Dale & Keefe - Does replay ruin sports? The NFL is oversaturated and now the draft will be on 5 networks;  Rossi should periscope the NFL draft to see if his cat kills him live.

Dale and Keefe
Wednesday, March 21st
Hour 2: The guys think Thursday night football stinks, so how are these new football leagues going to put out a good product. With all the changes in sports replays, are replays ruining sports?  The NFL draft coverage will be on every single channel, the guys want Rossi to live stream his reaction to the draft.The problem with the NBA players own broadcast.

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Yeah yeah yeah. I'll ever to Galen keep Sports Radio WEEI Andy heart patriots football weekly is in the house. And evidently. A long grind of the NFL season is not enough perky. Fall is good but good football all what you have yet good football is better gas we don't like any football you don't like Thursday night football now that because of lower expectations. Thanks you're comparing it. Two Sunday Monday night all Sunday night all of the games in these new leagues will be as bad as Thursday night football lowers your like they're better. And I like them don't go to different restaurants and different expectations OK I'm going on this nice fancy steak house and spend a lot of money but I get a certain meal bull that's when they wanted to follow Walt. Other nights like I go to I already did ball and chain restaurant order a burger and some not Jose and it's tough it's better they don't all talk and butter and jelly on the plate. That you're you're disappoint them or older or go longer and he's sucking down go over for the show it's five hurled but that's fine that's fine. Judging going not well a disbanded it in judging the I've ever had a goat mount me I had that amount was maybe not rely on his back treated like a mountain. Mountain Dew. He's got is Alex science today back at these kind of got you there were mounted by a goat there's no way to turn the baby goat to witches it was appeared that stupid to go to if you go to very details what are I don't vehicle but a you putted terrible place to me what people are just a different three things we're. That there's room or there's almost that need for a break in the in sports like. I don't know if you would enjoy football's much if it was on every single weekend for a whole drawer that's actually part of the problem in the NFL right now. That's authority on too much yes why they over saturate whatever you do that big yet. Games that don't live up to your expectations that you leave disappointed now maybe if you're out only football fan you would feel differently but I feel like most people to listen to us you're a sports fan maybe you don't global for the same that's fine but. Hey right now it's hockey basketball season and baseball is on the way and it's football season and we start all over again don't stay married to spring league. If you're literally coming compliment he know you're not competing your complementing Yuri Iraq minor league call your father already. On the same time as in every city as a cultural on the city while it's on TV in every city. On Saturday who wants to thirty different culpable so you want Tuesday night's. The no goal eight AFL team place though not there's nobody at all on Tuesday night's. I'm not an action. Nine okay definitely hear them yet Tuesday or Wednesday knowledge so I depict a night you're a minor league and you're only looking to hit 885 people in the stands. Aha so what's the point 185. On a national sales are all part of life the map that see how much are going to be able to pay your forty man roster. While it's bigger limit it's going to be a player to sort of selling them on hope. Hope yes so why today they're missing or play on Tuesdays but you could get back to Sunday's. More people are watched the Boston uprising play over watch who just Minor League Baseball who just Minor League Hockey a few thousand parents and their day and kids from their youth whatever sport that's him down but. But Minor League Hockey isn't trying to compete against. He didn't compete I. I'm not competing market view I think trying to compete like Vince McMahon and whoever else is stupid. But there is Rome for a developmental league OK but that's the thing I don't think there looking at this as a developmental league and maybe some other guys go on to play in the NFL but it's not like they're connected like a Minor League Baseball so if you take in a a Portland sea dogs scheme. You're gonna see future Red Sox take on future blue jays or you're gonna see a guy have a rehab star who was on the big public order you've got to do your height and maybe there's a team for the Bleier AFC east that you guys go to one place we all shipped you three players so they need that they have not done that though why why are we further. Part of it is if there was and if there was a need for what you just described there it's why wouldn't the NFL Donna what do we hear the coach why why does it lightly wait let me finish it if you want. And and that's changing if the National Hockey League has got minor league affiliates and says you know what we're gonna subsidize this could weaning this development late. If it did is it