Dale & Keefe - Eric Decker thinks he'd be a "good fit" for the Patriots; Brady claims he never discusses his contract or money; Andy Hart wants endorsement deals

Dale & Keefe
Friday, June 22nd
Hour 3: Dale, Dickerson, and Hart discuss the potential fit of Eric Decker with the Patriots, Julian Edelman’s chances of getting his suspension overturned, which of the Patriots receivers will be traveling with him to Montana this summer, and what’s the status of Rob Gronkowski’s new contract. Also in this hour, the state of Andy Hart’s wardrobe, FCC Fines, and Hart wants endorsements.

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Yeah yeah yeah to. Sports Radio WEEI. Riches off today taking the long weekend he'll be back on Monday. We've got Randy Hart patriots football weekly and Greg Dickerson. In which the senate today. So free agent wide receiver Eric Decker has apparently sort of taken to the serious accident NFL channel that. Make up a pitch to the patriots. Said he'd be a perfect fit with the team if if they were looking for another wide receiver. Well we know they are the first four games of the upcoming regular season at least maybe. I'd been maybe he'll maybe. I have his day generally speaking those don't come out well below the chance I was so you're saying there's a chance they positive are talking to guys their homes wearing patriot culture. You know it's nice when tune that's very nice. And soul is Eric Decker a good fit for the patriots. Are now speaking of Lou good don't that you mom lakers' 10 yeah I would say yes. Along those lines short and I would say along the lines of a veteran receiver. He caught fifty balls a year ago with a much lesser quarterback in marionette in Tennessee. Two I think keys. A number one or two receiver at this point god now. But to throw him in the mix with Kenny Britt Philip door set. I think Jordan Mathis a little higher but coral Paris why not. These guys that in his heyday was 875. TD catch receiver you know miss the year with the jets a couple of years ago comes back in Tennessee. But they had they lose branding cooks in the or they traded blows in the chose to lose and they traded branding coaxed. Atom in coming off an ACL in the four game suspension there's some uncertainty. I think that has an agent Malcolm Mitchell who was a huge question Malcolm Mitchell out of sight out of mind you but until he proves he can get back on the field I almost don't include him. But there there are a lot of bodies on their wide receiver depth chart I'm sure as any you can count I agree a thousand person and I'll I'll take fifty cats had a friend I wouldn't want his biggest problems the last few years it hasn't been an issue catching footballs been issued thing help write a variety of injuries. I agree from entity is again I'll include you won't include musical but higher but when Jordan Matthews that may not know Jordan map these who had some. Better statistical years and some of those other guys but I think everybody all those guys you lump in together and you say. I don't know what element again yeah I hit the casino and you know this better than I would but I am right back. Where I hear it all shirt ought to help he's been a free agent this entire offseason I asked if if the patriots had any interest would need banned here it. You know Ernie Els and I'll TA is you never know that you know that night and Germany or in art or you know like Mitchell. Maybe they were saying okay Mitchell's gonna be back well Mitchell was out there early in OTAs before we were there and then really wasn't at all on the days we were out there. Which are a little bit of I think in the rehab feel them below each tick and can't stay on the field maybe they thought. He was over you know in the offseason missing last year is ready. You just never know all or the settlement that you know and they didn't sign him in settlement was in the mix and now we're down another body that I really think his passing game has some questions. Because it's grown. The passing back James White Rex Burkhead I think you'll get your usual contributions out of them. Receiver position I'm not sold on on anyone that I can say is guys catch seventy balls I've no idea on console on Andelman. If and when he comes back from the fourteenth suspension no question over authority out of supposedly. We thank. Cheat a little bit too obviously trying come back I think supposedly off no one knows what the substance while I am but it was described his performance enhancing is supposed to substance of abuse -- I'd like to think that the apple juice I had the last hour enhanced my performance. Well management. I brought some immaturity humor and tried to carry rich keep I think he's the immaturity humor on the show with a pretty guest on your part you don't like the it was a and nevermind the labor leaders say now he would have loved it wouldn't matter of fact he would have made it two segments economically for madness yet the audio. So. You'd think that settlements cannot wean. Don't believe I said it quite strongly I back so you think there's a chance because I. Generally is in less than 50% yes is it less than 20%. Yes probably better than zero a slightly better instead of zero. I do that the whole thing of the fact that they don't know the exact substance reportedly and that was until now it was an the hottest we had a guy if you don't know what this