Dale & Keefe - Does Bill Belichick have to change his coaching style? Troy Brown: "Belichick won’t push Brady out"

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, March 20th

Hour 2: Troy Brown joins the show and talks everything Patriots: Dion Lewis, Gronkowski, Mike Vrabel, and Belichick. As a player, Troy Brown said he would absolutely be disappointed in Belichick’s decision to sit Butler. Alex Guerrero impacts more than just the players he works on.


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Yeah to. Number two yelling keep Sports Radio WEEI. And it is a reunion of sorts secure our NFL Sunday reunion. With New England Patriots and New England Patriots home payments. Troy Brown with the council of Troy Harry and doing pretty good may remember those days yes. Almost the time and second album I get a bit less than that's where we're sitting elected Richard Sherman's introductory press conference. He's got on this red suit. And try tonight I do have a red jacket yes you do have a red Jack featured does need some ready pants to go that know how to putt and put it depends. So and it lets you make me I make this and that is Alan I don't know about the trip and I we were just here we just heard calling coward in the open say in of the patriots have issues. You're watching you you've been inside you've you've worked for Bill Belichick you played forum. He and his team has issues right now. I think every team has issues you know I I don't think we used to hearing that the patriots have issues. Gone by to someone a lot of stuff that we heard coming down the street it. Of the season listed a lot of stuff that went on with the coaxed the star quarterback the more. Other players maybe being somewhat disgruntled you know I mean maybe there is. A little bit too that I just don't listen to a lot of these guys talk and speak as the leave the team. And that's tweet men men and the message is they're put on some of those two weeks you know. It's me is that something but I had to put a lot of those tweets and comments you know. So when you get a guy breaking down crying boo hoo cry and at this press conference because now he folly. Feels appreciated you know maybe the money goes and let nobody has sent something to do with debt you know but. I want the there crime by the Louis odious though don't you edges of the too emotional for dissent. These cry went in there and it could have been a little bit to blitz on the talk etc. let's but. I did it because it has been hurt when his first two years and their feelings hurt you know and and he comes here and he gets hurt and he gets you know a decent deal for guys have been heard me placed through it in the goes out and he does everything today asking to do it worked his butt off and a fantastic yet this year. And then I think he's found rewarded with a confident that he says that you know. I'm worth it. To somebody out of nobody wanted to with somebody wanted to raise ever wanted to you know and you know is a case of in I would agree with that rocket that I was senate bill that bill it would it would probably have to get begat stance to community and and play even at the blues media I don't play and here he's. Stuck with them. And they continued to arguments inside thank you know a lot of times you get those situations you quite emotional and pretty emotional. You leave the team you've been pretty successful wins and then. You know that contract doesn't come through that you want and you feel a warning you know and and in. I. Scored some let you know what and how do you have a have you wanna feel you know you feel like but this team is giving me this amount of dollars and so they really want me. You know being in. I feel like I'm appreciated arsenic that could have something to do with that too and I concede. Vrabel you know and it's pistol amino hood and in mentally and you know. Don't worry about it but you know you come here without the movie really appreciates unit. These things and fee to use it going to be a guy in. Given that pat on the bag demanded also always that he wanted you know once and right Anthony Adams or aiding rebels added he's going to be as I coached. I think it event at a the president let him because he's the he's got that type of personality of people like you know. Almost like a Parcells maybe not quite as voter aren't. Maybe committee probe break we'll give me and he made you might be just as well if I of you know I don't know I don't know these types of guys accuser ready for a technical flipping break was been in it you know since he's retired. Is there aren't a lot murdered in my learned a lot phone bill Leo and and those gas Sullivan and Romeo Cornell. And I think he's seen how you've had to adapt now. To be able to coast. The players of today. You know and that is you can't really be a Parcells. And coast aghast today I don't think you know also. So what about about how to use how did in belt to spell check have to change for god had so much success that I wanted to talk to do. Right with 66 XXX I think 6566. And he's had more success than anybody. Both some of the stuff like dale brings out there ought to have him far and there are you know what's what's it like down. India ought to for a disaster of the change is tough to do that at his age but at out scenes he does this so duties. Tried to change somewhat inside the you know cater to the players a little bit has been movies nights or whatever and has been three point shooting contest you know those types of things there. He's hill for the players that never would have you weren't doing that we had like 1415 days of the rule of two days. You know all of that evoke the rule I mean he's had to change their attack I thought to have. Articles on the one year we've become mighty came out there would be at a walked through a Friday walk before pre season game and he has us to come out and pants and kind of held a meeting rebellion you know again and do away from a ball cap on the front but got engaged and Malia and as pull that one