Dale & Keefe - How Jason McCourty found out he was traded to New England; Another new Football league; Daniel Bryan medically cleared by WWE

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Tuesday, March 20th

Hour 4: Slater is back in a Patriots uniform, signing a two year deal. Ryan Donato may have debuted last night for the Bruins, but his schooling is of the uttermost importance to him. Tom Brady is the 20th most dominant athlete in the last two decades. Keefer Madness: Jordan Clarkson believes that there were enormous humans with pet dinosaurs, and that aliens are real. However those aliens are actually just people. DJ Montage doesn’t believe in Elvis. What is in the water in Cleveland?


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Yeah to. Fourth and final are feeling heat Sports Radio WE yeah it was a lot of fun talking with Troy Brown. At one of the things we talked to try about. By the way I think he thinks Matthew Slater is more important for the patriots than what might have thought I agree that the thinks he's a pretty important guy and good news. Mike race reports special teams captain Matthew Slater returning to the patriots on a two year. So forget the Pittsburgh Steelers though or about that visit the whole special teams unit is common back dale yeah I I am I just read every other things out through all the they're all back. And by the way Ann and I don't that how that's how. Some people portray it. I'd like to do some other things too but I'm glad to bring in some of those and that's good so we have not a part of the game as we know that it is not but. RO patriots Monday guest is back so we will be joined in short right Matthew Slater again this upcoming year always fun to talk yes. I let's catch up to date on on a couple things in and not just of this the stuff that keep Canadian trending now. You heard Colin Cowherd in the open a little bit about Tom Brady and you are right things Boston everybody in Boston thinks the world is against us. It was interesting to hear Troy Brown's thoughts on bill Belichick's coaching style and whether or not yes that change that's bout this. Howard actually thinks Belichick needs to pivot perhaps. Be nice career Bobby Knight like telecheck is Smart he's a legend he's a creator he is revered. But in the end Bobby was just too cranky. Bobby never relented Bobby could never pivot and I do think there is something here would ballot check I see this all the time if you don't have that as you age young people are in power to I mean you know athletes now have political feelings they make a lot more money. If you are not willing to grow old we did your sport and and with the business and with the athletes and with the culture. You can be seen as outdated and I think ballot check he still runs the system he's still great he's got to have a little bit. I've just seen so many great coaches go from great to has beens because they wouldn't evolved and I think Belichick and a danger spot he email only have one year left anyway. And that all things related and I batted about and what if he can give us a list of those who gives his hobby not a good night like shared choked a player like politics on Bobby Knight no. And Andy's got a lot more success than Bobby Knight is well above as a very good coach. But Bill Belichick a better coach in the south Los accessories and by the way they just played in the Super Bowl they won the Super Bowl the year before. So what seems to be the major problem with his coaching. I understand right now there's a lot of talk about the tension and you know Brady and prompt but it's his coaching style. Costing them winds right now I've just seen so many great coaches go from great to has beens minimum so he's given anybody. Allow you just give us advocate couldn't have it now I know in in Troy Brown we're asking him earlier you know it should Belichick change I would does things. He's about to be really hard to do. If he's been doing it a certain way for a long time and has a lot of success although. Troy said he has. Changed things a little bit when you saw about some of the things they do is on the team activities like three point shooter outscored the movies all the other stuff that he has done a whereas maybe fifteen years ago ten years ago. He's not doing them babies are picketing is marches they Colin coward on some simple but it's on that maybe is. Slowly changing a little bit. We talked a lot about players who have left the patriots here free agency. If you have arrived at some guys that they re signed a few of arrive. One of those is Jason McCourt. Twin brother Devin according who got traded to the patriots from the Cleveland Browns and told the story of of how that'll came about. I just wondering if you've got to greet that news you your brother or just turn out that I got it either block out. Real proud of how excited I am not he wasn't a lack. Are. Yeah I thought I got obviously got the call I was gonna be released. Seoul and in my life and we all don't know and I left to go work out and about an hour later. I get a based arm. Some day and he's just like it what order I release he showed me he did he catch wolf I was just iMac out of negated jaded when and I and I'm gonna. Thank you they keep it bill about a but I think they're definitely. Ready and confident. For the night you know wealthy. There's a lot of work and I'll be interested and I yelled the words. Great and they. Thought