Dale & Keefe - Did LeBron quit AGAIN? Colin Cowherd has lost his mind.

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, May 24th
Hour 1: Dale and Keefe open the show talking about the Celtics win over the Cavaliers in Game 5. LeBron is exhausted after having to carry the Cavaliers for so long. Marcus Morris and Larry Nance got in a little scuffle. They discuss if LeBron might be quit again, and if Game 6 might be  LeBron’s last game for Cleveland. Colin Cowherd trolls the Celtics and Boston and the guys rip him for it.

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Yeah yeah. Question he went on field tired today. Late and I wiped out now watching the game you were there I'm Thomas who probably knows of it's I'll go home was gonna go through the most common and I feel like duel and this is now that you are just gonna half Bassett a look at. I have to ask that you can do that. Make excuses that kind of thing I saw you tweet last honor was knowledge. Five I didn't tell you I've calmed down a little bit yeah I sparking I don't know why can't sparking. The great nights in man or woman kind to watch LeBron James. Quit once again he was frustrated he was apparently exhausted at fatigued. Tired whatever word you wanna put on it. Blaming his teammates. He was a mess he was. He couldn't believe. How bad the rest of this team was and that he also was not good with the bad if he had six turnovers it felt like sixteen by the way that I love the one where he just sort of be just sort of dribbled the ball out of bounds and what was that admitting that he turns with his arm up like to some teammate. You don't that he has manatee it every time he had the law and where you like threw the ball off Jeff Greene's shoes and he's like I'm opposed to. It in the hands of what you wanted to do as hands happen to be on top of the issue you is yeah so maybe blaming teammates four turnovers or use plain and wraps he was doing the thing that he did all throughout game one. Where he would be arguing the reps on one and that it was a five on four on the other. He was just so frustrated. And the Celtics this is not a pretty game this was not the. Knew exactly where they're going to tonight and exclusive applicable time I don't know what their defense as far as what they're doing vote. We'll myopic and rolls of 1000% or handle it but at this point is Imus stolen devices annals of Nazi you know because it can they can put out there and so we'll nothing spark. Nothing surprised them although again he had six turnovers he's one of six shooting threes he was not very good in the game and back. Brad Stevens was played possible only in between games and everybody kept asking about. Without their rosier switched he would score is not a problem and Brad Stevens gets there. Well now maybe it seems that more problem here watching the game that afterwards you look back on it is not as bad it really is you know a rod as you probably can't allow that to have a last night on those plays -- -- elect's sprints away from Toronto raw data there you Aaron and sprints towards them it was great it was great to watch you knew that that was not going to be what they want of their order allow you know shooter to be open for a second instead of giving up the automatic two point some LeBron James which it was there out team for so they made that adjustment the other adjustment of course putting aired -- in the starting lineup. Thought that he should on that game four we talked about but because they were their big and they were there or get a bunch of rebounds and Marcus Morris atomic cooled off. That it issued common pains but regardless they do it in game five. And he was really good he was getting tip ins who's making it tougher from abroad in the cavs offense to score I think what he came out of the game they were up four than they even if they even. We're able to increase that lead and had a monster first quarter was a huge problem for them in bowl games in Cleveland. Here's what we know from a Celtics perspective we know no matter what they're gonna play two more games. At least two more games strike is legal matter what yes there they're gonna end this thing. And move on to game one of the finals or they're gonna play this out to seven right. And what we know is that and I may be off by and number two but I believe. At this point Jason Tait and needs 43 points. To score the most points by a rookie in NBA playoff history. It's pretty and not Kareem Abdul Jabbar off the perch take acts he's got 309. Jabbar had 352. Is a rookie. He's these guys to the way Tate of scores. Is he might not even have a night where. He's on fire or a night where he just scores jumped ten straight points he seems like he's in one of those guys for his career that even if he doesn't have everything going. He's got to just consistently gets five points a quarter and then you look up at the end that I equities David's points affiliate that's for gonna see for him he can score a number of different ways get a bigger impact defensively than he did all he was like he was first half he was him. It's the way was Indy that death he was great in your CL morning all right and where you were their seeding here did you know but that they were doing the obligatory you know what if you look back and re drafted. And van Gundy didn't even hesitate he said Jason Tatum one. Mark Jackson just lead well I yeah yeah yeah I didn't van Gundy was all a doctor Mitchell's really good at a or watch all eight MMA had Donovan Mitchell to look at from a sense yet Mitchell's great Mitchell. Was the jazz leading score they just got bumped out in the second round. Mitchell how to had a great years you might it be rookie of the year ago Benson of the draft class the year before it's either Mitchell or Simmons but. Tatum has been great things this kind of reminded me of is you go back to. And it's actually kind of funny that this is the player acquire Leonard you know what his name coming up a lot with different trade rumors everything else. But if you look back it was quite ordered third year