Dale & Keefe - Giardi: Patriots’ “planet players” feel disrespected

Dale & Keefe
Friday, March 16th

Hour 1: Dale & Keefe are live from The Victory Grill in Dedham. Mike Giardi’s report about Patriots players feeling disrespected is rippling through local and national media. Jason McCourty has arrived in New England, but some other potential Patriots signees are still out there. Dale is not happy about the match penalty David Backes received last night.


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The ice he's there a moment ago and it's it's eight that's what I. Pat when the in my lap I must the pot clubs. While the what I'm better now feel it cellular greats like apple totally different guy now arguments on now doing real good quotas every area school or you turn this story. We are at the victory grill which is on elm street in Dedham right next to legacy place right off of one when he infect. When you get off exit fifteen day off 128 right that the sign is right up above that great big wall there you can see it. And it got every single game. I mean it got games on everywhere as the place that I had lunch here. A little while ago and they they actually put the gulf on just like that watch Tiger Woods and it looks like guys it's that nobody asked me that he easily I wouldn't wanna see your eyes are really wanna see tiger here with other games and he's OK and and it put up forming what are covering the masters favorite. The up there was yesterday the updated during the round of the favorite at the masters as well as you know that's all the bad is the better it is that we are those they know that they're gonna come out of the woodwork here and bet on tiger. So we're down here at victory grill will be here till 6 o'clock. All the games are lots of money down I'd just met a guy who lives in Bellingham were right about that apple said he came down here just watch all the games it was happy to see we were here the special bonus he met Dale Arnold. It took itself through them he did he tickets anything you left. And your name on the door I don't know that Norah those things are looking up I think it goes well PA day in the key council today and we got so much stuff we're gonna talk about almost none of which will involve college basketball enough except to see if Providence can pull off. The win here against Texas a and M so we'll have that act on over here we go all the games going on and a whole bunch of a football stuff going on on dates older signed finally here it was officially announced as the starting left tackle for the New York Giants and the patriots have got some guys coming in to visit this is the time. When Belichick strikes yet this is the second way this is when. Yeah actually got some bargains available because guys who didn't get that first wave are some legal YI I got to get a job here before the before that the of the music stops and they're no chair left right and this is when Belichick normally struck it might be some guys that. You haven't heard of them might be some guys sort off the radar right I mean though so many of these players and I don't they're all big name players they just happen to be the best. In survey wheat free agent class that certain positions donates the older of the good not great but he getting paid. Like he's great unity of Yemen dole a guy who's very clutch in the playoffs. He's getting paid. Like he's great of these other Contra the Paul Richardson contract. That was insane all these quarterbacks that get scooped up he saw the money that he's Keenan is giving Kirk cousins obviously you're raising the bar getting of the guaranteed money. So teams went out earlier this offseason and went not spending money on on the best guys available. Kind of a different approach. For the patriots this year a more similar approach is last year we were saying that while this is different it look at them spending all that money and Gilmore. And then trading their first round pick in making all the other traits they were so aggressive last year. This year different approach they've made a couple of trades Jason forty Dini Shelton you mentioned some of these visit that they're gonna have. They're gonna add a few more players before next month's draft. But even that I think the draft only started to mix and left tackle I'll take a left tackle I'll tell you one of the they're gonna need 180 heart on Wednesday Broadway and we'll have decoded to last what does that. On the intermission I and I give you credit as a nation. I get I steal my stuff we've just started this cougar who would urge Brad martian. You know a couple of opportunities and got a win guys that don't we for the debates that each. I've been killed I pick up. I think it makes its left tackle it's different a mix that shot and then yeah they each of they could use it they didn't have a lot of thoughts though about to go on roads in what they outshot the animals passing up some problems but it was and waited on on patriots but come today they posted a video just few minutes ago. And it was Jason according going at Robert crafts office and meeting the boss and and they post these Danny shot on the development the wolf's looks and if if they want to mess with the Boston probably not a good plan I would do you wouldn't be able to tell which