Dale & Keefe - A dramatic reenactment of the Dan Shaughnessy & David Price’s conversation; Keller @ Large attacks sports talk radio.

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, July 12th
Hour 1: The Red Sox are piping hot going into the All-Star break but David Price is still making headlines. This time he sat down with Dan Shaughnessy and essentially flat out lied the whole time. Keller at Large had a rant about not being too hard on the Sox but, have we been to hard on them, Keefe and Tomase discuss

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Speech that Palin cheap show. Dubai and it Danny doesn't care that LeBron left the Eastern Conference and you know. It's it's ridiculous like he's not telling the truth dale Arnold and Ricci my back on every area. I have I have problem here if they're definitely a problem doing the best that I on the WEEI sports we know it. Yeah. We are back in the right. Both Ricky Johnson bossy. We got a win and I showed Fenway Park I screw up that's due every single title we're back in the friendly confines of the Brighton studios though. I promise even better show today John Oreo that studio is easier than ballot at the data archives are admittedly off to a bad start but as soon as the intro played starting now we're gonna have a flawless show the rest of the way I thought it might be a synonym for the war. Windows and doors to like it's a French are ramping back I don't know. Yeah they got to put the little pronunciation guide underneath that I can at least make it stab the guy you know Bilbao. Yes that's right very similar famous man. I you can join us at 6177797937. Rule certainly gets to load David Price. There's more updates for the Celtics over the could be interested in a whole lot more but first. Red Sox have now won nine general and I know a lot has been made of the competition we talked about this yesterday whether the royals the Rangers are bad team. But the bottom line is nine wins in a row still Marlins in a row and they are absolutely rolling into the final series for the all star break tonight. And also we saw Craig Kimbrel again and go along with a four outs and yeah I. So we've passed out score about this when he visited on Wednesdays. And he has said that. And it tried to get across to Campbell that there's not actually that many times or situations that are terrorize or in Germany it's not. It on Andrew Miller would not ask you write you this three times a week it's like a war of it and try to find another example but there really aren't the giant or did you Miller gas or you know all this chat metro OC right in doubt but not around this out generators so. That you know the opportunity arose last night. Although it was weird because that one was more about we just didn't have guys available that we want horizons so much site. Okay we need you to come lock this down because it's Stanton giants you know yeah right Sanchez or not you still talking about the Rangers still arranges their lineup is something else I know something to behold something to be all and what's interesting about liberals every time he does those eight inning things. Walks it's blocks the you know beaten it's just like he's in his own hand I'm not supposed to be here right sister pitching in London the numbers and guys on it from Clark's gals is eager to better at that moment on if it's supposed to be here today so three of the last six appearances for Kimberly got four outs. And prior to that the that once all season long I really kind of feel like this is in you know at this would be something escort next week that. This to me feels almost like a little trial run. This is what you're gonna have to do later I can't imagine they're gonna keep like he's gonna do this three this race and again I would in time our time September I think this might be a thing in this is just my theory that. This might be a case. We're showing you that you can do this because we're gonna need you to do it. In October because you may not have noticed but the rest of our bullpen and Eva looks at camp papers that we don't trust now we really don't is because Matt Barnes is back and go to some as a guise of bandits though. Kimbrel is definitely the guy hasn't allowed a run in a month. So he is you know did I I agree and yet you're gonna see it. Not as regularly but you're still gonna see it in the second half a bit. But going back to the rangers' lineup yet the 789. It's 206. Block 86 a blockade of the Major League in the leadoff hitter it's 212. Is just a terrible. Terrible line up in their bare some of their best hitters like their biggest powered gas. When he homers and 185. Right at al-Qaeda now tell rob as our own good okay finds a fifteen homers and clean up to seventy he's he's not very good. We saw the 45 world Bartolo Cologne out there. Who's held dissolves Barney does the does that you're allowed seven mile an hour fastballs and he just puts a query wants is it people don't do much. I think Chris L abilities you know ridiculous outings sevens world settings were twelve strikeouts and in ho home of the array now on the season on the 2.2 three. I wanna say at this time last year should look this up for a came in and it was like after you as great as he was last year wasn't in this. Level and I'm guessing it was more innings to. Re just slightly more none nada he had he had made one more start by this date last year so that we probably Alex Emery -- since we're going a 110 pitches but again that's something that I think chorus that such a great job which is sale with everybody but what specifically sale because. He is going to be the difference maker if they advance in the playoffs or not it's got to be for sale we get some of the comments that Sam Kennedy had about David Price. Whether you agree or disagree would you know his sentiments there. But as far as Chris sales concern last year though there's a lot of times where he goes six. It'd be games in hand video grab Pittsburgh seventh because he's wrong let's have him out there and and that and it adds up over time answer yet a 110 pitches last night. This season high is a box sixteen. Bows the complete game that he threw against Toronto in the middle mandate. And it's usually right around that that hundred pitch mark you know that does start against Kansas City. It