Dale & Keefe - Don't call them crazy: Keefe & Tomase would both take Horford over LeBron, 5-16-18

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, May 16th

HOUR 3 - Tomase states his preference for Al Horford over LeBron James. Keefe’s questions for Alex Cora from earlier in the show cause a stir in the Red Sox clubhouse. Also discussed: the media’s changing narrative about LeBron’s supporting cast, how the Cavs could potentially get back into the series, and Keefe’s disdain for trade proposals while the Celtics are winning.


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Yeah. Our number three dale and K Sports Radio that we. On the RC WV office witnesses well. We meant to miss him right back well anyway which if they baseball in it for you mr. Well this isn't an opinion so much does so I didn't even ask that question. Yeah yeah that's well. But you wanted me because there is something new easy together they came out our Alex oriented you. Daily question first jobs now with a yeah this is an easy is better. Yes so it is so rich Keefe asked Alex Cora a big question a lot of us are thinking. Did Carson's Smith throw you under the bus idiot there is his glove sub blocks is his shoulder which is basically jargon for Rex his shoulder. And seemingly blames the manager says that it's alive and that he did. You know me hire or fire me that's so Chris Smith of mass like dot com I'd just ask our since it beat it set the record straight as to what he meant in regards to being used the line and Cora was asked today on dale and keep about whether he might be blaming corporate reduce his response no comment. I'd set what I need to set. Now what is that solid from the C seriously aren't quite. Is that that's him tumbling down that core. A fact obviously and he said it was it was stupid. Glom whatever but. He also liked the woman well I'm past joked Kelly you know my arm was tired that went actor with so. He's thinking like a percentage of the blame for something else completely in all I've said what I need to say. That's a sounding Terry he's you have I thought you. He should be gone that you have a new man a team that has stood by you. You blow your arm right away now maybe they should have seen that coming causes I would think my delivery is so unorthodox in stressful whatever. They stood by you why you came back they put you on the post season roster last year they came into the season with you with the eight inning guy you pollute the opener of this season otherwise it would have been like. Eighteen you know or whatever it wants to start the year. David trust you with the eight inning you have not delivered and this is how you react when you do something stupid. You turnaround affluent I'd set what I need to say oh congress this like a week turning into last year threats like. Now Karstens that is not David Price he doesn't and I had quite the same now that telecast shape but it but that attitude they've kind of vibe to that's the first kind of this'll be the first interest in test for me a core and his leadership and what people and I don't think he's gonna have to worry about it it's human being seek Parsons met again that would that might tell us something to him and that it's not that that fox as one of the articles arrived arsons that is the bath apt for on the entire team. That's not accurate a couple of report. A lot of root of little. Yeah what are ridiculous answer that let's not let's let let people hear exactly what it was that you said Alex Cora tonight. It seemed like he took some of the responsibility is talking on the media for that and the other thing Hussein was. Philly you can use the law is or was tired and I read that you sort of letting you a little bit for that did you did you take it that way at all neither take about weight and a daily basis we talked to the to to the players how they feel special of open. That's very important for us. Of one thing over a 160 to two games there's going to be stretches but you play an extra inning games being played back to back a lot you know I mean you play a lot of games without off days. You played you know not close games some that's enemy down and then the usage goes up but. On the database as we talked to them they date because that there about available and we go from there. He may not have taken it that way before he might have all right yeah yeah that's it cleared up but he didn't needed image down even worse and you know it makes it even worse and Karstens and it didn't hear this but within that answer answer we have it. Just after that I think it was where he said. I won I preach personal responsibility. And and all of that stuff you know where you have to owner owned up to your mistakes on your actions and he did that in this case. So Alex Cora is saying that you did it right. And you're basically Carson's been turning around thing he did Enron. He's also never are part since met on the season fourteen in the third. He has never pitched three consecutive games he does have a few back to back in there he also never thrown more than an inning. Some of the appearances or one out throughout. We're gonna just rich keep this is what you started so Alex Cora was just asked in his press conference per Ryan animal W he had dot com. About arsons that insinuating that over usage later rose injury. Gore's response I don't agreement. So now this and now we're seeing the truth I think it's coming out and I I think it was just the scab that needed to be ripped away and I'll thank you rich. Did I got that's why I'm here that they go carts Smith his days are numbered notes. Yeah and they should be in the senate and if you get it back anyway and it's not like