Dale & Keefe -  Draper vs Keefe explode over ratings; Has Ty Lue earned his coached job with his adjustments? Caller blames us for getting him confident in this Celtics team.

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, May 22nd
Hour 2: Dale, Keefe, and Draper discuss how the Cavaliers were able to tie the series. Ty Lue is getting a lot of praise, but all good coaches have great players. Keefe and Draper have a blowout about ratings. There is no way Ty Lue can be out coaching Brad Stevens because he can’t remember the third quarter of a game that just happened. Dale, Keefe, and Draper discuss potential lineup changes that the Celtics could use in Game 5

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Yeah yeah yeah. Our number two daily team Sports Radio WEEI Kyle Draper NBC sports Boston. The Celtics host for pre and post game is in the house witnesses will have a late night last night and our post game. Indeed seem that in the last night we'll break crisply played a fair amount of her growth by real quickly just because we love you. And and real world update according to the mass state police their take truck fire I 93 northbound it does make them bridge. That would cause a problem this time it out right two lanes are closed and domestically says. Expect delays are VOI you don't say I'm. Fire department is on the scene but a truck fire I 93 northbound on justice uncle dale saying if you could avoid that it made of being an all around him tonight. You know wanna avoid that if you could possibly cut so even talking Celtics who talk a little bit about patriots and OTA's. Bill Belichick met with the media today but was not having any of it and wanna play your silly game slope. Wasn't interested in answering questions about players who aren't there. Which is pretty much what we thought it anyway out symbol symbol for Belcher will surprise so we've had that we've talked about. People that I spoke to said Tom Brady was not working out a TB twelve yesterday and today he has been on a pretty regular basis when he's in town this offseason. Rob Gronkowski has been in and out of there practically on a daily basis. He may be in and out there yesterday and today I don't know that. But I think his situation is different from Brady's because I think his is more contractually. Did you connect when most guys sit out of votes CA's its contract but if you're Aaron Donald or appear whoever its contract and like that's finally especially with the the contracts that NFL players have where there's always that in the non guarantees everything else. They need to maximize. The money is making yet and if they. One count leverage them while they can hold out they can knock though they can threaten to you know missed mini camp and training camp all the other stuff that's that they can do. Other than that whose disabilities. Says it would near the starting quarterback a team Margolis that he fumbled aren't there are being criticized for being narrow Dell Beckham junior. They say what you do when they are intolerant Sean yeah right right up so Motley so those guys you get it their guard contract you don't wanna get hurt and you also wanna say hey like I I could sit out and I I deserve to get more money and then you wait and hopefully. You know the team caves he gives you all the money that you want. If the team's starting quarterback. And we assume he's OK let's contract that made it is more contract related just you not being there. Is not the best message or somebody else is there a Germany also like to be on vacation Stoller re also like to be hanging out their kids' cereals like doing whatever. But you feel like you don't have to be. And he's talked in the past about how important is correct sick about it right beat guys that are there right now are taken passes from Bryant freaking way right. Who is getting a lot of work he's getting a lot of worry is who you may need him you know given an injury time Assad but to look not. And so there's no way that Tom Brady not being there. Does it hurt Petit. I'd be I don't care how bad it hurts the team what are they helping he's that in the past how important Dan Bartlett don't let your hair. Empirical evidence that it's gonna hurt the team does put Edwards on this but he's also miss these things in the past and how did exactly her energy and 888 an emergency team. Let it it would I'd rather it would there I know that this just goes yeah he got hurt it yeah when I asked what effect you know Josh McDaniels wishes he was there I'm guessing yet Belichick was there relative Jordan map on the idea that it hurts the team because he's not there I get no evidence that. You know we definitely know that directly relate what he has said before a house sort of like a building block in how this release of the next thing with these the next in which eventually is. The regular season so not that this is gonna. Be devastating almighty god Davis OTAs he's not gonna play very well but this is also a time to be out there with the new teammates and sort of you start that process of getting on the same page with real Paterson or Sony Michelle or Jordan Matthews or whoever or even just. Even some of the guys you already played which is even more of that and decide to sit it out forever that the reasons are it. We don't doesn't help the team out of it doesn't I don't I don't know sought help and is this a sign also that. Football has moved down on Tom Brady's priority list and how does that yeah. This season I think that if there I don't