the your genealogy how easily they immediately. You know and and the Celtics are sending players to the Portland red claws and in in baseball you've got all these my. If the had such a need for a minor league development system wouldn't they build it. They had it for like fifteen years they put it in Europe which was a terrible business model. And what else has change it at last that Long Island a long time will start to the world little while and an yeah Europe changed the budget times but it existed terrible business model though. You should these guys across the on to ward knows what in front of lord knows that there's a better chance of survival if they. Adopt what year suggest exactly but they haven't both point it looks like yet about this man now that's a good work ignore that and that seed in the AA. App or the whatever the other one well. The alliance a lot of our American Football League league is there now I think that might not as if you have ass I don't think you need the league. Yeah an alliance or barrier inaudible they were gonna use an alliance of American football but the folks down the hall slapped a restraining order prior eerie out of that but the other thing that has he evolved recently it is on the had a terrible thing it doesn't actually with the word hey we gotta say it yeah if you were out on it it is an alliance from its all the audio line out that part well. The but with the CBA coaches complain about there's not enough time with the players and they don't get to practice there's no ad time and how do you teach offensive lineman to practice and to hit without hitting the camp where they're pads while there's. A lack of field time to develop people correct. This would give you the opportunity to develop people set and let's not put it a half a world away except NFL coaches would hate the idea. That it's not NFL coaches who were teaching them this ad time idea develop coal fields time. Bill Belichick's big on developing coaches. So now instead we'll just tell with somebody who's not under is Noelle is. Essentially our our affiliate in in double lane and they would go out there and beat me okay. You work here as a coaching assistance for a year to like so many of these guys have done and then the next part of the process is. Ugoh coached that team for the fall because you can do both you can carry over the patriot coaching. To these young players you show you can do that now you come back now your position coach it's part of the evolution of your coaches. In your players and if you do don't admit I'm onto something you're just being stubborn track not know of your on it and this is that true. This idea now gone from developing players to developing coaches keep right that's all you have to apart anymore I picked a minor league is already cultural puts them to handle they they use that to the best of their ability. Well they do they were not the be all and no you don't get the guy until he's done with that provides stereo package while this format. That's limited in that it is limited makes those guys don't get to do what. Play game play which you learned the most. Lay off now play being tracked you need to play the game. Can't learn to play the game well playing UN if you ask Bill Belichick I bet he'd say yeah more practice film room. Well I didn't ask Bill Belichick I just real estate and it didn't he's not available he's making the rounds and pro days he's very busy right now the backup for on. That was yesterday as Georgia on today's Georgia Georgia yes it is but human error screen. Mean name the former Nebraska at Oceana and about that tightly actors and I like Harbaugh in law are you as Karbala merit Harbaugh says that built differently with one party the hole and sister was football prepared it is quite a crook. They'll they'll raise your eyebrows really kind of out of byproduct. Of a log time ago they stay in the species he developed a relationship decreased. Keep talking itself on AP Qaeda. A guy and that might call it a couple or are almost like ground yesterday were correct or via regular he was better than today yeah I'm. I edit your jump through a my brother in law plate for the European the only way I would ever watch this week you're that they were affiliated outlook yet and what they would have. At what you do the patriots would sponsor a model after the war Vinatieri played in. And the European member and you know he had a are nimble player. We're starting with the NFL affiliate in what you had a hat or somewhere at the New England patriot amble. On their beautiful. What does that that would look bad guys that are bad business models are. And being he go into any added network looking at my brother all played he played over their risk of leaving the family he's. Yeah. I I. I thought that was a little disappointing that the subject lines that he Tapia and on about business that he didn't really hit area assembly member playing in a now with Cochran and also it just makes no sense. It was an off season league far away. I'm talking about a more of a baseball for out of our hockey model you know when the Bruins. Get a guy from Providence center got a product Red Sox from the topic. The patriots are not gonna say what do you think I've from Madrid on