in the league. He averaged less than thirteen points a game in the regular season. Then he averaged eighteen points in the finals that year when they beat LeBron James and he played great defense obviously but he also scored in three games or score over twenty points. In the finals thousands third year in the league and he wasn't a star player yet born you look back on it. You say all the spurs once doesn't fourteen get that while wondered but he wasn't the choir letter that he was no yell after that and that's what I I feel like you're getting potato and where. During the regular season what are ever to fourteen points a game he's a solid rookie and then maybe even five years from now you'll look back Cuba obviously. Obviously the Celtics managed in the finals they had Jayson Tatum Britain about this is this is this coming out party this is it an unbelievable playoff run that he has happened. And think about it and and by the way I think it's even feasible it's within the realm of possibility that LeBron is probably tired. He's got to carry that dead ass team around for the entire playoff run so Ollie can give you that. Last year Jason Tatum played 29 basketball games for the entire season. This year he's played 97 so far right now I know he's younger he's got the power of youth and all that stuff but what if there's anybody who should be looking like he's a bit exhausted at this point the season. Isn't that the kid has gone from 29 games than 97. Yeah how are they so we thought about you there's a rookie wall at one point he also had a finger injuries may have been that as much as anything else but he's also playing. You know huge minutes in the playoffs he's averaging you know 35 minutes the night last that he played 41 minutes so he's playing at a time. But LeBron. They clearly it has caught up till release it'll last Wednesday limited are those the the huge storyline throughout the game and then in the post in a kept getting brought up. But the broad set a goal for himself but he wanted to play in every game in the regular season he had never done that before. Which surprised that you thought maybe earlier his career he would have had an 82 game season he never did. And so. He played the most minutes any obviously played the most games is tied to other guys that also played 82 games. They're in the playoffs he has played nonstop. Resemble those guys are freaking league that we're gonna catch up to home. And I think there's a reason why he was so good in game three. Was because as we joked about there's all those days off between games two and three units three days in between so. He can rest stop and he was ready go they put together two great games but not at their play and every other night it certainly seems like it's that's not them. The out all NBA teams are out boom per second and third. All NBA third team staff current. Not bad for thirteen. And it shows how talented he is staff curry Victor all the people Carl Anthony towns Jimmy Butler Paul George. To help team you Kyra that the the thirteen thirteen ranked second team. John it's a typical ball Russell Westbrook Joseph well MB LaMarcus Aldridge DeMar DeRozan. That's the second while. First team James Harden LeBron James Anthony Davis gaming alert Kevin Durant. Also getting us all retreat second team yeah surprise also getting votes Tyree Irving had 42. Total. Al Horford had 32. And they're the only Celtics who got votes. Mandated make any of the pre. That I salary Irving was on pace to. You know I thought he probably had a had a good chance otherwise Arian and James were both. Unanimous selections. Yet that makes sense since about priority 12 in the NB Tivo about Harden one James too but. Pretty aggressive that's a gutless but it's are also goes to show you so. How important these these things are all stars are one thing I know you know without a guide here it goes on and on about Al Horford but I'm also about the most are but this is the full season. And this is also by position and it's just the fifteen. Best players from the year and you look at what the Celtics have done in their playoff round so first round they had to beat the Greek freak second team all India. The second round there to be Joseph well indeed second team all NBA. And then here in the third round they're gonna have to get through LeBron James who always the best players there's always first team all NBA. So it goes also put a perspective what kind of improbable wrong that they are on because they don't have a guy on the all NBA team and they're now win away from the NBA finals. On the flip side Golden State has. Two guys won first one on third. And Houston has a guy on the first team so all the teams that are playing late you know into the basketball season have a guy on their team that is out there the cells not the Celtics pretty pretty crazy. Looks like based on the voting. Irving would have Irving and Horford might have been on the fifteenth or the fourth team credit and all it's worth. Fourth of what will make a four let's put them on the fourth meet Chris Paul Rudy gold air carrier having been Simmons and now the good that's good for our day forth to the solid fourth him. They are a remarkable story and yesterday I kind of half jokingly half not was trying to defend island via. In what do I what do you got a I gotta be another crack down I don't know about that today it's crazy I mean when when when he actually says the reason. He doesn't play. Arguably his third best player in the series so far right. Yeah Alia houses though I mean you obviously James cotton you know then love. And Korver probably is the third best player but he didn't play him. Because it's Shamil visually didn't get into the game and that was messing up their matchups. All all that's even as the bill is several are laid out. It finally gets (%expletive) clamp and get. An. Idea why. Is that the match up I think why don't match up tie Lou at the eighth why would you admit that it three for a loop. There's no reason. That you only putting Kyle Korver for seven usually at a certain ilsley