Dale & Keefe - The gory details of Jabari Bird’s altercation with his girlfriend; has Belichick ruined the NFL with a bad coaching tree?

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, September 13th
Hour 4: The details of the Jabari Bird situation have been released and they are pretty disturbing. Colin Cowherd made a comparison between Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld and Tom Brady and Belichick that Keefe doesn’t think makes sense.

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Fourth and final hour failing keep Sports Radio WEEI. We were talking about the situation with Jabari bird and I I mentioned that while he has been. Under observation at a local medical center since he was arrested over the weekend. He was apparently released from that today. To make his court appearance Jerryd Weis who covers. The Celtics in the NBA for the athletic. A obtained a copy. Of the criminal complaint against Jabari bird. Appearing at the municipal court here in Brighton today I there are four counts here count number one is kidnapping. State penalty the penalty is state prison not more than ten years. Or a fine of not more than a thousand dollars and imprisonment not more than two years. So that's count one. Count two strangulation. Or suffocation. Penalty house of correction not more than two and a half here state prison not more than five years. Count three assault and battery on family slash household member this is the domestic assault. Count. Penalty house of correction not more than two and a half years. Or fine of not more than 5000 dollars. It's under center and count for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon in this case. According to the charge. The dangerous weapon is a wall. So apparently. The allegations here is that you know he. Bashed this personable and I don't know how I like state prison not more than ten years. And so he's still on the team as of right now but maybe you're right the and just from trying to read what others. Our. It would update the story it sounds like the Celtics are gonna wait for the NBA to be dealt with their and I had if I am only guessing. Number I saw thinks Alberto entire statement went out of their way to say. Normally handles this now. It made me wonder if it's there guy wouldn't in the league handles this like the league. What is gonna suspend him like you have to have on your team well so would they rather have on the roster and suspended. Or would they just they can column like. Isn't it a big this year action might be guaranteed money but next year they get on non guaranteed or maybe it's one of those things where if maybe again maybe actually at the salary cap loophole though are talking about maybe if he gets in trouble like this then. Then why aren't part of Cottam before there is a conviction or any thing its money in it man it's as simple as that. Maybe we dismiss that right out and did you might solve this already that might be it. Because when you think of all the stuff that is being attacked him for the entity can be facing serious jail time until this one over in yet you still technically a member of the Boston Celtics. That seems weird. But if that's how it works so once the league comes down and says they're maybe he is suspended for extra time or whatever might be. Then you can make a transaction concealer the Celtics certainly made it clear in the statement that they released that I take it very seriously Aaliyah. As I said I I can't remember eighteen statement that begins with spots for the victim and I mean they always worked and and it's something I don't know why I know I am dark Celtics met earlier Dyer who didn't even do it at all until he had a an updated tweets where he took to the notes app on his phone and is a a mark that should have mentioned the victim about that it wants. Where's the celtics' first line very short pass statement than the first one there so I was. Will will wait and see what move the Celtics make next. That's cutting and well that would make sense I mean I. I honestly don't know as much about what kind of player this guy is it's projected to be fifteenth on the roster. Literally yeah I read it if that's Paulie if if they see that's his ceiling. Then he'd be gone. I mean I think maybe they think that there's of a higher ceilings now I don't know that we have that the one guy that called then. This year music really helped mitigate the team members of the Gerard burg I that we have is that you can't let him go to somebody else you got neck got to hang on and what's it like the Brock Cole guy like Meredith. But at least Brock holt has done it at the Major League level. To our bird played in thirteen total games last year here's a second round pick he looked good summer league what you have to look at some relief if you figure even a fringe NBA player. So I think I'll say that may be what the Celtics are worried about here. Is it he's been charged he certainly hasn't been tried yet he had been convicted yet what they release him. And you know chart is get drop stories found innocent now and all of a sudden it's like. You convicted him before even went to trial now I guess I guess there's apart and so but I always operate under and I can be completely wrong I think they know more of this or that we do. What