Dale & Keefe -  Heath Evans fires back at the NFL Network to proclaim his innocence.  Schefter sheds light on Belichick, Brady and Kraft relationship. Dale gets a bus driver fired.

Dale and Keefe
Thursday, August 9th
Hour 4: The audio of the day is brought you by Jerry Remy and Adam Schefter, and they discuss Heath Evans, and Kirk Minihane. Dale drove a bus around a parking lot and Keefe prepares to reflect on his time on EverKeefe.

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Yeah. Fourth and final hour daily keep Sports Radio WEEI. I let us dual housecleaning here a couple of things. I just attack on to what he just told Jeff. Because Alex Cora is talking right yes out just a couple of things Chris central bullpen today said he feels good ready start on Sunday at Baltimore all all this day nothing missing here we told you there was a double header in Baltimore on Saturday David Price will start one of them. Alex seems to indicate that the other game could be a bullpen game bullpen game rays was not their plan all you generally playing Baltimore's center on the radar data matters that is those guys theater never dozens were there they had the starter by committee was one of their gas. So maybe like the last as it starts they just go all hands on deck. So then. You probably want price. I would think to start the first game goes deep in the game with policies currently scheduled to start first the 1 o'clock yeah. And advanced cell and and then Bob onto bullpen guys Johnson wasn't as early sharp last night but he's been better than Palmer and so I'm I'm good with that keep Brian Johnson rotation for now. And Steve Palmer has been helping went all the bullpen I wouldn't hold my breath on that I think ultimately doesn't even he's either off the team are certainly not play he will not be on the plans for a. There it in my opinion on. Johnson and or sell will start the two games in Philadelphia. That that's as it stands right now. Yet the way it's it lines up is Johnson imports I'll start those two earlier in the show we we told about Heath Evans he has come out firing about. His firing from the NFL network we told you about some stuff. He said earlier stating his case the NFL network came out. Out put out a release basically saying you know the reason we fired Heath Evans was because of all the stuff be admitted to on Twitter today. He has come out and I meant to do this earlier we got caught up in stockman. I'm he has come out and and kind of re stated his case in response to the NFL network gazed out there are a series of what he calls facts that serum. NFL network you're 180. Degree change in position now the two settled the lawsuit is astonishing. This is what I'm quoting him here a fact. The NFL network kept me on the air from month and a half 46 days after you knew about the picture exchange. The sexual pictures movie which they apparently went back and forth now there is some fairness to his point there you know about it he kept him on the air for 46 to Israel's. He said fact. The NFL network only suspended meet with pay after the false allegations were made public member he said they knew about it in October. They didn't become public until early December he said after they found out in October he told the NFL network this is what happened right right right this is my involvement. I eat this on to say fact. The NFL network continue to pay me for nine months. Nearly 400000 dollars 100000 dollars while I used my evidence in the lawsuit. It's a pretty penny at the NFL network network guys make some of for those guys take holy smokes back. The very first time the NFL network ever mentioned terminating me. Was after it settled a lawsuit in an effort to threaten me and silence me. He includes cover up never looks good even on the NFL more truth to come. Doesn't look great is when you use the notes app on your cell phone and you type stuff so that 280 characters here I don't need to weeded out I feel there's a better way he couldn't he gonna come on Dylan Keefe and talked about this we did. We don't know banana beige and open competition ends on we will continue to have that buy the notes. Voice from an odd he's up nor wanted to do this this feeling that some weird things I do is imagine and sit there on his phone type in a way angrily about the NFL. Are a couple of things here and then we'll get back to the calls have you guys in just a couple of minutes. You guys all know the story by now we've known for a couple of days that Jerry Ramey. Has been diagnosed with cancer for the sixth time she's he is is off the air at least for now. Steve Lyons is doing to gains in Toronto and Baltimore and then feel they'll see how it works out forward from that. But Jerry did a couple of interviews I saw he did one with. I might watch channel five with Michael if there needed one with Tom Karen on NASA in and out one of the things he said in one of these interviews is that out. This would hit it even harder than the first time he found out. It did hit me hard and hit me harder than obvious hotter than what is the first one ended. And because we've we've kind of been really expected you know and and and I went and that's how many times like an entire ski yet this you know and you know it's still still so alive so. It's is it's been tough it's been