one it was quoting now please. If you didn't present here. Our. Well. That's this is a dream come true all my motto of the Brothers man problem fixed obviously issues of screaming no words. Shoot you saw them when families she can room verges want to change I have to say you know partial. So the whereabouts in the right thing I saw in Raleigh times. It was cool well I saw one there so ago we're gaining shot goes in and I ethicist kind of a tradition with the patriots cool tradition by the way where the owner of the team welcomes the new member of the organization in the he isn't it now now. I'm nervous and Robert crafts office heartedly. I I'd never been in Robert but you'll when they show the videos. It's like a sports museum and if these pretty cool there's there's a lot of stuff on there that's good players. Dealers with the situation again played on the team two years there at the owners of they face of that though. Right away. I've never seen a video of the new players blocking it bill Belichick's office and saying hello here's cameras out there on the they. And have that though the hard knocks patriot that any time soon now vote meetings with so that Jason according to pay them Ortiz got to be introduced it now. As he said good to see you again. He was suitable who's under their belt yet there were there will there were pictures of the two according Brothers on the field yet after the last patriots Super Bowl win and obviously he was there to root and support his brother so he has met Robert Kraft before or as you heard him say. But now you know as part of the organization again and I hate to say it. Probably your second best quarterback right now he probably is. Better. Going to years if they don't make another move in the ill but whether they drafted. Or they sides some deals. But just know that if Jason accordion air row at the second quarter. Not the end of the world that it that the better spot to be and then all of a sudden. Iris Jones which ratings are still skewed view of that phone that he makes the team. I might be a surprise that Jonathan Jones I'd like him in certain small doses. But Jason according Tuesday you know veteran players. And pretty solid you know we've been all bad teams he's been pretty well out yet figured good Cleveland Cleveland and it's and some weasels them that laughed at that position once you hit it you know. Quarter of the early running back he hit thirty and there's. Easily if you guys you know whether he'll green broke green or freight or there's certain guys that you know with past thirty. Oftentimes those guys can move the safety and right now the safety position is covered the whole week Jason forty another related war. Other things going on in the NFL today from the why do bad things happen to good people department Cincinnati Bengals won back linebacker Monty as perfect is apparently going to be suspended for four games for violating the EE policy. Now according to Adam Shia after he's gonna appeal of course yet. This is this is a I I give them credit for creativity. Of its appeal is going to be based on the fact that he was on prescribed medications. For the concussion he suffered on a hit from Steelers wide receiver futures. So he's saying hey this is not my fault like that it's not I've got a heck I think you'll want to know what what could be a ball like that mr. commissioner of the he's got a chance in a related note here that month of bird. I loved ones you like every low life on the planet on this they could double the tackles to be your second best linebacker right away what you not used to build you know an automatic suspension for an I didn't know he's gonna have to sit for awhile while rested for those. Backward ago the suspensions ever. Every. President Ahmed the month. That is actually a Smart we've heard some of the Josh Gordon. What the great one vote like well I'll like you're really in the room next to me was immediately yet some pretty good. Explanations for why he got Boston but perfect pour it back the head injury that's pretty Smart put back on the you know and I get ice given credit for creativity I don't think he's gonna. Persevere here probably. Although we have seen for the ball to go into a hearing with month as perfect automatically assuming yet. He's done some yet you're lucky we don't give you more like you're still in the lead. Suspend our report. I don't know. Yeah but he's. Now that's the beauty suspension of its expenses. I backed Alan Branch of the weed but he got busted and a lot of really nobody wins but he why you want so I guess though we. They're not a 100% but they're pretty close they win when the majority of these appeals to a I'm rooting against fun test or not I know he's on your left he's not my oh with a bag if they awkward room long commitment. Patriots who opening round doesn't look like a dream come true oh yeah I dream for somebody that looks like in Duncan's whose dream is gonna come through for him now I think that one's pretty much again I give credit where credit is due. I don't care about the team. I don't care about how good they are all I care about the money on that you gotta love honesty in that no we can show. Well I although I don't know that it he's going to be I don't know once he gets that might not at all day and