Dale & Keefe - David Backes avoids suspension, but it sparks a greater discussion about the direction of the NHL

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, March 16th

Hour 3: The David Backes hit sparks a conversation regarding measures taken to ensure player safety in the NHL and NFL, whether those measures are to protect the players or the league, and reasons people stop tuning into certain sports. Dale teases an untold Bruins story to be revealed in his upcoming book.


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Our number three. Bailing keep Sports Radio WEEI broadcasting live from the victory grilled on here on elm street Dedham. Stuff on down anyway home of course like. (%expletive) it wings or whatever that thing I saw this big huge steal at least he's ultimately though there was locked I don't know if it's called bucket probably had asked for the bucket asked Dale Arnold put away so that if they've operates the jail awaiting him is he seemed distracted today and anyway. He's more than one example for mobile there was big movie trailer news this morning as soon all avengers I thought that and tickets are real growth of yardage bottom that. But yeah. At a focus on each dollar order on his phone now idolize him debating whether it's take that off the ghosts of the vendors. But infinity ward new trailers. There's a lot going on new movie poster. Very handsome movie poster that another bill could be the movie of the year that you you're the you're. OK but the rocks not but still it worth the while I promise. You get so excited about this stuff it's great it's gonna it's gonna be really really. I was proud of myself that I. Because it's on on demand and what Justice League this does that as we think you're an accord that little different at the DC property in it and you guys explain it to death the night. Oh yeah isn't that why is this just wasn't all that all of there. Over the differently if the difference is going to be much better to give a biased just like I'm biased now known that we Andy high note he we Mobil one DC moves to be good that does not. Okay the big difference I can name 3-D C who's your report with the Nolan that exactly. Yeah that's about it but the marble. That you were so that if this they bumped up we released it would earlier and it. That's right for a fifth to struggle avoiding some rocks spectacular. Like Russ he's had some tough choices cats over dogs TCU for marvel and that is true of cats over dogs you epic. You gotta make that decision on go by or I thought I did by the cat and he found it sounded more cat stuff here today. You're really at the cat demo Bill Belichick. Yeah it's a small demo with the ferocity all but console mighty sparrow illicit acts we were talking about I said thanks very much are. Completely the railing people real trailer right now how many times you see it today that he's still got a long trailer that they have to what you might not one of those may get three minute trailer they now Ireland a couple minutes of record. I'll watch it later okay I'll get it in my phone in and then it is exact and I waited out at possible gets excited as you. The through six and 77797937. We ended up talking about. The lack of musicality in the NFL in the NHL back if welcome back is talking about you know what my at my old league back. Now this was in the immediate aftermath of getting a match penalty. Being forced to sit out the last two periods of last night's loss against the Florida Panthers but being told today by the NHL. On it and you're good we will we want musicality in the game you didn't do anything wrong but did you also think his comments are coming from the suspension as well yeah as if he's figured that the a match penalty which he should have that many of the three game suspension where that was the penalty. But it wasn't worthy of the three game suspension that they beat them both of those things happening and that's really get the my old league back comment from. Honesty back to the call you guys gyms at Newbury port agent Ari you. They well I hope you don't wall while we are thinking. OK are you bought the tickets have a habit from a hard hitters you know you had errors than meriwether. Believe. Browner would route you push but we haven't had had honors you know even Iran Carmen jump over guy and our Super Bowl 49 rather than heading home now. I'm not all pulling catch. You why I don't like Richard's argument that. Well let's point where they can make a play well unit like the plate because you or position you weren't quick enough. We don't offer some wind and public I got by you you weren't quick enough so you can hold you to play or you can chop block. You know page. You know what I I'd light the hard hitting the ball hard hitting game. But now you know that things have changed in and probably cut me from watching games site I don't have a far from what I've got a lot of friends who watch. Clarity that Jim aren't a joint budget it's a shame and that you need. What coverage there would yet but but but what about receivers go to over the middle for example. Right now I don't think they're really worried about much they can go over there there there all there when it's not a big deal whereas years ago. That was something that only few players are really confidently do and so it's not just my example of guys were you know they're out of position or whatever they had to do that but there was sort of an intimidation overall. Vocal over the middle and now they feel way more protected. You know you darker red reasons John Lynch even TJ ward now it's umpire blows Broncos teams ravens. Seattle. So political you worry about that. Our beloved near boulder I remember listening to a picture pre season game in 1978. And