Dale & Keefe - Danny Amendola to sign with the Miami Dolphins; Dale: Colbert cheated during interview with Tom Brady.

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, March 13th

Hour 1: Dale & Keefe start by discussing Brady on Colbert, Brady’s beer chug, eating a strawberry. Dale believe Colbert cheated and didn’t drink an actual beer.With NFL Free Agency running wild, Kirk Cousin will be the next highest paid player in the NFL,Kirk Cousins Vikings deal. News breaks when Danny Amendola is leaving New England to sign with Miami.


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Yeah yeah yeah. But the way. What happened this although this does gonna be lighter and fear not all that life affect. But bit the loving this we see now I mean I guess compared to last week that was. Maybe the heaviest though I can now would run a mile path but this is no power this is he needed to get a stretcher and again I dollar back hurtful and again of you know Shelly and my driveway are going to be okay I'm pliable and bill militia and the best part is. The civil war while that's all that was today ilk that map to go home and shovel again yeah. Those two or three shovels slash snow blow slash plow kind of storms because. Is marvelous so frustrated you you what your car off completely you know clean the car off. And you know a shovel around when you're done shoveling the car's covered again it's one of those storms and it's just it's the worst. Luckily I mean the good news here is that there's virtually no one on the roads and there shouldn't pay that's mix and that's the good part. So you know it if you are out there especially you guys were driving plows got out via thank you thank you. Those of you were out you know having to be on the road to get to your essential in the world essential right we are in any residential. Always thought I'd say the municipal plus drivers doing God's work are great but the the guys that plow you know via Stop & Shop parking lots and think they on the road given. Yeah. What you don't have a right of way because you do you plow out the spaces that they handicapped spaces stoppage in the back into the road and stop everybody is here. A private plug it sounds like an incident yeah there is always think at Arlington there's vicious and to. Driving itself wasn't bad just some don't some real beauties out there on the road. The visibility muzzled touch ago their for a bit on hey world here radio. So my tale of woe is. I stayed at the hotel and its how was the hotel that was fine and nice but I was in here at 10 o'clock this morning got irregularities in a hotel all a couple of segments along about now that I outlawed so that was fine. But for white those home cheat sheet at network today and and I said how often she called youth. There are the Republican politics that's like just like. Leave them leave the shop and don't worry about it all they care when I get home right because as you said it's just gonna fill right back in an. So I'm I'm gonna work here. And then there's a Bruins game tonight some golden golden throat thankfully so nests and called me last night they said you know. With the weather being what it's going to be tomorrow we're trying to lessen the number of people who have to you know commit to work and so would you mind hanging around after you don't with a post game show boy and do best in sports today after that. On C one night or to other matters I saw I felt I then fine I'll stay. So I don't think it thinking it through that means I'll get home at about two. Yeah and then you start shoveling. Oh yeah it till right in your neighbor's yeah yeah yeah that some other day. I won't have a snowblower out there you trouble that's true but. Because the game will be overrun 930 right at you guys that post game after that and then how long is the the Soviet that would work our item at least you have been one. That he get the shovel your car out of NASA right now as well as I can get out of NASA did a shovel in your car I don't Mac could be an issue maybe that's because of interns open. Not today IV positive negative do we evident today actually using the Internet didn't hear anybody right here we are intact. Apologies to stop that grateful Thomas essential toy. Are all essential right. So I saw Jerry cartoon like that you're tenth. That's what I thought I saw that this morning they are heading for the hotel at ten. Also they're staying all that it they were today native monocle driving home in this stuff he has not. Like if I. Stop tonight I never. That's. Pretty much physical life I was doing the the hourly on weather dot com the hourly and it's six no snow every hour than easily click for eight more hours to click that mr. snow snow snow but this isn't out. And I think it's supposed to do it's like. Maybe there's like a 50% chance of snow at all the road tonight at. So that they sent it to us all another good that real bad stuff is supposed to be done like 7 o'clock Oprah and then it's gonna snow throughout the course of the evening in. Overnight and then next agreeing stormed Wednesday and Thursday of next week is addicted to get mad about it it was that the count. Well I guess they they were saying that there's a pretty good chance based on. What they think is gonna fall that this is going to be the silliest march day in. Maybe ever while sun records out that Dutch you get about that a two weeks ago we at least seventy degree day. I vaguely remember that. Happened out this year of this month or shore the work that day. Nauert now or deal with us couldn't unseat at either return now obviously there are few things like that in the stated. So we're gonna have to mossy and that we said now John worries that down John. Well we'll take it from there will get through Vista of the toolbar so we will talk a lot of things first of all. I hate fake OK Nate I hate fake. I'm sorry I'm calling I'm pushing the fake BS but non Steven Cole there. You think Steven called bare I beat Stephen cold most of his career is based off they pick character eight the he'd cheated. House now. Well did you notice when he when he reached down behind the desk in