Dale & Keefe - Danny Ainge is the straw that stirs the NBA trade rumors drink;Cowherd seems to not care anymore; Keefe has no love for cats

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, June 20th
Hour 3:Dale, Keefe, and Tomase begin the hour talking about the NBA rumors that have been floating around about Ainge moving up in the draft and going after Kawhi Leonard. Then the age old question, what’s better, cats or dogs. It’s dogs by the way, and Colin Cowherd says he has never had a GOAT conversation until LeBron won his second ring, but he has… and it’s more than zero times like he said.

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Yeah yeah yeah. Our number three ailing feet Sports Radio WEEI John too mossy WEEI dot com is. In the house with us there are a number of analyzing NBA stories out there. An anti about the ones concerning your Boston Celtics one of which is that their two teams out there are desperately trying to trade into the top ten. In the NBA draft tomorrow night and one of those reportedly is Danny Ainge. Sabine why wouldn't he be right he are either. All and everything every player every three. You know draft pick it seems like the Celtics are all probably should be involved right they have. They are contender right now they are still of save. The far cried and cried on the last behind the Golden State Warriors but they have they have picks they have young players they have players in the primes so. If there's a really really good player available or if there's a player in the draft they happen delight. There's that they're number 47 that are gonna get on the air so they wanna move up they have the ability to do it. So yeah I mean they're going to be involved in everything. So what is desperate to trade into the top ten means south addressed them yet that doesn't mean I like be desperate for anything yet but all we wanna get up to eight so weak in debt. Who played if you want to look at concerts for and so adopted tomorrow Bob Orr the two that even though. The ball pompous stuff now account pooh poohed those are the two players that have been linked to one point they both feel like top. Five C expects yeah exactly so to Sega and only us and what is 8910 I don't know what that whoever is there are more like the Celtics recently and they've had you know. Top three picks each the last couple years go back to the market Smart you're added the six picks they've been lottery picks both whether it's their own more than nets recently. But every year there's still always been a lot of draft rumors now know how things have happened. Over the Jalen brown year they're supposed to trade out for their cause a draft Chris Dunn and trade him away for Jimmy Butler and that's what if I was gonna happen it didn't. The year that justice Winslow that drafted they apparently offered a 1000001 round picks forma. And Jordan didn't it didn't take so that didn't happen do you believe that by the way. I I believe that's Gloria I hope it's not true because it kinda like goes against brands for yeah right he doesn't lose many trades he's maybe lost one. And I don't think you would have given of that march for justice Winslow. Who's are saying hey every broke out there with a four picks there just to vote down. Too little local force name has been brought out even a couple of years ago they're saying could they trade for him in the draft this from the more draft the rumors with the Celtics an actual trades that they have pulled off so. I kind of filed that. I I don't see them getting into the top ten mr. Aaron either unless you're gonna trades in him brown you know because everything everyone talks about it's like terriers here. And all the garbage at the end of the roster yet miceli and you know whatever. That and your first round pick Matt's gonna get you out says a heater tan is that. You rarely though I don't really buy that mean we like ours here but you still talking about a guy who's a sub 40% shoot the problems what you have to deal with in this year's draft and if teams want draft you know tomorrow night. It's number 247 which is not all that valuable so point seven rosier or two point seven and Boris that what does that what does get when he seven owners here realistically. It doesn't it topped. The game even team if if their team fear being somewhere in there yes and more about our clippers on twelve and thirteen they've done they've all those picks him maybe maybe. I would feel great about it though now be given up on and most people have at this point the coli Leonard stuff. No I've given up on it because I think the spurs are gonna have to trade and I don't think it's going to be now. That tells C. Did you read his Aqua thing yeah yet talking about how if if Leonard makes it through the draft about being traded. That immediately because you you take away teams that have top five picks that. Conceivably. Spurs might be interest it and that would played the strength of the Celtics because so much else off for it doesn't involve issues so the cavs have the number eight pick the grizzlies which apparently is that low mentions them but it noted you suitor but they have the number four