Dale & Keefe - Hear our reaction to Kirk Minihane's emotional announcement; Rob Ninkovich interview; Joe from New Hampshire may need to become a permanent fixture on Dale and Keefe

Dale & Keefe
Friday, August 10th
Hour 2: Dale and Keefe discuss Kirk Minihane opening up about his struggles with mental health issues, the Red Sox upcoming series with the Baltimore Orioles, and how much Buck Showalter sucks as a manager. Also in this hour, Rob Ninkovich joins the show for an interview about the Patriots’ initial preseason game, and the greatest caller of all time, Joe in New Hampshire, gets on the line to talk to us about the flat earth and how the moon landing was fake.

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Yeah yeah. Our two daily Keith Sports Radio WEEI. I'll we mentioned this yesterday afternoon. Kirk many hands co host of Turkey Callahan on the in the morning here. Who had been out of work. This weekend. Frankly I'm sure a lot of people but it was on vacation there's a lot of immigration is going on in the summertime that. He tweeted a couple of tweets out yesterday afternoon I I'd read them to you yesterday but I repeat them now. As a prelude to playing this. His first week he said I've talked a lot about my issues with depression. And I battled at the last three months herself last Thursday night I checked into the ER at Winchester hospital with suicidal thoughts. I was then move to McLean where I was treated and released earlier this week. I'll be back at work tomorrow and I a little nervous about it but I'm not ashamed or embarrassed and will do what we do what we do. We'll talk about it. I was tuned in right at 6 o'clock this morning I didn't know exactly when they were gonna address written he even said he wasn't quite ready at 6 o'clock. To dive into the whole thing but clearly with a Ralph Webb. We're talking football to like that likely get they didn't seem as big on Ralph Webb it's all right come around them they might look at their blocked. True to his word Kirk minute hand did talk about it talked about it at length. He was on today with Gerry and mark was there as well. And and I'm just gonna play this segment for you and and you'll comment on the other side but this was Kirk men hand this morning. I was scheduled to be in didn't last Friday. I was scheduled to be off Monday Tuesday and Wednesday Thursday and things well I was not. So. I guess. And he listens shall we joke around with actor expound before and they'll continue to do cause that's what friends do want to bully its connected. I've had mental. Health issues in the past and depression that was some. Hospitalized for. A couple of times in my senior year in high school. For awhile. In an up and down up down here you know in my life personally some abuse depression which is the real thing and and almost like anything else. I say in the past year or so. You can follow it got my parents. Had a hard time we did not handle well. I think in the past you particularly over the last couple of months it's really. Accelerated. Two point is it's never been before and really bubbled up it's even more so for the last three weeks four weeks. The point where. Really for the first time in my life I start having more I guess is termed suicidal thoughts. And the way manifest itself for me. Was I think I've. He hid the fact I was thinking about doing it by pretending in the weird way like I was almost doing research or. If you'd share a year or are you might or might and in the media and almost came up meets at this mean to commit suicide. A date X. I'd like you put together the plan that's ushered think about it and read books. A one on line two on one line reported it's like some rattled reverence. Figured the safest way to do it to be safe way to do it the way to do with it. May not a Quaker doing it about history up at the percentage is success percentages of failure. And wind for some reason even. On trains again sort of focused on trains. And there's a commuter rail obviously there's a bunch of them as a commuter rail that goes from Walton or station you know. And stop a couple of times and Winchester. Who Winchester senator wage here is like a mile if that and doesn't pick up the kind of speed they would do required damage. However the one from wage mere. To Medford. Would. And begin to look at that one on the train a few times. That way tests. That would sort of walk a couple of times walked the route. And there's you know serve would he thinks what sort of hide and whenever in the day last Thursday. I want the middle of the day. Take a look can watch it go by and said OK well there's 756 and one assays for those arriving in West Medford and 8 o'clock period of two wage here. And said you know I'm gonna go and again I was lying to myself I think in saying that. You know I'm cynical look I'm I'm gonna look a good look at them look I was thinking about it thinking about it thinking about it. And there was you know at 8 o'clock ish right before wandering around the way from your train station. Going around the parking lot panel walker on the field around there. And right right a few minutes before I was a student in front of the my car accident in I don't I don't want to do this I don't want it. Hi I don't but I know. I don't want a guy Allison though this this this thing in my head keeps talking about this and saying examine this and look at this look at this in the words suicide. Suicide suicide. In affect how I felt