product the two glasses of beer. What's so I didn't think you could drink and live on television that he did so and so then you know he brings up two glasses of beer and sales keep spears now this is what it sounded. Now what is the thing that you wish you could have bid is no longer on your Superman diet. Things that don't eat very often like when I was young I just at the worst diet yeah I think has gotten older it that's improved a lot soda things I eat much less over the art. Far less often now yeah I'd say cheeseburger pizza and beer things like that DC don't think there rarely. Dale. It's better back in the day or good beer truck there there. On oh he's really do want to watch on here. George do this again this is a wee bit easier we just are returning and I don't know if they're competitive guy. We'll just try. Everytime a all right okay this bill. Okay. So some important conspiracy death just all the Mankins slug appear yes weekend for those who didn't get a chance to see it prayed during suit insanely fast. Puts it down on the table realizes he has a little bit left goes back to finish that before it airs they'll vehicle correct. Now on Twitter today Rich Ohrnberger claim. That he beat Tom Green. In a chugging contest once in Rochester New York. Super burger in the with a pay you could have that was a bit of brio and die and that the other isn't a lock applies from tolerance effect it was tell me stories a couple of years ago who's going around town developer news about your children on the team so so cold it gets the two glasses of beer and yes mop on the desk. And that looks over like like probably producers yet. Or some reasons a year and and he reaches over any switches the classes any any momentum now Tom Brady's glass of beer has a little tiny head on it yet as of glass of beer would write. Cold bears after Greece which the spotlight Apple's news doesn't have a head on so they slowed it down flat. They slowed it down and on Brady's class. Has it'll fall on the inside as it would happily show as a as a glass of beer would have. Kolb says nothing. So you think rating drank a beer gathered did not that's correct and there. Now I also there was a clip go around he and Jennifer Lawrence were taken shops of Rahm. On the air a week ago I think he'd do that I thought those against after 10 PM so when you. Lanka. Now I don't I knew there was an face and there was senate the other is our FCC rule about you know got clicking on the air but speaking of conspiracies the other. Theories out there too pretty. Does not appear courier in the year pretty. Old tools or something years. It had gone. And I didn't brazen and more like beard I had there was all money inside the glass is it wasn't like apple trees as a sugar would have been yet he would find out what is ethical there was during game. We should drag on faster it's not that quick now it like to add. Give credit where credit is due Brady can ready to meet you just hear hear him really quickly yeah. Each season things got tackled or so he does drink Beers that would this new diet. I'm new but does that that he has been on I don't think he drank appeared all but he just has rarely if they would pizza and burgers he says he rarely. Eats and drinks those things so maybe it is something allows himself to do here and there. Colder the beer vertigo that Charlie also made Brady to strawberry. I I I honestly do think that that Brady. Had a harder time eating the strawberry and heated drinking the beer strategies that now be debated forty years in the life not a stronger when they don't want her to peer pressure and wait a strawberry bears got some stand up for yourself power over and can make even. Strawberries on a law office. Although maybe that was it allows drivers. Outlaws robbers is that healthy the birds and healthy snack basis that he sees it if you look at strawberry doesn't. And so apparently a big idea yet that. So what did you think of his overall and uncle there and the new attack cold there. And once it got to wanted to know with all guns blazing I want him to brandish copies of tweets that cold air had put out. In the aftermath of deflate gate where he was clobbering again. Well those terrible jokes the rent you rent last week yeah those are horrible. You have operating understood the Jairo of their you know an atmosphere of Strasburg on the ice he always does that's in heat them meaning just. He's a better man tonight. Brady all idea. They are in every way every everywhere you toss in the way you can handle stuff like that yeah. Just take it I don't know I don't know I don't know how he can arrogant pull that off but he's so little kind of awkward in those situations although a lot of athletes are like feet. The actors the most commercial were used to that kind of setting. Affiliate the athletes are little weird spot for the Vivian and they don't seem. All that comfortable. And so he did a couple of really Good Morning America Rosie is little more comfortable he knows Michael Strahan but that uncle bears can. Respond. It's it was fine it was funny I mean I do think colder treat it. And exits of I do that. 'cause he does get a little old switcheroo. Aegis of the possible reason would there be for switching the two glasses if you want him out of the same guys who equaled glasses of beer right went to visit. Doesn't make at all but he reached over the presentation type of thing announcers and analysts make their mission the camera symbol but no one will tool but the one informant wanton. Now local bears its sheer energy well I Ron Paul although I probably all in critical errors at the that was climbing all over Brady for cheating in the aftermath of the flight gate and acting colder cheated in the chugging contest on average call about. Next time he goes back. What he's promoting. Cardinals one at that point. To be twelve Medea a second book the dog from Charles Robinson on Yahoo! wrote about Comverse is time yesterday the sixth installment of cumbersome time. Any kind of had the same take on Tom that we did yesterday. That's what good does it not have much time left. Now time is gonna win and food at the end