you would assume that's I think that's the case and by the way maybe maybe they do and maybe they still haven't released them right. And the whole thing I mean it away like it's it's a terrible story of what happened is true. It's awful you know fruit for you do you feel bad for the victim and animals who happens bird. But as far as the Celtics are concerned. It doesn't really matter like that their win loss total this year has nothing to do to barber I'll say this in the off season you'll remember back in December. There were domestic violence charges against Red Sox pitcher Stephen Wright. And the Red Sox did not release and obviously he's pitched you know last night for the team. You know he went through whatever program he had to go through judiciary. From part of the judicial process back where they're from. Com as it turns out you know reading seems to be fine at this point they move forward they did not just immediately Santa he's got ago. Right so maybe that's that that the first instinct for it and organization as. We can't just release from the minute we hear that something's happened out we got no more than. It does more than an accusation he got he got suspended right he served his fifteen yup suspension so he he did go to go through the process. But out even argue that. Steve writes more important to the Red Sox and depart burdens of supplements. Yep but how he to think that that be viewed the deciding factor would Nia. I mean it it it yeah that's a reality I review and edit it right if if if if your person that you should say are as somebody did something wrong this is our hard stance no matter what but the reality is the better the player the more. Leash you're gonna give them here as they hate. It wasn't all battery eat yet you twist yourself through a way to keep them on the team. Biden surprised the Alaska are on the roster. If he'd done with the patriots if there's something similar to Jabar per case with a pair patriots but it was player 52 were 53 I think they're gone automatically. But it it's like a top ten guy you like so does this year. It's government that had neck dirty side of sports but I think that's the reality I think part of it too is that we don't understand the verbiage involved in these things. That a police officer has texted him said the kidnapping charges usually from not allowing. This person the phone to phone the police or allowing the victim to leave the Rome right. We hear the word kidnapping and we think you know it's like I didn't like rattle Roy amendment on the far end and driving off. The police officer says adult assault and battery with a deadly weapon likely from pushing into a wall literally in the in the charging papers. They say the deadly weapon as a wall. And finally I'm not suggesting that's OK that was not it's not okay right. I'm just trying to point out that we hear the word kidnapping and leaning on my god only in my stuff summer in a trial right kick off an openness is but yet that that's how. That's how they describe it. Sold you know the the words that they use probably you know make a difference I met. This whole thing about being under observation for the last few days a hospital hospitalized. What was going on there and Ehrlich guarded watch well. And he guarded watched him he sounds like suicide watch. A south think like somebody's gonna take you head out on him he had guys out they elect a dog father and our thoughts when I read that my first thought was out maybe you know he is so remorseful or you know he's thinking my god I just I just lit a match to my NBA career AB yeah event. And I don't. I'm senior theorize or we just when I read that that he was under guarded watch I thought. They're they're concerned about his health and wellbeing that they and I don't panic and run outside and inside yeah. There without a source that sort of thing and I was like army facility. That his friends with the woman is going after him or someone at I don't know now the patriots. In the Aaron Hernandez thing basically cut and the minute they walked him out of the front door his house in handcuffs. They cannot wait to see if he was guilty or innocent that editing the right decision for them it did yes. Now. If they had done it. Because of these the tulip I'm murder charges at the nightclub here. And then he's ultimately found not guilty then what where you know what you do it while it was still that hope it I ask knows organ a like the fact that even gotten that far. They that you wanna go there so you out of I don't know what and obviously the other huge gigantic difference and I hate to be so. So you know of fundamental here. I his contract isn't guaranteed right. In in the NFL they're not guaranteed contracts you're out that's it went up I now. Another case to if you're just talking about the importance of the team earn and as they are much better player than Jabbar bird all show and you know there are still quick to say but also you know the the level of all of what he's accused of doing and it's it's the whole thing but unfortunately it has become such a big part of sports teams that we don't go that far. From somebody dealing with a mean. Aaron Hernandez is the extreme but with these other cases like depart burden much Steven Wright every in the NFL seems like there's a player