Winnebago in the white mountains dale McDowell I was not the thing you know. They're they're offspring like. You know and run you -- I I don't want you anymore that I I enjoyed football. I you know what what I was saying about my friends up there about 6% and threatened to file not launched. The NFL. Over or over the income and having you know what I'm against the anthem thing we kept me from. From watching my love football but. I think that might be more of a factor for most people. Then I appreciate volume of wealth is against the of them thing. OJ Simpson. I was he really evaluated and in the in the the most seriously thought about he said you know he appreciates the fact that Colin Kaplan thought he was doing the right thing but. You know withstand the fairly look at the cheap pop when he was God's job there is that where and who's gonna support this. The fact we think that her people will be more of that of an ambulance until example probably says it is here's the thing in and he he mentioned a couple of guys that. The guys that he mentioned most people would say we're dirty players Rodney Harrison was considered a dirty player until he was wearing your your laundry Brandon meriwether was eight. Dirty player is definitely a dirty player his nurse that was a dirty player were really good meriwether is a dirty player here. He's just there that it's it's harder to offend somebody who's thirty when they're not also a great player for all those people who like the hard hitting it like this idea come on don't put skirts on him. Today like it when Brandon meriwether. Takes a dirty hit it at the head of a guy. India Todd Heap that Todd Heap Pitt was there's there is no justification for it and you can't tell me. That the game of football is worse off by getting that hit out of the game well and I think also a difference between you know Utley hit or you know the ball the other side of the field you just deck somebody or. You're trying to make a play and I understood the collar things and you're out of positions and can't make that play the I would say now you're there edit its football you should be able to. To hit the guys there are other ones like there's always going to be. Even even twenty years ago there were cheap shots that you can identify what the cheap shot at what sort of with the with in the game. And that is that is definitely changed as far as you know not watching it that would have to really for me to change it. A whole lot for me to stop watching it the neck and it would have to be two and structures that really would be an you can. I think you can still be a fan of the NFL but also detected or the NHL or the NBA or Major League Baseball it. With some of these different changes that they've put in for player safety diesel nit pick certain things. Watching when every Sunday absolutely watchful. Up rocks and middle Murrow and they have the right button here hit rock I don't. The young guys are gonna go in terms of parking in pull all trying to eliminate. Com more spotlight to most of finally calmed. Acts you know that biting the head there had been Baghdad the talk ended it back from. I don't think it had to do with protecting the players at all I think it at night that people might think that. In it that all I have to do protecting Brady and in my. It did they look at it and you know don't cringe worthy hit where you beat somebody get injured you know. Our own. And that they're negative press that they get about concussion and buy back bad drives away more people are more potential view it and the big hit. But it it was the other way around it getting rid of the big hits and bytes and hockey if that sort of drive the way more people standing there. But it just might make there and then their rules when it doesn't do productive player that you protect in the league. I had this discussion with Harry sinden in the past Harry sinden is condensed. It more people would watch hockey if they got rid of fight. That there are people who don't watch hockey because it's the only sport that allows you to fight. We'll sit down for five minutes and come back and place them. All the other sports you fight you go you're out you're done and Harry has always been convinced that has argued with me about this. Hockey would gain a more mainstream audience if they eliminated fighting from the get. I disagree I think if you go out I think they'd lose some of their hard core fans. But what they gain other and I don't know the answer I would say no if you a group of ten people together it's a game you bull or a hundred whoever is Tuesday. You know hockey. You know we're fighting on for and yes if they got it altogether which like it more or less and I'm just guessing that more people like it. Last it's quite it's. The center I live now anyway there's not a lot really isn't that I think I mean they're definitely more I'm gonna say they. Almost eliminated they really haven't really moved on from from fighting and I think. It's not like it was something that you were guaranteed this you fight every night. You work in the owner who was on your team maybe you have a higher likelihood of seeing a fight. But it was still maybe once the game to have parents so it's not like it's gonna completely. In your time going but that was the rule that if it was just put in place where there is no fighting. But that's the differences between college and pro hockey. And that's. That the difference in college hockey's very popular and there is no fighting Walter a club and Olympic hockey very popular there is no fighting yeah that's a load of the Olympic hockey. Determined in the eighth that it College Hockey is popular but only in certain areas. In I would argue that the NHL and college knock GAAP. Is not as well or if is