know that maybe for the first time in his life. He's put it behind his family had Nazi doesn't let his family and saying yeah right import during the football season. That's all I dire and that's that's that ethnic and any apologizes to his wife and his kids in the sacrifices. Maybe he's just decided I'm not gonna ask and the sacrifices my blog that we saw a bit of a shift would Brady like if you go back so what dale the first seven or eight years of his career that's all was like that that was his lightly even tell you that we use of Sassoon literally first got there last Italy all that nonsense. He was obsessive it and then the you know I think Gisele now you have kids and it it is a little bit different still that was a focus form but it wasn't the same like the story about you know the parking space for the doesn't work out the best and he hasn't had no wild weather there the first half of his career out head and then there is little bit of a transition to not having that but still. You know more often not not attending these and now neighbors seeing yet another shift where it's a REI will be all the mandatory stuff. But the voluntary stuff for the next couple years that I am still in the lead F a when Imus at that stuff out. Let's say go. Numb I'm hearing you guys. But he's been a chuckle or with this because I felt like him now I don't think I don't know that has Tom heard that. Eighteen years yeah had Steve finally earned asked him Belichick says. I top. I just hate you don't want to be here that's OK see that's the problem. You know our whole conversation is about the beat between Belichick and Brady. But I don't think Belichick is wild about special treatment now I don't think every player should be treated the same because guessed right. Tom Brady more important Jo -- that's the fact that matter but I think they like to sort of treat everybody kind of you know similar than that way. The guys who were you know 4350. On the roster see how Belichick is coaching Brady or seat what Brady's doing the work out with the team and all that and it's easier to fall mine. Vote your two best players are skipping OTAs. It'll kind of message that's over the rest of the things you say two best players but we know like rockets like yeah right goto I respect that and they advance our guys understand that we'll get maybe an update on that by the end of the week later he doesn't sign a contract while that there's another red flag or Pete does he still doesn't show while godspeed bizarre but. So that's sort of a you're right that's sort of a to be continued enjoyed more the focus should be operating. And obviously the Celtics losing last night's series tied 220. But now to best two out of three you've got home court advantage rent and in the NBA that apparently is everything that is he thinks that based on we set out by the way and and keep told you about this earlier. That the the all rookie team came out and Jason Tatum. For some reason there was somebody who did not think he was a unanimous all rookie first team some Donovan bachelor Ben Simmons were unanimous. Got all 100 votes possible Tatum got 991. Place votes 12 place vote. Well apparently Brad Stevens was told today that Jason Tatum fell one vote shy of being unanimous all rookie first team selection and he simply responded. Somebody made a mistake. Yeah out visibly did because all all that's saying is this unlike the all NBA team this isn't about positions so this is literally just the five best rookie who do you think they are. Put a model list. And so somebody thought Tatum was. The sixth best road at somebody like religion is no doubt I don't moral right your right or. By Tuesday's voting as it happens in every sport there's always a couple of idiots out there or there's no real home aren't. DC at all that's. I'm happy because remember my guide Gary Washburn asks the colony they are now that BP gas that an idea that Ron is you know. Unanimous. Vote out housing and other about that was somebody did vote semi usually got here 12 by the way I'm more offended by that then I have to question the heat may have like that cousin who's you'll probably early anger about my attitude my president. If suck. A semi O Angelo and a all rookie vote and that's more embarrassing in the one Nimrod and on bad. A first place vote to Jason Mitchell and Simmons were both unanimously that's going to be a fascinating vote for rookie of the year Tatum in the rookie of the year vote you'd have to assume based off this wolf wolf that if there. I think he's yeah you don't adage is based off of this out of them and they you know people say. Well what about the post season and this is a regular season award it and the Java Mitchell's pretty dim in The Hague anyways great if it goes far but he was pretty embed service had a great regular season this old Tatum should finish third at the problem. And one other quick note as we go back to the calls and we haven't mentioned this yet today just because it hasn't come up yet. I think Jolie and beat maybe needs to work on his burn game a little bit polity do now eight tweet sounds like I once went out to OMB tweeted out last night I'm quoting now. Man Bonn is in the NBA just to get dunk. Are. Now what you. Not allowed to tweet when you're sitting yeah US AI am and you lost that you lost it when we last sod Jules impede. He was playing. In the Bahamas on a pick it up pick up game yesterday on Twitter in his pickup game with guys that looked like they were accountants and lawyers and