of this is time's going to be victorious over Tom Brady. And I think. You know best case scenario people looking at five years is that sort of what he had said and if that's what he says it doesn't look like you slowing down anytime soon so. People look at that at age 45. Potentially turn to be done. But I don't know how you can watch Tom vs time. Specifically the final episode and think. Yet he's gonna do that he's five doing that everything's fine with the team as families they're go with him doing that he's OK with spending less time when this family. I think it's this thing has a lot closer to being Don was he even referenced again that's obvious thing for a four year old quarterback to be done. You know to be closer to the end of his career than the beginning. But for him to say that if for some that they have acknowledging you know what his family gives up for him to. Really at its a year round thing over and play football at so I think next year. They like two years tops people president over two years of the got to be absolutely shocked. And I'm not gonna be shocked if next year's it. Yet or actions that that day you know of that at the end of the year in east and especially if they win. Now with the way the NFL's gold now it's a little crazy out there. And yet the patriots have made any moves yet they generally don't make big splashes at the beginning of free agency which doesn't begin until 4 o'clock tomorrow. We already know all bought you all these deals in retina Kirk cousins Kirk cousins is the move. That some people think is gonna completely changed the landscape in the NFL. A three year. Fully guaranteed contract which by the way it was thought that non guaranteed contracts is an oxy moron yeah it's not a content and it's not a guarantee right. Like it gives NBC a guy signing in there's two numbers given out. And it always have a hundred million dollar deal and my and while much fifties you see gap I applaud that. So of Kirk cousins who is the ID we can all agree is a good quarterback found a great quarterback. If he's going to be able that the Poland. You know 8486. It's been reported to differed totals but still 8486 gearing to heed for three years. This whole next batch of quarterbacks whoever it is there's a lot of them in the league at least ten. Fairly that you could say better than Kirk cousins so they all say we want guaranteed money while it should be a team up as their next two obviously are Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan. Sounds like guarantee money to me if I'm Erin Rogers I'm saying hey listen Packers the landscape has changed here in the NFL UC it. He sea without what the vikings just gave this and by the way all the other team's going to be really mad vikings. And yes your probably isn't happy. The other owners aren't very happy because the vikings have just changed how the NFL's gonna do business aren't they edit Aaron Rodgers you've taken anything that is guaranteed to all non. No you're absolutely at the security or at least he got to take you know insanely high amount of guaranteed money. Now eighty. Yet mr. Aaron Rodgers is your starting with ninety million guarantee or two or close 400 guaranteed. That is such as such a big number and we went through don't Rob Lowe got his deal. And there's there's a lot of money there. But the geared he's number you know not as high there's a lot of quarterbacks recently that have signed kind of those phony contracts Tyrod Taylor's all those guys sort of a contract Republica of on their mind they. That's not really a good deal and all of DLL hold a second. So yeah that's the new thing so Doug Baldwin was three about it saying you know. It's good thank you witnesses is a great deal Kirk cousins or for all future players in the league good view of you've done something that could absolutely set a trend and start to get. Many many more guaranteed contracts for the popular it's the one thing by the way ironically that football fans like. The contracts are guarantee. If someone staying seeping up right you know that they aside got a deal on that at the planet in the thousands could I thought you'd read. Fans like that you can get rid of a guy like Tom Brady or Rob Gronkowski but technically you know you can do that sort of thing but it's also bizarre. And you see you know baseball and you look at you know David Price. It is he's a really good player yet wasn't the hasn't in the best you're really look at some of these guys that have that kind of guaranteed money whether they stink. Don't report solo an era of five. He still gonna make over twenty million dollars in you still have to pay him throughout you know Pablo Sandoval still get paid a ruse they can Theo still get paid to these baseball players. Locking and there's no go non guaranteed money guaranteed money and has split like that they'd make every penny. Those those contracts that they make in India football the most dangerous of all the sports the most likely. You know word I could get an in injury be done first career. Those guys don't have guaranteed contracts and they still don't yet but I think there's certainly going to be of a bit of a change because. Kirk cousins is more the first quarterback to do this. But that there's going to be some other players down the road you know maybe a wide receiver maybe there's a quarterback or whoever that that gets that first deal fully guaranteed. At any sort of set a whole new bar usually always talk about you know a player at a position setting the bar it's just. You know the years in the amount of money now the fact that it's fully guaranteed that's a whole different level now. For that guy. I mean I don't know and it did you think if the vikings are the breakdown in on a tennis and vikings football case keen home was. I think Kirk cousins the better quarterback in case you know but I don't think you have a better season in case Keenan had this year assumes that a ton of money for a guy who is. The fall for us quarterback the thirteen best quarterback in the NFL 28 million dollars a year. Or thereabouts we've seen 84. Reportedly seen 86 report but say 28 million dollars a year