you're missing guys. No no Karstens net. You really get the point where you were relying on evidently based on that coming into the season you're relying on him heavily the hope was but. Joseph Kelly has been better a Matt Barnes I feel better outs and I don't know if you compare the numbers but it doesn't I just. Feel better about him there's other guys in the bullpen that have been better and I feel like with him based off of the last three years there was only a matter time so he got hurt on the mound off the mound wherever it was he was gonna do another entry anyway. So this to me is this will be corps' first test and it's not so much would you do it arts and spit because he's not it's in he's probably done but. Core is being questioned. And its players know that he's being questioned now publicly because if crisis that the saying this you know he's pitching to the other relievers about it and they're probably outside. Why these new allies seized me here so this is becoming a thing out and outscored its gonna have to deal. Welcome to Boston this is what managing in managing a bus and it's not seventeen and two it's this. They see that guys he'd by the way said that corps continuing on said that what Carson Smith said quote. Took me by surprise. I mean if you want to go with the right now the Red Sox. I templates Weingarten says he doesn't play enough that a guy carts that the that the selects. I. Directly related to it. I should be out for a few more days he's got three outs and I don't put either of these things on court like you're trying to get. Parsons met in new role where he can be viable. He did not take the ball and run it. He was glove and stat and wrecked his shoulder and then on the case in the cases why are. Yet you don't have a lot of opportunities to play but when you do you got to do so when he's hitting like 130. He's not doing anything with them either the only saving grace here is you're not talking about. You know what David Ortiz a couple of players these are not guys that the clubhouse revolves around tiger but your 25 man and probably year. Eighteenth or seventy we're talking about a guy. Who blew up these old shoulder. By throwing his club in anger in the dot heat blew blew up his own shoulders. Was pretty obvious the president of baseball operations was not looking to place blame anywhere but on the shoulders. Of Carson Smith yesterday all the press conference for ends today that same guy is basically to let them an edge here. He then and I said but I need to say that's unbelievable what clown in class and outings this is the pitch totals. Eleven. While money well. War 1519. When he fourteen and oh. And he's getting over overwork. When he pitches pounding he doesn't go to winning and by the way he hasn't been reliable leader that's the other ought to operate via raised three cents a in throw that out we saw him blow the opener we've seen a couple of guys on base I don't have his inherited runner totals in front Nieminen guessing and strong. I'd use off again is that on the expectation and hope you can go back a couple of years ago cart's commitment yet or bird eight. Have a pretty good bullpen here was you know several the end. It hasn't worked out now on top of that. Nice feeling. Well we I think we we say we know we did get past Mother's Day we didn't get the memorial. White or crap hit the current cars calling John Fowler right now it's like what is the deal with that you. The question he and try to downplay it or. I think that was the time where maybe it wasn't a 100% truthful and that happened where's that. It that way of rockets and a player of the month but there on the player do you know comically wrong and really just double down the fact that. I was pitching on the Thomas. Woodman hurt the aura that way I don't let us agree is freaking ridiculous. GAAP and let me tell you something about outscored two having covered him as a player now as a manager. He is close enough to being a player that he still carries himself. Kind of got back hockey nets he's got that. Like I'm still in the middle of all of this and so I bet you anything that's a part in them wants to be like. And in my office and shut the door audit what happens I don't mean talked. I I. I about it pocket it starts now that I step outside and he's got that kind of person he's gonna take crap from Karstens Karstens and I gave you a chance to be the eighth inning guy and you couldn't tactic that's what Alex gores also going to be classic difference too between what you're the highest paid player on the team members of the laws Hitler's team what you put up with the David Price last year it was a -- in disaster what do you do you have vermilion box in Europe in box and you can't do anything about it. So who's on the team you weathered that storm this guy who's always hurled I'm instincts and the attic ceiling and by the way according to rob Bradford Carson Smith's plated golf for a second opinion on the shoulder in person. With doctor all checked in New York. Bradford says rotator cup is okay. Have to get clarification on the labor that's what they say about the sub stations easily injured when you tears labor and your careers basically. OK that'll beat him on his career in Boston effort to break up Red Sox response to smitten seeking second opinion to. Or else I let's get back to the calls that you guys 6177797937. David's on the cell phone hated. Did is hey guys what's up what's gonna. All. According to your calls her here unfortunately I didn't let all day but I hadn't heard anybody. But around blows. Comment about the salt Cooley. An and he kind of mumbled that the end. Comment about the technicalities. Of this series