office. Well you get I think it's in the ballpark of something you don't like right. Now Enron. Not literally yeah Smith you're and they actually test it a more scientific method. But you know now that the NFL PA doctors scientists whoever they hires looking into it more. I just know we always I think it's hard to get away with a but then you have the random. The guy await the burger in Mexico and was able to prove he had a burger in Mexico and they and their known to inject steroids and their cows in Mexico and right the you know there's there's always that that hail Mary attempt I don't think it's great but the option is still there you haven't lost possession of the ball just yet. But do you think global but do you think it was do you need another wide receiver. If Eric Decker a guy not heat of course wants to come here a lot of wide receiver specially if they don't have jobs wanna come here it. If things don't go well for some of the guys that like Kenny Britt looked pretty good. On some days that it looked like he pulled a hand meaning missed a few days and then the whole. Wild card Brady not being there with all these guys stood to build that relationship that report throughout the spring all they're all going to be in Montana and down that pint man. Did you see pine manor who was it. Mike Brady it was Alvin and Ellis barrel as the cursor. A bottle and may be coral pattern they didn't put anybody in the circles. I wanna see who makes the cut for Montana. I think they all show. Open while solidly settlement and reportedly wrong open it would be weird I mean you're going to a guy's house off the beaten path like. It's not just worked out down the street and we go our separate ways when you leave the field you'd be signing on to bring Patterson Bret. You know Matthews they're all hanging out eating with Alex in I don't know Gisele will be there and I weird to have five guys who would your teammates that if your happened if you don't really know about you probably. What if I don't come on day to like pick and how awkward deal them for the next on with rain and Tom Parsons time we saw it was at two guy right. It was Evan Dolan an element right and they already knew they played together for its right to pretend they had early chipping and they were I frenzy Chris Hogan making the cut this short I could see it if rocket cattlemen are on there as we think they are I can see Hogan getting an invite. But as he wanted to. Mean he has twinge in his honor kids you've been yes yes you know you better if you don't you'll want to hear when I was here and you better and if you have twins and you have a chance to leave the house for I want Allan. Assert your right looks at the same always liked you get a month off per year or you're gonna take some of that month and go to Montana with your football buddies honey it's work it's not on Michael on wanna count on you how Thomas ramadi two times I get released on and then all of a sudden right out mystery brightly living under an overpass like now cardboard box and we'll be back Campbell will be back in buffalo what goes into orphanage. By the way according to field gates the patriots have apparently signed their top draft pick this year Isaiah wind puke. And means the only one left it's on a mission. Included done. They always told slotted now it's on the last hole bullion had Joey boasts. If you're one of the Carrillo legal guys you can try to changed the system but. How many. 141822. People now that that's happening and it's so emotional abuse and shall it. He'll be part of the passing game to think that adult games. I don't think now you know what you are rookies don't get to go to monthly so what what makes Sony Michelle any different then and Jordan Matthews. They were here last year if you already entertained you wanna get the know these guys junior having a true. Passing camp. I should be right. Like I'm probably should've been there when they were all I drank maybe that's its only wish maybe Jordan that Jesus there well you weren't there when I was there gold among. Terrorists the bedroom issue. Many bedrooms there. This probably more than enough wood on fed was affairs are controllers on ice resort or two down the road autos pretty exclusive. That he travel every day they commute to come and work I am guessing it's kind of in the middle of nowhere I would think I mean he built his own football field as much as you know packed into adventurism you could probably I'd say ranked the couple hello guys are really nice suvs and I suvs but motor homes. They just don't art as those us our trailer is a little jealous or buses. A really nice tour doesn't look at big east that are brought him in Indian empty you know now couple days and a good point at which those are big into their savings in date mode where you are and then where you where you put that homes. To purchase some moderates. Want to elaborate lie under a yeah I'd like yeah. These serious all the time boasts an architect I kind of nervous about tonight and that crop outlook a text to wants them off Braxton variously pinning it. For the short time I saw my thought to have pretty good but then he spent much time in the rehab field he clearly was dealing with something which. Sort of his MO going back to to Miami he arrived at minute warning CO on and sort of dealt with Nixon. And bruises along the way I thought he showed some quickness