Dale & Keefe - Do you agree with Danny Ainge’s opinion on the Eastern Conference competition with LeBron heading west?  David Price breaks his short silence, but shouldn’t have; Keefer Madness

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, July 12th
Hour 4: Danny Ainge said he doesn’t care about LeBron leaving the East, Cris Carter thinks he’s lying. How do the Celtics stack up against the rest of the league going into the 2019-19 season? Sam Kennedy was on with the midday show and talked baseball operations and David Price’s contributions and role with the team. Keefer Madness features a woman ranting at a town hall meeting

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Then you're just talk. The sled. Money our finest. On Sports Radio guy. Thank you Jackie says is the money our of dale and Steve Jobs mossy is for dale for the second day in a row. Dale will be back on Monday. Tomorrow prosecute. All Antioch and this past. You'll read tomorrow and audiences like if he's not here to seek it doesn't matter if I had and that's our guys got today Europe it's that they obviously great show. With Keith and they're going to hurt tomorrow and focus in on this. That's right hey we got it we still that was the that's the meat on the up on the root growth that a strong possible almost on six the sixth when about he don't know where you get three straight days of Tufts University waivers and he hired on. Tuesday as mom and growing loves this is my records eczema is all. Humans ever thinks he wanted to be an actor. Talents of a lot about two people this week Tomas had your dreadlocks at one point and Greg Dickerson what the school wanted to be an actor than we might hear a lot about this in the review tomorrow leave my thank you and we also the key for mass today. It would build the way we just we really is that ability madness nonstop. Is that every single day it's been restored to get to. Later on this hour but first let's talk some hoops we were we give any update on on markets mark from before the potential of signing trade. I meant to add in there as well. That it sounds like the grizzlies in the nets were a couple of teams potentials with some guests I was reading about this a little bit if you've Brad Bryant Bernard Dionne if you can harass him and your car on Twitter. He's like the cap biologists these sort of Miguel. The Celtic. So he really knows the ins and outs that cap and he was writing about how. It would be very difficult for the grizzlies that is because they know cap space or medium to hamburgers one of the team Eric has no cap space of the difficult. The nets you could do. It doesn't really sound like a great option for the Celtics now it doesn't I still think ultimately Smart plays on the one year qualifying offer is there a pressure free agent next year illegals from there and probably science somewhere else that he's really so hurt and disgusted by how things are going on but a veto of one more year. With this team the other Celtics rumor of the day it was that they are reportedly interested in Kyle Korver sounds like the sixers raptors and Celtics are all adjusted core what are the sixers need with JJ Redick and Kyle core. Case predicates are big Hastert again I mean I yeah and like more pleasure because he does and should governments are an orderly advanced but yes this candidacies to be a little bit of duplicate would be pretty try to say. You mean those require those guys that does Avery go for the white thing their shooters back I was more thinking of their shooters they are they are but I I would be adjusted. Depending again what the costs that they would be with with core over the course former team. You know he's just going to the NBA finals and now they may not go to the playoffs and that's kind of what the Cleveland Cavaliers are now and I'll go to the playoffs these iconic notion though shot notion Kevin Love. Aha sex you know the concept I latest columns did in the one game where he got there I got a flat out whether you'd probably trickle over this probably trade love this by a global thing opened in trying to start over from there. But so much of the attention has banned. The last couple of last month that the bronze out of the east. It so what does that mean now for the rest the teams in around here were they won't cites the Celtics the Celtics have. The clear path now to the NBA finals at the daily gains out there at summer league. No not with a Robert Williams and certainly for yet an instrument and I just want to try to look at for Perot Williams but the 88 was asked about. His thoughts on LeBron James leading the east. Yeah. We season. We are asking when will deliver care about the Eastern Conference. I don't really care about that I can win championships and I think there's a lot of good teams in the news. And so mrs. Washington. Milwaukee's and I team. Toronto it's team in this conference last year doing great season. We intestine. These tough. So little. Smarmy well out of their lives are like that it DOK. For that answer a little caveat the what do I care that well. LeBron did dominate eastern conference for eight straight years I just the playoffs like three to hurt him most. You write that you've lost. And whether it was the heat and yet he ended one time Aaron any sort of is prevented this one from getting there even sooner than LeBron showdown. And now he's gone that is a major difference. The only I would say is if LeBron stayed in Cleveland. And they