Dale & Keefe -  Gronk's trade value; Mad Dog’s response to Mike Francesa’s return; Does Kraft deserve credit for freeing Meek Mill?

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, April 24th

Hour 3: Gronkowski has been a handful all offseason, potentially losing fans in the process. Gronk is smarter than he appears, is it more money that he is seeking? Mike Francesa coming back to Entercom is hysterical especially since they named a studio after him


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Yeah. Our number three daily key Sports Radio WEEI. Mark James from NASA and is sit alongside. By the way Robert Kraft strikes again what I guess so Robert Kraft strikes again. Philadelphia rapper meek mill expected to be released from jail in the next hour. While that so if you ever get prison yet call on Robert crab meat company. How how to visit he wants me a couple of statements that involve a week later you're gone doubted that figure out that look at rather power Robert Kraft by the weight of something huge Robert passes. Want him out exit yet it's an area but something just happened for the first time I'd never met mutt that you know this I just met and how that go for doing very well I feel like I'm in earth shattering experience guy good guy who he exists good duty does your medals. Yeah I yeah and then you know hosting his show it off and on the last year or something I voted for yes have a lot of night rolls on ever yeah now I can you know like to put the name with a face but yet he does exist I got to mean for the first time it's very dead ice. We have Bruins tickets that we will be giving away before done here this afternoon and then sometime next hour he was at Dana he had that experience. For tomorrow nice and and by the way if you if you do happen to be on Twitter at dale. It's now 6931%. In favor of Bill Belichick over team. Thought this guy is gonna grow I just vote what what the art I didn't noted what's the argument for team gras. And okay can Tommy is the best kind and also the hot seat belt it's not coach 61 of the best you know player personnel guys in the league most dominant weapon NFL history for. Can they win without them yes they have fourth of yeah right so I just. And the way he's handled so like there's the whole thing and oh by the way you like he has played eight years and he's talking about retirement he's talking about all these other different things that. He could potentially do. So I think it's it be easy to be teeing ground if the other option. Wasn't Belichick but it hits so I just don't know how you can convince me that. What you would. Choose wrong over Belichick and if it came to that now I don't think anybody really would know by and there's obviously you guys know that you know with the Belichick thing and yet despite what you want and they believe put. Belichick was allegedly forced to trade you legal Rob Lowe because he had no choice because you gonna lose that in years ago second round pick okay. It's like I I don't believe that narrative McCoy had but fair enough but I just don't I don't believe that we that he is told. I want him out as did Robert Kraft says to build dollar check. I wanted out by the end of the day but but would you you would sign off on him saying you're not trading break yes I believe I believe that he said. Tom Brady's gonna get to tell us when he's done right and so. But it it's it's the same thing though it except you'd have to believe that Belichick would trade Brady. I think pell and I don't I see all I think you would I don't I think you would trade literally anybody do you think that he did. Belichick asked Robert Kraft whether or not he could retains in EG for an of the year. No I don't think he had any intention car activity he. And I mean I'm not gonna go through this guy rhetoric he's not tie and up 24% of salary cap on two guys to turn up but but what Richie said is like like I think it Belichick had the complete autonomy. Rob crap is he adds it's one person Belichick does Robert Kraft or obvious so like if Belichick wanted to trade Brady Robert Kraft and that. I don't believe IC I don't believe Bill Belichick had anymore and I think you're trading Tom Brady and Robert Kraft. Are disagree Atlanta crowd I think craft would would keep him at all costs no matter what happens and yet it chews out his quarterback and his coach who probably choose the quarterback I think I'll check differently and adults or with say are not OS that he's always just thinking about how to I set myself up to be great in the present and in the future that's right a it like Tom Brady is basically adopted crafts yes you know we all know this show. By the way I think Belichick thinks of him in much the same way. Tom Brady put five Super Bowl rings in his vault and how he did the let's put a tee that's way. If Tom Brady wasn't the quarterback do you think that Bill Belichick would have found a way to win those Super