looked like one of those now nothing can play like he's the next settlement but he showed some quickness I thought. I like him more than. The other guy right and Karen that are going to be next in line no violence and burials and I'd go outside I'd give a shot too I mean he caught fifty balls at Miami. It's not gonna sneeze at that. The other guy rightly McCarron into anything and I I've seen anything that leads me to believe he's the next guy in that line but I I do I think there are some questions in the passing game and it's not just. You know Brady was net passing camp and you who's a left tackle I think the weapons and who's gonna line up their report. Do you think ballot check was pissed off that Brady wasn't at the OT and of course. I think every football coach would be you know that I write to him rather have him there that's not much you think he's Matt yes period. As he was there for eighteen straight years or whatever I don't miss a business jobs but he's not missed all of them like he did this year every single one he did not go. And it's just. He has to deal with it I mean that's the way it is that the you know the leverages on a certain side and he's Tom Brady any kind of do what he needs to do at this point it's career. But yes he wants his quarterback they're just like. Basically every other quarterback the NFL was at OT Jason passing camps in Roethlisberger missed a little bit of a communication whatever. You wanted in there they all should be there that's supported a passing camp without your pass her. If not virtually two pastors there no he didn't know I watch all believe me an awful I watched Brian Hoyer try to throw a screen pass into the old who's that guy. Gary Crimea and whether those females of all flat lies out the back right out of the truck traffic it was embarrassing it was. Hat. Alaska is there going to be a different backup quarterback and Brian Warner I can't imagine. Because I despite how badly looked yeah but a he'd have to been here by now. And I mean they have the guy they drafted at Oakland but he didn't while mean he looks like the young quarterback throws an ice ball he's got a decent arm but. He's gonna turn and he comes from LSU. It doesn't come from necessarily you know passing attack in NFL offense. They are handoff handoff and I'll I'll throw deep or wants a while they'll screwed up kid we can run with four network at the back of you know some blue chip back of the year is they're handing it to. I think you go with the only. The only way I could see any because right Hannibal WEEI dot com zone and he's big on that wing is gonna make the team as the back up that lawyers gone. At the back at the Barrett. And I think he could make is the third guy very easily the only thing I don't know is is holder appoint his career where you can cut him. Say stayed on the street if anything happens we're gonna sign you immediately. I don't know that there's going to be 31 other teams clamoring to sign right boy I would say now. So you might be able to cut him in just have him land by the that he displayed on the street go back right you can't play Chicago planes but it's great that some a couple of hours at the -- quite a bit patriots have told them yes it says about him synthetic yes I don't know what Ryan doesn't seem very environmentally friendly if you spent the purchase price for what I don't want guys that the 730 senators to get the self west from midway present. There's a happy medium somewhere in there and trichet I don't know I don't private plane and I don't think there's anything I junkets it's on get on Sullivan Abbas I don't know. The other important question of this offseason which has not been answered yet and I'm surprised at this. As a contract for rock. Yes I thought it would have been done by any two like I didn't think he would show up without. Getting some money. Somehow someway a new contract for for many camp I was at that time you believe it. There's something pretty much done and that just hasn't been more or are hi Lisa Lisa oral working towards in there but pretty much done isn't done. And all know what it's but it's close enough where you say OK you know what I'm Joseph is gonna get that the chargers tight and we need to go out there and when he's pass against him blow lot of knee. And then a Vegas that will still gives you that extension we talked about it you know we're we're not. Even those your second blown Nina seventh back injury and all that outside I thought he would have something signs. And he hasn't and and it continues to be I don't know if you guys follow in the schedule quarry former NFL agent works in the media now he's taken that contract stories and he has grown on his list of you know ten guys whose we're gonna get extensions before the season starts. And we get the report from Florio that it's. Being worked on but not imminent and that certainly felt like Drew Rosenhaus. Quote angle there. But I am very surprise and then there's the Brady contract in. Does he want more money is is any of this about money it doesn't he want it gets it right yes and he could say anything. And they never say yes after it but it's never reefs it has never seemingly been about money with him. He did say this by the way. When he was asked about it you know I don't like talk about the rats private never he's never talked about his country well. He yeah he hasn't talked to Tom