Dale & Keefe - Has Marcus Smart played his last game in a Celtics uniform?

Dale & Keefe
Friday, March 16th

Hour 2: Dale poses the question of Marcus Smart’s future with the Celtics. Mike Lombardi tries to calm Patriots fans by saying there are no left or right tackles; just tackles. This point does not calm Dale, who believes Solder is the Pats’ biggest loss. There will be no supplementary discipline for David Backes, who wants his league back.


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Part of the team. Let's volley to know I didn't again things like god side yeah Oregon at number three and how many would play in the I know. Feeling heat Sports Radio that the media for down here at the victory grill and got them elm street down by the way right next to legacy place. One down on your way home from work Rappaport flight watched watched game to watch Tiger Woods. They've got all the basketball games up on all the different TVs and as we said earlier I don't quite know why but NCAA wrestling. Seems to be big here lot of rustling in the next Brock Lesnar could be could be very right over there we could be looking at the next WWE superstar or the next patriots guard is it. Possible. I hate to be a downer on you know you always are united and an and I feel bad when I do this up but is it possible. That you see market Smart play his last game of the Celtics uniform. Yes it's definitely possible is that possible because if you're getting surgery right now the middle march are getting surgery. The regular season is up early April the plant the other one good thing they have going for the playoffs drag. The playoffs you don't play back to backs some of these theories takes forever even if you're sweet you're theories that you wait around for the next opponent. I don't know I don't make NBA finals and certainly although it very much in the mix that doesn't start. Forever. So they might have to make that but any any time it up right late at the six week injury sometimes seven of them that they. So it's just straight up six weeks at gonna feel like maybe the second round you see Marcus mark again but there's definitely chance he's done. When word came out today the market Smart was having are probably at this point has had surgery today. And it was said that the Celtics were hopeful. That he could return for the playoffs they were hopeful that it would be a four week injury but let's be honest and I said this before. Whatever number they give you double. And your probably closer to the truth. True. And by the way that is a little scary for forgot like Charlie McEvoy as well but let's let's say mullah. Will will even ease an apple will say six to eight weeks for Marcus Moore the good news is that the thumb injury. You'll be able to run he'll be able to keep his party a lot you know he'll he'll be. Physically fit. As opposed to and it and I used Bergeron is an example only because he's got broken bone in his foot he can't put a skate yet so he can't envision his car audio conditioning. You know when he's finally ready when they go Arum beat you guys are younger than me I've spoken to visualize I didn't you spout off accounts and audio amateur that's what their look at our if they wanted to keep me tonight if I don't want to three spurt on sweat enough I don't count that as. So still a market smart's case I mean I think. You probably realistically looking at 68 weeks six weeks that meant the word is that put of that second. Round there and make the second round them with carriers union or alerted you brown girl back. There and make it to the second round now that's second round matchup could end up being Cleveland even of their mass public the bronze agreement Lou. What a shock. What played around here like coaches you know that the assistant coach right now unbelievable but. Mark Smart could be back in also at the right thumb. Injury in so that's obviously brutal offers job market advocate she joked about his shooting percent anyway that was or are former partner on the show. But they defensive specialist and he he still help them there. Now I don't know how how painful it's going to be dribble and that passes all that stuff. He's very streaky offensively we've seen enough great games off the bag this could help we shot. Don't go there through your style growth now it's great mechanics and it missed the shot. But it defensively it's still be a factor yes on one side that makes them again I don't know he could still from the point office anything else but. If you're talking about a matchup we. Well in the conference finals and you still yet. 25 minutes out of him guarding I'll Hillary or you portable mark Rosen like. I take my chances there and then if he is so offensively art via the sort of figured out and you know help you with much. But just to get on the floor for the teams the density if you were shot to a lot less nervous about Cleveland. Then you might have been before I speak for me I was nervous about Cleveland. I'm no longer nervous about Cleveland they are hot mess they are absolute mess now brought in the playoffs is still a serious thing and last we saw where the cavs did not have the best record in the regular season but it is