Dale & Keefe - How Bruce Cassidy is better than Brad Stevens with his roster; Ryan Donato scores a goal and 2 assists in NHL debut

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, March 20th

Hour 1: Ryan Donato’s debut was nothing less than sensational, despite the Bruins loss. If and when the Bruins do get healthy, are they the best team in the NHL? The Bruins are capitalizing on youth, and may have found their version of Brad Stevens. Callers applaud the show for actually talking hockey.


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Yeah. Are you suggesting there were folks token up in here I was not suggesting that's all they'll know it's on a second hearing yeah sounded like you were. Perhaps suggesting that. Guys were. It will on the Narnia suggest such a thing out the work place fell victim behaviors who's in the studio the Pizza Hut probably buzz cash with a out of the knives. Not Ivins was not suggesting now although the studio smell that was on fire for a time yesterday and nobody. Reached out there you guys are very. That we're joking but it stunk in nearly smoke exit ever get a reasonable. Now we didn't get rock until we get an and I didn't want there was no answer and what that's how lays there was nothing like just kind of out of the went away and the gods get used to it. That's kind of thing and all the sudden it's public fire early in the first thing or that the second that whoever was. And then all of you came in here come to the left. That we just went about our business there's there's a whole lake fire extinguisher there was nothing I can explain. OK I mean it's a theory but it it's it's a sound ideally theories you see all the dust bunnies around the studio dissident. So a giant dust when he gets sucked into the intake of one of these heating systems went into the heating element in the it's not that bad but by the burning old elf like dead yet ice yes and you kernel space here so we did the best recruited to relay to the listener dale Mohler don't throw people were written bonds met with small lot better than. Yes without that is not in Iowa it's ultimately. Sort of Troy brown and today that's gotten overplayed by smells are right out of my my former NFL Sunday colleague nice work with Troy loves love Troy Brown. It it did touch off a bit about an altercation with Myanmar yesterday taken you compare him directly to Matthew Slater and Jess and I and I stand by a what it said wise you think of the patriot to think of Troy Brown you think of the patriots now you think of Matthew Slater you think of you know guys who are lifers the guys who word you know loyal to the cause. And when and when I read over the weekend that Matthew Slater was visiting Pittsburgh or when blocked. Which is how I would feel if you know Troy Brown was up visiting the jets or something. History right and obviously there's been here since 2008. That about all of the teams that that he has been a part of a bit Brady Belichick went for a long tough run half of this. Matthew Slater has been a part of it obviously what he does is different than what some of the other guys like these patriot. Hall of fame type guys like Troy Brown Kevin fall or were others have done for the team. He's either Gunner and primarily special teams and that's where he's made his name it was oil from up there as a receiver. Defense and it might safety for a little bit at one time. BS which I think the Steelers to is what made it really odd yes IQ is out there meeting with. Detroit Jacko is not dollars I don't would bring go about Patricia Diana was. They know he's going to be Steelers. Of all teams but there's little a couple weeks ago there was the report that O. All signs point to Slater return of the patriots like let's hash tag is all right things that title there as they governing body actually find out those the case because. We really don't they've offered him anything because there is going to visit with Pittsburgh social witness who happens of them will save a lot of our football stuff for when Troy comes in your for obvious reasons nobody better to talk about. The patriots in the NFL football with Troy Brown. It was fun last night at the garden to see Ryan and out of NHL debut from the minute he stepped on the ice is very first shift. He looked like he belonged in look like he should be there. Don't you definitely did that's or warming is he going to be go to try and actively type you know we saw him for the first time in the playoffs last year and right away you're like okay. He fits in he's going to be good and we did not oppose it too sick to his. Earlier or we we know is gonna play in the game and we didn't know what line is going to be on or if bodies are gone on non like Gilani was gonna start on the third line right with the char Ian Gionta and neck. Just before warmup. They go now Rick Nash can't play. Anton bleed urine from Providence and all of a sudden. Rind and out of gets bumped up to the David Krejci line so they they jumped him up in the gets a goal is to assess he has what six shots on analog game four goals and brought it at a crazy even if he carrots even mention that at the in the games and you know basically just met them right before the game got a Yemeni. In the day scores like he unitary maybe have some more fun out of these riveter anybody's just pointing out that that he could've but yeah it looks like. Looks like he fits and it's just another guy that they're adding to this team which was already. One of the best teams in all of hockey not just the division out of the conference board of the best teams all hockey and they