Dale & Keefe -  If the Patriots trade up to draft a QB is that the end of the era? LeBron wasn’t a complete douche when responding to Allie LaForce critics.

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, April 19th

Hour 4: The Patriots and Tom Brady have become a national story. In an offseason where they lose the Super Bowl, the media has been all over Brady, Belichick, Gronk, and Patriots more than ever before. LeBron defends Allie LaForce’s questions, and says all the right things in backing her.


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It's. Fourth and final Howard dale it keeps Sports Radio WEEI tails off for rulers pregame that his game for fees and Maple Leafs so we welcome in principle on Chris how're you I am fantastic good faith and I'm Brit is the money our in this in the words of Chad Dukes it really money our IRS yes so this is the most important hour of the day that mean I make more money. I think so great I think that somebody else that's been out my responsible I believe you just said it on the record I think it's the money our riding in a matter of speaking not necessarily financial technically you're gonna make more money can educate our yeah I'm proud owner I'm working more. You are working really the better. I'll get back to us and outside get bogged down to start off the -- our relentless air and that's our don't right now it's like this ilsley you will if you buy food you save on the second one they have I don't know by the second one I seated in port city by another thing that scared I'm working the guaranteed to if so your logic falls apart I don't know if you heard this democracy but Tom Brady has not hold anybody if he's going to be back this year I've heard that he had not written audience to Graham although we posted today. It was sort of like. They don't beat scene from rocky it running indeed we don't even know the person is and we think if Danny Amendola he's running on the beach he looks great yep it's all on her armor thing about heartened will. Which are two very important things. Yes it will maybe not that order but it's really pay Brady is roughly 92% heartened that yes what he is made up of after bella checks mowed the ground and created Tom Brady in 2000 Brian he's built in primarily in a part well does anybody really believe like really in their heart of hearts buy into the idea. That went inward. Find out exactly when and where he's playing all these games just a few hours scheduled release is coming up Markey count already know where they are now when Donna I I don't like spoiler you don't like I have do not follow Jeff Allen's what are known as. I was so upset when dale is getting fast and loose with the breaking news down here to tell you win the patriots were playing or who they're playing week seventeen. Fulani said the exact same thing yeah tells the story does I a just finished working out. I hobbled brags yeah parliament exactly old but that fails it like day to really. I was this is spin class that those you know really what are you at LaGuardia good news to really need to really just hammer home the visual hopping in the shower. A little odd to log on daily key thing on the app and real lab most do in the shower back radio dot com that that's idolized the depth and no sooner hot in here the key here that's stupid sounder and immediately shot off the water and I'm thinking Brady's traded as well retiring crap sold the team and they're moving it to Saskatoon something I think they did it happen we are on high alert right now yeah Brady could retire at the drop of the hat crime could face quitting I dropped my hat they're so. He's great. And wow. I did not I I don't not like that I dead serious people hear that and they assume it is something. I remember right Owen map the last time I heard them play breaking news it was actually breaking news yeah it was that carrier ring was done. Yeah that was worthy of breaking news absolutely and I heard Obama enact a -- to it I felt like we're gonna get something carrier and we need sensor protocol in place like you see that thing when they're watching nuclear missiles and its like all right turned the key in three and one multiple people may be a retina scanner palm print of some ties before that sound you just fire that thing off off off to be honest though it is breaking news from most people. Deem the week seventeen the direction immediately tickets. What's gonna sell off. That's very important that's not the opposite reason that's not a rebound to play that we got the schedule Marie at the full schedule so's our Christmas wanted to get that point out there are pretty you're saying. We're gonna find out what birdies it was a game one of the of the Texan and anybody really believe he's not gonna play no no that's the thing and answer yesterday we went through the Arabs after we and the out of center article out of shippers appearance on the morning show all of that. And it's very bizarre to me. That the best NFL insider would even write that would even say. Paid Brady hasn't told anybody's gonna play