pick in the clippers as I just mentioned have twelve in thirteen now the other players that they can put in there. You know the clippers the best. Realistic player that sits on don't want back as a Tobias Harris and that's operates Kevin Love and at a rate pick if you're the cavs may be count of the grizzlies can offer Chandler Parsons or is act alone but the Celtics even if it's Jalen brown and next year's. Separate topic which is going to be super valuable although depending on what San Antonio thinks of next year's draft and all that stuff. But the player going the other way has more upside by Kevin love the better player right now than brown but browns so young on his rookie deal and all of that. That they have a better chance form I thought the quarrel or stuff was pretty insane to begin with because you're talking about. Carrier Irving earlier on important hey word or you know Jalen brown and a ton more and I was able they don't need to break up this team. Just to get quite lettered word out here right at the gas prices get so low. Then maybe a back in on why who why is in and I'm not even sure that he is well why would Danny be so anxious to get into the top ten in the draft watch. Yeah I mean look at Don sits if he resigns as normal a lot about player it's a last year at this for his draft record I would say is. More good than bad but it's certainly not flawless and nobody's is that there's a lot of guys that you drafted. He'll tell analytic over the Greek freak JaJuan Johnson over Jimmy Butler like there's a lot of examples but you can cherry pick. Would any team. But he last year identified Jason Tatum as being the best guy in the draft and knew we could trade from one down to three and still get Jason Tatum. So maybe he feels really really good about. Onstage or bomb ball or maybe somebody else than it's ever excitedly to only like one book harder or somebody like that if you love the player. As you remember there was the chance. If the lakers were bad enough they could've had a top five pick in this draft and maybe his hope all along was we get badly or we get one of those guys. It now you don't have that pick but he -- we have the assets to trade up again at that you're the only reason the only the only thing I'd come up with and I don't think this is. What's out there but this is theoretically if they had some sort of discussion with San Antonio. In San Antonio's public had a top ten pick. And Jalen brown and this be an all or are we at a dock yeah you know if you had some like that then maybe we have a discussion here know that that's a good theory to Liggett if you're. Getting that picked deceit and flip it to the get 47 as analog value so the spurs any value does it odd now not really so the spurs. Even if it's grace now. Top makers of the good player. The lunatic for either he's a good player to shoot he's he's he's more athletic and he looks which is code for those white guy via byte but no he is pretty athletic. But no it if Santonio want the top five pick next year the Celtics can offer that. If they're dead set on getting one this year but maybe that's another reason go to Dale's point that they that their actively tried to move up in the draft. Makes a little bit more appealing for for draft but then it's like how much are you giving up the acquire Leonard you have to trade up to get into the top five. That's not about Jodie and if you're using Jalen brown to trade up but now jailed browse about it that's for deals so that. We're already doing and and why are you trying to blow up your team for even if he commits to you let's just say that York positive. That coli Leonard is gonna commit CU. You're still really shrinking Europe window you know and any he's a great play what hats and browse what you brown was the only player of consequence. In a trade for Wyler one year quite. Now for one year no way. And away because I asked I'm I'm probably a note to go without makes everything click tirade Hayward I think you know immediately even though I understand hiring is also only one year. But Jalen brown is a starter and I but the idea of a hiring Irving. Coli Leonard Gordon Hayward Jason Tatum Al Horford starting lineup is pretty pretty insane ready yet insane. That's that's a better starting line at the golds but changed first Solana has resisted. Maybe I thought well I hit it close right there it's closer than you've been and it's it's. It's right there really it was right there it is right there by Ainge has never been about. Loading up for one year you know even the original Big Three you know there was right and attempts to extend that window a little bit. I can't imagine that he's gonna take a very good situation. With young players on rookie deals or controlled for like three plus my year is one year of carrier ring makes you think what's really go after for this year. Because you don't altar every sign of so you could lose carrier ring next year anyway and then you're taking a step backwards and gave sought Tate and brown and that's let's say that that's how you're looking at it yeah. Carrier being and coli Lennar Pulte blocking now you're really like. You can you RD showed