wider than the NFL college football but their college football news. Not knowing what that world's yeah one of the most popular sports world Dallas on the line paid allied on. Welcome aboard the jockey again as well thank you. So you know this whole practicality it's just it's to me this is the biggest thing that it is ruining. The NFL it's more than healing and I think that's just a bunch of political posturing by a bunch of people who have been could polarize them one under the other. And quality contribute you know to me the game is being taken away the game that I grew up loving and watching you know I watched. Eat out water absolutely annihilate three people in the soup all get screened date that made me wanna play football. And unique you wanna play. We want to I want real easy on the receiver yeah well as they did nothing about the whole point of all in the best part for me was. You know being a being able to go and physically impose your will on another man. Sixty something time the game to the point where relate to wanted to on the thematic you after the fact that the jury to the game out of the hole on that. And when I was going to cultural all my offensive coordinator told me god I can't back off an injury at less than a 100%. He's had you know great nobody played football because they want to be healthy if you wanna be healthy go to yoga. And I think that's kind of where we've got to start play drawn the line here because. Liquid that before I ate it doesn't drive me insane solid amid the big hit my Alla that that talks. Put it when it turned into a penalty that picked up first down at a crucial point in the game regulate are you kidding me. You know and if you go back I think it was. Maybe 2004 with the first time I noticed today. Well and Michael clay in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were rookie receiver went down after catching the ball and Jong which went by and just it's such and down a bit of plowing into what you normally would any bleeding with a rap like hey if I jump on and you're gonna give me a penalty. But I can't let him down how can you let them get up in front of the end zone I think that was the first time I really noticed it became starting to change. Probably end up in that regard. I understand your point Allen and I know you would say and and many would say. Hey I know it's possible that it you know I won't be able to speak coherently when I'm fifty. I know it's possible likely get paralyzed by hits that unwilling to take that risk. Some people are willing and good for them. Would you be willing to take that risk if people city. You know Richie can play got millions and millions of dollars to play football and I'd might have these guys that you're gonna have under parkinson's when your fifty year. Yeah and that you posed to take the chance. But it Willett. And that you know to play at that level and that to make that kind of money and it's also it's like you know you're guaranteed that these issues you have a much better. Chance that somebody was there a regular nine to five job obviously. But I think a lot of Peabody even now they be in for awhile they know the risks. If that is the previous generation like some of those did not know races I'll say they have more and it is why their lawsuit seems pretty legitimate there's not speak because Buddha I think. Football intentionally withheld information from them right all I'm sure they did that and I think they have much more opportunities than the people that are getting into it now plus. Not only with those guys you know players in the sixties and seventies not a where Sunnis were aware of what can happen long term. But they also market compensated but the playwrights are now so it's like the risk reward was the lineup at all I'd dance in Connecticut again I don't. RA I don't know good. On gas. I would be known when players and a purple wall or or are you whatever. You know obviously they know what they're rich start display you know I'm a bridge bitter and that would reverse the hour. Doing what I do record all law could die anytime. Or Dick are or aren't. In all I am doing unit to take air like it. It by eight when good and I played well all do professionally. And you know I know what they're great start out. I. Unfortunately again in in your point was great and unfortunately your cellphone wasn't a part of the route that bridge painting. That's how I act dangerous there's just no way you can give me whole way with the guys that we like the windows and skyscrapers like the old. Way when I was here and we still living in Minnesota and we move back to Maine. My dad would do what was called deck. And if they were building skyscrapers in downtown Minneapolis and Saint Paul. He would be walking around on the girders laying the floor decking. And attacking it now and one time my mom brought us down and you know we're gonna want where where dad works. And it just scared the hell she looked and she just that we're out and today it is the best at what a what if we do you know. There are some jobs I don't know how people can do that. Yeah that's long paint bridges no light on M I album we have yet evident low bridges is little tiny bridges though they did you start off on those. It's out there galleries of the I've registered. They're like the golden gate when you get to the Andy deterrent go back to the beginning it's not over again are all over again so you and your entire life. On the building always in the back it back to work back then it was that color what's the point to another race. And it's the pewter key bridge in 2000. The same now not a ring to a 6177797937. This telephone or down here. At the victory grow elm street and got a one down and say hi. I have a Coors Light enjoy the