didn't do really anything else to their roster has to be difficult for them to do with the salary cap. The Celtics are probably better than they are better than the cavs are yet Barkley says it the other today it was right that whole thing about the Celtics and release and conference for ten years that's probably a little tense restaurants and tour a five every they've got they're in the right spot. It's so. Yeah I don't know why he was that he got up on the wrong side of the bed at the reasonable set about it then maybe he realized that he's treated markets disrespect maybe he's a dozen candidates and there's the the shot him walking Byron is had to take it had to do. Have some hijinks there I don't know. But this did not go on noticed by the guys on the first things first. That be odd nick writes show without Chris Carter the first here's Chris Carter he doesn't agree with the what the inning to send right there he's. Not filmed on the troops not less he has talked to the commissioner. Adam silver and haven't silver's told him you know don't worry about the east we'll have open seeding worked wonders that your little go one through sixteen now we're not gonna be east and west but as long as Danny aims. Has been in the MBA it's been about big east. And the west is very important who in your conference you can't have would dream up. I want to lift abandoned. With not look. How Michael put my team to strategize against Toronto. Against other teams in the east in all my while we're really don't have to strategize now against Cleveland. You tell me what built this team to beat LeBron James before. Well I mean I think you see that seemed to be Golden State I think buildings to be I think you I grew dating again I thought he was a little short would JK when he was entered the question that doesn't mean he's not tell the truth about wanting to win the whole thing ever you got to go out what the east you do win you don't know but but if you win the Eastern Conference there are gonna throw you a parade and hang a banner what you and you need to win the whole things I think that's what. Date mean his goal that he. Going back to the year. You know the first year Brad Stevens when they tanked the goal wasn't to be LeBron. I mean you're gonna have to do that like I guess the Carter's point late you have to plan could be the the east. But ultimately need to win the whole thing and and the warriors for the last four years of bad. Far away the team to be in nova lost the one title there they're still the best team for fort last four years of course and made the idea too of like we're gonna do one through sixteen seating and no more conferences on it's based on this idea that is becoming outdated. That the west is so much better than me and says he's waited eight atop the Celtics are right there with Houston if everyone's healthy I put them at a news they the second resting in India and Angus I Messina Italy and Uga SC go down like. 78678. In the west you know New Orleans okay you've got on a great player of men. San Antonio there on the doubts now you know their time Minnesota like in May and here Minnesota. To say Milwaukee with Janice or brush into the John Wall like what is not that big difference now more fifty win teams in the east and the west and so it's again you of the warriors rockets but you know the Celtics in the in the east and also the rockets are this year you know that that could be a step back from them in Los couple they're tough guys yet have by an Al. Carmela the probably gonna I'd Carmelo. But I mean that I just think. Ainge is clearly set up an added a work harder was going when he said. Davies was talked out of sober about receding with that you're reading way too much in common about how he doesn't care what the east and opens the and goals to win the whole thing. And Carter says he cares about the east in the western paradise lost a lot we don't you know the project more sense is is our guide right. Dubai and it can change doesn't care LeBron left in the Eastern Conference and I know and it would be idiotic not to care. It would be if LeBron wasn't there last year you go to the fines. Period point blank. Like you you go through yeah honest in round one. The sixers and indeed in grounder up the raptors and round story and who and then you go to the NBA finals we talk about how LeBron. Has just had the raptors number right. Six in the last eight years he's beat them knock them out playoffs three times. He's knocked it means is teams out of the playoffs. Five. Times it's LeBron and his run in the heat that made. Danny Ainge decides to its error all damn day had to do you do like it is LeBron has been there's no team that LeBron has knocked on the playoffs more in these last eight years. They in the Boston Celtics not the pacers and they had not Iraq it's LeBron has been the mountain to climb. And the idea that. It's not in the enormous relief to know now that if you were to at some point. Climb that mountain. That you now have don't have another mountain to climb afterwards it's ridiculous like he's not telling the truth. He's disease he trying to soundly skip Bayless I think so yeah I think the whole thing is sort of a knock off of that and a date they take the skipped Stephen A model but some people apparently light in the image forever that often skip is that I can skip that fox now. And then the right is that sounds a lot like vehicle like the joke on himself here he works at some point. And