in the Atlanta Tatum and Hayward and then Europe that you know ya have money to a doubling of money but you party showed in the playoffs that you can survive without prior Irving and I wouldn't want to do that for a whole year and I would I don't wanna do that in general necessarily buy. You would say if everybody else is there. And you're this team built around year of your wings you know that just a sort of game manager facilitator. Like. Root sheer might be enough to get it done. If you're saying we're gonna get Carrie we're gonna get collided going to be here for years and then they're gone you know plus what you would have had Jalen brown will be gone because you would have to give him up to get coli. You're basically just going all in on the season from what you while gold Jose though there is still great that wasn't makes cents one thing though is quite letter and an egg alternately among know that it has also you don't know you're getting them it isn't even wanna play as he hurt was was gonna be if the outside an LA I don't care anyway the one and done here. Yeah you're gonna get the best you can get out of him right I don't know now because he's front while he can't sit out the year I think a team have a hard time given the Max he sits out to me that's and that's simply not really that us however. Why letter if you have to be a abroad team or yet to be to Kevin Durant team. That's the one guy in the league that can actually guard that nobody else to guard guys can stand in the way and then get him you know that's a tougher thirty than any easier thirty. The Weiler can actually guard those guys that deal another argument for and I know it's only one half you go back a couple of years ago before NASA got in the way yet there are funny either earlier this one I wedding they were smoke in the war it was because of him. Yeah Atlanta was they were that bad series is over and was this week. That you as a final not yet they only lost one game right. The one game you know I'm Lester back to the calls that you guys Paul's in North Hampton hey Paul. Avril got good legs good also good. Started to get right do it so I think. It's very likely nothing gonna happen but that's just gonna wanna talk about look at so I think the most likely situation. Per day to do is he penetrated the top ten. And if he dubbed it the one team I think we need to watch it here Orlando Magic except. Well I think that most likely to go beat the top five teams you're gonna demand. Either brown or paid them off the table not to. Other team Chicago they got theirs their mindset. I don't think in that set and I don't think it's worth moving there. I think six is there really intriguing spot via. Because you're kind of solidifying the other teams in the five. Part of put up thirty love Obama and maybe one of those games and that you want reductions. Due kind of free from the top and not allowing other people to move and I think what you're looking at Orlando if you threw them a package. Our road here. The 27. And the Sacramento pick. I think what you would be doing why they would do that it is. You're gonna give them a point guard of the future that's not gonna put him over the edge additional probably gonna think next year. There's still going to be in a lottery pick. And they're gonna get a second lottery tickets Sacramento. So you're offering them. The Sox have a huge point guard and two lottery pick next year. So they have a couple guys they get drafted now you're moving at six. And I think the one guy that the Celtics would like to get in big guy you guys mentioned in Wendell Carter junior. It seems like a guy who did you know you hear an Al Horford comparisons whatever it seems to perfect. But due to guide added an assist and that he could have gotten much better if it was like if Celtics. It's it it almost seemed like it it's. All politics at all I think that that you that Orlando's coverage units are you are gonna free up for this guy on this team. People who for the whole web and one Carter or whoever dead it's got to be it's gonna be tricky but. Their bench the look a lot different next year and also if you're trading up your moving off rosier may be another player or two. I just think Orlando. They do need a point guard in when rosier was. Playing his best in the playoffs I think Dow's one team after the lottery came out reasonable may be. That would be a potential trading spot but you would definitely have to include that Sacramento panic in your pick this year and maybe something else to get up that high but if Orlando. If you really need a point guard you want rosier. Or would you stay there and take tray young are called sexton would you rather just take a guy to have on it you know you're one of his rookie deal whether the ceiling is higher. Then rosier. But ended mailed the pad we don't know who Danny Ainge is guy is that we don't know we've heard different rumors but if his guy is still available at lake 678. Maybe as much more motivated or the guy goes to it than just forgot about that you just you wait you pick between them and keep hearing that. Atlanta wants the production together everything they don't take him