internally I felt for the past couple weeks like knives having a heart attack almost all the time I was having a hard time breathing. I was also playing this character a on the air who was feeling good and around my family was feeling dude and talking my Brothers who was feeling good mood joking and doing that meanwhile sort of dying and the inside it's I simply. Cannot live like this anymore I have to get over. After you. Give up whatever power right have. And I drove the car to which has hospital. And walked up to the emergency room people and the woman and said you don't have been very dangerous thoughts and that was the beginning of the you know five days of authorization between which yesterday and overnight McLean for four nights where. You know I went in and I feel a little better I feel cathartic being able to tell my wife and family and friends I was going through this. There's a burden I didn't handle well. I know that there are our times there have been times in the past with Jerry in Kirk because you know. They have a tendency at times to get a bit bombastic and get a little over the top and and I know that there had been people who have said you know I don't know if that's retailer I don't know if that's real. We're all wrestling fans in this room and and the wrestling term is was at issue are what's at work. In wrestling terms of its shoot it means it's all just part of the show it's fake it's you know it's just part of the of the entertainment. Work Israel life. I think that was a work. I was not shoot that was a work that was real life. Architects to Kirk this morning. After he got off the air I didn't wanna do it while it was on the air and I told him I thought what he did was very courageous. And I sharing at the way he did took a lot of courage. And and I think I I hope my hope is that it helps somebody else out there. Who may be having some bad thoughts in May be wondering about that the value of their own life. I I sincerely. And I said this to him as well. I hope and I think he's gonna be okay but I'm really glad he's getting help that he needs. Yeah I think for everybody in that situation that's. You know other people here that they probably took that to themselves before and now they know that there here's somebody else willing to talk about it that's the Lego a lot of different things. If you might the video I want suffering from this that whatever it may be you feel it you're the only one and then you hear somebody else talking about it in a public forum and then. Now maybe that meant makes you feel the better than you know you're not alone. And you'd there's more that's new on the web sites if you wanna hear the entire thing on how we we played the biggest portion of it. 'cause would we wanted to give you as complete a story line as we could yesterday when I read the tweets I said at the time. I thought it was a responsible for us to comment on it he hadn't even spoken yet other than his tweets. I've wanted to hear him I wanted to hear what he set I was able to hear that this morning you were able to hear of a large portion of that there. I I I hope he feels better he said he it was kind of cathartic to be able to speak about it. I sincerely hope he feels better about it all why I hope that like I said he's getting help that he needs and progressing forward. On that ethos of the that you're just gonna be over you all know that's something that's and he's definitely got to work through this India. In awed I'm not suggesting OK everything's fine now on he's not suggesting that. But thankfully. He he stepped back to his car and set I don't wanna do this. He's got what two kids. I believe so yes. It's too to a wife and two kids and I'm sure that. Entered into his thought process as you know I hope so army and you never know what what people think and. Well I AM. I was listening like everybody else this morning. You know riveted to the radio I'm sure you were as well. But I wanted to give you an opportunity to hear. A big portion of it this afternoon again night. I'm saying this now on the air because I pulled in this off the year. I thought what he did took a lot of that's. There are times I think when now the relationship between the morning show on our show has been less than positive. The thing I think and now I'm on the opponent out on any land and our of this changes anything notable my point is. I would never want anything to happen to anybody I'm not looking for people no I don't know and nobody would think that yeah exactly right and I want him to be better I want him to feel better I want and a be positive and go forward in and belong when his life. And and I was happy to hear that that's putting it. We think they they. Hold on DeVon looked we were talking back home. I'll sign language as. Guard there there's a line here you have with them being with us I'm sorry enough right he made fun of my pants so their little tight I don't think they are they get lost I was and I was gonna ask you activities as he gets up in your pockets of maybe go amiss about Wall Street that job. Just getting the Gypsies and monkeys death. By the way. I do know the difference. She is working days as an audience that's a serious thought it did this about it I don't show is real life work is not real life out of with a shoe I mean quite honestly last night I thought. You know. Scott elect talked about Rob Ninkovich his cancer was a work. Yeah I mean I was not issued although he might be