very clear. That they were still the best team in the conference. Bills also if they carrier in the Kevin Love. And they had no wild birds know Kevin Love and love for what they haven't that the terrorists had the Smart phrase that my part and they had no love. And that's been a problem. The honeymoon wore off. Real quick went ahead putting clerks and inhale it and it. They smoke the Celtics and everybody all the idiots like nick right Stephen there really use the team might. The team I assume in the finals than even Barkley all the all the experts watched two games of the new look like. There's no problem here we go well you get in would run good heck who was then. Yes that it we have this review would you can hear the guy you know prince's words I read this with. Don't forget to. Wow at your mama's very mature from LeBron James whose date 33. Year old man believe. Sounds like very insurers have liked him dance yes it configured it does. Those diaries that you'll mama's house according to LeBron James he's on the for the first time seven straight trips to the idea if that that's ridiculous. Seventh straight trip that ought overtime. But. He was always the favorite now the Celtics gave him you know back when it was when you heat the Celtics at that seven game series with pierce Garnett. The news chances of knock them off they couldn't. In these three years in Cleveland. It was always clear reverse the field you were always taking Cleveland this year. If you're uniquely rumors the field again you have to take the field in Austin and whether it's Toronto or Boston. I don't think you will be anybody other than that but. Raptors felt it definitely have a better chance in the absurd. I know I've I sounded like a broken record you know for. Well since the all star break. Saying I think two rounds of this evening's adamant I thought it I thought it then and I still think it now. Especially at home court and they've been ridiculous that home and then they'll have home court in the playoffs were to be even more crazy atmosphere. Yeah it's Toronto might be the best team although there's something about it dale. And I said this recently mostly c.'s podcast which is still a thing. Moses he's podcasts still going on if you can believe it. We lost Michael Holley believe that you know we're keep on. We're gonna do that we're gonna keep that at least one of them of them maybe before the clock I don't know but it's available right now and Hannity and coach him. We did yes thank you Pete Gillen join the trying to help you out here you took probably steel we hate you brought to you and you do OP field he coached got you have gone to the elite eight. Would that not come up on the podcast although probably should not activist opportunity to me Jason get him back on the podcast for next week on it but if we could probably five monthly thing. I was told the weekly thing here. Really don't force my way in early once a week to pound out. No pucks in the net and 0:0 o'clock and we'll get it and and you're like that if we feel like doing what we'll do one aspect or by other podcast notes Ottawa podcast is like clockwork that things out every Tuesday night. Your your Wednesday morning commute your it was an Ashton door so he is saying exactly on schedule. No. I'm not and that's what it's not a day goes everywhere he sang I will commit to twice the month. A marketable Michael Ollie I will actually do the podcast though show on time for the podcast. But don't know that the school sort of bar well he's not here anymore but a Volvo I had some of their emotional about it other more like me like a rock. That that's fine a move on review stronger for it. Talking about the the Cleveland Cavaliers go back to that weren't where they internally an airplane that now. It. Toronto. Circled back do you think I just I it's about like yet wrap my head around the idea of the Toronto Raptors playing in the NBA finals. But something at Buick and it. They won't be there there's there's that team that always good in the regular season go back to the response to a certain prior to that they're pretty good with Vince Carter a couple of T Mac years. They've always had these good teams in the playoffs shall and its likely they don't know they're doing or that run in the LeBron that run into somebody else in the dispute they get crushed. You're going to be real sad. When LeBron in the cavaliers get mountain first round the plants and that's really a tad bit scary out there yeah. Yeah well right I still think. On what would the first from out of growth through their base because of the well runs ever lost in the first round. Right well tick tick him. Off all of the shows that it if that's not a prisoner never lost the first round and whether they pulled out of the you know the fourth seed with a five seed your your complete Ronald Boston in the first round or Indian in the first round. You're probably gonna end up where it. What the wizards were or whoever else I think they'll be a decline in network Philly and I don't Phillies you know an intriguing team a lot of people like them. But the wrong in the first round you know play forty minutes he's gonna put up insane numbers in areas team. In the first round after that where the talent becomes a lot closer and back. That the team on the other central yet more overall talent. Then that's in the brought them about. I don't think that I don't think that getting past. The for them get through the first round and Canada yet I grew that second round it may have to be the Celtics if the two threes that could be matchup there or. It's if that's the one or talk about them play in the rafters at the second round and then I think you're everything. That's wrong. 