Bowls without him none I don't not. Five but he he he went a couple and he won't judge why he won't shut off somebody every beat it if I don't play like I don't have to play somebody at quarterback the I trust Belichick will be able to figured out you have Brian Hoyer just like god I'm definitely would have a graphic. That but they don't like to think Brady having Brady would have found a way to win a couple without ballots Jack but he's not one in five yet you don't Rob Gronkowski like in terms of it still hasn't played an entire regular season since the second year in the NFL gone back to 2011 which made it last year. Probably statistically that was very without a set the record for touchdown running else and he's got the glory years yes but that may have been his best and he was for pretty much going into that Super Bowl against the giants he's holly yeah cool yes so you know you don't play that but. This way I I think it Belichick had the complete autonomy. He retreated Brady to keep up adamantly. I believe it. I think I think I think he's the only guy maybe in the history of the sport capable of trading Brady would be built up inside exactly what is owned oil down he. Is capable but I don't yes he wanted to when he more than Robert Kraft it. Yeah I cannot think about him trading. Your your gonna die right away the greatest quarterback in the history of the game every not trading him away at thirty ranked in 41. And so he looked static you know and and it's a great. Sports Radio topic the water two years of Brady or eight or nine years of crop let it atop assuming he bought that. Jimmy rob Lowe's going to be that though that's the biggest key evolved as if he really truly. If you like Rob Lowe as much as some of these national pond and that already have in the top five if you like to Matt march. Then you don't want traded there now and I here's the thing I think Belichick the loans drop well and I think this was in doubt this was the guy. Because at the day Belichick I believe wants to prove that he can win without Tom Brady halts. Yes I'm ready I got eight you'd think at. You'll I don't I really got to show like and went without them I gotta get him out of your luggage and stop it just wants the land aren't. He knows all it does she knows how how come after the season win. Belichick and Robert craft managed obvious steakhouse there at each replace doctor authored that. How come both both the three heads the three most important people in the franchise history. Haven't gotten room in strict now any ill will intention from the seas which Robert Kraft quote. Saying that she needs to it there is exit you'd be that attention yes dysfunction. May ultimately what this tension. But I think but he said he did Levy at their egos and I was also somebody's idea at the end of the day that I think Belichick would love to prove he can do operates the no it's not stupid it's just that stupid not at all yeah just broke down. Why did you think that. Destiny just wanna win he doesn't care who the quarterback you always he has won all I I I just liked him when one without him come. Why don't they help I mean lots at some point if Brady retired he wouldn't like to show we could win without them. He's got I don't really amount to show that he can win one without obviously not the reason he's not gonna do it for that reason. He he knows he's not gonna have Brady at quarterback forever I understand that. The big Kobe was happy to win mall without Shaq absolutely. Yes even quote you don't want to. That's and he is also important Dominic crotch Jack. He shot 11 without that's right and then that Shaq was devastated when Kobe won without an that we IB Colby a little more war than Bill Belichick well it may be so look hoping Calgary went back to talk the most competitive people probably never they. Asked Colby he won back to back in 2010 against the Celtics when they got eighteen more free throws in the fourth quarter the Celtics did. These it out yet more than Shaq now those although they forget that oh yeah article PE does specifically talked about that I think that Shaq is Shaq I believe that's Kobe how something tastes after he was that's now worth about yeah its true that had been honest about the calls that you guys 6177797937. Ahmed is in rock. Hamad. I don't know what what's a good first quote let. It that it got so loud a question about where it all about it it. It just came out of my head so I think when you're Dutch. What got think it says its threat follows. All but there affect their onslaught that took about rock Augusta got fired battle sites are so without. Relate to that. What the past few willing to do that's your talking about. What the ninth pick the you are probably out there probably do that. Is that what's what could you do you could take that ninth in the 31 to move up to the top five degree at least three to twelve I don't know if you wanted to nine point three I don't know if