infatuated with robs fans have been probably a patriots Monday regularity joins us right now. I'm seeing more grown men talk about another grown man's pants and how tight they were the last night it made me uncomfortable. They weren't that type honestly. I mean they're called they had the standard term there are a little bit they had the slacks you could use with the. Were you wearing Santa yeah that's why you're good to. I didn't Alley now have more in them there always remember what all that's what they would be on what I was comical or you know. The other or on the ground. Soledad not a political theory you know I saw. Fit to learn earned one out of there out of their opening. And Parker are. I said tell me the truth and after a game like that and kind of a lackluster performance especially in the first half. How upset does Bill Belichick get with the team you know in the days after that or does he just sort of it's it's like a practice we just move on. Nobody you know I've not been reported little boo boo heard that for Clinton in north of Iraq you know her life actually girl. I've been a part of a few of those where you know the first murder got a little click here. No made her or series could go early like it would grow. You know I think those guys that could get a tackling they got a little bit more lives. In that partnered into that track is obviously out. Or restriction on on that so and so on noble because decode. The first game got a now also runs back out there. Where are you more of these in here. I've got two quick questions how many dogs do you have and how big that. That is good neighbors okay. I feel better about it already play well this guy a guy I mean regard her partner. For the thing I. I don't last broadcast you highlighted JaJuan Bentley and he played pretty well another Purdue guy. What do you think of their line backing group right now I think then you know in coverage was an issue last year it may be going into this season where do you think they're out right now. I think Kurt. They're a good position with you know get a lot of guys that. I'll he and other new faces of young guys. Eventually young guy at the criminal act so you know going to be some young guys the biggest factors here. You know like Bentley I think that you or go off the table as far as mark you know it was marked guy. Obviously Purdue got so you have to be Smart. You know he can control the defense we understand what do you understand. Now temple you walk the couple plays block last night reviews really really important football on what I mean come Coke. Not just died in the gap is a pretty good troubled star runner up in the last scrimmage. You know that would author who want to look attractive that you're here in the in the wrong gap and you know hurt so. Arm you have to get a break out last night obviously for. NFL game receiving game what you know he did it really good. Last night the Washington Redskins lost two players for the season to injuries including their their projected starting running back Darius guys. And it got us thinking about the whole prospect of playing in the pre season. A guy like Tom Brady guy like Rob Ninkovich is it worth the gamble to play them that all they really need to play in the pre season. You know I think the first couple years desolate it's conceivable. That come from god but. You know after a certain model of yours believed I really don't think so they're out necessary. The idea to increase then what you. You know and doctors can't use your word of god service tackles. And they're good ago so yeah I think that order is kind of puts a normal little bit too much of last year's plane. I didn't. Playing now platform alone had you know couple weeks to get ready for the first game of the year. So. You know take a guy like Tom. Yeah increasing respect as electric car. You know eat your little you couldn't you know get the feeling of it as you knocked around a little bit but are. You know obviously there's been so popular back for increased to last year went to recede in our speakers. Gruden yeah. Now when you're a veteran player is there a conversation that happens with spell check or the other coaches like yeah I want a player I don't wanna play or is he just tell you it here's who's in and here's who's out. I mean he'd never say they'll play. An awful long. Say it every time you have an opportunity you don't feel quite so you know. As a as a competitor. You know that order your coaches and equitable and so you know normal Arctic. At about the other competitor louima. It was harder crap and become a better football player on it ends up part of you do so at age. I don't want to. I have a daughter compete at a quick or that. You're kind of not full speed not carmaker cereal hey America why into the pile and do what I would do that regular gain actually hurts so. You know could be my mentality luckily it paid. Receiving game a group of chemical maker politically correct and then you know in and out you might get the job done and you know move on his credit he's healthy. Rob Ninkovich as well that's part of the telecast last night on channel four and will be eight patriots Monday irregular on Dylan Keefe beginning with the start of the regular season. You've been through those those joint. This things that the patriots seemed like so much in in pre season's. I actually did. You know like it got the competitive juices flowing a little bit more than it has gone against you know the