and he just kind of stood out that he would do but other keys he stood his ground. And he's really said was. If you guys in the what's best for you go back and put those pants. And while about when we slowly turned a while blowing down that dirt path. And a football feels out of blank comments what you was caught on behalf of Malcolm like heck yeah he expected accident to the locker what you're is that their armor. Who wants it was. Once it was Oates who because he's still have lawyer he was Sonoma County might have been the ringleader. Of the whole thing Salim negative he was on a week later though. Was so we will let us develop three automatically do that it has the so yes. Thing now picky kind he can get support an open with those 'cause I was bit too much form but. You know. You got it's changed a little bit you know to be able to adapt some of these guys that really. I know if you would have a team and just take anything away from these guys you know but it is just a different era different time. You know and he got to learn to adapt and coach has gotten to be different. You know Adam on the back in some. Did you think Bill Belichick coached everybody's sanctity treat everybody who had a uniform on and a number the same way. As far as I saw it in odd as far as us on everybody gets treated. We must assaying and a lot of stories that came up an article that came into the season about. You know Tommy being in. Note cult too just like a mass is being talked to him means that really happen so. And had a mortem what's so and if the had a horrible game then he was called out on having a horrible game. And you know and that's just a way to win it and no pars though he was the same way. Who get on guys in the middle training camp together on. I got out of wasn't gonna make the team he would yell I drew. The same way in Madrid and take two counted you know Baghdad but it you know but I have seen him really. They test some some time for that didn't adds up right in. In on kidnapping did you have that enough has been with England 11 of those two was yellen Q were you able to take it. Yeah my I was I was good to go you know and if they're related bother me a whole lot you know the Dow's been embarrassed and the path as though but. At at it would Parse it looked like it was an ego would look for the gotta drop the that's kind of where I felt about him. You know like he's challenged me right announced he would do. And I'm going to my tip for the rest of practice problems like about the figure out how to get out of his Dramamine and right now as Arctic with him but. You know yeah I had the skin appease I see this guy has really kind of pushed him. Too much at the wrong particularly at the wrong time you know I like the pat Harlow back in my early days. And pits and hasn't to a funny because he can summon up percent of on the drama built and why did it but some might poked him in. And he just doesn't have gone to summer often centered on the ground articles in myth and everybody. And Parcells let what are you doing with a with an and pit ticket with him. You know bill thing was I don't want to fight lifted me up and that was his go to language. In excess of about you know he was. You made your managing that he was the golden glow of fire is is Parcells definitely was a golden glove boxes Q on the stuffy possibly always that one of alignment between. And he was saving it for that person we'll terrorism that particular days. Pat Harlow who's played right tackle tried to fight till Parcells. Yeah but how yeah. Bret I don't know out at you wanted to fight multiple human right yeah fight or he won it that way and the coach. They admit to him because he's going to be some audience that it poked in the which you know how bad it hurts yeah. And yeah they unity in Japan was like to go with the men today released positive or you publicly process could Baghdad that the ticket that means new Coates and the team. You know got a player challenge you now promised long horse power Harlem and he played them the year we did a lot of I think. It was a pretty good ankle on the right tackle I think on it was the Mets you must have Sonia and many in a bid bag. And the team to the USO but the TVs that whoever did the process didn't really indicate he did he actually liked those. So. Was always the guy that taught is to unity you really can only. Time down the honestly allow. We think we're all grown right now because it's it's kind of died down a little bit over the last week or so but right after the Super Bowl you had the stuff about. You know maybe he's thinking about retirement that we got. And we don't week on the WB Wi a week on acting a week and all the stuff than you tweet suite sales going nuts is still can't figure lunch we listen he's a week's a new what do you think ultimately grant is is back this year and if so is the is he playing under the current contract that he has. I think he's back at like he's playing under the contract that he has right now. But they does go to a certain things you know I think Montana. Not a rough year but no somewhat. Insisting year I think with all the penalties he was getting frustrated with the men. And Macon the move we I didn't expect in the movement was diving on. His name it from buffalo Hilo Hawaii current who data voice to data is why you know I really wasn't expecting that from rocket that particular situation now. I anybody else from the page refused but in the Hamlin you know keep their cool in the situation. And let them get the penalty or whatever it may be but I understand things weren't kolbe. You know I think and a lot of stuff mounted open. The way to end the season went losing a game the right there and NBA and asked that question went on the spot. So it was Jesus lost Super Bowl. And I think. No had a situation where he was. I'll have been thinking about some things fallout. And in the gas taken a hell of a big if you know over the past eleven years of his is career beckoned the college. So that you a lot of things start. Creep