but obviously based on what happened last nine. It was hidden guys cool. Yeah we get on the very beginning of the show in so you don't like it does sound like Carson C and yeah what about a new it was so out of place it is just so he's grasping at straws right now this team down notes due he doesn't have any answers it forever reason he throws that line out there when we gonna be. Tougher you know I think plants suffer and we are we see that they're being physical. On Laguna and game out and we got to do the same thing so we gotta be tougher mentally and physically. It it's not even true and I for the Celtics are playing a much more aesthetically pleasing style of basketball ice cap talking about the the shoulder to the jaw of LeBron probably with two guys going for basketball by the way. Even the announcer not that I heard everywhere they said last night but even they said there was no malicious and they'll bronze edit himself after game in an unarmed. It feels endless lines of yeah. We. The only who you. Yeah. It Il the only dirty play these arguments JR Smith those it was the only upside. Shelving Al Horford in the back or not for value that was it there it's physical place you know and Marcus marks the effort teammate that's good markets more us you know screaming. Pat actress and Johnson was amazing and they're pumping them over there booting up the game now now and it just seems the article I looked like maybe after he said he well not back off yet at the cavs can't beat you any napkins and trying. Yeah you have to try to be physical they're not even trying and how many times have you seen. LeBron walking back up corner after turnover our guys not even pretending to try to close of three point shooters the Celtics say what you want about them. They challenge every single shot you never question their effort and you can completely question Cleveland's effort all over the place sometime the profits and always on the all yet their defense is terrific 6177797. ID 37 Anthony's it'll all pay Anthony. I don't and it's gone it. The budget that I and I hear you correctly use said that you wouldn't. You'd rather have on our Horford Al Horford in the run in the. Celtics team yes you heard me correctly. Yeah yeah yeah. I am 100%. Serious whose team is about two wins a series. On earth okay. On your. No not the way this team is built because any team that LeBron Islam becomes all about LeBron. This Celtics team is about whatever five guys are on the floor. Oh okay. That would be my fear and I would fear that it doesn't it and and one of these teams is gonna go to the finals and one of them isn't and the one that is and is the one with LeBron. What brought carrying that team he doesn't have. Tatum around the wrote here it's my okay. Think about the greens you just said. No Horford on Cleveland right now you're abroad on the topic big you're telling me that they don't. Well they would be basically movement yeah LeBron off Cleveland you defeats in Toronto yeah and and listen I'm not saying that LeBron is obviously one of the best players ever but for this Celtics team where LeBron is in his career now. I'd be I'm perfectly happy with our ability to not just the hate LeBron but also the agitated and brown give them as many minutes in shots it's possible there was some shots that Hayward in Irving when those guys come back that's fine that's a group umbrella out on the floor than just everything's about me the wrong. All you just get right now is for the past two years people go back and what during the regular seat and average out all this done on your on your station. And then they put it together here in the playoffs and they are to do well here we go every one on our team is. I'm possible okay Egypt's freedom that this person this bird you literally just said that you wouldn't trade Al Horford or. The greatest player on earth right now it may be one of the top five players ever in the NBA still sort of been a lot. Now I see that's the part I don't like moving floor I'm I'm not just saying. Right now. Now I'm talking about moving forward Uga 343536. Year old LeBron James with the salary that bad entails with the minutes that get taken away from younger players with the other guys you can't sign. It's not simply a talent for helping LeBron James they'd better basketball player and Al Horford I can admit that. It's about this Celtics team this fit. Al Horford is better and and the point we were making it because I'm the one who asked the question if if LeBron said at the end of the season I wanted to play for the Celtics. I'm guessing many Celtics fans would suddenly embrace the guy that they now like to mock. And an eyewitness I think I think John's point was it would cost to a guy like corporate just in terms of salary in which you give up Horford to bring an eye what. I would absolutely do I understand your argument by the way. On back to the point of he's the best player on the planet now he's going to be the best player on the planet probably for the next 234 years right you're gonna sign him for four with and get it. British carrier ring and I'm not doing that a lot loved Kyra hearing and then also so now Hayward brown Tatum I mean those guys are all kind of position list but it's basically what LeBron does too you know you can play the wing failure smaller power Ford or never and that's what those guys do. So no I don't I don't I don't want them at all. 6177797. ID 37 let me give you one more update on what Alex Cora said this from out of this from Evan rally. Alex course said he did not agree with Carson Smith's assessment that the team was involved. Sid Smith let the Red Sox know that day he was available. Cora said he