add another guy who clearly looks like. He belongs on on a top three line with the team so Rick Nash is a scratched just before warm ups last night what other body injury I don't know may thought he'd be good morning skate they thought it was going to be able to gulp. All of a sudden you know just before the game they say now they and he he's out Adam acquaint gets hurt last night and leaves so if you're keeping score at home. Right now depending on what happens between now and tomorrow night when they play the saint Louis blues. The Bruins are without Bergeron Mac avoid Chara to brusque Backus Rick Nash Adam Quaid and Anders Bjork. That's seven guys. Who you would consider while Ali Bjork out six guys at least you would consider. You know mainstays on your team. I mean it's and they lose 54 overtime to the Columbus Blue Jackets who were winning their rate tomorrow. Right there and they'll they'll pay a useful thing to lose a point but all I mean. Brad marsh and let them play that is just. Ridiculous that that is argument. On set but off camera Barry is absolutely positively convinced. That is a Brad marsh and call that is a number 63 call I'm not given him the benefit of the doubt. You know his reputation precedes itself. I can see that I hope not I hope to god that NHL and I doubt that NHL officials are in the heat of the battle gone. And that be a penalty on anybody else but 63 now nominal at a golf. I mean they hit it in in that in the moment they can't think that way can that. Think they tan and I think all sports they kinda do and of them try to pretend that there's not. On the one hand superstar treatment for those guys you know like if that was Sidney Crosby deal does he get that does he get that call. Got surprising presence I'll get back also I think on the on the flip side that there are guys that. Maybe they think there are dirty or they embellish or they flop when they do all these different things. I think that is on the mind I think every official does it that way but I'm I'm sure there there are those that do. We tease Jaffe conceived via a college official. And so we always say he's our officials sympathize you know he's going to be a generalist or look at things and they well ya so all visible form an idea of so fast he's saying to the producer he saying you know we're looking at the replays and say I gotta get that lower angle I got to see it. At the same level the official was seeing and and it was the the last of the replay angles that we showed in Billy sees he's no that's a whole. I think and if you I can walk I could making a legitimate argument it's a penalty shot. I thought but it was at least a hold you give the Bruins at least a four on three power play advantage in the in the overtime which is what it should have them now. And unfortunately. And this is where martians got to get over this crap. He's still mad at the official. Like continues down at the other end it's three and three its overtime at man man on man. He cattle loses track they make a line change he loses track he doesn't see Atkinson coming off the bench he loses his guy. And and Columbus ends up scoring the game winning goal because marsh and is still pissed off at the official. And it was barking at all the way off the ice now if that was the second period do you think that the penalty yes so that should be a towel after all Obama. Thailand and whether this idea that the officials are gonna put their their whistles away because it is late in the third period or its overtime. If it's a penalty it's a penalty in especially one as egregious is that many of you got a semi break away a scoring opportunity in overtime. And by the way out and blame the defenseman he's got nothing else seeking know what the hell I'll just fallen down and were not kill off the penalty. And and you know you look at it you say how can you look at that play right into it out now where we're gonna. Yeah and then I mean just the martian obviously frustrated and deserve to be frustrated but. RC got to keep track of of your guy after that but that that's the frustrating as I don't think there's like consistency and I also I would have to. Agree with area but it is day a marvel never noted you you couldn't have you could to put somebody else in that situation and you know see if they would get the call but. A third marsh in there is some than around the league how they how he's viewed. Part of that war did part of that is definitely he is done is his track record. But that's definitely should have been a position for them that penalty shot or the very least a power play and end of one and you get two points. The show after the show with Lenore way which is what we're now calling that that span of time in between two programs at low blow out of the unofficial cross. The long cross that because you stop filming it and stuff so now won't show after the show the film that once and any kind of scared away in the last couple days he wasn't it. It's something we have to figure away is kind of out here in the logistics Yemeni was used back today today. For a rarity DO. Usually you'll argue and get it up but it was a little conversation about. The Celtics an idea hey I want to talk and act out of the high of the hockey town and it Andy he made a great point a good hockey point by Glen or who used to work on the roads to broadcast by this institute of Mexico you can. Effective he made that point out we put up a graphic last night in the post game show that. Ryan to not be can be eight. Roland the score his first NHL goal this year which you think about it it's mind boggling. Eight kids