I was just kind of look at them got the ability adult now. All the about slot here later they had beautiful. Jon or any idea lead. Like I absolutely it would kind of when not remotely cute. Parade to look. Do I get a little book. How bizarre is that. It hey bill out who we get Jason just got release on who got the job just right now with a from work and I've got to try to keep more of a bus and got a phone a lot of talk at Cleveland right now trying to get over here immediately below for just the hot minute let me figure out the roster that is pretty admitted that shows you where McCord sees that. The player on the how many players on the team do you think would feel comfortable. Texting balancing act about a player to add well that is play the EI adding the other 41 who could one of the very few yeah whose and hey I didn't get Jason Matthews later this better than others another Gunner that we need another guy would have a lot of the other side for me would be great. That is pretty funny adults or was already once that the I don't I find it bizarre. Back Cleveland comic guy. Then both of them worked out a trade form the pay. It's why in this century of ever in the Cleveland thing today is the patriots bill the mountain were able to either of the get a pick out of it the patriots are able to get him on his it's cheaper contradict a very real right I ended up working out. Have a free agent bidding against other teams have. Hockey news last night was that rhymes and automate his self. NHL debut for the Boston Bruins. And not only made is his NHL debut but managed to score his first NHL goal for. So Gary what a start he gets a goal and two assists last night. And after the game he was he was talking about how surprised he was at how things went. Your destruction before. The game. It's. Yeah obviously never really go to expect to play nefarious and it's a name and have chances for me I was just going in with a positive attitude in no matter what role they had in I was gonna try to do it my best and I was fortunate to get a couple bounces and it'll almost one and a couple times and obviously one and into announcement this. So today the Bruins flew to Saint Louis where they play tomorrow night. They'd you know what did one take any chances on the weather flew to Saint Louis today in practice. They practice without Ryan did not. It was either on. Going to classes are we given up here in the attic in and out pro athlete along I did next summer course I I've talked to Teddy about this last night he they were adamant and as with serious. He has taken his books on the road trip went south for real bonus flying commercial to Saint Louis tonight he had class when they were flying. You know on their chartered jet you know he was a classy and a 9 o'clock lecture on at Harvard which he attended. He's getting on a plane will join the team in Saint Louis tonight now and obviously will play. Tomorrow night against the blues they were dead serious about that you don't have heard about Harvard though it's difficult to get in but once you're in. No class for them are. Nice and I've heard all right out right at the put that out there'll are told that a whole part Brad probably yeah. Somebody ought to be didn't get in the Harvard probably don't have about lever I'm sure people can confirm that as well. It's all it's it's really difficult to get that their vote on through there. Maids a regular single day the regular school dad gonna guess that might W true went on another lot of bottle in there but he was serious ceased he he is adamant about finishing the semester. He he had worked during the Olympic break he was working on stuff. Right while he was in Korea. And pays is getting himself. I don't know what his academic progress is like in other words I don't diseases. He's a junior and his yeah okay I don't know if he is ahead of progress hippies you know approaching you know the ability to. To polish up his degree. He is dead serious about wanting to get a Harvard degree yeah and he. You will mean the way you always do what he's miss and pro practice already by the way the violence were fine with it they knew exactly there will be several of these instances. Where he will miss practices because he's taking classes at Harvard they know all about it they were fine with a complete agreement no issue. I am fascinated to see what he's going to be like playoff time legacy going to be one of the fourth address that you don't imagine so even if everybody's healthy. You'd think you'd find his way out yeah and you know they got so many young guys that are that are good a contributing to the team. And what kind of a factor can he be but if you think if you add did not though with Nash Jiaka wing goals in Holden. That's five players that Don Sweeney the Bruins have added since the trade deadline. And they admitted all of them so far because of all the entries have been dealing with but it's a pretty remarkable where you got a team that was. Headed for the playoffs anyway. And rather than just sitting back or making a mover too they add all of these guys and now Bruce Cassidy is going to be able to you know figure out what line ups work best. Over the final. 