and Smith haven't talked about it yet. Ball will yeah well they literally they talked in the ride home I guess they haven't talked about that falls to. I have talked about rich keep it could be happening even as we speak. They're not at all. Not yet not at all no weight off no way no how delighted that type of people writing obituaries and it's all over. I think that there are far from gone. I don't recognize to really kings in this country. Other than Burger King but in this case. It used to I used the right are rough I've recognizable blog did and what he will be able to do. First of all the Celtics have been unbelievable at home not I didn't know they play totally different. On the road to post season they won a war. And for all the good stuff that they've done they could easily go to Cleveland alludes and they. And the holds views that. So we'll. One of our sun life rob Parker on the heart of our rob Parker on the undisputed he he doesn't recognize many kings besides burger that Burger King. The the line. I don't know rob partner. Should keep the you know now. If that's ultimately hate that but that was a terrible attempt at humor that goal. Overall point is just terrible. Way to go out should be concerned about it too low. That and a note that is about this Celtics team but. Every felt the team whether to blow they wouldn't theories like O two is really difficult you also mentioned how great they are home guess what apple part of that they're gonna have a couple more home games it goes that far where they are so. And they have one on the road either all from the road and win on the road. But I lost the first two games because it's not like the Celtics played perfect games in either war. Especially. Catholic. They've missed some layups and open threes in the second half that hurt but in the fourth quarter they could put that away early in the scored a lot of voters outs in the first. More shots that they would normally make here's my question what are the odds that we have a feeling in this game theory where. Close game Celtics pull at the end it's the Rio and seers. I mean I I I almost think they're better odds than that this time around than there were against the sixers yet seems like they are ready to pack it in the cavs are and if you're not LeBron or Kevin Love those guys were all playing scared or screw this up on and others terrified in all the new guys guys came at the trade deadline got. He hates me. Yes that you played scared and then the thought that's just proof that blow up in the wrong ample play well and in the caskets. So and used by Al walk in the game and easily cover the one points or lose them they know it's always going to be favored at any point in the post season and are on the road I bet they're not favored Jason because usually determined and including that until July anyway so it's got to get time to think about it that the line on but -- depends on it carries and a player not you might be game three of the series. Gordon Hayward if I. If that's the answer both questions. But I feel like it probably win one of the two wouldn't come back up in game that pima production and watch him teams play now though. Just as the president they're gonna win at least one of the two games in yes absolutely. And they are just there on the two rule home that oath in this Cleveland team in the Boston when you've already seen LeBron and his best he can't play much better but he did last night out yet. Of the 42 point triple double on any of those and you and you got solid performances from Kevin Love. And even some points from Kyle Korver and you still couldn't win what you need. Is this team performs from LeBron the same performance from love and then you need. Yes. Rodney hood JR Smith and Kyle Korver knocked down a combined twelve theories and exaggerated I think they would need each of the four threes. They can't carry the office for a stretch you also need to hear rosier to play like he has been on the road. You know off game for him. Where you can turn the vulnerable they think of the two point something like that. And a zillion offensive rebounds you know goal that dateline up I guess and tried to. For the Celtics used it you know worse it more us or brown or something like that that's probably the aspect. 6177797937. Dave's on cell phone hated it. And yet there weren't what's gonna. I can't believe he had put in this same boat as rob Parker for Warren but out I wanted to talk a little bit about that argument about whether the Celtics would be better. Luck Jane are. First off I am always been I brought the part about. 2013. Fourteen whatever it was they started a knocking got stuck curry has the best player in the league back kind of all of the speaking actually to go on and become a ridiculous. He was battered them abroad. And since then I've kind of been at play a little bit I'm not really sure why haven't I mean it's true. But I do believe that was the coach we have in effect and we gaining just the owner. Neither guy being not established a book I haven't done that. If LeBron wanted to come here are some might come out and it would work and it would work rate almighty that guy that would you know long shot. And I don't need them that's the beauty of that they don't need them they don't they don't they're don't they're one of two teams in the league that doesn't need him everybody else should take them do whatever they can get them but besides her order I don't know. Needham I agree but it's hard so he and I need it hard for anyone to make argument that you could attack guy and and he wouldn't be you know what are two years four years. You know it would always eager to have somebody that big