I can argue that guarantee for three years. For a guy who. Like you said maybe the tenth twelfth. Fourteenth best quarterback in the they've made some interesting decisions at the quarterback spot Teddy Bridgewater on down a couple of years ago and they traded a first round pick. As part of a deal to get Sam Bradford. And that obviously Tino mature but a career back up they clocked him in and it works for a monster because they have some of the other pieces that they have a good defense they got a couple of good receivers. So they they know they need a good quarterback in rather than taking a chance in the draft. I think it's that it's in overspend but Kirk cousins has been a you know last few years I guess consistent you don't win a tonne like there isn't a 500 quarterback. But as far as the stats are concerned I guess he's pretty consistent and he's pretty durable. And that's one thing I gestured to Muster payment for. Open right for their sick. Yeah I mean it's it's a ton of money but it's also it's great for those other guys whether it's Matt Ryan whether it's Aaron Rodgers whether it's. Roethlisberger although he feels like I was always contemplate retirement but any those guys it's it's it's a big deal they're gonna build a cash in on the south. We are surprised that the patriots haven't done anything right. Well last year we were saying the same thing right I'll literally do what's on and then Stephon Gilmore and invest in other trading away their first round pick and they've they were really busy. Last year. No this year seems like. They they have a lot of moves to make. They think they got to figure out what's going on left tackle whether or not they're bringing back Macy out of their single biggest move is that move right there there's waiting to see you are what's the final offers him a. Only got about 2122. Million dollars of cap space right now and and I think Nate sold or is gonna cost them somewhere between eleven and thirteen. Somewhere and that in that ballpark based on the numbers that are out there and based on in the teams that are in hot pursuit. This may end up being you know sort like DeVon according thing on out seem to get yelled and come back to us. That's sort of thing and and supposedly Cleveland wants him to replace Joseph Thomas. Houston wants him because Billy O'Brien likes them. With that we may have some breaking news here bill potentially breaking news. Holmes went daily and keep rocking you might Katie and Phillips auto glass on Sports Radio telling. This is not. Gonna make somebody had no it's not NFL network host Dan how Ali is the first to have this Ian Rapoport our favorite and a fellow outsider also off. Chiming in on this. Say Danny Amendola. Is staying in the AFC east expected to sign with the Miami Dolphins purse source. That route you know what I'm his signature he knew he had taken a pay cut each of the last three years sure has he deserved. A pay raise the this year right and he asked him to take another pick up. Potential maybe a edited out and maybe just to get a lot and yet I'm on the Miami Dolphins and maybe. Rocket Brady making fun of on commerce time push from over the edge to know maybe the one last pay up from data is only good in the playoffs. Maybe that's sent over the edge but I'll surged almost went without throughout they're just saying god that was. That was our real. News he said you know enough is enough guys hit it to of that but not. Magic stuff let's then let's play this out if if this report right Danny Amendola is gone. Played out with me here Rob Gronkowski says you know what it's just not fun anymore I'm gonna retire. I'm gonna wrestle emblem make movies on whatever. And Tom Brady sit there looking at all my god really. We're gonna rebuild everything you know from an offensive weapons point of view. And I'm well I'm going back to square one here. Yes it's the guy that you know regular season out that you're gonna miss them now march you're you're just not you know you look at his numbers over the last few years in the regular season and he's good are great you know they've other guys that sort of carry him there and whether it's crock. Whether Andelman every other season besides last year. Whoever you're going Brandon cooks a year ago. But come playoff time. Man he S too many games where he has had mosser performers is just big time catches for the first downs touchdowns everything he's one of it ready to guys like especially last year he took element out there were two guys that he really really trusted. Him and dole as long problem. But he can't play and ovitz or become a bit of law punch line last few years but I am adult like a pay cut. And go take a pick out any does he sticks around these Nazis it very important guided team in this can't make Brady very happy. What is up Montana guys who knows so we're but the trip. So they take what is settlement even going to be able to go full speed. Well he he posted a video today actually element that yes. I saw correctly I sought earlier. Ice has little daughter sitting on the ground next film he's working out and he's running sprints. And he sure looks like he's moving also maybe they can tell you he Arianna it looks like he was more than pretty quick to me now I'd just because you're running sprints doesn't mean that your -- ready to play football and no I don't but as far as you know going out to Montana potentially have to catch passes I'm ray I would say you value epitomized the out and it. Just based on the video I saw today. As I said his. Adorable little daughter sitting there in the grass watch him run like the wind in front of her and her. But a a key. Yes the big one this is that this is a team. Wolf this is this is a big warm again not a guy who. Exactly lights it up for the regular season but he he made his money in the in the playoffs and is one of the guys that Tom Brady obviously likes and trusts. Doesn't five seasons. It knowing that if I assume even longer than that expense of the five years ever dole up in new England and season high of 65 catches a season high of 659. Yards rushing last year is a season high for him in New England. At