was 99 through sixth he easily could have gone for the seventh but there's no reason for. So I feel like they're managing him. Really well because last year we even saw there was a moment where you're watching it over all of a sudden. Chris Sale went from being the ridiculous favorite to win the Cy Young 20 wait a minute court will result role in sales given up some runs now and he doesn't look like the same guy anymore yet joining or something crazy that I didn't updated through last night but through his last start. So the innings and I'm just going by date and through his last start 127 innings last year 122 this year's only 505 warnings yet. Batters faced 4926 vs 478 but he had made next start. It's is 1966. Vs nineteen fifteens those 55. It is so it's really kind of dissimilar I think. The game that skews it for us is the 300 straight game. Where it was lying to everybody is sending them back out how to get that personal milestone and apparently how how great it was that he would rallying point it was for the team but that. Yes I think the idea maybe bush is also now we can ski equipment the end of the year something and buy it. That that's the one that sticks in everybody's you know why are you going for this individual thing. It's a bounce after this for all we knew that meant a lot to Chrissie I'm zone maybe it maybe it did although he I don't know if you don't feel like you got about an acute care about that isn't service contract at least tells you that he doesn't matter if you'd care but restrict how clearly doesn't care about his contract is on a terror industrials contract and so last year get his his worst month. Was August. Yeah actually wasn't great in May but because he was so good in April the stats were still really impressive going into the all star break in June was very good July. Was actually his best month yet and you array of one point 04 in July last year. But it was August and number he had a stretch there were Cleveland had him around a couple of times a minute residents Cleveland of the book on them there than those of all that talk about elect. You know if we don't face them in the playoffs and all that stuff bought. August was his trouble month Odyssey ended the season. Still in it and really good spot but the as far as overall you raise concern but the last couple months and in that playoff outing was not ideal for Chris Sale. Actually got going tonight. David Price has been in the center of attention for. Much of the season and that's gonna happen when you sign for 217 million dollars and a team needed an ace couple years ago and you're the guy. You're gonna get a lot of attention and then it's all on field and off field wins the David Price as always. I'll last night an article by Dan Shaughnessy booms are awesome. A lot of shots in baseball articles here to mossy people are gonna missed in so antsy when he acts of all I think they are now do you have the article on you aside do you wanna I haven't committed to now I'm not gonna do it David Price impression I feel like I can but somebody has or record that mark yeah I'm not gonna do it but just what is it there's audio of this because until you're Romans better than the Rome of the persons absent person who's that's true have a better idea of a better Roman him but. I actually rooms I've been in this market there's a lot of drama room there's a marked wrong well. Now how bad really bad the quotes that is this is a 45 rolls right filing lists in the market yet. But there's really just one David Price so I think if I can if I can do it but it's it's gonna look like a knock off so it's not much you can do it in a different way. Yeah I think it's more it's less than two quirky voice and its mores cadence which count. Deafening yet yet if the teams which is like. Off like it's on the very unique technology that let talk the way it is priced I don't think it's a bad thing if you give a world I mean all of us. That's it it's sort of a drawn out like yes stuff yes Oscar grass. I'm not so let's just put this way you you'll play the role of dish on the other although I was born to put it right and so. The article in many of courtesy in the Boston will basically just starts out we knew. You know his interview with him or his brief little exchange with him at all wasn't as a quick back and forth. So there's no audio to play is able classics honesty construct. Yes you are like a back and forth with somebody in the news in the and you just print the back and forth and everybody and then there does apply to do now that he and I wish I could do assurance campers and think it talks yeah it's definitely been again it will you know we don't. And in between them and I'm not an impractical at this at that our rights you want me to be so energized the in the we get to see we can get all the information out again. You said you were searching after that bad outing he CBO and my real or not. In some agreement. Though. Is it mechanical yup. Agenda in three guys in one inning I tried to make sure I got the ball and I just got it too far in. Subject and he filled a face in the Yankees again later this year I feel great when Ford for the rest of the virus and spread he didn't say that I feel great movies for for the rest of the season and great facing the Yankees again whenever that may be. That's the team I've pitched against the lot in my career probably more than against any team in the big leagues may be with the exception of Toronto. I've pitched against both of them a lot I've had some bad games against the Yankees a few times. I give up nine straight hits against them 1000 Detroit in 20159. Straight hits no walks no sac flies no hit by pitches nine straight knocks. That's story was boring have you ever been able to tune out the noise around you here in Boston yes. I'm still not a subscriber to whatever papers there are. I don't know the last time I've listened to FM or AM radio you know that he is only on now what's account that twitch you know he's just realized what Jeff Watson out shine what's on time John taxis onto this I'm kind. Of like Florida the FM or AM radio yeah I thought I am on skip to the next question okay I know you talked to John Morrissey a little bit. About this any chance you cannot that it contact the Red Sox again this year please please pretty please