skill set in any NBA especially in Margate. Is really really big back. I don't think there's a way that it wouldn't work. Other than an hour on just went to war with change in Austin and it wouldn't work but I just don't see that in a problem in our team and I think that LeBron. Does have a attached to it within the system and I think we have a unless coach and he's had that not all around player that no matter what you know Eric. We got to back are certainly Obama and win it again. And here's why here I wouldn't work from a basketball perspective to me. So the celtics' system it's all about. Movement and sharing the ball and LeBron is selfless the Aries not a selfish player after I got out there I'm in the argument is maybe gives up the shot two off yes but he always has the ball like always he dominates the law and he has for his entire career so to say that he's gonna come here. And play in that system that way. The two don't fit again you can't have a guy who dot like even Tyreke. We also ruled he's carried dominates the policy can work in Boston red and any gets here and you say oh look at that he's actually willing to pass the. So he's I don't want to understate the best player that's that's great. But not only salary cap closet you have to get rid of at least Horford and all the pieces. Now we're playing now is Jason Tatum I come off the bench after starting as a rookie and is now you're leading scorer in the playoffs in the click the next big thing. The item you're upon him for two years of of the broad. No thank you or Gordon Hayward hey Gordon if they admit although it back here your evidence to and I just I don't wanna do it like you don't need it yet you want this thing till last 56789. Years that you want to last two to three years because that's it'll be LeBron two victories Thompson Connecticut hey Tom. There are guys don't wanna. Ask Eric a point you the Celtics they're going to be based on some machines coming out now obviously. We can't pay everyone over here is got a expiring deal. Brown and had to be re out a couple years so. I want know you guys sank. I know Phoenix was talking about they want young players. For the number one pick. What if we built. A package deal you know Mickey including bush year brouder Tatum noddle mixed. For the number one taken ankle after gentry. Now. Can and an all seriousness time and I just ask you quick question and then debts here on the gap by yeah. Court. It I. It's -- well no it's better off Mike let alone but that's that's what active pattern that that's actually the point I was I was getting too but Tom leftists. You're up 2 nothing in the Eastern Conference finals why are you looking to make a deal here all like all I brought up the point was you know. What would Celtics fans think it if LeBron James said he wanted to play for the Celtics next year it's not like it was him lets you read this guy this guy this guy. Nor do I wanna make a trade now. I beat him Ryan McDonald that terrible GM but it duke ultimately gates here rosier couple guys that went pick you up on the audit unless it was unless it unless it was Tatum and brown but. And I don't wanna do that by white contacts and another way and sort of rookie deal so as to the browns and obviously in the U one round it's your two. So by the time yet the pay those guys crazy money Al Horford will be gone. Presumably it will coincide in Sacramento are the only registry I don't know all the bad guys yet that's that's that is triggered that trigger me but. And those guys are going to be gone even Hayward right by the time. Yet the tape Tatum and yet at that timing really works when I could move from one to India so in a few you can three or four or four years. Potentially. Around Tatum Irving. Take a look at the picks that are common in next year kings of it the right of the Kingston which I don't think they just the the second pick but. If that if you were tough but it again next year and all of the video on them so. I'm not a swing trades like this team right now Alec where they are another long time in between games two and three. And and apparently lie and up to rebuild the roster that won it up where the 2019 seasons gonna start apparently had to go there just yet dressed as soon as the season comes to an end. I welcome all trade possibilities all at Betty Davis and aerials all white Leonard scenarios but right now. Let's look at most going on. Did it meteorologist you'd rather just take it out each yeah he told you about this golf that some people. What you Miami you don't storm Columbus club people they've refused to go to home before lol do they were used about plywood and board up and get out of town PL. Both of these hard Hejduk. Celtics may have not thought. We have they have no choice but whether it's Bolten they got to be ethical sometimes you suggest they should just leave the whole another and I don't go to somebody god give you know. Usually that usually don't what you got to get that we have all it and if our ballpark where some poor kid picking up there and everything. I got to get people to know. Give the Celtics great soldier category five the touchdown. Bunkered down their weapons. Or joy out but out of trouble. Will LeBron will be nuclear 21 points in the first quarter the only before. So when normally go off like. He had well Ortiz on the ground rule here we go. The beat beat on Shannon Sharpe yesterday Shannon checked that we don't recall that yesterday we played yeah. The first. The very. Very exciting cut their chance our food. Nobody breaks down south and now what. I wanted to and Colin the National League and he knows. They. Tristan stated meteorologists Mitterrand the State's well Nicklaus