you wanna get it done I'm just saying I have 23 Q well you do and and you got those who can't imagine a patriotic rock and then use that pick to draft bring that replacement don't think that the NY a brother Tony great staff to drive Brady jobs back on right now. So look at Brady would lose his mind if they use if he trading grew rock for his replacement a don't does he was shown to work out that at that point you don't you don't know that that that's the big race holding a lot of cards right now in the Carlos definitely is the fact that his successor is not an error. And I don't believe there is Junichi in this draft and I I don't know if there is one there's no key there's nobody can again work work sort of elevating Jimmie just a little bit here yeah there isn't a -- GAO's draft I got through it its top 35 quarterbacks taken in the first round so even before they've even taken a snap the fact that an NFL team would you their first round pick on them. Elise says they should be a franchise quarterback released that's what the team is open for. And and you know rob Lowe's what the 62 pick in the draft so he may have also that I could fit their six quarterback taken his draft class but he was yeah its hotly at Jimmy G in this draft but a minute they're not currently don't know I don't know what's happening and it's the hardest position to look at in in college in the project. In the NFL. But those teams are all hoping that they're gonna be even better than the engine drop if the patriots were in this situation a year ago think about it. Then I would have did it with the picks they have in this draft I would done anything to train the top ten to two Shawn Watson and beset that he but they had Jimmy dad and the idea. Jimmy G. So I don't see that she may even though Arnold I Watson isn't as he sinks everybody. I don't I don't know who the guy he's I think he's strapped reminds me a lot of 1999. We're glad Tim Couch Donovan McNabb hate it now has feelings admit it Daunte Culpepper that's this draft. I don't think that you're there might feel that Don McNabb and you're like how Rosie is the future hybrids even drop below we don't know we don't right so how do you know. Prison at quarterback and his strapped as good as Jimmy around hours he's pretty the iron rather it pain in the yeah I asked the doctors think these guys next Joseph Montana I trust us if they don't want everybody doesn't I don't doesn't that that is Joseph Montana. 07 yeah he's he's just back off a little diet rite 6177797937. Is telephone number daily key Sports Radio WB. So basically that's afternoon. So Robert Kraft. In get meek mill released from prison but he can't solve this Alex Cora tripled cannot good about it at the bigger problem and possibly can't get prompted the offseason training program yet can't get Crocker Israelis say they're playing but I get beaten a lot of press let me Nellis -- pretty impressive I dealt with doubts that just few minutes again. Thanking everyone for their love and support the Robert Kraft now he he ended the NFL lockout young ears back and I got me bill out of prison but it we have David Wikipedia. But he hasn't been able to solve the alleged issues in his own house not yet patriots yet not yet you know of that yet given time dale would you take. Tom in bill to adopt looser we just meet that you know and crafts off I'd be happy to take them there okay. Yeah I'm your call well I don't know the guy I I I got there I and backed. I can do better job in the league and I can get us a private room out back so people won't Sierra sample taken pictures over their shoulder writes that in which by the way they also could have gone they definitely had the desired by the in my quickie Poland twittered I read only six votes. It's now seventy to thirty. If if the patriots traded ground before the draft on thirty Thursday whose side are you 17030. Favor Belichick over rock I think seven another way I've got to be more 8020 but still semi thirty pretty much sums it up I think another big factor we won't know until it happens. Is what you get are turn. People audit also turn on delta to be that got two thirds of that what the hell's happening what do you get somewhat fair value Foreman that you feel a lot better Ahmad in West Roxbury when he was calling you not to get one for ground simply because you don't know about glanced into the game long term the guys talk about. Working for Vince McMahon that it top. He's talking about the only do movies with a rock or sly Stallone being the peak next. Action movies what's fair value form letter that you use a Saturday's press conference call you think he can be and will be with the rock right now. No but a lot of CGI you don't like and I know that's I don't doubt that much available here I think he's got to what I saw on Saturday that press conference you know that level is. That's warned. Correct audit is acting acting is another W we played clips of it