I. Not gonna sit here at say there's 0% chance where there's always that chance of anything but that's nothing that I'm thinking about or putting any thought to or talking to anyone else about. I expect to win and I expected do that here we just stop there for now and again we get absolutely stopped everything it. I'm not gonna sit here and say there's 0% chance well good for you don't say it's all all I know that's a lie you said that to beat Abraham. Last winter before last season when he got hurt and operating and now Red Sox fans I think there's still a good sign even with the recent struggles and the array in the mid fours and all the other men you know meltdowns that he has he could still locked out. He definitely don't need you body that he's never thought about it. Coincidences here it's inserts nothing I am thinking about or putting any thought to at this moment at this current moment as very bad I mean now there's no way yet. Mean I don't think so I just I think his behavior. More so even then his elbow and the fact that he will probably fail physical spectacularly. Yeah I think that though did the way he's conducted himself is gonna. Turn teams away from him as much as anything physical it is what team home really. Want to invest. A lot of years in Oregon and tore into his thirties had different issues in the news he has struggled obviously and in big games and you know what was the last time he was. Consistently really good as before the Red Sox and we had a stretch this year eight straight starts or is pretty good even in in his first year here. Yet a stretch in July and August used to it is very good well and those and those months. But then. The way that it ended both times in the kind of money that would make sense for him to opt out. I think there's I think there is a chance still to do and I do believe he hates it's so much blood you righted its well I mean I guess the issue from our perspective and from his perspective it is. It's not so much can you get another offer it's as you technically at first. Are you confident a you do looted and hunt for you delusional enough to think that you will get off her. Is all yes do is opt out I mean if he finds out that the best I'm gonna do is vote markets mark qualified. Of one year and six point one million. Too late you're gone well and sometimes you would think oh there's got to be you know tampering going on in guys know today about those that have this offer waveform that are also examples of you imagine if the other decided to the Red Sox the silent until David Price behind the scenes like. Yea you know authorities are done this to be a great conspiracy the hotels in the cubs will be interested price ops out. Cuts have no interest via comes back to run routes you back. Bird that a great years ago but it's just one of those things where. There's a chance we've also seen players that might stock is or even Jason Varitek and this year and opting out of that last year thinking there's more money now. These are just on that offer you you would have been a lot more money. Stock is left a lot of money on the table right now now become a free agent. So he could play for a lot more so I mean to pick up I got it up yeah it does is great do you feel about playing here. I don't have no problem with the idea to go up there and pitch better but it seems like you needed here to hate Boston here's here's Austin gates yes. I've never is David Price I've never said I needed Boston or how to problem with the fans that's a perception that's put on me through you guys in the media. That's what that is it's like we are Minnesota nice that I wasn't deserving of being an all star and didn't think I should be an all star and all that crap they put out. It turns in the that so right what you want to write. The innocents are somewhat of a fair point now one level us and yet the airports are hotter model Minnesota and how to know about that. He's a subscriber to any papers radio and you. It's I don't pay attention or is on Twitter is alive we know OK are they strapped to get a yes yeah we know we know he's alive. Aren't I mean today he is in a position where anything he says we are looking to accounts yes but that is self inflicted that it out and out and by the way I'm not accepting myself among independents to trick the Minnesota thing. You know. I don't wanna be in the Al staying up late too much for easily joke I don't know joking about that than the reality is here's a 217 million dollar pitcher who won't be an all star with the team I don't really know why that was even brought up as what I think I'll start out like I don't know if he brought and I probably and he asked him uttered over shore I guess he brought up if he doesn't all the time when he finds ways to bring things up when you brought up on the solves one here. And then he's the one who was in Hawaii you were never any dinner at a wedding I guess and they're gonna in the play out well. The 1 November the one even thinking about the one time I thought David Price was phony effort over the exact suite laws but somebody was given crap on what are. For making 200 million. He corrected and that 217 without the one town the seat that's pretty good like that part I I liked that part. But the whole or redeem blues used in relief click onto that that they found out he's just hours at a time since he started a game without winning right that's of people here all of the time your Cy Young winner your top five Cy Young guy multiple times and you can't win but this is this is. I think sums up David Price all the different interviews whether their Shaughnessy or too mossy or anybody else. He's literally asked do you hate Boston. He says I've never said I hated Boston there it and they know yeah so I donated here I I don't they're here all without a set that a Ari what's more your actions of other things you say that make people feel that way. If you could clear it up right here at the end maybe you maybe you would a liar but at least he could put that out there I've said that. The Sammy Sosa but that's the positive for steroids in the United States that went that's the question yeah did you ever use steroids not out here autos and advertising that. John McCoy I'd I'd seen her why I've not had contact and those people are nearly to death but I haven't