to dealing with a almost all the time. It's become such which are part of the sport all of the four counts here are disturbing. Probably the most disturbing of the four for me personally as I read them is this triangulation or suffocation. Because that is put some around somebody's throat and choking them because that was not semantics about all your own chrome you the Roma got bounced pretty clear this is suffocation horse regulation. Of all of the counts on this piece of paper I'm looking that that's the one that it jars me the most so. Now so we'll get some more news today rate isn't the he's in court and it rained I I. I'm guessing here and I probably shouldn't I'm guessing here that he'll be bailed. Then he'll get bail yes but it but if you were so concerned about and that he needed guarded watch for the last three days. I just as an OK off you go yeah I take care announced it imagine. But it's it's a strange the strange. Case that's river. Well no more later on today I I assume as as this thing goes forward but the strange case of Jabari bird. At least we know more now that we did them when all the four counts that he's been charged with them. And we know that the Celtics have put out a statement. That. And I and I actually I I applaud the Celtics for for doing at the way they did it. Good start with the victim. And then we'll go from there it's pretty clear that that they are very disturbed by the allegations and I will tell you one quick hockey note here because it's just happened in the last few minutes. I tighter Sagan. Has just been signed to a new deal by the Dallas Stars there was a lot of talk about whether there we're gonna get this thing done in the audacity and maybe you know Muslim somewhere else ate your contract. Where it's 78 point eight million dollars. Average annual value of nine point 85 million pretty good. Pretty good player. High paid player on the team close by when they were clearly the rankings for the NHL players and they're doing. You know both from the video game to that also and it's on network in your looking around at how many of the guys that were ranked high. That Peter surely traded. Looks like how to say it Taylor Hall Blake Wheeler they'll Catholic and all those guys what about those guys. I know council illustrated forcing him but still. It was a long list of great goal scorers that Peter surely that batter what he has a year left under his current contract five point 75 million. His new extension eight year extension kicks in next July 1. At a nice bump. That is nine point 85 million a year average annual value for the next eight years of the one that got away. Or that you pushed out the door probably got on the other if it perhaps 6177797937. Is telephone number marks in Westwood had mark. Either I'm what's going mark so I don't talk about the Red Sox and now. What radio you guys and others talk about how it downplayed the regular season wins. At people about policy. Let down. Well look at it is it. There's been a bad iron twenty years of baseball that means there's been about a 120 portal series opponent what a World Series winner. If you know anything or the strike. Writing well whatever you know on one but to do whatever about it I'm. History doesn't ever I remember all Leonard but king who went at least on an inside game. Our member. Is that true. So they went a modern. Goddard tent they went a 110 games and then lose the division series they were a look back meg I love Betty T honestly I don't think who ironically well about it. Well Seattle Mariners. Alone go out of 116. Yeah we hyped embodying gallantly tonight and we don't remember them fondly Eric cautionary tale yeah. Well that's not really sure I mean it is well wouldn't you know later if you look up. The most winning teams and they. And what does that mean regular season what it what it was anybody care if you well of Andre receiving games that he lose in the playoffs. I think all the best teams in baseball history all won the World Series. I don't think all the left has just listening. Or Cleveland Indians has the nice steal but he got to win the World Series. Well but when you look up the winning it seems a bit on the regular season Cleveland Indians the market what does that get you nothing. You were a lot of regular season games gets into the playoffs where Indian. To be remembered. Years later did I know yeah nobody is talking about the Cleveland Indians from 5060 years ago congress to. We want to stick it where I did you prop up the Mariners like that that is the best example of it doesn't matter if you would a lot of regular season games. You and the and the UK. And all the talk about eight. It was. A baseball. We're out. The best regular that it might play the grocers then they should look rotisserie scoring affairs baseball equivalent the regular season that's the champion. You remember who won. Well there is your back no absolutely no more than 110 teams have the ropes. While she's in the world or I remember all the 105 game winners those teams that I had my out of a 105 you winners. And I'll and I'll. Oh. Remember that yeah don't matter to him. About the baseball and hackers what I think you're a 105 game winner more than you do the World Series. Deliberately. Best and I got through job. There's no way you actually