or what ever Eddy SP and the why don't you do the same thing will blow to a loved everybody you don't plug that he did it but as that's his job his they can't encourage and army where they came to make of it and where president. Where you told our you know not a hockey is not allowed to say it's down to two these two players to this team and what's the what's the underlying in the same I I don't know out of pretty bold of him to do what I wonder if he had an agreement with the losses idiots PM okay. I'm going to use these called were I won't specifically say is that cold all the kids. My argument would be whoa just hired to collect and distribute information for ESPN that makes them look good idea that but it is bosses tell him. Did they don't really agreement we have with what was supposedly did say don't think they did what's the NBA gonna do the FL have we want. No part of ESPN you're you're done we're done would you ESPN out of luck with that and what I pay apple relationship they're broadcasting partner their relationship short and what are they gonna do push comes to shove what are they gonna do you want. ESPN talking about the NBA all the time at all it is all going to right. So there's no repercussions there's no. We all pretend you pretend that you care I pretend that I care what would you do it well and last night was supposedly 85 highest rated NBA draft ever. Rahm you know we have to sort it it's not like it hurt them we all deal with it. For the NFL draft because Jeff how has a good source I don't know where it is but Jeff how has the people he's the guy now because there's radio silence with a broad war as a broadcast partners. In ESPN in all of that. But we do alive draft show on patriots are coming we get complaints. Some fans for complain that we are saying as Jeff how tweets that I we're saying it and then it will pay three minute catch up until ESPN says all the pick is added we're gonna announce it now yet Jeff Howard tweeted it. That he's got a buddy somewhere that's that's leaking in the information. Just. Is it really that big deal isn't it I I don't know how do you guys full certain drives but like last night as I was watching the draft. I wasn't I didn't have Twitter got one at the same time want to watch it right like don't forty years ago and election solid ball which anyone can do. If you the reason you're on Twitter. If you want information wanted to find out earlier than late so he's giving it to you earlier are you gonna complain that it's coming too early in adult and get off on Twitter don't I might migrant. Ryan's in the though and Iran. I got a big stick my car I want to thank the NBA draft being last night look good but middle age old and that indicate anyway. Fields are doing some maintenance thank you for admitting them Matalin my actors and the it. Our outbound now. I don't think Denny's really hit on a big band really since he's been a GM you think about yeah Sally would expect about addiction. Oh lead in JaJuan Johnson and even big baby Davis I don't think he's really hit the big bend yet once again that if this guy. Really doctor that he felt that way that I felt that our quick thought our. Three guys. You don't they should yeah yeah they should just abolish the second round odd wrapped in just. Do some kind of other than maybe in that right beside the odds are we did not want to sit. They try to Wear those pics like they're not angered this really just added wrote in and betrayed and things like that maybe make this summer league more enjoyable I don't know what I think. Possibly make the somberly more enjoyable that would be my question the other is constantly getting was trying like hell to get a second round pick last I don't know why their lists and their main reason Belichick gets I saddens me because he gets. He's got a bunch of second round picks not. Don't total level of the school Leonard sat around the community was not a level of many Ginobili who was the second round Piccard he Andre Jordan but he said on. Leon pol with big baby Davis Ryan Gomes and a few others but I I disagree that data and Brad Biggs while. My eighth fifteenth overall so he was fifteen I think he was center for some time you around time out the first time won't people but how many. Big men that are great and go at the bottom of the first round like. There would raise Parcells called planet players you know first of all their their unique that their big that their seven feet tall 611 and then to be big. And athletic and good so that they're gonna deal leaked guess where they go. At the top of the draft so if he hasn't I mean who who's the big man he's taken in the top of the draft he has. Close I think was Kelly Olympic track with fourteen if that means summer in the area. And wasn't true big man is not when you were drafting there and how many beat men audit and we're big man zone one mr. Right that's what it felt like one article like this yet just like Shaq or anybody else they go won big at the top of the draft. And it again to defend any change. The quote unquote bigger players that he is drafted in the second round panned out for him better than and a lot of other general managers have gone relative it's all relative you uniting Shaq in the second round and I get a six time all star but maybe get gods who wore. Good reliable players for 456 while he signed Dwight Howard. It now you don't want him I threw you know what two years ago in locker room Reggie Bush. When the free agent two years ago I actually Gator Al machines and embarrassed that I. Ring chasing. Chase that ring I don't want no money I can just comes and get on January blitz an ankle young players I thought I don't want to get idols and they can't get to a show like house sure. Yeah. I think you're owed. Yeah years ago it was the hawks like teeing it up. Her own he had averaged a double look at he's averaged I read novels his career yet he was he was terrific last year it was terrific wireless on 15141. Even in my time being around though in my time getting around the India under no. I found out one thing in my time being around the NBA. It is very very very difficult. To be okay. By your team. EU and by other teams in the players on other teams but it's rare and unusual to be. This like a lot by Iran teammates which. Continually is. Like any needed by team and misunderstood by. By everybody bought him every team but maybe the next team is the right team won again. Al Horford look at him under his wing it take him physique. A big body in the middle. So man up got that and so he wanted too long ago with a large front of states if if you're obviously better of it if you're a slight body Marvin Williams in the Charlotte hornets that you can't get along with a what about the reports that Danny has been interest that it had to watch and I will say daddy you should look elsewhere facetime him and John Raikkonen as the based right now why albeit we're not gonna tell and it does not tell. 88. In an answer knowing I'm guessing he's not gonna take eight player phone calls anymore during the draft and both the from this point you'll face time. I would only my sister and I think right now I use it for fame like I'm not calm my daughter of Ozzie calls on polarized something like that to a lot of people just use face time as another form of of self. On call maybe they do kids do light heat and that the big games out of yeah brawls snapped I don't have time to actually don't actually walk lie all taxes. Back here to face it the right invention lot of what family like a model one on the way more intimate discussions. What about into the discussed a more intimate and but I bet and just to check on the whereabouts in mice on that story deposition because Canada. Andy intimate face times was not on the list they changed or not and talk well Robinson it is not want Rossi and I think he didn't touch a bank just facetime and I don't wanna community and you and you want me to face just based on that's the only way out communicate with you on now. I don't know I don't get away. And you know you've changed my whole loss text as well. Oh because the voice I used for you're texts but not much as the vote sarcasm you told me that icing text messages. You'll use like everything about that OG a penalty of yes if I haven't hooked up in the car yeah. Aren't light skin thumbs up. It's what she sets. Do and I think you need to zealots serial killer may fishy say pilot who. And and on to try it later on when I'm on my way home text me a pile of poop.