Dale & Keefe -  Is Gronk trying to get traded? Keefe believes Gronk will be traded after his press conference

Dale & Keefe
Monday, April 23rd
Hour 1: Greg Dickerson is in the third host’s seat as Dale & Keefe sift through an unfortunate weekend in Boston sports. In addition to two losses by the Celtics and the Bruins not showing up until the third period, Gronk had one of the more embarrassing press conferences at this weekend’s motocross event at Gillette.

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Yeah yeah yeah. You know get basketball analysis like that anyway that's why we bring hope experts in here you just can't do it to get the brooms out this weekend sweep. We clearly want it quick call hello pickle Celtics eyes there's cell sexes round I got the Celtics and over the box in both games three and four just blocked me and now. That's not how played I don't know I've ever played a role like that once it's a tough act. All the that's so Greg Dickerson is hear his voice isn't perfect you sound great Greg. You very much it started to go aren't around locker regretted it right college 19. We only in my team the only thing without scurrying around the kitchen area looking for mugs or YouTube or it's been hot brawls in there was that the the the Celtics they're getting down to warning yesterday were that ulcers is a little bit and Adams a little bit mr. Arnold it's on Friday. Little bit like sign me now are Little League game against our our adult league dads that goes knots. Know your belt thrown out of a game I'm one of those Little League coach who goes off odd that is an event ever embarrass you ever get into that umpire you know kicked our tolerance. Her ability always kids anyway isn't very emotional yeah you want and it's a trade off let's get an art and art art kids. Umpiring in at that age level anyway we. Well now sixteen year old yesterday with the dollar at around thirty. They're trying to intimidate the sixty PO activity. Out there just come. I think those that actually what happened you're you know get into that the coaching coaching boys apart you know and luster what analysts are set. I'm sick it's a combination right now as well yeah it's nice it attacks the local. Well I think you're the only my wife says to me yesterday yet who's. Yeah you'd have to be eating. It about a couple yellows kind of different yeah underdogs riveted on is vital matters were saying yeah you're on the radio and I better stop yelling at him. And so we got all sorts of crap to talk about because it was a crappy weekend for Boston sports a little Red Sox did win Friday night and it was fine that was dead yeah that one out the Celtics lost Friday night Bruins lost Saturday night Celtics loss Sunday. Red Sox get no hit Saturday lows Sunday. Grunt makes a full of himself but this press conference Donna Gillette Stadium. It has been one big bucket a sock. For local sports fans over the last four days of what was what was the worst of all weekend. It was wrong -- yeah I'm 'cause the Israel wanna I wanna tell you what a lot of me the most he's I was the worst is dale hates Rob Gronkowski tweets and answer Graham posts like really only imagine what he thought works this is much worse the Phillies entertained by the bands of maker dance. Or him and Mo Jo Rowley screaming at each other lifted weights and smack until in the face. That's fine but for him to be their actual lack of all places to for the setting of this thing seventies actually let coaches on. Racket he'd Wear this stupid monster energy shirt and he's going on and on a vote for rural men and what he could do wanna buy economic my god yeah. It's better problem. Why can't do much. And our friend judge is this the coaches. I like a W go on. His teammates. Our guys and what is it that do you think it noise that this is this is too much now even even for me again. If you wanna read it to the nth degree of stuff finally adding those guys that just master the a little bit but. This is gone on far enough he's joking about you know it's the team captain ray your gloss on it or he was he hoping you know I won't be not happy happy happy about it later on and that's what I'm I'm just saying assuming he's he did anything and Larry caddies and other patriots. I I have a lot less faith in that now an ideal audience rated. I do it at my charity was the first one that I really saw that was firm about it he said I I'd believe he will be everywhere and actually beat my Tea Party to that that's true than Florio had that. Opera for a about a report that. It just feels like that's what happens with what these players and he may very well be the second best player ever to play under Belichick here. David Moss is better without a short time so for someone like this in the treated the way he has to this point. I think dated Andy won a Super Bowl without room so it's not like they think are feast on the team is screwed. It would not shock me in the in the least if you get traded what they will never get full value for Rob Gronkowski how to gate ready for. He would be passed by he would Nigel Bennett a lot and I'm just gonna all on a couple words and Tom Brady's mouth here which is totally unfair. My guess is he watched at this week and went come. What you'd do one. Even Tom Brady like think is poking the bear little bit and sell this offseason I don't know Brady. After Tom vs time with the I don't know how we won this game without you what he loves wrong and if he should Crocs incredible player. But for him to lose data in a dole in broad broad counts in the same offseason. And at this point where he has a couple years left I think you'd be. The most upset now maybe publicly he won't because he never really has done that he never has. But I think this would set him off more than Logan Mankins or Wes Welker or Deion Branch David Givens he's not a whole. Once these to prepare itself for I think this would be the worst and broad is doing it because he thinks. He's ten feet tall and bulletproof yeah. Yeah I write whatever I want I couldn't rate it. 