literally is like an adult film on a down start slightly below so pop raw but better than yapping about warned it was. If it office in diesel. Please go routes if he does is a good jobs say I'm group. Group yet and I think it's a big deal to him in the house now is not argument he got up that hill and now you're right shouldn't be but for him leaving his big deal rock could be so many just walked the red carpet like Democrats that I am group a thousand times. It's a lot of attention to the movie that's true evidence moves well is it that new movie with the Mel Gibson coming out later on. And I mean lots. Now while it's like a Groundhog Day and finished doing that yet you know if they're working on it now but I went in filming post production at its ground CGI stuff that they're working on right now via. That feed them lines or he could play like a big villain in the discounted grunts and stuff. Yet this amigo for prompt it became uncomfortable to watch it was awkward it was it was the point where lake. I just stop laughing like dude you were total back and you're entered the bag area you work you're in that. Now if anybody. Who had anything against Belichick now you may build sympathetic figure to all right now now locals to complete bag he's the whole bag. From that press conference any it is doubtful accounts. As you mentioned. And this guy pretty well down my yours might it be. To try to rosenhaus and say what you do not helping you right or whether you're playing here or somewhere else this is not in your best interest they don't they if this was Drew Rose and houses planned no plot no I don't pay and so on and all truces Smart and he knows I and I can understand by the way to. Rosenhaus works for rock it's not the AdAware right even at even at. Rosenhaus had crime really I don't think this is the only wanna go here. Saudis that line it's the only ones on this I think have been first off I am in the camp that raucous smarter than he lets on but I don't think he is a complete moron and he's a lot smarter than that however that would happen over the weekend was. He thought hey I'll go I'll do some non answers and I'm here for the monster about it when you do that and hopefully there's not a big hope that got too many football questions. And then there's a bunch of on and heat try to react on the fly. Thought he was being funny and it just came across so poorly heated it was sort of like the bronco roast. That roast a little bit yeah and more plant and still awkward and uncomfortable in a this is not very funny. I think that's what happens when he goes. Parent without a script where as where and when he's with the patriots and he says an accurate to work on my teammates and Tom raised the past the myth that. When he does that he remembers all those things the audience to work off the cuff a little bit. I think he thinks he goes on eBay does not come across great you remember the the thing where they asked him about the celebration dance that he had wins. Brit was a branding cook yeah it's I really want to talk about it or at. I want talk about it but I can't battle they don't get in trouble yet so it's it's sort of like you but you could sell at that juncture. He was able to pull himself back from going over that age there was no edge on Saturday. Now just completely I'm going to see a big leap YouTube Bill Belichick and that to me is what it was all about it on deltic I'm like. Hey let's see we got here it's you can deal let me get the the Arizona Cardinals on the follow suit them back to Arizona or we drafted him out of this basically was him. Taking to Twitter and answer Graham and then just to live a pair scope video of this was just him live right does it have a chance to type it out and see what it looked like a minute Saturday night this is just him. Reacting to these questions and obviously that's not the best results. I I know that he didn't think this would happen. But I think what wrong did was he actually and we've used this term before he turned heel and he turned patriots fans against him. I can't tell yet on social media on the text line the callers how many people I've heard since then saying you know why I'm out. Yeah it's amazing and end of the instant brand stuff over the offseason people of joked about it keep as liked it. I've had both find what you're early on I don't like you know now I'm I'm right there with the decipher the Da Vinci code within. It is amazing though if you can't do any of this stuff and his character but all in house and also an OTA's rule around and he's pulling out for more money. You just that alone you don't lose as many fans because I think a lot of people get how guaranteed money not guaranteed money in the NFL and for these guys compared any other sport. If they wanna maximize their dollars. They should and it would turn some fans off there's very repair a lot yeah we hear that. But you wouldn't turn off as many people as you