and not only made their way in Atlanta but it scored their first NHL goal and Glenn said do you think that if Claude Julian was coaching this team. That you would have been in a position to have eight different rookies score their first NHL goal this year. I'll say no chance AM hour also even admit that it was a little overblown. Claude Julien and young players like it was just sort of a stated the fact right that he couldn't coach young players. Yet Tyler Sagan had to him a thirty goal season or when he however was hit a hit a really good year. Mean I know he went on the Dallas and is even better but still he had a really did you Wear them marsh and develop that Aaron there's there's Benson young players have had success but overall. No I I don't think you would have had this kind of success with so many young players we saw his issues with with Spooner early on that that didn't really seem to work out. And doubt bit and the type of player I feel like who under Cassidy made early on would have been been better off. I take where I think it is different then and I'll just use. I used debt behind and as an example okay. He's got a goal and an assist in his last seventeen games. It will be gone in the last night and assist lasted two so you know he he's kind of gone through a bit about scoring slump here. And Cassidy basically has said he's earned the right to work his way out of this he said it flat out he's earned the right to work his way out of this. In kept put him put out and put limits. Now gets Goldie OpenId gets couple assists last night. And my guess is quote might not have been as quick tick to keep role on that guy out there. No that's a good point now he Cassidy. Has sack guys at times it didn't take the process for game highly actually ultimately sat Randy Carlyle. Guy and then you know now obviously you're healthy you're playing because they don't get anybody else that I got to let that he has he has already been afraid to do that now we sit in Basra game get a look up on the ninth floor. Refocus here a guy like Jake to brusque took that and just took off with it but I don't like Satan I'm gonna be better and and was better after not too. Not to defend clawed because I think I Kathy. A tremendous job obviously. But in that scenario late. They're gonna make the playoffs are avid technical and ship their playoff team yet their role in the whole team is playing pretty well the field long guys struggling. You can kind of afford to let that I played out where is closed last couple years. You're missed the plan Oslo yeah you need to get all the at one original deaths of this guy's struggling you know maybe you should set them because you gotta gotta figured out so. That's a tough one to be in but. They've had so many young players play well it's not just that eight guys have gotten their first goal it's a number of guys are playing. I'm talking get a ton of ice time. They're playing on you the second line their play on the the second pairing like that it's over young guys playing our first American was out there they have a lot of guys. That are important to the team. It's not just they have a young fourth line or they haven't got a young six defensemen or back of goaltender that bit that guys are critical to their team. That are all it'll under twenty years old. When you look at the way the Bruins are dated last night was their 99 point of the season. One point away from getting to the magic hundred and I and I mentioned the list of guys who they're who they're playing without right now again. Bergeron Max avoid Chara to Brusca Backus Rick Nash McLean. All the vendors Bjork out for a moment although he was one of those young guys who scored his first NHL goal this year and you know was was looking looked at as one of those key contributors as a young player and and got hurt. If they get all these guys back and I and by the way I think they are only getting of these injuries are long term. I think birch run is cascade of the last couple of days maybe even could go is as early as Sunday perhaps but it they get all these guys back. They're the best team in the national hockey as. Pretty amazing isn't it from where they were a year ago at this time to where they are now and yet you'd have to agree with everybody. They are the best team you saw there was due undermanned against Tampa are as he really undermanned again the last night in and they lose but they get the point overtime and you don't think about marshy and penalty call right and they would again but regardless. They're team is stacked it you gotta wonder if at Gerber is back they get those six guys back in the lineup. You're gonna have some really good players sets scratches and healthy scratch black faces like Carlo may not play Greg McQuay may not play these guys may not suit up. Come playoff time that you could have. For really compelling lines three lines he should get points from a fourth while the sock and be bad. It pretty good pairings and then you know maybe it comes down to grouse breeder to feel like you're pretty good shape. Assuming these guys combat. Let's go back to that point let's let's park on that occurred by former partner used to sat right that I think it's the part that makes Bruins fans nervous. To grass yeah a lot is 6011 in his last seven starts. But his goals against average during that span it's 3.2 one his save percentage is 890. Where you know for the season his goals against average and save percentage are much better numbers than that. That's the thing that's the one thing that I think makes Bruins fans nervous do you have the goaltending. To