a season high of four touchdowns. So again that the numbers are gonna jump out at chip but then thirteen playoff games is over 700 yards and six touchdowns. Securities he's all about the playoffs at some some big time moments whether Super Bowls conference championship games. Whatever rate two touchdowns against Jacksonville on crop goes down. He was he was big for them. This may strictly be a money decision on Danny Amendola as part as I said he's taken pay cuts each of the last three years you know maybe he which is saying I'm worth more than what they were pain. That may be the case. What if this isn't strictly a money decision what if it goes back to you know what Gisele said about Tom. What Tommy currents at about pronk. I just ahead and any fun here what Blaine Johnson said about the page. You land erect a funnel lane Davies Davies counts of than an M dole ATB twelve cuts that right now and it's an all big big time to be tough for him I mean not that he cute still do some of the same training by. Now it. And then the other obviously would be won't do what you wanna we don't know how many years rural money or anything like that but when he wanna sign a multi year deal with New England at the new. Brady was going to be gone sooner or anything like that but I would think he would wanna play. You'd be settled one year deal with the slippery just. Or what he's done in the last few years it's just seems like it's very important to him. To play with Tom Brady on that you know in this offense. And it's worked out well but maybe sitting on. I don't have a few years left probably play football. And Sony wants that to maximize the money he's already won super ovals he's 32 years old so. Go on out of Miami or the other worst wasn't ago. Imagine if you're Tom Brady and at the end of Tom burst has time even he sang in a what are we doing this for why are we doing this and let's just play it out Danny Amendola is gone. Let's say rob retires let's say Nate sold leafs takes one of the big money contract offers elsewhere. If your Brady are you saying this thing's fallen apart around my years here. I don't army he's he's definitely. Lost guys before. Probably are a lot of a lot of guys and Wes Welker in what could be a go back to branch of Dallas some of the some of the biggest losses that that he had had. And if kids are Rincon. I still think rockets isn't as important as Ammann dole is Sarah Brady wouldn't you say Graf and cattlemen. Those would be bigger losses to have a bigger better blows a crock degree is tight and never. Andelman is a guy who's both incredible the regular season and in the post season. And from the outside looking at Hewlett it may be closer friends but you either way I think I feel like this might be the third guy. Maybe James white's you're sort of in the mix too. This will be the third got that he be the most upset to lose but I think rock middlemen if those guys are both back then I think he's Phelan. So what better. And according to well what I'm reading now Sam Bradford is gonna sign of the cardinals. According to a fox sports one. Breaking news so case came into the Broncos Kirk cousins to the vikings Sam Bradford to the cardinals who will musical chairs here quarterback. Jets and bills just lets up till the password now don't they still love anyway it has signed job both get a McCown that'd be good time. Our stuff is happening fast and furious will be a departure of Amendola. Bother Tom Brady because I think it will. And I think it may just be a further indication of the atmosphere down there and and other play in this thing. The only moves that we see in the patriots involved with so far. Our departures. Or roller departures. It's in no rush right now. Don't believe second goal. Slide it through. Through its support of the AFC championship. We will go 1%. Why the single by Brady play action has all day throwing back at the end zone. It's. I was telling us. That was unreal. Our buddy Chris price. Weeded out following since the start of the 2016. Season. Only two wide receivers have eighty or more catches and catch rate of 73%. Or better in the regular season. Danny Amendola and corporal Paterson. And the dollar is the only patriots wide receiver who has to catch rate of 72% or better. Who has at least fifty receptions in that time. And according to multiple reports now he's going to be a member of the Miami Dolphins. Now they're gonna miss some and it's more a Tom Brady's guys you know that's one of the things we've been talking about for awhile is how much. Is Tom Brady enjoying playing football I think in a dole and settlement week you know we sought its commerce Tom Warner the earlier episodes I think he loves. Work or those guys closing in Santa Michael Strahan yesterday you know just. Being competitive and in working with the other competitive guys ago all that stuff is important on. And he still has some there going to be wrong and elements still there crawled is still there James why and other real burning coats. But elements that guy he is he is gonna miss especially come playoff time again the regular season numbers are pretty pedestrian. You know I know Chris for prices is doubt there'd Yost even still. Let's catch rate is hasn't raised race integrative gets near he catches them very high percentage where he throws so there's no doubt but. It's not like you're going to be desperately looking for him I don't think him in the regular season. What the playoffs in what could separate them from a trip to the Super Bowl course you know get bounced in the copper shipments of game it could definitely be didian middle that's so good he's been on the playoffs. And nothing. No no no visits no no contact there's been nothing we've we've heard a lot of different things this guy's talking about that this guy's gonna commit to there. We don't even know of anybody that that the patriots and even talked to or interest it and yeah I wonder if they even went back to the patriots you would think that he would go. Present you with a gala dole would've given them the chance they have the dolphins are offering this maybe the patriot civil we can't match that