that Dallas Swanson at 56. Feels like that number where you trade up there. And then you say doc for app Carlisle Iowa I wanted you to zero and I beat you to a pre draft yet they do it as as it's unfolding. Our paths in Walpole iPad I don't. Toto guides us on. That I just totally stole my thunder because that's speak without gonna say but I think I think the thing about rose year is that he. If somebody is looking at him. As a future point guard. Then you could get him on the team already and others the better chip a sign. With that she'd next year but but what does Sacramento pick it I'm actually worried about that pick. I think Sacramento has some pieces are not that they're gonna be like I don't know lottery every player can only that but. You know that's not going to be top five pick next year I don't think. And so to me I'd much I'd like the man has been a lot more so you can move on from that Sacramento that even throw another clippers pick. Now he's talking about we first round picks you'll your personal pick this year Sacramento for a truck here. And then and then the those clippers picked. Along with Rosie you're at a decent package even the top ten without giving up any of your beat guys. It depends on of those teams in the top ten are really interested in multiple projects they might they might be a lot of other terrible teams so maybe they would be looking at that. I still think Sacramento is going to be awful next year I really do late. And an eighty pats looking at say while the my baby's fine but soccer socks every year down a bigger than this body was playing Roddick in the front office no good like playing your very good. They they stink so bad they're best players are still going to be. The young guys there in the Western Conference like they're they're gonna be a top five pick next. You yourself itself. To be honest I do Tiger Woods and started this offseason free agency thing. You know those are my number one Oklahoma fan right now our allows them my mom and right now she's all the positive things you. Brain tragedy here. And that just a moment focuses and started. Talk about the agency. You know that's where markets are right and ours is more important that. Marcus mark sees himself as a member of the celtics' streak. I think is still I mean you get price himself our aura or another team could make an offer that the Celtics are gonna wanna match that just the player himself with all the issues all the shooting stuff whatever I like markets tomorrow I hope they can keep them but there's stuff and I'll guarantee. Our guys saw. Markets Smart tried taking a charge on a kid who is running to the pizza line. That's what I think that is amazing class Marcus mark but. Do you think somebody's you know overspend there's been a few teams in the mavericks is that there have been kind of tossed out there are different rumors on. On where Smart to go and that's his hometown team so true and it matters that should matter. Nope I and I think money's going to be the determining factor as the probably should be. I know I go back and forth on contending team you totally understand why they would want markets found Houston. And I had any way to fit markets Smart knowing you have to go up against in Golden State. He would be one of the top guys on my list I don't think they have the money with in other issues of pollen on that. But if you're in non contending team. Do you bring him into an app also culture I guess that would be that would work but otherwise how does he help you. Winning it mentality yeah I that's I mean the culture yeah the value and build a culture around them but guess not a guy that you're gonna pay. Sixteen million dollars to who's gonna turn your team don't they did he say fourteen the Heathrow the number he and I am more I'm more than twelve the fourth team and I don't I think I'm better than 1214 million dollar player in an. Other markets he would have been but this one now seems a little Dicey on that so speaking of Marcus smarts basketball camp help me with us okay. As you know better than that I want what is the big deal because you see these videos all the time. Of you know six foot eleven inch NBA players. Swatting balls away from four foot two wins little kids at their basketball camps legally couples so much from those kids are probably you know. Pocket when they were supposed to ask him for some of that remedy was running out a series of these clips the other day on TV there's like eight different NBA guys just. While you heard the phrase no easy buckets. Here are the first not a matter but it but it helps them get better. No it doesn't look at third at the shoe at eleven there it's not easy errors let the kids win do you. A few Hsia the only thing I will say to that is every once in awhile announcement immunity Euro but there will be some fourteen year old. Who catches the guy out guard throws on balance yet and then that's all over that's a big deal that's worth. On Jon and over you're next on Sports Radio stealing T. Are there no it is not. It has won a bad thing at the idea that a while ago or whether our rather old it's just community has too much risk by. Carlin