believe that it scenes in football it would we name in depth will not hitting one of them was very. What do you have one of whom is the biggest let down disappointment of all time and the other ones the stupid dolphins. That's also football that's a little bit tougher to run the table football that you win a random number and baseball. Who has the last hundred game winner in baseball. I don't know the. You can you can shopping at a guy and all game winners and that's that's that's really important and didn't get the they'll huddle he smoked a little bit about how important you thought was not that important when it came in I think it ought to go after I went because I'll be remembered and thirty. Oh god I don't know I remembered my day if they win the World Series. Deep do we eat I'm almost I I can't believe what we just turns to you remember fondly. With the Mac you can almost throw you had the I don't what. Lost my headphones. I hit. It what it's. Otter also what do you want to. What do you remember more fondly to sixteen and oh patriots are the Super Bowl champion patron 'cause it's admirable page yet that he's a TI I prefer to think I try to cherry picking too because that is a perfect season in the NFL is possible. But if I just said a hundred wins I got ahead I don't even know how many wins the Mariners have a nose of barge and Rose Bowl for a hundred. But that you don't sit back and remember them that is. Why else so he loves regular season dominance but then I shocks lost in the first round. But at least we have that regular season number number I'll do the regular season loss. A. And let me give you some of the details from the courtroom and I know some of those in my early Curtis I thought I already are. Jonathan hall 7 NEWS was in the courtroom when. Jabari Byrd appeared. And I'm just gonna give you a few of the tweets that Jonathan hall put out. It's a domestic assault and battery case bird allegedly got into an argument with his girlfriend. Aurora against the wall and repeatedly strangled her she reported losing consciousness for a short time. The prosecutor went on to say to girlfriend locked herself in the bathroom and was under the bed at one time. Our state requested birds stay away from the victim from her college campus. And stay in Massachusetts. Except for team purposes. Birds lawyer says that the court accepts nothing but cash as far as bail is concerned. Well it's funny because the judge says okay it's 50000 dollars cash. The down. The attorney. Objects says you can't just walk into a bank and ask for 50000 dollars cash in Kelly asks that bank check be accepted. Judge says he has no authority to do that. Kelly the attorney for Jabari bird in the judge argue Kelly says unless you're a drug dealer you're not walking around when that kinda cash. Think judge sticks by his gun says Byrd will be here until 4 PM. It's a major city you should be able to get cash. The prosecutor. Saying it's the profit welcome poke at the money. Prosecutors say the incident would Byrd went on for hours. Beginning at 1 PM Friday. The victim wasn't able to leave the home until 5 PM. A prosecutor said at one point the woman poked her head out from under the bed and bird kicked her thesis. Birds agent just let the courthouse presumably in search of cash. He said quote 50000 dollars cash bail is ridiculous. The Boston Police report on the bird incidents says after the the assault. He threatened to kill himself. Of their so you're right about that he's been undergoing a psych evaluation at saint Elizabeth's hospital. His next court date. Is stop October 25. Is alleged victim is a student at a large Boston area college slash university. Prove itself awful holding. He had that one doesn't sound like. Now. Done some like balance going to be very. 6177797937. Is telephone number dale and keep Sports Radio WEEI. We've long had a period of Belichick he is he's got just enough just enough to think they know what they're doing in the next days. Spreads about the rule in the rough yeah yeah yeah honestly submarine all the for the parade I mean that is. Not operator Massey inherently bad remotely successful yours in there was a moment some pretty. Brian Griese cinema broadcast that I've been watching Matt Patricia. For the last quarter and he hasn't moved and he said well you did have a cast as Detroit Detroit business. So that was big cat on and on their podcast touch you right parred my take that's pretty funny. If he gives. That's that they had not heard that Bill Belichick of the reasons coaching tree is not good is if he isn't just enough. Now that false confidence that think that they could be because I run just scroll on whether they ruin a franchise when they leave. That look on the something so others have weighed in on it as well Colin Cowherd was talking about the Bill Belichick coaching tree something we discussed yesterday. And there and talked about you know watching Matt Patricia and thinking of Belichick treat coaches that. Just didn't get it done but I watch Matt Patricia. Another ballot check guy and it just didn't work on Monday that that the lions there's multiple reports since he took the job players don't like him. Players don't relate to him he's too grumpy works too hard. You watch him on the sidelines hat on backwards pencil