be able to compete. In a tough playoff series now I'm of the opinion by the way keep that if you've got all those guys back. Goaltending is almost secondary PowerPoint a lot of their defense is gonna be down there at that end of the guys. That's true you're not gonna have to play too good to give up a couple of goals he could still win if there are gonna have to win every game one zipper to the one they're gonna was born there or war. Right and also the guys from Lamar good enough where they may be held to bail them out here knocking out deceive the the 45 saves you had died and all over the place Kara performances. It's he he does have. Believer not really good playoff numbers now there are memorable moments where did the team. Fell apart and they don't part of goes on and he's definitely given up some soft goals in the playoffs but overall he's been pretty good. One thing that's import about this year. Is he's gonna finish wins. What under sixty games played that whatever it like that it's not like the previous years where they've had to trotted out there all the time. A couple of years ago we had what seven the games that he played him. That's not the case this year because they've been able to arrest them. Anton who opens but it would have been able to win with him in there so to focus I can be burnt out come playoff time is really if he gets his guys back if our problem. And he continues to be you know well rested for the playoffs or should be no excuses for for Tuukka but the team is is built well. And they have they have the players in place to to advance really foreign. She's gonna finish somewhere in the vicinity of 555657. Games with his perfect that's the lower 47 games this year. For the season his goals against average is 2.3 five and save percentage is 916. And he's thirty. Eleven and five he's had a very very good year yet and I've been solid this stretch here over the last little bit. That's a good. Yeah and hasn't been as good and what you put thousands it X out levee employment mostly in the season because that opponent or is that as simple as will look at the guys who aren't out there. Press it goes back to that list evidently if you're not playing with the that they don't Chara doing Patrice Bergeron just those two. United you can add Mac when you have back to Seattle those guys on the road if you want. But the goaltenders Johnson yelled a whole lot more difficult Zdeno Chara Patrice Bergeron aren't out there. Which aggression still be good enough to to win games without those guys in on some games obviously without those guys. You back Saturday night with a shot out of Tampa. Overall he should he should be playing welcome plants. I get the sense that's the thing that makes Bruins fans nervous when they everything other than they want us at all and with everything else you know all the the depth that kids though that bet trends the the seasons that guys like Bergeron and marsh and and char are having. Preachy. That's the thing that makes people nervous today have the goaltending that up I think I mean I think that's there that think if you if you're looking at the look at the score enough goals yet they can't and their power play. Has gone through some bright spots at some down spots that would unity go back a couple of weeks ago on the power play was was really struggling. But if you look at our Flickr balanced enough where. Let's say Rick Nash from one of the criticisms dale when when they acquired Rick Nash was he has exactly light it up in the playoffs. But if Rick Nash doesn't score two on ovals. In the post season. I don't think that's gonna key moment to have Marcia Marcia and his group of posture gives her crate she's the all time playoff performer like they have enough guys. They even if a couple of the young guy cut there a couple of young guys. You know that if they're able overwhelmed by the post season but there's so many of them that I don't think they'll be the case for every one problem and so I think they're going to be in pretty good shape and to back up your point. Took Iraq asks career playoff numbers he's played in now 53 playoff games. He's thirty and 23 his goals against average is two point 12. Is save percentage is 928. To your point at a federal area good playoff performed he's better in class and is in the regular season but his overall numbers as regular season numbers have been been pretty good but. You're talking about you know Chicago or your talking about. The flyers series does forever ago people still remember that and and so there's been a couple of real kind of let down kind of collapses. That he has been a part of but I think you figure value counted dismiss some of the other successes visa to the Bruins have their version of Brad Stevens now. That that recent young coach who by the way out by his own admission. Failed miserably. When he was the head coach of the Washington Capitals he will Italian he needs some prodding because he does like talk about it could be made mistakes. It you know he didn't do a good job. He worked and worked it took him like ten years to get back into my head coaching job in the NHL for a long time and now what you've got his is that the Bruins version of Brad Stevens. You've got you know a good young coach. Who's out who's winning percentage by the way since he became head coaches like 700. Jets off the charts and then. Yeah with the Bruins in 98 games. If the 136 points in just under a 700 percents are it's just. He's been off the charts and it seems like. Yo wolf would be his weakness or will would you criticize him for it seems like the the veteran