and that all the sources that these sites within the story say. They all believe he will play right so what are we doing in three separate parts in that story which is all of like six paragraphs long it out exactly treaties like mark herald story short he failure at six I thought I had around that gap so. It is it's three different places that says that everybody believes that Tom Brady is going to play and yeah I take issue for example and Orion Hannibal tweeted this I made yesterday or the day before something like that. I don't of people believe this isn't just the media driven story line and everything else we all I think anybody has acknowledged. That this offseason is different this offseason there's been tension between quarterback and coach find that is but what becomes a media driven story line is. This end days prophecy that everybody seems to be right bringing this to you because. There is some friction between the quarterback in and coach at a different way there hasn't been in the past I've asked these same questions since this is starting tell me engine bully. How this is going to impact his team. On the field this season and to this point no one has been able to do that. Not a they soda big Brady and prompt that I think these are separate issues now ball below mourn at the little workouts this week. It would be more telling next month when it's OTA's so still optional. But your on the field you're thrown a football around gets a lot different to have Jordan Matthews up their catch and pass from Brian Hoyer compared to Tom Brady so that's. And it different different thing Brady will be there yes I think break you'll beat out Mike an area known. Now Mike Florio was talking about Adam show after its first report in being like real wire we even bring in the stuff up about a potential bridge to retirement. I read the item that was posted it espn.com. And I realize what was going on here. Shaft he's trying to plant a flag chef DN ESPN. Want to. Be in a position where if Brady does indeed at some point. Decide not to play in 2018. Then they were first to mention that they were first to report it or something like it or resisted so far the temptation. To reach tweaked something shifty tweeted. The data Super Bowl. At 5:45 PM. February for Tom Brady tells Westwood One quote. You gonna see me playing football next year I don't envision. Not playing and quo so to each step that we're saying now they hasn't committed to playing in 2018. That's a commitment to playing in Tony eighteen. You could say circumstances have changed that was before Bill Belichick decided to keep Malcolm Butler on the sidelines for all the Super Bowl 52 with the exception of one punt return plot. So personals of Mike Florio who really made a career path thrown stuff against the wall but he's done it a little bit differently now we talked about you know he got kind of all of you ran into a little bit here when his first I can layered stupid funny I thought broadcasting was. But he's got to plant that is the flag on that one with the NBC. Connection is a little bit less of a just toss stuff out there yet but that he believed that that that Adams chef. His words not mine. Just wants to make sure that their first even though they're not claiming that he's not gonna play April apply I don't doubt I think. It's where I come back to media driven story line is again and somebody to in the media and if you have a story that is hot. And there are few things to generate more attention more phone calls on Sports Radio more clicks. Then the patriots especially stories that seem to lend credence and think Al national audience not just us here in Boston beat national audience. This is a eight nation EU football nation it's collectively me getting it's ass handed to it now for eighteen years by a patriots dynasty. The idea that the end of 89 Al or Arnold beat the patriots dynasty is something it's going to drive a lot of attention a lot of I clicks in reaction and it you can move that story for even just an inch even just a little. Tiny nugget like Brady hasn't committed and then back billet with all the stuff that everybody already knew has been widely reported out for months. You gonna story you've got clicks and that's where I think we we crossed we crossed over between. Legitimate. I story about about tension about issues that are happening in the locker room and where it's becoming truly media driven. Narrative and maybe I'll be proven wrong in May be ready will will step aside and retire and then you could play that breaking news sounder needed by Bill Bennett writes now we're getting into that the neighborhood of of the media tried to drive a narrative that is. He need to say that he is playing publicly eighty now he does that's my question because it's become such a circus. When everything that's going on it should he. We take to answer Graham like he did earlier today words just the picture him running on the beach for somebody we think is there any of adult but we have not been confirmed. And it is essentially an under armour. Added even