he's amassed nobody is communicating stories out today he's over his head nobody likes him another Bill Belichick guys not working. And is remarkable. How many Bill Belichick Josh McDaniel failed. Charlie Weis didn't work bill O'Brien deadlock Jim Schwartz fired. Eric Mangini. Romeo print now but away. All different camps. All different foods. Some are more quiet Romeo Cornell summer more. I empathetic Eric Mangini summer Rauf. Nick Saban Charlie Weis. All different kind of coaches none of failed. Willie none of failed me at all failed to pick the properties through out and a summer Graf. These taxis and do some are more quiet Romeo course now there summer more. Dropped the growth and empathetic RO NG summer Graf Graf Nick Saban Charlie Weis. All different kind of coaches none of fail. No home pretty mature they all failed on Nick Saban has failed the college game failed in the NFL game Auld told famous don't even as the NFL the act college. You know he was really he's been great Charlie Weis failed practically at the college yet and so maybe that's a wash he basically got more than a million dollars per win. Unbelievable for his college career well and his best years that Notre Dame morning with his players that's another whole side thing. You look at. You know bill O'Brien is probably the closest he's had some good years in Houston he's probably that the best. But Mancini make Daniels Romeo Cornell were all bad for now that of the 110 win season with the with the browns which is impressive. It's only one game. But the map a treasure stuff is off to a terrible start the topic it's not just at their Owen one. But it's the reports going back to the spring weather like. I out players don't like of players don't like them a card that's a terrible start and the game. They could not been more under the monitor football I'll give Colin Cowherd credit for creativity here because. You know he's he's taking this this coach comparison thing to epic levels. But Danny Green after games go down every player. On the plane how you do and how you feel on how the family don't get too down as a Belichick geniuses don't do that Steve Jobs didn't do that. Ilan mosque and not do and can you read is Mike Holmgren is sometimes. And I'll give an example. Bellic check. Wasn't ballot check. Until we found the perfect quarterback. Who is as driven us him. As focused as him. As an inspirational as him. Is tough on himself as him. Belichick didn't work it work in Cleveland. And he was five loading greenback. It left. These sick when he won by ballooning greenback also knows Belichick didn't work when adults are no more than hundredth. And he was five loaning greenback. I'm a hard time following all that Collins having some some you know grass and with the reality issues entrusting this possible I could have missed the year there. A year that also with the greenback and literally five and eleven but yet the good stuff. They had some good moments that's electric clock without the far fewer than ours first yulia Bob Riley Colin just a break the news to know whether he's head to head coaching chops the NFL. Cleveland yeah New England technically he had the head coaching job for the New York Jets for about a day he resigns many resigned as HC of the NY jets right. But I don't think it was a Green Bay in there that don't get too down as a Belichick geniuses don't do that Steve Jobs didn't do that. You almost could not do and human mosque a mosque is. It was in the news is that he is you've got a team of them go proud isn't running area Tesla in the crowd right now smoke and weed with Joseph Rogan. The food should be in the world but apparently it was for some people but what examples about the you know top and every player was Mike Holmgren. Super Bowl and so. You don't have to deal with Carol might be the most empathetic coach on the planet right he won a Super Bowl again I just think ballots Jack. Is not great because of the way he handles things and certainly I think he's great he's a football genius. And that's his personality and he doesn't outweigh. That's the only way to do it that's how he does now I think that gets confused because. And isn't that the other problem light the these guys that leave they'll check try to beat Belgium that's what we've always said he was five alone in greenback. I don't ever remember that your either does anybody. Who does build ballots. All right so Don the jousting about the quarterback that your. And making genius now and apparently not so because Collins having such a good day you know doing this here. At a time out of survival of the greenback Alan why they've had none of them failed failed. Because he's having such all the good coaches out of failed. You're just my old that he's gonna take this to lay out and entertainment comparison. That's just going to be spot on good Larry. David was a failed standup comic. Frustrated. And then he met his Tom Brady is Tom birdie was Jerry Seinfeld. Well so if you played that scenario out so Belichick is Larry David. Right that is Larry David was a failed standup comic. Frustrated. And then he met his Tom Brady missed a birdie was Jerry sign field. But you know what that means is that spell check would then now be very successful without job Tom Brady. Because Larry David might have one of