stuff. And I dominant in a probably to dominate that game but. Jolie and beat when is getting crashed on Twitter how does it all I I like the loss I did. Link back to him and I and I I quoted as weak as an Agile and B was able to win that pick up game in the Bahamas just. Lee did not want implant technology that's all I heard from regular digital what are you planning you don't have a night off directly dog put him on you know how can he talk after Regis and from Philly and I'll admit that openly. But you'd you'd just lost a loss to paired aids and Celtics if you want article port you know. You more power t.'s top ought to trash you want but to laws zippy amount yet ready for next season I mean this is embarrassing. Although not while the iron Baines is there Phillies those messed around at the free throw line as those taken out last time a back up by not wild and I like his game. Campaign I like him alive today ideologues like a much much better Amir Johnson. Welcome. Chia much better do you think we can my good call by you. I let's get back to the calls Tonys and every hey Tony I don't. Great thanks I argued could do is gonna. Out are a lot of talk about how all like it out there on the media well they're Dahlia. Well. Are you won't double fault yeah dot. Against that but what. I. Thought it. They're up 20 you're still up for those who enter conference by pretty good spot to be it was a. Really into into. I thought it was all pray by Oxford Connecticut went down. LeBron why don't we got elbowed by elbow sorry if I'm sure there are far. They don't. Arizona how much it that they were not that you know no doubt be incorrect Tony. And by the way he promised he missed like four minutes of game time. But it felt it got back Iraq outlook up. And dated dated yeah well yeah I'm encircle the point when he got the point. LeBron probably on the floor right I hope to what LeBron go to the big difference. There are important are they if we don't. I think the game kind of got got stuck got it got big edit. That the total got a lightweight ticket meetings that are off fight giving. But what brought it late relative of mine. When it when it went it. Typically there. You know and the little guys. All of you to read. Sony there's no doubt Ron has elevated his game but to blame the media say we desperately gas ever to win it's 202 wins away from my weight my sitting in this studio was saying the gun and it or by now right now we well. And it's at the five I well I'll units are not take wanting Cleveland round and I. I hate to admit I did not listen you know. Last days so I'm not sure why haven't had knocked back. I now the parties and I don't know I'd not at at. I'm hurting my own cause you were you look at the belief that LeBron was gonna quit or you know pack it and I quit in game one. So reliably ability what what what major debate this would be over in spot. Because they looked really good the first two games I thought they would win one game in Cleveland and then they haven't lost the home games they would win game five but that's why are. Did you not account. That may be LeBron would elevate his game because at Rosie dating game two with 42 points for Portugal now that he was not impact went well he settled for so many outside of that art but still the idea so if he had the similar stat line and he proved they could beat him and Kevin Love to go for tornadoes like Nadal once again we go back to the stat line let's add on box so what might I thought I was given the uncommonly board last night okay. Was more of pactel it is 4218. To. LeBron punish the Celtics. Eight gave them report last night is that he didn't county just sort of plus reality is that they had some crazy shots but now it's kind of eased up however forty no one's 21 points in the first quarter up and that's our aim it pretty hard to Portland understanding hypothetically is not the same as to what he wanted a fourth quarter right but so little of my crazy to think they could wanna game in Cleveland what you're saying that now there's lost two of the games but going into it eats at all they're coming back to two game by. He said. No all icon I think that. This Celtics they went home and look rated whom we've. I knocked my legal what's gonna pay act play that bad at all knew that it hired at a role players played much better. Right at home and on the road so what are you we've really they did was they consider it. Was not gonna take over do we think Kyle Orton was not pretty tickled. Do we think that Georgia would not what it knows my joy did you says that he Tutu so we go we can look up tape that after the erupt to all your anger coming back out there are too low I think it. I'm not gonna allow myself of state. Because in a Milwaukee series and there think they were up 20 to Milwaukee series and I audits is over this week bill Wolff say that I made evidently don't know what he came back yet. Even up the series is so. I knew LeBron James. Was good. At that he'd get his players about like we saw again but I do not read our this facility is not great so I thought LeBron could play great and the team doesn't do anything he doesn't have carrier Dwyane Wade has now that other running partner that loves good but he's not consistent psyched about the rest of the team. Would get was let him down again I think there are asleep on but I thought they are going to be all the time and they won one game ironically to do it again three of four LeBron has done a better job of elevating his teammates and getting his teammate