111 regular season games and then in the playoffs as I keep told you during a trending down not that this is a surprise to anybody we can do this all along. But we know the first three starting pitchers for the Red Sox when they opened the end of the season in Tampa Bay. I it will be Chris Sale for the opener to be David Price in game number two and reports Salo in game number three. It's kind of what we tunnel. And at 45 I guess wealth will the latency on those guys on sale of those an absolute no brainer. If prices healthy he should be your second best guy. Or cells that absolutely wild card for what you're gonna get them and they literally see it when the Cy Young. And be terrible so was it going to be this year maybe somewhere between maybe go back to that and how he was in Detroit. But yet no surprise those first three games in Tampa the first four games of the year Earl in Tampa and and in Miami. There's nothing says early baseball at some interleague action Swede in early action without the DH in your fifth game a little forward Judeo. It's. We will as we've done for a number of years now have Alex Cora on the program every Wednesday. What we're trying to figure out is if that's gonna start. Wednesday the 28 the day before the season opener out of that which would be my preference. Or whether it's starts after the season starts but it leader be Wednesday the twentieth of the following lines of we don't get the 28 we can always play the best of John Ferrell. Which I'm sure will be just to serve recap last year I think was it like a Smart Aleck remark and Clark I think it's just get people ready for the manager if you were into every Wednesday. Where they're going to be down at Fenway if there on the road will be here animal will talk to outs or a bold prediction it's gonna go better with him that one with John Ferrell last year. Up Matt Chatham re tweeted a pro football talk tweet from march 18. A pro football talked tweet about this. Court Errol Paterson trade feels like a C at a Matthew Slater. I think match out of that little shot of the folks of pro football talk and it seems like they're both back or insisting that he's back and Nadia Turner window between the same thing for example ethics. People do Frankel takes they got me. With a reason. Liddy was rosier Perez there was it is also are now that this is amazing player or your mother's draft night without economies and I did not I did not like draft pick of their rosier. He has a triple double of his first ever start that late the next game we have a demonstrative you thirty littler. And freezing cold takes one back like four years pulled out now. A threat that's the only one that does it got to convince that person is from here it's a daily and it just getting people sending him stuff nonstop it's probably that the I don't know about freezing cold takes the I may well have appeared you'll get on a number of occasions and I didn't nobody nonetheless your which might be better if profits for. Although let you know did that today let you know that you were out yet you find out Kazaa and they should be tagged you in it and then people rollovers too crude figured 880 my god. Should be right all the time about everything carefully you'd like a draft pick out there you. It's all good fun though it does it seem like. Arizona great. I do about bottom of that that's nice so that's all the stuff that's going on there is. Injury news of sorts. And has to do with that I used to work would be rob is that yes I did Brian rob who now works for the out. Austin or or Jirga and evidently he and doc Flynn who also writes for Boston sports strike. Had written about the whole idea of these screws that are in that many of Tyree Irving and whether or not they need to be removed whether. He's gonna play through it for the rest of the season. I I guess. Basically the premise here is that and I don't know this to be true but. If you take the screws out he can't play the rest of the year is that right that's worth sounds like an especially where we're at it like a relatively minor procedure enemy. I don't know I mean it is the audit the screws in the knees kind of for that are part he's mine area known but so. Either he's a play through this I apparently because you're talking about the end of march so any kind of injury it's gonna take a few weeks to recover from. The other question whether they're going to be go to come back anyway. So that is definitely one of those the more. Scary things we've heard about consulted with all their enter a Bruins and Celtics ballclub a zillion injuries in just wait for the playoffs. But with the Celtics are thinking as soon as every comes back. But if he doesn't and then there than there and scrutiny it might lose in the first round of carrier has Klein. So that's that's the one I mean I know Brad Stevens has gotten a lot of on court here were questioned throughout the year but now every question he's he's asked is going to be about carrier. Beginning in three yeah exactly right I let's get some calls and you guys the rest of the way 61777979372. At madness today. Yes we do know we have a good madness actually actually it's our. Altered to block they all solved it doesn't take into doubt you both the bottled we section relates the carrier. In and week in a roundabout way. And a flat way for her relates to carrier 6177797937. Is telephone number tax minus 37937. Dylan Keefe Sports Radio W media. Couple things that Leah haven't mentioned yet today. I feel Keith given. You know the importance of the news that should have been brought up at some point yes trending now problem should the past well I feel like if you wanna included you can do the trending