did with the hijinks from Saturn but you don't accomplish getting ultimately what you want which is getting a new contract renegotiated whatever by doing discard each you don't. Not H re better off than the dolphins were Stephen Ross is gonna capitulate because he's a more broad Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick. Called hostage by it. And let's play in a complete seasons twenty alleged. That's just not the way to go about his. Not talked about its content that people are speculating. Right that's not him it's not ever ever talks are demagogues and you'll never says anything. Never complains about it and by the way he's he's making a lot of money Smart enough to know that it's not in his best interest complaint. We never know anything about his contract until the announcement comes that. You know we signed on to a new. He just. We know we would handle that so differently he may have given you nothing maybe he wanted to keep cervical maybe you wouldn't has come flat out said. Yes I'm definitely playing but he would have done it in a different way where he's not putting down the training program where is not making sound effects and just taking at all like such a joke and and like panel walking up to the line like he's going to be back but then not confirming it and then just beat. And so silly with the way that it wasn't the problem ground is that he hasn't gotten out of class clown he's always in class clown I've been told by people who know him much better than. That he's actually much smarter than people are impressive our for example it now than it did he's a very intelligent guy which it and I'm gonna take edit at face value. Which means this offseason has been plotted and planned by him and what he's doing is part of his idea of what now. We assume he's trying to get more money I don't even know he has said that. So work we're making assumptions based on how he's handled things. But I mean Jeff how to report I think there's been another report through that money is the most important thing later and all this like the retirement thing but there's less chance that he wants the were higher than he just wants more money that. Usually when all of these things more often than not you can point to money but he allegedly hasn't spent any of his contract money his entire career record I don't believe that either that doesn't mean he's a story lines and you don't wanna maximize it and I'm sure they suggest that last caution he got in the playoffs that you know what. I'm might only have two years not only have one year left so I could get all I L I can't you know why would the teachers renegotiate with the guy who's always hurt and yes he had a tremendous Super Bowl I believe he had a couple C a touchdown catches and in the last Super Bowl. Against the Eagles. But why are they got it they don't need to ease the tight end tight ends are at and I hope the most dominant weapon and. NFL history but you what bill has 14 here without prompt. Easy part of it's absolutely they need them but they don't even enough to win for sure approvals. 6177797937. Kevin's on the cell phone take Kevin. Haig secretary Mike calls are. I feel bad caught a notion job but the Bruins but it that is the thing that trait. So I wanted to put it keeps bear you out if you get to eat drink a looser. So what are one or B one B possibly tell me you're the call was made try to defeat it from John Lynch. The ballot check. Then we can review quarterback. We'll take you don't wanna. In a deal Darby who receipt. And it got you says they won't we get away Gloria that this scheme to make it on. We got to Waco the leak gate because you know it here we have a forty year old Tom Brady every street fights you he might be true in great. Well I just think a part because where are you better than Brady. Bird bird is. Yeah bring out you got there. Our Kevin thanks so much any time within a conspiracy droplets just think about how come onboard because you're right you got to think about it. I disagree with the all that's fine. Your number there was the report you John Lynch senator John Lynch told Jay Glazer that in the off season they did the niners all the budget to drop low. Belichick says grapples not available enemies of what about Tom Brady. And the kind of laughed out of announced probably you know the conversation right but they they did inquire about both quarterbacks. Before last season began. So big news today out of New York is that apparently like princess is headed back to WFAN in fact. WFAN has put out a release this afternoon really confirming that they are renew negotiations with Mike princess of for a return a boy to their afternoon Craig mad dog has spoken out that's what we're gonna hear now we'll see what Mike. Mike's former partner mad dog Russo has to say about it. So the story out of New York yesterday Andrew Marchand New York Post is that might princess who wanted to return. Who is all