shot the ball in position to make shots I don't what they're just missing him in the pursuit not dare tell you know I don't know. His shots were contested he wasn't no it is not like Sierras. Accepted that the shots in game three game four just mic from the storm. I think it's basically doing stupid truck thing that's ever been on the issue of him. I thought let's go to this game. I Tristan Thompson's LeBron LeBron basically. Creatures in Thompson a government contract he got out of time and I don't get some open looks at that screen ruled that they run. Is so awkward and many easy he gets the east dunks down there he looked I mean this series where. I ordered B and report beings in so. You don't even after Celtic when he's Obama's. Doing is somebody how loudly well out of that it is up and reads a box where everything and I don't know what games usually on a of the lawsuit against Iran and feed off and I now at. And that's got to work as you can out of work now he's work what do you do about it means anymore now but we do even longer pregame show you in the longer have time to be below a post game show. Yeah that's ahead wedding might actually get some basketball I dollars a month and I and I learned that they could predict you know these games right and over the Milwaukee series that was in a four game series that you are all over that. So how's this gonna play out your obvious so right about everything you've got it in front of you watch obligate I am I tempered. You don't want to like you I am out of the all because you're wrong all the time compiled know now why it happens all the wrong you have it now I don't know our our our and they aren't gonna get up close so we'll write you write negative stab at it you know back in the game you're not a book of word and let it out I I'm on Bosnia yeah. That's awesome law. Laura Logan what's that idea. You got written out items are literally right zero exactly the wrong words you know just like reality of what is your role on our guys are media and the race from about the ratings. Yeah. You don't know how. Don't have to worry about ratings I deliver my game whether one person is watching or a million the only people talk about your shelves and talk about it don't really gonna talk about ratings right now. I don't outlook is all right I don't ads and salary all right I don't know about ratings are gonna. It's not about you just asked if I knew they weren't you don't you don't want them there's not as showed nobody want only title nobody else's I do out yeah. Talk about a lot of heart about it I've had molested you bet I don't know. Because I've never talked a single person that's at you know what I saw on your posted. Never talked to a person we talked people all the time we get calls all the time no with an eight general Kyle said last night or whoever is hosting the show with I've never heard that. Yeah I mean I don't I'm watching. Legal and it's no I haven't raised his guys don't some ratings are good and acts on the radar this to you this is more actually go to start yeah. You know determining whether somebody watches the show or not about whether they call Lynn yeah. How many calls have we had so far today on our home for five a week I'll bet on yeah I don't want to look at our -- money and all right well I do well Clark or guaranteeing that I'm not a matter is not determined if somebody you I mean I don't ratings but you don't wanna share them which I think speaks all know I'm because I don't care about the ratings yeah I don't know I think no matter what I have another round I deliberate I'm not like I don't run as a chance to read all of my royals who have everything and bank. We thought I don't talk to run and run into check the ratings after every show like you do. You're ballot audit about your way don't we don't know that day is determine whether or not people listen to modify our days determined about it I do yeah exactly I don't care about the rate rise. I can't pay the same way no matter what good for you I do my best and they you know are we don't know. We get an update every okay parents I'm not I don't I don't look at those talented at what what what good rating and I don't. What's that like when you went on at great I don't know utility cable wanna volunteers are way I'm not a good rating is it a little bit rate I don't know you tell you awake and. I'd stay in all of a lot of fire. 6177797937. This telephone number. Text lions 37937. Now that we solve the issues of radio and TV ratings and at. Actually that's the bottom and back him up nothing else more Monday matters like how do you beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in game five tomorrow night here at home. That's seems to be the hold that thought that that he is on substance in the NBA as if if you're at home you wind and that the exception obviously is like Golden State they went wherever they yeah. Rate. But I think that's probably is is simple the jets because. Everybody on the Celtics with the exception of Tatum. Is better at home and like score more points at home it just seems like it that much more comfortable and on the flip side everybody with the exception of LeBron this in the first two games. Didn't seem like they are comfortable and all there yet and the Celtics defensively had been better I mean look at the last two games in Cleveland. Cleveland shot better than 50% in each of those games you gotta figure. I don't know what it is whether they they feed off the crowd or what you gotta figure