now you know how I feel confident. Hey after a two year absence Daniel Brian's been cleared by benefited a value to return to action when you're right you're right that should have mentioned a minute there I am intrigued by that this is the guy with a lot of head injuries Britney was though ruled out for awhile two years two years two years he has not been allowed to wrestle by the late bronchial listening to me. Yeah years because of concussion issues he was not allowed to wrestle the now is back. She's Rossi will doing O'Brien be at this year's wrestle mania in the ring. Yes I'm the yes no question beginning ultimately though you can't really be competing in the in the ring and tag match it's game. It's an island. And outs tonight 8 PM. Rossi I just want guys understand they are Brian Hilliard Indies wrestler people love them that love you yeah yeah Obama personality. Yes this is the board voted on the Mike he's not he. All is fine in the might. Course Bruce I'm sorry your cuts in passing upon them might know he wasn't. Stan and Mike what was he was like. Yes and yes they loved to death they do it as simple as the chair and Marty upset about it it all back guy. Odds that baseball didn't start at the baseball. Started Russell he did he he's started this industry. Michigan State think that there's not they stole from them that's fine. That is big news that two years now concussion and his dog could not cleared yeah medical doctors would not let. That's insane though because the aging one more than one. And it's going to be a long time after that the funny thing about it Wednesday said he you know pass the region in the and originally they thought at last is cut and right what is it just like other. Extreme. That's tonight at times and forced to retire these people clear and now he's or anything America. Doesn't go flying head but is that one of the most wide. Eyed and athletic Allopod guessed it my head out of the arsenal there might not be used in that one anymore try someday maybe. Wear a helmet. Wrote a football moment. The other wrestlers might not like that's our new character in the football player guide to finishing move here at the atomic. Age did. Minutes which toppled the that is those big news that is that was trending thought that he knows it nationally trending right now of people writers like the number two trending item in America is this four time world champion didn't O'Brien has been met and cleared to return to wrestling afflict the big headliner in the Boston trans. Get excited just above Matthew Slater just had a map Slater who is back the fear or not and and and they're both ahead of Chris Sale yes. Openness and Daniel Bryan Matthew Slater. Trending we had a ball we we've we've had all the topics that. A one other quick thing here and and you know what I sought over the weekend I saw I was at the gym Sunday morning. Andy gets out and buy a new developments and humbled brightness. Was doing this thing on this nude twenty greatest athletes of the and and as I'm watching it. That added to their credit the two anchors on on east sixty or openly mocking. Other saying the you know if you can't explain what your. What's your decision making process as you shouldn't even be talking about this so the bottom line is they tried to name the twenty greatest athletes of the twenty years. Since ESPN the magazine came into existence is in the magazines and me just is that it was dark hair thing. So they've got a couple football players on the list. Should a tough time breeze on the list Dorsey number twenty. Peyton is on the list. Number four. Now what they said you'll you'll love this. ESPN the magazine is dominant one yes and a dominant funny that Dominic twenty athlete by the way. Michael Phelps is not on the list is up a dominant. And that they do have a a female basketball player from Australia who made the list she loves very dominant US UConn. Who won every game I mean. Honestly don't know one driver on here once golfer. I thought they enter Tiger Woods at the top of the list and they freely admitted. That he didn't do anything in the second half of the twenty years rarely. But of course that the twenty years he was really really good so you know that's why was the number one on the list. They also said that Paige Johnson writes yeah. They didn't take playoff success into account. Clearly if I yeah it's very clearly that's not hauled. In the bronze up there how do not take playoff. It to a count it has with the I didn't really I mean their reasoning was kind of like those slots on the the other of people mad. How can you need a map about these policy that's the thing Annie put in a lot of the only click bait it's so obviously a please talk about a at least not about us. The anchors who work introducing the segment Sunday were making fun of the criteria. And and they had this guy on track all the analysts. I biker Mario gets the bad rap. It at the Nokia. Are has not a golfing union food should be and what I heard I really do think steroid abusers should be correct if that's right I don't for a guy who is the seventeenth most dominant athlete. In the last one here ahead of ahead of Tom Brady in there. Mike Trout also have a Tom Brady. Again not factoring in playoff performance. I don't know. That's just and what are ridiculous. Even topped our reason behind making it was the Clinton. Without the magazine now for twenty years that Obama that well you know we