rest of your afternoon watch all of the NCAA basketball games there on Tiger Woods on as well. After an actual play is a picture you know and it's not helping him. I don't mean that Bullock is find I handsome man Tiger Woods while the hat on his game isn't doing quite well we'd like you know here this afternoon. It's a daily key Sports Radio W media. I've been doing for yourself this is coming. They knew they chose new standards and I hope I am a Little League best. If not then maybe there's some adjustments that I need to make. Bruins forward David back it's after the game last night he received a match penalty. Four. Hits hit. Which upon review we showed it a number of times during the intermission we showed the post game show. Was clearly not a hit to the head now again I'm not blaming Chris leak. The official he's got one shot at a real time he's seen it at them and it has only hit in the head now. And and they're being mobile overprotective of head injuries and I understand that. So it makes McCauley he called the match penalty. It was clear to me and I'm not advocating this I don't want more replays. But it Chris Lee had had the opportunity eagle or the penalty box and look at a monitor need to settle in Atlanta don't advocate for that but shouldn't they deal with that if you're. Roll out of Atlanta somewhat less replays now more let that happen in the playoffs and three at the right one nothing you know I understand that I think you're legitimate. You can throw it or you can you know review after the fact these outside but now I Jack the guy from the game but maybe they should that analysts. Relief for the playoffs and re edited in the regular season not the end of the world is available on you don't wanna be there all night but you gotta get now right well and into your point. We were mentioning all the games are on down here Marshall a upset Wichita State. And and it was on the monitor over there and a Catholic and ethnic it in this game still going on. Because of official reviews and things like that the final minute of the game. Sixty seconds of the game. Eighteen minutes and 26 seconds. 1826. Between timeouts and an official reviews and all Latin. It took eighteen minutes and 26 seconds off to play the final minutes of a college basketball somewhere how he's rolling over in his grave I tell you that experience with them but. Or this I'll ask well in general but that's one of those times where. Yet it's not sad again thirteenth seed getting away and then how much of excitement is taken away because Rainer this building. Like forced out of view as you try to play the last sixty seconds of the game. That is brutal you know we've talked about in and I I often don't believe fans when they say I'm not watching this game anymore because it acts or because of one. Some people told us it was because of Vietnamese I'm not watching anymore because at the end them. I didn't believe them. I was wrong. Yeah here it's clearly there is clearly a number of people I don't know how you quantify it necessarily but there's a number of people who no longer watch. Because of NFL players taking in the Iranian. There are others who tell us I'm not watch the game anymore Rick is they take in the is now via the game now again. I think ultimately your hockey fan the fact that you know they don't allow players to hit other players in the head anymore probably doesn't drive you away. But it. It might drive some that would again now owns a little bit different then than football to me but it hockey and its board the flight and not that's model loud right now you just don't see very well it's never happened I think that's something that casual fans. Lights or or a segment we can't speak for everybody they count as were were in on that. Even though. Diehard fan that was part of the game that they lights his that if there was there a dirty. Dirty cheap shot. Then they would figured out on the ice Leo more of those okay somebody's somebody's got to answer that whether you or your teammate or ever. Currency again it's sort avenue the entry to the game wore. You know team is down to nothing in their their lifeless. Now that the drop the gloves teams all fired up and you were coaching moment at times this is totally unfair but we do then one there will be a story. In the book the coming out in November. And no but this rock fields is that the way he's at Christie's there will be a story in there. About the Matt Cooke incident when Patrice Bergeron and there will be. Something I've never heard before IS apart for this is that they hit against Savard a Smart and mapped for to against Savard. And and the aftermath and I don't think I've ever heard it anywhere I don't think it's government hole. But she will get an idea. Of how the players responded to something like that. Yeah oh it's important read now that was that's more or that fills their doubt the media and all of yes or how good the polar was that what happened it was clear after that that also just how dirty play and there's no room in the game. It but did when I come down to it they seem to crack down fighting even more than plays like that that when you have a player like that it and there's less and less chances of fighting. Now those guys never have to. Face the consequences for that. Some of the other two you can get away with a flyer on a lunatic on the guys you can you can take you need to catch on whatever it is you move on now I don't last night. It actually let them fight the fight immediately after that. And so that those goods like. Backus. Even in the of their fights and lastly if it wasn't you they are really quick to break tomorrow on the other part that's a guard Eddie and at the minute they sense that there's you know all know that he's got