not able yet but you never know. That player. The last few in the 8 am yeah while he knows more than he let it be actually I actually think he has all the name. Credentials town. Gritty and talent is better word of I think it's obvious skills skill that's what I was looking at all yeah all of main skills yes yes Larry you know. Development league. The actual game I think there's a lot of similar Albert it's. Now it's a lot more off the Republicans do with our ideals amiss something is more dirty player on the field off field. In trouble again I could be missed something and he toppled those guys you look at him Tuesday that it dominate. The whole whole line of scrimmage if they wanted to meet you at times enemies and a failed in other one roster. We. Shall not I felt. Certain that they have two players on sixteens. Wild about that you know stop happen sometime soon without you know without the control of the players sometimes. It. The tough situation with some close games they were so much. Very few close games. It's like somebody ethnic Jarvis everybody silicone and 116 in its neighbors don't know right now. The reporter thank you Jarvis. Acker they're deep and zen like I entry what they're often. Like with injury Gorton. Haiti's they want our fleet they take him at number one if one team you know when they pop up on the red zone here's the couple highlights on the very good team but. There's a lot more if they were a year ago. The clock football as the afternoon goes along we'll follow stuff that's happened. A quick word about the Bruins game last night there there does come a point we we talked about this yesterday with the Celtics. You know where you you actually thought the wizards game the night before last. You can almost stick it in the plan loss column before they played the game and frustrated because you haven't Giuliani to pull it off. But you know that that has come a point where talent matters. And that's not enough on the guys who were on the ice. Last night for the Bruins. But the guys were not on the ice where glitzy Patrice Bergeron. In Boynton Zdeno Chara and Jake to Brosnan. David back its wasn't on the ice for the second and third periods and should have bad to and and Torrey crew was on the ice but was clearly. Far less than a 100%. I give him all the credit worthy play 26 minutes last night. And with him clearly not honored for what it's like given credit for guts and courage. It does come a point where you say you know. There's only so much blood you can ring from the snow will and that's why you know because that's my greatest thing that makes me firmly in the that things the dirty players that are bad knows what it's because it's because of that issue right there but it means that talent and then figured out from there he would pull the Celtics in the ruins because of the injury was so much talent that it might have a lot of really good guys they might they might play well together. But we hear there were you to shorthanded when you just don't have the skills to compete night in and night out basis. Though last night was obviously a bit frustrating but. The silver lining is there are some guys that are getting more ice time and then now if everybody's healthy. Here at some good battles for the last guys that are active. Assuming that these injuries that the Bruins are suffering through right now or not long term deals and we know at the moment the one that is. Ought to be the most long term as Mac boy and we think that's a month. You know that that burst rounds going to be able to come back and BO pay. That char it's going to be able to come back and be okay Nebraska is in the concussion protocol so that it is long it takes we don't know. As the game is going on last night I'm following along on Twitter in the green room watching. And I'm paraphrasing that don't have. We problem but Jimmy Murphy says something along the lines after the back is it you know Backus can expect a call from player safety and he deserves it. And it'll say that Jimmy Murphy didn't have the opportunity of looking at that a couple of times as we did between periods. That was a horrible match penalty called by the officials last. Yeah of the I did not think it was an awful call now. People hear the battle. You know full speed I'm not I'm not saying that the officials are incompetent I can see they don't have all the slow motion replay right we had an opportunity to look at. But it's it's a horrible call they see it die head snaps back. Of those and that sort of backed him with just the they want to. If there's anything years ahead there option in the way we saw that went back it's got suspended for three games those clearly it was at. And yes. You know when it's going full speed they see it you're ahead of me it's awesome game that you now where he's really not listened about it and now if he did. What Jimmy Murphy and apparently be the refereed last night thought he did yeah. He's coming off a three game suspension he is looking at five or 60. Yeah he didn't do it was clearly. Shoulder. And an upper body yet. And an old by the way the player with bent forward in the exact same thing yeah we were talking about the Pittsburgh game few weeks ago march 1. In the Pittsburgh game where Charlie Mack the boy took the shot the base and