is not a offensive players though. Whoever you think is bad defensively and go guard him I get that part of it. But how or were owned Jalen brown last game. He blocked. Three of these shots and made it difficult for Jill brown to get anything going offensively. Kyle Korver I understand it if you don't wanna start of babies more comfortable coming off the bench you know you're starting earlier in the post season so I guess you could make an argument for that. They added up they start JR Smith who Sox in Boston is terrible involved there was none of these gestures all right yeah. You make you yet what pocket all game given the second half he was terrible. They stuck a bit too long Tristan Thompson at one point he was also about one. I think chair -- the idea was you don't get him and have him be physical Jason Tait of news chasing Tatum around that he was off the ball to push and shove normal time. I guess that's fine he's giving nothing offensively how'd you not go to Kyle Korver earlier you put a total of nineteen minutes and that includes some of the garbage time later on. So are you know how many minutes he actually played where the game was still on the line. How you're so committed to JR Smith and then you don't put in Kyle Korver blows my mind if you can't reliance and he always let go in there for Korver. It's one thing if every time Korver was on the court and the first four games. You could say OK you don't want that matching you that's not the case though he blocked the shot three times he outplayed him in game for anybody game three. Corporate they need LeBron needs Korver to knock down 345 the reason game he needs that and you don't sit next to you on the bench it made no sense LeBron. Gotta be out there on what the hell we doing here you doubted if he is coaching the team is many people suggest he has. Couldn't he just say to tie Lou we get core router place. I mean could you just do that the apparent surprise he didn't have piazza or maybe he was just too big army retired navy he suggests that Thailand set on coach in this five. Unknown. Like teams out on the spot and I quote hoosiers the LeBron James. I don't think that that is what I did five funny was what he was asked about some of the other playing time tie Lou mentioned how he sat LeBron James at the end of the third quarter. And I think he wanted to play him to start the fourth is LeBron wasn't ready. So he's insinuating there that he had it yet his mind made up but he obviously don't put LeBron and LeBron said he ago. But LeBron was was exhausted and I do think that it happened but. Did I get all these minutes final thought about doing to get real. They are not an excuse well I think since dale on a you don't LeBron James is obviously an excuse to build an excuse but he's he's richly and activists say it he's got Ali's excuse makers like it or he knows right but he got to show it on the court a little bit egos surely read the book too long you know my eyes retires leaves senator Rick Nichols say that I never sleeps the class is only just thinking. The LeBron James is thinking about right now. How to balance the LA lakers salary cap. That's what he's trying to figure out 76 or 36 starts used any dollars is is it's geeks working with a trying to figure out there are some who make this straight how to get rid Alonso ball like what do what do we do hear it that's what he's worried about I tried supplement. Asked if you remember about LeBron. He thinks about the stuff Olathe talked about his near photographic memory. The problem with remembering everything is that you remember everything cooperate if that's so he always talks about how he doesn't he doesn't sleep that much during the class and an off there is that. So busy thinking about everything that that is adding to this as well also. It's an interesting mix we are watching obviously some hoops and do what he's done dropped 46 different times at 1516 post season games. But it's gonna get harder and harder from here on out. He's tired magic don't use that to be in shape when all were mired we talked about it but who's tired out I'm tired your tired but at this point I gators just like they say in every sport like hockey and football particularly get into the playoffs and nobody's a 100% you that you hear all the time we got his as a player with injuries are playing with a us. But so is he's just tired Lee's odd shape or just all the miles I got a pretty a pretty good shape not hard Doris -- and. And because I don't know him and hope it's not at each initiatives of this thing so she went to the cast sideline reporter. And and what the sideline reporter was saying why is he he takes it as a appoint a personal pride to never show. When he's tired you don't want put his hands on his hips you know Wally bent over out there all those things that we saw last night. And so the fact that he was doing it either means. The play a little possible here. Well set them up for game six I think he's frustrated has as much he's tired don't you policy and I was thinking about this is I was watching your the Cleveland Cavaliers you're going home to play. Friday night game six. Do you leave it outside of LeBron does anybody else on that team think they're coming in here Sunday in winning game seven. No I don't play so the size of all of terror and all the terrible so if you Kevin Love maybe if you're the cavaliers how cranked up are you about. Make another plane ride back to Boston. I mean maybe what you're thinking as you know what may be LeBron I'll just carry Caspian will get to guess seven and one score 55 and and will find a way to win. But that's they argue I mean if you get caught up edit in Cleveland but that on the flip side. You know what they've dealt with in Boston. Most of the Celtics players have dealt would likely goes to games they're on their bad three games in Milwaukee they couldn't get it done and they split in Philadelphia so. It's out Boston's those slam dunk to go in the Cleveland and say hey we're only wanna look away now we're gonna win of Cleveland gets off to a a big