a half a somebody gets thrown out as dentures are shifting to take all of these without drugs. That law that aren't. Yeah save money said that calorie is going to be jealous of Jason yes. Yet so he's Soledad well. All right let you know you didn't you do it we put we play that on the on the show. A big story of the day of courses David Price who's going tonight for the Red Sox against the Toronto Blue Jays. And Dan Shaughnessy had an article that was posted last night on Boston Globe dot com. And really does the first half of the first you know 75% of the article. Is just the back of forth would be at that just a back and forth that they they had together in the locker room. And this stuff that we talked earlier in the show jumps up that really jumps out is. You was asked about opting out in your head back comet John rose C had the tweet about it before but and he asked him again. Any basis as of not a citizen 0% chance because there's always a chance of anything. So there is still a chance he could certainly opt out and then he asked if he hates Boston. In price the answer is is classic price he just as I've never set I've hated Boston or had a problem of the fans. The yet he didn't say you'll light either of them either that's it that is a classic. You know diversionary. Tactic you know I'm not answering the question. Now he definitely didn't so that was my biggest takeaways out of the David Price. Exchange that I guess that he had with eerie claim they doesn't read the paper he claims he doesn't listen to the radio and those things may be true but we know that that information still gets to him because he's on the brings it up sometimes Reese right by the writers and they're not asking about that stuff. And yet he decides to share on his own anyway. We have. Sam Kennedy was on with a of one apple gonna play that coming up and he was asked about David Price and it seems like. Candidate tricky spot the BN bodies give them is Macon county excuses and and things for David Price once again. So we'll play that audio for you coming up with a key for madness later on this hour and we have Red Sox tickets to giveaway because is a free ticket Thursday. All that in your phone calls coming up next here on sports rated WE yet. Don't care tires. And if it guaranteed lowest price and counsel offers more free services than any other tire dealers and on tires nobody beats town fair tire nobody. Boston sports station. The money. Yes on them. Night crawler right now is 61793109837. With the pair's biggest seed Boston take on Philadelphia on Tuesday July 31. In the parking pass for the Prudential Center garage during free ticket Thursday brought two by town fair tire AFC urgent care. Each winner also qualifies for a fifty dollar Red Sox team store gift card. That's ninth caller right now to 6179310937. To win tickets are free ticket Thursday brought to buy town fair tire it AFC urgent care. I remember the different lines of don't call him the line there's no point this happens every other thing about it is that it got you can't win on the call in line it's at the contest climate anyway I thought that the whole thing. Other armored David Price and again the story that came out last night is a little back and forth with DS Johnson he goes tonight looking to bounce back after two. Terrible starts in the Yankee start at any thought a very soft landing spot would be Kansas City that wasn't the case so. It's not just what is he gonna say post game. But it really is what is he gonna look like on the mound tonight against Toronto in a lot of eyes on him in front of his home crowd. Yes that's a fair point he has avoided. When he has been at his worst. He has luckily avoided the home crowd for enough time for stuff to blow over. This time is a little different I mean I don't think people are showing up rooting against him. But I don't think they'll need a lot of convincing if it's three innings six rounds no better on it it could get nasty as good as the team is that I know are Keller at large is gonna be upset if people focus on the negative and all of that but. That could be pretty ugly scene at Fenway if he struggles now Red Sox CEO CN Kennedy was on the mid day show today. In first volley sounds a lot like he's sober Jim Irsay we learned that go to the show as well. But never thought we hear that I never thought we hear that we did it sit Kennedy. And he was asked Lou basically asked him in the interview with the giver shake his head at some of the comments he hears from David Price. I it's typical or it is these you know some some are too. Obviously and I think in you know you're an empire and where. You can't. You have to move the accessible accountable to the media apart from the person myself included issues. And we paid the price we've. We know competitor is you know fatalities had we seen that. And ground. Very far without Soviet. Huge part of this team. And then we support him where their forehand. And I think what he's trying to do is just. Focus attention on the team. And I don't know if again. Strong wouldn't be in. That doesn't always lend itself to took great fodder for for talk radio or newspaper columnist. Because that's not given the radio business. Cells don't tell on the radio. Oh not upon a Greek story lines poor controversy here. Discussed under debate went potential going well so we recognize. That then we're just trying to. Cold water to. Here is prices do the same time. So there's a lot in there you know