Dale & Keefe - Does anyone else besides a reporter today call Belichick “Billy”?; Brock Holt has some great new cleats designed by some special people

Dale & Keefe
Friday, September 14th
Hour 4: A reporter during Belichick’s press conference today addressed him as “Billy” and Dale and Rich wonder if anyone else calls him that. They also realize the transcript of the press conference left out the “Billy” part of the question.

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Fourth and final hour daily key Sports Radio WEEI quick hitter Jack junior Egyptair Jalen Ramsey. Good guys that thing so lie evidently Jalen was taken some grief on Twitter. I'll be at about 624. Last night between it out and I'm quoting. LO well why you'll take everything so seriously. Enjoy life out would jailed on enjoy life I'm loosen up. There's all fired up about it is good for football now he's great football. Think about it backs it up he has. What does that does it is at hand it to while the patriots in turn had a great deterrent that but it picked people know who we is. And such grace a union Maureen anymore characters and he is definitely turned into one so we've a couple of interesting. I plays already earlier this season real early in the season are NFL coaches. And the members of the media you had bill O'Brien. In the aftermath of losing here last Sunday taken on John McClain the venerable John McClain Houston Chronicle. You know medic Jonathan and one acts of Jesse totally did it. Yeah that's not my job is kind of your job build it it kind of is your job so I apparently there was that a bit of back and forth. This involves dug around. Coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars approach head coach and and he made the the assertion he claimed. That he doesn't watch the super eight just so mad that is he's not an act here Watson at. I don't know if that took him all the way back to a Syracuse days when he thought he should be in the Super Bowl win that. The Orangemen Connecticut couple of the clubs and they did not see him I don't know that have good clubs so so Doug Maroney we told G this whole thing about it doesn't watch the super ball right we didn't realize. Then it went even further well answered it. But I'm curious if you watch the Super Bowl last year. That I ever did it. So if any did you get any sense of and I'm sure you see inclusive if you get any sense of the the approach. I've not worked as a global cigarette or wherever Eagles taken a really no holds barred approach to to beat the patriots cannot hold them back at all dug in now brought Super Bowl. That night and live. There's like over a hundred million people on the can't tell us and for the. He. I. I I don't want two. I question about that as a coach let let me ask you don't ask me about my wife she has gotten Google them right now. So he's I don't know why they wanted to believe that. You never want to live my mommy what is the thought why can't I can't handle it. What was that even more so because of stones you guys got so close there last year. Not. I I just I just. The so is that you know I let them out. I'm just as I watch it but I'll watch an upstate journey here. So like what was the last hoo boy did watch. Barry. I've probably one on one occasion I was allowed to gamble I would like twelve. Yeah. The yeah yeah delegate investigate. Yeah. Yeah. Watching mr. Moore what a bloody hell yeah prepare for this week's game. I do that either written as an opposite goes without a clue what the. It's a small. But I know jolly Joker as I have watched this battle at all so there's actually plot holes here because we hear user searches for three years I think. So you're you're not watching this who did you watch any NFL games we want to Super Bowl but that he says the last time I watched it was probably way and I can put money on the game. When I was twelve. We want the following an explosion I would like to gamble I would like twelve. While that you can actually place illegal bad at the age of twelve and you can do that or even had my money when there were twelve. Maybe I don't know maybe a shovel and get a get a few bucks here and there February. Just Dublin blocks away and prop did do a dime on the according to your money from a simple game that money. Yes these. What a strange strange character. I mean I'm calling BS anyway. He does never watches it all now okay you didn't watch last year I just sort of understood last out when again. And I only get get a fourth quarter lead in the AFC championship game it's too fresh even two weeks later you don't wanna watch it live. Than than so be it. And evidently if that's true it also makes the game preparation look even worse for him. When he so. He's admitting that only have maybe our offense and defense of coaches have watched it so clearly you can get something out of it wouldn't you also as the head coach like maybe take a gander at that game. Do you think that now those guys got to covered under what do you do. I only sound is ovals solely about. So there was a there was another bite played that night I guess this took place today right is that you have veteran traders that front today Bill Belichick has his end of the week press conference. Generally speaking it's kind of only the regulars who were there. Which is why just sort of is stranger to me than normal so so listen to this question. The patriots head coach Bill Belichick