there was one of the Super Bowls where it was a topic. They kept bringing up and sort of stayed on the periphery didn't talk about his owns the but more about. And as a player you make money and you decide about the team in use was big in the he leaves money on the tables they can sign other players and and all of that he talked a lot about that one suitable week but no in general. They just happen to how he and Robert fly somewhere on the flight over they decide okay we're gonna do for years at this number of million users and. I don't think it's about money because to me it would. Be that simple that if you're Bob Kraft jacket and all the speculation you can and everything. If he's if he's upset he's disappointed he's he's holding out. What do you want work out something to the extension done all right with we move on it why would be that simple right that's why it feels like it's. And not settle on I try to take him at his word he said in Tom verses time this offseason about my family and try to team has worked well wartime but they'll. You know I'd ever want. I like possibly liable liable they all lie so you don't ever know all yeah I think this is what this offseason and about no I don't know about what's it about AG as we don't think it's about money. You'd set out money I think it's about the relationship with a head coach I think it I think if that hole all family thing I said it's plastered on the show ansari. You know. He lives down the street in Brookline the team trains and fox borrow. You cracked or isn't it as you attract the big take the helicopter. Allen have a helicopter wealth. Somebody will give them we talked about this are pretty sure McCarty a while now pretty straight snap our fingers out hey Paul Allen yeah divot tool if he called nine by tend to be a helicopter picked him last time I checked in them off months of February march April may and into the middle of June. Kids are in school. For AM to approximately two to 3 PM. How do you know his kids maybe I don't know I've had more of their home I answered most kids at home schooled me on the falcons they're probably not that well I think they go to what could be the thing. Member. The of the money that went to the kid's school yes okay so it's that we know they go to some special. Who from school. To me. If your professional football player and you when your family leave in that same city it's easy this is not Major League Baseball when you're away from your friendly for. Six months out of the year you're around your family almost constantly even during this season. My job all would be it hurts. If you're bill and a in Brady comes you and says listen this thing have been talking to G. Ecology. Edward were sort of negotiating and I told her I was gonna be. More around this offseason. So is it okay if I leave here. To every day I told I'd pick the kids up every vessel yes you take the partial you know talk that's yes yeah I'm doing the mounting recession do acts and then hit the road I'm not navy combat it if I'm Belichick. Will that ought to Belichick but. Any rational person says. Yeah absolutely fine as well thank all 89 rational teammates say. He's Brady. Exactly 41 guy he's got kids there in school he wants to do he's gonna get the chance at winning a Super Bowl and getting more money trying to do whatever he wants I would too and that's why I do think the family thing you could workarounds. It's tokens are bigger sports so you'd think it's all relationship with that yes that's worse because this has built that's the hardest effects. Right money is just all right check point I've made on a couple of occasions I don't think they've ever been pals know they have got it today today they don't hang together and they're auctioning relations act and today the it is an employer employee relationship. Right now he's the most important employee. We know that but he still has still employee wrecked and sometimes if you've got to dysfunctional or somewhat dysfunctional. Relationship that isn't perfect. It gets worse overtime yet. I've ever had never talked about my contract you know I've never been a lot of money at it. For a lot of reasons. That's that over the years it was he different person. Yeah Andy he's never talked money. Public well publicly they never. Okay not it detail and attention that the whole Super Bowl we keep talking about it quite a bit. Is leaving money on the table prepared for the quarterbacks and and helping the team in there with it was a week of the number of answers now he didn't get into. Well they're paying me 22 really now I know is Marcus Smart elegantly Bartlett I wasn't paying Peyton Manning right he never got better you know brought up by the I think. He's back he he didn't break reporters brought up short he was truthful that. Oh like Marcus mar when he says that I'm worth more than 1214 million difference between Tom Brady most NBA players. To bring. Yes well locked nets all over and over and over well there's also a difference in like LeBron doesn't talk money. He's gonna get whatever he wants he's gonna get the most available right markets Smart talks money because he watched you pushed the number upward. He wants people to knowledge in Louisville will be coming with twelve come with sixteen I'm talking with well I texting while on quality careful. Well alienate all things I'll facetime right. Face to faces via eighteen now