so they're trying to go about their business David Price is trying to do the same thing I would argue he's doing it a strange way. Right when he brings up how so obviously he brings up fort night when he brings out you know and and I know a lot of it is supposed to be jokingly but nobody's laughing now it's not I mean I've been there for a lot of these comments he's not joking. And use. Like the last plummet the Yankees I'm not gonna be ready for its you know I guess that you know chance. Can you remember what he said it was just so yeah I ought much our ability though are you agree for the years they'll be out really not some kind of question that's not gonna make it down. He like. Stomped off 89 you know rounds at fort ninety's again for. And I like all its Ian stomped up joked it was layers yet Joseph Jonas it's always in there are Kennedy does that we know that he's a competitor. Beat dean which based off of backing out of a Yankee start based off getting cold and leading another Yankee start. Against you given a five fingers against the Yankees but being a career terrible pitcher in the playoffs like we we know he's such a competitor like out. I don't know or he's a selective competitor yet he has now the Iraq he's had a good career overall B they signed him to a contract for a reason. But since he's joined the Red Sox. You made it pretty good point you gotta draw a line in his baseball reference from a league pitcher to not only pitcher and that happens to be when he joined the Red Sox yet so we don't we don't kind of competitor is I think I candidate to. Admit to select its competitors the Venezuelan league impedes when he's maybe not in Boston nothing average act is they say that Sam says the Red Sox won't go far without David Price. He's got a four point 44 ERA. And which is I think the fourth best among starters on the team and have the best record in baseball. I feel like they could overcome David Price if David Price doesn't win them a playoff game. I think they can still get to the World Series absolutely and paved the way they're built out is unlike last year. They can match up with teams that are gonna try to overpower them so if they need to win. Twelve to nine in the playoffs they can do that today had no chance of doing last year they can do that. They absolutely can and then Chris Sale again a lot of growth factor on him he couldn't have both those guys struggle then your right and you're in trouble but CLU have more faith than even though is one playoff starts certainly wasn't very good. But if he carries you like a massive bomb garter or Josh Beckett or Jon Lester if he does something like that in the post season. Where he essentially wins all of his starts what we've seen some of these guys put on those performances. And edit or sell those decent enough and get a good Rodriguez start the bull pens goodly enough to happen where you don't need David Price like I disagree with that. Then he starts he started that answer by saying how it's difficult. And how prices have these ups and downs. Now is accountable. Like our it's it was a difficult for Chris Sale is it difficult for report solo is it that. You've 25 guys that clubhouse that seems to be more difficult for him than anybody out yet and think about like Parcells a good example because his Red Sox debut was a hundred times worse than price yeah. And at least price had a reputation of fall back. One side younger and more solid start this guy was sounds like out this guy had one good year and they gave him eighty. Two million dollars in irate fan whatever he got eighty something million dollar guy awful one Goodyear and any comes here and does this these terrible. And act I answered the bell the next year he comes out when this idea and I've been maybe not the greatest Cy Young award winner in history but. That's okay they'll one needed more than any reliever anyone as a starter right and he was really good that yours so you know price. Price has much more every track record much whoever reputation of fallback guy and and it hasn't. Glen then enough followed up by asking Sam if he thinks that price means that clean up his dealings with the media. Yet David great relationship with two front offices and the achievement and he. It is if he ever felt in performed for itself and so are all alleviated that because there's there's there's no sides are tribute to try. On behalf of player who were here my job as CEO at this time. Sure that your organization has all the resources that they need whether that's day to browsed he wrote in the baseball. Side of things whether that's John ethical rule the road now operations try to things to help. For a and it's in the club on the field I feel accountable. All 330 people that work here and I want to be there to support and I'm telling you to pay the price is eight. Huge part of our organization and we're supportive of him. We have his back. And ends it's important that we continue to do that as we move forward and you know interpret. Article by DH honest beer or anybody else I also. Have to. And what you're going to drive by balls and listener show clips and we try to create sort lines and so I believe that respect that. But I'm gonna focus. Make certain this organization had everything needs to be a successful possible because we wanted to allow we wanna win four World Series here we are few. Incredibly. Focused on that John Warner in their seventy. Are as focused as ever on bringing another World