into your mind about retirement in the I don't want them alive at the football and all those things and then. You know then you start thinking about well this is my last chance to really cash and be in cease he would. You're seeing guys go out side. Contract should never thought they they would every get. Yes yes I'll pay forgot your was it to three days ago sent a two years six and a half million battles. Botox on Bosnia yeah yeah. Oh it almost all of them left the patriots have sign paid out there really hasn't started this flight data that's got the president corner and a fifth cornerback and I'm going to be. But it just didn't do that as though it. Pretty good feeling I was asking you this off the air we got to do we have talked about on the year the one that shocked me. The one I think hurts the most is Nate holders departure but the thing that shocked me was when I read that Matthew Slater was visiting the Pittsburgh Steelers. Yeah yeah that even a visit. Yeah that Baghdad takes is like pretty shocking. You know I'm he looked up and and bill never really delegates. Anybody to be the spokesman of the team he did that competed at a map these legitimate and legal dispute to the press. And represented team and those things witness has played a great guy great leader auto players look up to one spiritual death. Autos things and then you look up and you see him I don't know visit. To Pittsburgh the Pittsburgh. You know. It was it was pretty shocking in the men at the same time that's happening you're looking UC quarter up quarter up Paterson. They traded form. And not sane is Gaza similar attempt anything else but. They kind of do the same thing you know I'm out I'm not unless a caller has been as good as. Matt he's being as far as being a special teams leader and and and and being as good as he is out there and overturned and it didn't turn I had used off console but more guys are really fans corn rows Libby younger. And you look at the how though there. Later that it is our bellies that stick into his votes and rules. That slate has been around Tim revenues in those it's been abandoned his this year. When you go a bit younger at this is just. Particular book on Los is that for the locker room is that on the field anybody can look at and say well heeled special teams. With the rules that the way that they are not as important as they were before Brady can replace a goner but the guy who's speaking for everybody that guy is huddle everybody up and talking everybody. Kind of losses that. That this. Public. Under estimated by a lot of people that follow the game any sport. When you have a guy like Slater that's in your locker room that you can kind of just turn things over to expect him to be in control at the worry about it because god has listened to. You know they flock to me is one of those guys that. The guys turned to for advice and everything else so he's day gathered Canas is. Make sure everything is the way it needs to be in the locker room and when the coaches come through. And they note that they don't have to stop and and worry that we're about to me particular guys in there because latest guys like him. A lead in the league that locker room so no those guys are gonna sometimes are at an art to replace and then also and they are not those guys really respect them a lot. And they could be a big loss form. You know just and from that standpoint is is that those guys. Trying to pass that might look up to melanoma according to still be did he cannot. As outspoken as. Not not this is quite as outspoken by the you know he's just Baghdad that. He's got a serious balls with the player they then you have any questions and also McCord is the got a lot of turn to. For any other kind of advice. Outside of how to play safety. We were talking about it yesterday and and and I I'll say this to your face we talked about it yesterday as well you're certainly a better player than Matthew Slater wise. I think of you guys similarly. You know that that mr. patriot guy in your case or a red jacket guy. He might have a red jacket someday too who knows but but that that mr. patriot guy who can't even picture. Just let him walk away I couldn't have pictured them letting you just walk away. At all that's that's the. Tell us nothing about this this gain though is that you you're at those positions sometimes you know and I actually opponent to my last year. Yet hourly pay that one when game actually was in New York on visit. In time and I don't know why use thing when is it about yesterday it's like Troy Brown visited. This though I had did I mean but the best is kind of process to go through when you really don't have a job you know it'll have a conflict with anybody else. And used by that point where I'm not done yet. You know in the back you man you know and if you you kind of take it to yourself I don't know I'd still do it when I used to do it but I really wanna keep playing. Also look at reviewing the jets. It probably got closer and what does it have gotten because went down Mancini was down and that made a big difference he added some of the guys and a coach a stamp that I was familiar with. They were down there with him. So. So it kind you know. Candidate almost convinced me a little bit to Qaeda. Pull the trigger on a NASA now you know what let me go back we'll go back in. Think about this for a little bit you know causes believe he was it was a minimum contract music you. You to be one of those guys can be great for the locker room down the only group by atmosphere that we really need to know locker room this and is meant. And the whole time on this thing it to myself I'd do sirens just wanna be a locker room dad you know. To speed I have these guys back in the same thing in new England and get the same contract there. In on and that's what ended up happen so I thank you note. I thought about this because it was those guys those familiar with them as coaches right they probably knew what I was capable of doing what they expected me to come in and you know be like