so like I tried to hide it for you know good week. And fireman I found myself. You know being confused on really what to do. You know my mind. Great relaxation is doing game and excellent camp knows comfortable doing aimlessly near Mosul rose as stars spinning in. You know I've found in a road. Couple of days ago and soon and hotel room by myself what my door and if it should be game factory. City taxi get this things that aren't so. So it calls on the rail. Neighbors support of women to get back here accurate ways so. A kindness and rights acts will be supported me and all been through. About this the the Yankees series last weekend when he was so good in Yemen back at all panel Brian yeah he knew them right. But so are making ends wiley working and how that's his escape you know that's on Tony to relax is doing a game like that about that and you can tell us the case despite listen to me and remembering what those games sounded like that he knew what was going on would that would with him and his health. And yet he could separated for. Three hours or whatever it was and just be all about the game and so. That's going to be really tough form to each side that's his escape but now he's taking time away from that that is that is brutal. Earlier today mutt and Roemer were filling in for Kirk and Gerri this morning on KNC. And that Adam chapter was on with the out of chapter from ESPN he had a couple of nuggets in here. First the ball Adam chapters saying that Tom Brady. Was not the guy who influenced the Josh McDaniels decision a much of an impacted Tom Brady have on that decision to get jobs back in the building. I don't think of plus or at all like he Josh. Has an obligation to understandably. So. Do what's right and I don't think he goes. Oh board of racial workers actually it would end up on the go back but I think Josh. Great respect and admiration while we recognize on the cheap and get him in the organization but when you're positions like that you're doing with you here. Was bogus pomp and you've set back the patriots now because what I don't wanna abated Tom Brady is what my career. Ottawa and hanging at a I don't want abandoned go bella yeah you're you're doing that you believe the best will be removed. So he doesn't think that Brady influence mcdaniels to. To decide to stake if there and I think that leads more to the you know coach in waiting thing that I had. I thought that Hardaway I know they can't just flat out you have signed something where where that's the case but I think it was probably more of a crap thing and that could go back to. Maybe they do a pretty good idea how much Lagerfeld sex going to be here in the Xavier you really wanna go to the colts are wanna stick this out for a couple of years and then take over afterwards well Adam show after in fact did address the whole idea of Josh McDaniels being the coach in waiting. Do you believe that Josh has been given indications that once Bill Belichick is not the coach anymore he'll be the next head coach of the New England Patriots. It could that you rented the potential suggest you go bowl check today asked. What would that mean Bill Belichick coached by warriors and what we know why he public's longer you will won't coach. So which is eight bills coaching two more years and and beat. I mean you appeared to Tennessee Titans want to judge and the readers a voice. You know this label started to work we wanted to go to key. What the stop and what they medical together and not think so it's great sort of like. Too much lesser extent. Yeah. You can be engaged you brokered a and you could quite a wedding for two years got more what how do you know that she's not a league you're you're not only are. That's why is that to return I would know that I wouldn't leave her because it is wouldn't I guess that's how you could nice she could go runaway bride you know Julie Roberts. But also the reason might of the Tennessee would offer me gales that contract is because mcdaniels just committed to the colts are hired coaches that built on so why would you wanna I donated a big stood out maybe they forget that it may have time heals. And you broke her dad did you give way don't wait for two years down more than Arizona did not only you are you're not only are. Well I'll. I guess that happens but. So I mean he thinks he is sort of the coach in waiting what he's saying it doesn't tonight that I need to put it that way just not next guy not given that he got it. But you remember it was the a year to go for if it was Johnson or Robert Kraft said they've had the conversation with spell check in he has told them. How much longer wants to coach. And activated shareware that's the year obvious note and a monster story. But they've had that conversation and so if he's sticking with the Democrats said they know he knows if he said when he wanting or whatever it winds up to where you could pass that information on mcdaniels chapter in facts. At that after the Super Bowl after the loss in Minneapolis the gut wrenching loss. That in fact Brady Belichick and Kraft did have a sit down he said they talked for hours at a is that is that Brady craft spell check Guerrero is that I mean that that took place before and after the season off he sooner. Well I was at the attitude when it sees I don't know why it