Series championship Paul that's gold that's mentioned. And I think that's. Opposite urine. I love the filibuster. Unhappy marriage is and heads of these kind of what the question he's really tall. And they're I don't know if that dog named master. And that's not there. That is not they found a lot alike that bad that's where Adams that there's no further similar advice that I think. Listen I you know I've seen him. On the field Lovett seen Munoz on the field lied. That's the thing it's the same guy inside your odds on Hannity and the moon it's like want to lose seats what global blood his team goes south it's not. Or. The same guys that one guy at noon and one guy at midnight we should be cleared out Zimmer sale owner of the colts yes sounds like. Me. It sounds like a drunken versions. A sober say is Sam Kennedy if they sell like was the offensive lineman drafted in the first round yes I am an unlikely as it. Anthony can stands the BC kid a few years ago out of that at this point is that daddy took this CF Notre Dame. Here's very excited about compared to John Hanna and right after that date. But he says to witness that eases the price is a huge part of the organization which. Guess it's true and you use it that way the highs gay guy in his eyes they'd better baseball record with other guys on the team that make him a ton of money or even some guys that are on the team that are making a ton of money from them that. You know again I keep going back I don't think he needs to be one of the five or six most important players on the team for them to still win. Yet he should be your paying him to it usually should go outside of guys that are still on their and there are you know rookie arbitration deals. The top guys should be the ones that produce the most in and he hasn't been that way. Do you know who is still being paid by the Red Sox and will continue to be paid by the Red Sox for another. Nine years nine years nine years two million dollars a year spotted the Nia heard of it's it's very much like Alex right. Manny many were in the air Elway had deferred an extra 1616. Years deferred two million dollars a year. I'm really LH 54. So every celebrants Bobby beneath a day received there's that many Ramirez came as a but he brought it up in the press box last my best picture I would definitely Unix and certainly enough of and yeah he has deferred money so patient let it hit a little bit that I outlet I don't know why I think you'd be really useful and pretty. I don't know that Amir Mir is used to these the cash checks the I don't know from a reflect a mistake who are they still paying ruse they could CEO Alan correct policy at all Hanley Ramirez. Probably read the re Crawford gives follows Lugo the front and all those guys still at some point. But yes I mean that's that's the latest on David Price of tomorrow at this time maybe he's starting another stretch of good pitching to him before the start. Eight starts to grow or you or is pretty good year raised chicken that thing down and use he seems somewhat reliably seemed healthy after having to miss that start with. Fill in your excuse yet. But then these last two have been frustrating for a couple of different reasons and now tonight against Toronto. Not exactly world beating line up from the blue jays. Although if you had to say that every night about every opponent that's sort of that's the way it is right now unfortunately wanting to go back to show honesty and price are quick yes I like how. So Shaughnessy has gotten a lot of the good quotes from price demanded becoming big deals and it's not the media anymore last here in New York Atlanta you know receive today and yelling at an actor Alec after game all of that stuff. Shaughnessy always feels the need. And it's become less than last like he used to be a point of all of his stories stated give David Price its its day and I'm not one like insane article again at a price just becomes let in more and more or less and less redeemable. But he still necessary says the air. As always there's an element of piling nominee I'm surprised he's nine and six of a four point 44 ERA. So he's not having that. The oft com our Odyssey re in this anymore that is we don't. Habits and he has that he area four and a half for thirty million dollars a year. He's having a bad season and so he also writes and it's the closing line. And he says he has discovered the flaw in and that's sort of how cool it and kind of started because see you thought that he was searching for. Is that it would all evidence of the contrary he does not heated year. You know that's true though the I don't out of our son he just says that's what he says I don't think so leaves him where to that he ranks being ERA just the American League. David Price yet for qualified starters. There's the smaller group of 75. I will stated he has like four or is once he started. If not think the bent the view that little bit better. Are gonna keep for matters that are special kind of City Hall Q for about this to get to coming up next in Sports Radio WE yeah. Yeah maybe keep her madness. Racked up one up directly for medicines he had talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff what did you say it's going to be like reefer madness. Good deal of rebuild Lebanon and now he's an ice he's a nice guy and so screw you keep yeah screw you guys. This. This is one of the strongest segments. That's. Almost. Red Sox stayed three up or. They say she exposed yourself to