but he towns. Doesn't get talked about a lot. But he's 22 years old got a couple years we'll let it feel he's cheap it is. And the guy is the scoring machine and rebounding machine and he could be had. He's obviously where it is attention it wouldn't surprise me into actually doing that now and people on here about it. Yeah exactly came out of nowhere as a month or two ago Carl the town's wants out of Minnesota looks it looks like they're building a contender but he's unhappy and he wants out. Yeah I mean I. While I don't think you need a big man in the NBA and maybe that's just because. Watching you know gold stay in and Cleveland in the way that those teams are built maybe it's unfair because they have. You know MVP wings and MVP point guards but. The USA need a big man a priority towns. He's not Anthony Davis he's right there because it's the reason he does need to Saturday at these. He doesn't play defense at all him in but that can maybe be a learned skill or or you know mortgages you to try as we said that about carrier and he I don't know to be okay part of that was because you know Horford and Smart some of the other guys that are on the team so if you slot that was to say this would be the trade obviously but. If you swapped out Horford for towns. That your ought to use the progress office team since. The gold so orders and but. And last week but like that the defense they are off I'll let you down you don't really have that anchor anymore we give a big guy who's not known for Stevens Point guards and offers defense you know Tatum and Hayward are kind of grown into that but our objectives Gordon that brown. Is a pretty good defensive player. Yeah interest in town that I bet any changes of any really good player and he got his top ten who's a available changes at least pick up the phone yet if your two when he and thirteen or whatever he was sick the last couple years one in twelve. In your early twenties to anyone's going to yeah there is the ceiling on you was pretty attacks that's the kind of challenges and I'd Johnson Canterbury hey John I don't. Hey guys. I think what's going on news did he learn from the master. Are back in he's basically been putting out all information. My eight you know gases that he's gonna do nothing. At trade deadline these images work with a pixie as but he's put out in. At this track record too by the way you judge yet draft not only too crazy for him obviously he's made some trades this year earlier wrong. Than I don't think he's I don't think is ready to put all. Only lawsuit but yet I'm the only guy I wanna see this team. When it actually looks like with a with a ball together for five minutes policy for a whole year I got it right now when I was ascent what's the rush to get into the top ten. And you think it. Just put your team together and your in your really good shape. As you know makes you think it well I'm not going to be able to bring all these free agents back I got to find somebody to replace Marcus smarter. Whoever it is by the so Jalen brown and they got with a third overall pick a couple of years ago it seems like his name is brought up in all these whether you're trying to move up in the top five or six this year. Org trying to acquire Leonard for a year or whatever else. His name is brought up and I guess I understand it you know he'd be somebody that other teams would want. The with the Celtics want but what the Celtics won a key vote they distracted him and they saw a huge. Improvement from year one the year two. If you want he was he couldn't really rely on and all he didn't get regular minutes in the year two he's a starter the whole way and improved his scoring. Did you think you wanna you wanna keep this PG dude just tracked them two years ago yeah I mean his second year his year one year to jump totally compares favorably to Georgian minor. You know the young guys that he's always talked about to be appalled George type. Absolute ceiling you know we are reliable and our leaders sent yours again and it's like you know collide Leonard. So Jalen brown fourteen and half points 39 and a half percent three point shooting. Leonard was eleven point nine in 37 George is twelve point one in 38 cities like right there with those guys even a year acquire a letter was the finals MVP. That playoff run was his coming out party he wasn't at all on average like twelve points in the day here via that a monster playoffs and Jill brown had some monster games the playoffs that's rise as for the U reminded you of Leonard now letter was then able to follow that up with even the next step of being in an all NBA player Arnold Brown Oliver get there. But he's 21 when point two whenever he's on his way and I think sometimes we have a habit of looking at a guy and saying what he is right now as what is. There's no there's a lot of room to watch that fight and all the guys that they were rumored to want you know do last year at this time but Paul George and you devote all those guys it's the same thing you know you forget because they played in Indiana or they played in Chicago that. Their first two years they were like fringe kind of play a French starters there