we sat on the air at the time. That's not a penalty is is down. His head is down where the shoulder is that not a penalty against Pittsburgh is the one with only those those that play here it's here's Jimmy Murphy sweet last night and he tweeted that he probably didn't see our breakdown between periods that I'm weakness. Does David back at one another suspension. Sure looked like it hearing tomorrow and deserve. There won't be hearing today Jimmy. Because it wasn't deserved a penalty wasn't deserved that penalty shouldn't have been called they shouldn't of had to play. The second and third periods without David back in fact I'm not sure would have mattered. You know they had 46 shots on goal date they tried that talent matters. They're missing too many guys right now they're gonna play in Tampa tomorrow night. Backus will be back but I'm naturally the injured guys back into them. Positive they want I did like the immediate fight after that though the Soviet times feels the way that you know once more agree with. And and I get them the eyes met for several minutes maybe into the next to yours we'd get the right matchup out there in the ultimately drop the gloves the climactic. That was media that was expected that was I have no issues right Matheson. Challenging Backus right he disagreed with again he's seeing real time he say hate I hit my guy offers teammate I think television and then back uses by the way back now would have no issues with that back it's probably the same thing you guys that would do it he also didn't do that words can skate the way it's the other guys. The point was probably would do with some of the other ones where anyway. Stay away or if I'd somebody he might drop of the view that it's hard boom they're down. They both got jobs and then you know he was used them for the game. Unfortunate for guys played the without such long career. We document this when he got suspended he never confined or suspended its entire career and now in the stand note. What 56 games he gets the three game suspension and then gets tossed from the game so that is. That is tough luck for practice but. One this is following in the way that it is you know a guy who played what 848. Regular season games in his career right had never had. A hearing. Had never had a I had never had a suspension. He gets a three game suspension that he disagreed with but he gets a suspension yet. And then you know he plays two games coming off the suspension or three games against was. And it's a match penalty for a check to the head which again refereed don't have access to the the slow motion replay that we view if they did. They wouldn't it would them now last night's loss knocks the wind out a little bit of the sales of getting that top spot does not yet you'll but what it knocks the wind out of the sale is playing for first place tomorrow yes I won last night they were playing for first place but we're in regulation tomorrow I mean you're right. Here you're within two points the first that he built and you've still got a game in hand. Right where games so it's there but the question is who's going to be on the ice that everybody in the line of that this man this is now. This is when I got my teams on the unity unity that the method. So we'll talk about all of the different things that are going on will continue to try to follow that you pay a little worried that Johnson that almost anything. Am. We had the black arm band and I thought maybe that effort that Johnson got most is. Yes. Two years six point 25 million from Houston. Okay and where. He's the money. Yes the fifth corps. And a special team where although he played in this global he did slip through at least by Leo but that's pretty good money when we come back we gotta talk about what might she RD said last night and you know I I immediately thought now. I was working last night's hiding see it until later direct competition right and as soon as I thought I thought I hear you outline strategies texting him. If somebody was watching him or his new lady friend. You need to do lady friend we get Elena might well I don't know that situation agencies to learn about it that's going on for a little while but the thing now we'll talk about that because it's pretty clear who the only two planet players the patriots have on the roster and configure on those guys are. 6177797937. Telephone number text line. 7937. We got here in front let's although he as the camera. But it's here I mean you know we I guess or right now we have a really good tax maybe every game on the right via best vision. The course right not feeling well. Now by the way out things at the Michael Providence is now. Now think my taxes say and 73 to sixteen at the the F seventh seed Texas a and beat him flow of that or are. Still in. Wonder lose OK right now lose probably not he probably doesn't always watching tiger. And yet he carries with all that's 617779793. Sevenths telephone network the victory written down to one down. Have some great watch all the games it's Daley keeps Sports Radio WB yeah. As we're doing this show I got a text from someone who is very tied into gronkowski and Brady and the like this stuff is real big rock stuff is really hard thing was rocked they said as they. The planet players feel like. But we don't get