celtics' defense is going to be better sixty points and efforts that that's not gonna. What's surprising cows aren't as the cavs defense the last two games they're not good in late what they've somehow looked better they've matter there are terrible and obviously the Celtics were missing dunks and lay out natural growth jail. I feel like the cavs actually company wide open looks do we see from the Celtics know many. In games three of four wanted to it felt like Jalen brown routier's somebody why no I don't make any cavs made no effort to get out. He gave three up or they actually made an effort and so. My concern is the Cleveland speaker something now like he did offensively did they figure out how to attack the celtics' defense did defensively. Do they actually give a damn now and aren't gonna make it tough on the Celtics because let's be honest. Scoring points was always a concern for the Celtics with al-Qaeda regal Gordon you. What they have enough scores did go to those droughts they've got their walk proudly game last night Stephens an immense Madson Doris Burke but they have that. But at home not not as much rallies there's somebody there that's able to depict. The scoring at home on the road though they had those issues where all the sudden they go into a funk for a few minutes. It almost seems and it's funny because what I heard over the last couple of games I actually heard this. That tie Lou has made some key adjustments that help the cavaliers he's on track. Yeah and what I heard on a day actually said the of the words tie Lou. He's that actually make and nothing adjustments that Brad Stevens is encountering Izzy I. I obviously don't picture rosier mentioned it. On post game last night where he said. Beat the other players out there when it when they go with the switchers screen roll whatever. First two games the Celtics were able to have a guy in delaying that I think it was there or vice Versa. Whereas now the positioning of the other players on the floor has been different than three and four and so. I don't grow up that's a tie looping ours it's just coincidence but maybe there's some subtle tweaks that Tyler listed obviously starting Tristan Thompson but he started Thompson. In game two but let's not forget he gave to. The cavs were out in that first path did have a seven point lead yet at that happens so if you're Cleveland. I think you fuel you can win in Boston right I mean I. I think they Cleveland has the feel better about Robin wrote a personal they have to win a road game but they also should feel better. Just based off of the four games we've seen they look like they're more likely to win a road game in the Celtics. I don't feel like based on what I've seen so far I don't think the Celtics have a chance. To win on the road it just feels like they don't have a chance and any team that's got LeBron got a chance to win anyway right yes exactly and so. That's way game seven that's why the schemes tomorrow night is so important for the Celtics because without that and then how that change how you feel about it too when they're up to low. A lot of people know it we can you scholars think he blames us experts you know talking the Celtics up with an outbreak or don't but at that point I thought they were the better team. I think for the third straight series you're seeing the best players on the other side but maybe the teens that are here right dogs with a better coach in the no guys one through eight are better than the others teams want to rate I still feel like that's the case. We just because chair Smith and Kyle Korver were knocking down threes in George Hill finally played pretty well. I still like the Celtics team. Better than the cavaliers so they they aren't they they have to win tomorrow what's on stupid. Coming off of you know a second consecutive loss. I actually felt pretty good about the team coming into game five because they went down big early on they were down 1980 fought back to get within seven. I think they lost but what nine or something and yet and that and I I thought okay dating get their doors blown off like they did in game three. Read it meant I don't you know now I come back home you'll overcome this. But I gotta admit that's more hope than notice it is hopeful but that's it. It's just they certainly didn't play great game the Celtics lost it by no means they play great game and they did a pretty good job of of not turning the ball over but they missed the Thomas shots open dunks that you are open threes and open all kinds stuff they'd they messed. And yet they were always kinda hang around so you know they have a better game and complete you know do but on the Cleveland side of things the cavs can say. Well we turned the ball over how many times last night I eighteen times last night you know and if we get that out attain you know this is different game we blow them out so. You know he's going to be game five you've got to beat the Celtics. Are gonna play Petr I mean big shot below 40% gain 341 point 2% last night. In the NBA as we know teams you better at home in on the road and so I fully expect him to play better with that being said. LeBron James has spilled uprisings in a peace plan like he did the last two games forget about game two. Because the last two up well like he made it a point to get other people involved move the basketball. It wasn't in his hands all the time placed plenty of any plan deep bet I mean and LeBron decides to actually play defense. I loved you brown lived Jason Tatum but it