the first flight over currently yet lag all that crap. Oh there's a different business you guys are very close and didn't vote what's in the European league play in the NFL's off season as well yes well obviously is yes I'll give it bringing Diane from Madrid your game for point one actually after counterproductive why. You lost the off season. What does that really talk about your rookie the second year all I got to fall off season in this year I was able to go to all the OT gays in the passing camps and spend time with Donte' on the board in the you know. Meeting rooms. You missed all that because you were shipped off to Spain for eight games to play for some team so. If you play games. During the fall in the developmental style being coached by developmental coaches in the spring you revert to what. You're NFL team where you get to become NFL players. I'm spending so much time defending this new Rivera if you don't really coming Felix no I don't particularly video all right I. What you want disagreement ball OK our. That well I do all I firmly believe that there is a need for developmental put. I forgot that they did the logo thing because of his pick is that true that in decades Ers and play in this league and so their uniforms. They would have what's the body that he played on the that Rhein fire all the Rhein fire against you on the Rhein fire. But right now the senator of his Jersey was the big Baltimore Ravens logo. That's interest in a man who likes sponsors on the shall we have never back down beside them like the team blows nobody playing for flights. It defines every team in Europe by everybody and in Europe has sponsor logos all and you yes me and my eyes soccer nailed in the end it's over an hour outs in the month and I'm sure we'll do this in this new league and creating. I get a lot of outdoor event I think you should read because Charlie ebersol the that Obama is a brother Jonathan gradually push in this whole Lothian C ankle which nobody has yet play stupid idea on I don't know I gave you that bullet point that talking point it's more on. Now what do you think about the letter that would be the guy who's developing this new league now well Charlie ebersol called a moron and your first need to know his. Moron it's going to be not short they are eating or Aaron is he's moronic at him. Doubtful oil diesel angry at. That. What about there's one of these Arenas teams again this is new wage so you need to open it up to the fan based you need to cool logo we need to get kids to come cheap concessions there's a whole. You know I finally revealed to it now. There's one team that I believe allows their fans on their mobile app to. Call plays I. That I don't think much of it. Terrible I tell you is that a lot of data on a hail marry again over the back to the flea flicker you're gonna. Other flea flicker I think you get them off what could you give them options I don't think it's all a little bit more plays that that's all right Paul laughed like pivot option the other coaches on his alma yeah I want them to run this week here guys get so close I don't like this from dale you're you know that'll learn you know. A each time he opened minded enough not wild about chain displaced African fort night and he should be up to. Pittsburgh game it is and it is right ain't I I right I agree world aids day today I showed in the video. Of Alex Ovechkin without a shirt on playing fort night. You can you stop the most important I don't I trust me this day. Both the companies is a sweet combination of the two hockey players and goats and he did you guys pops the shirt off roofs or and I. You know we only saw from the waist up I don't know if he had anything on our it's all right if things went technically there's not much like they waited for night hard to compare really did anything else the month. If you win a lot no no that's why wouldn't hold down right now I have one. It wants. A couple times. Because if you hurt your teammates while want to dance around the house and stuff when it happened -- you -- -- an article loser in is that in the game I've seen the loser you know the only FL not easy to play as a solo you can play impairs your inflated group for the sort of wanted to group for a wanted to group to have not yet one solo. So you're sort of along for the were probably the weekly or a little more Tully Banta-Cain and Tom Braden I did about five sacks its the bills that was the last time we had a Tully Banta-Cain like rock popped into my mind is a guides or one suitable for maybe it was the worries he literally left his Super Bowl ring in the bathroom in the early in the mall was that there was yet this. You know hey I don't watch your head what I've done it happens I appreciate that the got to return to whom is very knives pats on the cell phone hey pat. Anyhow you don't want to look great. I'm trying to get better at that this new actual. I have a scenario of the truck that you are you guys to meet them at what happened. All right I'll I'll just give you this is you start. The Dez Bryant play would be catch under this rule the Jesse James played would be kept under this rule. Yeah I'm not I'm looking at particular. Played it happened but this scenario. At wide receiver goes up in the air