'cause he obviously he wants more money too late in that that goes without saying that's been reported a bunch of plates he wants more money. Is this really the best. Either way about it and deserve more money he does talk about if you just have your agent high powered agent pro Drew Rosenhaus make a phone call. A bill can we talk about how grunts contract a little bit and maybe they did that I'm gonna say what happened there at. And so now they've added this is what we're gonna do a public about the says. And for the scrap. Let's get it done well sign a contract dipped but I'm more money let's end this now. I want him. I don't know I think I I I got a feeling that the the only one the owner would do that forty ardidi you don't endorse LeBron I don't late so. Who've I don't know I think I had already won he's one way might get an entirely guiding the only guy that the owner you know says. Wheat this guy here is sacrosanct you can't touch him. Is this number twelve I think everybody else's bills domain I really think that. And it builds says look portrait and wrong Thursday night. For a first round pick in a second round next year whatever the heck it would be in your right great would not be pulled out it won't be a can't. Also. Comes back to run to Robert says you know I couldn't get to ones. To choose. I think he's I don't act does. What's got format while I'm just saying I I don't think Bill Belichick trades in for two twos he knows what he's got there he's nine years terrorist underground guy that's got you know. A chip on shoulder sometimes people say. I'm certain your past the Cleveland I don't ever given my dad you know getting back regularly angels got all know anarchy does care he's not gonna do what. He's not gonna hurt himself justice shall Rob Gronkowski who's on the floor when is that the grapple traders to bring Alan back out didn't get fair value for him go back Jamie column as well but you guys are very different eight net not only sees the best night in football. He's got two years left honoree steel Europe you're now getting a lot. If you acquire Rob Gronkowski. Yet no I don't you orbit there's also such as the injury risk with Robert county that's why even if he wasn't doing all this ends a maker Danson and weird press conferences. The trade value for broad is bizarre because when he's healthy there's nobody better. But how often is he healthy how many full seasons week wandered through the playoffs has he been our on the field for every game I'm very very rare soldier team. Can you really give up 21 round picks order that's why I think you'd won the wood for you that's when I get for 21 rounder yeah I important. No I don't not what did that and would this team I wouldn't because you're I think the best seat in the AFC I don't know if your and other departments are being given all all of an automatic I would absolutely no way no way it. If I'm and I'm just posing this is an example on the rams. And I been spending money like a drunken sailor the SARS and I've got a real good young quarterback and I can add Rob Gronkowski to that yes I'm getting in my first round this year and my first round next year I think on the rams absolutely. I think out only do it like a conditional type of pick in that being hailed it via a first and third but if he plays the whole season I'll give it to first or something like they don't need you need to guarantee that he plays because he is. He's had so many injuries. And I think there is some truth to I think he could. He can hang it up at any time but you also don't know why don't like as well right he's been talking about retirement and maybe that's that's money a money thing just if he wants more out of the patriots. But he's played eight years and he's had a zillion surgeries he just got a concussion in the last play out. If he goes to another team plays one year and retires if you're that team how could you be shocked right now. But there's been enough kind of smoke around. I'd I'd. I don't think he'll be traded but I'm a lot less sure of that now than it was a week ago. Yeah I I I get iPod all along that Brady was gonna play this year grant was gonna play this year. I thought would grant was doing with some ham handed attempt to improve the contract. The thing this weekend. That was embarrassing it was embarrassing for him you know it was embarrassing for the organization. Bill Belichick wants football players for whom football matters he didn't entire press conference basically saying this doesn't matter to me. What matters to me is for overall it was embarrassing he's all about their bikes now yeah he's a big their. Like you're putting your other. But to do it where he didn't injure another unbelievable the press outlets crazies is there so he couldn't. And so we know he's been working out a TB twelve sets just steps away from July he goes and does this press conference to promote. You know the the the dirt bikes it yet last week the team is their release most of the team is there for optional workouts that albeit optional. But he can't go for that yet it's not like he's in cutter he's not to put an right or something on the other side of the earth where he's to a charity. No p.s down the street or he's up the steps or he's now shown up there are so. I think it's a real question now even next month when I don't CA's re introduce a football you're actually running some plays. Maybe doesn't show up to that and then Howard the patriots held that the than they were getting closer closer to a to a trade. So he's basically lighting a match to 250000. Dollars right it's okay Obama's. Which apparently he's perfectly willing now able to walk away from I don't think money is a huge issue for crop I think he's. Doing just fine but it also butter also is the issue. Like I understand your point like he can turn away Egan he didn't not go to the work outs for 250000. But he's hoping to get an extra twenty some are already million people more each gallon to fifty on fire to get ten. Yes and I think that's what he's trying to do but the question is is to get that ten million from the patriots. And I think less likely now. Guys that played hard ball before and and have gotten paid you know guys have gone you know. But it's a little bit different it's rock is under contract relic Deborah McCord he went into free agency met with the wasn't even the titans or whoever was got an offer went back to the patriots they match it mused the highest paid safety for world. Other guys have no Logan Mankins the first ever Vince Wilfork went all the way in their contracts and then