same guys and they're cleaning. But sometimes there is goes to goes to become a little chippy and arm you'd he could possibly put yourself in the position. AM beat myself up period in these practices before our clinic gained which is this what you. Don't want to let down yet if you get some good work out of those joint practices. But again in training camp trying to answer a lot different now than they were my first few years and has a lot more. Contact a lot more Paquin drilled a lot or. You know just calm on the practice field so that desolate. You know affect the outcome that was greeted him. Jason according did not play last night you solid Gilmore you saw rose saw some of the other you know normal starters in the secondary. By him not playing that a good sign that it maybe they feel it he's he's good to go to Miller Rosser or that a bad sign that it was in and out there. Rabin I think that can't look at you know guys that did. Played. Than the first game system that they could so you know I got them going are. That you know helped why it would explore lautner play. You know it at this point his career. You know I think that the first receiving game. Going out there that he had something going on since. Get yourself herder couldn't have taken a step backward outlaw so on your own church that next week. In the next couple weeks you know he's. Jason out there will be will be far too. How much do you think the defense will change when Brian Flores calling the signals even though is not the defensive coordinator. Let the thing and change Huckabee claims we'll. There you still have bill that can over your opinion make sure that they are being brought a certain way. You know our. I've personally seen you know certain situations where it who. Over the years you know certain players certain coverage that we are gonna run. Ullman doesn't agree with that soldier's commander in this chime in and say. I don't I don't paper appears that particular square and you know wherever they're court editors at the time that you're close now. OK okay. Robert we're not done that we're going to go and so you know you don't gonna has I'll say what goes on that's what they're coached little. Why do think Jillian Elden played last night and areas the four game suspension but he's also coming off of an injury you mentioned it in the last three seasons why why do you think they ended up you know plain and increases in game number one. You know I security director doctor place you know after yelling at. The best execute it you know mapped field click on. When you look. Kind of don't. Go out there and that certainly the question in the back aren't you. Though it plays. The stronger the record at those cuts. And so you know you'd see him out there arm slide around. You know honestly I'm sure you. Besides 21 Bentley did anybody else jump out that's a last night. Yet a well earned backup would be great up until. You know. Solidifies. What I thought of him as a running back before I came here I would respect if it back. And you know perfectly adequate where and yet there are back though the right rush. And that there are some young guys that and I didn't see you look at more tape on you that live action. You don't start goodness when you are at the position of playing against Jews and treatment that game. You have the Nicklaus you have to show up because these coaches when they're evaluating. You know they take you know count the competition though there are against the curb. Third fourth quarter player and begin another team's third and fourth quarter players. You know those guys or fight processors are they the team to pick it should be triggered gonna get into that situation. You're not alone again to preserve our starters so of the competition level job so much more. Should we freaked out that Tom Brady or has a sore back in the season hasn't started yet. Now now would be good to go in our. I don't know who don't get sore back. Tim McBride rod rod I didn't know exactly about injuries of the air on Syria. Or if they're sick that it actually actually being track. I before we let you go I. Ever true I have to know before we let you go which of your former teammates gave you the hardest time on the sideline last night. That in order. He cannot use you're making fun of my hand book. I get shot back at him hey ministers that they got the right up there for outfit. You know given them some so called you know offer for hooking me up. And you know is black little trees you know I've seen him I got to go out anywhere I choose. Really expensive Christian more of the Christian believer columns aren't in the straw that require a lot of our. I've seen him and apparently those are pretty assortment of him before as well as it's called into it. Well we're really looking forward to having you join us on patriots Monday beginning September 4 to be a lot of fun down it's a Latin thank you for taking some time today as well. Are seeing out there that is out former patriots defensive stalwart Rob Ninkovich as we said. Part of telecast on channel four he's the sideline reporter for the four pre season games but he will be a regular on patriots Monday when we're down at Gillette Stadium beginning September 4. Op I don't pay it's weird but. Regular season patriots Monday we'll start on Tuesday. Because I'm Mike brown and I immediately at just the ferret the time change is messed you up now the days a week out Hartmann a top bank a figured out what