and catches the ball in the air clearly two ads all control. Comes down to the ground aren't too. From that point he goes directly to around an anti ducked at the ball hits the ground and out of this and now we made that comment that the ground cannot. You're not caught on cable. So is he got at that point he. And yet eight. The player doesn't touch him. So it actually rule book that that wall is gone from the ground can't create a ball to the ground now expect apple. Yeah but he could also get up. Without any technically capital. Says it's great I don't know that which are not allowed to get up at the ground tax I believe that's a cat China at a later he could drive it'll football play though you ready for Oakland. He debated and he had the ability to perform such an actually car taken as he caught it any good if they didn't do anything with with the ball is up in the air his feet touchdown but in the ball immediately squirt out I think it's a complete. I'm not so sure about that yet the answers we don't know I don't know where backlash federal law as guest room and help us that I Soledad throw the child flight and now he controlled that it is two feet went down and had he wanted to we could have performed an act but he didn't perform. His act without the ball so were you have to it says the ability to perform well we all the ability to perform and I thank you with us and asked some less than others we must act is third that I read that that's a catch. It. Great well river let's play golf yes. That'll never happen again also that now I think really more scenario I your friends. I would like callers to phone and now it's not related to settle there are. Well that's an area at all only him the first yeah well it Rossi came in riding an as an otherwise act outlet for you or because hopping around on one leg what a panorama. Man twice on one thing but what affect how is that two feet I could be old one for it but it's twice right so it's fair. Yes so what under the scenario the guys to shown off. He's really athletic apparently Mike Williams used to for USC was just like hold the ball opinions and yet the Yankees could even grab it didn't translate to that are now I get screw government in Europe if that happens yeah. I think there are some fun questions and as I said during the break. The answers to him it doesn't matter you don't have to know the answers only one guy does it guide New York Al reverend but Alaron that he really doesn't matter he will at the time there's enough what I don't know area he sees it. While catch I don't know catcher's not that hard you'll say one of two and we can all bitch about it is a bitch either way I feel roll over roll this year I just are glad on the way and saying how. Like they should attempt at saying I don't think even say knuckle time out of Atlanta about the rule just like the rest of us both having in the new role with a completely change it doesn't like the new role that the minerals been enacted. There the NHL has decided on on replace it out now goaltender interference. The refereed goes over and stands penalty box and it looks at the iPad need to any decides yet yeah I I had the call right that was knuckled that are parents. And passing on and you don't get to decide whether your call was right now we're gonna let the guy in. Toronto. They don't recall no one's ever gonna it was a mistake it was a dumb premise to begin with officials review match penalties and we talk about now Backus because of her throw guys out of the game much Michigan right. Should also give you a drop my replaced there and you guys. Yeah it's I don't. Was he seemed a lot less fired up about it tonight with the replay ruins all sports. Replay a dozen there shall not be moving forward and Indies kingdom you're taking away all replies in slow motion replay. If you can't decided at full speed that it doesn't need to be decided the call on the feels they don't know I had lost say and I kind of agree with a now. I I call right in the victory like these does not guarantee they get called right is screwed up all the time. I bet you are that I Regis it was state incidents at full speed replay watching any of you I don't see it allowed replay. Pulls beat. Our house here just taking out slow motion. Well a lot of people see. But the NBC. On the Sunday night announced that C and that weirdly that was in May that around and around it movie camera and I'll wrestle it. None of that rap stepping out and I know at full speed you've got a second look if you really blew the call you can fix it now if not say it's too close and go when my instincts. In right there the official. They've trained they've been given all the power there it all the money quick I I think there should be some like a thirty sec evil speak no shall consume and I just confuses it all of us how many times do you watch something you're a 100% sure of what you saw. And they slow down and stop your life. I guess you look at that well I can't fill out that on or around the catch. Or speed replay. Know what they just need is they need the Bluetooth or something might have had the wraps all my operable why aren't the call. No but. Don't go anywhere just how the amount they get paid a lot of money to bring it makes observant