and then they became all stars a year three and four or even if you run later to a different wanderers here you know what how much or does he have. Look back at Kyle Lowry he was in the NBA for nine years or made an all star team he was a single digit scorer for like the first or five years of his career and that's a point guard thing they develop a little later so. When you look at rouge air and what you did in the class of when he did last year. There's a lot of room for him as well that would. We all know so much about Brian he loves his dog named rocky and Apollo until until you and now how. We finally have an answer to the age old question which are smarter. Bird dogs me it's heard from all. Dog the fifth searchers at a university in England finding does someone bring you have art does come around. 530 million neurons can only after fifty. It's just been water results away act yet on the age old question please we all that this guy is also blown. Wow he answered the cat people. So to college they're not. They're not how many service cats are there. Right so he's employed by US service at one point for you feel like cats in the military is still out of Lanka comfort mathematical number that any bombs that big cats. Rossi got any of those guys out there now that's because they're just waiting for you to die so they can you just all want it there this snake is creature there's ever been just isn't happy that doesn't mean I actually your cache the better you're better to get to number eight you guys you support guy because attack while now that you know how dumb they are I don't think that is dumb for a while cancer has a dog. Let's edit them you join him and you love him but he tax use them think about it on the you're afraid appearing not yet attract any you know what really happy I have ice group. Is gonna do if you something you're doc. He could probably he does yeah wealth is getting himself out because our federal government and elves over the company it sure they'll destroy a whole lot no he isn't enough. Yeah that's very intelligent. I'm I'm Bret hurt had you need it said here afraid to have other people bring their pets over or bring their kids over here you're Kath and attacked them there is a chance second ago but I'm not I don't start spending that the intelligence that. I'm dissing that I think you guys bring action heat with you have an urban terror hat because yeah. That's don't care about there is Iraqi yen and get away they would claw your eyes out that yeah I don't think that happened the night to watch. I don't give up the middle of the night to walk my dog. Never in the middle of the night he's he's right next to me. And then sleeps anymore that I get in the morning at the go out I could use the law is actually the great it's great knows about. That it would be fine and have a dog I walked my dog I've gotten enormous. Enormous. But just sat around all day and an idea of the deep pleasure of walking my dog. Of the enormous. But he did you get a certain pleasure in February 2. It'll silly as it looks so different that regardless of the government and I think if you're the therapy dog senses your set and it it lets you had a problem that dogs can do arts just off the charts addition some of these things I dog and you guys are treating it like I don't like dogs I just don't have I don't even see how you could defend caps. What's the what's the purpose of all you have attacked just a little cheer is that what it is I think you wanna be under the Obama not fear might well at times and you let. Partly right what you'll have to ask them over that your that's gonna attack them he says he's extremely playful he's very he's like a dog like. De fat we'll bring our dog paddle around 530 million neurons from the only after fifty. Losing me on the net orient scale and on offense and yet that that's a good job and she's laughing at the end about what I guess I have to then yes cats don't Amazon dot. Joseph is also Smart and that's pegs. Pigs are very intelligent. Heard that they're in the subprime truffles if they can John is with that. There it's extremely piles on platelets in the back via you know I had somebody did Barry went under that they aren't hypothetically if that would happen. It rains from. Not brain is is this is not here ally and now it has without policy is Fuzzy bear it really deep now. But there are dogs who will occasionally eat cat -- so you wonder how Smart they really are I guess. Let me think yeah that's why dog doesn't do that sort of thing that's I mean just like just like with people. Some people aren't as intelligent as others so your rod and it would target it right as the dog out and all right all they're all very intelligent like like a dog with a magnet. Like back to act after they talked to them that next time I thought I. I don't think you said Roslyn you it and trying to prop up your cat you said he's very dog like. That's a good sign if you at least slightly like a dog which is the better animal. I'm not defending Obama here to do things and cats you know the body to. You do. If you don't admit to exceed those that or look at what else you got to do that in to