well you know. We only have so much money you know and we got to bring back meets older we got to do all these other than whatever. You figured they would at least give him an offer but. Maybe not on who's to say I mean after I doubt we're gonna be surprised when we see the numbers that I got a higher nods along is that it did it is a law. I'd I'd bet we're gonna there you know that the salary cap is gonna to such a degree they've got so much money to spend. That all of these contracts are our bigger ID and they're gonna regret it. I think I think mine's gonna regret it because they just had Jarvis Landry who was a guy you could throw to a zillion times. And if you if you lineup the union Dolan he's playing close to a 100% of the snaps how long you think that's gonna last. Like one of the things that teachers than a great job with is they have had him ready to go for the playoffs is the guy who has a long. Injury history carries you missed a lot of games with the rams and then with the patriots. Miss some but overall he was pretty healthy only played sixteen games once with the patriots but for the most part he was healthy and the playoffs he was. And he was never playing a 100% of staffs. So they do give him a lot of money if they think he's going to be the stars went to replacement he's gonna he's an absolute load out. I won't be the Jarvis Landry replacement here you're right but he's at he's a departure from here that I think hurts this team. Heard the pats I agree that it hurts the patriots in the in the playoffs there have to have. Other guys whether it's Malcolm Mitchell or or whoever else or have them to step up. We go back to the end of Tom vs time and the things that Gisele said about Tom he just wants to have fun and be appreciated. How do you think he feels about this right here. I think on the one he's got to be a bit frustrated but it's not anything new to him when he's seen a a lot of guys and I'm sure you'd I'm sure he wanted Logan Mankins to block form for the rest of his career. Sherri wanted David Givens David Patten Deion Branch Wes Welker cherry wanted to all those guys to stay. And they were gone Hampshire. I'm gonna feel dates older signs with Cleveland for reasons that seal it once you start adding a mop I think back could be an issue of negative Dion Lewis and dates older and Danny Amendola are all gone. I mean he gets on who they replace them with but. Probably and you're not gonna be as comfortable as you were with those guys maybe you upgrade edit talent standpoint in I'm not saying you can't find somebody better than Amador better than Lewis. The sold on civilian may be tough I don't know if you can find anybody miss that better than him narrative that he's that great it just goes to show you how. How bear the other marketers to think about this the Cleveland Browns won Neitzel there. To replace Joseph Thomas. That's why they want out there. Joseph and I have finally loses the game did he offer all the people around here who you know. Wanna climb all over Nate sold their eyes not that good I'd who who cares. Well there were other teams out there who. Do care right and who do want him Zambrano admitted at and they want him for a lot of money now when did the patriots will ultimately end up. Maybe not matching it but at least coming close to it. I'm telling you it it first sold it's gonna cost you eleven to thirteen million somewhere in that ballpark and I think if you if a slightly overpay for soldner. Would you rather do that and overpay for Amendola. As much as he has been. By as much as he has had these these insanely clutch moments. Don't you think if you have wronged cattlemen and cooks now there's less room for injury air there's less room you know of Broncos down Obama goes down. Yeah you don't have another guy can lean on but if Brock cattlemen and cooks are all healthy thirty day to be silly fun offensively. Maybe Denny wood heads available Bergen Bergen back Baltimore's cutting Danny wood had fur cap reasons by elected anyway that although he gets hurt all all the all the time. Everybody likes Danny wood had. Bring him in here is that Dion Lewis replacement. These Annie B that for about a day or two. Until they got hurt again enough I don't know work 6177797937. Is telephone number let's get some calls him from you guys I Johns up North Hampton hey John I don't. Good you get bigger right. Good. Listen I just heard about the Amendola news anomaly freaking out over I don't know how the rest of your viewers are looking at that spot. And the Abdullah is in New England Patriots here. Do you guys see the latest. Comverse time more so than older adults in the car. The wrong side he called rock some sort but they talk about DNA now in critical US playoffs. This guy is such an incredible playoff this year he's absolutely incredible end to losing Kevin Dolan. I can't I mean I began turning work about the patriots doing anything every cica. Hope nothing and heard nothing and I heard anything about and gold anywhere jet just minutes ago one report about twenty minutes ago from a guy from the NFL network abounds that by the way now others are confirming it Armond those solid arrow Miami Herald has confirmed as well it's it's a done deal. Wow. Yeah it is mind boggling I have never seen this much. Action this early in two free C market or the trade market and I mean. You know Michael Bennett schools in wanted to come here we've got a better offer him. They had to stick with billions trillions additional water that leaked and lost but Sherman deal can go on right now. The 49ers now it seems like we can't keep he blew it so we're gonna lose soldiers. We lost out there and deal I don't think they were interest in Sherman. Now I. Don't. Know. They never contact them. I and that's the thing and end. He accounts at now it's on par his record certainly speaks for itself you you can't deny their Belichick ballots all done here. But I do think that it's days like this. Are patriots fans are OK so what's going on but you know what it wars interior. Of the Philadelphia Eagles just won the super bull. In their out interrogating. Michael Bannon and polluting