posted WFAN. Said that he or his representatives. Had met with the ESPN radio in New York had met with WOR radio in New York trying to find a game yet he wants Bakken well apparently found a gay. Today the New York Daily News says he's back that might princess is returning. Now. A couple of the shows actually referred to win today referred to the elephant in the room and talked about it. On WFAN put out a release and said that they are in negotiations. With Mike princess and to have him return. Now here's what they're gonna do what this whole thing John what happened who do middays now. Are going to be ten to one of cracked. The current afternoon drive show which is Chris Carlin Maggie Graham Bart Scott is gonna do 123. And France says it is reportedly gonna do three to seventh in chains and into cup of coffee with core withdrawal call the one that Hillary. So as you might expect. I mean his former partner Chris mad dog Russo who's got its own channel on serious for crying out he had to address and I'm sure he thought this was a great idea. Sometime along the way Michael anger that afternoon positions again over dead WFAN New York. And does so he will we turn into retiring in December 15 and there are a lot of lessons to learn here. Off from a standpoint of who did Dick who did what and who did this or anything else let's start with the Mike aspect of it and I tell you what I learned to Danks and and I'm almost the same age as my driver six years younger but I live the same thing to Deng's eight when you retire. And I Lou listen I learned from Mike when you tied if you tire this you know he finished inside the buy and Friday afternoon to give the quarters chance. And move on I. 88 he can't dole long goodbye because if you do a long goodbye he gets little tedious number one in the true. If you do that and then all of a sudden change minus five or six months Siegel a gorgeous scene so when it's time to go dissenting your own dot in dot. That's the first and second thing is. Not make sure we're eighty I did it make sure that when you do what I got from the don't. Every day. Now you know my accent young kids saw it it's much water he can't go to Miami or West Palm Beach or you know from Kentucky Derby because it got young young kids in school. So I mean you know. As top Corey you to tell me all the time and it was a great line you've coached a posture a lot of dialogue on for a mother Diana like Tom Warner just program and a shambles and it. 'cause he taught me a thousand times his weekends started Monday morning 8 o'clock. Putting about the work. And as logic to that. Times his weekend started Monday morning at 8 o'clock. So a horse's first Albany. And I have. It's lite dodge and it would yeah a lot of fly. Any talk like eagle on NBC sports Boston network when everyone assay and so he can't go to the Kentucky Derby is this kid and so. I that matters I this one in March CA deal talked about it sits sources say. My princess is seeking equal significant pay cut to return a W at the end. I don't know the exact numbers but it was too good for the top offs is an inner calm to pass up. Eight the bottom lines is editor is better. If this thing goes with Mike says that without he was also due in five and a half hours a day so maybe that's a pay cut but if you don't four hours today it might they figure out you know. What it paid per hour had a thing for Idaho Michael Kaye on the Greco and Peter Rosenberg enjoyed beating that afternoon show her that one book the next time I hope the joke is it'll never glorious counted again but they're my team but there's you Rosenberg and won all these guys like here Rosenberg. Keefe on the list you double a single currency. Strategist or are you using now. Obama not using a body like bright claiming people lake bill got the cash. At wrestling. Wrestling you grass we communicated suitable we. How do Rosenberg you like them I know the attention to the other all of you know he went out on bar stool yeah he did not like that about now I don't like about it that he also wears the jacket he's got a dazzled jacket it's his Rosenberg. And yeah. And I knew where he was wearing long Rossi and any other big GA are worth of funerals of soapy all or late in doubt on the front. It's like Bobby Brady wears that all the time. Very little odds you guys aren't. It's a property that I. I was a little you know what though the whole room is sort out vote and you you need to come around now that's I don't know what are the card value to you about. All right good IR ECW Paul even so c'mon bullet went on your account. It's okay what color out of a key. Begs to go to the bar stool Super Bowl part of a couple of years ago he begged to go that wins and then claim that it was just full of Blake backup quarterbacks and whatnot a lot of women do that trashed it average Agassi's he did it if there we did an endemic crushed demanded an end up portly came out just there's just absolutely