respected enough and there and if they feel miserable about what's going on a lot of it does tie around Alex Guerrero. She's trying to. Try to make it harder for us to decipher what Mike okay. There only to planet players on the team in Basra both are affiliated with Alex Torres corrects let's see if we can figure out who would it exactly that might be hinting that I've follow the clues as putter all welcome letter Keith Luke wore for like where the world's Carmen San Diego they'll figure apple thing so you think it's pretty you're pretty sure it's Johnson out of -- who's gone now how to get revels that's OK and -- and the cameras or camera Flemish right. And those guys. But note the Brady graves are miserable and ties it would how's Guerrero though it's kind of more of what we. Sort of discussed throughout the season and then get picked up again in the offseason the whole thing with wrong potentially retiring. Miserable with their miserable. It is it just that Guerrero thing well and there's another thing he said in there that I actually wrote down your thinking what does he need. They don't feel appreciated for the sacrifice they make is this back to the patriot of the week thing. Well and and help me out here because I mean every player makes a sacrifice strike the elder. And unless you mean a financial sacrifice. I'm now I'm. Again into an outfield for Tom Brady does not make every dime he could make he never had said he never has. You know maybe Rob Gronkowski thinks that instead of being. The fourth highest paid tight end in football he should have been the first and that's fine or maybe he's looking at these idiotic silly goofy numbers being given a wide receivers. And saying yeah that's where I should be yes those that a money thing is it a rating with Guerrero thing is it. Can appreciated. It just beat the girl stuff like it. It baffles LaMont because for eighteen years in adults and braided together the whole time obviously rock came in later on about you know last eight years he's been here. I doubt Belichick is doing anything differently Hampshire Celtic treats the players I can inning he's pretty much the same thing now now we think Brady's different. Yeah will Brady is different and brought different and I guess you could say the one thing that Belichick has changed on these. Guerrero is access because he initially allowed him to be on the sideline and allowed him on the team plane and he took that away. But as far as being appreciated and how he deals with the players. That's the same and that's why I go back to. Wrong thing you ought to have fallen and even Brady that's what Gisele says at the at a somber time that he wants to have fun and be appreciate those belts in the compliment you turn practice like if that's what it is I'm completely on Belichick's side. But if it's as simple as taking Guerrero on the sideline where I feel better about her electoral opens office back up in here. If it's as simple as that them on the player side so we're hearing how miserable they are but we don't know exactly why they're miserable. I can see where Belichick is stuck between a rock and a hard place here he's got a training staff professionally trained and certified training staff that he's high. He's put in place. And if they have disagreements within uncertified. Trainer who's up the hill right right and and they go to bill and signal what we do when I mean you pay us to do this. And we got a guy at the hill here who's telling them to do something different you know we gotta figure that and I can see where ballot check would at that point come down on the side of his training staff and say. Tom I don't mind that you work with a parliament and but it worked with them but I paid this training staff to that is yes. But it's that's. It's hard to figure out so it's as simple. Don't it feel free to work with them please don't walk up the steps oral possibly take a golf cart drive yup there that's we're gonna do. With that. Turn Brady in romp into been miserable. But would that be enough or there's got to do more to it in some maybe it's the combination may be Clark wants more money. Maybe once Guerrero. You know easier access with Guerrero but it is something else like that positive thinking stuff with Brady. Maybe get Belichick you know he has a bad throw it and he's you know us dollar or do whatever. Maybe some sort of not enough that we put the Tom Kern cut at the top of the the show is there now a sort of deal within a week or girl all year long or all of career along and that ultimately elected on us the weakness and then and then maybe you change it soon. But out of the Belichick's doing the same stuff. Did you G ardea when he was in the cut you just heard it said you know someone who knows. Is watching our shell while it's not hard figure out that you would think that might be a player might could be a player if that's Internet and and that's great. And oh by the way humble right on the part of gee Artie because they're pretty. Rulings or or college basketball knots though so you think OK it's a player who Mike's got a relationship with. War. Alex Cora. Just a broadening it could be I think you probably talk when those guys that he's given him rub down you know I feel them but the whole idea you know the planet players. I'm