got a big payday. Book wrong just signed a contract not that long ago got the incentive deal hit all the incentives he's probably simply don't want. We'll go with Sammy Watkins and Paul Richardson and all these other receivers are making I'm better than they are. I want more money but the teachers are saying all we got you under contract for a couple more years we don't have. Have to do anything and then now you're threatening retirement and your act like an idiot at these press conferences by wire we're gonna level one dollar and kinda have to spending in here over the over this off season you're used by the I was friends that wasn't his story did you stop being amused Saturday I am a little yes yes I did it right again that was you know when there was no football things going on to those little bit differently now all of a sudden you introduce these optional workouts which okay yard and take part in. That's fine but there's going to be joking around and not giving anybody a straight answer that you can with safer play football next year but for watts when what. What's what's his end game and it does he think is he talking major rosenhaus and all sample this wanted to do the seller present myself. The next time I have to speak publicly at this will be greatly missed this really help our cause but there's. There's there's no way. I was like rich I was behind him. I love that you lost lives that are lost a lot of the love that I had a lot of agreement but it but at same time I don't blame him. And why what he's doing. Because he feels he's underpaid he feels. He needs to get hair and in this relationship. Sort of speak and he feels that the patriots are treating him unfairly. Key play in the states like all right well I'll say this in and obviously we don't know they don't share this stuff. My guess is if Drew Rosenhaus had had off and asked about. Looking at Bronx contract and they had said now. It would have been leaked to somebody in the media. I Drew Rosenhaus it would only pay here you know we tried date they're not going near this thing and we we would've known you'd never learn that from the patriots. Out and how are you I'm not yet Jeff Darlington I don't know I don't think he's done. I don't think rosenhaus is at this is as I said some ham handed attempt might grant all pushed him Walsh on so as he just waiting for the patriots reach out to him. That what's going on more than two agent being stupid yes. An outdoor immoral or client was being stupid I mean the agent does work for the client not the other way around right but I don't think ground with the aid don't don't go don't approach that might put them to a pro job I can imagine rose six and Rob Gronkowski. Don't do anything that would draw attention to zero so that's what it's all about dugout tonight. Brady by the ways gonna play. Breaking news American Donnelly I would I would handle it on. And and is expected. To move the ball. Cute and all your side after 8 o'clock. Here's donny's quote to watch Adam Schechter quote comes in tensions have not changed. He's consistently said he'll play beyond this contract and into his mid forties or until he feels he isn't playing at a championship level. I understand the constant speculation but this is one point he's been firm about un quote. Pre cut and dried Isner. Yeah yeah that we all bunnies and play and that's why is very odd that you get a headline that said. You know. He hasn't told the team yet but he's going to play ball with 75%. That he had there that I don't and is qualified owners and ultimately our but nobody will go on the record and say it right in the example I gotta he's single he's not saying the 75 per event out sources speculating. But donny's his agent. He said he's been consistent about this all along but there's going to play beyond this contract there's not a single person out there whether it's a close source or even on a hot take artists that has said Brady's not gonna play that nobody it's unanimous that he will play. Events of bizarre that it's even become a story like why is it come to. April 23. Before we a year yes he's line. Why it's taken this long well things are great harm things Iraq right there not like now I think when he ordered him to come out. On March 5 in this crap. He's playing while they don't why it took outlines its own because usually if you're an agent and your players under contract and he has never even uttered the word retirement why do you need to confirm that he's coming back. So that's sort of an eye on that thing at an waiting for this breathless pronouncement yeah. He's got a contract he's never said he wasn't going to be raised the reigning MVP has never at any point in his career. On April 1 and a bottle M coming back this year good news Dallas coming back the final installment of Tom vs time. I think that's what led the speculation true I'd order a lot be big that did I was I thought it was gonna retire in the final minutes off the bat out of great Thelma and that they act as their head and critics say he decides awfully what is going on. But I mean that was sort of separate and that he is still. You know last year he was maybe maybe the other difference to his. After they'd won the Super Bowl. He kept saying how he's played five more years that he didn't get that this year you get that reassurance. Although between Brady and prompted the only one that there's ever been even a retirement angle. Was when crock but that was the only one that that popped up in fact minutes after the Super Bowls over that question was asked to groan where's the Brady. That really was not a a issue or even a consideration. I hi there is absolutely zero doubt in my mind Brady's gonna be playing. By the way he's working out like a demon now you know he when he came back from from Cotter one of the first things he said was. All right I didn't work out over the air but I'm going to be working out over here on the team who are you convinced he's working on the team next. Yes yes oh yeah well when they're due in seven on seven and throw the ball around absolutely positively will be I don't know there was will be though not I don't know he's in there there was zero reason. For Brady to be here for this he doesn't work out like they do. He's not lifting weights like that what are some of them. And that's