I've I've had no concept of those people and that is there's there's one more question after the guy do you ever wish you sign somewhere house now. He does a hard late. With things that he says I don't know if you are gonna believe them on here so when he says he's not a subscriber I mean. You know I I'm a badly before it not a subscriber to whatever papers there is nobody subscribe to newspapers that's not real things again doesn't it the paper toss them on his lawn and I both people don't am FM am willing given that you know you're not from around here what's he's probably not listening and legitimate Marjorie or are now you're part of Chinese don't listen guys but it doesn't mean you can. Hear what people thought about art and because even falls that later on in the in the back and forth of Shaughnessy and I would. Like to call BS because the timing of certain comments have been too close to certain topics on the hitter when he makes those comments for residents on May thirtieth when he did this whole thing. And soft. It's called a campus no plans to England. Can't do much it's. It's there are at least two or three shows in this town feel hammering him for weeks on. The day before it was a bit of them were mocking a little bats are kind of on the analysts are yet that's driving how do you against summary either told you so. You still got that information across whether you're literally sitting in here in your car would you know. 937 on my guess there's a little bit of a difference of semantics as it is was or does he could it's the united may have TVs on in the clubhouse one of the weird things and you cover team. Is they have TVs on in the clubhouse and you'll be standing there. And MLB network or Islamic math teacher and a bit elevated they'll be doing the round table in the will be ripping. Like a Red Sox player and that players sitting there watching it on the TV in your standing there watching him watch it. Oh it's it's it's ridiculous so love a lot of David Price is going tonight. 44 ERA got a back and forth with Dan Shaughnessy. Any other part of this is he's back to back bad starts so voted me into it the re straits thinkers. And it is scheduled to face the Yankees on Sunday but after last night's game you're joking about the fact that might not be able to go. Did tell me about this from the outside seems like its executive joking around with the media more than ever before. Has that been a conscious thing is that something that just kind of happened this. Obviously it. Here's the governor personalities you know its armed. Taj I do. And I was far away what did you do wrong or area where you'd put around well did get gun can't control. What's good and all laws whose book out foreign. Well you know very few and again we got actually go out. Thanks to Red Sox ace David Price check that Red Sox number four starter. David Price now he's day he stands by his guys the Lexus got out ferry to it culminates gas. Former Cy Young winner Davis and Xavier is already walking you titled Sakura house palace and doing these days. Stacks house acts during these days. Well there's always going to be a safe landing spot for David Price varied nor is gone Jim Rome and Rome is burning order anytime he wants some cereal do. Just fine price goes tonight Steve Begin to improve on is up four point 44. ERA a couple of real rough outings formal yankees. In the royals so loved face in the trauma blue jays tonight at Fenway let's go to the phones Wiki up in New Hampshire annually things off what's going monkey. But if say David Price yet Tommy John surgery he hit her next year there's salary go again. Low salary cap. Yep a way out wouldn't it sure does get no relief fund any he gets every carry. Well you know here's the scary thought I called you guys last week amendment and that. It Chris they'll win the Cy Young what kind of money if you look at port. Whether populace that he's looking for a lot he's no matter what they don't have to worry about that for an easier now that she's still a contract for like the Arizona and Illinois university next year again. So he'll have that and then he's got low potassium. Is that he's the baseball contracts are old goofy not regard but the thing is sales like that's kind of a fascinating one if you are the Red Sox you're gonna feel incredible pressure to keep him. Because Parcells gonna be out price may have opted out. You don't really know what you ride Steven Wright pom rants has gone so you'd you're not gonna have that tied atop your rotation you gonna feel pressure to pay him. But let's see but he does this post season if there's another August swoon for him or sailors are gagged him and you at some point gonna have to ask is this guy worthy like how durable is he going to be over the course of any your contrast next year he'll be thirty married here we go again leg yet you're paying guys for all of this photo of the patriots move would be sealer. And it patriots move from 100% would be ceiling there and I remember talking. Two Red Sox executives about this like. Right around the time they won their first world seers are a little bit afterwards. How we wish we could do things like it's like we really do but it's just different. Maybe with a guaranteed contracts that fan expectations expectation of football is that everyone is irreplaceable. In baseball it's a little different I mean we still we're still complain about Jon Lester still are yet so Chris Sale pitches. Well like we assume that he well and then pitches well in the playoffs like let's say you know not massive bomb garner he does just that carry the team in the World Series but he's got it never gets shelled. Quality starts that next year is another good year so at that same same kind of performance. Even if they know hale is going on 31 that he's a 110 pounds or six ethics he's got a funky kind of delivery. But there are forced to pay him almost whatever it wants on that. Maybe I you know I think it I mean what if that if you've learned your lesson from David Price may be not. You know maybe say what they would probably do is give him a similar contract huge to a million dollar deal opt out knocked out after two or three years and president outside and maybe that's the smarter route in the two year that it might point with David Price and you know