the at its outside fell but it's pretty damn close occurred in less than perfect. Driven. Less chaotic. Take it deep breath. Cerebral. Comic book. That could pacify. And understand the genius of Larry David cerebral. Side filled he's the he sort repressed chaotic. Take a deep breath he's an observational cerebral. At. I hated to see that would be a big advance cerebral. So let's that I low but he is they all be happy airplane food and he's that guy he's cerebral he's tape took my breath. Always thought he's too cerebral. Less chaotic. Like is that true. Let's K I understand the genius of Larry David. And then Larry. It's an all timer ore pellets something that's wrong left a letter David is an unbelievable writer and it turned out of these unbelievable. Actor nominees like how Larry David comedy specials and I don't there's some probably stand up geeks is they are he's the best but. That's not even still to this date Woody's great at like this show is amazing in his writing on both those shows is amazing so maybe just somebody who's veterans. And then Larry. It's an all timer. I don't object wasn't working honestly. Not patient he overstated. It's totally overplayed it working now I gotta be honest with yet until Bible opening greenback has handled active I don't have yeah. At regular idea Fallon now look to the the year that they finally announced that the browns were gonna move to Baltimore in. That was a pretty good Cleveland team ballot check it kind of righted the air fare and then all of a sudden it went down the tubes after the announcement of the move. He had things going in the right direction proximity to genius doesn't make you a genius. I mean I suppose that's true when he's not the I find that. He was failing in this league might proximity to your genius does not make me genius now but it helps. He was failing in this leak. And Larry David was just a Smart comic in failing. Then Brady and sign they'll come into it. In the find the perfect mate to handle their genius perfect makes that's what that's let me find the perfect mate to handle their genius. You know what I don't hate the effort there that's not terrible comparison. Arab literally holds up completely justifiable opening greenback while that you kind of lose that brought the audience here collar final agreement. Just as driven just exasperation all. And can take the edge off bill in the edge off Larry David. Everything I don't know I'd at this point you've lost colleagues to sign cerebral I don't know if he's trying so hard he millions take a deep breath and less. Chaotic. Aren't that occurred on. We colonies take into a deep and find the perfect mate to. I. I I'm one quick note here the up Pro Football Hall of Fame has announced the modern day out modern era nominees. For the Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2019. Former patriots who made the list of nominees this year let's hear I'm Corey Dylan. Fred Taylor. Torry Holt. Okay c'mon go fast and losing the blank out now Chad Johnson. Ochocinco really. Richard Seymour he's got the best chance allow groups of our Tedy Bruschi. Still mergers and more Willie McGinest all different and I coaches none of fail. Rodney Harrison. He should be and he's not gonna get Ty Law. He was 511 and greenback Koppel thank Ty Law should have been in ten years ago and just to make your head explode Adrian Wilson's. That. Or picture grade aged both. So those are the the patriots who made the Seymour modern era nominees for the class of 2090. I think Seymour and Harrison should be in I would like Willie mcinnis a game but he won't and Ty Law absolutely should be of that list the one who I think should be in a of that group should be in more than any other if you only could pick one on one time off to outlaw a Mittal won. Is seeking more to Harrison tree. Now word for those. Everybody else forgot it. Fred Taylor had a great career he really got so much here not here but he was he was awesome in Jacksonville but I don't know that I don't think he's gonna be all Famer. I I was looking at the list two of five of tight ends. You get. Delta would have had already on the Internet and it involves that is the only obvious one. And he Paula he is the first year of eligibility for him yet he's an automatic other first year eligibility guys this year linebacker London Fletcher. Who division 31 of lesser cornerback Champ Bailey he's in. I would think he's got a Syria noted chancellor of the very few guys have probably better than Ty law and that is pretty close but it pales in those are your only three. First year of eligibility guys this all really also consults in champ. Arian Gonzales London Fletcher Champ Bailey they're the only 11 year eligible so that's good news for law and Seymour and Harrison. You know it's not like it was a look like last year's class which is. You know with ray Lewis and Brian are locker and rainy mosques that was that was tough to get in over some of those guys of the list of defensive backs who were on their eighteen defensive backs who were eligible this year we're gonna. Two were finalists last year Ty Law you know John much. Miami Beach elements. Alec cares more than once the legal excellence winners and all the writers there. I'll just tell you right now I think it's like. Tony the selling will give