exactly but. But I think it was they would be out there are much different they got together the robber crept referred let. What about the snake in. Crab Belichick Brady set down to see all leakage. Move forward the future using the bestseller. And you know what the end result of that conversation was. All we you have. Conversation that let loans should. They think that they need to shut commissioner Reid and the same page of the lines of communication are open. And that everybody should be happy they possibly can be movement forward. And finally for those of you who are wondering how long Tom Brady is gonna keep playing. Adam Schechter weighed in with an opinion on that as well moved house series you thought I got with the quarterback. How much he thought about not playing this year. They're working people in and around the organization honestly did not mean HBOS was. They didn't know he was in place and that actually I'm talking about a year to year basis with what they see it here yeah well we think we haven't heard we don't know. If they don't know then. There's some sort of question that's out there so again. I can't play feel like it won't went poorly it's light wandered to the retire you thinking about doing it he's the most do we get. I don't believe it was harder smarter course is behind you some deviations follow it and all we suddenly blows the game too much weight she's quiet level we get it up what. There's a lot about yes. He says a year to year the year to year or break. Army of 41 of the prod that made it also and it doesn't like I mean who knows how it's gonna go 11 other note here. And we mentioned this earlier but I will mention it again. Kirk Linehan has taken to Twitter today he has posted a series of two tweets. I'm gonna read them verbatim. What Kirk posted the first one says quote. I've talked a lot about my issues with depression and I've battled at the last three months or so. Last Thursday night I checked into the ER at Winchester hospital with suicidal thoughts. I was then moved to McLean where I was treated and released earlier this week. He followed that up with I'll be back at work tomorrow meaning Friday obviously. I'll be back at work tomorrow and I'm a little nervous about it but I'm not ashamed or embarrassed and will do what we do. We'll talk about it. When I mentioned this earlier in the program the first time we mentioned it I said week. Rich and I would not be commenting on it. 'cause it's totally unfair of us to do so he asked to comment on it right he hasn't talked to you guys about it yet. As he said and he's tweets he'll be doing that tomorrow 6 AM it would be totally irresponsible for me to theorize or comment. I have no idea what's going on with Kirk. I'm very happy that he sought them and received some help for this I'm very happy about that. But it would be it would be irresponsible for me to comment on Kirk situation. When he hasn't commented to you guys right. On the floor early as tomorrow Saturday is tomorrow at six and now you know well as much as we know at this point. Then you're just talk. It this way. The one now. Sports Radio guy. I'm sure by the way that well we'll get an explanation. Hopefully tonight I a couple of pictures have been between him from Gillette Stadium. I'm Mike Reese was the first one I think he was there you know since this morning I slept over but then Poland's tweeted out pictures now I see as well. There's no patriots logo at midfield. And there's nothing written in either ends up. Did they go without that cheap economy summer pre season game your black ice. All game or they get ready to play one of the Super Bowls clearly what business. So that was that was maybe the field that's I've no idea that it looks kind of ought to actually without. Stuff in the end zone or the big logo in the middle so no patriots logo at the fifty with a pair of the numbers that's good I still have number airlines or other island and at the yard line clearly to their end zone I mean. Are these things sort of plug and play I mean I know that had been found others I know they've had big concerts recently Taylor Swift was there a letter. But when did T swift ruling just to to win zones in the patriots logo at midfield they are big reds match coming up perhaps a bit don't want that on the field for the reds. I don't know for tomorrow maybe I don't I don't know the answer irony there. Sure of that line soon someday yes OK yes I was you backed the call 6177797937. Rods on the cellphone Iraq. It was a broad others is hot rods before you and rob you rotten. Rod I'm hot rods are you got there what's going on hot rod is wait wreckage of a second chance are nobody the same thing happening to him. I tried Donaldson little's Joes on the cell phone NATO. Guy as young. I. Mora call. It like a great. Let me arrogant wit. It. I won't watch you'll buy. All right I'd walk out watch out. What this guy and if I catch it late. Brought back. When we're also seeing it yet out any bad as we were a year. And global. Well. Yeah. You don't play your card are all over again I'll I did it yet. They. Aren't one I could have had a bad. All right but all right about calling. It headed back lot where you are right there back. Oh yeah yeah yeah and it. Lot. They are packed yet you got hey David. A man is out and Tampa