why can't there have been other times when he hasn't so. But this is a unique year I mean if you wanted to and and the speculation that I don't think he minds the speculation. Of what's going on with him is that he did you just c'mon make it very clear in his own bedroom TV it will tell you it would be on their people out there were like you know it would be very right there fronts that are major announcement. TV times so I don't think he minds sort of what's going on in this offseason. I would expect him to be at the OTA's rock lasso. I really don't add o'clock or the other reports earlier in the offseason was he really really wants to play with Brady's though but that's pretty that's what he wants to do but you know what. You may not the only school that up then I think yes I mean oh yeah I think it. I think that is its intent in doing everything he can do to ensure that that doesn't happen. Yet that and by the way at this point appellate checked it right and I'm not sure many patriots fans would blame. Now it's pretty amazing all night all I disagree I think yeah yesterday I didn't most patriot fans say. The deal with this crap he catches ninety bulls a year its poorest and I think it's a guy and then this weekend I. There was a seat change in how people responded right out I was a ballot check vs Brady your your haring apart the fan base bell check vs wrong. There's a lot of rock lover lovers out there there should be he's unbelievable putt. Most people are excited about. You have that they stole them Super Bowl backlash they've Belcher but they also won the Super Bowl without prompt two years ago. I do think that out of there now are they not done that idea to make a former target but I big because they've 41 without them pay they love him but they've also gotten rid of almost every great play here that I've been here at left but rich wouldn't you say right now Bill Belichick. He's he's lowest in his patriot tenure amongst fans. Yeah yeah talk about other again yeah sure yeah probably so it's like apparently a lot of people say OK I'm tired of this crap from Rob Gronkowski but. You don't trade him. I ask you for a second I think after this weekend bold what you get also factor fusion of whether people wasserman. Yeah you're not yet equal value. And on social media. There was a sea change. It it grunt didn't help himself at all not inciting you'd like were right and wrong it was that our them on what he kidney so they don't quarterback tight end. First two picks in the first round on on Thursday would pick that says. It's as the planning for the future out of this though yes we know that the Bruins are playing game six tonight Toronto will talk about that when we come back in just little bit. Yes we know that the Celtics did not sweep the Milan won by what and I don't so I her eyes aren't gonna just wanted to. Now. They did not sweep them a lot of the quick question how many times can I change my pick in the series. Summertime is about to do that this is not your your fantasy football thing to a plan. That's it's not like tournament the and do this IR that now you don't get to keep changing Taiwan box that I went Celtics have kind of thinking maybe Bucs again I'll have that knowledge into that Eric. 6177797937. This telephone number text line is 37937. Its daily keep Greg Dickerson and how Sports Radio WEEI. We'll leave that you can't really hear the that's. Hi yeah and by the way that acting career earth based on what I saw Saturday he might wanna put that on hold for a while since. We'll go out on a limb and suggest that the whole acting thing may not work out form. Real world update and then details are a bit sketchy right now but a white van. Jumped the curb in Toronto. Within the last hour or so and hit eight pedestrians at least eight pedestrians. The van has sense fled I'd bring it up more specifically because both the Boston Bruins and Boston Red Sox are in Toronto today. The Red Sox are on an off day they begin a series tomorrow. At Rogers Centre by the way I was told this morning some nineteen members of the Red Sox. Will be at the Air Canada Centre tonight to watch and support the bruins' Joseph Kelly will be there I'd bet you mean the wind and I know pretty well I'm so. They will be their tonight. Game six. Look it's it's very simple okay. Took arrest doesn't have the great. He can't be bad. Saturday night he was back. He wise. That's what a difference they gave makes him. Goes from his best game of the series to. Getting pulled out of the game and in the very next game so that was. You know that the Tuukka haters have had something to lap Johnson who they also added daily that he really quiet and then some some spots in between so this is a big. Al expected to go he said all the right things after the game to. He wasn't making he put himself he can voice he be put it all on himself there was no looking around no point fingers. That was on him he said he was bad he deserved to be yanked from the from the game. And hopefully bounce back a whole lot better. But it's. You played awful it was bad. But it's simply a lot worse some playoff game I thought that was that I mean it and and look he said he gave up four goals on thirteen shots that's a great BA you know you don't have be great. And then the killer. What's the goal balls tax scored fifty seconds after Backus score to make it a 21 game it's an OK here we go another edit buildings rock and now we got things going fifty seconds later he gives up a bad goal to Tyler Bos act. Which is to just a back breaker I expect he'll play better tonight. But if he doesn't play better. They could be back here Wednesday for game seven. You can harp all too to organize as much as well. Ronald is the Bruins as each two dollars and watered the tie that game in the third period. All the way I want to ask. No I got a real problem one lap down wrote that the problem was they were down 41 when he got hold. And you know you can come back from 41 by the way they've done that against Toronto in game seven of Stanley Cup I don't know there as I have a plus court forget and our conference trying to Bergeron or from three times what it. Chances are great you're gonna come back from 41 down outshot Toronto twenty to five in the third period. Great I mean that's fine in and they were battling and they