I've gotten this argument would dale and he says well they are priced pitching well you don't want to opt out. Rod disagree yes you do I want I'll go to the model one that I'd be just because you're not gonna get. A 32 million dollar pitcher the final couple years years of the deal I mean you haven't gotten it the first couple the first three years you have been able to get it you're certainly not gonna get to go for you to pitching well here for the next couple months you'll use that you'll take that it'll help you win the division and hopefully it helps to advance the playoffs. But you're hopeful that he doesn't you could spend that thirty million dollars somewhere else on another ace pitcher who's younger or in a couple of different guys to put your lineup. I don't wanna bet he wasn't a giant bird Wiki is you still would want him back yet you wanted to go to when he two and four. Was that at some point when he Ara healthiest docs and high pass out physical and say goodbye. Yeah you know that so shortsighted to say this is I mean this is the kind of thinking to bring it back to the patriots. If ballots I thought this way. Richard Seymour would have been there for three more years Rodney Harrison would have been about our years lawyer among allied air Welker and go down the list everybody beloved indispensable guys that we could not possibly. Harmlessly move on from. And then they did and they are better for you know of the route the players art. Players they'll get a great deal I know they usually usually you ought you know but for the team it's that's how you keep the thing Roland you have to be able to make those are decisions. And we'll see you will see who's running immigrants like who knows how long as they're rusty plans do this season sixties like. Yeah part of every top prospect yes okay that he is very good out nightly via they are about here yet part of me is like noted Sunday in like they spot system in the right. Denver's going on video we are not treating this as. Where everybody TL I out shoulder are better than the older guys and a half older. I he might also just waiting for bats and Bogart's their contracts to come up there that are good luck guys death a letter those seriously as he has built a team that. Is maximizing the 28 teams when he nineteen window. And there is a cliff in it is a giant. And the Red Sox are speeding towards it. That what that team could look like it two years is its credit. I'm all for enjoying it now they have the best record in baseball and then their one of the EO of the world the favorite to win the whole thing so that's great but. You can't ignore. One is looming in and what could happen in the next couple years that's one thing again going back to the patriots. Always prepared for the future they're winning in the now but they're never gonna leave themselves. You don't apparently bit a bit it made they have the thing mapped out for years become a part of that is Brady Brady Brady helps you unity that but he instilled with the weather roster set up. They're never scramble yeah I mean it just. Just think of the names on this list of price could opt out this file that's probably going to benefit when you got to us though you'd be down a two and a million dollar pitcher. I Bogart's will be a free agent point when he moved Keyon Jackie Bradley it's going to anyone sale and 21 it is before the season's rejected rallied towards one and one on yeah forever and I. Sarah dynasty that al-Qaeda allied values and his wife and it's off. Our side so that's an Angie Martinez can opt out after next year that's where they'll be gone after next year so really after next year. The only guys you might have left will be one year McKee one year Jackie Brown. You know and sail in if you recites and then Kimbrel this year right Kimbrel this year yes I mean you have a ton of guys and don't lose site of the G Martinez. So those are definitely oxygen are. And then he can opt out you know every season for the last however many three or four of his deal now that may restructure his contract at the end of this year is I think they can do. Yeah I don't think there's any reason I wasn't sure it Nawaz I asked the other day that would Judy Martinez the way he's hitting you know that he wished the body should they got more money yes the way is also an -- you probably have to wait a year or some officials say they play out the year and nobody can opt out the following year and in most likely will is there a way for the two to meet the middle and say hey late let's just pick up all the rest of the deal you're you're locked in the next four there are a lot doubts. Yeah I didn't authorize or built in for out to Sonoma yeah yeah yeah yeah bodies right out on the right and if I wonder if that's what some and that they were asked to do by. So they they're more in win now that you might think yes there are 100% and win now and their despite having half the roster in the mid twenties yet and we have and there's been no indication. Certainly from rookie bets that he has any intention of not testing the free agent market you know the the guys and and we talk about this yesterday but the guys who go. Hardcore and arbitration and like take in arbitration win yeah you know like buffalo those guys she's so I don't I went to Robert person in our that's our that's that's pretty hard here let's let's get an arbitration yes it's it's a little more civilized civil yes but he'll go I. Bet you anything of that arbitration every year they'll get the Max that he can't like Ellsbury it. He'll get as much as he can and arbitration every year and them when his deal is up he will it create the way it's going to does yeah ceiling. Let's don't that's patty MVP runner up he was sixth last year he's. Get to the top three this year assuming millions of hurting me emails right may lose to his teammates so. He's definitely appropriate case he's going to be he's gonna make you insane -- my -- and it's another thing with him like you mentioned he finished sixth last year does anyone think -- particularly video that we didn't it didn't -- idea is to ask for him now but he finished sixth now you know partly because of his defense and that loses Warren a lot of people his vote on ward now I think he's of these part of the three your five best. Players is non pitchers