back to the calls a 6177797937. Maps on the cell phone Hamad. They need you guys gonna. Too much of the adequate thought I was wondering Islam you know would Brady not making negotiations and I am just wondering if you guys think you made it might have to do with the fact that. You go by the arm and spending a much amount football. You think it's okay for him to take time away from shall all. This gets things like ODA orders you possibly achieve a similar situation keep Momcilo the longer. Yes. He used the word negotiation a negotiated two more years which is out. I thought this was going to be a probably whenever it was 34 years ago when he started openly admitting she lobbies for him to retire. Like that's a that's a stress. If you have your wife. And the mother of your children at home saying was and what you've done. I want it done I'm not hitting and we get these stories of Jay Feely. The kicker from you know but he giant or straight hand I think was she telling them yeah ache I got that Clinton here talking and to quit like. What's funny and that's like how hot it is not funny there's a little bit of truth in that joke and that's. For him who along with saying well 45 and I stop I love this at the answer that worked too hard all these things. That's stress and I firmly believe that they are you know you happily married do you think that's a stress do you think that's what changed between. I know all the answers to the test with Peter came to Oprah yes long anxiety Internet fun yes she's. And now I think some of its legitimate like he's probably eighty listening to some of the things she says she may be saying. Listen band is you know playing soccer and you've missed a lot of men's soccer teams in the fall. At that you should be either for the spring games itinerary isolate those conversations happen in every married have rooms every final way my son's going at 6 o'clock game parking and I won't get there until after that fifth. And market you coach. Not this particular team. If I was coaching would be I've turned down many ships on the show because of that read a week now don't you crawl in baseball. A lot of people are happy about it and that's what you what you we have kids you try to balance it out and I'm like not like Brady but in the fall like. Have to do as follows football season it's time to do the real job get a little more freedom now but that. Daly everybody does that in what are your helping that there are Panama by what changes is when you have the joke when you have the hammer. You know when your employee fifth on the wrong and then move up to fourth while. Go to an extra practice a week in and you get to third on the wrong. And that when you're that goat or the boss or the owner. You go to every game to game game you want and everybody else works around your schedule right now why oh why do you think Brady and I said he was troll. The ESP NN's program thing I hate. I'm so sick out on out that all of my wrong and Brady and all of them wild why would he do when I don't know he's and he's traveling with him. One of the II but I. I am I saw him he told him he can't go 02 days but he's sitting on his iPad just scrolling. Crap scroll. Ball. Scrolling through and I'm sorry about it anymore Ali that may be shattered and checked for a little bit. He scrolling through things waiting for like some post that he wants to respond to. Well for someone who doesn't look for someone who doesn't wanted to do you do. Take your yacht where during view that gross you out I've discussed. An instant and two it's all tax that'll let them when you're on the tour I've been idle and people like responded I -- at the battles blocking you know every time I see something from you on Twitter I'm gonna want to bring that that's why blocking a bill I don't wanna and I have I yes I have a lot of times I don't live Twitter and other issues sort of if you're Tom Brady you keep saying you know pride that this project Panama talk about the content you want to. Act like you know -- need to do I also wonder is there any possibility that some. Marketing guru or somebody said. This is a good offseason yes yeah out there are no matter yes like people talking about you the brain TB twelve yes on your car so it seems like he's. It seems like the brain effort when he patriot fans say Davis. He feels like the boy ran. Is more in future plans are more important than playing football program which is so weird for him. Because. He flat out ignored most of that stuff for light. 1215 years we used to sit here and gore on animal. That Peyton Manning all the time at all. He would never do that and any tip -- in it was under armor and then the mattress Palmer the mattress and a draw and then it was TB twelve all win but like all encompassing I'm gonna promote this the book the app the police service the sleeper this is -- thought after Martan with the official to Australia than mark I wonder if it's this is all part of you know. A marketing plan that would be light Connor Macgregor or you know will do anything to make sure worst in the headlines by just throw a chair through a bus window and get arrested that keeps me in the headlines. And I just wonder one of these marketing gurus is like. Social media these days you have to be responding if there's issues with the team you need to look like you're involved are invested I just it's weird to me and what about