Bay and its issue. It is really and so on talk about it though is up my hand is he's been cleared and the look and learn from department and so. He's zealously monitor already back he's wrestling league he's the all. Not the parent company can now that'll company does slap me. Yeah pretty much are you agree that means decked it kind of cut and hand there about a hybrid just better than he says. Oscar Peterson known and unknown although there are enough people who don't I don't call then yeah about it got up and leaders. Meetings. That definitely ran its course and scientists are they disappeared off the face of the air and there for awhile there an issue there robs on the cellphone erupt. They couldn't get certain yes we did so we didn't seem. Okay great sort of that's. Played ten K. A whole lot of creek. On Brady vs Jim in the forty yard. A lot of love that the I am saying anything here right here is he 75 years old it thinks he can the Brady a race there's no the only way. What I'm Liam Brady and if you add insult dog heroes tribute fund. Good nice because their top guessing Tom might not be willing to participate in this event but eight if if Jim is right at the age of 75 and he claimed he could. You can run a hundred no at like eleven something that he said he did. And 00 he said he eighty Britain's 99. But he set off by running like eleventh he would win the masters world championship winner past. I'll pull another ball thrown over five granddad instrumental heart attack. Slow down if you plan mine Jim's out there working hard. But Braylon isn't argument would you admit that he's not he's a slower than the gym the caller I agree. I don't know if they'll I have to say we'll have a hard. There's a desert escape valve into an import another as to digest that by our heart attack. In all I'd been gym with a seems. It's an overreaction ruled it a little bit but Jim was very confident that produce a slow. That's another one of those weird arguments where if you're trying to talk against Brady you bring up that he slow. Like okay. Price is that preventative for what they would've won a lot more had a little more fleet of foot. I'm told by several people that the F patriots never put the logos on for pre season games. I guess this is like the dollar check in not giving rookies real numbers until you get to that the pre season play hue Jackson thing Iraq yet that's right. Sillier on the 153. Equipped equipment guys I've been put the stripes on this helmet if for three freak accidents like well Hugh thankfully we're not waiting for the first win to get a stripe where would play at all last he's not once thought he would have had asked for a dose it I'm done I am doubling down you will be gone before their bye week that's when the violate I don't know early guys aren't having gone where their bye week at the rough start there for Todd Haley well we'll have. And masterminded the coup interim head coach tells guys seem to get along Laurie grant issue tie Ali. Hates you isn't it yet loses a lot of different seat I used to be an axial there deceit now when it now. It feels like a good leader was basically playing the yeah you don't get to make those calls I get to make an update you things let's try Robert on the self. Tony Robert. Hey guys sorry about that that the economy brought him I have. It. Classic next abroad Roberts I about it but that he didn't call the college oil or do you guys have put pressure on decision to wind chill out for I don't know how. You know obviously you want. It it doesn't intimate show that I'm listening despite all the NFL not because I decided to boycott felt real on the oh yeah I'm hearing all. Hullabaloo boat the flat out and does very little being done about it that's violence this year. It just sickened me and I decided I'm a bit and the thing that really pushed me or talk was that. Clown in the MLB Robert stood up I don't know if you heard it energized or didn't. The distraction distraction yeah not a in on the act one million. It makes me sick and I think the more men speak out about this the better off all week. I know Astros he hasn't pitched at home yet he's about to and the Astros have said they're meeting. With some domestic violence advocacy group and it it it seems as though what they've done is is sold their soul. For the sake automatic and the things after Verlander and a callers in the all eyes came out our word just you know wouldn't and rightfully so. They're still in this minor league pitcher those caught on video forwards and others you know no room for that everything else and they go out bring you know sooner after he serves a 75 game suspension so. That's going to be a weird kind of clubhouse and bullpen. Yeah and just it's not right I can't stomach in anymore I mean. You know though I'm not gonna get into the hole and yelling for the flag saying but I mean it that much energy were well into the domestic violence he's a mean. Robert let me ask you you're not watching football and if you're if you're upset of baseball how do you I actually go for a lot of time that's that's really all I do what would you do don't your free time. Car I'm a musician they got all right our right arm of other things that give our Ed and I I will not. Try to talk anybody out of of feeling strongly about this the TS one