says paid partnership. With under armour right underneath it and it's a whole thing it's. -- Pullman way out Arnold as magical. Park will the whole thing it's very important start but if you're lucky of this and that the other thing. But so he's obviously active on social media he has been all offseason he's commenting on Malcolm butler's posts and and other people's posts. I don't think. He needs to like I don't think has he ever done that like after year ten now guy everybody out the back for eleven like in fact I I am I understand that this year is different. But he's under contract for two more years it's his players don't need to announce all the accurate you know if you retire the guy I want to hear it from his ground because garage is the. Only one between the two between he and Brady it's actually opened the door and an entertainer and Rosen how himself in is a guy asked the euros announces well. The the idea that he may not be back so yeah you'd like to hear some sort of a definitive declaration from Rob Gronkowski. Hey I'm back and when he eighteenth for Brady I think the automatic assumption unless. Told otherwise he's under contract so he's playing for next year he has repeatedly for a decade now. Talked about longevity now I doubt there is this it's tight to the idea. Of his own weblog on gravity are not and he's basically Eddie's coming up MVP season by the way and an herculean performance in the Super Bowl. Everything points to him coming back next season but now all. Then it's yeah I mean probably just to remove even the slightest sliver of doubt sure I never would have said it has to say apple orbit now that it's now that it's been floated out there I shifty. Then FT maybe that would be the worst idea. All I wanna hear much more from gronkowski that you've robbery now what about the reports that Tom Brady is gonna organize his little throwing get together in Montana again this year and rob outhouse will be there. With Julian Edelman at the and means that withered what do what do they what do they have what they doing what they throwing at a clinic getting traded to the same team they're going to be on the best flag football team of all yeah exactly and I Saturday as gonna be dominant I think they're gonna I think they're gonna be back again doesn't mean that everything is great with the relationship between player and head coach like that doesn't mean that's true but I don't think any rumor going anywhere. At least for this year it seems that all these different stories that that pop up. It's like people are trying to go to rip them apart already put that. There have to be best buds they're not to be on the same page with every single thing to not only coexist but be the best team was again on the. So it and they haven't been in the past I mean it again this stuff has been well documented over the years there have been times are Brady's been upset with personnel decisions were Bill Belichick has been second guessed. I this that it's different because of the Guerrero aspect and I think everybody acknowledges that but even. Even going back to gronkowski who last year he supposedly wasn't having a great time essentially right from the regular training camp on 40 July. Going into September he had the best season of may be at his career he certainly in order to healthiest seasons in awhile. And you soggy not to be cliche about it when these guys get between the white lines. Whatever else is happening they seem to put it aside and and certainly. There are questions with the patriots they're certainly second guess is that Bill Belichick defensively with the Butler decision what that defense gonna look like going forward. The thing I'm not worried about that was the offense the offense has been in wagon now more than a decade will continue to be this year these guys figure out. Once they get to the game once they get into a position where they got to compete and win. We have a former patriot when they piping hot take on the patriots upcoming draft and a free Red Sox think it's coming your way next. That's my best friend Chad Dukes. The money our blog in the money area we do on Thursday is in the money our deets are on this time 5 o'clock our money our for the he had dried. It sure is as sure as Chad you make of all afternoon drive host Chad ninth caller right now the 6179310937. With a pair of tickets to see Boston take on Tampa day Saturday April 28. And a parking pass for the Prudential Center garage during free ticket Thursday its proxy by town fair tire and AFC urgent care. Each winner also qualifies for a fifty dollar Red Sox team store gift card. That's the ninth caller right now are two way to separate number giving giving out there that you're not an error supposed to call people that right 617931. That. 09237. If that 931 which is the different part of the tip personally. You do that right now to win tickets are free ticket Thursday proxy by town fair tire and AFC urgent care the Sox and rays Saturday April 28. Caller number nine. Right now I'd mention before Chris and a former patriot where