are we gonna do defense will change with Brian Flores calling the signals even that was not the defensive coordinator. Like the king Hussein's own locker do things. We're. There you go about bill that can over here and make sure that they are being brought a certain ways. You know I've. I've personally seen you know certain situations ordered. It who. Over the years you know certain players certain coverage that we are gonna run and doesn't agree with that soldiers comment in this China's page. I don't I don't paper appears that particular square and you know whoever their core better than the crime. That your quote now. They're okay. Robert or not go on network or go to stroke you know you don't gonna have I'll say what goes on that's what they're coached out. Sort of self evident stuff yeah acts that I guess the make final fall I think he should put any desired it. But don't you also. Get the impression that. He likes to let his coordinators do the job aria I mean obviously he has veto power he has final say we understand all of that but. You know he. I'm thinking he probably doesn't overrule Josh McDaniels a lot now but again that takes time Florence is different way mcdaniels is first and second year right at your standing there'll be a closer I think there was Flores now. That is one other. I guess could part of the pre season I'm I'm would think of as you said you can maybe even give them two games at least be two games Macs are good pre season thanks but he also agrees that Tom Braden need to play the other he doesn't need to play at all but. Somebody like Brian Flores. Pretty good opportunity on AME allows guys they giggle at the next level down number their years. At shadow Shays called the plays they did not even the quarter somebody else is doing it so. It's an opportunity for assistant coaches take on more responsibility so that's a good thing. I ask you a couple of notes about the Red Sox game tonight. William Cuevas. Yes has been called up by the Red Sox he'll be activated tomorrow they get to activated 26 man because of the double header. It appears that he's not he's going to be your game two starter. Okay now and I'll won't exempt him to gul but the sky's the limit for William William Cuevas is there. Alex Cora told us Wednesday. That Dan Butler was gonna play at some point this weekend while he's gonna play tonight. He was recalled on August 3 that was when. Like why aren't aren't. Obviously the first time he's been a game he's gonna catch tonight. For Nathan new ball also lets cutesy you're singer Leona that break which had to catch tomorrow probably OE equity at two games yeah talent. And this outcomes from might nest and colleague Adam pallor in which just cracks me up. If the Red Sox win tonight. Yes they officially eliminate the Orioles from the American League east since its August 10 and now. Felt like the way both teams are going though it may have already happened when bill or let me so drastically that are bad idea. They also win tonight for the Red Sox guarantees a winning record so they could lose out instilled a winning record on a 45 game losing streak right and they probably not likely I don't I don't see it happen and it got them all out war games in there at a club that out of the letter of Baltimore. But that's pretty insane yet the pace that they are even with the loss last night. Now just under a 700 winning percentage in the deer tick back below 700 which is troubling topic about that time but we did so again butler's gonna play good looks like pretty much everything else is what you'd expect. Honesty pierce is back out of the lineup after he played last night Moreland is back at first. What they were I know that they were trying to do because of that the turf in Toronto. And Raphael devers just coming off the DL. They didn't want him playing back to back games on that turf out there right so that's why he didn't play that he's back in the lineup tonight but the ticket healthy too because Chris sales going on Sunday and that seems like Blake's why art and Ian Kinsler are not far off either see you both of those guys in the that we would get less the and butlers and less willing quake losses but the world. The big night for big night for William Cuevas and his family tomorrow as our growth imports and pressure and we OP goes more than like three innings as the guys better than Palmer and that's sort of the Barnett if you're better than pomerantz. Op comrades by the way and I and I know that technically he's been told he's gonna go to the bullpen for the foreseeable future yeah he's got now. That I get up once you get to October yet. There's probably not a spot for him on this for your way as a spot as the other guys get hurt that's that's that he's just insurance health insurance is what would drew Palmer dances. 