yes yeah. And nothing else friend Dave Portman try he loves me how I'm. One of the two guys who who openly celebrated when I got fired here before. Portland was one John Wallach at the other station was the other they're all my great karma thing. Those sort of things usually momentum now on the backside but I like my friend says the deal Arnold Brit I heard that's right interesting way in less money not understand hey no big deal with the odd man ID Fred just a cover for months and once backed its in my ears Becky spears someone mad dog called on the horse sustaining which the pretty harsh. Without any great I'm not so he was trying to get for it doesn't work with him or will win at least at his channel and princess they they probably got to a point or they negotiated in and offers a that's not enough for me and I'm not gonna go there. Thought that your dog one of them. Now and I think I did I dog wanted to light maybe a day a week. Okay that's an eye on him so he I'm just guessing he'd try to work something out your member at the end of their thirty for thirty they finally were packed together that night. Princess a con or ever was in the places going nuts. And they each have like a comment about how they wouldn't rule out a return of some sort that's true and I bet mad dog tried to the figured out and that the now dale this is not an alleged report this is the fact unequivocal fact I'll. Chris Russo has rude big day that he left WFA yet he's wanted to go back because he realized what he did series even don't zone Jo zone channel. It would never be what he did it WFE and he's not one but when I was told that certain people that ship has sailed. So more brutal always wanna go back that thing yet I don't they get they have. Want to and I Lou this I cannot I cannot hide if you tire because you know he finished inside the buy and Friday afternoon give the court is a chance. And move on I. If you do that and then all of a sudden change minus five or six months Siegel a gorgeous and it's. Terry funk. All right how many thousand Terry funk retire all of them. Entirely honored and that's not yet retired and that's really back rob satellite radio he cleaned up. Horse's ass there were some times you know you can work blue dog gets more memorable actually packs more upon its only people who would have gone the other way I don't my horses who says the anymore sphere a great opportunity to. Dot the but apparently according to all reports he's coming back he's going to be back and better than ever. And he's taken their afternoon drive show and reduced it in. A different good for my friends that's a great Fredricka the now we have raised more content now. Are we are as of princess is stuffed twice a week that we can I just as it just for once that is you guys and I come from the world's sports talk radio yet about being good because. I've connection to Chris Carlin put yourself in Chris Carlin Sheryl and like you call made. You're gonna succeed it it's like succeeding Bob you doubt our will replace them but Donald Fisher did he did better than Bowden for the time he was there. Yeah lacy was on staff you think is main guy for awhile but like now you know it's like I don't know. You go to 13 now now you're in and by the way you're you're on right before him every day exhibit before and every single day imagine that change at all it's got to be awkward dale they got to have more than once to help. No matter what they already named Mike Pence a system that's. I don't. I at least want to do. Those via their likes the layers of rebounds tonight. Yes and I had a very nice witness like stethoscope headphones is that what it's a system titled is Imus had those Imus had those first and then nonsense again. Those don't look comfortable all I have a pair of them an awful that it must not be great if they don't cover your readers that that is that just her first hair loss yes I know that I Imus warrant. Think it went method is haren TV reptile that have a nice tenor. Eight times that's a really really really I know it's it's like it's very thick as a base and he wore it well it's it's silver fox Albany times does you know really sharp yeah all right guys like did the old dale has the best Carolina residents there and I Wear my head on outside I don't want to happen that's not my hair Smart yeah I do it. If you do that and then all the sudden change minus five or six months illegal sustains my friends this is a much better here lied at he's aged in Michael junior does is in his. Yes that's true I sort of if not all around to people's seen him a business and her daughter of to get that reference I don't know you but I Terry funk reference your adrenaline to get my coaching out yet at that. Dale. By the way I appreciate you guys that may hang out for the literally getting out of here any time it was fun it was one that might want to be in that seat but anytime you yeah yeah yeah yeah stage which you thought