put them aside just everyday players he's one of three or five best baseball we use the one who asked me if I would read about our harper I I'm Gloria that's it is bats I was Ron young got our -- and I looked at more afterwards harper is like you ought harper. He's been on the cover of SI is like LeBron weed your honor Downey was missing and yeah. And so he has the whole like. Nice beard he's cut the beer he's got image she's got all that stuff follow them that mosques dot act he's got to let us personality he's got he's you know he's a superstar but he's finally he's his aides he'll lose that it shoved into low water cooler about palpable on death. But it's got its swaying in the game and he you know he's a five tool player all the stuff but guess what's those pets and pets is more consistent pets is. Best years or to be better than harper harper won an MVP yeah. But it on another RBIs in the most important thing but harper. I think a lot you'll be surprised he never has ever driven and a hundred rounds in a season again part of that is teammates or anything else but. He then this year. I don't know where it's at 215 yeah he's like Chris Davis it's either homer or strike counter that's not what you what you anticipated so I I stole. I like harper a lot of rumor Loney one honoree at the the other week about how Harper's overrated and ending may be just you view so highly rated but I still think he's great at ease. He's got a bad here at the plate salute on the home runs he's still showing off the power he's insanely yucky and pets are all the same age they're very good golf weeks apart and invoke Etsy Betsy two weeks wildcat but you know he's a top five or top ten player for sure. You know Trout is still number one trounced the guy he's the top guy. But that's might be right there right right after that. Yeah I mean he's got one year we hit 330 which was that the MB PC and the average I mean at 319 last year but that's yet that was MVP season. But otherwise he's been more of that to seventy kind of guy he does walk a lot which is good and he does have. Prodigious power but he hasn't been consistent. And you sides Joseph Maddon a couple years ago I totally get news at that series or watch him like yeah thirteen times or something harper was terrible the rest of that seasons though. There's been more and consistency out of him and bats and you look at I'm a big proponent I think you are too low orbit is proud photos talking on them as far as you want to get the hall of fame voting. I go right to MVP and Cy Young votes is because that really shows you where they stacked up against their peers at that time I think that's been the most important thing. And pets as the second place and the sixth place finish harper won it. And the only other time you receive votes he finished well yes last year after its fifty games bright and so that was kind of like you know couple DC writers like and don't forget about arbor over the if it was really good for when he played I was like. The trial getting tons of votes when he missed yet exactly let's go to while Wally in Fall River he joins us that's a ball. What's on deck but we could be going into the role also outbreak of Cleveland does a little job money yankees. Would've fired a six game lead by did if you look at these alleged hit I mean harper is overrated I mean we know how good multi years. But you don't ever let your body in the red size and you know MLB Heidi they don't talk much about the Red Sox. All it was cited by the tecumseh in that dodges. But that you look at site Britain which are local paper this guy without a major injury. Rafa. And. Gonna get the drop off as a no I I would like him on the team but I don't wanna pay a steep price forums or somebody's gonna outages sought out probably stand pat on that. Now wait you guys take many Michelle is gonna divide just so. And he's go to the Yankees Wally a 100000 I don't mean that is I feel like this is it definitely isn't it. And because what's the prospect Sheffield the last touches death so they say all we don't want trader Rolen trade him they will eventually they will they admit they're getting a shot or into. Play the playoffs and then all sides of morals of the shortstop that's what he wants to do. You or he may say the Yankees and give me 350 million minutes Artest is there. Judge Stanton Machado. David Price as jets and Sanchez David Price on the rubber there right right frame right that's like say the Red Sox need a right handed starter and may be -- right that they need somebody John are you familiar with Keller at large onshore originally that yeah. John Keller. Sure he really took. Big Sports Radio eight Red Sox they have the task he is not pleased. Well Red Sox fans in sports media so we'll get to his ratings and ratings. It's still in team Sports Radio WEEI Johnson mossy in for dale today. John yours that you're familiar with the killer app large he had John Keller writes yes you know political. Political. Where what. Field of music that's of this mostly politics about the Boston commentary he had a half pounds airs that he had recently used. Taking sports media sports radio and specifically maybe all of the Iranians. To task he has he has a lot to says not pass I think specifically. He went B Johnson in the name drop Johnson my senior Olympics in Shaughnessy. Well it's it's ridiculous and visas is John Taylor. Good morning. You have to tell me this is. Of the book is obvious of this yesterday morning. As one yet this dispute this the good lord I've pretty good morning good reference good morning good morning John good morning good morning you have to tell me this is an angry time in our country trust me here already this month he mostly I'm not right now it's good and our values argument and asked if there is a continued. You don't have to tell me this is an angry time in our country trust me when you cover politics you're reminded of that every time you open your email but. There's a vein of anger and disgust at a local culture these days that. Just pass me totally baffled. Antipathy toward the Red Sox. Boys. Oh boy first of all you're using an SAT word that I I take that as a sign of disrespect but I don't know what it means that cereal that's for his that is correct. I get the teller a large crowds they were got some like