they piping hot hats draft take. One in on that yes let's do it I will tell you the four pictured is Damien Woody. Okay you probably hope for some and had a more recent I apologized lifting it would be sort of sophomore forward chip I know it has and a former lion Damien Woody was weighing in on this and he was on a the television program get up you see this yet. I have not seen get out I don't really have much of a desire to see get out but I have from what I'm from what I'm hearing nobody is is seen does not sound like they're very popular program yet. But sometimes I feel that season two people really jumble breaking bad season one matter reluctantly. Oh got on board as a general policy with the truth you know all due respect to our good friends here it's NBC sports Boston nest in the last I ever wanna do is turn on the television and watch people talk about sports alone may have a darling caught up on a phenomenal things the radio let's find bills pregame shows or sixth yeah I'm sure it's gonna be great and I know a game right -- this is 88 and gave them a writer asked is different game Garrett Eric is different back if it's the actual game then that's fine but just to -- athletes get up first thing in the morning what aficionado about last week where they'll keep the sound as well I would not watch it now. What I would not like we would like lady unaware that a good that's a big media. They would like to be easier now works both ways Keith consistencies -- ones can be good lately agencies and one great regency. Room and I at all emitted through one treated another one I can't remember that I ever remember to show that fell off that teeters on the Catholic different story why do you still show that went from. Amazing can't wait what's next episode two you can't get through two hours this transaction of them and stuff Mac this is their Dylan thanks thanks yeah Jessica Jones. But an onslaught of went on to our peers Damien Woody gap or mention that Damien Woody with a little thought on the other patriots come draft. Keenan now the latest rumor that the team would be interested in jobs frozen. They have fixed annuity is this something he hit that. Wow. Mean you don't have a backup backup plan after numbered so you have to consider an elegant how will say this if Bill Belichick pulls the trigger on this one. It is the end of the there has fought to robberies so long. You talk gotten who knocked all he talked about you want to play until he's forty fountain in the jungle and sportsline and the draft. And the patriots package it was the packet pick would be would think really do. And moved up to go get a dollar bet. You got to want it that's one of their success to create. An open war in Foxboro I could say that right now okay. So. Allow me to hop. All I'll say who who exactly is it so. The end of an era so that the 41 year old quarterback if they draft if they move up and draft. The backup in the successor at the end of an era when. This year next year here for that and we don't know within the next couple years are based gratuitous at all yeah four years ago I was at the end of an era that. In in this aura will. A little hot then I already when they did it. I draft Jimmy grapple of that high when they when they used the pick that high eighteen raised a lot of eyebrows in and start to stir the questions about how much longer Tom Brady about how you can lead to drop charges as we all know the agent contracts out exactly so it did sort of bring that in there now yet. The the immediacy the finality see what he's doing the same thing I think generally the media is doing right now they're taking. The fact that yes the patriots arrow one way or another is coming to a close radios and most media a couple of seasons left but like I'd like ballads are actually talking anyway I grow quarterback Aaron that is that it won't then get put our all actuarial tables say that Brady cannot do this that much longer the one no matter what the football actuarial tables real thick. Like the thing that tells you where these kick the point to go for tip. The chart as laminated narron has pretty good now in the Jimmie Johnson draft card I think what you will about abstract holdovers face that kind of thing I then you get all that it. So yeah I think that's an average trying to make these. They speak about being in those who wants to be first it would put the port O'Connor and wow that would show after they wanted to the first season Don Kellerman has been doing it now for a couple years act elements I wrote this story right everyday at the first got to say it they he said braves play forever. Oh. Okay if your thinking about the draft a quarterback. We still don't know Wayne Brady's gonna be done we don't have a best if they don't draft a quarterback. We still don't know alone now when he's gonna be doubt C I think they I think they will draft a quarterback and they should draft a quarterback and I didn't somebody in like the loop fall. Aerial ladder we yes exactly somebody with those alcoholics second third round and the they're gonna have