were trying to get back in it it was too big hill to climb out today Bruce Cassidy said after the morning skate. That he's contemplating a change in the forward lines. What I think will what I think that means is that Denton Heine and we'll come out. And I our bodies and all rind and autos gonna win I think Tommy wins is gonna. And if I'm just sitting here guessing and that's all I'm doing I think finding comes out dwindles those and that would be to change that make enough in the lineup why why that flowed like hesitation put them and they did put him in into the heat on my reading is operate there and as he looks a gluten regular season it is really give that old yet and look I think is it going to be a terrific player for this team. They certainly did not want Charlie Mack avoid it start in this in in the Stanley Cup Playoffs last year at fort defensemen get hurt they had no choice they had no other bodies. And you know he looked like you know he could play by the way he was not very good Saturday user. No not at all. We're roper from it him come back would you think obvious fine physically I mean it's hard he's so good at masking whatever it is right going on. He he was on the ice this morning was an optional that the Air Canada setter he was out on the ice for about ten minutes many left in the paper at all he left I. First ball was an optional yes second ball. He's just getting pushed state and out of the font checked things out in the back at I have no reason to believe he's not gonna play tonight. But I had no reasonably wasn't playing game for a sudden he's just not there Jessica said afterwards everybody's health and yes he get them. So I I he expects Bergeron is gonna play tonight I think he is gonna make a change Heine and look way overmatched Saturday night. And he's the guy cutesy taken a seat. But and as much as I know local fans want them not to get that spot tonight. My guess would be it would be when we got a lot more trust and faith and I've played a lot more Stanley Cup playoff games when he was with Blackhawks yeah I don't think scoring since early. That problem or another got off to a slow start in the last game but I don't think. You're looking out all we need that spark added to find a way to get a few more goals like I don't think that's that's Julian I elected not to get it wrong companies have been in game one. Don't you Solomon deemed too he's in little overmatched and they'd pretty much benched him for awhile I get the least amount ice time almost everybody in so. Maybe he's not rating go Arnold wing goals really gives a million wow yes you know I don't good wiggles is applying bug but is it but it Haydn is struggling then at least you have you have that depth you can take him now. That would be my guess that they'll do tonight. You know I know what I know the cliche is is it a must win and of course it is and it's non elimination game yet you're the Bruins but. You don't wanna put yourself in self went on where you gotta come back here and went on on Wednesday night they're playing okay. I mean had forty some shots on goal. They've got to finish better and they've got to do a better job in their own and especially. Because as much as I say to grass was bad Saturday the defense in front of him was horrible to not a defense is bad and I don't lose this offense when I mean the team. The whole thing when I was pretty about it we're. I'm certainly get a little annoyed with the Rick Nash and Rick Nash when they made the trade at the deadline. I loved it about those great and now some people we heard from said well let's take a look at what he's on the plane what does playoffs might well. Okay I know that's that's a valid point it's a real criticism within he has played and in five games. Has one goal. One point. They he has not been a factor at all we're talking you know the first two games of the series their top line combined for twenty points or something insane. Rick Nash you thought. Would give that second line more scoring pop and in native and it's good the first one note no line in the NHL is. But with crate G Edward Nash had to Ross you wanted a lot more. And Rick Nash has been pretty invisible and I don't know part of that is he missed the point she games what do you missed the last dozen games of the year. Is he still rotting in the form yeah maybe he's not a 100% I don't know but they're right they're gonna need to look. I nobody looked real good in the first game of the playoffs these are initiating contact he was hit and he was. It certainly better than what we saw Saturday I there're there are several guys on this team will got to improve their performance tonight. And took its obviously topple an act of boys on the list crate she's on the list Nash's on the list. They had a you know a number of guys who weren't very good Saturday. The role of Kyle Draper Mosher got a great will guarantee yeah. There there don't we say it there to win tonight. It all that impressed that don't know enough. I did the difference here quite honestly is that while took I think of the ten goalies who were left in the playoffs took as ranked ninth. In goals against average and save percentage. Frederick Anderson is ranked tenth. Of the ten goalies who were left in the in the Stanley Cup Playoffs so. He hasn't and it's weird because there are times when he's been unbelievably good and then other times. My guy. It was good he was really good Saturday but the other other points in the series where he's been horrid. Bruins have to obviously getting better goaltending performance if they get a good goaltending performance they went. Teachers can play back. And then also the other power play kind of dried out you know away from a five on three high enough score there are guys just frustrating and from where they were really 50% really five for ten to start this series on the power play. Then there is a game where I think the only had one opportunity to Toronto took a much better job but that all those chances dammit is the five on three. They get a gold one for six in the game and so what went from being a huge strength. Obviously wasn't there to help you and then the in game five. So that's on the table as well we've we've talked about drunken Brady and patriots and all that stuff we've not talked about the Bruins in game six