an advantage there. They take it away and often as you roll around them guys that that was never the case to the program got its. You know doing jujitsu moves on the ice he does if they're both standing in their pool. You know it's still somewhat competitive what Politico let let it happen. I spent eight years in the minor league so I saw a lot of fights in my career I've and I spent eight years. Back when you know it was it was a war around this area. And and I was broadcasting games for the minor league facility an affiliate of the Philadelphia Flyers so why was seeing a lot of fight this thing there'll and and I I grew up. With that mentality. In professional sports I like fighting. I will say though when they eliminated bench clearing brawls I didn't miss him. Yeah I was fine with those being gone yet that's his. You're getting into is one of the great things about and I thought guys could. Seriously legitimately give her. More cheap shots there outlined it's just it's absolute chaos. Alive rules while when it the outline fight not a bench. Very broad outline flight number. Few years but Bruins eighties everybody's bought every that was on the eyes was one of the fight after fight effort by all night long and it was amazing. But that's the great things about hockey fight is that you guys have agreed to make some of the week ago it's not adequate of and we're going. So there's less chance of a cheap shot doesn't mean guys don't get hurt doesn't mean guys knocking. You know if he suffered in question or broken job broken hand whatever. But it's not like you're getting sucker punched in the back of the head or anything like that. They've put in a ruling in the National Hockey League now where face shields are mandatory. And they've got some players who were grandfathered in but they fields are mandatory in its guys come up through the junior ranks and in the minor hockey league ranks or policy that full cages along time now. You'll have a time sometime soon where virtually every player in the league. And I'm thinking Smart is it to hit the house. I mean that's what you see happen often do what you see is two guys squared off. And there Whalen a way in all they're doing is smashing their bare knuckles into a plastic helmets or shield. Please Wear helmets at all and those guys are great quality a couple of ST round with. The you'd think EST to ultimately full field on the well I. There was no not a full page like an apology every player in the field and actually had a field yeah probably and whatnot they will I mean that's what they're doing a phased manner and there were Canadian if you live on that blows on the on the heels of and that's what happens down and they get okay what did you accomplish load in the NFL guys throw punches with a with a all the time what are we doing. And well trivia question where IE a lot of trivia answer or first player in NHL history. They have a season with a hundred points and a hundred penalty minutes. It will shock you when actually the answer. No idea Bobby your really yeah a hundred pounds of well. Now owed it yet more penalty minutes than people realize. You know and he fought yet but he was never point them out he was the first player. Really to have a 100 point 100 penalty in the Nazis that is a good that your question and other that'll that'll learn you bureau there of course like. Randall is bigger as the company courthouse after the Korean. It was to where every effort and I asked him at odds that. Mites in Framingham they might Qaeda. Well I'd like I. Call it to you I watch very little the other OK yeah. The penalties slow the game a lot of penalties of late but it's destroying the game we play. All the time the challengers just wait earned it and secondly. It's. Basically. There's no quarterback play and that's evident by the fact Tom Brady is order it still would definitely. There's no good quarterback play big teams are. The biggest of all time low as part one. So it's got nothing to do with the lack of his account of the three you'd just think the quality of place stinks. The one who knows what it when was the quarterback play good but how far back ago. I would go back you love the eighties basically that whole raft. Marino. Out away. And a whole lot of you know anything about this. Tony Eason and and there was a lot of really bad quarterback play back into. Todd black that was the role that drop would want. So there are better than Brady Rodgers and Brees. You don't let. And I didn't want any people think Brady's greatness. All aren't. You know I don't that's why did do you think any good and learn the all time. Yes well we appreciate that that's that's the good old time rules that they exits well he will never be back to the game because they're not bring in his old time rules no they're not I think it's overstated but I do think there are bad quarterbacks in the league now but it they're always that we're back exactly but there always was you do see a mall now. Whereas before you would watch your local team or you know there enough data that no quarterback you saw him play alive or is the giants good to the local team and and watch Monday Night Football where do the best teams look like it's it's Marino's eyes and again. Though but there were plenty of teams and that awful quarterbacks. Which is no different than 6177797937. Is telefono protects minus 37937. On down the victory grilling your way home grab a beer. Grab some eat watch the rest of the show dealing key. Sports Radio WB yeah. 6177797937. Its telephone number text size 37 37. He thickness of the year. On the part of let's say football that. That they're gonna take this thing so far. If you're confident you're neck and right like we said it's gonna become two hand touch yes but