start again. I don't think they're really don't think they're thinking about game seven necessarily there's gonna take care of business other home court. Then put all their faith and LeBron James to have an historic game seven which. Don't force that we know is capable of if fees if he's as exhausted as he wanted us to believe last night we six birdies out there on the scorers table drinkable water as he was dehydrated he's. All right hydration got a major issue here has problems cramps and all that stuff he saw Ramsey always I heard were Loney Emeril is dead right about this. Game six if they're losing or more likely game seven million or he's gonna leave with a cramp. A 100% Brawley said it I don't know I should sit around desire he's got to go the locker room for five seconds and then come back and rose and they don't know how percent as the war and wrong with guys like Larry Bird at three hit his head on the possible that statement coming back out on and Paul Pierce on the wheelchair. And that was pretty. That are happening and it's on the floor was Peirce heard a pop them bill. And I should abrupt and move on exploit if it does that add gave last night. When they were cart him off on the wheel champion that all right I love the series I mean it he blew he blew bodies yeah he broke his ankle and few minutes later. He's knocking down threes. They huge Paul Pierce that what the Fed that's a tough market yes that is much everybody loves Paul Pierson these parts now is the one who said. Celtics have to win this thing tomorrow night because he said yesterday. Then again that they are not winning a game seven that that LeBron James will not allow the cavaliers to lose a game set I have to disagree pierce is as much of that law album. The Celtics are ten and though at home in the playoffs. So why would all of a sudden that change Anderson the bronze going to be great. I think we've already seen throughout this whole playoff run even though LeBron has been on whether it's the Indiana series or this series that LeBron can play great. But he doesn't have enough wisdom to guarantee victory but more often that. When LeBron was playing with Miami Horry who's playing with Carrie serving the last three years get somebody there to hell yeah I thought he went for forty points at triple double guess what you're probably gonna win that game. Now it's no sure thing if JR Smith is going all for three from three and and you know Kyle Korver is not playing good Tyler is an idiot then. What chances LeBron out at that point he's that's gonna be at this could be his last game in Cleveland for Cleveland coming up tomorrow night. See now the easy thing for me do here is say he's exhausted Celtics will find a way to pull this thing out. I don't believe that's the case at home things just to Israel in it it it's too much to overcome. As much as I sincerely hope they wrap this thing up tomorrow and look at the sample size it's not a one series anymore they're ten and oh at home. In their what one in six on the rose Hillary or whatever it's up to now and to put it just in comparison purposes not comparing sports but. The Washington Capitals won their eight road game last night. If you prefer to plug IN and you know the Celtics can't icing the Celtics play at home and I think. That the best team in the east how does this team looks and how excited and a lot of the road you know my god they can't compete but it's bizarre. It's there it's very very bizarre. Good atmosphere though home they do you there you're nice and drink at all and I did I I I was texting at one point asking how good the seats wore the could have been better to have a beggars can't be users it suggest you had a clear customs and immigration before you got to sit down took awhile luckily I had that kind of time to get their produce far Procter passport a bird's eye view of the whole bowl thing I actually like the ninth floor you can see everything now on let's get adjusted to it yeah it could mean you couldn't see the whole thing would markets more innocent. And Larry against you I was on that and though and it's I sort of saw what was going on a little bit I didn't see unfortunately they didn't show a replay. If the crowd is hot out there are fired up and Marcus Morris was trying to pump mop is the use or his hands in the air crowd is going nuts. And it SI I've spent enough time during these playoffs killing the officiating in the NBA. It behooves me to say. A topic at that exactly right. I don't know I thought Morrissey did taunt deserve the attack I thought Nance did Ron and deserves the attack. And I thought rosier than ran Nantes deserve the check I thought Nance did the most egregious thing of the whole thing having Morissette wearing no more said Moore said something quickly to Nantes. Nance got up. But look just don't wait too running to hit shelves and we battled and you don't you don't it's you're also not allowed to stand over a guy and on remodeled her. I know you ought to be your kid out and what Marcus Moore screen that Tristan Thompson's face those last moments of the playoffs with the best was the playoffs I just as I watched it I thought you know like they get this right I just I didn't like how Nance started the whole thing at least physically you're right more honest. Short film. That may have started physically more than defended himself with a push the Celtics they're nice job all coming together anti you know Terry rosier made some contact so all of that happens. And the end result is a free throw for the cavs were kind of Catalan. 