today right off the back sadness. He's. Little Billy. Billy Billy you start the question I think Billy Billy. Billy. I guess it's kind of his name. News you've done that. You know drop the 21. So I wondered how we think our all. Success what Rosie. Has anyone in the bunny ears that he's been here now has anyone ever called. The head coach of the New England Patriots group now. The old Bryan you've heard DiLeo all happens out towels on a bill ballots checked. Now wants. Now thought your column Ryan and his name is rich that's not really a situation like that which sets people's teeth on us is the little that's cool actually makes that that person or worse the looting. Billy who was that we know that was I I have reached out but it's I don't know yet it's not a regulars he said well. Or is it I I I actually texted Andy Hart a good. And I said as easy as Ortiz while you're exposing historically it's always there are gone now he just said. Which question wasn't it was only regulars asking questions that it was the JaJuan Bentley question about how dirty follow the fifth round and you got an I don't know for an audience and and by the way his answer. Later on was actually kind of amusing he said it's not even light you know. It it cost a lot of air fare to get him to the to the Columbine you know he played twenty minutes away. Right merry. Yet that is at a certain Bryan. And that's excellent about. Yeah that's the that's a weird one group. He I get a good answer the question the same that the guys said bill. Or do you think you answered it that way because he's the Billy. I'm trying to think of it nearly deadlocked in there is a veteran. I sage NFL reporter in those Bennett that you like it it though the will McDonough of the day. Yeah you know I don't like it will McDonough had said Billy here they have a lot of fly probably like that goal but. It is there anybody who that would apply to now now I'm a who's in the trust tree. I don't know either bill or who are who can get away with saying that certain prior we'd never seen that guy again. Take a picture like I asked the question you may be gone for good I'm told that down a guy named Henry McKenna. Asked about them that's announcement up. Could be an alias to stay off the and it was not the first question by the way because supposedly Mike Reese asked the first question. And then I'm told that a guy named Henry McKenna. Oh yeah about 21 Bentley. Salute people. It would it would I'm getting here are not doing yeah it was Henry McKenna well getting some rhetoric and as well we'll call sort this out who called him Billy. Now if you give header McKenna quick bing only get back is that it is a type of burden. OK then we're all this stuff. Yeah I don't know an outlet he. Hails from city. Harry McKenna patriots. Did not and there have been some ice not due to the press conference up at Euro USA today. And according to his Twitter bio he is a utility infielder at the big lead. That team or not but that's what he does. A terror McKenna the only yet. Well good for Henry mechanic try to go somewhere no one else has ever nobody you are out there now that I can remember so they go. We had techsters may not be allowed back yeah we had to zero. We had techsters suggest he was just giving his own name I know his name's Henry McKenna. So unless he calls himself Billy he might hobby and it's Billy the Kid maybe millions he's turnaround in the character of the press conference is now. You know well I believe anything at this point. I Sports Radio network. Today activated. I just you know we're told he's from because. I heard lots of different point hometowns over the course of his career Boston Massachusetts my notes from here Winchester and enmity between Chester Pitts tells. Thanks is safe wrestling if they wouldn't get stuff like that is anywhere. Only here up by the way out we have. From a couple of sources. Confirmed that Henry McKenna was the reporter. Writes for USA today in. The only thing called Bill Belichick Alina here's my guess some I don't know Henry McKenna OK just my guess I also don't Egypt. You think he got called on and it's and it it like the minute he said it I could I could picture his brain like. Moment ago I got an idea studies that show I say he just wanna bet. I really don't know friends or you go to the Belgian press conference again -- hundred dollars a call Billy that some real sleep he won't do it you won't do things that ultimate ultimate. At any to slip through their blue. Boats 100 bucks. Go with the choked thing though before he got called lives there that's Bill Belichick standing up there if he's driving a Mercedes-Benz that around there. Hundred bucks apply event ought not get enough of the 400 dollars a bust you'll put up to a now my problem. I I will say it is the the most. Intimidated I ever saw anybody as they prepared to address Bill Belichick. For the very first time was sporting. Over dual port I thought short was gonna have I and and you arisen before bringing back and out of him as he was so nervous he did not like Hillary though he did not college Billy because that president Belichick sir sir mr. ballots in her honor the idea. You know make me any maybe slipped up I don't know I don't know if he down there all the time I'm going to answer it's either. That's the first Billy Weaver in Amherst and what it there. You know on earth he makes a baby bottles mom calls him Billy but then my eightieth navy. Yeah I don't know yet these sort of make a choice there he's been bill for as long as anybody's got a he's not Billy. 