6177797937. This telephone number. Text line is 37937. With a victory gorilla in debt and stop on down grab a course like this with the folks here watch all the games on TV. Sit and watch the show here if you've a mind to do that as well it's daily keep Sports Radio W media. I cut your grass stroke is third down during the interview and I did she said yes so that you must take that out of that. Most teams were back in that they were right hander for the tie him to the rights and inflammation. And nobody really opened up the formations of the tackles really work on it and sit tight end is always over with the tackle and the left tackles on mild correct. So now people over the bulls formations or people will both sides and so now left tackle right tackle now people are doing a better job is evaluating. Your offensive line. So what would Philly wants to do is truly wants to put their best rusher against your worst line and they wanna rush five gas. Because when you rush five. Somebody's block immoral war and it you have five really good rushers five guys that can rush so it was a breakdown in the office why they can't they they can't do it. So this right left tackle things a little bit misleading because if you're right tackle stinks and he can handle of the two best rusher over there and why waste him over here. Move them over at the matchup you want it's basketball put the guy overwhelmed and make him go that way so yeah I think tackles attack. They're not right or left. With the older respected like them party. The differences. The right handed quarterback can see the rusher coming over the right tackle. He can't see the rusher coming over the left out did you what you don't understand is I don't years I don't know what the blind side now there is now they just dropped straight back if they just look at it conceivable that this day. No I think that doesn't make any sense to me at all I think a lot of even though pictured beat writers are guys that their day talking about markets came in for example. The idea of him it. Jumping over the left tackle. It is terrifying they they think that that bad idea I would agree with them whereas he wasn't all wrote two years ago at right tackle. So that to me they pretty major difference. But it was just want all the men but I think. Neitzel urges that paid a lot of money. Because he's proven he can be left and they took there left to excellence at sun if you wanna play you're gonna have played right tackle for us yeah right they moved the ball over because he's not as good. So I'm sure there are some offenses that doesn't matter as much in the obviously you get into lefty quarterback that's a little bit different but for Tom Brady. Particularly not the super mobile quarterback he can avoid the rush very well as good as anybody stepped up a pocket he does he does that but still I think you're gonna want. A left tackle. Just like him with Matt Light just that you made so you don't want a real consistent reliable irony there I wonder patriots fans think. Maybe they disagree with me I think Bates holders the single biggest loss of this offseason. I think this is the one they're gonna have the hardest time now maybe there. They're dole of fans out there there are there Dion Lewis fans out there than some of those since the announcement now the other is it actually if you ask him nobody's ever count them over that wants that actually visible on the there are a lot of Malcolm Butler fans out atop huge yes. But from a patriots fans perspective of the ones that we know who were gone. Well today it's been a Johnson that most he's gone guest analyst guess he left below those other guys yet but Edwards back. And vols back thanks Keith. But the question here is. It's older the single biggest loss that you've had all that you're going to have to overcome this is the one. That I think. Has the potential to cause the most problems yeah I would agree that I think butler's it better player if your rank all the players on the team. And in you know who's the best that is that it evident back human Malcolm boast the best player that they lost. But the combination of knowing that he was going to be gone on the we're all prepared for the use going to be gone even before the Super Bowl and everything that happened there. Nobody thought well there's going to be back in Gilmore being really good or or figuring out after the first four games when he returned from injury. Gilmore being really good really soften that blow when you have a number one corner. You don't have a starting left tackle. So that is definitely the biggest loss in were trying to figure out the replacement plan. The drastic yes because it doesn't seem like