and that the people that lets be honest all of us to screw that one up. All of us didn't stumble without him at night I would get there yet works for the immediate yellow bow on. I stick to the ones who still worth it is kind of comical bought the Celtics are doing to the national pundits. The way they're just tying them up in knots with what's going on here now the favorite thing is what LeBron does very well at that will ease the same amount of help since the trade deadline and you guys all were so excited. I remember that they they smoke the Celtics play two days after the trade them on with their new bunch of theories that Stephen A Smith and all these guys are coming it would work out after Mac and there's so much better out of the favorites like look out Eastern Conference well guess what it's the same growth and however is watching and then out front of well. We get all the help the world and they do their GM was the genius at the trade deadline. And now it's Ottawa and believes he's got he's got to at all so I thought there Stephen A Carty said he. He's gone he's definitely. I think he has anyway definitely I'm not coming here Robby let me average I I I've only made maybe two or three predictions correct in my entire life and one of them was one of the day you resigning Cleveland I think he's not in and is currently there. That's a great story homecoming. Hero it. But Pete that he song on the everybody excited Mike. He's gonna be gone but the teams are because of ruled that these are broad jump ship somewhere else it's Susan Waldman call you that day initiative and on the positive that it is that it's just that is meant that way 11 more Alex Cora quote for the back yeah you know the economy and courtesy of Evan relic again who's quoting. Alex politically here on Twitter. Talking about Carson's. I don't agree with it I don't agree with it I mean on a daily basis we talked to pictures and how they feel. In if they don't feel they can pitch that day we stay away from them so it caught me by surprise. He should have told it to us. Well. Air you know it's at that I we were talking not there are saying it I had asked that question to Cora. I wouldn't of massive that we keep wasn't we wouldn't of had that. Poll we would've at all of this but that would have been my angle to it why has he come to you and said he's the T you know you did not and he hasn't which is making him look worse and worse and worse. And you almost wish now but it wasn't the season ending injury because you want to stay after you account. But yet you want he want the conflict today's going to be. No conflict now because he's just going to be gone I was asked about what time last night you crawl from under the boss and yes the majority out of it you are back to the call 61777979837. Kospi is down in DC they cost you. They deliver either the right. Good crew try to say this as calmly as possible. Cheek I know that deep in your heart repeat in the back your brain on the tube you know that you're just. You're just making a point to make it and cap are taking you know that LeBron would improve this team and you know that it would be the right thing to do what it was possible to get them and I. Did no argument against that chief. C'mon I don't. Want him I don't want him on the hot cakes I truly do not want which your form in the actually jumped on that point but I agreed to accept failure you have to deal with every people for guys if it was that point but I agree I don't want him and you also have to think about the long terms that you bring in the broad. Maybe buys in three years and yet you have an uptick your mortality because you have him but at what price. And brown are like a rocket ship they're getting so much better I want those guys to play as much as possible I don't want brought out there to be so selfish and and stunt their growth. Rich I completely agree that we have to keep Tatum and and brown playing but you have peaks vexing problem with Gordon Hayward we can't keep Gordon Hayward. Because this weekend this guy I that you tend to Gordon Hayward he doesn't Paulus it's much LeBron he'd just and physically and otherwise and I like. Are you at the carrier ring or are you you get rid carrier ring on the targeting Rick Perry are you telling me that together. And you want out of Cleveland get an automatic trip to the finals again and he wanted out you under the silence if they traded or bows on his list you want it automatically but he wanted he's not doing your argument you're gonna throw a tantrum or arrogant approach after an explosion Draper what. Last year I carried Irving I don't want the brawn and you'd have to choose between the two if if the union. I'm healed all along keep. I don't know what I know what does not my wounds viva rods uncle on hold that to the dad died in this carrier it's about time it's only been a year carrier being asked out of Cleveland at around. Not even this time last year's had a chance to play in the playoffs yet without LeBron James he's not gonna wanna all the sudden it's Emeka. All right I'll I don't pay you you are entitled to your opinion you want LeBron you wanna cut this Celtics team bring LeBron and root for the brawn. I did on. I don't know but doubting this out of the game but you know what I would even say I would literally not just if you could just. Make the salaries or I wouldn't even replace LeBron with Horford I would not make that switch right now. Look at the things that are allowing the Celtics to win. It's is LeBron can switch from senator to a point guard on the know it sounds insane but those that. Or is LeBron gonna be okay with scoring 241 night and twelve the next. Like these