LeBron can lock those guys debt. I mean he's not gonna get fouls called on me I mean it's not like he's going to be up out front of bow out and so it's gonna be hard for the Celtics to score if LeBron decides. To up play defense you need to go with a lineup change tomorrow starting lineup. I think so and because. With a lot of they have. Marcus Morris was supposed to be the LeBron stopper and he hasn't stopped LeBron the last three games itself. If it's not working anger letting Tristan Thompson abuse you to ID. I think you're better off going with Aaron pains out there a bigger lineup maybe maybe you start market Smart like you're so yeah so that made you go with market Smart. I really thought. That it was Smart by Brad Stevens not to change is starting lineup from game one to game two even though cleaver was to write they're going big there but you played so well in game one and Marcus Morris was awesome in game one. So don't run away from that. Well now you've seen three games that's a that's a lot of sit in in the playoffs that's forever so you see in three straight games where. Yet you're not only now winning that match up you're getting smoked in that matchup so. Maybe it is time to go a little bit bigger try to keep Kevin Love interest in Thompson off the off the boards. I don't know the older than you might need to that the rosier points as much as homey. Maybe not the other guy you know brown and Horford and those guys have been a lot better so that'll be interesting wanna see if he's makes sense switched at 6177797937. As telephone number it's daily key Sports Radio WEEI. Overall vote if it's. Maintain our composure it's it's which ousted. Despite what it's taken it's. Like you know. Made the post game live about where when we do defensively. Should we officers so he's got a good job taking care of the basketball. Specific live third quarter that did that feel like moments when. Kyle jumped on the Forsberg. Yeah is that they'll go. Pedal puts us. And I really I might just wasn't. Now LeBron on the other hand they give you chapter closes up every single play that took players members every play. I doesn't remember what happened to. Half an hour before or maybe I mean I don't long for this guy can't be out coaching Brad Stevens ten knock these. Happened again. That David committed in his pocket is that you know wood and corporate dove for the ball to remember that there are the result. Not remember. What that's like the yen. And other government. That's awesome. That's exactly it. Like because we're talking about you know LeBron used to and that rescind that people were blown out of proportion like it's not that hard to do and if you ask spell check right now about. You know. The seventh game of the season fourth possession he could probably tell you plays they ran whereas this is right after the game right after a win. And tirelessly to no items. That is ignored don't act. I don't remember that. That's that's not a great look for Tyler. Now let's be honest OK let's let's at least be always honest well. So nobody has an assistant coach here he was rather universally applauded right. He was an up and coming guy was on Doc Rivers that everybody knew he was ticketed BA head coach in the NBA. Nobody thought it was a bad coach and we thought it was stupid it was Ollie does a great job would dot steam and get a chance to run his own franchise. But he really right and I user on the team but I don't know like if you look at Brad stevens' staff right now among a market Wednesday. I guarantee one of these guys will be a great coach or I cared immediately about coach really now we don't know why it. Yeah to Dale's point. The assistant to head coaches around the league I think within the week everybody was singing the praises of tie right at night. He was the next young up and comers you know but I are wrong sometimes remember he he was going to be the highest paid assistant coach. There in Cleveland I think he was the highest paid assistant coach under David black. And so. That's why he was brought to sort of be like 018 yeah David black. And so now he's like this boom you know hose aimed at. Our faculty Dodd and Edmondson that's on him. Leggett it's hard to get credit as the coach when the bronze on your team that's just the fact right right you have him so he's gonna get. All the answer either way if it's LeBron isn't quote on quote coaching the team like everybody thinks he has. Rightly he's like it is like Peyton Manning of football he's sort of you know the coach on the field. Moving guys around call and it was the price collar crimes as is doing that but. I Lou let me just because people thought it was going to be good Kosher would that doesn't mean he he is one and I think. If LeBron goes so do we know once it was a good coach or not looked back kind of sum up needing to know what happened like how can given attention to detail even remember what happened twenty minutes earlier that's not a great sign. But he's been the three idiots who NBA finals does that mean today is exactly where my hot my opinion of regarding coaching. They're great coaches usually. Usually mostly. Have great players yes oh god I mean it's like it's correct problem weakens Gregg Popovich is a great coach Wright's. But he's thousands praise David Robinson you all Alipay writers cued up earlier handful of coaches to meet dad. One with not Greek town. And maybe not even want to short less likely like I think yeah Bret Stephens we know but that's it could he's maximizing what our