the and then I've in the and is that he. Or is it and row it's a one of these guys I can't imagine. And I don't usually deal it's him. I'm told that that. I mean that TB times little cartoon pig that's not. He doesn't draw that no he doesn't product. Might provide like I think he responds to ESPN thing like granted I'm told that's him or call her but remember there are one right along right where he would like yeah I'd say something a 100%. That's not somebody doing it don't say okay I know I'm told that's him and I mean physically him and I said this. There have been times. After a game. Belichick standing at the podium and Brady's kneeling down waiting for his turned a toast step up museum scroll through his phone over there just and that's tax though and then somebody's checking in buddies check in intact then maybe in the age. That being. All that I just I find that weird because has now it's a little contradictory. I'm so busy and I wanna spend more time with the family and it feels like spending a lot of time on your phone all the hard and that's not an all time in deference to human defensive game. How long does it take to have the bright a monkey double G it's going to be following it and pick up right away year you're spending too much if I'm him. I'd be honest I'd be investing time with the family would be in that Costa Rican resort that she has and you wouldn't see me for three months we would be on the beach playing can jam drinker here and have a bottle thrown its. At three much every other cancel I'd like to find out I'm like yeah well I've. They're looking coaster Rica for three months. Like of horses they go horseback riding he we saw he searched they have the why do you go to law. Law do you go to the same vacations on every year vacation not Richard up people vacation every article somewhere chemicals off July week he's on vacation where I gonna be here in one of these damn chance I would estimate. Accounts OK so it's not like he's following ya. Thousand accounts or something. So a 173. When Inkster Graham puts something up. When ESPN puts something up on mr. Graham and I'm guessing he follows ESPN's and. Program account or someone else put. Money don't I he's got FaceBook page right. FaceBook and Internet and Twitter. He. He never gotten a Twitter reacts idiots are out on the guys issues on February count the morning show one time asked him like some about Twitter region he said something about like I just never really get into orders and we think if you've got against program and you've got FaceBook at your expect it if yours as you say. If you've got somebody talking or some PR guy or girl whispering in your area at all yet Mike you don't that are at a mall. I'm I'm just looking through the people and accounts that he follows a lot of teammates and ex teammates as you'd expect yet. Ilan mosque. So some billionaires and there's no word yet but that's now his world we won't go to Monaco when you do the Milken Institute Iain that's his world speak the helicopter and all of its interest in now. May he follows may be that guy who was most critical of him during deflate it was Morton's Bill Nye the Science Guy. No neither sign and I think follows bill Nye on instrument I find that interest and I wanna know why. Nazi got a little weird if wall I would think if he was the guy who was criticizing the most that doesn't surprise me wants an awards site and who Scioscia. Michelle Obama roc nation Elton John. Venus Williams. PGA tour or. Harry Kahne. Soccer star I was I was this close and who knows that I know I'm not one direction on all outside that's that's different Harry and I set a bunch of a bunch of teammates former teammates you know Malcolm Mitchell. Dion Lewis. Patrick Chung Donta hightower does the I'll act patriots or patriot knocked them. Haven't seen it yet so boring at Christian Fauria if you look at you people follow parade openly that he he he he does Pollack a cop. All the saw a lot of soccer going to be a lot of soccer players he's been soccer and a that's causing her to follow you to you to along now I haven't found that yeah I document I thought I mean the college. 617 779793. Sevenths telephone number Andy card patriots football weekly is here Greg Dickerson is here as well. We haven't talked a lot of patriots actually for the last couple of days but we would be room why not we didn't take advantage of the opportunity with. Viewing here if the patriots culture in the house and I share. And it didn't caution. Again the best art but that's the hard for all you know all I know you know it's coming soon. A new one yeah training camp pre season games and when they you know we do the applause eagle broadcaster. Some. The. A staller and Waldorf yeah well. They usually give us a different look every session Kevin and around though is that August 5 August date somewhere in there predators amazingly that'd be so you get a different one for every game. Knowledge of this couple ones but whatever was on why you got a couple yeah we Wear the same the couple and then it just add that to the rotation of the free shirts I Wear the rest that's why be because you could Wear just like a good topic something awful rack I was always wearing Celtics paraphernalia why why don't get for free. I'm I live my life that sometimes elected they're not not all logos just. Probably a 45 dollar fifty dollar. Probably more sure I'll