four picks in the first two rounds so they're gonna have an ability. To maybe get real aggressive and get up into the top ten to get up into the top five maybe if they want to you get a problem isn't it though yes I am trying to give them a little freaked out here a couple of blogs but isn't that number five pick potentially available now John Ellis of the Broncos over five pick is available the patriots could get up there and only do we get there again ain't giving him waits in Russia plus. That this evidence then I don't think that they would do that for a quarterback and he. What are your what are they moved up. Moved up different to get up. Indy grab a quarterback so there's five quarter I would. Four quarter act fight a war. That are gonna go before their concert then I'll Mark Jackson yet and he tried either with one of their own pets right now though I'm probably. O'Donnell Rosen Allen and mayfield in some order. Jackson probably can all go in the first round split four. According to all the mock drafts will be gone before the patriots so hypothetically. And one of those and thanks for the contribution we own if they were able to take that and grab one of those four guys won't won't do well that's I. I'd be I'd love. I think it would be I think it would be sound strategy to keep your franchise and operating at a high level now what are always kind of like going all in for this year. Currently our winner this year anybody out. That you want them to use the first couple round picks and I don't know what tackle oral linebacker or some of its gonna actually help them in the season I mean just to have the I mean in this scenario I'd find it hard to believe they'd be giving away all of their opt for routed top four picks in the first two rounds I think you'd still have the ability to. Sort of address needs but. Everything to me pails in comparison to. Finding that next quarterback any of this sort of the schedule thing does does sort come into play I love the schedule I love the scheduled to. But we have gotten great song for so used to will do the win loss win loss and the 6 o'clock 6 o'clock hour however they'll be excited not about the money but the thing to have gotten used to is I think what five of the patriots first nine games are in prime time. Yeah this is a relevant franchise I wanted to see this team continue to be. A relevant franchise for each decade to come by yes I want to squeeze every last drop out of the Brady era that's finite I respect that but Eddie you also balance that with. Wanting to keep this team at the top I don't want I mean I was kid. But any patriots band will remember and I even remember the is isn't sure you do too. The days when they didn't have five out of their first nine games in prime time the days when every game Sunday at 1 o'clock yet and many of them were blacked out. I don't wanna go back into a situation where the patriots are like the jets. The dolphins the bills. Twisting in futility for decades on end trying to find their next quarter I think that may happen anyway but I think it may be thrown Belichick Brady leave. Doesn't really matter what the fallback plan is and I would rather. It's one of these guys what are these guys he franchise quarterback with a what are your guys as quarterback whoever drafts. Are these guys that you hope are you which orbit it. You don't know who they are because what does that Jimmy grapple as when they travel and I understand that but. If you can find sort of that. I guess is also a trusting Bill Belichick right when they they got aggressive at the quarterback they identified Eumig Rob Lowe ready were aggressive in using a second round pick to get on that and they were right by all indicators as they. Or robotic did not work out a third round so like seven deals don't count like you do it in they actually were pretty good by getting back on Matt Cassel would fare or bringing in the sixth worked out at Christmas it's unbelievable but. Kevin O'Connell Ryan now the third like those guys were terrible but then Gerry Graf blow to sciences monster contract and looks like he's good. They identified him as in the second round the highest quarterback ever picked on rebel sect so I do trust them. Depict the next guy I think this team those good as they are they do you have. Other needs but they just lost their starting left tackle they lost one of the starting corners like they clearly needed to linebacker depth last year so I would like them to. Identify somebody else if they were to trade up if they're just standing pat. And they draft. A left tackle its 43 and Lamar Jackson at 31 and they like Lamar Jackson the great. But I am umpire when that I think if you're gonna be using a bunch of your assets for a guy that won't even play next season. And maybe this season Mac. You are right he's playing in eight seasons. He's played ten seasons from now and you'd still high level you've essentially like a Barbara Rogers asked. He and I don't think something like that seasons I think appear if you're handing things from Belichick and Brady to. Josh