I'm not apologetic and get her voice was credited Anderson's from yesterday. I do not program Greg was very good you could hear views our audience that broad. But it's great. I thought I. I felt bad arm because he felt he had to show a lot yes. Because you know that I think if you want but they'll be I don't know your article is that he's had some issues in the past that when he felt he and you know he had to show lot but I'm not gonna miss this day now he walked into the office and said hello and we looked at the time violent fit. Of well known for hours and landed at being very. But I'm out once he recovers or one elderly by an error and where we're happy to have them back out it just. Yesterday was as we say in the business a tough let's say it may have been yeah I've done that I've done what he did yesterday Alia I mean it's dumb. It's tough it it it you know and I am I'm saying this with love Greg it was I I appreciate the fact you felt you should an adult to ever pull stuff I gotta yeah okay how bad they do you you'd think you're your audio try and you're trying to you're you're being of a good employee and and try to gut it out but inevitably make it to that some jobs you can do when you're sick there are others that just this is that now one of them can't if he can't talk now when it what are we doing here. I'll talk and talk few lines here where maybe I shouldn't have wrecked it was my downfall and so market was nice to have you here we're glad that you did it we didn't get to talk as much Celtics without Lucas he's goal of the game. Only in the night I saw Celtics definitely will win easy when you're Smart Alec I was gonna agency market Smart they I'm gonna put him on Middleton. Yeah probably gonna put him on Middleton are gonna win and tomorrow night Bruins have to win and I just hoping guys dale. Who go dean look for not too good team fought shows. Well I think even Tuukka team's sixth can win the indie music hi how he got us he wasn't that wasn't that you just yeah Yury literally can't have to keep my good. Rendered its rate predators and was he was right up honor those that Patrick law. Let's not a Barack I had not violently. So Celtics tonight will win says G game yet he he got I Vegas might be your your classic home team wins every game mr. Emmett are resorted after four games back I can see that playing out again because. Milwaukee looked so different at home like they got contributions from so many other guys besides onto Colombo and Middleton in those two games but they were. They disappeared the first two and same thing for the Celtics Terry rosier was greats in the first two games sucks in the in the second two games. I expect him to bounce back tonight you know it's helped out Milwaukee exponentially John Henson being being out on the automaker step up the dudes rein in price so I don't front the gaming you. Deserve any credit for that no 36. I'm bomb maker at not to build over the first two games and thrown down with heron bay as adds to the candidate read a John heads and out he stinks anyway. And bomb makers blocking shots he's hit the crowd. Really in these games you. This guy couldn't get off the bench the first two games so they were a much different team but I beat the Celtics do. Bounce back tonight and and you know going back up 32 in the walk and if the Celtics in the position where he comes out last shot let's knuckle markets Morse tonight just saying and if the thought I wasn't wild about that you know I was not wild about that was about looking just I but I also think he had struggled in that game McDermott games where he carries the officer that was not one of those games and Jalen brown was governor of the monster game already gone to him or after the switch to their sense of screens there Al Horford would have been a better option. I'd tell you got in downing the ball to east Tatum a when about a generosity I don't know in the ball I don't know again this will turn around the recent. Bad stretch we've been we we mentioned this. You hear that the turnaround Celtics have lost in history. Bruins have lost game five Red Sox get no hit Celtics lose game four Red Sox lose in the eight. Bruins lose game six and crop was in the middle of that with this press conference -- can't get his words this changes that narrative right the last win you know it was a the first game that we are outlets are red -- Friday night the stimulus yeah that was a that was the a three run homer by JDJ the Grand Slam by -- -- to back yeah this has been a rough patch here it's been it's been soft but everything turns around we're not Cleveland here you know everybody that's around that's true you know no recourse I'll have lost the games he'll he'll win tonight reports though will be Toronto the Celtics will be the box market it's great to see it -- navigates you guys we've got to Bruins tickets for games -- that's where it is away later this hour Sports Radio W media.