6177797937. On night falls on anywhere Friday. Peterson JP eight Peter. A I think you know that that's the certain current and people say. It doesn't matter where David Price as a regular season. Key architect and IE for sure feel that way and so does David Price but continued. And I said I I feel that I feel that way and so does David Price point buy and sell it ought not all the ins so does David Price but directed at you. I'm not valid as prominent city OK but I'll try to view okay he's almost. OK then the other piece of all of any baseball game is gonna division and their cultural event and play Luxembourg cracks acts. OK without ever price they might complaint among one card can. I do agree that. Maybe there's a decent pretty limited and based on an album to be honest look well I'm saying. That's why he's very important in the regular season if we fox in the eye out here aren't gonna Eric and but the thing to say what he does in the regular treatment doesn't matter is quite moron. I Wear it out if you say that you're a moron. All that I guess I'm avoiding comment moron then but I'm just the point is he needs to pitch well in the playoffs or it doesn't matter like yeah we we got the playoffs but the the gold. The goal changes also as it goes on it's not just to make the plaza did you did admit that this team which won the division the last two years. They need to advance in the playoffs for to be as successful season even if they went a 110 being I got. Lit up the price if he gets shelled in the first round of the playoffs you're not gonna look back at say three. They wouldn't make them. I agreeing with the words and then I agree with you are in the bulls morons downstream than is important. And we could easily decline and while urging yank our enterprise. Yeah an extra semantic right now I and its parent or outside and you don't want he parallel to take fifteen wins away. In Italy are Muslims from by the way if you did take fifteen and the way they're probably still wants to crack but anyway the it's somebody would have pitched in his place they'd might not get fifteen wins but. Yeah I mean look it you know what he does in the regular season does matter Wheaton we understand the premise for a figure trying to you know win the division. Hopefully to get home field advantage in the ALCS so you want to win games that's absolutely. But key point which is also David price's point is that if he does that their pitches great the regular season. And then coughs up a fur ball in October it doesn't matter I can what's the point of pitching really well on the regular season. The other Peter's point everybody's point it's so you can make it to the post season but then from there the goals change and how long have they bend the Vegas favorite to win the World Series little on the good divisional series they've been for a long time now. The team to beat. And even if you know price gets shelled by the way if Alex porous saying that yes David Price is saying they don't care about a 105 wins her 110 you know by the T shirt that's great. But they need to advance in the playoffs now. I think if they lose to the Astros in the ALCS you're not gonna hear me say it was a disaster in the season because of the Houston that good. But if they lose to new Yorker Oakland. And price gets hit around the backing him that doesn't matter how good he's pitched since the all star break and all that stuff gets thrown out the window. They're talking about three years of David Price in Boston paying him thirty million dollars a year and they've failed to get out of the first round every time. Then that's what we're talking about here yeah I'm look at I understand his point. The the fifteen wins mattered the Red Sox of course they do nobody saying they don't write. But it doesn't matter they're gonna finish with the best record the American League. They're probably gonna have home field advantage all the way through the ALC yes. If they go out and then lose. In the Yankees to Oakland to Houston to Cleveland. What does it all mattered none none none of the regular season stuff. Despite our caller earlier in the week who set hundred win teams are more memorable and World Series I needles cameraman had a run now on but the end and price is a little bit different and you could say watts are fairly at all point 50 gosh we treated the same although not all paid the same a lot of it comes out of that its track record. It is. Has contracts. And also how good of a pitcher we know he can be played in you know in the regular season in you know more so. Teams real prior to the Red Sox but even the stretch that he is armed you know how good he can be so the expectations are really high. Leggett Eduardo Rodriguez goes out there has a bad start here is that it's about. Re elect I wish you did better but too bad but if David Price is about assert its just a completely. It's a completely different thing. Exactly. There's that there's an interesting story out of Chicago and I was reminded of this because of the way Bill Belichick and the patriots handle this stuff. And it has permeated the other teams in this town. If a guy's injured good luck finding out what's wrong what body part and the Chicago Blackhawks have said starting this year starting