and make him make an extra moves to improve on their team. Which was the best from a year ago they're going to be getting there real starting quarterback back there aggregate left tackle back in this bill. Make it a bunch of moves and doesn't the patriots won't too you know last year we thought that they might you know not tool lot and they get it on there are very disease and those moves were pretty mixed in there were guys that didn't work out all there were others that that played pretty well specially guy like Gilmore by the end of the year. So they got a couple of their own guys to figure out normalcy will the draft ratings by. That's an interesting year maybe they have a lot of confidence and Kenny re member that was announced a week or so ago. No idea. And at less competent and Brad Arnold if Tom does now. I think he's got a lot of confidence in Danny Amendola the did that's for sure how things work out in the summer probably that all these graduates team you know the and it's the idea that he's not working them and now now that's sorry it turning your key card for the month state while other goat or biking when the war six and 77797937. Is telephone number text minus 37937. Multiple media reports again Amendola. Is leaving the patriots to sign with the Miami Dolphins. Each. Talk about that more as we continue want it daily keep Sports Radio WE. RO. And we the bad news even the yeah. Move. And. McNamee cry. That was Brian Gay area on him. Men. So you gotta see it now. That the Indianapolis some edits sure if that's that the best thing for it but but give us this when you were shown me him and they're say gentlemen here first all dynasty driven he was the lawn of one of our Twitter followers who alert notes to this Matthew cannot. Who is acts the insider radio it's connected with SP nations at the Miami Dolphins. Thing so another words taken with a grain of salt out exactly what it is not Adam chapter is not out of show after it is. Insiders. Felt they each op insider radio. Here's what else I was told about Danny Amendola. Against insider saying the patriots were not budge with and Dole's request for more money because get this they're trying to sign. Ndamukong Suh. And like that they'll. Not so much about you ayalon I'll an audit documents do. That'd be focused offensive line a little bit and so we will lulls moral little nasty guys up front. Are you all over the one good news is that he probably wouldn't get hurt Tom Brady anymore. No you would not have to worry about him stop and Tom Brady year or two or anything like that Tom Brady but this is the guy who. One of the more dirty players in the league one of one of you might be the guy very terrible blow some of the Los that he missed the game. And dominoes on the body gets suspended probably not probably not know he plays a plays all the time now off former guest of the program Heath Evans. Good former guest of the program. Did not like you're down 20 do he. Every asked them out of there by the dolphins. He's like he's the most overrated he's the worst player he quit signals that so. If this ended up happening and arrow wood because even at thirty Olympic dominance who would get 31 actually now I would figure dominance who would get. Decent money out of the pitchers and so they have that the throw around. I don't Evans would not like the vulture going after not good so all low. It's only guys that brought in the past this wouldn't let it be another level possibility in if you looked at the patriots in the way the season ended. Where you left with the thought that they needed defensive playmaker yeah Dana somebody on defense to make played out. You think they need help in the secondary with the imminent departure Malcolm Butler and the audience he's gonna get at least ten million dollars a year now moniker while. So you know we. Do it will pass rush that's a that'll help the secondary. Yeah maybe a dollar could sue is the guy knew what he cited furlough one year prove it type deal you know even if it's a decent money. Would they could they use him for a year elected use some other better players in the past I have no problem with the Ndamukong Suh. Although if you spin that you say hey Brady. It we couldn't afford the eighty Amendola because early on after that out this guy yeah I don't think a lot of people like that and got a lot to would be upset still really huge that to see. What the money on in a dole. He's going to be ago. You know it what was the patriots line how how high would they have gone Odyssey Brady's going to be the most upset about this news at a lot of fans are 200 fans. Got so used to the idea to dole being great in the playoffs a look at that the road this past year. Eleven catches for a 112 yards against Tennessee and allows the ball away. Seven catches for 84 yards and two touchdowns. And yet against Jacksonville were Broncos down. And then even the Super Bowl loss eight catches for 152 yards. So clearly that whole round was without cattlemen and that a big part of the AFC championship game without prompt. If he was somebody that pretty could rely on and I take him out of the office. He is not going to be growth and I'm guessing the patriots handled ballot checker in effect saying let the reports we're getting on that replacement we examined all of without cattlemen this year right we'll just have settlement without Amendola bill but don't think it it and maybe that's what they're thinking but. We looked you know that the patriots I think without wrong they prove they could win without him but you needed gentlemen and then this year. They had grant aggravated when the Super Bowl but there wasn't the offenses problem like they'd they score enough points to win the game and so you can win without element. Just you need drawn. But that's because David dole was also their bull times. So if you lose element or wrong now Ayman Dole's not there. Then that I think you really is what changes and also I mean you're losing one of your best punt returners and Amendola. Others are still come back you know I know is that I using Dion Lewis who loser kickoff returner in a not that those are you