the fear is there but deity that's realistic. Well I mean if he's pain. Thirty years from now we the four major sports. Which one is most likely still be around which was mostly we go on I think the most populous football but it all the most likely be gone. I think it I think there's so many issues we are trying to keep players safe. But then also keeping it the same game and we've seen them sort of chip away addicts do. Some of the special teams roles are different that's not gonna get anybody to stop watching the game but that's just. One difference or a couple of different view whether it went walking or where they put the kick off lines that last returns that eventually. Images that were a specialty wouldn't shock me then there but I'm right there and I think that's a legitimate concern I know that Chatham has been Lowe's people and eventually. They're not gonna have kicking your punting for Josh Cribbs was very outspoken about a should be visible career we have unbelievable turn man. And then while it's going to be basically alt a trachsel now is that one month of the muscles that money now to returner and there's really no no. Need for a high priced term anymore. Keep doing things like that and you're a kid the quarterback like him or back load defenseless receivers all these different things that they put in. If you keep adding to next thing you know. Why you've got to you've got yourself a different looking game. 617779793. Sevenths telephone number I know it's up in Maine now. They guys I have great. Solid it on the topic of eye contact. Hockey I don't play my whole life and it's a part of this sport is how. What any of the NHL's doing is perfect you're trying to eliminating your try to make it but it was similar situation happened. Well and it I think what they're trying to do is there they're they're trying to put an emphasis on it to key players. To keep them more alert on the outs but then I you know you if you in in College Hockey right now and you probably know this Noah. If you if you make head contact it's it's called immediately it's whistled down all. So what you've got is is you hope that players like OK I I can't do this. Exactly and and then it it all trickles back to fighting to. You know if it's one year guys it's in the head you're predicting it it's a thorough system or pamphlet you know the guy who get a. And it it seems like rafter trying to pull it more and more away from the game and I understand the game different outlook for the guild of the net gain rather than a. Up route knuckle YE. What you need to be able to have those those fights if you wanna keep the game for getting escalated. So we started this whole conversation based off dated back its last night gets you gets thrown out of the game. And then afterwards he's saying not like yeah my old league back. So and by the way he's a clean player he physically so we're not talking about a guy who wants his old league back where he was out reckon guys. You know John's gone right right exactly because Matt Cooke. If his point when he got suspended was. He's you know he's at that point it at like 848. Games over 2400 hits. That the NHL had deemed perfectly clean never had a hearing never had a find never had a suspension. So we set I want mildly back he's not talking about a cheap shot Lee knows not but they're trying to be over cautious that the league is right now and that's why I had hit or a perceived to head it suddenly turns into. A match penalty or a suspension. It's O. To do backers point is that that. But art that they're trying to make it safer if not going to be full put everything you do it in order to make the game safer is not going to be perfect. In your pocket real hits with the safety like. That's what the NFL's running into the and it's Ellsbury into their. There's going to be a tough balance that you want the week back the way that it was. Does that mean as anymore head injuries which is is an O and always looking for head injury but my point is. If they go back to calling it the way they did there's going to be some mistakes on the backside too if you go the other way. Now there might be real reason to throw a guy out of the game really well. Well what the institute at the two minute penalty or were people and I hit him with a point I was making with you earlier is their a legitimate fear among fans that they're gonna change the game to such a degree. That in the NFL you can't tackle anybody anymore it's gonna become too and types in the NHL you can't body check anyone anymore. Then yeah you can literally cannot touch anyone anymore it it it becomes ice capades with a pock yeah I mean. Is there is much fear what in the NHL as it is in the NFL and we know the fans they're still watching it but I think it's a pretty. You know a big issue in their upset about all these different rules. Is that for over the NHL outside the fighting just you know is that something that are they afraid that if you try to make it too safe. What what are what are we really realize it is figure skating what was the going to be. Is there is there an equivalent. In in the NBA is there something that they don't allow NBA players to do now that they use to allow them to this oh yeah like I can't checking for example so when the game was terrible in the midnight mid to late ninety's it was the Miami Heat in the New York Knicks playing games in the seventies and eighties. They were much more physical defensively and you could get out and in just. That's like Jordan and now will generation says you'll look what the numbers we're putting out the of these individual guys and that's when you could really play defense that now they they claim anyway. That you can't play defense and it can't be as physical anymore as you once were. I think that's actually better for the late. Basketball's different than hockey football not regard where that you might like it defensive team but nobody wants to watch dvds but that's just that's not what you wanna do you wanna see. But the warriors play really good defense they also score 110 points a game like that that to me is it's much much better and so. I forget when they when they put that rule in is that the big two thousand's were ever was the game has been different and I think for the better. 