guys are playing while the young guys are playing well there arrested the goaltenders are plan while. May not have to say like he's perfect because there's obviously things we could we can farsighted but. For for what he's been able to do what he what he took over edgy look at the time that he took over a year ago. Where they worthy do you hope laws pages get into the playoffs and we'll see what happens. Whereas now it's you know and they might be the best team at all popular that is a pretty remarkable. One you're less than one your turn 6177797937. Is telephone number text line is 37937. Are we will have Troy Brown join us here in studio and hours two and three today he'll join us from three to five. Obviously we'll talk a lot of football when toys in the house but we can start with some hockey you'd like to do that. And now whether or not you have concerns for this team going into the playoffs other than to commit that's your only concern. 6177797937. Its telephone number it's daily key Sports Radio W media. It's we'll. I mean for me I just think focusing and had in the last. It's going to be anything. How the game goes for me but I just wanted to stay focused and repeat myself and a permanent human. Pretty. Right Donato who made his NHL debut last night had a goal and to assess him as. As is widely David Ritchie said he could have scored two or three others see he had some glittering opportunities including moment about. Six minutes left in the third period that would have given the Bruins the lead but it's fun to watch him it's been fun to watch this team. I I just wanted to run the numbers here just to make sure I knew what I was talking about Patrice Bergeron got hurt on up February 25 that was a game at buffalo. He got hurt in that game the Bruins lost 41 since he's been out of a lineup. They've won 438. To four. 216. The five. Three to 27. To four. They lost 32116. To four. Lost the green out thing they won three nothing and they lost five to forty thing Patrice Bergeron who either has much to do with. How this team has been given up goals of play well you certainly get some MVP chatter maybe just around and sell probably are being great with his name on it as best defensively or change their name to the Bergeron and and a few years but then it was a real shame when when he went down because he was have a year like he's always great defensively. But this year on top that he was put up some great. Offensive stats is well Soviet yet goes without saying that it lost tribe brown joins us at the top of the hour we'll talk some football when he joins us talking some hockey to start Tyler Rhode Island. You're up first on sports radio's daily key. Hey guys didn't. Hear him calling. So this Bruins team. For the first time a long time do you do if you or five years that the British are our sources licensee Gina last night they got down early on a release that goal. Audited but it did so view on should go to C you don't like art collector. Our own. They'll see your point you're sitting in overtime utility you know Brad march on. Breakaway of the penalty article review but I can get overshadowed dissect the breakaway that right now Russia. Are you look at it a lot of stick work and hours and. He he. He got hooked by the exact same guys John Luke duke law school hauled down Brad marsh and two blocks have been called for both is they had were the first term. Yeah I decided on tough way to lose two games for what you did to error where. You're welcome to lose that point I don't know only one or would it. Once you like stocks. I mean you never know you know maybe they don't win you know maybe the power play doesn't give on the win may be if if marsh and has the penalty shot he doesn't score what you're chances sure would've been better. I'd I I appreciate legged it it it was a terrible non call. He just wants now whether that's because it was Brad marsh and or it's just a terrible month call I don't know the answer only the official can give you the answer to that now could. Quickly on Columbus they've won eight straight games yet and yesterday I was we're talking about gave the Bruins can. Catch tip abated the number one seed home ice throughout all of that's great but maybe more importantly it'd play Columbus in the first round and not Toronto we also draws it a tougher match up. That's still the case general idol and America we we have now we actually had this discussion last night on Bruins shoot out. Part of our pregame show and I ask the guys on the panel brick and Berrian Billy. And they unanimously said he if you had a choice. You'd rather play Columbus though that in Toronto. I mean may not work out that way you are right and and they also said listen. An actor to play guys more than you should because you're chasing that first overall selection Iraq and a brush guys back into the lineup sooner than you would. You don't care about that he you'd like to finish first. In the normal flow of things which are not gonna mess around your lineup just to pull it off crazies have the health the most important thing and if they have that than me they should be the team. Did all of the cup final Mike's an East Boston they might. I ignore valid let's Obama. I'm not so I want to call for all of the wonderful and without hockey relevant I mean it's been relevant obviously the act. A secondary. Or backup run in 2011 but one thing that it meet. You are eager to call that bleed black and goal. I cracked me. I understand you know order city and elite goalie and that. But until he actually twelve insults in the endowment at ticket back to beat those play