are things that corporate does that it. This Celtics team with a great week Mark James yesterday that LeBron James outrage vastly overrated Johnson mafia anything you'd rather have more on this TA. That's a great that the great week though if he goes down. I have the abroad and obviously. Happy somebody help a lot hotter sports takes about LeBron you pass. You want LeBron. Not OK there's a lot in its path but I also think he's bad he was looking back is awesome player I just think. Again like he backed the one they don't need in there decree spot in Needham and two years ago. If they thought our bring him and I would hate yeah arts I'm rooting for him. But it would have been no brainer like your movements that are built around him the Catholic you have only pieces in place right now yes vote and think a process that the Celtics have won games at the end this year you had. Markets Morrissey in a buzzer beater against. Hokies the acting unit jail Browning a buzzer beater against the jazz Hewitt or for dating a buzzer beater against Portland. You it tires you steal and dunk against Indiana. You had. Or for with a baby hook against the rockets it's all spread around yeah quoted at the end of the game not only do you not know who defend but the Celtics are all confident in each other. If you put LeBron on the floor with that group no one is going to want to take the last shot Wednesday wide and you whiten LeBron should we you know Jalen brown why did you shoot that when LeBron was open the way to setup now. All of these guys are confident they can make you bring in somebody like LeBron you miss all that. LeBron is good at the at the that dish to the open guy he'd have lots of good shooters here. Yeah I mean that that part of his game which he's really good at its pointed out correctly John. He is he is an unselfish players some people say too unselfish but if he uses is team yet guys who can hit shots here on like Cleveland well but. The shop that does not and then it would Atalanta one guy who can catch adults experts career and corporate and should be able to close the shooter Kevin Love loves the one that I would I public corporate going into the series with averaging 46%. From three's there were perspective we ask for much more than that. Well with that it dries up in the sooners and part of that it's got to be the pressure on. Debt and part of it is the pressure of the Celtics but on the team. 6177797937. Sands in New Hampshire Sen. They have on Mozilla. I just went away and I heard your people call things it while LeBron those aren't good people all around here right that perhaps expand. I don't nevermind the fact that it would mortgage that both the future but it don't want to burn games on my team loses its. I can't even explain what that. It's baffling that people will I don't know that they're necessarily bad people saying there. Through. I'm what you thought long and again you know it's it's amazing that you've gotten to this point. That's if you think about the Celtics the first year after you know Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett that they could be in the position so soon. Where you say now had a lot of out of a broad I don't want to run it in your right in and year team now no matter where the Broncos. And Eastern Conference team next year. Philly would obviously present the toughest jobs it would. But if you assume helped her moment with the thought that they would still be better instantly better roster there's nowhere that he can go right now. That he would be on a better team in again in the east Philly the closest thing yet and imagine what LeBron is going to be comments he gets older 3536. Batters and he can't dominate the ball anymore. In May be asked to be more about our long lower outlets don't lock ourselves energy but but he still going to be LeBron he's been the detainees on the cover of SI when he was like fourteen. Is he suddenly gonna say. Hey Danny Granger whoever whatever you think is best I'm fine hey Brad Stevens you wanna cut my minutes you're right I am slowed down a little bit now. So he's going to be he's going to be very difficult person admit he's going to be Karstens. He's going to be really I speak. Except you know the town of its do you think. A little more than Karstens McLemore. By the way for those who you were wondering about Carson's Smith's story you'll hear Alex Cora. Are coming up on final drive in response. Cora in response to some quotes from Carson Smith in which he he intimate that. Fatigue and overuse may have been part of the reason that he I guess of what to shoulder when he fired his glove in the dugout. But he is the month after giving up a homer so he also stuff there was that agrees argue is every day Eddie Guardado out there as it burns the rule immediately or who was the guy that. Or use every single day with the Yankees there's a couple of guys that you just work through it that's not the case he pitched back to Diana Ramiro Mendoza but mentally casting what's a guy with a delta audio on Israel and the cubs used every single day because they knew it was it was going to be gone at the end of the year anyway Chapman. Chat after all the networks were wrong tell his arm fall bottle in the World Series and then Cecile yes for an inning at bath and it's too because it's not like horror and the browns Q when they spoke about it. Neither one of them buried him really odd you're that stupid like you know or your glove. They also aren't like that happens that guys for the guys get frustrated but Cora was not burying him and other people like maybe you shouldn't. Yeah like he will be could have it all now I think maybe hear different New Hampshire.