I was in a five years earlier. You know so they understood on this event that kind of had me thinking about it but it ended today I just kind of went back and I took the deal I have from the patriots because of the basically the same country. I thought and I said this before. I thought Bill Belichick did something unusual with you that I eat and do with very many. He gave your farewell year he did that. I've not told him it was funny too because that idea. He actually. He was one of the locker room one day. And I knew I was on I was on the pup list and I felt like we had a lot of guys in camp that you were really working hard. As the bus and bison in trying to make plays the c'mon team and I stopped him. And I said bill Mann has to do you don't have to keep me on this team. You know he gassed some of the guys who deserve an have a spot in us and I'm okay. Now and it. Plea you know fourteen years and had a lot of fun. And his response was don't worry about it won't affect. They was up. It's like that proof is on the go cry somewhere tonight what is so I totally I don't have money you know I was like I'm trying to tell his dad don't Wear about a roster spot right. And is has always say over the worry about it you know and a basically made it and larger than 30000 dollars a year. And played basically what the equal please pins and if you punt returns. One bounce. With face masks if -- valid and I'm not out I could have won nine you know really got a bit of debate plays to you about one of those guys like about it being just violent what's the sort of put returns in Pittsburgh at and it doesn't that. Sort of go against everybody says Belichick is like. Aren't as many touches he'll blow Yale trained yeah that makes it probably matters is the haven't how many has he done that for. Stop I think you know that I mean an amendment expected and it it is an attack. Real emotion yet short. Policy utmost respect the season ticket is Roland me and so I mean sort of there's a couple of guys that he's been that way about Iraq you know that he really enjoyed coaching him. Appreciated so in the preceding what they gave them. You know. You know I just think sometimes at another guy Anthony pleasant was again he did that at at this point is last year. How we know he was a fox and it's last year talking they I did a lot he did that must you must do no Mondays and went badly. What they don't we isn't there is because he was gone on Friday so both downgraded NCAA appeal thrives as a Gaza OK with the eve of another guy like me at these disputes again god. Asked what Anthony put. Advice and whatnot and how to get to carrier Pilon career disputes advice when it was. And you know he of the guys had a gas that became this in this country music in the locker. These gas and get the fingers and with the beats and you know that's a I guess I thought that was a standard and you know he ticket to bill and bills and that. Does that you can pop in other PG thirteen locker these other team on and so. Out of his PG thirteen. A that was rated. Rated. So now and they beat Clinton in BOT kid him he had a guy getting Cleveland but he really respected and appreciated and you know you between them though bonds so whatever sought to play that don't feel when you did crowd noise state now you can add up to. Another that the Fed and they were as many thanks Pete. Now they work it blew down I don't the only answer over the back 6177797937. It's telefono protects minus 37937. A chance talks in football with up. One of the great patriots met with the red jacket and the patriots hall of fame Troy Brown is in the house with dale and keep Sports Radio WEEI. Confirm that at times on the infield version of truth where I think the last two seasons have been reading the trying for him on and off the field and I think is in intensity at that was filmed you know five days after the Super Bowl. So that they're still very much in the you know aftermath of a grueling grueling season. Physically mentally emotionally. And so yeah I think you know come just. You know there is. There's a part of him that says he needs to find he says that the end of that. You gotta find your conviction and if you don't have it yet maybe it's time to move on and I think he's finding his conviction. And I I don't think that's. I think there's a level of scrutiny right now we have this camera 52 million people have watched it that set. But I think this is pretty consistent you know like him it's long it's hard you know and that that team has a culture that drives you. Hard. Filmmaker Gotham Chopra talking about Tom vs time and specifically talking about Tom Brady. Even Tom Brady's close to the end and no doubt. No doubt I just even. Eight west yes I hit it and it just listening to him speak. He said a couple of things that you know I mean that I have never Tom brings they before witness the they wanna please call my year was the fact that he mentioned that. His Pakistan looping over Roland is decide in many times. That's what caught my ear and had never heard him say that before because all before it was I'm going to I'm 45 I'm going to I'm fifty whenever you noted men. Here but last month it was basically is turning to his friendly tip on the side because. He realizes now that you know of Google's got preteen season. Auto stuff and I'm thinking probably what what happened and as a part of that and every NFL players a place for a long time with young cues and you know you come home and their lack. Assault Pol Pot Osama ma how Mimi and a sub Molly and I saw that and I saw this guy a southern guy and where you dead. You know you've missed a play. You know well I was an angler with some of Philip Belichick and I don't give a damn about you know he's become a what better excuse that it could careless. You know their dad's got a big little muddy you know. A given day I wanna buy is where it was my pops when. You know when I scored a game winning goal you don't hockey game and that's all they really care about so. You start here in those types of