outbursts are right now tablet and it's a dumb but all we did get a paid as much when Bill Belichick doubled rebels has you know they avoid the but it won't somebody watching the game which are noted they're kind of doing that now but to have them quickly say they get to take less adamant. If they shut off the replay and all but I'll catch. And I don't like parents progressed and college football where they had a guy in a boot with a Tivo to me he was like O'Donnell up now to pass. Of the thirty Saturday back that you do that in every sport correct that's it should be so I'm not anti replay adds that it takes root in if you play the replace full speed takes less time. It's supposed that's for a slow Mo has the words slow and yet but if you're seeing the it's the normal speed a hundred times compared to ones won't you if you need a hundred times yeah. The call on the field stands we didn't screwed up that conclusive the evidence right stick with what you've made the first call fields yes stands. Spain and it's confirmed I'm I name or getting to replace completely but yet you know like mine and I got to be honest I'm sort of inching towards that I I I I don't I don't blame it on nice I don't know about robots probably not hustled now's it was a minute ago is up to tell him aren't you have younger by the minute by the second to reject Hairston and I mean does that not robots against. Robots it strikes all right Beijing all right cars safely analyst yeah all our games are worker on the yeah yeah settled a woman's right killed by left her home plate Obama well. Home plate umpire though you don't want like a robot back there always ill lasers lasers lasers with chips and sort of for that lasers are the next thing yet chips more ownership and every ball in its agreed and sensors under the field know where the ball is at all times whether touched there didn't touch that's the future but I think we're a ways off. Something is there no report. Those mobile replay and slow but still ideally get rid of all replace fast low bass mode replied that fast yet to watch it goes out these SP regulars field. It'll be just fine so apparently you don't think there's such a things too much football as you want more are on more vote is is there is there such thing as too much draft coverage. To see the announcement today. What is this about finds solace that sold the stock that's may yet might end this was via the fox is now gonna televise the first three rounds of the draft yes so three networks ABC is now gonna televise rounds four through seven. ESPN in the NFL network will continue to do what they're doing. So you've got fox ESPN in the NFL network all doing rounds one through three. You've got ABC ESPN in the NFL network all doing rounds four through seven on because we don't have enough coverage ABC. Don't they have the same people as he has beaten and who's gonna do well they can. You know fourth round and ABC fifth through seventh UNC news opinion so no there the juices alternate ESP NF and our program all seventh round right. So ABC's two rounds four through seven they're gonna be competing against ESP and now this idea is signed cast. Just bring it and I got all I gotta be honest it's stuck like this that makes me think Mark Cuban is right. Mark Cuban's definitely right because there is such a big if that's the guys that I don't take these events there is such a thing is too much ya you don't need. Three networks congregate each round you get to choose you watch one of I understand that doesn't bother you the appeal letter a what I think about it what if I'm missing one of my life shows on fox because they're covering the first three rounds that draft when I get to other networks that are donut you know and Dale Carnegie Family Guy he gets up I guess my stories affect it'll be on a different time. But the people that are affected here the NFL they make more money. They somehow convey I think that's a people problem for them a czar like there's not three or are they are dumb enough to say wait I'm an air something that's already airing elsewhere. Right because the Super Bowls on one channel. Great DA chips in games on one channel the NFL draft so the first round I got picked or three channels to watch until he will be an epic. So the options for the first round ESP NFL network and fox box now Fox News talking after innings of them out. So LeBron James. I thought everybody makes fun getting in Troy Aikman but I agree I do like a paper Todd rejects I'll probably watch them like no because that's not Berman Berman has been doing it for couple years right so. That's not him then I'll probably watch ESPN's coverage but they have to fill in for gruden who has been doing. That's also fine I'm not gonna miss them OK I Alec Election Day in and carper. I'm kinda with you right and those guys have tried room there's one more hope you guys in this. Are you going to be on might periscope during your yeah I Iowa from the del Ali. Now we should just live reacted roster Watson yeah. And hey it's. I thought that actually that you. I don't own book or not I ESPN two will also be part of this and they're gonna be supplementing the coverage. With college teammate. Like it settlement what happens when Ross he's had a tax burden