clean themselves. Yet rose though on the you know hair balls parables everywhere I can't adhere to sit there and let yeah only putted there have definitely puke and if you didn't group in Cuba clone themselves all the time to clean. It's like sandpaper that's awesome as disgusting and hurts. Of the cats aren't leaking you like it doggy Disney you know or other purposes doctorate. On the good things that I just have. Cat feces in your house to sit there. Until you have Clinton would get older what do you do with a litter box that somewhere that it could get lured into that little like we got a clean up after your dog outside to put. You deal a top. After years all I'll walk ideal but in the backyard it. So wait what happens when you like go in your bag walk around your back yet again my dog is well Whipple ball in the backyard and as well. And I dot first base my dog is so Smart and you literally goes right up against the fence. Ice workouts. Has an analyst at fifteen minutes my dog doesn't go to the bathroom in the middle of the art he just doesn't Wear a litigating and I'm very lucky. Again I hope you know one of those people who doesn't. What about all on the walk like a pick up after about the backyard just you know I don't think it's that this is a personal issue like yeah. But you know garbage day in our neighborhood in you know the folks I'll put the garbage there. Let me tell you how much the person the dog walker. Who after the garbage has been emptied in the empty barrels exit. There yeah there and then I'll dogma there air shocks it it might and might get your. Well that it's a new tablet axle and I would be willing to relax some of my opposition to the sentiments. Like you have a sniper rifle on your reports. Yeah that's right and Donna remedies I would possibly netstat and a couple of times asked how awful but now and that is what it's like it. Trashed and don't put in my empty trash can which is now going in my garage for the next week yeah backed out last night. Other states Ohio now just and it is an open the lowest form of life if you had now off and there's flies everywhere. Eyes. Also smarter than cats well apparently bought dogs and cats are both smarter than the dog walker in my neighbor and your neighborhood yes again like I said there's a scale there's there's very intelligent people very dumb people than the dogs yeah I'm having a hard time of this conversation because I'm Mary aunts and anti. I don't want to NC eats well I'll play it and I'm under I'd hate unite us all there is now down to I hate cats hate eggs I need to finish he'd birds and no one animals and if it's a quiet right now you know I don't right now on around outside Tomas Tony you know I mean it's likely you'll like animal all Donna I don't imagine how many kids steal data we have attacked. Even write my response we. A whole lot that's nice guys methods can keep brings a good experience. Which he's not appreciate it is I don't for animals I don't think you can trust someone who doesn't love dogs there's something off about them they don't want to Seattle think you can trust someone who buys milk by less than a gallon but that's. And so there I'm not okay right. Stick into the dog thing for a moment when I don't know. I think as the guys that think it has you graduated yet again I don't trust open your fridge in the isn't it that the war I'd melt if you remove them what we're going but it yet what's in what appears to us and that's not awarded to attend -- -- people are really doubt if I'll terrible play but I was raised in the eighties let's just a class after yeah I think like water thereabouts room. I don't address dealt us this guy was talking about pigs the analysts Olympics. Well I can tell that all right go ahead and urgent call us into its very go Japanese have Jeff. Can't tell you guys doing great. They remember the well in our farm yeah yeah yeah particular smiled and in the group rides right that's true yeah. I mean obviously. They'll pick up my. But I wouldn't have one adult you know pat and what it was like I didn't pick or no no. Different arena again fiance believe it or not the difference he's he's you know wanted to I don't get big they are there and they are not intelligent it just your standard paid. No absolutely not I don't know published but it all together but I agree I delivers front end their deceptively clean. People who know I think I have an outright that would no doubt that the other 300 pound pot bellied it beautiful on yeah. I don't look back accidentally kicked out of 300000. Public again what I got you've creature. I'll aren't quite different now yeah. No I don't I know Coke or what are bad. A they are decide what's his. Through. I caveat idiot go page at all. Well and they asked for is Cassie about it yesterday in Las Vegas. Police said he'd be an interest in addition the team be called chuck or Rick Nash who drove out. Colin full disclosure records are confidential five year dad for that reason alone I would probably say at breakneck I'm more I'm intrigued Michael's son buyouts are they able chuck will take less termed to sign here. Rick Nash disappear in the playoffs and I IE I