Josh McDaniels and Josh Allen you're screw don't believe though that I don't think you don't trust the justice I don't know I don't you think Joseph that and this has been talked about a bit I was talked about wicker sheen's peace Belichick's desire to you. Leave this franchise in aid each strong place and a good place to establish via a ballot check in dynasty of sorts. The way to do that is to draft the next quarterback anything else you do you can't keep them good. The way to keep this team. Potentially delete is to draft the next guy. That might be and you heard of Jimmy Iraq you would rather is Aldo do that then mcdaniels who drought yes Tim Tebow on the first but you would much rather. Obama is available and he is available inflatable. Stop playing for the big into show ponies of Dylan I left that she acts we drew Palmer and Scott about twice he's hitting about 174. Conference the big league pitches that I do not really fair level was investigating bomb grants you you're struggling against other pitchers TO most likely that he has number informed now Ariel hope we see him at the big leagues got an opportunity little. That's David what he says he's going out Nolan yours is that the patriots draft quarterback if they move up and draft a quarterback Eddie Johnson throws and rumor is as bad out there now. It will be the end of an era. Thank you very much David woody for that if they do move it to get a quarterback Tony any of those four guys do you have an inherent trust our missiles they five let's say they they stand pat and use one of their late round picks in Jackson. You have an inherent trust there. Bill Belichick did it wants with Rob Lowe that you'll do it again that whoever they take will end up maybe not being the best of the bunch police B eight Pro Bowl caliber star caliber quarterback I'd yeah I think so they invest a first round pick and somebody they're usually pretty I just I just all of that yet you can say they've had busts in the second round before they've had. I even a first round bust so it's it's not like it's a spotless track record. But I feel like they identify target draft a guy. In the first round at that position. I just sort of default they're gonna hit. So last night LeBron James had a monster game even the series with the cab with the pacers on 11 but the bigger story from that game is actually what happened. Afterwards so we'll get an of that. Coming up next the unease in here for the the final fifteen minutes of dale keeps tortured Adobe media room. This is the final drive portion of the program is cosponsored by air arrest restoration specialists if you manage large commercial medical residential or educational facilities and don't have a year round emergency disaster plan in place. It's time to talk to rich built in our friends at heiress restoration specialists. Log on air a serve dot com to learn more also brought back. Cars for kids and your cart up the child today schedule your free pick up at 877 cars for kids or cars for kids dot com. And LeBron James goes nuts last Chrysler's 46 points ten rebounds six assists whatever the final stat line or people. Throwing people down not getting calls with our president. Is they can't have the cavs go down 02 or a better but they can't LeBron go down 02 that is correct so he does all of that. At home and they still beat the pacers by three sets series is even at a game apiece. But many you may have known or heard by now. But Gregg Popovich and his wife aired passed away. Yesterday and so following the game this has been dead and more attention than anything else that happened on the court. LeBron James during a post game interview with Al we will force in this is on that one. I'm during this game got really devastating news has learned that found that Eric what's hot and it's quite easily have. Close to pop any words or thoughts he'd like to Sarah's hand. Okay. Hello mom and I. That's a tragedy then go home. Belmont resources gold it's a problem as family. That's devastating no agenda. And home. A lot on an NBA family we all together no we don't read every night. Solve this problem I didn't have a good weekend and everything of course record so. Love them some mama well wishes. The mountain where today that was above another man the club never makes a mistake even when you sometimes have. That's why bush. And everybody in San Antonio the whole story. A slam. I saw this. Ron thank you so much free time. So immediately after that out of the forces did cross on Twitter socially everywhere else Tuesday athlete across the Harry Gannett. Ask somebody right after game meter. Break the news school. And get a reaction from just to enhance embed it Somalia. Charging for cigarettes that that very angry worker or from the film necessary roughness yes he was really upset. I guess I have no idea. I don't know that either be the last and I thought about sin that was last time I saw the Texas State fighting armadillos you also Natalee had a an episode of and so a sign of Philadelphia here and Rob Thomas hardly freshman quarterback has good movie