need to do it was obvious to make a top twenty rankings for the athletes. So. Today according factor Mike who's on the cover probably knowledge at Winona was Andy they had this. Incredibly. Complicated mathematical formula they were trying to sell you on it -- and it's like their QB are within their own kids like magazines QBR something they do they have a rating with each and with each athlete tiger was that a seventeen. LeBron a fifteen point six. And who knows how we can open Payton was our I said he was fourth he was not there and on the podium. He's third. Tom Brady is twentieth. Japanese dominant rating six point three. With a down enough. We're we're so of this Super Bowls three ESP in the magazine photo they weren't with so its entire career has been during the magazine and her. The entire run. Worth Peyton Manning's wasn't right now Martin made the list will mark mark that was number nine I mean of course Michael Phelps does it make the list. But march that makes a lot yeah Marta was huge that. The World Cup. Match. That's sues Michael felt over the twenty years 123 gold medals just a cute he can score at home. They also don't want the next week while they live at a Phoenix yes south of Phoenix and there. And and Lauren Jackson the basketball player from Australia it was in a couple of Olympics for Australia via. You could tell the discount punting on some of these as well when it comes to like the definition Ehrlich via. Little description underneath each athlete without the Phoenix and says the Alexia Felix now. How do you properly put Allyson Felix in the context of you television but that's. Let's. There's agitated about a war I don't know I've tried mixing in a reason that they don't they don't have anything here. So that's nice at the finalists are the other thing that we've talked about today are you excited for the alliance. Now of American football. And I got it it it might be the single dumbest premise I've ever heard look at it at the PX at Ellis a dumb premises again wells gonna fail this the outfield this is gonna fail typically. And so you have this is ebersol so and his son I guess that they are involved what is it that he was involved in a man you know. Thinking it out open figuring out what they were gonna do so they're they're they're gonna start their season like the week after the Super Bowl right after. Miserable in their big push is that everybody plays fanciful Paul. They say 59 million people play fancy sports when he million of that group only plays fancy football so they're looking for some that are due after the suitable. It's another start up this league it's going to be. Eight teams I think. And they have not announced where the teams are going to be Sunni ten weeks schedule. The first game in the championship game we're going to be on CBS. The rest with him at CBS sports network and on the app. They're gonna have 60% fewer commercials. Because you can't sell it nobody kicker is that that's probably why. But their big thing it's going to be. Less commercial breaks. The games under three hours there's no kick off a magnet match at a critical list is special teams gone no no Kitna to kick off a little extra point else I mean it's two point conversion play call is going to be shorter and then instead of an onside kick. The team gets the ball their own 35. And it's automatically a fourth and ten. Necessarily hate. Rather than trying to recover I picnic okay that you're given them a chance that to get back in the game four and ten. But they don't know where the teams are anyway Bill Polian. Hines Ward at Troy Polamalu just the talk or all as an ice advisors consultant whatever they're going to be a part of this putt. Push was in the article that I read. There are like 28000. Division one football players and less than 2000 players currently in the NFL that's sort of the appeal that's the whole point. I'm a good quarterback gets to edit their all yet like fives how many are going to be in this league not what you're doing and then. They are there said well you know we're gonna find all the best talent out there late you know Kurt Warner ordered it curt Warner's. There's been one Kurt Warner in fifteen years you're gonna go to every grocery store and finally got the liberal Opel. This league is doomed the only chance they have just like guys seemed they were the ex FL. The only chance you have you're not gonna deal to sell whole league of players that nobody knows he can't do it. You give less commercials who cares I don't I don't wanna watch anyway. But if you can get Tim Tebow Johnny Denzel column Capra. Maybe Robert Griffin the third. Handful orgasm probably forgetting. The next college football star who doesn't translate to the NFL. Whoever that unit there's option quarterback right now or somebody else like that. That's what you need to do if you don't have any of those guys the solid. No thanks it's not it's not gonna rate at SC football with a bunch guys whose names I don't know and who stats I don't care about though who we gonna draft you don't know any of the players. That's off in the only eight teams. There's eight teams. So normally you play fantasy football while there all the ways the daily les or veils but a lot of the yearlong leagues it's twelve team leagues. Maybe ten maybe fourteen but most of her twelve there's only eight teams not so thought that have a quarterback. Are you better quarterback quick why are actually