periscope this applicants are the kinds of this are reverend technical the Pope. Now number graduates Karlsruhe blew the roof Holdman night. Well 08 all our people watch that while it. For a while look at your monitor the broadcast at home cats gathered that it's there and it's owner. Yes we have an appointment about this will work on the television ads now or something else right. He should at the mountains re the cat of fed last raised extra packs a bring the cat three house its rate so you are ingesting sprays and acts because your cat is that that's we don't get it just it just option. I would let that throw I realize that I thought if the cats inhaling your him yeah you have to. What tools real docile low I can't wait fifty yeah. Overlapped or what Animal Planet for a of course I've watched Animal Planet will be to get them on them though my cat for no. Oh yeah submitted I don't think this yeah. I doubt. We are going yeah this animal league Animal Planet pleas were debt backed the Rossi he needs your help the matter of time. Or get more more dangerous the whole conversation came around. Like we have kids and that's pretty aggressive but you know it's great it's been announced. He would do that you do that that doesn't work and I don't know where I'd rate it they just crowd actually. It work south property but they say the cat scan public instinct that they realize that all they figure bad parents. Oh I think that there's a baby an architect I thought you meant that the cat was judging like your control your ability parent because the cat is crazy you couldn't possibly control child properly raise a child that it properly. Let's go back to your and it I don't know inside it's 6177797937. Its telephone number that's in the heart fighting tooth and nail with. Jason rusty everybody. Unveiling keep Sports Radio WEEI. As the worst the worst weird where your notes and misses on because you're like yeah mark the moment. And. I. You're real military didn't take a little. I'm trying. It's important. It's blown it we're not open to a miracle. Can call and twelve. Yeah I called yeah. Kevin Garnett missed nothing if not entertaining. In what he's got guys who were predicting who's gonna hit the game winning shots and they get it right. The horse to win. Boris we know which one I'm more of the matter ends his heart that other part you do uniform Alex. He's innocent worse the more we're way up soon mr. Sarkozy like yeah about the moment. The moment. At least shoe okay that makes sense but it got down right. Would you guys think of the on the broadcast. Of the players online broadcasts. I'm not prepared for this happen. I am prepared but it it's gonna come off sounding portly army well no I don't all right in his overall I I do think that that there is it there is a skill to being a play by play announcer. That there are certainly some former players who have that scale. But there are many who don't have that scale and who doesn't. Have you seen recently who doesn't fly a system already lost some of those things I think that's what sometimes. People just assume that well if you didn't play the game you shouldn't talk about the game and like just that you let me know what the former players say and there are some four players that are. Just great at breaking down game make your perspective that. Somebody who didn't play can't do but I think the combination of the two is still important and you see that on night they did the stern. I NBA all star Saturday night which is even more to lose type of thing but even that felt kinda awkward we just have. Three or four players together we're all used to being color analyst trying to do the game. A don't have sort of the the straight guy he will you don't have a guy's gonna sort of set up the other guys take in and out of breaks in the economic bill press I question. Or afghanis sometime right players start rolling or coaches start rolling. And they think they're talking to other players or other coaches and using lingo. In descriptions at a rate of speed. That 99%. Of the population. Doesn't understand ice has very Matt Chatham light and yes yes and you need sometimes. The the play that play guys are just the straight man Diaz as he brought it up yeah just simple you know what you mean by you know what exactly does that mean 'cause. For example I was at miserable I was asking. Josh Boyer the defensive backs coach out just the quote our kilos whatever the story of the week. And he started just rolling and I felt like freaking Adam Sandler in Billy Madison he's learning Spanish that you see there who will down like. Once they get into that mode they loved to do it Somalia and it just flows. And that's great. If the people listening to what the hell you're talking about otherwise it's wasted is just wasted words so and I think that happens a lot of players adding. Sometimes that's the down part of even. You know like the TNT. We did Charles and Shaq they just get their own little world like they're sitting around watching the game in the living room which is great because it's it's comfortable it's entertaining. But sometimes the way they talk yeah I know and he talked about you among the last to what you are optional would not work. Is if you did that without her