tonight in Toronto. And it's like I did mention the Red Sox are off today in Toronto on a whole bunch of them are going to watch the game tonight the Air Canada center. Celtics will lead back here at the garden. A tomorrow night. Boy that is a man has meant that. That guy and out of the side with the name about that long that he thought all the hard times an obstacle ball. He is a man he is awesome and for a guy and it's funny in the next series of the Celtics are able to advance. You'll see two players in the league. That can't really shoot. But are dominant in that Simmons and onto Colombo and in for a league that everybody shoots three senators shoot three's everybody else on the court to knock down threes. These two guys can't now I know there was what game three he knocked down threes and he says okay if he's gonna make beef and forget it but. He's just in impossible to guard and he's only getting better to win the plays such a dysfunctional team. Oh my god. If if I'm in Milwaukee. The very first thing I do when that seasonings. You say. Ha the hell. Can I get rid of Eric Bledsoe I don't want states states I when they traded while the army and they're going to be a real player now but I bless those not very good but he's not very good and it doesn't fit and also added so Joseph Conti the so it's easy it's her coach to be fares is for certain he's gonna head coach in the league who was about a thousand times better. But the previous coach Jason he may be better that he's. But what I don't know I don't know about Mary only you can see that you thought maker who would like it that kept them atop all alone in your salary to play it offers the gators in mark Dell of the dollar is also lab experience learned to play him either to barred Parker although he looked terrible baloney to see if he can get it going then at home those are like three completely different players but he's on the phone makers. Are awesome awesome you can't run average. He looks good he's. Nobody exactly. There is blocked shot watch him all season long uses open as a player as a series. 6177797937. Its telephone number I promise we get right to the calls that you coming up next dale and keeps Sports Radio WEEI. Were deliberating. Cassette everybody's healthy so there won't do videos. Health police traded as of right now I'm aware of and I was just out there in the guise of state offer health you have an optional but we may take food. Chris cast cities after this morning's optional game day skate. We've talked about this throughout the course of the season how forthright ideas. Saturday after the loss. He said GAAP I didn't think took had a tonight at apple that. Yeah while whilst they know just say that's not what they say normally you know ought to try to get the team going to try to get a Sparky sad and think he had it wasn't and Tuukka admitted he was bad still. That it would have been better as high as close as we get to the calls I'll give you this update on now what's going on in Toronto the out the person who was driving though writer and that plowed into the pedestrians. Has been arrested. Their pictures here of he got out of the band and looked like he was holding a gun. He had his arm out straight out in Hannibal in something in his hand that looked like a gun police didn't shoot him. He was taken into custody. I news reporter who was on the scene and got in the name of Jeremy home from global news. Was taking pictures. He said there are bodies all over the street some people have been pronounced dead at the scene. He showed a picture of a park overall body on the street up covering of some kind. It looks as though this man hit eight to ten people. It's. Near the corner of young and finch avenue young street and finch avenue just before 130. They closed off the the subway in that area while they continue to investigate the incident but this appears to be another one of those I'm gonna go rent a van and see how many people like him take out. And as I said unfortunately. You've got two of your of your proteins are in Toronto at this moment. Now that I don't mean that were out on on the street Ed young to know it should play fans up their regular trailer paroles. Wouldn't be surprised if there were. Our let's get to the calls that you guys 6177797937. Marks in Medford remark. Hey good afternoon guys don't want Amare. I'm one director and to do that Iraq after the game I guess and it all right Rick you've got that shot or all such as outright yeah. I lack interview I can credit if you are took ownership walks. Because a lot of what not but I went off. And then made a quote saying. You know I just didn't feel like it was into the. Now that's somebody that not lucky he he took ownership. Now he. He didn't say we are we rambling interviews live we grant apple and -- we had a on the public all yes and what. He said you know I probably couldn't stop more parks with my eyes closed I'm paraphrasing now. He set out you know I've I've I've wasn't playing well I didn't play well I had no issues with being taken out of the game. He didn't say I wasn't into the game I'd ordered. We we actually ran it we played on the post game show I mean I I know what he said let he takes ownership by getting credit for that. He's willing to do that most hockey players are willing to do that they stink they say they stand but he didn't say I just wasn't into it. It may have looked like he wasn't until we had detonated you can say you could deduct that from watching the game but. That come out of his mouth or goals on thirteen shots I can see where you might get that impression I Johnson Connecticut hey John. I don't know what's going on I just ordered you know you were talking about gronkowski and being traded in Everett and I just hearkened back to entire lawless. One contract change because he was more recently been lied to. And they just ignored him because they add in for another year at that level and at exactly what I think has happened a year ago and honesty are not immediately and it is they've got him under contract now if they just give it gets worse and concede entry him. Two. To make up for some of the sponsor they're lucky on the on the team right now but I just think that this is Belichick's you know ignore it annoys. So John Jones who's at fault. Whose fall. It falls well wolf