cries of those types of things that they contains a lot of things and then. Obviously but a significant other. It's about two and like I'm pulling my hair around here you know. That make you think twice to. So says a lot of things start to weigh on you as. As a player. United coach is too was and it ended in a same category and Mickey they colluded different about. What is time to pull the plug in Korea. So did you watch the commerce is Todd did yeah I think out of bounds curious and if any his teammates or former teammates relate. Parted on the sky terror related to spend the sophomore one out of the year kind of got a I honestly is there to get the gist of what's going on you do. Do you could you could just it was. Alone and how how now can now works you know and guys always prepared me better and if anybody else out of have been around he spent. More time around the locker room that's so that that that you gotta look at. You know it was a young football players didn't have anybody go home to you could spend all day we spent all day over to play it says can basketball ought to stuff and doing this and that it going here going there and you spent all day over the you know based on detained in the middle would get more priorities and you got to. You know who. Edit and to have a whole lot better than what you've been dormant and got to give to this person giving that person and you gotta go he would be there. You know and a facility you'd think about things though that difference that when you think is obvious last year and there's a chance I don't look this be his last year. You know. Not that the that the key is a little why would probably love to have him home and a whole lot more. Q is part of feel that way but I think once they realized that this definitely from news this is not going to be anymore. Remember my oldest boy was boom crash and Murray are our gas tears coming down as the days of me with a one. Let's talk about that a but the thought to do about it and I guess it's what haven't I thought I'd you know you've legendary we're going there what the hell the thing happened with Malcolm Butler. Your guess is as good as well we don't ever know but as much as we know built around here. It I think people think is kind of like you know not a lot dispute builders as one place I disagreed with him you know and I mean I even agree with the reason that we were attacked supposedly was right you know I find nobody idea. Does that is I don't know. Felt like. Even over the weekend that the other other other team has its first thing that comes up and we season. I'm gonna do for the medical market went up when I do you have no idea you know and and we've been the first thing they say is I didn't think militant group made one play again you can you can you can only 13 down stuff yeah I kind of agree. We don't what do they won the Super Bowl team play Malcolm I don't know they would have won the Super Bowl you know but because things happen and and gains that if as things happen throughout the course of the game you know but I think this is that you look at the big pitches that could Malcolm have gotten. This one stop. You know someone so but it with that being said he asked the Gonzales and animals in a big deal. He can't get out of that area a zero laid out about a player is money also went out acquitted him you know he got through six million dollars and go play. Elsewhere but you know that no. As is not an Oz felt like you know. You know his Q did you turn to. On a big situation of the unit of a game on. Against Seattle and a Super Bowl forty he came and he comes through for you you know my what happened between then. And Super Bowl 51 to assembling an ever vividly one single snap of defense you know so that's that was the biggest question that. Now on known your years here under bell check in when the offense we have a practice all week had an idea of either who's gonna start aren't you guys did you script the first ten plays are every did. But we're at where they're guys that ever did it play and then you never got a reason for office that ever happened. Armed olives and I'm Super Bowl 38. Against the Carolina campus. And at that point I was I was I was basically the third guy back on David Givens and Deion Branch and David Patton was you know he was hurt game but he you know he was. Now so we were kind of like entertain some will but those were the stars the numbers and David Givens and they came to me on a Friday at the Friday's practice. That brand Abel says to me you're just starting on an game so. In my. Haven't won one play. At that position while we glow you know I was are you a crazy week because we got out there. And now all the plays when we had to give us some kind of crazy prices that we and it rice like if you ran out route. You in that down he'll look at the yards I had a path pounding you know so I just tried to remove the use use this facility the next day. And then we actually throughout the whole game then we went over it in Foxborough when we cannot be so and then. Yes they Qaeda meal Friday by government didn't dinner at the practices. Sid. He starred for an and a game on Sunday morning will the cut that he bet you know. And that was votes on a kind of disagreed with a little bit you know didn't think you should start wearing that maybe I'd better they have a bracket a little bit yeah yeah I don't know I mean. Yeah I mean out it was house. It was good to be there but it's Friday you know and I think is like I know date you know Davis Cup like. If something is not always suited me in all week long it'll Saturday and Sunday. You know he's going to be asking themselves was going alone here and now be able to focus on the game but there is ready at a used game. I thought Randolph didn't verdict starts this sat there and let the Butler did it for the entire games I don't think it but in my back and out yet. If he always ready to go by the loses day because he's going to be completely out of is going to be the focus on. What's about to happen