the free agents are good axle was the best one. And daughter you tee it up you know upgrade or even break even. Through free agency. Trades. Pitcher they could make trades that he so I wouldn't rule that out but just when we we heard that it you know teams don't trade left tackle very often well. And courting demonstrated that same day so maybe a trade or maybe there's a guy in the draft. Maybe there is somebody there first or second round where they drafts folder where that ultimately. Take you guys there. And I know it notes the MVP Italy's 41. That made you were talking about a brand new rookie left tackle next year. Now there are some who think. And we heard from on the last couple of days of care through the turnstile anyway you know kind of knocking. Nate sold its play. We told you guys before that according to the the rankings out there the next he was the best free agent tackle them yes the next two on the list. Arlen Adrian waddle and Cameron flaws that Paulson then the next the two best after after him. Those of the next two best free agent tackle available and I do know that some people think you know out money overrated he's this he's that. He's so much better than what you're now gonna replace him yeah. And now Malcolm Butler is really good okay yeah and whether it's Jason according who replaces him more. Cyrus Jones or whoever it is. Might not be as good as Malcolm Butler but the drop off won't be as great as the drop offs going to be for soldiers replace. Did you look at it too and I think you have to then today. All right Don this Scarnecchia knew everybody says is a genius because it's a genius how is he going to be able to figure this out. And then the time the bradys bend your ideas at some guys like Logan Mankins was one of the best guards in football. Did you know market did you do it or pretend that I know. Every single thing about offensive line play but you with the guys that every year with you all liberal bull was regarded as an all pro guard but since then. Like how good his jokes and how good is Jack Mason how good is David Andrews markets here with herbal until two years ago. And they found a way to make it work now you obviously have the the execute its game against the Broncos were you at the injuries and now with the mess that now was. Offensive line play at its worst since then it's been pretty good sure brief that pressure he got hit a punch in the regular season. But there are still able to put up a ton of points so he take like. What's the level player. That he can take it left tackle still make it work but if you're creating every guy and still won the pan and sold on Islamic it could take you. And put it put you at left tackle you don't know what to do the DC Boston tonight Regis the doughnuts all summer I could do that. But on some weight. And decency to well probably either out of way but that's that he could out of the year and have a 195 pound left tackle. Oddly enough successfully maybe it will more than half that would be in that. Theater of the mind you could you pretend that NCAA. I was actually on. I think that if a yeah and that thing out everything I. Close on. Very very may yet. Limited. Street if there but that's OK it is because that's kind of flat display does it matter that that's neither here or there by. Could you take a guy who is very average. Or even below average and make it work or is that when you start to get nervous and it looks like Kansas City in three years ago but now as well also often the one play at its worst it suddenly you have a guy who's delighted MVP season left in them. You looked terrible if you watch it note yet no time to throw the ball that's why I don't think. You can overstate the heat loss of folder a and even even if he may not be a hall of fame left tackle. It is that it's what's the drop off like how bad or or how good is the next guy going to be. We have some news from. National Hockey League now that this was unexpected. Well Judy Murphy didn't expect this about this and go night night. Sort of but this might be case. The department of player safety has ruled. No supplemental discipline is in order for David Backus. They ruled that he did not target Vincent wrote checks head. As as the rule book says any hit contacted did occur with unavoidable. On an otherwise are full body hit now what happened was general manager Don Sweeney. Disgust they hit with league officials earlier today. Just to figure out yet again and in another player and parent exactly got a game tomorrow night we'll have and and they were told flat out no he didn't do anything. That's good tickets the break there but the million catch a break. He well you're right daddy but when he was given a match penalty he didn't deserve. Right but when he got suspended for three games yet that's not the right phrasing but when he gets benefits read to you deserve that at all that you're just. Maybe little leery that I made he could have more bad law but don't know yet bad luck in the actual game but going forward he's not going to be penalized anymore is already over penalized for. Backus quoted by Kevin upon the Boston Globe said the thoughts are that I do everything to minimize. Any catastrophic