you'll soon I think his mind boggling to Pia. I just eat as becomes a very easy player to root obviously he just absolutely is naughty girls Chapman he had his issues. What a couple years ago so those guys are easy to root for. I can't stop watching the game I can't yet felt the lot of issues but we are sheet and we are all slip and superficial cult whatever you want gala was a mud puddle on Washington red zone I'll watch every second of the patriots season I'm gonna watch in the pre season tonight. Another bad guys in the league are bad guys everywhere and everywhere in life but I'm I'm watching football. Bob you're very might also and that's. Not a problem spots. Yeah right what happened and I'm like yeah. Now Bob Murray and the world's. August left turn it enhanced. The lakers never stopped. The entire that I knew was on the phone with a lot of liquor never stopped I do appreciate it using the Flickr there's a lot of drivers up some don't. So you maybe instead circumnavigate. The parking lot. Maybe that he was stolen doughnuts. Wade Akamai Minor League Hockey days yes. We are practicing in monk in new rounds the last month in the last thing I needed to do with C yet another practice right. So I talked Billy the bus driver in the let me drive the bus in the parking lot. Why didn't you don't Alcan by strategist at about our parking lot and and did the big circuit navigation of the parking lot thing and I drove the 49 passenger big guest spots that feel it was pretty cool if you powerful Israel it up a you know I don't think Billy works for that company anymore and probably now does that happen in the shanties and its eye test. Yeah told everybody to be let be driving an unlicensed. Bus driver and a an empty parking lot musk well we're hoping Bob Wise so what can happen any heart was on time and an empty parking lot smashes the whole ball there were a lot of light poles in the parking lot that you can than ruler I didn't hit it busted I didn't hit one of prodded. At least I did very nice job drive on the plus I'm sure he did I was the only place he's gonna let me drive it was in the united parking lot final portion of our program is sponsored by. Cars for kids your trusty charity for card donations. Also accepts donations of boats Arby's motorcycles and realistic call today 877. Cars for kids who attempt for a couple more calls before we make way for ever keep yes that's another good one tonight. Are they all just keep. Those are the best bit and get their the most out of this finally have ever accused of this year. I'd reckon it give anybody that is a good. I'm that's right that's a writer in the other riders in the house he's getting me prepared for the pregame socks and Jay what was on this morning Mosul this morning what's on tomorrow morning you know so it's a very vinyl ever keep tomorrow's going to be is Daryl Roth rating it a best of tomorrow used to some of the best of ever Keefe a best of tomorrow for tomorrow yet to bear that for ten minutes but for tomorrow. Show you all seem enthused about we've looked like Jesse you. Well well that is ever key for review ever to know the program. That's right the veteran laden is about an AKA well documented how much I have a feeling we'll continue. Will puts on a bank. I can't wait aren't that all the old guests that were on the show them all called back and it'll be kind of a tearful sort of think well that's happened before a pulp and how Long Island actually Ron about ten minutes. If it's condemn pretty much cover everybody that we have to get in there it's pretty condensed. Instrument. Always the very best ever keep columns. Ryan Davey from hash tag or podcasts. I think that was just a cheap ploy on your part if you ask you got to ask you ask that. Phony plug in New York like yeah it was a great views they agree cones and it's been a blast. I think the show's been a lot of bond that's not from ever Steve that's going to be tomorrow my tomorrow at about 67 the Saturday that is I still know I still do without that's our guys I'd like network is where all honesty we and that's the key that is one thing you will not miss from the shifting industry that is I'm looking for hanging around from since then whenever or sometimes there's money and we put from front to get some might just writer but this is not a Rhode Island time where I hit that talkback what Michael roster moves into its sixth. And then he looks the losers and votes as not mocked. And at. And that I prepare for that that portion of the show. So that that'll change those that are you it'd be kind of curious to see who's on at 6 o'clock I was yeah that are very curious I assume Lou or Christian or Dodi had Glenn will be hanged a broad draw straws I think issued agonized rotation. England for a day Lou for I I never ordered a couple of you have you're you're on the list one of the hosts I'll probably make the montage of there quickly we should thank everybody that I've ever been on because that actually eat at Bolton as you know the full list no I cannot I don't know but the tomorrow. About that. My about it. Oh really. I'm just thinking of every single person. That works here that's not on more of the main shows all the time. They've all along I mean Dickerson like Dick Anderson and Kraft birdied animosity relic re emerge. Bradford and