last act scenes or six. And seven against Chile and eating insects and the such that it. 2013. There are. And and I think that the politically speaking it in there in no way to go back to lock the range which lots. Especially at 2013 one in the third period goal Ohno looking up and I need adventures. Like he's actually. Don't know. Don't know I that got in between that and Kelly will. I'm still in it yet. You know to and they. In that in that 201213. Stanley Cup run wary where they were in the Stanley Cup final loss to the Chicago Blackhawks yet for the entire playoff run. He had a one point 88 goals against average and a 940 save percentage. He was great that playoff year. He wasn't you was great that play hockey are not taking that away from you just did not I'll pick in the moment. At the Internet at home with the typical looking seven to win his second every tree and you know you'll notice about them. No no but I guess what I'm saying Mike is I didn't blame him for those two goals and you apparently do. All the fact that the first lol what that was so low key but the way to eat sleep I don't holiday if you notice that under a minute laps. He just. Looked at it and that will go off all that happened I come around and Barry. I thought I mean how do you let that happen in your home building and that means that. Maybe the defense plays better in front of them. Back right you. I didn't. I I need to eat and prove himself and enact an epic spot at bat out. I look I I I understand it it is a common refrain around here that you know the Bruins are gonna win anything because two arrests the goaltender. Well until Tim Thomas put together back to back unbelievable playoff series in 2011. Did you think he was gonna carry it with Stanley Cup as Nazi icon on the neither did anyone help solve yacht as those not expecting that to happen. Also the go back to the Phillies series I understand that like they were they were up 30 and then they lose four straight and now as a disaster claps do you as a part of that. Also it was here's our he was a part of that day and it was eight years ago GAAP. Like that's. That's a long time he's a lot of playoff games since then now. If you Assad must Chicago that's fine that's more recent piece on a lot of playoff games so it's not like he was a part of a team McCain hoping 30 lead and then it. Was a mess years later he's in the upper happens is so so I mean that's fine that that is a part of his career as a very long time ago. I'd dance in Peabody paid and I don't. I'm doing great you. What got you got caught hockey great for change I know you guys. You've got to get it in their foot thank you much appreciated thank you there you all might unnerve Bergeron had a much to do with the defense that he doesn't he ought and never mind that that in a chartered plane like. The best defenseman division possibly it also permits Uga. Assault ship we have Amanda talk about playoff gold and general. On every you're gonna have confirmed that their goal we will let them battle in the playoffs that's the nature goaltending. There are no current NHL if you're worried about the cultural and at that moment that you can put in and pray that I had not gonna go back home in the playoff it happened. I coronation of the upper Water Cube game the idol last year national champ arm and got what you look at your ability on the ice. Is it going to be called and I'm not worried about it healthy regard I. Listen if you if you get the the injured bodies back and I have absolutely no reason to think that you're not. The the most long term injuries Charlie Mack avoid. And I still think you'll see him play the last couple of regular season games. Just to get him ready and then start the playoffs. You and you're gonna see Bergeron back you know within a week you're gonna seek Chara back perhaps in a weaker to. I you're gonna see a Mac avoid back as I said at the end of the regular season to brusque I have no idea. Backus is on the trip they were leaving today they're flying to Saint Louis today he is traveling with the team. That would indicate that they think that he's got a pretty good shot of playing at some point during the the course of this trip. And I I have no idea what happened Rick Nash Tiago and Nader it's upper body injury in day today I don't know. Just played out after Washington on low last night. If everybody's healthy may have time to figure this out and unfortunately everybody probably won't be healthy just get somebody back some real spike gonna go down. But where do you see him fitting in what line do you think you would be on assuming health. Probably at. Kick butt third line yeah priority so we've got to vote. You'd wanna touch the first two payments and maybe you'd you'd tweak the Third World but there which was also pretty goes beep although you know what maybe may be replaced Heinemann. Yeah okay on that second line. Yes the parliament gnashing preaching. I never even got a pretty good. And and by the way I love the bruins' fourth line I I would like. To think and yeah and you could tell Cassidy really likes them he trusts them he puts them out there after the team gives up a goal and they generally hound the other team to the other end of the ice. He's got them out there in the final minute of a one goal game because he trusts them. My guess is he Pete can he'd like to keep. But that fourth line together. So what should what your basic Tenet biting his death for a third line spots on this team. 6177797937. Its telephone number tech slide is 37937. Troy Brown will be in the house the top of the hour. We'll talk a lot football