deputies assaulted two EMTs and kicked over her bed paying. Causing a hazard. The guys are capable legs. Oh it's a bonus for madness on a Thursday. Very important sort of gets you out of Iowa jobs in jail today. This is a or those. The zoning board meeting she might have at City Hall yeah so are my neighbors is like and it is that you then there Bjorkman won I covered those as a town reporter like twenty years ago so that you probably there are about you practicing the stuff they seem pretty boring but it major business is they're building a new restaurant Davenport Iowa there are here in the community concern I am about to address any concerns over everybody has a feel for the open Mike night so feel free in an address the the board there and this lady in Davenport Iowa decided. To do just that. Hello. My name is Lisa and white Whitner wake me. Already all right do you obviously got a lot of there NW games with. At least are light Whitman Wagner is a civilian aliens could potentially be that's. My name is easily sat and why when it learned right then. I just moved here because I'm kidding I'm divorce. All right so she's gonna give you a little story should we may get some personal information about Lisa and white which bird. Wofford. And it's not final time September 18. My husband will not give me any money. Not one candy. They'll lawyer won't help me my husband Ron have me. Well he's divorcing you gaffe that's general Canada on bell as a over at that point liken them a pain which is this a go to the front two sides and I'm sure this is related to the restaurant or store or whatever and I don't think she's gonna eventually circled. Back to that. My dad Ireland Lee wit Larry he's a minister. Won't. Help me. It seems to get her where the world of point you know not to appoint you know. Poke fun at her that deceased and the reality I think we're poking fun I do you like you're gonna notice that frontier. First in its full names for everybody. You damage to the board is aware and stuff like lord gatherings if it none of this idea to thrown out of house opera the. My dad in Ireland you Whitner he's a minister. Won't help me. My stepmother. Well tell me and my mother passed away seven years ago. And my dad and candy hot dollars and they wrote Ed Baird French. That they both come my parents. I'm kind of lost in the family tree a little bit here but I think that's the step mom waning. OK but studious to reckon that can be tough. Andy is my step mom. My day is just didn't I don't know how you never heard of. Just under there right now now I've not all ladies noticed that if the glove does not fit you must never got Johnny Cochran no longer with us that's different today. My day is just didn't I don't I don't know if you've ever heard of and then being pounded Texas soon. To help. Be. Children in Texas. Of the border yeah death that cause and I'm quite sure it's the war. What it really can irony here I'm gonna give. At least thing and Waldman Whitman's. All from boy offered by the boys are like Wiggins who benefited them. Don't know why I feel like. If she is moving to Texas does that really matter what restaurant they may or may not be putting that could well I Rob Lowe and fiance and Whitman Hanson you know. Users in other letter never used through. Children in Texas and I'm not very loving parent who. They married very very loving care I have a twenty year old daughter and she's going to college at saint Ambrose this fall one. She. Is not helping me because she is too funny she's scared she doesn't want dubs. She's scared. I made we will find out I'm Leon and I did admit I'm down into a narrative I don't see where it is then it does seem like it's her vs everyone gets tough spot to be at times that we've all band's entire quarter run out there she is poured their heart is like Scott don't get a shout outs or daughter's college in the falls well mr. Obama and amber if you could involve. It's not helping me because she's too funny she's scared she doesn't want. Her parents to separate. Or divorce. Ma'am were discussing their reasoning for the port pillows hear me comments on that. And that's important all the roster. He really did this on all she said. You've been tough though because the first half of it you're like okay she's gonna tell you why. This place hander can't be here you're expecting this to be appropriate way into the area by the united. What's it to you all go to those meetings that's what happens people get up and they talking you know like what are you talking about it and eventually get to that eventually and that I interrupt me and my parents. Well it's really puts it no doubt on. We saw calls about baseball regulate their life story is a little garlic and today useful point. So you're wondering about what's Portillo as well port tells restaurant as American restaurant chain that specializes in serving Chicago style foods such as hot dogs. Maxwell street polish in Italian beef. The company was founded by Dick Portillo in 1963 in Villa park Illinois under the name the dog house. Could rise from dog house of ports deal that is the doghouse yet there it did Chicago Doug you guys in the Chicago. I don't know at a Chicago all right everything exploded into the ambulance Chicago dogs this morning's I don't get that's not you know there are important to let everyone everywhere but the Chicago doctor golden so it's a case of just being works I've seen it's it's more than work to tackle like this relish