know make or break points of decision making but. Things the got to worry about I don't let Obama say all right punt returner but coming down the euphoria I don't doubt I am not interested in having him you have to go back there and do that now. I what are they out of this surprised the patriots because some other B reporters saying the the market forever dole was Fergie. Pretty day there are a lot of teams that wanted to and on on the Indian idol so. This shouldn't of of caught them off guard and I wonder what their next movements and you wonder is it just the simple as. Well Kenny Britt for a full year and Malcolm Mitchell's coming back. You know you got Hogan you got to coax gee you know you get your team pretty much set it is that going to be enough. Or they're gonna try to find some else to replace him 6177797. ID 37 runs in Revere him around. Hey guys what are you doing today. I'll let you know because no matter what I heard England adding I am just wondering what if you don't look it up from those you've got to be like maybe to a 33 year. It's got to pay eventually end up in Manila it. I'm thinking that this week you know and you look at you know concrete that it is. Why did not I don't play Danny Amendola bit. I he had taken pay cuts here at 33 years in a row. According to the reports what he was asking for. Was a little more money this year and the patriots again reports are. Said no we can't do that because that's the insider says it's not about it and dominant center. There. My executive who ripped through yes and as you. Yeah I didn't it and whenever you better technology as well when we're running usually make you have a little. Well each let me get to that we rent. But and didn't use in the playoff is late. In not to replace. I mean you're right it it's. And I think you know during this past playoff run OC says is that Robert Horry he's a guy who. Regular season it is fine but yet you want easy you ought to monitor team he can help you out here and there. But it was in the playoffs he just came through some some big moments regulars touchdowns first thousand that it doesn't matter. He was he was nails forum in the post season and I take that away in another Leo or Brady's friends and it's not that pretty key aide get over it but. How much is this could affect him going forward as well. Ben ball and put on an interest in tweet if you think about it Danny Amendola signs in 2013 for five years 31 million dollars. What he ended up getting was five years seventeen point nine million dollars every took three pay cuts so. So you don't I don't blame him at all not everybody does not object. You know you've got to do what's best for you and if you get somebody who's willing to pay a bunch of money. This as as our previous caller said this may well be his last contract. Both bush and would you put up the numbers that he did in the plant leg is good as he was this post season. He's probably saved their style Winnick has been taken a pay cut there's no way they get there and offered her a low ball me and then when that happens. You take gets to a survey are how many years do you take a pay cut exterior to play for the minimum pledges it. He is is time for him to go money wise and you wonder. You know what the patriots have of budged you know as it is it because how they're spending money elsewhere is that just they think that. They can get his production somewhere else. I don't know bit that's going to be tough to do a rocket or no until playoffs because again regular season. Malcolm Mitchell might have better numbers this year than Ammann dole had last year but I wouldn't shock anybody if he did that the regular season. But that is he would be somebody that Brady can rely on him in the playoffs or it. Who we won't know until it happens. By the way according to Ian Rapoport and I only bring this up because it's another AFC east team apparent there's an Ian Rapoport out there oh because that the jets are finalizing a contract with Teddy Bridgewater. OK so they went from Kirk cousins to. Teddy Bridgewater apparently because they were one of the supposedly one of the teams in the running for for Kirk cousins. Now wonder so aged care and so Perry I don't think agent McCarron well. Her daughter's healthy and it's that crazy injury in practice the stories about that and players they're getting sick from his father David. He was out and they didn't know what what to expect for his entire football future. Looks like he's covered the jets that does not exactly make them mania a scary team. I don't think cousins would have made them a scary team but I think you would have made them more of a legitimate threat to. He donated gravel wild card spot Olympic tapered to a hidden during former. Text to brings up idea and a valid point company wide receivers can you think of who left the patriots and gone on to do anything anyplace else. Deion Branch was the one any ultimately ended up coming back here. Yeah but if you think about it you know Randy Moss left here and nothing. You know we look for the whole list Wes Welker was just okay it was really good and silly got as concussion and he he actually set a career high for himself and touched down yeah first year in Denver. But was not the same guy that the that it was before. Yet they're they're probably hasn't been battle but under what's really the point because dating Amendola I don't think he's going to be much of it's on he was a thousand yard receiver here. Out that that's all playoffs and that's all just Brady liking him. Again I think Evan go like I wouldn't draft into dole on your fantasy team with the dolphins next year I don't think he's gonna do much it'll probably get hurt their plane and all the time. But it's just how it affects the patriots. So same it's the same thing with Deion Branch where Deion Branch laughter once in the C docs how good was he there. And then a great. But you know that he was good with Tom Brady know that he was over the Patriots offense about just wanted to keep him because of that. Any playoff has gone apparently off I mean all these playoff balance tough day and we had them. Disappear focuses.