Dale & Keefe - Devin McCourty debuts with Dale & Keefe, discusses issues with the new helmet rule and more, 8-17-18

Dale & Keefe
Friday, August 17th
Devin McCourty makes his first appearance with Dale & Keefe and discussed how the Patriots are adjusting to the helmet rule, his brother’s impact on the team and his assessment of the Patriots’ offensive weapons.

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It is time on this patriots Friday to talk with. Patriots defensive back Devin recording our conversation with DeVon it brought to bite on direct marketing and complains he insurance DeVon it's dale rich and Steve DeOssie how hard. Under our radar you're doing great thanks at some point this year I'm hoping. If we get to chance that you screw us up and had Jason do this thing instead if you could not I won't know the difference well. Are you while. I will be deprived of that happen that it got to locate his PR success asked for a lot better defensive effort I thought from your team last night how did you assess what went on. Ya we came out good energy outlook we talked about this week I'll just pick in the field and corner or from our everyone just veered into it not that much action you know. I'll go run and pepper and Eric and I thought we got that last night. What do you think of Bob your brother has that made the transition to becoming renewing the patriot after obviously many years in Tennessee them with Cleveland how do you think he's done early on your over the past. I had very good on me and I think it was convoluted explode upon you know other guys on the team you know knowing it's in your studies and different systems huh. Are you can't expert and author come and learn in an industrial. But he her alma street. Last year alone Cleveland will good transition and understand. You know would it take go to entity. Via veterans out there. General we know so a lot more pressure on the quarterback that we saw in the first game is his point of emphasis for your team and isn't a factor of a philosophy change orders and personal stereo. I think god is very low yesterday something you always talk about. Our home you know how much better able to learn a lot of horror and the back in Larry Russia after. They're not all the quarterback and he's back there who feel good in the pocket so. Arafat got a really good job of Russia are actually negated when. We're talking to patriots defensive back Devin according on a patriots Friday I I'm always curious about this and I understand you don't make the decisions the coaches do. How much pre season. Game time do you think you need to get ready for the regular season. Do you know how I never think about it each year I've been here has been different you know I a year. Well outcome and also policies and shall assert your own slate twelfth when he's on until okay go about this sucker each year they're earnest little older. They're. On that's a good job of being godly and Wheaties especially Gartner and what we're doing the practiced since. I think I got no word of a recap here. There's on the new look to get out of pre season something specifically especially you know after you've been here for so many years. I prefer most are healthy and and they're trying to build arm but bonds which on the secondary. You're secretly trying to play well as a unit on the I think there Q you know our unaudited. When Luke. All yankees want to learn each of these supplements gentler. Person actually going to be intro. Also I think that is very key crucial to getting close game you want it want you to follow count. And you've been through a number of three seasons now do you see any need anything. Different horror or anything out of the norm than you've seen him in order of the pre seasons is there anything that. I've jumps out to choose. Whether it's a point of emphasis or something. Are they were. You know this year and so a lot of our core guys. I think we'll have lived all got started it all that you. You really start to realize how important it is each day Iraq you know last. You don't have anymore you know usually in Oakland I think. A lot of law courts are older now. We try to really you know extend that point everybody you're not a common veterans who changed gene computer arsenic. All we're doing a good job and this year just trying not to at least in the game and caught trying to get better. How are the coaches preparing you guys for this new helmet rule this year. We all turner and you are Greek. We can't understand you are caught them play at being called. Our Greg wanting a few this year you know Asia not going to be consistent as they keep Google it and you have to go out and learn. However has been called in that team on you're gonna adjust and last night with a lot more penalties were pummeled and a lot and our first game. So I'll we'll have to adjust each week all are written call. So do you go inside. Trying to tackle differently than you have in years past or are you doing things the same. I'm lewdness and my gotten their agreement. You know after the hasn't gotten my home. On an outrageous two or two just trying to change Saudi clock the end of hurt yourself. He trotted. And you press against them every day for the most part receive them how do you do you look at this receiving core their offense has sort of this year. Are they they do a great job of being aware immediately Kindle. On you here bill critical homer. And then the rumors you or search jobs it'll when he touched the ball. On the itself simple gold. I think they've done a good job you know being out there and he gave our galaxy T Paterson coordinate clinical training camp I think it's great ones you see him you know about getting injured and resistance level. Equality and picking apart it. Definitely appreciate the time thanks very much we'll talk to again soon. Not proud to take it out of that is a patriots defensive back and captain DeVon according.