mustard and that is hot really did see the hot dog yeah I'm not a fan. I like outside Austin well neither is at least Walter White apparently she does not want the portal is in there or. Mushy or it's even though that putting a portal and ma'am were discussing the reasoning for the port though was here opening comments and are. There. At least getting divorced none has ever oh. You don't behind blur it. Eyes as. He clearly thought this is a different but this was coming Eric issue no one else to talk about it at the world I don't blame it is like your neighbors probably countless things that I needed go where it now now she was not prepared for this ma'am we're discussing their reasoning for Nortel. As the opening comments then. It. And that it merges the now appears she's she should really closes pretty strong award for a while. We're discussing the wreath zoning and 53 for eyelid I'm sixty players. So now okay we're right. Up close. And title of that. Former eyelid I'm sixty years. Again we're here to hear comments about the reason on why I don't like FaceBook. It was on FaceBook. It's for the birds at that point yet about if I'd been out for a long time. Are divorced again on. ID connect with people from your people know what's going on earnings are poke people were definitely. I think we hear it again and who'll vote. If we get notification about a vote on it. That's what I happen yeah there's bill I think the volume guy like who's. I'm comfortable. While I don't like FaceBook. And and I don't. Light. This poem yeah this is like taking so she really did think she was that a support her she did essential turned it into it there's probably. Not trying to be too mean it's the longest that anybody is listen to work consecutively in years past it has today. The library and blocked my pass word. Now tell me does that make any sense Steve you're. It does not over her. Though it does that that is your questions about the library. If you can't go to school library John we're opinion he had used the Internet. So what we do wanna match today blog your pastor you may have heard about juniper jobs can't find the huge so who knows what she's doing there should not FaceBook. Maybe a job on the usual stuff about that they took a pass sort of like. Not only does that make any sense to a year ago. Man weren't adhered to discuss your personal life I'm sorry he had made comments about trees down notes have a big they. Accents and I am now. But there. It's there right now. She came there with the nation she got it out once they you know what don't you move on. How many go Olympics during like Helena Bonham Carter fight club just bouncing for i.'s support for it to some workers on justice. Wanted to probably doesn't look like that air of melanoma and she looks very similar to what she surrounds them is that this week old lady it short curly hair she's got like the cut off shirt on. On the guns a little bit guys as you could use awakened one maybe. You picked off you know I get them here. That we wanted that's the point. Does my very blocked my password. Don't know what you're hoping that part of it but this commodity parks and record all. Though one of the greats in the parks department they were donated these town halls people go but the patent awful episode. It's been passed he goes up there and he felt plus now there seen. That didn't make it to the air that is what did you ever wanted it was like ten minutes long restore on and making him proud and do an honor for us that some of the best of that. It is now at Disney has acquired the rights to the Star Wars franchise and we will see the release of Star Wars. Episode seven here with ease my proposal for the plot of that movie. A begin with a standard. Title. Sequence and John Williams and fair followed by a scroll up and down from the twin sons of tax weaned. We are now close on the map of the start lactic after a beat. The clubs Mandel Lorie Ann Arbor gauntlet of both that. Tabs on the stand outside our elected and he feared that hunter holds himself from the mob. These sandy. Please allow me to finish just because it's time we see that adults who was illegal alien. He's the end of the first avengers movie now and it was as you know owed the infinity gauntlet which as the times undermined him but Howard's end. Space jam and the reality jet if he holds the reality jam. That means he can jump from different realities this will be our link from Cinemark universe from the start wars universe. I did you gonna do like in the sound as good as it dives and there are a lot of it goes on like ten minutes and yet what the idealist overall critics think about it yet technology to question this you Robert you know all things as well India. He's pretty. City there's the matter is that ultimately fund which is looking for which it yes sir. Library password I'm Molly and on Star Wars Dennis ross' pretty yeah Star Wars do you suppose yes they really care they deserve the board now. Are we have we opponents to that's right a single episode runs on as we want to look this Ronald Goldman but we're going to be here leading up until Red Sox. In its socks. And blue jays David Price is on the mound so while I don't know where. But I don't like FaceBook. I'm like okay blocked my password. After they does that make any sense to begin. There are discussing their re zoning and 53 or I when I'm sixty tired. Camp were discussing a resounding support fellas here make comments on that. For a while.