6177797937. Is telephone number Tex lines 37937. I do care today I couldn't see them yesterday adding care he texted. Yeah we text way text elated if you'd like. Chris Max Yahoo! gonna join us at 330 he's not a Yahoo! he writes for ya I got I should I don't know in the cleared out opulent it brought on center is very good guess yes very good guest and we're happy to talk to on he's gonna joints at 330. I eighty is Thursday so we've got Sox tickets to giveaway in the O o'clock hour today as well. Our start talking a lot about the NBA and the Celtics and how far can this thing go. Because let's be honest. Even if they win one of the next don't be a Debbie downer here this sounds you're taking a trip to negative sound off and I'm just wondering is here out there up I retail and I talk about other lacks the final and I'll tell you how I'm gonna turn this around I've done. They could lose four straight in the finals by 25 points a game adult and this year is a rousing success for the Celtics. It is a she'll actually positive rousing success even if that were to happen. But it won't happen. Of course because to a victory on. Yeah Atlanta all of it totaled 6177797937. It's not dealing keep Sports Radio W media. Physically how did you feel that it won't memorable figure runners next. For it's good. You can look tired and ultimately they would turn to me yes. But right now the political home. And time. Well it's been pushing that team since the trade deadline armor and it's we have been seeing the effect that that it's. I'm fine or go home to peak. Fatigue thing beautiful weathered all this is not enough for not admission to tune. This morning as the hum far. It's poem on the home. You're about it is when it's time and now we're faced before he doesn't sleep that much to laugh so busy thinking about everything not loosely over. Just became keeps ringing tone I'd be at the body god that is perfect. Lighting of the play. The incredible powering rich. Client. I was very well done Andy thank you very much would like to hear that every hour on the reality idle hour and I will get that at every moment is that is. That is amazing that is how most people feel dale I know you think I am on an island they don't Ronald you're not on an island at all. Sometimes it feels that way. In fact is we were walking. From west and Johnny's through the garden last night we saw a gentleman we passed the gentleman who had a shirt very similar to the theme of this song here to write it very similar to that did that shirts are the very nature. But man LeBron. You're right he does need to have to do all of the excuses though it's everybody else around whether it's coach or whether it's his own mouthpiece in and Brian went hoarse for ESPN or whoever. And I all blue tie that they're just all making excuses for the broader tumble. So is this real or not easy easy and and by the way again. I would not understand is he the entire minutes that he played all c.s along the way he's had to carry this team in the playoffs because the team around and sucks yeah. While I'm doing. But I'm just saying I would understand. Is this fake. Is this fake news sari presence throughout. Is this fake news or is he really truly kind of at the end of his so old rope here it was Jordan never tired was magic are retired as Larry ever tired was you know all gone down the line I would assume magic and Larry and and yeah Michael all had better teams around them in this guy's got right now. I don't but you're he's gonna play big minutes and so did those guys and like though I think you better teammates almost implies is that you don't try as hard. Those guys are all put now the effort they're all trying as hard. Yeah like LeBron has to do a little bit more but it's not like he takes every single shot as volley he guards the best offensive player on the other team every possession. He needs to do a lot but saw all those great players I know they had great teammates as well but you still to exert a lot of energy on the floor. So yeah I'm sure is a little tired or jury you know CI legs are gone on our ensured that he's tired I'm not sure this is not. You know excuse and I place you know what we don't have it tonight. Now we're gonna eat killed here anyway I mean I won game six and I and I will be tired and gained sixty he's trying to go for the two for late fog over the perfect excuse. So he can lose the series and it's not his fault and then he can leave Cleveland and he won't be the villain. That's I don't think there's anything it's gonna prevent him from being the villain I don't know if you know you hear all these people talk about how bad his team is in their arsenal can you really blame the guy he went back to Cleveland this going to be the whole picture afterwards. Well he went to clean the return to Cleveland a city that had won a title and a zillion years and he said he was gonna win the title and he delivered. And now he wants to win a few more for him. That he should be able to do whatever he wants is going to be sick mean Brian when or story or. Whoever else but that's that's where it's going to be so yeah it is a little bit tired sure but guess what a bit Jalen brown as effective Brownsville is still doing with a hamstring injury. Althorp exhibits and should be more tired in any way and I don't executed and I understand youth and all that stuff. But just the amount of games the minutes in the number of games is obviously different so I think this is it like for college seasons this year. Yeah exactly. It of that these are different more intense than than what he was doing there. So yeah I mean this is the bronze and have something else up his sleeve you know another excuse is gonna come his way on and on Friday CN turtle tomorrow night. If a turtle like the did he quit against Boston in 2010. You look at he's still a triple double he so he's pretty good numbers like last night I didn't think he played very well which is watching the game. I thought he had a terrible game in six turnovers he's walking up and down McCord at times but don't look at the box score was 2610. And five. 