be more right. And it's available Medicaid pros are found out there are now fact he does matter of fact I believe there's assailed Obama they are a great provider of patriots apparel and I didn't hear the tone of that. With the truth to beautiful place while you're there stop by the whole patriot place to great take for kids in this somebody's tape Mallory fashion and then I want your songs I sat right up the steps to one of the great restaurants they have a hockey was signed up to get to patriot football weekly you do that you know now on line or something. Now you can now so you digital filter records were down there to see OTAs in mandatory mini camps when you were right when press was allowed him right. It Belichick act any different team. Didn't seem any different to sound any different the only day that was different was the day Tony La Russa was there he basically hung around with Tony La Russa and ID quote Ballmer something. He's like. An. Roaches in roach it was like I did call off. The lipstick. On. But that he he spent a lot of time that they would Russa just hanging out sort of ignoring practice other than that that's on the same bill or just what. Chuck yeah. That was that was not check and not really our thing went buddies are there any hangs out with bodies whether it's on Jon bon John John Jo share L the year whoever made the any spends more time on defense why that are on the defensive coordinator he just he's coaching alliance now and Brian Flores is a sending so. But did it that I see any who. Doesn't look at Brady during minicamp at nine. Sorry. An earlier plan to tout how well actually I I would have been. Surprised if you its NB all you guys is kinder gentler Bill Belichick act let them do a lot of yelling. This time around a couple times no I don't but it's not like it's on a screen fast her right now. But wants early on there was a there were a couple screw ups with the substitution. Twelve guys in the huddle and you know than they had it half the line when half didn't and dale had dual lap and let's do it on one out. That that's a multiple practice on an annual. I saw nothing that led me to believe anything was any different than it's ever been I saw Bill Belichick twirling his whistle and yelling at people and coaching. Guys that I would say. Tuchman Erica because Lleyton nine India on the roster that because that's what he does he sees on the doesn't like he picks the seventeenth quarter and tells what he didn't like. Bill be bill. The and I think that's good. Firmly believe that's like that's the consistency as bill. The changes Tom Brady. I don't know what exactly is different but ray is the one that's change it isn't mr. positively and I want more time off I want wartime epic all the well okay. But that's different aegis need to acknowledge that's different you've said OTAs were important in the past to lay the foundation for training camp and now. Something else is more important that they're not important you decided something else. Is more important well that's a change for you not a change for bill isn't it pretty clear that I mean it seems self evident to most of us this is all about Alex Cora. I don't know I guess I try to take people at their work. And when he says it's about my family this offseason I try to say OK Tommy's that was my family. Spent time in the family every man deserves that you've earned the right you descended to a spot where you can tell anybody. That you're gonna show up when you want to not when they want you to what you believe them. Obviously you can say you'll take him for his word but beat down martyr and lead him to believe him when I see him in Monaco and I seem golfing in some of these various things. And then the business and and and all of that and you know he's so you can find time to work with cattlemen and Guerrero in yourself on a field goal could you just tweak your schedule and find time to get some OT knees and so it's harder and I got into an argument Tom Cochran on on NBC sports when Ike is he said. You know because I said that as an you know until I improve and otherwise I'll take him out of work that's about a spam he wants time with family. And currents are well maybe that's part of it but it's other stuff too and and so it's it's it's not about him if it's other stuff and he said well you know that's negotiable and will it isn't if it's really about your family and it's about your family. So you don't use he said it's about family and they will be at about contract but he's not gonna he's not gonna answer on everything else loves bill. He said he loves them we'd love was a word he probably is not gonna say. I was mad at. How they treated Alex Guerrero beat not gonna think now now I know you have. I'd Oprah can get that now if you say it's about life and the pretty much shuts everything else. But I don't like you doing that just because of that rut right that's kind of claim that's that's not cool you have any doubt your money on. It's stupid question I know you don't quit you have any doubt your mind that the Tom Brady we see on July 26 through the ended August is the same one we always. Now my only doubt the little fringe would be the other guys that he hasn't really worked with him. Jordan Matthews Kenny Britt and those guys long enough to develop what he's going to need to develop. We'll never know. I mean he was the MVP last year so he doesn't