when I'm exited politics with the one of the we're doing here in the nope it's it's it's for Red Sox fans. Antipathy toward the Red Sox. Heading into last night's game against Texas the Sox have the best record in baseball 35. Games over 500 and a three and a half game lead over the Yankees. They have likely MVP will keep that's arguably the best pitcher in the game and Chris Sale one of its leading power hitters in JD Martinez. New and those guys were. Beating the I think I think he could based laser yeah driving I think he's done this stuff people see the wisdom announcing everything I know it's TV thing but he just sounds like he doesn't know these he's been handed a sheet of paper at the hearts of right front mezzanine players. Now I feel like he's mentioned sports stuff. With the weather with the taken out of this. We'll see I'm still I'm still basking in the glow of how awful country. The quality of our own. Mind. They have likely MVP will keep that's arguably the best pitcher in the game and Chris Sale one of its leading power hitters in JD Martinez. They are fun to watch and superb but what they do so. Why is it that whenever I flip on sports talk I hear nothing but negativity. And that's what we do commodities Tyler don't act you know Val di no better of course there's going to be some negativity. About what it's amazing team this accomplishing. If they intolerant ranking on David Price or second guessing ran. He's got to hold yeah I am not a whole lot of little stool at the big one yeah that's a big big so. Is that something that we should not be doing so this part. It stands or right being the price. I just I I need to repeat that. And that I have not heard anyone use that term ranking on something seriously since Middle Eastern and brutal fashion right now yeah there really is so. He's saying them they'd they'd do that a high ranking army at this point that because the Red Sox are really the Red Sox have a great record the best record in baseball. That we should just ignore everything that's going on their price that is point. And I think his point is that we should be. Maybe he's one of these escapist sues like sports needs to be my refuge from the horrors of the world took time and you guys. And Allah you're complaining about David Price hey guess what he's done it on Amber's gonna let that happen and act giving mortgages to this this. Little rant that he did came out before the shots you article which we have you more at his back and forth with David Price. Where he doesn't say he loves Boston though yet yet another chance for the 100 time libelous and says that he does while Boston. He's the highest paid player on the team you can't trust them at all affiliate is an important story. They've made the playoffs each of last year in the division the last two years but what has it gotten them it's getting absolutely nothing got a manager fired that's all of that and it's done. If they intolerant ranking on David Price or second guessing the manager. That ever happened. We ever second guess I'll score it once this year what I mean night. The bullpen at the very beginning of the year which by the way it was stupid because he used his eighth inning guy in the opener. It is a thing guys blow up there was the one time where he forgot to make a defensive players won that game and I don't even matter. How big of times levels court thinking. I have had a slumping that in your view assumes that people Chris I had a generic easy thing to say it but there has been no criticism about score because frankly. No none out that's not true he rests guys he read why does he rest guys so much around the beginning a year now Lafayette arresting the keydets. Kweisi resting JD Martinez as the best week come out that was the wise he rest volume Martinez was the seal the law 1001 death but even. You know getting rid of Hanley Ramirez seemingly everybody was on Al score aside. Or the argument that he got into with Carson Smith. Everybody took out scores today and compare that to light John Farrell that game in Detroit a couple years ago Horry let's is our pits and he doesn't use ziglar and end up losing. And it was that game I think where they add to fly in early when the Orioles are the type whoever wouldn't move their game the tigers would move the games later in the and I admit it right and I mean we were ripping him for that for like six weeks it was Priceline and was and so I disagree without cardinal completely clueless focus on the negative all sometimes there's a lot of negative to be focused on. Or second guessing the manager they're dumping on and troop at intending for being. Too aggressive on the basis war. Well here it is right there around teller he thought terrible base runner but I don't feel like we've devoted a lot of time. In fact if that team was wars we would spend time time on that that's actually good example of something that the team is doing well in the kind of overlooked that. Sure every once in awhile is they what do stupid base for a move but they won 75 death they should wait to finally desolate pit. He isn't awful based our we brought that up yesterday on the show. He's a great base stealer. But he runs the bases like an idiot at times it was better than it did you know that David Price one is the wind if you wanna say I'm one of them and we go over the top on pricey and we do because that's what we do and controversy sells and whatever I'm not apologize for not at all. Too aggressive on the basis or. Slamming Dustin Pedroia who's played just a handful of games solid year. Again tonight that's not right I mean we're all like saying we think he's done. Yeah but that's because he says feels like a statement of fact more then current opinions an opinion but that memory any kind of Dustin Pedroia. There hammering the thing I've been at its year Qaeda if anything the reaction is kinda sad like now. He had a good run. Yeah I was like all may be came back too soon I guess you could they be questioned the handling you know of the training staff and in you know why the come back as soon as he did neglect and you've played this out. Watching Jim waited till he's really a 100% to play him. And dire thing guys yet three more years of women in my diet get onto baseball out of them there's that. It was a rude and hung out again he's