but it's not like Larry Brown. Is when it got us to you know we always maximize but outside of that yet. Those guys are usually hooked up with somebody who regularly go literally you know Phillip so that you have the wind so much with Phil Jackson and the idea Jordan Kobe Shaq the whales eleven or sick like yep yep yep wanna see that rings I got the grammys it's ridiculously Justice Stevens is getting that attention this playoff run because he doesn't have. The star players but if LeBron leaves say he leaves Cleveland out this year which most people believe. Do you think at. If you not with no I'm I'm I'm an editor at bats and exploited do you think they'll keep tie Lou. Yes I don't think he had been reasonable little reason to fire out well because I think the reason why is theirs is LeBron wants to be some saying if he's gone now Miami. Well my point is why pay Thailand some open. The did not coach and as a new code I don't know its contract as well. Did you think I Lewis thinking anyway but do you think Ty Lue can maximize the talent that you have their or do you think LeBron just happen. I'd it will swells. Well I don't know every edit items without price or they're gonna he's gonna have that chance next year and a public accountants is tied Lou actually doing. Because LeBron is who we it's like there maybe times coaching is better with outlook you know and maybe the results won't be as good but maybe. You know he does get more out of somebody young players we don't. We don't know because LeBron is there right and LeBron is so overpowering and everything he does and he hasn't had a lot of young players to culture because of it actually had a trip as the trade them away right. I Harris is in Roxbury hey Harris. A bill out I got us out here. Ella actually you know he got the tot mom tie Lou and not let that he keep saying that he'd actually done in this period for the last two games. But you have to read our addiction Tatum is caught on tape and it. And like him he can't get a shot off and demeaning green and actually doing a great job neutralizing and Tatum. Question 8 am flight last night that nobody won't give my little shot in the back. Hold them talking on a port on and it's taken pain in my game and at one problem that. I wanna either how to move that that's the gonna try to apply to maybe get paid him off a very. And I'm kind of matchup in and what you think about that and I haven't had. I I think it's good point you make him by the way as the game was going on last night Bill Simmons was tweeting about it and and Simmons was saying watch off the ball. When the Celtics have the ball. And and watch how much Cleveland is grabbing and holding guys off the ball and Tatum would be that list as well. Watch how how much they're disrupting Celtics players off the ball like grab and holding pulling tugging. And get away with it. It yet go ahead. All any you know I'll let you know when a young guy at my table and live a rookie I mean they get questions like that an idea that you're net you know that's unemployed. I'm not the dark with that at some point in the game game but I like that the markets Smart and enroll. Out Monroe at the five and markets mark the point. Because I wanna feature in constant gardener row and I want love or nom on corporate because topic can't guard well. The only problem now is that the road can't be inside. It's still slow film that I think can he keep up on now I don't think I don't I don't think so that's it's a tough matchup for him I guess Thompson will be the one guy and even slower than normal when you played here in game two I think it was yeah I'm John they're out there at all now I don't know about that I I will. I think. You got to see. How it's here rosy years doing offensively and if he's not making up for some of those this stuff defensively if they're still doing the switching and all that stuff. But maybe it is less rosier a lot more Smart and rosier is implants from a minute to minute basically playing. Six era in a seven and a half guys tops right it's so he's gonna play a lot but. It might be more LaMarcus market tomorrow 6177797937. Johnson and overtake John. And I definitely wasn't on the they had a lot of I don't know beat jackpot there's not again Deng got to hear a lot of bandit either but I. At one point correlate to the floor for a ball loose ball. And anger and yet because that he said. Yeah. I I really did I mention that side but that was awesome. What got to Portland at one point not too long had a like two minutes later you have got to say he's one of the best shoot an NBA history. Which. I don't know I think maybe the numbers bear that out but I don't hear him in any conversation ever when you bring up bashes and. I adding 100 now he's an Arnold I wanted to force the fourth most three pointers in history I'll talk to play. Basketball when I had goosebumps it's. The. Yeah I know John I think he is one of the great shooters yet that he is. Yeah OK I'll take that I could imagine too big boy get in the first it is. The road did this stuff would. LeBron obviously that's just hit it a given week that it could go away by top I noticed last night beside the point out that we missed a lot of lips. And then the other or any other court lettuce and Marcus Barnard said this. And that third game it's easy target Smart data to report that he's a brilliant artists that we are double. And and that's exactly what happened mart target sport started. Gin up outside the three point range. It doesn't Fermi field.