injury there. It's a play where project is in a vulnerable position but got the puck. So body contact is not something they're trying to take out of the game they still want is equality in the game so it's good news from my front and there is no further action to be today. It's that I used to with the he's gonna play the same line that that's because. This is the guy who's pretty clean play like he's at the half the player but also we really ease all of those things not always the case in. Recently in the last several games he's been out there. They've been all ruled in after serving a suspension the first time in his career what are the gonna play with that was that's him on the tenth. So I guess there are some Bruins fans will think that they dodged the bullet I think we got this one right. The department of player safety has to look at every match penalty there they are required. I can tell you that they began at the end of last night and and I think their initial thought last night was seen anything here they looked at it today. Talked to Don Sweeney at that no there's nothing here. Now what I'd like find out is whether they rescind the match penalty which is a final fence by the how often. Output via the spot but how often would you say a match penalty then leads to a suspension it's good question I I don't know a number up top of my head I mean my guess is. A fair and a remotely warns him right when you look at I would imagine that'll only you know what they were right that was a match penalty that he views something else though when you when you don't get that elderly or what they'll get a suspension ball on the penalty and speaks to you know how about it real ones it was a bad call yes it was a bad call last night. The NHL to its credit did not make him bad call works right in and in some attempt I guess to back up their officials say yes you know a lot he called the match penalty so we're gonna suspend him for this. Thank goodness cooler heads prevail so. I'm no discipline for David back it's eligible to play tomorrow night when the Bruins take on the lightning in in Tampa Bay. 61777. Night 7937 its telephone number Tex lines 37937. We're here at the victory grill. Elm street Dedham are good friends of course like make it all possible Monday and of course like any way home from work. Daley keeps Sports Radio WB yeah it's. Voted yes. Having officers teachers and think about it. And it's kind of hit that. I've been doing for years so this is somewhere. They knew they chose new standards and I hope I can remotely. And maybe there's some adjustments that I make. It's live if I. Charted immature they're competition. Because they tortured him lose so. The physical part of the game it takes things to be there and roots. It's me. Hopefully nothing for an opportunity to. To answer this wouldn't. I was David back its post game we have a post game show one nests and then. It's pretty pumped out he's a great quote anyway but you know this is the direction ago when I won my league back. We're at a time when it changed you think that was there a year or is that a gradual thing. I think that they there's such concern about concussions CTC head injuries. In every sport. That one single thing has changed the whales sports are being when you look at it defense in the National Football League and what you can do which he would do when. And I can quarterbacks I can't hit quarterbacks. Unique animal can't hit a high. He got about four inch window you can aim at a apparently somewhere just north of the belly button. But I understand that I really do it it is it is the thing it it was a fascinating cities in the Buffalo News that. It is the first time is near tightened now. That they an extended sit down interview was done with OJ Simpson. The writer for the Buffalo News went to Las Vegas sat in. Simpson's house. And talk to about this. But people want to look the part that brings to what we're discussing is is Simpson talking about the fact it. He thinks he might as CTE. That Bennett a Malo was at its name that the doctor. Yes fro for corruption and he had said in the past that he was 99% sure that OJ Simpson suffered from CTE. And Simpson talking about guys that he's played with a will suffered from CT Bob polar wrote a piece in the global a couple of days ago about you know all the former patriots who were and a banding together and preserving their legal rights and guys I know and and you know friends of mine Steve Nelson is one of the guys who's listed among the players. Head injuries is the thing that has changed sports completely. All sports are all sports cautioned article Jalen brown right now in the concussion protocol and it's it's everywhere. So I guess you look at what is it back he sustained. They need to protect against head injuries but in this day unity EU wants the whole league back. Like what does he immediately. His thinking just teaches the goal he wants the game to still be physical. Right and and buddy buddies figure in the aftermath last night what if you're gonna roll player out for that play. Then what you're saying is you can't get even those that are are the rough threes too sensitive to it. I think it is they're being told by