it's going to be all things are going great Braga the U blaming gronkowski for being dangerous. And what did on Saturday or you grinding Belichick having a heart. Out. I at this point I'm in saint gronkowski on the contract. He's on that contract no matter what he thought he met his contract. Okay fine we understand our understanding you don't sit as a football works that you know a player who get caught at any time and not make l.'s money and and guys need to maximize their values so. I could see why a player would want a war. What I'm telling you it was lucas' decision right. You know Ty Law. That's not a great sign that job that needs a lot and finish his career here. Great for me to it for you ever pictures and good for anybody but I applause. Ty Law played for a couple of the teams that that's not do you want to see I'm concentrated happily your job do you trust. Credit I don't. I don't need to he'll he'll play under its current contract next season that's what you believe. Yeah okay. Well I think they're all different did did he do this situation. Did tile loss of a press conference where those are part of normal crawl rule I don't know. And I hope not dole and it never happened or not going to look at the ever traded a player away they were traded a player as I've heard that about ten yeah he's McDonald's guys the matter where their contract that he's he's moved up. They give my hard times and I see them. I recently said earlier keep that if this was a podium who you side with the Belichick Brady. A check might lose that one tough one but based on what happened over the weekend if you set aside with ballot checker gronkowski. I think that's a lot closer than it would have gone there but now right if well they were actually pull the trigger. In trading. Other federal Comodo. On top of what you get in return would be huge factors humans are no second round no they're not knowing what you should get wrong and it you'd Evernote now you don't you don't get somebody it is it would blow your mind you could get Von Miller I don't know area yet the standard second were and a third fifth yeah that's what you're getting it looked equally people will be apoplectic they don't care that he was trying to be PM or motor products. Whatever he wants you he's that is going to be a freak a leak when he comes back I believe was the direct quote that you strictly he theatrically I think he's a correctly. That's the time you would use frequently urban dictionary I don't know I think and I registered here which I don't I'd look at another key sentinel the radiology. A lot of what it might mean while that's what is going to be any wouldn't confirm whether you back it's just. There's too much. Smoke around this with with ground and started immediately after the Super Bowl immediately after and so still blame the team and Belichick watches I. As much as. Gronkowski who lost on Saturday. Japan's. They are they are on the play better public that they are and what's the amount free. I don't know what in the eighties he immediately emulsion is more innings this year is ten. Where last year he had to he had to current incentivizes him what do you at all any at all but and it got added to the basement this series bassist and this year. But he should Donnelly but for him he is a little bit different it's not only should he be the highest paid tight end. He should be a top ten watt receiver Brian he's better than most of those or is more impact for bad almost all of those topics that is that in an age old argument Nanette L and is in and the tight ends are never gonna win now one dollar dollar that's why Gaza Jimmy Graham wanted to franchise as a receiver not tight and it's fights that they have to happen. There's only 234 tight and they can't even make a realistic argument out. To be compared to one receivers could be wrong could be Travis Kelsey you used to be Jimmy Graham running though he he applies that anymore. Book wrong definitely likes some team to do some free agent. If you just available right now some team would pay him top ten martyrs he money tour Ramadan month it was a crazy this offseason. So proxies that he knows he might only have a couple of years laughs and he's definitely trying to to maximize. But that Dale's point. If he just wants a contract and new contract. How come there hasn't been he been reported the two sides getting together on something like this and since. It doesn't make sense. Win he's aging is Louis's age bracket who mantra of every dollar. And lows and as you would expect. Has been on the phone 2147 with the crowd and Belcher politics so. But you'd think that would also be out there went to the bill's point you know there every one of these big time agent has a guy they could say. We get a report you know despite their best efforts like the patriots want Graf to remain under our contract you don't want you get a tweet guaranteed by by somebody that that plug on rosenhaus. But we haven't gotten yet. So it seems like he's taking a weird approach. That it's one thing to disorder holed out to knock go to OT eighties it in again that has happened yet and be next month. It's another thing to. Say you might retire. You know save make it to movies save alligator wrestling it's Elvis and I know some of that all the people said that for him but he hasn't done anything to sort of you know knock that down you don't videos would mode Joseph Rowley in east we all about that stuff. So it's is favored those are offseason and again that's why would not be shocked at all if it ends with him being treated somewhere else. For the first time I think that's. Absolutely possible and I'd I didn't think it was before I thought this was brought being wrong and doing dopey offseason stuff and as much as the instead grams and all that stuff drove me nuts it was okay fine and good humor all that stuff but. He was actually trolling the patriots Saturday yet he was intentionally trolling his boss his owner and his franchise. Today there's a difference between trolling. Go into a microphone in front of the camera than there is suites and it's a gray every sort of masking it Buick well a truly means there's that means that like go eyeball mode I was like I don't know if anonymity can be freed happy you're like well. The yeah. That's is doing really great about