'cause would kill for two point 675. That's why you know he's all NBA first team unanimous selection he's probably going to be the runner up in the MVP vote this year but you'll still get a bunch MVP votes. He's a great player. But is he gonna go full go. On on enough Friday. I think it depends on how the game's gone you know it's close in the second half and yet he will annually he. He'll force a game seven the winner on down on the home the Celtics all by thirteen in the first quarter does he just sort of say OK I'm out. Yeah he could. He could guide and we've seen it. Kobe did now one year were Colby also and it really frustrating you just are passing it in the there was a game if it would be game summary of the front members. Where he just he would issued anymore he was so frustrated is today and to act it ever night. I'm not democratic state JR Smith want to travel on a Korver a Korver once again and again earth Garrett came first check in and then you could keep shooting. But I think the frustration I think he's more frustrated than he is tired. But I mean I wouldn't doubt that nasal the tired of the that's dumb to say that he the only player on the court. About Kevin Durant and James Harden our ball pretty tired and Chris Paul is pretty tired all those guys but. They get it while there and play forty minutes tonight and in their game. Our let's get to the call to you guys 6177797937. As the Celtics are one win away from Mayo return to the NBA finals. When you know their reply I mean that that other one's gonna goal while at least six right so. And you can wrap this thing up tomorrow night day you get a chance to get sell little rest. Before the next series gets started yet infect you again I think game one of the NBA final at that authorities Saturday are tickets though we from and I think the 31 always and OK I think it's slow week from tonight so they already upset that Stanley Cup final the opening games the twentieth at cornea and a more than number got locked in my head. I'm Kevin in Rhode Island Europe first on sports radio's Dylan Keefe. Hello how are you pay were brilliant. I'm not a joke guys. Acted quickly refi or briefly about it. But I think in Iraq and modernize ethnic LeBron on. Well he did looks. AI and based on what I saw last night I don't know how I can even argue with. You know I mean again and upload played them walking down the floor my coach saw that on yanked off the floor. Now yeah private islands probably not yanking the island's not there and gentlemen I was an all American athlete usually parents most. Our best player on my team now sort. I what do you feel like there's more responsibility. For you that would you exert more energy than the next guy you think absolutely you absolutely what sport even all American and basketball. At what level. Icicle there. Their high school and McDonald's all American and yet here c'mon bill nice while those. Words you play. Rhode Island. Network at school in Connecticut. UConn. Now kind of what are our school. Not a wall but so you're a McDonald's all Americans than he didn't play college basketball now great or greater in your movement. You think about went overseas. I did it it just and when you thought about it. Well things like Kevin yeah cricket thank you great fight it all week. And until the grades weren't there reform happens at college isn't for everybody. Happens to everybody and thus says that those. Are you sure but a lot of trust. Important or not and never got certain. Let me carry something I played a high level myself. Where Greenpeace most. And of that as a real drones over in the top. Part it always. The generals the best player ever see in his Enron. And he exerted more energy than anybody else actually that's a load of baloney they'll feel like everybody that's out there should be playing full go. It would use. Usually know this guy this guy's the best player so he tries the artist I'm just gonna kind of run up and down and just go to swept on and then you know. Walk up and on the court after that. Everybody's playing hard I got I don't lose they should be if the playoffs for God's grace. Ross in Foxboro Iran cited on. And NATO got off. Adequately review I have left and yet these if they can end of the year and they're using the media got an article for Ron saying. How he allow publicly do you think you're not allowed quickly when I got a company. Our thanks for the call Ross he's got to be a free agency to do whatever he wants ideas that if he wants to be lights. It would probably make the most sense to stay there. But you allowed to do whatever he wants but I don't know how you spin that well actually I kind of deal to edit the media will do it. But realistically what he went back pick all the credit that he got for going back to Cleveland. Does he ripped the heart out of their chest they're still beating heart he ripped out of their chest. Why ruin the economy really graphic that's true dale just like Indiana Jones the temple of doom that seemingly ripped apart at a guy's chest. That's pretty did to Cleveland he does that decision special all that goes to Miami. Wins two titles goes back to Cleveland people play in the I'm coming home song that he ruined that song for LeBron they're going nut he's back our king is back on the return we got to buy more jerseys they have already burned girls are gonna bring him back. If he leaves again. How was he not the villain housing not the bad guy if he twice desserts his hometown team only because he did what he said he did. When the one interactivity believe that's him in the lead paragraph on why it's okay for him to form another super team now I have to protect myself. OK very good you do that with a straight out for months 6177797937. Chris man Axl joins at 330. Sox tickets to giveaway in the 5 o'clock hour daily key Sports Radio W media. Well well well well well we'll city out east. Boston. Well oh man the way he took put it together Boston. The way so very. Cleveland. Early. Boston. Why don't overwhelm the cavs. Lost its way to go up three. Fox this feeling good about yourself that the way to go Boston. Looked. It's anybody's way this eighteen year old. Asian shooting those free throw in Cleveland tomorrow night. Right they get good. We don't we were accepting no more nominees we've retired I mean. Jerk of the year award Seawright. Collin cower well I'm not sure. Really OK at home yesterday I remember we played to come where he sickle Boston secular. I think he's still something else does that once once he heard Kristi Leahy was leave