Ervin former producer banked it in that kitchen didn't want to own a bunch of them. Ryan Davey imagine him. He's out there as well dale and Michael Ball stuck around and around four times. But even a couple once. I think I've done it's many of those bad day they have the number McDonnell it's pretty pretty much the same numbers he's that's true I Johnson and over hey John I don't. As I don't think you know and Osama. Have a quick I questioned in the point. So the question first is without like talking a great end game I was wondering if you guys they're on the lines of the question is. You'd think it'd be what is suitable this year or next year that he's gone. I think is a good chance idea I do I guess and and the follow up question John is if they had beaten Philadelphia mayor Laura and he would of walked that. I sat at. A great I've waited my last one is that all this talk about Brady led into the ability to run I would argue that you double one or lots in both base and legs. And we've probably lost a lap of luck and it didn't catch. That's true you would like to see M Theo grab that credit that Al and I are armed that. These guys that that a receiver but I think it's it's fair I mean. We brought up for how it seems like he's year to year. And if you win do you say you know what I mean I know he knows how difficult it is to you wanna go out behind though like a handful of other guys have done in the past. And then you know Gisele might look out of two is it less than what you just you just one. No better time than now to say goodbye it's I I don't I don't think he would have retired. Had they won in February I hope I do not think I do think it's valid to say that if they if they win another one. Here in the next year too he may walk after that yeah I do a big I think his life is changed his priorities have changed. Not the football is a priority for me it clearly is. But he's putting his family higher on the list Bledsoe and perhaps they were in the past as part of the reason why. I think he's gonna play very wise try to keep playing is is TV twelve and his business after football but. If you're the Super Bowl winning quarterback at 41. That's pretty good and then you never have that stinker of a season you never have that risk of well yeah he was great until the end they Europe Peyton Manning like and even throw the ball down field I don't like that last season was hard to watch well. Out of the Peyton Manning haters actually great to watch until one ball dampening. But odd that you you avoid that in the union removal with six Super Bowls yeah but let's say they lose in the AFC championship game this year. That I feel that he's back there could be off reds in Maryland hey Fred. Hello I don't know how are you today guys of those I want to talk about Rafael devers for a minute. You know they could. Complain about bad habit shorts third base and it makes lot of air in your realize. Andre Beltre who's going to be up a hall of Famer in his first year may thirty heiress. About that. It's probably true the other did not say that the other to a quorum Ivins and the other thing that devers and and I get my colleague Tom Karen credit for this one. Rock the old devers. Would be the youngest player on the Pataki at Red Sox. While he would be the youngest player on the Portland sea dogs. Off pretty he would be the youngest player on the Yankees AAA team. I mean I I think sometimes we we forget that they yeah this is a kid he's 21 years old and out scorer has told us before you as the only care about the errors we've devers but he just wants to make sure that he. You know I guess stays positive and and and remains you know. Productive you know at the plate and he's that it is his highs and lows this year he's not exactly ripping the cover off of it. But it's also know he is saying it would commits an error TO do you ever hear operation halted or they should put duty as they do it'll be worse the third. So yet you let him and and John that is his point is fair spread from maravent. Let him work through this he's going to be es oh yeah he's gonna get a batteries for the thing you think about it if if he Alexander Bogart's. Ever John Ferrell says this is looking great of a third base and it won't be the only team he wanted to be a long term shortstop or not and then. Bogart's has gotten much better defensively against like when he had that arrogance the Yankees it was shocking in a you've rarely bingo was his first. Field and non throwing error all season long so I'm okay we devers. You know how to pictures a little bit improved in the normal the more opera got leave you with this tweet from Nate all wreck. Cleveland Browns beat writer for the Akron Beacon Journal are right he tweets out. Rounds GM John Dorsey said the team will work out wide receivers next week. And Dez Bryant could be among them know if he returns towards these call Dorsey said I think etc. it's her it's well pretty right there. And I'm not browse. Groundhog had the patriots called yet they're not that I'm gonna wait you know lot I'll just hang you know he's probably waiting for you probably saw the first episode hard knocks massage huge asset and I'm going not about picking up the phone ever keep is up yes right will have football talk about tomorrow you guys enjoy the game tonight I.