'cause Rodriguez they're hoping he comes back maybe can and who knows you know maybe Brian Johnson gets herder somebody else. Gets hurt amend and then here comes from Palmer had to save the day there raise healthy now he's had no chance of me in the postseason roster. And I'm sure he. You know he's yeah he's an otherwise that's probably why he's he's looked the ways look the last few slower talking about a body language he knows and he's got to feel like I'm playing myself out of a Major League job here a minute a lot of that has to be the injury that he suffered earlier in the year because last year used pretty good Nardelli wasn't in the playoffs but no pitcher the Red Sox who have a starter wasn't but last year he had a 3.3 two ERA. The newest go to he was not great when they acquired him back in sixteen from San Diego he's not a great time of the Red Sox. But it is good last year and then this year's been. Terrible there's been an ERA over six ginkgo deepening games demoted to the bullpen so he's he's that amounts so the Baltimore Orioles with a chance that your eliminated from the American League east tonight now and you're gonna play four games against the Red Sox and you're gonna see Nate new multi hasn't given up around the idea. David Price who you know is still David Price but Chris Sale. I know in the three of the four games are gone on Cain desperately. Great opportunity to have to play two more months as the Orioles in two months of baseball saw the play. It'll it'll be had coaxed down ghost town there though as you well. When the Red Sox who they do say this series they're fine and so they're happy about that they're hoping that they unions for the Red Sox all the time the rest of their lose the matter they're facing those who could sell some tickets. We have that's can be some Orioles rays or whoever else Donald strategy there might be a hundred people in the stands. Your guess about whether Duquette and Showalter their next year I think night. And all probably I think they're both gone racial Walter passed ago. I guess you can probably goes to I've always thought Buck Showalter was the most overrated manager. In recent memory might be right I I mean these guys uttered just news and bad manager buddy list tonight. I don't know after two years ago when he left Zach Britton in the in the pen and never use them that was a huge strike against them. And there have to be something about he left the Yankees and they immediately won the he left the dine out acting immediately one. In Portland left activated immediately went debated about some really good years after the fact so maybe that's what did you do that how long enough they get rid of home. And then. You know maybe they'll prove I think the back TV is that nice baseball tonight guys. Big league baseball guy and work 6177797937. Joe's in New Hampshire may jump. You know it was a joke. You know announcement. Instead it's a beautiful day today and is gonna be a whole bunch of rain coming down the lane pretty soon until we could use it though my right. It is the rains hey you don't have but one of the god that's my sins. Yeah all the Red Sox are doing fine who do you kittens cycles and breed by the way not to. Eighteen cyclone. Getting criticized Giuliani isn't finished up its good points there. I'm my. I cold not to talk about all three brawl Friday and. Right that's us bombs all falls count anywhere Friday you've called the right place for it in front and here at this for my friends. I heard spraining my old love it I love Joan. Did a couple of reasons why. If you got if not that's my dual does that we'll just take the thought I'd I'd I'd rather he had a you don't want your exit Hillary is like convince us joke it's a horrible round earth peoples are convinced that. Okay. Okay Soviet Union on no one at a time on the ocean unless you know you know and you watch them both go. Right. Trying years ago. If it was blackmail it I'd like to know about I argued it was yeah well it would fall off the yards right. You ride bulls can't see it anymore it went over. Adage. So everybody dies. Does Titanic to content over this spring ball around ball you'd just wasn't around that was flat. I'm talking about this but it gets to pick a scroll bar but not to return. And you steer he conceded again. Yeah we we I mean. Even the best ice that we have. Is not you know the same as they did a burden and a hawk what do you make it really shown great distance Joseph what is the drink of choice for happy hour in New Hampshire. While doing but right side then goes not shocked to hear that you are those those numbers today for a hat. I go to work at five and Oman and get out at 130 minutes Friday and I got an afternoon to yeah I would still love it proved. We're here praying boys and in business education. I haven't that's I went to all our golf on a dollar battery itself. I'll tell you what though that amid a model my days. After you starting next week going to be getting up earlier on Libby get home from work earlier I'm gonna be drinking a lot earlier so I'm really excited that he called the Joseph. Okay thank you all don't know yeah I have one more Ari and. Want to know what you wanna go a little bit more about the planet or not. I don't know I'm there probably know that I am wanted to ask you because supposedly called in to talk about the moon. Where is there an Obama didn't actually talk about the moon doesn't exist. When existed he would mean you'd see the key to. Own. We see the moon ha. But it hail land on it miles out. There with the judge and argue with a by the team outright let's let's get overweight it thank you listen to me let me hang out threatened. I'm glad I. I doubt. I do its job for next show. Yet to have an area of long ago called the day the two ads noted what we can view probably is. Tia we can a lot of call it a lot of calls from this week it beatle 5 o'clock now partly regularly but I haven't put Joseph orator of the top. Using other called in when dale wasn't into Fridays ago he said. Ms. Collins at freedom front and those are right now Friday three different album. So. Yeah I