when Troy gets in here it's daily key Sports Radio WEEI. And the first sends out ray and Chris board that they didn't play together and say the father son duo ray Bork his son Christopher played for the Bruins but. Now there's terror era that's memorable yep I feel myself. By the left to be me let Libyans. Lots of people that's as well as steady as well as Brian Gionta that's true I I mentioned we've we've. The three of us me and Barry and Billy went down to see Teddy last night while the third period was going on just to congratulate him and CIO is going to be there were a bunch of Harvard kids who were there to see. Ryan making is is it LL debut and and Teddy was Lafferty says he's his teammates are saying must be nervous. He never passes through. Do think there is doing and I heard it is trying to away although I think that's what they they could have did that too when he took a bunch of shots last night but maybe he left some out there but his first game he looked pretty comfortable to me. In a great. Our marks in Medford and mark I don't. Where it would Cronkite ya what when I saw it on the stump aren't all aren't all know about something that it's certainly a little. And not the number 1 o'clock went. For the last couple weeks. I don't look that great and I don't know which are coming back what you think it might be aggregates a while I at all. Well it when you've got everybody healthy yeah I don't decent play that now that may be the case I mean I'd I don't know all agree here. I think that he said times when he struggled. You know here. It's it's almost like sometimes don't get a pocket he kicked out of adult way. People like a warts and competence but once. If you can't get out of their money just look at what the Pope Benedict the board and the Euro zone. Well I look I I think he had a really really good rookie season a year ago as sometimes happens you know he's he's dropped back a bit. Here and his sophomore season I think he's still very talented kid that I sound like I'm given up on him. You know. You you've got some extra bodies here you'll you'll acquired Holden at the trade deadline and Eastman and actually played pretty well. Now you've got a whole bunch of guys heard you really don't have much choice at the moment the Bruins today. A recall Paul postmark and Jordan Schwartz from provenance of the American Hockey League on an emergency basis there hadn't on the road trip with the Bruins. They have reassigned Anton bleed who played last night under emergency conditions back to Providence they get too many guys hurt right now they don't have an option. But you are missing your top two defenseman at the moment you we're talking about the goals. But the Bruins have been allowing here and we talked about Bergeron legitimately self which are also missing your top two defenseman. You're missing Chara and Mac O boy yes it stands to reason you're gonna give up more scoring opportunities that are going to be better scoring opportunities. They Karros still close player on the Seattle he's fun he's plus eleven big look at some of the other guys Leo Chara and Mack of Moyer plus 26 grizzly is close to point four Kevin Miller you know has a better close minus the Carlo. And he had a stretch there where he was on the ice for. A lot of goals. Times. His fall he had that one that you as a minus four against Vancouver last month so he's had some struggles when they brought in Holden. And I think if everybody's healthy. He may be the odd man out we are sick could be Quaid come playoff time but I certainly lean towards Carlo and they got a couple weeks. To figure this out and hopefully get Mac avoid Chara back is here as your top pairing. But then from there goes crew it would grizzly in when Miller. Try to figure out who else is going to be out there are I would not be shocked at all if Carlos the guys sit now. Torre crude had a great season this team doesn't he's not got a career high in points. I'd love the opportunity to get him a little rest of the cannon at the moment that's not an option not you know he's he's trying to play and give him credit for courage here. He's playing when he's banged up he's obviously a little banged up it would be a great situation if you could get him a game or two off. You can't at the moment you don't have enough body now would they throw any of the emergency guys in there to see of brake or the that's low postman now is gonna I think gonna have to play for Adam aquae McQuay anyway so you went down last night so yeah that's just it's it's not an option but. You want it I mean they have to make up that game at the end of the year so that finals weekend April Saturday and Sunday and maybe could sit MI Datsyuk added yeah my guess is the April 8 game won't mean much yes and by then you're gonna Nell I doubt it's going to be one of those all you gotta get this to get the second seed or the first GM right now. It would be hope it could happen that way but my guess is you're gonna know before you play that game on Sunday. 