and training camp. They're gonna tell you what's wrong. They're not gonna say upper body lower body they're gonna say so and so's out with a left arm injury riddled so and so's out when they right leg injury while they do that they don't have to they said they wanna be more transparent so today. Goaltender Corey Crawford met with the media. Admitted for the very first time. That he suffered a concussion last December 23 and hasn't been able to play sense and isn't ready to play now. Old smile he's never said the word he's never said the word concussion the Blackhawks have never said it. He got those even out of the upper body injury that'll test broke after he was out of a bank that the story we have been worse if he was playing with it. So was it Charlotte he had his last game was on December 23. He suffered the concussion and he said it was something before that things just get it kept getting progressively worse he got to the point where it's time to sit out and things never really got better. He went on to say we wanna talk more about injuries this year so he said last year was a concussion. And I'm still getting over symptoms. Most of them are gone but I'm not clear yet until that happens I won't be back in I'm almost there. So you've got a guy who has The Who do didn't play after December 23 of last year and they said Jack Cory Crawford is out upper body injury. For the first time. On the first day of training camp that he met with the media. He said yeah I had a concussion. And had an out with a concussion sense that while the other teams will do this film I don't I have the answers as surprised and I'm not actually sure. Other than you know their stated purpose was that would hit the violence we wanna be more transparent but obviously the player was always. You could always say. I mean you can give your own medical information but the organization said no you can't. But what are the things that you know as the Russian hockey at the guys playing through an injury why do you wanna tell the opponent that he has a wrist injury. Not that every guy out there is gonna take extra you know. Whack at the rest but is that just something that you wanted to avoid that's what the the common thinking has always been. Why put a target on site as a minor part of you know why let everybody know that you know his left hand is hurting if he's out their you know try to play. But the Blackhawks did the first team I've heard out that has said we're gonna be more transparent about this stuff where we're gonna Italian. Oh yeah players from or they've changed there injury policy. They will specify the injury rather than using upper body lower body. And and the very first example of that was Corey Crawford stepping in front of the media today and saying. I had a concussion off. I actually I still how I've I've had one and continued the December 23. That doesn't sound like he's ever come back he got a concussion. Any says he he still gets symptoms and he hasn't been cleared of nine months ago or ten months or whatever and that's that's does not sorry guys going to be back that's a scary let me just tell you that why don't while I don't think a lot of teams. In professional sports shall adopt what the Blackhawks are doing. I can promise you that football team down there ain't gonna do that now they are to do more than that they have they do what the league forces them to do and at all and they don't even like to enacts but they have to put it we knew Rex Burkhead had a concussion. It goes up to the alternates they were required right today right they have to today. They have to do more than most sports you with the injury reports urged the gambling and welcome back to gambling. I wonder whether black hawks think that they should do this and I wonder I also wonder what players think now I can tell you. There have been players in patriots history who hated the way the team. Handled injury stuff and I can tell you specific conversations I had with Richard Seymour who was out there try to play hurt. Not playing as well as he should not playing up to Richard Seymour standards. And gritting his teeth because he was not allowed by edit the organization to say while I couldn't do what I normally do because I'm trying to play through this price. And let alone on what happens when Ted Johnson went back and on the whole injury thing that that was not. Was not good and so the NFL's sort has certain rules in place. But even then he you know it's they can get around that you ever it was a year ago the Richard Sherman stuff in Seattle right right right. That they get in trouble forty's kind of skirt some of the rules alone. What's to be game. While gamblers like it but I thought tobacco dealers and on and your opponent while you're young more specifically for the Blackhawks. What do they gain. Unless the players want to be able to say. And if you Corey Crawford the lead where you itching for the opportunity to tell everybody. You've had a concussion since last December 23 up here now for nine months for the upper body injury I think most people. Figured out yet and generally speaking I think you probably do figure out people go back and look at the film it out though sail well we did this with Rex Burkhead. We went back they found it was on the broader fumbled play now. Where you know he obviously got I mean everybody is back to the bitty bounces off here here's what happened but