even the first exactly as is David Price and that's fine. Our team that is 65 or whatever they are we talk about David Price a lot but he gets a lot of reasons it would seems like once a week. There's either a new article or new comment by him and at discount I had scratch her and now recently. It's been too terrible performances wants it won against the Yankees don't want to get that awful royals team so that is definitely guilty as charged as opposed on that. But the manager never gets questioned bed attendee we call it out occasionally but not nearly as much as you probably showed. And then it doesn't Pedroia thing. And again that you just made that one up I don't know. Who's played just a handful of games solid year are you kidding me some are right are you kidding these aren't. Are you kidding me. Are you kidding me that's not we're living through a beautiful summer and the summer game is being played at its highest level right here Rick hole. These days is in the weather is nice and so we should cut that even more slack. I Connecticut did a beautiful it's it's a beautiful. I am somebody I'll admit I instantly that my mood is affected by the weather. Of its rain for three days straight I'd be and I'd be miserable but it's been nice recently Siam and a better mood I feel that way also that's like O'Grady. Which ties there not too much tonight because of his that a bad couple weeks for them we'll hot red hot lane and out of the turns out. What on earth is there to be so. Angry about. Again I get I'm a lifelong Red Sox fan completely familiar with the fatalism. That used to engulf us but it. That's what you're clinging to after. Three titles in the past fourteen years. It's a sorry such. Week's poll this all the talking down to their notes are like hey they won three titles like. All right so than when everything else is gravy the wrestler they don't forget it. They've they've never won the other one the same amount of times in my lifetime as my grandfather's life sounds like let's just say forget it yet and by the way there's no comparison between what it was like to be read science fair in 20022003. Note and everything before that. Ten now that fatalism that he's talking about that's that's gone you don't long you don't have B how many people do we have calling in being night. Yet and it and blow it in the play outside what they think they say price might blow them out as you well as their for their right about half. It's hard to imagine that that we should be enjoying the other and join that they're the sweet summer game that is baseball I think there are fair questions to ask about you know ID two left in it for the masters in Yankee's well there pitching hold up. But that's different than saying. There are gonna find a way to blow it we don't really do that any. Any more now that's true or related in next year's the currently is knowing that it's not going to be this year he's sarcastically says it'll be next year ethical no one will be surprised if they win or answers. Now they're right there in fact you'd be surprised if it wasn't Red Sox yankees Astros. Now it'll be a year where some stupid National League team gets hot and it went in the outing behind our flight data like value in cardinals actually somebody like that but right now the the three clear cut favorites have to all be in the American made. It's a sorry situation. And if you can't enjoy what's happening now because of what might happen in October aren't you missing the point. It's getting up on his high horse here that's kind of what does that add that some light about super familiar with the but it sounds like he's on the that's the tone that's the tone of law that party down there are skeptical. Whatever crazy sounds like a guy complaining about people who complain. That affidavit you have those guys he's demanding these he's sick. He's instructing us on how we're supposed to view it's like a Mark James grinds my gears this kind of what I was I was teams blames his client doesn't get back on a kind of guy you never set the niners they used to talk whether you're trying to get a gum you know that out of both know the email chains you were on John earlier and it's like those guns I wanted to James blades while we also the whole segment and got going away can you just plant and on the NATO he won not that I was into something like about linked him like he did orbited and appeared about. One a long summer the summer markings continue as we equity got the better chance blames James or James blames or route Keller large. What you what Michael for what it will be on our show more. James thanks so how many times you gonna keep one looking at that. Bloody time he criticizes them Red Sox fans feel it was a proud Bernard. You can't be reached at Disney and AD I think is going to be pretty popular forum is immediately that you have people there by. People should just shut up and enjoy this. Well it's funny sit back as I remember Alou making this argument about Jim Rome recently like oh we never used general body and I am I stuck with now nonstop Rome so maybe I'll be every night to allied travel that DVR and he changes. A lot more politics that's my thinking he's on the weekend. Ten million pounds yeah and it's I don't know if he's like the angry liberals that's an idea of climate accurately and I'm just looking at universal hubs description of him. Our residents gold make all of us rules I mean that's that the told that you got with all of that yes right in line is that it makes me angry people who are angry. Yeah I think driver and back. It's a sorry situation and if you can't enjoy what's happening now because of what might happen in October aren't you missing the point. So my advice to be obsessive Red Sox critics is shell out try and enjoying the good times instead of trying to turn them into something. Bad. Wow he's like a less commodity in the in the guy isn't done as a way to that idea chill out. So all that to say this chill chill out and Raikkonen I'd love that's just. The does very well on those so thank you for that sir I don't the ranch angels are to a lot more David Price today and the things that he didn't say. The did Johnson also said Kennedy was on with the mid day guys today he made some excuses for David Price as well so we'll get to that coming up next.