an edge get her own show write down and they. Let's that I am passionate about Celtics cavs as well but a marker felt like that ever ever got was that wolves opponent got more for you. But what's even as overall point okay what do they lose game six guess what guess for game seven is tonight is gonna you're gonna say oh what's even makes the NBA finals. Sucks because they'll want one game on the road well they should go to the NBA finals. They're going to be playing at home in game seven if they don't winning game six and volley to have won a single road playoff game yet. If he give money in the cabs or something like why is he Olena hot and bothered by I don't get a. Well I've caught more usually not but that's pretty much you've got to do she always we got more well more so they're more so. Colin wanted to congratulate the Celtics for the big win now congrats you're going to get rolled tomorrow night in Cleveland. Setting up the game seven where LeBron in games severed. Averages 35 points. In the last 25 series abroad has won at least one road game in every single one. People want a couple one year oracle who talk tough placed play. Boy look at all the Celtics today. Gun show flexing their muscles. Try competing now for seven minutes in Cleveland tomorrow night you'll get rolled. Setting up a game seven. Against LeBron. This get any. Prediction right. I don't think so I don't really so much better now I don't it's. Yet that that cancels out the Barkley won by park is on board of the Celtics out and you pick I guess of all time to pick and against them. But so. This point work both ways hasn't Cleveland for their chance of Boston yes. More so well lady equally so that game three the Celtics again obsolete rocked. But I mean I. Think so they can't celebrate being up 32 because they struggle on the road and and mini just writing it off LeBron scores 35 points a game sevens who cares look at his team now you know 101000 is what it. Often that kid that has a sleep over. In he has to call mom at 930 to come pick him up mom. Of the light tonight so plunged urged. It's scary over here. My mom did make me snicker doodles he'd give me warm milk. Up model that money NBA but yeah nine. I don't know what more can do this I. He's lost it. So maybe disease of young kids maybe he just have a good the tip to sleep overs and they get picked up or something yet again wake woke up in the middle and I think that that's the reason why he's gotten lost its. He's lost his mind about. I mean is easy easy so far up the bottom LeBron James in the end and another as I guess that the fact that the Celtics have a 32 lead in the series is just pushed him completely over the cliff so LeBron why hasn't LeBron and able to win Boston. What's what's the hold up there what's the problem there. Leo and all other priority game sevens was saving it for LeBron to whatever game five. It is but I'll be back for game seven only go to one either one last night that it could have been a close out game in game six I could you do that. Gives tired because he's proud of because he's the kid the sleep over apparently has to go home if you saw ghost. Actually look at you saw ghost about one play last night returned the ball where he went and won a six errors they blame on somebody else. And right hand that is definitely a a pro LeBron thing I guess of Howard will be another one being like a Smart for him to go somewhere else and that birdies to win titles and he would get any help in Cleveland. Even though he basically pick the entire roster. So the Celtics guess what in this series they don't need to win on the road. Yeah you would like ensue sure that'd be nice to think it would on the road that's the beauty of having home court at that they don't how. Asked to they can still win the series just winning TD garden floor. Howard and sound like Paul Pierce thankfully. But it all that don't know but in effect what he's saying is the same thing Paul Pierce did. You get LeBron in game seven he's gonna do other worldly things and you're not going to be able to so okay. He knew he said at a weirder way no I don't. And I outweigh the athletes that are the distilled game seven lets Philip Roth has the greatest game ever raise a great performance of all time you also have. JR Smith and game seven. In Boston was Yeltsin going to be good at. Kyle Korver is he even got to play. I lose still the coach George Hill still the point guard. Jeff Green still gets minutes Larry Nance junior still gets minutes whose scares you there does anybody scare you great LeBron could have it's otherworldly performance but guess what the Celtics have a team they sold seven guys that can trot out there they saw Brad Stevens they have the home crowds haven't lost in front of yet. So I'm not doubting that you're gonna get a good LeBron James in game seven but the way the playoffs have gone to this point. I feel better about the celtics' winning at home even if that is the game seven vs LeBron that I do them going into Cleveland. And Dwight Howard talks about it or cries about or every wanna call the what does that or whatever that what are those noises. Whatever out windows people doubting that that those are real I swear to god those are real that's real stuff but now. Now and he's. Stone has long had a really studio and everything in the third day sits up on what topic seriously empire. Are already. Bet my MBA yeah behind. They're waving thing the issue you go behind the basket. I don't like that it's re just. Probably a lot way more than all of us combine probably a good amount for stuff like that for all of us in the final ten combined good constantly. So what is that so how do you play in the cavs then explain it adds up to the Celtics in the tomorrow night what's coward going to be like on Monday I ticket sales. Monday night Memorial Day is like Ambien Monday and now here's a look at Tuesday he'll be talking about something else it's I don't know Brady the time I drove to Houston Rockets. You're talking about really rip in what without that's less. You might bring it back. Is that is tough Colin coward go off the deep and Jason mystic KJ I don't. Any. General and a a lot I called. I but you know I. Got. Green and all of that and pump out. I'll try it out one day I think it and I quote the Bible. We got is probably. Yeah definitely. I. And okay yeah yeah yes. Let's like magic jam like intensity he learned dale twenty straight minutes of greedy as we need him on the phones right now what is it that day. How to get it started to act like they're gonna go to Cleveland they're gonna win it and they're gonna shove it right down on Howard's they're gonna win whoop your gonna. College I would have been our best hope. College Howard the tower and I like it today. This stuff nearly as lame as Colin what do. Laying Collin county or Broward now because dale you gotta admit when they win the Cleveland won two straight you weren't feeling great about it I remember. 