here so. So odds identity don't they just along with the big you know but I'd win them but the memory there was definitely trying to get. It's upon a few things I did when one play at that particular position you know also that is bizarre so. We guided down in India you know. But based on your experiences. I'm trying to figure out that the Butler thing based on what you'd what you just told me. NBC was told he was starting. When they ran the starting lineup before the Super Bowl he was in there if they get those starters from the patriots there so the patriots told NBC yet he start at quarterback. He doesn't start. They show him sob and on the sidelines. He doesn't get a defensive snap as you point out that their legion believes something happened. You you would think so. Doesn't backed doesn't back him just being there in uniform basically and and I'm watching them I don't know what's in the starting out there and my world is right in the game that's in trot out there for. The punt return team or in the go to. My queries healthy you know he's right you know August is gonna do that and he can play. So at that particular point you just kind of wondering. What's going home. You know and and for me you know doing the doing so over at. NBC sports Boston that was on my keys he was like one of the guys that I had my eyes on because. I'm wondering if you know they're going to be able to technical and given me some things that because even you remember it did an article with bird greater. That morning of the suitable way talk about it. You know he did have a good season tonight and his season and I wasn't talking like this you know practice articles coming battle Super Bowl morning you know and I'm like in London where is waiting years and is it. So I think to myself does that have something to do with it you know that that article came out that morning. And and and feel sought. You make the decision based on that. So. But either way I mean Debian say you know I just think at some point when especially seats only the game twice. And you really only have went through 33 quarters on the roster yeah. I you know he turned everybody but Malcolm Butler. In this situation you know like you start to think it was really happening you always rumors start to come out which really wasn't fair to Malcolm but that wasn't the case. You know that if he when he was that a Rick Ross concert. Obviously case what are all as in August things coming out. You know. So yeah you start to think about Lagos think what really happened. But I've known as a player I've seen guys miss things are not reported certain things. And they get. I guess it bags fox says oh yeah right there was not a Underwood got cut right before she got all the oil that was that was a roster move wasn't was with the the ground was hurt. And it may have been but even still is the day before this who believes with the team the entire time here Szilard you know play zone and about your player on the team. Will you get ready for next year you returned. You need any kind of explanation or do you say a coach decision or on the 2018. Or you figured actor had rule. Why did Butler plays that we've played this girl all year he played in a 100% of the playoff snaps up until that game. You need it an explanation. I don't think there will be one given I think that they will leave that game where it is and decisions that wooten who played that game. We'll be left. Back in February so. They do guys that's just move on to the next the next season so around the going to be talking about. Much. Between the coaches and the players and those cases are being given. Or this isn't the make. Besides the fact mobile gets up there at the start at the start had a big meeting. At the start of the year when training camp starts and he makes. You're giving a speech where he's he's gonna make the decisions. Do you feel like it feels like gives his team the best chance to win and you know and that's the thing is the about a place. But it Troy Brown was a member of that team which would be better Patrick coach Trevor out of plant corn would in his. Would Troy Brown beat think and I shivering on my finger ten. Oh no doubt no doubt because as a player and a competitive you know within the is that a good ago likely lead again once stuff. Posted about you know being felt and I'm saying if you were on the team you weren't Malcolm you're just a guy and the TA your biggest definitely aspect Bill Belichick cost me a ring year. If you do that we about medical what's pick a lot of the players do theater with about Malcolm I think they. Appreciate awaited word mean he's worked himself to lead to where he is in the become the player is that they can he plays golf. Mean gassing them like human is a great personality. You know guys like that part about it many places but maybe chance he gets now. You know aside from probably sort of back some of those asthma as a public thinking yeah. You know we could have had out there Super Bowl ring here you know and is sitting pretty you know features would apparently Malcolm in a but the I think most of the guys. I'm going to be left with this one was logical for this is. That mission. They've they they're professional about it candidate taking you know they they who have known it then they'll put it in the right place when the time of the but time is right when it was time to start of the season. Just talk some football with Troy Brown is in the house with a until 5 o'clock 617779793. Sevenths telephone number. I text line is 37937. Its daily key Sports Radio W media. 617. 