not happy. And let's see if we can figure this out it might follow that up by Mike I think what might two week out he all the up and says. You know plant players equaled Brady but he's trying to hide it I think that's just how he referred to maybe other source referred to it. But he he's not trying to pretend it's not posted. It all goes back to those in the those that you that you hear the most about it should be. They're the two best players that is the best player all I'm wrong. Very welcome to be second best player. In the Belichick time here going now these guys it's it's it's starts and stops of those whoever G arteries sources. He puts the quotation marks around. He said the source still totally wrong will play. And will be armed with the rays when all is said and done if this is simply. Nothing more than that in and an attempt to open a negotiation. Guess the phone call them. Right for player like that offseason that he had he played under the incentive league outfield maybe it's possible there. That he tried. That he and Drew Rosenhaus made a call and patriots at. Two years left on your deal. We're doing is now where they're hard hours ago with the I'm gonna explain the wrestling movies I'm miserable out. Ladies of creative legacy of him and it. A pretty racy what you heard other guys like Libya and now. They franchise me I'm not going to camp. Seems pretty straightforward and I that's how you hold out and you know like guys get their money. Rock brought a much different route. Don't know might retire my Bible blogger or. You know how miserable they are they don't feel appreciated they with a different thing I know we talked about it yesterday a little bit whenever some Laats he was in with us and and you know the question about whether you feel like the end is near. You know is this. Almost like a Mack's column unlikely that it's not a gradual decline on the part of the patriot dynasty but it's well. It's over. Yes and it now by the way element which gets zero credit for that because he keeps things separate deals that it's not going to be good or. If he does for tires on by the way he's the MVP Macs you don't get credit though zero current. But yet at that time line in its fight for you operate a coach of 65. A quarterback who's forty. And a tight end it was like eight years in his a million different injuries and surgeries. I don't think anybody really. That Warner two years with going to be. We leave that for everybody right to it. You know you and I have been or on the suit three years for a rating of forty who makes more sense to less than forty but even that's two warriors were really. It was wrong that was sort of line it would it would object I guess for some reason I was thinking. About five years. In now with all these different stories that we've got different sources and reports. It's like it's definitely much sooner to the end and in fact next year. Once you're on could walk away I do feel good. Absolutely shocked me is one of the three guys does not back the B two doesn't eighteenth tees. The doubts that you really surprising but then after that because that guarantees. 6177797937. Is telephone protects minus 37937. I'll talk some football as the afternoon goes on a Providence party out of the NCAA tournament so you know will. With got all the games on here who want to allow you to I don't really upset province but now I didn't hear me now I think we broke the news to the people who aren't here. At Providence was on earth on legacy for the very times are you gotta respect law that a he's that is there's definitely. Acts well written bar six but 77797937. We get wrecked the calls we knew coming up next. Dylan keep live at the victory Roland Adams Sports Radio WB yeah. It's just a full frontal assault and anyone who tries to define that it's not what it seems to be. This is whistling past the graveyard every chance these guys get these guys being greedy drug showed you where there. To say it's. Guys are not happy. That you don't let you go to socially so that we were you happy. It just it just whipped all of what's. Guys could eat a sandwich for eighteen years and now all once it's like you slide it over from a what. Do that sandwich. Muddy. And it's itself. They swear more on NBC sports Boston and we do want our podcast what are the other Tarantino movie with Hillary did in his defense that was there podcasts. I know and really show last night one in the same that you probably it probably is that unedited on the east you know. They want there but it overall point B. Some that that date Belichick's doing the same stuff but these guys now are saying you know. They can hit their breaking point oh Brady and wrong again only if the lot to do is. Outs Greer wrote there past the other things. In Brady's case I could actually somewhat see. You know race and a and a yet enemy and need to do I'm already the greatest all time I've got five Super Bowl. You know forty years old Gisele really wants me him you know cook dinner and stuff so I'm I'm out what is what is wrong ready at the age of 28 to say okay. Everybody that I Philly. Brady grown eight differently like Brady that management bought and he's he's like getting better at it sold at younger they are wrong key years of the crop the dog yours yet it all that