would want called suck and don't wanna take the chance with him. Well speaking about whether or not you know. Which animal it's the most intelligent. The question also becomes our our dogs pigs are cats and more intelligent than. Certain talk show hosts. One never talk abut greatest of all time we never talk hockey and I'm talking football don't like baseball and by the way we never talked at basketball. We never had my entire life for decades watch in this league nobody ever had to go conversation until. LeBron won his second title in Miami and from that day forward. Look bronze better than MJ which is always been the greatest compliment to LeBron Michael Jordan had six titles. And had been the MVP any series abroad won his second. And the conversations are. We don't do this in baseball we never did it in the NBA before and you never talked about it. We don't do wouldn't hockey we don't do it in football comedy segment that I ever done Brady Joseph Montana best or how about we start we zero. Natalie and I can't I can't imagine that the reason. Even with Tom Brady now. Many of you say this kind of a system. Why do you say that. Because your eyes don't want he's not the biggest the fastest strongest with a best Marino and Elway had better arms. Russell Wilson steal him Brett Favre better athlete what's the point the ultimate testament to LeBron James is though Jordan had six titles MVP in each by LeBron second. Your eyes were telling you something. My eyes glazing over yeah I a year ago and he found that you have ever seen Jason's had a smarter than this I would say so I think. He obviously up to something because he has been in radio or TV you were ever both for and while he has never done a Brady Montana we don't do it in football. Now how many segments that I ever done Brady Joseph Montana best or how always start at zero Z. Rally that yesterday Tom breeze about quarterback he's ever seen. The only guy that's close is Joseph Montana blocks in the thank god our backs they're judged three ways regular season dominant post season dominance and then Super Bowls. Regular seasonal radius thirteen division titles Montana's got ten and Brady's gonna when his fourteenth and its parent or relative I don't. Right now 22 wins Clinton gave him. It's Super Bowl Tom got the six Montana got November of two things one I cannot bash on to the dot to more. And bolt that hall of fame coat it's. I have never done that hey I don't want to inflict a couple ultimately segment ever ever done Brady Joseph Montana we want to 500 or 01. One I really had long had a bare minimum and we can we just heard it was hard to find. I just I am. First confused by coward he's he's been on the air for years and years and years. Any seems to just be getting more outlandish encountered them just dumber to take stock potter takes dumber takes. And then for him to say that we only do that basketball the greatest of all time conversation and we only do it would LeBron. I am willing to bet the first day in the history of Sports Radio wherever it was maybe it was right here WEEI and is on the fan wherever. The topic of who's the greatest of all time in every single sport a product. That's how they're getting a handle that every sport's little guys I don't I'll wrestle Russell is better than Wilt Chamberlain are well very very simple or you know boxer's greatest all time boxers that conversation in the sixties is going on all the time. Rocky Marciano rocket parts here pick up that's the you rankings all the time there's top hundred athletes top honor basketball players top hundred hockey players there's all that's that is sports talk radio. I don't know why he thinks it's they would brawn only conversation that's insane. You know life time's Michael Jordan is considered you know like the greatest athlete ever. But it Tom Brady. Wins his sixth Super Bowl got Alex with yet it's only a two person cumbersome and it added the greatest. Team athlete ever and I was I thought about this a lot last night a week off I'm. I was in January this. Now from YI guys write this. For. We do it every single sport and why wouldn't you. If the ads and that's that's like the whole point of all the stuff how many segmented by ever done Brady John it seems like a growth was zero at sea that is an hour and a hero at one point it was the year. It was like a flag that we quickly built on zero by Orrin Gretzky. I mean you know blogs and and whoever any group date rose. Yes played in the division with the saints who were the Cleveland Browns of their time and the falcons. Who for a seven year period 81 the nine he never won more than seven games you can and only want to make one playoff game during the Montana around it's that so when it comes to tiger a couple of brought it can't. There are us I don't yeah I struggled on the tour forever I'd. That is it's it's the greatest he doesn't add sports talk radio was invented was who's better than do what we let you debate it back fits. On Mike Easley that never happened at the LeBron. All started when we were trying to decide if dogs or cats were better dogs. In Jordan. On the morality rate airline Montana items in both the third.