him it was their finest last year at me. Isaac Bruce will get and he was a finalist last year as a percentage occurred nonsense and you know sort pilots last year who do you think have. Real good chances but that's the list. 102 players and coaches. Only had like four hours you're eligible I missed one every. I hope he'll get in there yep yes there goes a little more first year eligible to Tony Gonzales London Fletcher Champ Bailey and Ed read. I don't I don't think I'm Fletcher incidence of the other three guys that put him. Look at the coaches. Don Corey L bill cower or Korea all the out and hidden in there Tom Flores Jim Hannifin Mike Holmgren Jimmie Johnson Richie petty bone Dan Reeves Marty Schottenheimer. Clark Shaughnessy Dick Vermeil out here. All will be. Well I just with exactly. Yeah just eliminated the whole coaching class in Reeves and I is Ron not a hall of Famer Marty shot on this problem and greenback yet although it's got to five on record effects. Victor really where's the most flawlessly to get out there about. Is Fred sleeping on a cot in in camp right now waiting for the call rye. Out when we come back when LC got some of the stuff that we may have missed throughout the course of the day daily key Sports Radio WB. We'll try as we might throughout the course of a four hour program we occasionally miss stuff. That's why we like to close the program with a little segment we call. What ought to fail she got there is still what else you got I'll start with this last night in the NHL network if you didn't get a chance to watch it. The humble Broncos made their return. Two junior hockey ranks in Saskatchewan Humboldt Saskatchewan. Five months after sixteen players coaches and team personnel. Were killed and and horrific bus crash. As they were trying to go to a playoff game today and playing and nipple one. They played net one last night in the return. To all of the injured players were actually. Recovered to an anathema to agreed they were able to play last night top two guys were able to come back and play. On the their two horse still in the hospital. There was a number probably five or six including one in a wheelchair who absolutely couldn't play but where there. And the emotion in that arena and and the ceremony. I give TSA and credit in Canada they showed it coast to coast in Canada without commercial interruption. Because it's a junior game winner of commercials in junior games they show the whole game in the NHL network picked it up in the United States. It was something else thought it was pretty incredible just how the whole hockey community like. Not just the NHL college teams high school teams everybody in North America sort of embraced. What happened and I guess the point I made at the time of the crash is that anybody who's ever had anything to do and hockey is you said colleges juniors NHL whatever. You've been on these buses affair you know I spent seven years riding around the American Hockey League on a bus. I we've all been in these situations that's why it rang so true to all of us who have anything to with hockey but the fumbled Broncos returned last night. It was emotional it was it was an amazing thing to watch and I applaud TS and for putting it all together. You know a lot failed she got does relate. So thirty for 31 of the great things that he is also out of the documentaries more often than not are awesome you'll learn a lot there. These are picked pretty great topics though they have another slate of documentaries coming out on ESPN and some alarming clue to. A Junior Seau documentary might be tough to watch it will be. I'd definitely wanted Mike Tyson Buster Douglas and now is going to be entitled to 42 don't want to can't wait to see now and then you also get a Deion Sanders won just one of my favorite just highlights if if they could well what my fear parts and they get. Pro athletes and they have quite high school highlight videos of these guys which may be hard to do if he gets high school and even some Florida State stuff with Deion Sanders that'll. I'll make it to see what happened last week and speaking of Deion he's not helping to coach his son's high school team and his son. Goes to score a touchdown and he does the whole Deion Sanders routine as he's going into the and so I Stefan. Dion lifts him up because I have afterwards a voice and and the kid said a moment but data I was just you know emulating you and and the onset I didn't do that when I was in high school suffered an ally that he's anybody that he did well he does want his kids to do any merits are silly little mop and a but I'd like you will will wanna see that as yet. Are we gotta get out here a one. Quick programming note for perking Callahan tomorrow morning. Charlie Weis will be on them all right Belichick coaching tree talking there might be some Belichick coaching tree talks and Charlie will be there. On what those guys tomorrow and I for one will wanna hear. All enough this coming up next we did we know of anybody in particular that they have I don't. And land Christian loop they go well on its Christian and three out rounding fielding ground ball somewhere or I was able professor grant slip ups and so on and now. I'll that Israel we'll see you guys tomorrow by. Yeah. I mean. Please don't mean. And earnings news.