6177797937. Fred's and New Hampshire hey Fred. Happening yet. They have. I have seen many I've gained so that the battle so let me with that adrenaline is is that an adult. No that's him. He's a he's a whole B baker finalist he averaged point 92. Goals per game this Yorkers are great. It. Of course it's College Hockey and I'm not try to equate the two but he made the jump last night to the National Hockey League and did not look out of place at all. Not only did not the did not and I love it now. My check now I'm not trying to put my shut down a dollar rate and let you watch Sasha and then you see highlights in one call 18 and you'll watch this thing play. You go back and see old it is stats and that's that's the real Con-way and see how the states it's it's much I'm all over again. It's many. He has he has made himself into one of the best forwards in the NHL he was a for a first team in all all NHL selection last year he is one of the best forwards in the league. Unfortunately. He he's got some baggage from time to time. And and I don't know that that had anything to do with the the lack of a call in overtime to aggregate data errors on some from the. I can live with the baggage because that makes much who he is okay. He's got to play on message sometimes to go over our right but I loved that baggage anyway I just say stay healthy my friend please stay healthy. That's all I have to do it if they get healthy and they're not a moment but none of these are your gear on a panel faceted I don't know he's going to be able to play again this year none of those. You what you got is just some simple you know things that you've got to deal with in Bergeron case it was a it was a broken bone. Which is apparently healed he's cleared to skate he's been practicing. You know in Mecca voice case he's the one that was supposedly a long term that was supposed to be a month or thereabouts. Bergeron is already been three weeks. Chara I don't know what it is it's an upper body injury to brusque we know is in the concussion protocol. There's no way to guests I mean there is no no idea how those things go back as we know what to skate cut. And apparently you know the eighteen stitches it's a comfort thing as much as anything else. Their biggest concern after that went once they realized OK the arteries fine. The tendons ligaments are fine right their biggest concern from then it then becomes you know let's not let's make sure this doesn't get infected right. Keep it so that he doesn't get infected a network good. He's caught on the trip with the team today says Coleman votes. I think he's going to be he'll be back only eighteen so into. Her let's just discuss that I came back winner and Nash I have no idea yet and I have no idea. Yeah I but it's just it's also allowed them to play everybody is when they first made those trade deadline acquisitions are saying all right. Yeah Cassie was the proper way to get wiggles and the lineup he's looking for a way to get yards in the lineup but nobody ever got to rotating guys I keep these guys fresh and the next thing here I will know you all hands on deck we got a call up guys province that. They don't have anybody else to go so. Everybody who is healthy is playing and then you hope to get some of these guys back. And then the cast he's gonna have. A really good problem I have is there are gonna fund the best four lines the best three pairings and and go from there and it's going to be. Pretty competitive on what guys are out on the ice and cars are. 6177797937. Is telephone number detects minus 37937. I Troy Brown is in the house and and we'll talk some football when he joins us here the next couple of hours. Because there's so much going on. In this offseason by the way Bill Belichick I'd love to notice frequent flier miles are like two days he's working out kids at the University of South Carolina an hour ago and he is all of the NC stat that's a little of the quickly apply now identity you know he's he's not he's that it did no days off thing of evidently applies to him bust him he was at the com bottom like in mcdaniels. He actually went he had been working here. Now I I don't know he had a defensive line coach with him in at North Carolina State yesterday I don't know who was within which he takes with a sensitive point. Yeah I don't know well through it supposedly there's this tight end at South Carolina that so it supposedly supposed to be really good that come up there's a linebacker. Who said he spent an hour with a ballot check last night. That Belichick worked him out today this a South Carolina linebacker and he said he also spent time with him at come. Off. People he must talk to belts out how many awesome he mug every and he asked how many hours he spends. Working out these college players and talking to them any of the joked yesterday it would probably child as he tells his corporate and thirty ones though. Or certainly not at a CU. This stuff is under on the recruitment it's. Yeah 31 campaign. That's always good there's not presumably your statements don't. The difference between Bradley each other Deion Sanders fresh says they were not gonna see you Leo thank you sir Mary's Catholic is the theaters the ones telling teams not gonna you're not I am beyond god by that but anyway it worked for the on so it doesn't mean brown its own camp can adopt that. Same cloth and Bradley Chubb showing you know all the proper respect yes you know it's an honor to meet you sir and get on to honor to meet you coach Belichick thank you sir. Dion as if it bother you gonna see me where you are to make it a picker of fifteen yeah let's just. I did interview view you have the other Chubb. Chocolate it's well Peters walking equivalent what a yes trading up because there's zero chance he probably will be a top five pick. But you know what he's a free agent for years or whoever does the about it or number I have a working Mac guy out NC state and you know he had really it really quick feet are for those broad majority remembers all that stuff too which is not will allow bring Troy brown and in here and talk some football with him it's coming up next 617. 7797937. Text line is 37937. Its daily key Sports Radio W media.