their leagues to be extremely sensitive to that I don't like College Hockey it's automatic. You make contact with a head the so what's. What would be worse against a the scenario what happened last night were David practice. As you know it's called for a match penalty when he shouldn't or you go the other way you sort. God it he deserves it maybe that they really bad penalty and it's the minor cities look what what's worse. That the games of the more physical against Schneider is in the box with two minutes or the F over police they can I get back is saying. But it's hard to tell me. That were taken this release here recently. But it did not make any changes you just played the same way you expected results whenever this comes up when we talk about it football during football season in this case talking about it you know because of the play in hockey game last night. Inevitably will get calls from people who say is that I was joking last last segment wise and all you got the experts on these guys. Do most people to stay in the military did you know that side of us they they don't possibilities were when they join. You know date there were there willing to take the pay check. You take your chances he had hit in it that's what I ordered it. Do the players deserve to be protected. It's a little more clear cut it football league is more courier in hockey and football looked say these guys know what's going on about there and you should. Allow every single hit the ball but I think. There should be more now the quarterback you'd actually be I think guys go middles and yet it roughly that they not be hit in the head. Yeah I well I go back for quality. I guess you know quarterback he's just sit there in the pocket guy could hit a different way that he hits him in the head. Yet maybe that should be but there are other times where guys are going over the middle and is that the is that the only way they could break of the past if that's the only way they can break up the path that actually that's their responsibility to do it it might come they only should it. But that is. A big part of football if you start taking these these things out now hockey and football but you most physical of the four major sports. If you're if you start chipping away at the fatalities now it's not within the more we already think that the concussion protocols are. Pretty much Jill kennels sports each of the leagues makes a big deal out of it that we have to wonder brusque in his head against the glass. Early in the game on on a Saturday or Tuesday shoots it early in the game. It will be nice to look third period the right of Russell Wilson fear run crazy ones that guys get knocked out come back in the game. We've seen film the wild ones the guys go back in line and so. Again that's just so the least and stated they had to leave the room naturally protecting players. Do we think and I'm just guessing here but. Do we think that fans. Are leaving these sports because of this. Well we don't know enough biggest. They're not like lake there declining ratings and television. And and we hear all the different reasons from guys taken in need to. Whatever. Do we think that some of the fans are not watching football now. Because they say nah it's physical it's not a game that I saw it when men were men and sheep were nervous and all that stuff. And that the right thing about it is that you would have if you hit bottom you can you give him proud of that you know get my media so. Our art some of the declining numbers because. There are some fans who say they've what supplied our game I bet that's on the list for some people but again I think you'd be low or all that there are other reasons but it overall quality. Of the team is that a factor in the fact that every game is on the over saturation and that's a big deal. You and I didn't think the system knew it was going to be as big deal as it became so that's obviously very high on the list of people not wanting it's much. But I think there is part of it Thain. People watched for the and it's they're definitely both on the other side of it that's it that's certainly while watching like watching football. Even if there isn't you know idea a jacked up segment on ESPN which they had to get rid of but that was obviously highlighting. One of the things and in football that. A group of fans really like they liked watching guys get absolutely crushed. But they did that without really the knowledge and even that was their guy was that was getting crushed or not in the game and everything in this town especially you know in the towns are where Darryl Stanley. Oh you know plied his trade right. Don't go in there those there are those and it's such a fine line because they're the sickening ones where guys are. Are seriously hurt than the other ones where. And back then I'm sure there were getting concussions we just weren't as aware of it and they get back up accounts stumble with the football but that's what people were used to. Again there's a reason why there you know if they had to in touch football or like football on Monday night it's not comfortable rating provisional watch that there's a reason for and so. People are all about and I'm interested