6177797937. Johns open main page on. A LIE and it McCall should you know look quite accurate Iraq goes live today. But you know come out mediocre big. I would use it out I think tiger in the mix makes golf much more interest me. Now the game anyway black tiger being in the mix makes it worth watching. Hopefully he can have at a couple of days gone forward but if he doesn't I'll be looking to see what he's shattered in the press conference if he's still feeling good. You obviously got to work output in these. Aurilia and I'm watching we get it on here as well John and he looks fine physically. You know the idea that he's gonna he's gonna have been away from competitive golf for as long as he has them. And suddenly and come back he's he's he's going to be that the tiger of 2005. Well let's just not realistic. And yeah I think he's fine physically. He's gonna have times when you know he's gonna be searching for his game to keep split earlier. The idea that he has now the Vegas oddsmakers favorite. To win the masters craze is ridiculous now that he's not capable of winning the masters. It is commodity at this stage of this comeback. Yeah I I don't buy it but breaking balls that shot off by the way he's. Who dean is that a whole lot you obviously with lied to us in he Jesus buried against the lip of the bunker so it's one of those shots where the ball's in the bunker but he is not. Edison and the flat and it's and the ball is literally buried right against the lip of the bunker yet this would be I don't know how you get it out of there I've added I could take a hundred yeah yeah if you rabbit golf here it is. Yeah it is stroke that you want them taken out here this is going to be all that. You make absolute best. But this everybody's attention now it goes to shows the power tiger. We go away for awhile now the other competitive deal with injuries do all that stuff. And then beat back and be competitive people on board one with tiger and another course. And on the green of course it'll be about Bono does that apply now there is no player like that the NFL right. Where where all of a sudden this player comes back. And and you get this ratings spike in interest like tiger has single handedly. Change the interest level in in pro golf in in the courts of about three weeks out yet if you take who's the second most popular golf. For in the world. That worries that the bill is that whoever it is or speed speed maybe. In the gap between him and Tiger Woods is off the charts and I think in the NFL lake. Brady may be the most popular and but it's just so different with the sports is Brady was out for four games in the ratings are still pretty good people wanted to see what the patriot journals like without them and when he came back. You know there was there was an improvement but it's not like the spike you're seeing golf. Because one guy has come back. Yeah right note this is this is differently Saturday though it if you don't have to compared I think to. Individual sports. Like tennis what would there be a big. Big bounce back of a certain tennis player came back war if Federer had been away for a year or two year not nearly the impact not not even without the thousands with those different issue lead ESP and other religious rank. The hundred most popular athletes in the world number in the case that awful. The criteria it was like. Social media fall reflects sponsors of this some that quick hitter from Pakistan and make an area that a guy there like tiger either one in a while he's still on there which. Anybody who has their own successful Koreans. Like tigers as a logo like the tiger and Brady in Jordan they're sort of in a different here than everybody else. It's funny to two it to see. The response of other professional athletes to him being available I mean they're going crazy if they're going to not like it's it's a big deal and it you saw early on in his success to number you'd be. You see and hang out Barkley and Jordan all the time in a while they like those guys embrace the golfer immediately. I think it's because. All they all golf. All these athletes golf if none of whom are also important the hurry and you know Tony Romo they're good All Saints. More on any means you're in a good flow up and down on a I swear to got a lie that you when I would take a hundred all on the hood what's the what's the what's the high here. It is no means the odd man out there will be a lot of the next day it does move the beer cart them and there 6177797937. Is telephone number. Text line it's 37937. We're broadcasting live at victory real threat on elm street in Denham right next to legacy place that's appropriate rednecks that Fox25 that threat over here very Colorado size the the door here is where Fox25 is. If you get off on exit 158. Off of 128 you can see the big sign for victory grill right above the big wall there. So stop on down this year I headed for home have a have a cold wars light. At some wings watch all the games and they've got every game on here. They don't yet you don't college wrestling I think we're the rest of them it might be at the column are wrestling has done for the day so for but I get for college tigers on college basketball is on. It's failing keeps Sports Radio W media.