job correct it would failed miserably without Ernie Johnson a kind of directed traffic and he had more iron and now they show less you've found the right ex player I'm not saying there's no right or player there be capable of saying wait guys. I know what you're talking about but our listeners might not. And having somebody to rein it in. But there are I mean. There's a good player. Doing color commentary is phenomenal. Because they know when to explain they know went and not go too far. Went to knocked it to specific or two you know 300 level when most listeners want 100 to 200 level. But and they can all because most viewers of a game or listeners that radio. Our net 300. They're not I mean all due respect to the great sports fans of Boston. They don't have the knowledge base most of them. That Katie and approximate what you know a professional player professional coach who can break and if you speak to the 300 level. Great there's going to be just you know 10% of the audience that loves and maybe ten okay. But if you speak of the 100 level all the audience gets the the casual fan the expert and especially in this day and age of you know podcasts and things the way for the guy that's at the 300 level. Had to find that information to find somebody who talks about the game in that way whether it's an ex player just. You know good media podcast when you speak to a general audience you need to keep it 100 level. We do right how to always everything I need to. We register for a mile and a half ago that I am how to think of of you know former players who have who have gone on to become play by play announcers not colored lots of guys who collar not Frank Gifford. With a guy who was able polo often ended a good job about it it's never good when economic background just a dark fifty years about the list its its sole limited. Does widger and animal you want to you haven't had the chance to homes schools. To different world. Right right yeah it is Wally while you were playing whatever sport where the other guy 600 guy Collins Syracuse calling it gave it their all ready to Alter on the game so. I don't think it's a terrible idea you know having an especially AT&T has so many players on staffs are once they can do this so. Last night the studio show was one Shaq Isiah Thomas and baron Davis and so they they throw Ernie out of there. And it's just it's not the same. Later in the season when you're going it's we have all these guys are hard to doubt that keep that tape for a contract negotiated outside biggest audience looks really good at night that night yeah I think sewed same with guys like Kevin Harlan war you know just like. Years ago they did. A commentator lists game they tried doing game where. I forgot there was footballer ballot ball was so all I remember and there was no they nobody argued it was just awful all you're watching it even the people that had previously complained about announcers and collar guys yes admitted it was off okay this is not something I'd like that guy but that guy's better than nothing it is that's definitely what what it's proven out I think you see that again last night. I understand that it you know you try things you do if you weren't yet especially in this day and age where. This in particular but like Ross was saying about the draft if you have a ESP into wanna do. Okay we're gonna look at the prospects but from the knowledge other option where the college conference we saw them playing college not projecting them to the NFL just tell you what they were in college or when they do the national title game the playoff games and they're challenging the coaches in the this angle on the people Waltz through all those channels through tonight and Nash I don't but somebody we don't think I watched the telecast like somebody wants the homer broadcasts all right wants the and is staying pretty -- guys you know all these. Various corporations have multiple network or the underlying what's gonna do better we have the national team pursuit game on ESPN what's your batteries into bowling or a different view of said get something going just accidentally click that on and stay I enterprise that is that the whole second screen experience like these TV people talk about yes the second screen whether it's the iPad or whatever. Offering you. More information different out yet and our tail that nested like all of sudden it was the year two ago that they really started to put way more info on the screen right but there it you're gonna look good for this or should put it right here Korea and plus they're ready as a massive screen everybody has 55 inch screens is little more in nineteen entry cannot cut our two months of relentless the candidate without our house Torvalds back in the day did you ever try picture in picture. Yes. I hate yes I had it gives hated it it was like I I can't concentrate on either of them right. Most gimmicks are just that they're gimmicks that you realize. Like I just wanna watch the game accounted for a walk when I'm watching I think people now do want more than one thing ones but having a lot of people now have either to screen setup or. People's phones are lots of wonderful young yeah mostly left to screens. And so the I have scuttled out right now