321 he called and the and he said. Pay grade tumors we get a kick on means of positive vibes positive attitudes against what it worked they went out there last night. They plan to help the game wasn't always the most pretty thing to watch out there but a win is a win is a win you think. It in L series yes I notice at the that he has an impact on how the Celtics play yes I do their old ways shall we had twenty minutes of jade from mystics. Off volley in I am I yeah. Jobs Gary marry me. Aide yes that that would just all star out the whole thing yeah don'ts yes I think he thinks that. What do you don't own stuff like you do through a little bit over the wreckage Friday night and it doesn't mean did not work. I think it's good out there up 32 we donated to act like Colin towered in and make phone a Celtics fans for celebrate their win away. From going to the NBA finals. They don't their two best players we want to be all NBA rosters before the fifteen best players. But it'll fudged its all about position but the fifty all of BA guys none of them are on the Celtics and yet they have to there on the fourth team now. They are the which little known actually exists a snicker not a thing the secret sneaky fourth team they had two guys on there. But they had to play against the guy on an all NBA roster each round of the playoffs. They don't have that guy but yet they continue to win so it's it's been great there's no reason not to be excited about is okay. Bloody way exists. Easily what does it take to shoot the free throw in Cleveland a mile and I. Eighth so. Yeah it's his way. Ha yes I don't know how many more times and that is his point that the Celtics are frauds because they've only won one road game. The Celtics don't have their two best players. And here they are if you took the two best players off any other team in the NBA. There out the first round. Even if warriors. Nominee at the first round of the worst occurring to ramp off. Beat Thompson and green that the nice duo but making it very far if you took James Harding Chris Paul off the rock via forget about it if you took LeBron James and Kevin Love off the cavs would win the playoff they won six games. So this is insane. What they're doing. And then to do the whole eighty analogy I don't know where that's gone from that's obviously got has been root for LeBron the whole time he's in the one of the many LeBron excuse makers hello he's given in game seven. So LeBron mails the end in game one and says. As the feel out process we throws away game one. Game two he plays pretty well hit the hot start that kind of cools off they'll lose that game inning game five he's terrible. Terrible blocking happened on the floor arguing with the officials turns the ball over six times. But now wall with an odds game seven so it's gone to LeBron got his magical performance in the definitely gonna win the and noxious. Absolutely auctions. It's an understatement so it maybe I don't know what else says I can say on the air some just wondering if the Celtics when one of the next to what's his response than an anatomy in the Beatty says no we don't please announcements on any. What does Hillary and Goran gonna say. LeBron was tired. Yeah by feel and he you know he was a one man team needed everything he could do with the rest of the cast didn't step up right the Celtics aren't any guide you know what they're better than a one man team which is all the Cleveland Cavaliers do entrances of the Coca grow. Regulations already won watered down the wrong for a few good or you want it's going to be like sometimes when you know national media ripped the patriots for beating nobody's going to be that that kind of thing. And all of that middle twisted to. Well how could really work the cavity out Rebecca biz just LeBron LeBron don't do so much in it they won't get credit when in reality they should get eight on a credit. It they're one win away from one of the most improbable. Once the file I don't even know won't be crazier Roland to the finals. What you think back the Detroit team that was pretty good. The Eastern Conference wasn't great there were a really good team that it had that one superstar the Billups Hamilton walls walls difference pistons teams that won one. You legal attack that Reggie Miller. We go one caller who love Reggie Miller but that Reggie Miller pacers team and the final list of all time Reggie Miller pasty made the finals once. And they were I think the number one seed that year. They were healthy. So this is crazier this so much different when you're that you're removing carrier ring seed USA while Hayward was was barely on the team played five minutes. And he still part of their story but the rest of the team with carrier every just removing him from the situation and saying they're gonna make it to the finals. It's the last 2030 years I can't think of anything that compares to. In this cosmic baby noises about it in the eighties and immature fashion as well. Maybe some captaincy moment that your expects. I don't think there are things are right I don't wanna make fun to some skeletons and all it could be an issue this year there's a good punch in the face walks off the.