here it was his right arm that got caught underneath him. So even though the team is saying upper body. Everybody in the media saying again but this is what it is. I've never seen an organization to this. Icy organizations do just the opposite Matt. I didn't try getting injury information out of Boston Bruins. Upper lower body they holiday take the patriots even further than the patriots to wreck. As the angels and forced to do what I think is a bigger mistake by organizations. And and you see teams stepping away from this. Don't estimate how long that's going to be out of the Red Sox who are famous for me awful. I mean it was just take stabs are never right and and it's it's always horrible because then. The pressure goes on the player well they said we're going to be back in four weeks with what's going on here right. Are are are you not working harder unite the united doing what you are supposed to do. Mean think about that and and they're they're better rock and the patriots never say. You know like Birkhead about eight guys gonna miss four days because he's got concussion if they don't say anything. They do them the bare minimum that the NFL requires them to do but that's hit. That part of it I would never do if I was an organization. I'm not sure I do with the Blackhawks are don't die that they don't do it for too long but they're about to go back in the way. One with the players think eight. I would guess that if you had a are right elbow injury. If you're you know. Patrick Toews and you've got I. I'm right elbow injury do you want them to know that note Jonathan Toews is yet here this elbow right here. Fundamental lack data but they've talked to the players and so and America. When now we come back in just couple minutes a little part of a program that we call what else you got things that we have not had an opportunity get to throughout the course of the day and we will. Tell you who we think is gonna win on Sunday when the patriots take on the Jacksonville Jaguars. It's. Sometimes it's hard to figure out exactly which wrestling fame Jason has chosen sometimes it's not that are now on I got. Think we've pretty much all got down on run off the bat. So we try as best weekend to fit everything in the course of four hours but inevitably it happens you missed some stuff. That's why we have a special portion of the program that we like to call or fail she got tell us you got I got. A little a little thing that happened last night saw a month or so ago Brock coal. Went to the Jimmy Fund clinic nothing unusual there he's there all the time yes he went down there with some I pads I think that came from the good folks down street here at new balance. He shoe company. Any enlisted the aid of some of the kids at the Jimmy Fund clinic to help design eight clique. That Brock hole was going to Wear on the field. Four childhood cancer awareness is pretty snazzy little Sioux while that kids came up with the clique they did new balance put it together. And it's. Gorgeous it's like eight different colors and it's it's clear they didn't like you expect little kids that I think less so I just knew balances selling the cleats and I I applaud that. But I Twitter it's an imbalance and said let's have not all of us can use baseball cleats. But to put together a sneaker that looks like that always on their awareness Arnold why that thing that goes for rock called good for new balance. Good for the Red Sox and and good for James. Was the young man at the Jimmy Fund who really helped design really have that the architect behind him was the architect behind the plate nicely done so now the question for you keep this. Bronson. Lot sales she got was so this is mega browsers making headlines and I don't understand why so Davidson. The the college is a one double A football team. They beat. 1891. To 61. By the way the Davidson basketball team scored 91 points only five times last year. Yeah I've been I've stuff hurry RF they're but but they did against a division three school and so they apparently set always the record about it. I don't know also they played three games Davis in the new head coach and he's all excited there were three though they be a division two team into division three teams. I know why you schedule and by the way you gave up 61 points to it seems socks you scored 91 but I don't know how they can even celebrate that they really shouldn't even be allowed to have the records apparently they have. A good hole yards record they had they settled on the program records but they're all fraudulent. Like that steer your face as he's preschool horrible sodium lights on it I like the year. Patriots I'll take the patriots to win by more than one and a half you don't patriots thirty to 21. Two thirds were well over a scorer and he gets ready to score flamingo patriots 23. Jacksonville. Nineteenth. They like that nineteen there it adds a little weirder an accident or a missed extra point. And I think you're 32 when he won his. Prosecuting active on this did on the C patriots. Twenty seats to. Lucy Lucy what do you like. Patriots I was a kid line lines I ours courses. Although I like that it's all I found I don't see their eyes like this night you know Monday we'll also talk about only at their all of that is coming up next. Will be at Gillette Stadium Monday morning for patriots Monday here on Sports Radio W media. Yeah. I am. Please don't mean. It's. 08. News.