organize it does not right next to each other rock music than that word watching. Monday Night Football and you know on a bass or our power lines I don't like having my Twitter feed openly games on. That's him it's against our company yet and I end up missing the game you guys are touching the student and I'm looking down at that what happened to get to a fight with somebody in the country at the games. But like to do that all the time anyway his sister is nobody wants with the patriots and red zone gamble fonts and he can't really. What are your locked into the pitchers but as soon as they go to commercially or over red zone but and Al Alam channel button is for. But at least now you have never miss it outlast the only place hot up the reds and actually I his missed the replays of the patriots back. So vastly Ortiz keep Def screen on. When you really want both and it really invested in the patriots can you watch in the disease you can watch ball that you can't watch football drama you get Watson like. Breaking bad and watched you cross the same time you'd you'd lose or mine but even basketball. Mean baseball's really the best one yet baseball outage or also on Twitter or on whatever stream of something else. But the only time I've ever really done that it was a long time ago where. Like New Year's approach in high schooler Aldrin New Year's Day was big college football I was at almost in TVs at Hewitt. Back in the U could have multiple games going awry you know. ABC and CBS have two big games going on I want it that's a big draw at colonial bar outside of the amount of alcohol you drink would be when you contract that at home today and I cheaper and out of the multiple screens that's the selling points yeah there in the March Madness for example all four games on at a time need to watch out for. We would that have with us last Friday to Vick regret at all they'll on the same time tiger and tiger. And and I found myself locking into one screen because there's too much right I mean the NCAA wrestling pushed me right over the top out account from Oklahoma State they had NCAA wrestling that a lot of what license. They did it inactivity really yeah there was somebody like sitting in front that cheer there was there was that guy at the end of the bar. He and his friend nice dual shock treatment they are they had to know they had to write and has one of the guys ask me. I was at lunch we got to go until he says one of the guys who works at victory grill said. What do you wanna watch and I said well you get all the gains on yet but can you get tiger on yet he's only a short click click click and there it is. But I somebody and gas company and I wanted NCAA wrestling the next this community that X rock lesson area and part of that heavyweights. Always class of tournaments is like 11. Sweet match after the Mac Iowa. These are pretty Iowa Oklahoma State Oklahoma or those midwest. And in the middle of the country again. That's where the good rustling that was get a kick out of an inaugural it's one you'll read about it. That there will be you'll see in the in the newspaper something NCAA. Bawling. Scores NCAA broad scholarship the of the day and if equipment that they actually have college bowling in Rhode Island known. You know doubts that he doesn't lose a month with some schools. Are being that you're in scholarships. Yes they took it. Utah definitely have them argument you wanna California candidate. Video games I don't know how it works out but it it's for it must be because it's weird coming here to develop games of more I think it's plated you know what I mean if you're gonna have professional unprofessional and then why not have college and by your mistake with its that the squeeze. It it's a variety of schools to visual of what Robert Morris as one of the schools thank you rob Utah at new Utah California Ervin. On Guantanamo Steven Wallace the banana slugs a cruise in one of them. Or run deputy Ian do you think Europe for one of these scholarships because you have all I want to award a couple times and rely on settlements we somebody owner Dan olds eligibility. You wrote some thoughts about the details there's an envelope and those guys get scholarships there walk good teammates walk outs and a priority walk. Prior to walk out of the evidence to back majors yes yes yes. It gets eaten Howell scholarship idea that the pale little bit ago here actually makes sense and if they're gonna that we we joked about it you did go off an uprising it was a joke mr. hope but if there's going to be professional. It in there and I'm all about the system in the formatted developmental will you need to develop these guys in more than just the mom's basement it's cracked. For their own basement of yours and my case yes thank you you'll in the basement idea I like by yourself it's my basement keys I was it would join the four party Daria. Luckily my PC camp and graphics of it so why did you. Well there's always I'm glad open invited them to like it just I don't want it so that you'll play a lot to guarantee. Let's topped. And I thought there apparently we're having some technical. Velocity guys don't look at veterans are getting market. 677797937. Its telephone number it's daily key Sports Radio W the do you think.