win the MVP this year is because he didn't go to spring practice OTAs now. I'm behind him prove that he can possibly prove that. If they win one last game if a you know go to the AC title and use that excuse by stop by a lot depends on your endless you know. Max Kellerman also foretold used at all. He won't want to use the excuse that a local guy I want to say he's fallen off the left so he can be writing his angle says someone else can be right in there Rangel that like tojo TV's matter told they were in trouble I and I think most people up if that if they receive all this year they will point and so if they lose the opener in their two and two in September you better reason there will be plenty of people don't they lost you know are there records. Don't be plainly don't talk to those who say yes that one right will they be good talk shows. Which staged a really such a thing about this once tremendous. Today where Israel is wayward when there are tremendous and yet we got that back out I would re rack that and you go was that final drive and you do sound again like when it's Red Sox manager Bill Belichick. Actually don't know we are we have we have a twist today. On what would normally be keeps domain which is week in review. What's the twist I'm not he. That in a minute or almost in the 5 o'clock hour the money our you don't know what the cherry on all of that money our list is he's not here to deal excel and Iran I cultural falls apart now what I would think and I got to stay here until 620 for Keefe yet and we just re rack the entire. Wait a -- wayward -- segment yeah I have Smart political authority ought to do billionaire wanna wicked hot mom's. Reader let's do just play all week or so I could Atlanta I was always I don't have sentences like now. What can play LA is an F five times general there on a hot moms in a way where readers but I would probably not have put those in the same sentence I did it it's the producer of the show he's one leftist daily Lleyton Shelby NC with some. In the same sentence and you did have never spoken with the FCC Iverson can now Addison and emails and passed out work place because you have trouble. We add issue with us. What's on what's. Sic can't remember the head it was that probably better for you. We still wanting by it was in my group with that I could not play now it was it was for actually put out it was used on and we put it out and put on the air immediately and it was. I. Mean you should truck that was a stupid. I personally I was as a part of the process of submitting to the process socked. I was off a I think people don't assays are fine involved now you know that you try to get them not define you slot to combat and they came right patent and and proudly announced that Marc fein David Ortiz. Yeah we could not bad PRI I agreed with their decision I'm just saying now where their fines for. Janet Jackson cute really. Yes that was like one of the bigger case I thought it'd not. Happening like they never actually fall through one the fine in the collection auditor there's a line that was part of it. It's easy and there's like at G and it's Super Bowl. Thirty eats I think eight or 930 it was part handbook of what is happening and why it's like why there's delays in line radio that's legally. At least it was my limit and it hit some boob summary. Eat your words. Oh yeah I know you shouldn't. It was a very different I haven't said one of them have by now we're a year plan around. What's my name you have you have to danced tantalizingly close anti semi man Greg. Dickerson what people Coleman and him. Richard Richard who did it a little something now to. What people. And it. Uncle's. Death with everybody should have that problem and this thing over and over and over again and get away with any age who doesn't swear an ankle that's real. I think that's fine. Now can I call you that in anger. I would guess so I wouldn't you already I wouldn't. You can say the key part of that right. PRI a the product of its frontal. At this is that if the secondary list we are solid secondary illustrated that he's not really sad that's like loads Clinton but you do. The list. It works thick binder fired back. He fired a good job of a job yeah. I'd like apparently enough that they lost either irony. You get tired and you're earning money. Yes but I'll add ons sort of which I don't have like my old weight loss program like you do extra weight loss program and I know it's one of those get one of those. A weight loss program on you I think its job in fifty pounds I want something better on the source. You agree on endorsement and clones of caller on the run for a alcohol. And the all except those deals going to share with you nuts but up close. I have closed it a more I think I have a car full or alcohol Dina. A new agent for the energy he had won out. We thing but I need to oust painted somebody comes down any new driveways and he comes down showed how this works well. You want you can eat the official spokesperson for Joseph Jack Malone and other large screen which we know about the wings Buffalo Wild Wings Beatty. And you don't get me in Houston art art I like where dogs are beyond broad the lies you get aren't paying them whatever. Like couple I didn't have nearly got out before they actually use as you well let's call the Reid are these are guys flying just add lived here. I these letters in front of me.