in how that's gonna affect. Hockey do what I think you know others absolutely blessed as a cal levee in hockey and use it but right now it isn't it it's kind of squeezing out the you know the tough guys the Forster a bit there's less of those guys. Which I think a segment of the fan base is upset with but it's also allowed or more the skill guys that the show off their thing rarely. I don't scoring is up to feels like it's it's up. It is here that it was certainly they admit it here Australia yeah it absolutely is that you're seeing that so there's still. There's still a lot of aspects of hockey that people can really enjoyed it and embrace. But does that does that tally is sort of picking and choosing what they take the game and that has been tough adjustment form there's a player for the Ottawa Senators named mark or via ski. And any stone is as being a head hunter himself out there and you know. Not a lot of regards sometimes for the health and welfare of the other players. He's been saying the last couple of days that out of concerns that he doubts about head injuries and CTZ. And the effect this is having on him. You won't find much anymore. In fact he will now decline fights when when players say hey you wanna go. He's gonna say Yang and on and I'm that I don't think I wanna do that at that completely changes its game against him a lot and I probably by the way puts him out of work. Of this there you look at a lot of fourth lines or around the league that they look a lot different than they used to use them the one guy out there. He's got two goals all season but he can stick it around that it. If the ya ya gotta drop the gloves together yet to face that guy and there's gonna be lasts. Of them. And I don't mean I guess there's arguments made both ways is the only as you know there's a lot of hockey fans that never liked the fight to get rid of by and there are others that day. That's my favorite parks like of what else waiting to see if fights though. You're not going to be able to please everybody would with some of these rules and I've always been pro fighting. And I would have arguments the court clues act who was anti fine yeah. As I've become. More well read on head trauma and CTV and concussions and things like that. I tempered my enthusiasm. For fighting now I still kind of like it I'd love and and you know but part of me is also saying. So. I'm OK with guys with a bare knuckles. Trying to hit other guys in the face for a in a sport which I'm worried about. You know whether Charlie Mack a boy got hit properly by Patrick pointless things out of they've done the the research on this that they've gotten all the numbers on my guess would be. More you cut just because there's so much more time on eyes and then the times players are fighting the win Tuesday more of the concussions than hockey occur. We've. Jackson the boards or elbows the back and or guys in the eyes then fights. I don't think we've given enough appreciation for the concussions guys have gotten into fights I I I don't think we've. I understand what you're saying I guess my point is. I think there have been a lot of concussions in fighting it with fighting in hockey we just didn't think of it that's probably true I just think of you know that the worst things I've seen on the ice. War from fighting of you know. Like the pauper to see skating from behind in just. Deck in right that I ran out of Matt Cooke on so far I think that those plays as just dirty plays during. During the game not two guys facing each other fighting but you're right in those guys are also Marty McSorley or something like both lizards but if you're if you know at a guy you just get these skates off the guys doesn't mean he does not conscience that's our let's get back to the call to you guys keeps on the cell phone achy I don't. Our guys I you don't do a great. Just try and another at the point that you make out about the viewership of of sports more relation to football or hockey that. I I'm of the opinion that if if fantasy football and and you could bet on football in Vegas. Didn't exist or never existed or away that you keep people moving away from football in droves just because. The last or global obviously while high scoring and and you know close game and and what not was probably one of the worst games ever watched in my life. Just because it's like watching basketball. It's just not the same sort of competitiveness on the field and you can see. Google's competitor. No I didn't. I didn't really closed and it looked very close to him. It was a really close game however however it was it was a competition between the two offenses. Also you can afford a deep god be your morbid evils. What you just wanna see a little bit more of a of a team defense be able to this stuff or are they okay there's two minutes left in the game and somebody got the football. You know they're gonna score. Somehow or another judge that'd be unfortunate that it. Quote rich it just as a general comment it's not the right. I love it but my point is it it standpoint I think they've taken it city and degree. Like what about like day before times of war for the AFC championship game their of the defense both played