don't have one yet another backup would root for injury let's not work at all is that it's that. Terrible idea and I had no idea this was happening I wrote I woke up this morning so I have ever heard right that you mentioned it to me today never never heard of it and they're still gonna predate the ex FL. The exit felt sluggish start until 20/20. And Vincent got an email to about that absolutely will fail. But this is gonna start the week after the upcoming Super Bowl the irony let's anyway are from now that league is in stark the irony is that Vince McMahon and Dick Ebersol. Had been longtime friends and colleagues. They have co produce things in the past we'll Charlie is a big part of that thirty for thirty. On the ex FL. Ebersol was was involved greatly involved in the original XFL. So now he's going out and competing against Vick Vince McMahon Jeff and both are gonna fail typically ethically it's going to be at an honor him though people are added a dip in Nestle because when the ex FL first launched. Well is that. Poll. Early two thousands. There's a little bit intrigue was on my and that was on him it's the man behind this. The different kind of football he's thrown out some of the rules let's take a look at it and then after the first gamer TO OK I'm done here. Final drive and keeper madness is coming up next Sports Radio W media. Yeah they could keep her madness. One racked up one up directly for medicines he had talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff what did you say it's gonna be like reefer madness. We'll be in a great film of the men with nothing so screw you keep yeah I assure you got. Earnings you. Just strictly did you Baghdad that you. I don't think this is one of the stronger segments and which is was your goal that's a. The cat is pray that one of you dies so yeah. Allred attorney of the blue. Turn your your vision. Being used. Cereal that Tuesday that if it's key for bad this time the other sources say news and train. React there where he was the train I don't I don't really use here at Harding doing that now you would not beneath him Steve Cooper. Any given tasty snacks are not awarded new Helio caught me doing a lot of eighteen Karl Otto think that he would but that if you remember we had. Point eight you don't got WCVB. And you remember we had carrier ring. Went on the road trip in podcast live Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye. And this is where you've got some of this stuff. If you really think about it for a landscape of the way we travel. The way we move in the fact that he you really think of us rotating around the sun at all planets align. Rotating it and that's a specific dates beat her particular with what's going on with these complaints. If stuff like this are you that planet's name quote taken out of line and eighth because everything that they saved or they wanna say that there could pick up little another planet. I don't like four years it doesn't come back there's no there's no concrete information except for the information that they're in the. Had we had a lot of things come back from the moon. Weasley on the moon we come back from saga I know I don't believe that he doesn't he doesn't believe implant carrier ring and then of course he thought our plan that although this what are they regardless what it. That's that that was carrier now this podcast they're considering it even though Robert Jefferson chain fraud no longer teammates but Alley Clifton. But he he's one of the hosts on the shows accounts I have a reporter and also teach him on. And that the some of bribery and so you I don't I don't know if that's right enough I'd like Egypt on him did he is not that. So they had to Jacque and Jerod they have some of the new it'd be different but they had some of the new cavaliers on the podcast recently Jordan Clarkston. And Larry Nance junior. And Jordan Clarkson had so there's no. Jefferson or Channing Frye on this one so it's Alley and Dijjer montage. Jordan Clarkson is the star also whether it's junior and they start to get into some. Pretty interesting conversation. Did my touch has a few things that he does not believe. What you mean. It would tell us what doesn't live and Elvis. Very about an element. Millions of people saw Elvis in concert well over the corner and it agreement about it. Probably but he jamaat I didn't know wins it and get out on Elvis. It is an event. I don't should we it's ultimately those those reasonably well enough I actually do that's clock let's look at it. I did not so sure right. I'm glad I don't live desert well actually so the other thing would be enough what you could really sit down and discuss that but based or to go on the dinosaurs ultimately those those reasonably well enough I actually do. Believe it when I just don't give Luke crazy. Although take Lou left on. Or bust ago little left on this. I had tickets you know what the wood on it for what would have been elvis' next cons. He died of Portland Maine really county civic center I had to get my wife and I had to do that before that yes and I do think you really died. He had a sneaky guy you know well there's that sort of a theory I Elvis didn't actually died he just went disguise for awhile. Yeah month I think keeps had a lot of an uptight about it. I'm not implying that he still alive tossing back and I after that yes today and our anybody died he died Dan. Did say that ticket. Okay casket back and we