right enterprise that trained really hard. I think for the really good at that I have right now boy we're no longer. My speed is up. And waiting for airhead. Defense homers solutions. These I. You might. He's also a ball. Shot and what are its general I don't. That the dollar. But that's what I'm going to make moto crossbar and I didn't know he's the biggest key is just very awkward that's how that's how about one does crock. I think it trying to be funny a little bit but it did nobody's laughing I used just it was a weird scene if he does something like this again. You know we're gonna know. We're gonna know that Tom Brady's side. The point yes I displays ability to break let's say. If Brady had a problem with Saturday Brady would callable that's what was not cut cut the gap enough what was that. What's your career yeah I wanna be here that's not the way to go there's a better way to deal yet and ands. It's a good point that big Brady absolutely. Wants him here and I think even after Saturday he wants him here but. You know what's what's gonna happen if he's gone but what will kind of reaction to Brady at we just suck it up like he always does or. Because we we have a feeling that he's doing commerce is time to. Right we had that impression Gotham Chopra was in -- Wear them so maybe there's commerce tired too. So do we get it in season we get updates in season of you know with the previous months were like forum and if they move on wrong could you get Brady. Talking to the microphone bullets like that brought it just as the soap opera does not seem to be going don't anymore if you did trade. And you know we were talking mobile which you get return. He's got a first round pick for Brendan Cox for crime it and you got the rams' first round pick and I'm just saying it. I was using that as an example of a team that's out there. You'd be ultimately give up a third or fourth rightly vows early that just Apple's ran out of first and now for a third and you gave up you know go to seven and gamble ever won or but it still gets tighter Rob Brown she's gonna get you. More than a forks. And its cities under contract for two but I also order what would you get creative with this the and I don't most trades in the NFL or player for traffic. But could this be one league is there are Rob Gronkowski. Equivalent on another team where for whatever reason great player. But it just doesn't seem to work out in nineteen doesn't wanna pay. Him the money or there's just some sort of ball iPad hazy hot hypothetical wide receiver who organizes care. Blonde justices yes yes yes that's an acrobatic catch it's a problem that went on Iceland whose contract is up then right here's a problem the grown trait thing now. Because the if grunt says geez. Trade me to Wear Cleveland know now I'd like. I'm doing move I ever clouds are you trying to meet two tennis by the way he'd do will be sick any studio sees that. Performed as on Saturday it was not a what was best 8 o'clock at that that's about what you wish you weren't really that Eric you're no Hillary that's not actually a bad movie before you that markets would you do wrong for O'Dell Beckham and a fourth round. Dale. You're not as big of a go to our guys I am annoyed and AM not as big an old Al Beckham guys and BE. He's got one year left on to reveal and wants to be paid twenty million a year and that ain't gonna happen here. So you're gonna happen for a year you might he might have brought a lot of Europe for a year they might not or less acute. Laughs it's just don't know so you would not do with them. Not for Beckham just because yes because the contract on a year and and he's got a locker you're not gonna pay everybody worries me is the same reason why they ever bring it cooks are gonna recite cooks I would argue that Beckham is a significant already know he's terrific player that's not my point on out but that's a lot of money and I don't but other players music. I'm done with the wrong about you know what I am run the risk of taking over let's bring in one year left of a distraction here comes back I'll take him for one year disagreement another suitable removal yeah I think so you're you're it's a completely different kind of dynamic weapon but it's another guy oats on the short list for best offensive. Pieces that you could add to Tom Brady you get to some track wrong the your attic or they'll back from. Monday Joes on the cell NHL. So I was thinking that. Quote probably upset because it's. Realistically. You know at that instant impeached contract. It and that he went to Guerrero. On the field right so. Can you burn more hurts hit it to the least cost. Yeah he's he's working out with him every day right now right right. Well not right but also does bill. That's this is. Read an honor Iraq there are telling you can't work out with him. Don't know. You know I know they're not telling them at all and work out with. An option. Then the actor. And he's not on this sideline that started after week like eleven yet. Well actually want you know stroked a little bit. It's not so there are times that. I don't like an army much. Look I I'm sure that the Arab voter I sing your heart and yet I I think quite honestly this is a money issue for Rob Gronkowski. And I looked up on Miguel salary cap page which is the definitive source for all of us in this town. He gets in 2018. He gets nine million cash received 2019. He gets ten million. Cash received. He probably wants. Twelve and fourteen or are realists that would be my guess yes somewhere in the primary and it's hard to believe that if Drew Rosenhaus. Did the adult thing right the Bob sugar and you know just made a phone call to the patriots and said hey can we talk about grant's contract now what. Do you think you patriots would expand their radar not savages him a bump maybe at a year given the bumpy these they would round ever there hesitation about extending him is he keeps talking about retiring in goals making movies and wrestling and at all. Or the net yeah I'm gonna get screwed on the salary cap here on the cap pit when you decide you don't want this anymore. I think from a really good Bob Hope with God's. The from Rome burned both nights in them so much. 6177797937. Is telephone number text line is 37937. It's Daylon keep Greg Dickerson in the house Sports Radio WB.