where his body I think rock like eight years almost or go back to school injuries he has that. Wrong I think football wise romp is older than pre. I think that would be surprised that lineup in the sense that he'll be able. Retired this year whether it's this year or next year or the year after that. Imus gets difficult that you guys out quietly went quick interject in here Kevin Paul on the care of the globe. Who is that in Tampa with the Bruins. Tweeted out a few minutes ago that the Bruins and David back it's both expect he will be eligible to play tomorrow night against Tampa. Despite the by minute match penalty last night is he said no word from the department players' safety. If they had any intention of doing anything they would of contacted him. And if they need him. It forward they have you if you guys need another body of data on how well these. Baskets the calls that you guys and a there are marks up in Medford mark your first and Sports Radio daily. Hey delicate art MR I on. Column back at last night was that this corporation an embarrassment to the witty shall open and HL. OK I think I'm behind a major. Well. I gotta say this though mark and and then you can continue on with your rent. They just did they just announced it incorrectly when they said hit from behind. It was the match penalty for what's brake checked to the head that was incorrect to but it wasn't a hit from behind. Well let me ask a question but that the refereeing relay that message. It's of the ya ya outside. Yeah but they it it often gets misconstrued that mistakes are often made. They correct they corrected by the way almost immediately. It was initially announced as a hit from behind obviously it wasn't that it was then corrected to check today at. By the way it wasn't that he. No it wasn't bad either OK I'm within about twenty years ago even ten yet to go bad guys are what are their projects. Yes Vincent front Tenet you have got up and look at baca project you know what output at put it you're at opposite cricket. He did not did not act like he was foggy at all they just adjust to the helmet he was ready to go on the net on the next. I he scored in the third yes OK I'm also I've been Patrick rectory should get called at about it. Okay and as I've spent. A vote on it com I'll stockman. Market ever made a mistake in your life. No I'm listening stands out it was a it was a mistake marking made a mistake. All of it because you think that would make the difference. Was even at that accident. Look at this and a recommitment and I'd like that and I we've got the block so. What the now. What the league will do is stable rescind the match penalty. They they will not find him or anything like that. The referee made a mistake OK stuff happens you make a might make them all the time. And it just it just seems like that the authorities. I just get it back crap and the district lately when it comes to calls like this I'm sorry. It's of particular back just voice. Yeah he's got to be feeling you know but I think you'll get suspended but me. The mark's point while it definitely help it in months night. It used now let me also he would not he not made that he would he would still lost the game. Commitment without the help they each he should never have been. If you want to get them a minor penalty for interference even though I disagree that call to mind right. But. I don't think if David back as it played the second and third period the Bruins suddenly would have miraculously. And that they port 46 shots on james' primary couldn't score a goal that it's a question would be that Backus played differently on board. But if he does he have to do now that that's a legitimate question. And and it would be hard to blame him if he did if he's going there'll conforming everything I do here. His quote that we played in the post enjoy the game wise. If this in compare racing if this is where the league is headed. I kind of want my old leak back. If you can't hit anybody I think a lot of players he sit quiet if I get into a toe drag contest with Vincent project I'm gonna lose. Yeah right right. But I I think a lot of players feel that way because the league's top spot they obviously want. Are player safety could be important but and it should it should be but it but the way they're go to about it it's the sort of mixed messages that time's Andrew Alberts was doing the game with champion last night. And you know Andrew is is more recently a player in the NHL and he said listen I'm glad that they're trying to take it to the head out of the game I I appreciate that. But this wasn't. He's at this this was not a hit to the head you know take the hits to the head out that's fine if for all those people was out why you want what's carts on him. I have no issues with taking hits that they had to just get it right. Yet this one and the rectory with Presley who got called wrong made a mistake. Right and that's that's something that you know that the long hours who. The route pleased that teams who have all the rats a if the calls right well yet they're trying to do but there's still a lot of prayers there. Jose Newbury port since they have the button here agent. There were no major item with a note. I don't actually got bio biography or on the awkward shot of that that this will