were two or right while but keep in that is to me that would be worth something. We were worth a whole lot arsenal or it's not about the jets yeah but apparently had enough to go see Elvis just barely Christmas. Our candidate can actually top that story Chris in Arkansas. All dirty bastard that Nate before. He cities of mess that. I can only what exactly surprised at the news an example. I showed how we got stalled since the right. So for us to get so harmful are talking about how he does believe in dinosaurs but misses his dozen dogs well. I showed how we got solved since the Florida. So I think it was because people in the world befall us in like dinosaurs was. These days I. It. He does believe that there is because ultimately they the world a domino like John ID equipment and the life I've. That's our dollar Steve Jordan. So he adds does a great fall here is how big were these people. He Donaldson they got to be decency in him. Mayo or earth where they're both. You think because there are no votes on our Ohio exactly. Why are all the so these dinosaurs. Others like oh this there are but there are wondering why there are there aren't there are no bones for these ninety put men and women to go to the closing totals are ya know that it's that the dinosaur bones exists that the giant peopled bones not so much by DJ monetize curious whether isn't dinosaur bones in Akron. Basketball it's a real thing yeah. Yeah ask him are aware ordered me. Scared that kills. The dais there and it battle I putted that well how are we five favorite to tiger bones of the I Kroger are part I've invited trip tries Sarah tops our way in Kentucky. They're all in somewhere airs on its its its early Jurassic Park. In others there they're losing me here Aaron on the Dow. Or personal he's wrong quick Google search of dinosaur fossils found and alive yields many. Many results. Okay research but so ready V can't find the more seats in the backyard or he's figured out holy to see what these guys are active. You learned about this in science class but like why don't we have are at an all that was right. But this I don't know what we have like there are well we have grizzly bears in Ohio. Well that's funny they got like I don't play guys like I got us here maybe it'd like I don't know. This is even better. Ohio is well known for having a great quantity in diversity of fossils preserved and it's rocks just quit being searched. Any bodies cook it down big news you are. Exists it's that I. Leave them. Elvis they actually believe that person is of ways worked character like. Let's. Come. At. Me. Like I did today. I declared their Medicare your I got I don't know what you're just how you can not beat Sylvia. Played well what about it. Takes such a no I died out and out valued at that we're not like you backed away from this yet another restart I went admitted they built debate not let anything obviously. Accurate or Clarkson onto windows but you just think that there's been there were pets news bits that the 99 people. You maybe people W news politics statins they just do what you. He wait so that bought first victory this for you right he believes in aliens but not an Elvis. Now without him on Taj I got to the heart Clarkson on Elvis he's also on aliens but aliens are just people millions to go around yes they're well a lot of Mike. I'll leave an multi day means they just do. Not exist against Hillary has got to be some votes the other. But he did I don't know if people bully. Something. I don't believe Euro the first thing. When they Lincecum eureka. Those posters think it was a news. In the studio. Jordan Clarkson minding your guy there he is my god I love Jordan actually says. The problem is that we would not be able to hear these clowns on this podcast if it wasn't for the fact that being we are proud. Skewed point of who it is straight up a bit into what did happen. What about that makes you exit. First Brit the flag was moved. God is always leaving again. If you don't log any of that and dad are doubting witnessing. In Wilmington they just need some of the evening and making. I was thinking let me and maybe a little expensive the spaceship that they've landed the busy studying pallets you know. It's easy physics. He just laughed I don't think that David Letterman and maybe a little expensive the space success they've landed the what is she studying Pallet. Firefox. Is really worsened an idiot that thinks he's Smart. You suggested during clerks and I'm just think every person about every single problem that dumb as a stump you Donna also. They've got to be resulting in them. You know why aren't they put it could be that the giant people. That existed and had a giant liberal in the earth but we know that their giant cats would have beaten them through. All I've got to think about it. Orleans politics aliens they just beat us. I think world dumber for having Miller heard all of also leave when they went to whom I think it was in the studio. And Noel that's that's now on out of it that's the great character great players. Much like the under today that's. All good. Ever keep his ethics and it's much that the McKnight in the next month we'll be back tomorrow. Yeah I know we'll we'll work through this stuff Bynum goodnight by. I think it was bigger people in the world the fullest extend life gun salute was these days. First Brit to flag who's moved. Billion dollars and they got beat themselves that you know. I.