7797937. This telephone number Tex minus 37937. Former New England patriot wide receiver and patriot hall of Famer. Troy Brown is in the house lists until 5 o'clock. Somebody once described the relationship to me and said Tom Brady might be the most positive person in the world. And he might be playing for the most negative person in the world. And they're gets to the point where that relationship gets frayed around the edges a little bit you agree with any or all of that. It's just busted apart about Tom being in the most positive person in the world you have to have those positive vibes around a minute there's anything negative he eliminates that. Negative vibe around and so in I try to turn into something positive you know and as far as bus had been negative I would say it about sex. Particularly negative. You know I think it's just this two ways. You know and and it comes off that way. And he's not going to. Too many guys on the bank gone. Over stroked the eagle. You go to a point where is. It's embarrassing you know would be a guy like he does well. It reads again they heated the colts ended. But he got off does but he loves it hurried him go to known unknown. You know with a great love song about injuries. Every chance he got every time we played in nova you you rarely see him do that with the quail on his roster. That he does that weird you know and I don't think he I don't think players view it. Defeat he gets a guy a compliment. He's not gonna stay on it to law that they got to be some time expected him to. Really get into it and really Sony he appreciates mean innocent than an oval. And it just doesn't come out that way with the so epic that could be a misunderstanding with a hole. Though being a negative person. You know but that thank you I've seen. Coates is doing well at the tape military to their players down sometimes. You know but as a as a good coach you don't need that player torn down to kind of building back up a little bit at the Telecom awful. Their practice was a sunken. You leave it was something positive. Go home with that night to come back and look forward to the next day. So I think he does a pretty good job of doing that but as far as just. You know stock and doesn't go over token doesn't go he's not going to be that guy. To do it you know and I can see if it comes frustrated at eighteen years of that. You know you can see weighs probably frustrating you know to be built body is not easy got to play for it was easy for me because of my personality. You know I was England correct and I seen a couple of guys go through it. And I and for me I mean it won't matter what I sold so blessed god bless a global what he was going through sought a way handle it. That's the madness is this is truly you business has got to sound like the biggest contract. Was in a history of that particular so well and it Ewing played devoted to human you know we go with him to go with Tom Williams excellent crappy the united Michigan so and out. Like it does for the way bell check just approaches everything that could. Push Brady out. Now I don't the other thing I don't this family and those other things but could that be one of the reasons why he walks away is because the ways being coached. Now I don't think so I don't think that the person out because he's so competitive. No he lost he lost and we don't think the does that put a worth eighteen years despite a difficult and he lost his cool with some important news he would maybe I don't know. But I don't think that prison out. Because I know he likes to play the game of football in a few Levitt as much as a guy like that does then. You know coach being mean to you at night while I disease at the end of bother the dark matter commerce time Gisele says that he wants to be appreciated and have fun you know he's going to work and it's penalty doesn't Lars part of what he will be I think she got that from him but. I think this is circus you want him to retire for a long time I'm sort of probably about a talk about those things too that he wants to be appreciated. And nobody amid accompanied him but I don't think that's going to push him out of the game. You know so. I just think he's. He's he's he's focused on women. Everytime we steps on the field so I don't think. Any coach any players say anything bad about him and I give him enough credit but something. Lou would dictate when he leaves game. How much do you think Alex Guerrero is playing into this. Because you got drunk who is at least hinting that he's unhappy got Brady who's at least hinting that he's unhappy. And they're both huge advocates of TB twelve and Alice Guerrero on what you think that's involved. I don't know what's his playing with the coach I think the coaches probably being put. On the spot. Discussing just makes a decisions. About. Employees of the team. And employees that Tom Brady's. You know our partners that Tom bradys and how they'll miss is in works out heading into today you get. People who harbor Democrats that says. The training staff. And you got the weight room staff. And in you have. Guys like Alex who about it the president wrote with two working with two and I mean. That business was on the level is that TBS TB twelve right now but he was working on the bunch of guys that when I was playing into now I happen to be one of those guys unlike. According did. But that being an acute and it'll be you know me in other words you know I mean especially like dealing with tendinitis and what parts of things that don't talk about living in the muscle those type of things. I felt like a ligament tendon that his problems so. Part of players see that he was seeing back then coming X I don't we don't will get us introduce and of the Brady but how many I don't think of the time gadget because he only has so much time he was at that particular time he was coming in. Working with us and had a blast somewhere else and in bright red Adam was an Indianapolis and deuce in the Peyton Manning knows that so and he was glad to different cities at that particular time and in Augustine Tom about the way he would basically be here and start the business together so. But I think with the with that being sent out that there's there's been some friction. You know with. We eagle and two when you comeuppance come off the sound like us that happening in Donaldson is what happened and I can see it happen. You know where he got gas can outside and in you know Jones went with them over there they going to so