in his flatter and it when the ship goes and it disappears. When that he is on everybody just dies right they all lost. Now he says you can't see I think it was Mormon eyesight issues because he says you've got a pair of our knocks he Acxiom. I preacher Charles Barkley and Jack had this argument tune and it's just the heels of the year. That heals of the earth. Yes so like if you're in there aren't a lot of hills on the ocean it's not a lot of hills that I'm a big round earth guy and I hate to break at the carrier ring and Joan New Hampshire remember importantly what a joke and our one word parity so he can call at the end of you know I don't tax rate that's could be jealous and ease of yeah do you honestly the A he won't have as many bud lights on board. But he also won thirty authority seems like an easy guy I am now nobody seems interesting nonetheless he brings something to the table that are. Well yeah that last half hour so. Well from. Once once. When NASA shows us a picture of the earth. Yeah you about race people do believe those are staged off much like some people believe the moon landing was day jail and a right your right. I am around or that person I've been playing the fact that he's on your side on this whole moon things like Joseph New Hampshire I love a guy not an auto yeah. It just. He needs he needs better off flat earth arguments when he won a flat earth argument one problem. Yeah. I don't know I feel like being in a plane and going different directions you know you go around certain ways that's sort of kind of rule of the flight that if the earth was flat. When they're only do it one way to go to say here in California. And you wanna fly to China. If it was actually flat you can only going one direction right rather than you know don't you go east or west it 11 with a long long obviously. You'll in jail are combining to give contracts are let out a delegate to the bottom of this that like to know what the thought that I I just missed out on but. It has carrier ring with say yes the question. At this point I don't I'll be if Tyreke believes it. I don't think he does either I think carries play and I think he's just yet Joseph is not playing us now. Jo-Jo Hadley easily Leo says he's very passionate about yeah. Dusty in New Hampshire hey dusty. Guys. I did not say. On the joke out of work by 130 that means we. An hour right I think he needs to be a guest on the show at least luckily I agree. I think he wants or else. And you're our you know there. It. Oh that's a good point in. You know I mean you got a great o'clock. I I love you guys are one day you ought. I'm on all but I would like in my Toronto it will bode well again I can't beat. Generation that he does the ivory did a great programming note by dusty if we get Joseph 145. On Friday disorder pencil out and not a post and we'll just tell DeVon according sari Gavin didn't get a final. I've got a guy but we got to tucked Iguodala we get Devin doesn't have already got joke jokes that median two week in review. On May be good is a whole lot of stuff that's going to be a lot of moving parts here a lot of impart any joke at the heart of some of that court in. A couple questions for them and liven it up a little bit. I kind of like that Ross that is a that's cold outside and I Rivera. While it might be the best dad that he could ask him about flat earth because after about. So whatever else ordinarily Caster out there. About. Joseph asked about you know all the political stuff behind the scenes well sure there's a lot there released via a by the way he's the yeah. The of those tweets I mean you just knew that yes the minute I saw some of the fact pictures last night around the NFL. Well it's dolphins gravity in the U and it for five jog or stayed in the locker room yet a couple of guys ray now isn't Jenkins in the pit stop you also a guy a he was standing but not win this team India's back to his team I think it was. So ever there their moderate and I'll I like his team so that could be just that that idea or your loss that we don't know exactly what what what I'd like to go to that's so that's. Pre season game number walk out pre season weak number one and the whole thing game happened but. Yeah this is going away. Now there's going to be weeks said when the NFL came up with that we you know got a plan all they did was ensure that this was not gonna go away yeah. And it was gonna continue and it is so I am strands the president's -- let it go because he shouldn't. From his perspective current his his face locked everything that he that he says about it but that one of his house wanted us now one of the three said he had. What he's talking about wicked part of it was right you know their their people spend a lot of money to go to these games. And then he says these are most of that money goes the players that Iran like. Pity and an NFL 47%. Of the money goes to the players more than money goes to dealers. I'm gonna suggest that maybe the research aspect are you at that meeting probably doesn't happen all that often and I feel I'm sure corrective. Yeah. A couple of quick notes about the rest of the program we do a week in review coming up to about 540 find out what really I highlighted by the collars this week is a great job and I'd I almost hesitate to say this but I I believe there's a keeps key segment coming up today publishers. Pressure as I was on the race it's been a while we got teams met today all of that's coming up hills.