solve that for us and well your appreciation night here where shock me the money keep it bought. So. Let's go back many years to they'd be doing a culture part skilled real. Yes they could be. I don't know what that is such a little Angel back strike while the elderly and why. While explaining to bail. Okay. Back in the pack and at sixty. Our jedi Colfax is under contract price goes under contract. They altered. Active contracts with the LA Dodgers. What will happen. Light still Weis started spreading all that. Dog needs to feel the ball dogs are appreciated. All of us in some similarities here there's the cold facts was. Basically down to no ligament smoke any shame left in this left are these so that you are all. Somehow decided. Schultz what law. Made a lot of noise. Could never quite said were holed out. Between eight period power. These days we sure was pretty free agency. Yeah out of date baker autumn it you know they were under contract that could have been you know. And it makes it it will always. Had about a week before trading chair Walter O'Malley wanted Dodgers basically said. OK guys how much are now a quarter greatly. It'd be shortly appreciation. Well. I act they got the conspiracy. I just worry walk. Sort of psych self. All they want right now I'd love I think it's Brady wrong. Mears. Colfax drysdale almost too soon. Right this is. You're all over theory is that which is saying here it'd be very very eerie now that was in the sixties that was you know. Sort of a different time drysdale of deals and stuff. Everybody knows that but these two could they be in cahoots we're contract. Gisele all the money. That's got to mean something that I all the glory on sold mail all the clues what it is exhibit a lot of clues I'm looking at a Forbes magazine article. January 20 2070. And via the article is about Tom Brady's career earnings. And at that point his salary through seventeen NFL seasons with the 196. Point two million dollars. He's as they said playing under a two year 41 million dollar contract yet the out of the bottom line he areas could he have made more absolutely if the elected to go to free agency not signed contract extensions the way he did. He could have made more. But at a 196 it's more than that out of 200 million now this was January 27. That this was right. So you know these above 200 million in career earnings. We have a tendency here to make it sound like Tom Brady's playing for the that the throwing them all you hear that all the time and any of these take eight takes a pay cut to help the team. He's never taken a pay cut. Never once. What he's done is renegotiated deals received money up front help the team you know in today and does help out a new he's affluence he does not take pay cuts he doesn't you know. Take less money point eight he has taken less money than he could have got. Writings that every penny out of out of what he could have done but it's not so I like he's he's a bargain basement deal I do not believe that in Brady's case the depreciation equals money. I the green light this Michael expressed I think a lot and I wanted to shoot the hole and tightly allied now we let you right now if you need any. The eighth he cheated on running back dobbs but he called me honey ones so I don't think it. I. Felt like I it will. Yeah. And low which lead with apps at the of this group. Is it is it Belichick's part coaching and at times negativity that is this really get into those guys all the sudden that it's just that they suck it up. Well especially because Brady has sucked it up for eighteen years here yes but again going back to to Tommy kerns point is. Which is enough enough that are on this this entire time. Biscuits. Maybe maybe that's the case do. But he didn't even even with that theory or at least you know Brady Ing wrong not necessarily feeling great about Belichick. It's still on the field the results are still there. Mean last year that lost the Super Bowl but was in the office problem you know profit a monster that it now Brady's that a suitable record. And then you know going into this year you're still gonna pick them and you're gonna look at their their office and the score some points. But it just now I think that the shelf like the whole thing comes in question 6177797937. Is telephone over the next line is 37937. Mud out of the victory grill if you write your way home from work. Placed it have an ice cores like relax and watch all of the NCAA tournament games that they are all I mean. There must be. These 7080s and there's a lot to me that number count those automated tightly right like admit the hold yourself that you made that didn't make out of the NC can pick up stuff. But the bought down at grab a bite to eat if you want they've got to. On out over tiger tires on I I gave Jason one job I said I need tiger only on the sold TV. And he pulled it off but you can watch Tiger Woods' path and for some reason there's somebody in here who's got a real hankering for the NCAA wrestling champion on roughly. So I'm Debra Oklahoma State she acts and obviously I have got that it's an option too again are our good friends accords like make this all possible. Come on down here rat of course light or whatever else you want we're at the victory grilling Dedham its daily key Sports Radio WT.