whatever it. Our. Dads. Rumor was that they were being told not to lead the whatever I can see. You know straight coaches they got the they got their egos too you know on a clinic and they can keep the team healthy. They want gas squad and in this day and then do whatever. They're told not to do it and guys skip the feeling that whatever whatever is happening and and it. Those legacy that this intention Meehan and at and at the colts put on the spot in the particular place to be like Luke is will be known do. Stifel property deal with the Donald problem about me oh well we'll see Alex. Out here for thirty goes in Johnson. And maybe that 'cause then I was in the hours of even went out the days he was there when I was playing he was around you know and they you know I don't feel and he was there for games and he was traveling with the team most things in that I'm assuming I'm not sure I don't have any that dishonest stopped the season yes. They pulled the plug on the presidential guard Brady would just fly amount if he wasn't funny without seeing angels owner William sat outside guys did not. Augusta this stuff so it was the other sideline when you were there. I don't I don't recall I don't think he was because I think that ticket items still prevalent and they used to live and in California so. So. But I yet she. Mean poses Cabrera mystery coach. In of them because somebody's son somebody's have been different whatever when I was coming back to the team that they would do that she didn't. And Islamabad and with what the whole team. As a man you know aren't paid employees and Robert craft the New England Patriots. Then as a coach you gotta make that decision moan about our mass training staff and mustard coat. And they're going like this are continue to head that friction with all these guys being in the same area on the south and in the same building. At the same time and getting different message and from. Are these people. I think the training staff had a real issue with him being around. You know they're there they're certified they've got in certificates in this and licenses and that and trained. And here's this guy you know what's his certifications what's his qualifications what does he know about what we're doing yet he's talent he's telling Troy Brown do this on tellem Troy Brown do that. In a dirt and meet him he sees the to make these calls and yet he's telling them that don't listen to me I can see where where it was huge problem and bill. Bill had to decide what those guys. Never thought about those that those of the people who work for the franchise. And he had to make that decision even a may have been against what Tom black what. I don't know where I was I was led assorted players wouldn't you know it or have this team harness the Alex that would have been kind of agreeing with what he was seen and so. That is out of this through that that's a huge problem right there haven't got. That many players that don't wanna listen to exam or whatever it nicest thing down that would interest in this of the would have. No. That SA he's issue. As you just you have when you got. Players don't wanna listen to your staff on of the masons of staff. And and I said you can just imagine the bean and gain. A guy comes up with this thing or whatever and he doesn't London Jim doesn't want to zone doesn't want to Moses he was too. Another guy that's employed by another player on the team has on this. In yes that's a tough situation to be so when an odd sewer. If I was athletic trainer. Spent coached by eagle B Bruce too slow I mean. Say nothing of the fact that if something happens to that player. Bill isn't to go yellow and Alex Ferreira he's gonna come yell at me. I'm I'm going to be the guy gets in trouble if if I can't get crawled back out on the field because he's listening to that guy and not to me I'm the one gets in trouble. That's the number one reason my strength coaches get fired because players get hurt during the season or whatever especially soft muscle injuries. Sohn you break a bone your break about it not neutral muscle injuries yes one of the biggest reasons why they get fired because you can't keep gas in the field was almost a program you know what do you do with these guys. You know happening doesn't pull him things this year. I committed to pop an Achilles tendon is out on the issue of the squad happen so it's always questions. You know about while these injuries happen and all comes back to just in the conditioning guy and then when it comes down though well. It's also also come back from a pull a hamstring two week earlier. And in this guy's ticket when we get a couple of things that has got four weeks what's going on image him. You know right tonight both mentally and admired or half and half on both sides and when the other side gathered at your store although we are going to be back by now. Yeah exactly so disgusted not communicate and if all three of these. And he's not communicating afternoon and and Moses and Alex noticed guys like communicated and he builds up and over there and and they'll something over there and he duels of the bad there. It might be fit before god is back on the field. The strength and conditioning coach is communicating with the training staff all the time yeah they're going back and forth no you can't let him do this no you even let him do that I mean that's. There is zero communication I would that would Alex Guerrero. The so that's that's opponent and that's upon into the player. Definitely an in depth into the locker would be if you know. So you tell in the got one thing here and into on the got something over there does anyone have bureau. If you don't. But when you're not you're not you don't have the same game plan to get this guy helping him back on the field it's a problem players' health. You know and it and his ability to return in the reasonable amount of time and be effective when he gets back. 6177797937. Is telephone number that strike brownies in the house with the ailing Keefe. Sports Radio WEEI.