pretty well with the 24 to one in the final. Thought that was that was a good game. But are those games the norm now are those beat the out fliers sometimes. There's nothing more scoring and there's there's no doubt there's a lot of story. But thought Ozzie and effective and I don't definition of I don't think I increase scoring. Is necessarily a byproduct of the fact that the trying to protect players if they want to support scoring. You know they they go to but it survived another if you're out of sync on on a few touch this guy here that's that's going to be a pass interference you know they. They want more points they've done everything they can do right protection the quarterbacks you're right it that's that's the biggest part of you make that which may have played defense and I'm not talking about you can't take their hat off on saying area you can play defense against the wide receiver any of them that the Thai law rule you know go back to you know how they used to play against those racial turf that they could do that anymore after the only those lines that we can. The colts were upset because they integrate office made a terrible defense it's they've taken Natalie problem but. Just making it comfortable for the quarterbacks that's gonna leads it to the point that you're seeing now and so. I'm somebody who's okay would that that callers an example summit that you don't want. That if the defense is were better that the guy who probably love the ravens defense with a bucket right even though too would really appreciated the game now. Alex is instant to pay Alex I don't. There are. Why it is. Aren't. So do occur folk art or rocket went back to back. Out. If you're doing Rick. Oh or you can bet is now. You're kind of protect your. Rick Rick Perry why is America. Well. You're. Out there. Aren't. Old miners are. Art. There are back to hurt. Their. Did but I and I understand you like this Kalla the Alex but do you really think the game of football has been ruined because you don't get to see some guy get his head taken off. I think that you can order it definitely are back in. It feels like dirt road where we are or do they altered Iraq. Is that out obviously partly blocked it. Yeah. Right prosperity are what I thought our site I get my act and act out. Back at. Her or it could be. Expected to. I. But does it change your opinion at all when you now know. The long term implications is of the of concussions and head injuries and CT that you know that that many of these players. Are are going to be non functioning as adults later on their life. I would dare I say. The job their query. Yep I'm down with the ID kits don't you watch box that or do you watch anime where those two guys are just. Or gals are just too good to get through each other but that's for that are that they signed up for. That's a tough way to make a living not everybody can do it not every wants to do it they get in there they could beat the crap out of each other. Make their money they move on. And you gotta think that maybe it's starting to go a little bit more that way or maybe it should go that way. With football but I'm not saying everything is legal additional rules of the game but there's still face mask there's still going to be personal fouls is the point would be penalties. But to sort of ease up on a little bit in both I think both hockey and football like you're one of the biggest football fans I know do you find yourself. As you sit there on a Sunday afternoon watching either you know reds owner or or whatever game. Really wish he'd enable them lay out that wide receiver. I still enjoy the game you know even with even what lesson these kids and I think we're also gotten used to it over the years I don't think you notice it until. There's a really bad call one way or the other and that you realize no that is the rule like a guy is running by the quarterback and he barely graze his helmet with a hand doesn't sacked quarterback or anything. And actually they would have forced upon and now the first down the that that drives me nuts. Or there are times where some of the receivers over the middle the field. You know a safety we'll get a penalty because. You know hit the guy in the wrong spot forever and then. Although that was that was how he was gonna deal to do his job those the only way he could break up that that play and he gets penalized so. No you sit down to watch your good to go to watch it and then. I don't know how often it happens in games maybe a couple times you say oh well that's. You know ten years ago or whatever whatever you wanna put the date on what little bit different them. 6177797937. As the telephone number if we're trying to figure out if the lack of basic malady and hockey and football is part of the reason if you think there's a reason for ratings decline in the NFL 6177797937. Broadcasting live from the victory grill elm street and down right next to do well legacy place. Our good friends of course like make it all possible stop on down a lot of folks have already watching all the games. And I have a cold cores lighten. Just a bite to eat on the way home you come on down as well. It's dale and keep live from the victory real Sports Radio WEE.