he had a year left and eligibility cabinet and down there could move but something he should get across that I did that he is trying to like it. The other that you should be asking is are your breaking the news pushing him ambushing him all this other is it absolutely crushed so. LeBron James who has no conference. Is off of social media he has gold socially in the playoffs this focuses on the playoff exactly. But it's been seven straight finals he must somehow heard. That Allah the force was getting just the cities can tax form part and so he does a video on like the undisputed uninterrupted uninterrupted exactly another all the time yes and here's what LeBron had said. I'm not a social media right now but I was put I was made aware to some friends who takes a better question was asked to meet post game. And a lot of people select go blind sided. Hum that is absolutely pulls out in the floors. Told me that she was gonna ask me the question and and if there was OK and once I started talking about it most rural air. Actually my emotions just kind of took over. Hey and that was just my emotions come mister Kamal are above the late Aaron no problem rich guys please. Get off. Now in the fourth bag because she followed the proper protocol and she wore me so get off our bread man she's very professional. And does she does a great job. So I guess my first. Question out of all this would be do you think that's a good question after game. Yes however don't I I I think they'd what is. Proper of hurt to do which he did which he gave me heads up I think it would have been I think it would have been poor form to sort of sort ambush and their I was also that no one knew thigh. You know Jim Gray did a great job going to Pete Rose that night at city also are seeing an interactive. Eight and the current pop that thing and it came out of nowhere but nobody knew that she was sick you know so I was I was definitely a shock to so many so once that was that bad news came out. It immediately became. The other is the biggest story that's going on right now related to the NBA people were surprised everybody is going to be asked. There reaction for the bronze and outspoken guy who hasn't shied away from talking about. Social issues and things that go beyond just the x.s and knows what happens on the basketball court in any context so I think asking that question that particular player with. The heads up that she gave was a corporate and how long was the heads up a government. Thirty seconds it was right of Korea if thinking of any heads up wise swear. Oprah also does a weird thing where. He act out if you didn't see the video you you might secular saying here but he does that reaction as if as if she's breaking the news to him right there. And so that's why I think she really got crushed even more so bleeding and much of the head and it sounded like Randy got that right and they lived before and I just. I don't think that that was a necessary question that game now we heard of her. Death weigh in late. Hours before the during the game was before the game and he was before running game appearances in their eyes and turn in the news break before though it may have but he probably dad knowing untreated and there you know I just think okay he's. He played for Popovich on team USA pathology was a long time sperm or something and in that. I don't know why this couldn't wait like a good day that this isn't worried awaited day usery asked about in the post game press conference anyway whether it awaited day at the most would've waited. Fifteen minutes but then okay that he has all the ports America gather himself for guys on the ice is a necessary question I wasn't watching that game. Crazy performers by the broad it's for from the start was insane to even the series one want a great team. What looks like it's going to be a great series. And I'm not sick around says oh I won the bronze gonna Sabo Popovich whose wife pat that to me I I didn't need that there but it was on him at that point right I mean he had the opportunity if you want it to to say. No lets keep it to basketball let's keep it to mean it's satellite sheet from what he's said. She gave knowledge and a heads up that said is it okay if I ask you about this or do you want to weigh in on so I was giving. The opportunity to I got back to again this is a guy who. Has sort of epitomized the anti shut up and dribble crowd it means he he goes in the way he talked to an outspoken you know he talks about everything so he was OK with it he clearly still gets a little bit shocked they are he'd just been told about it right this is somebody who is close to him in the basketball world. I doubt she didn't ask about a conceded want to. I don't think I would have been this great journalistic full Pollard is great misstep I mean I host and you're you it's not yeah Woodward and Bernstein where I was her question or water that was like TN TC and you better ask more about this and David Corey partisan. I think at the top spot Caribbean honestly and I am not a LeBron fan I've been on the record before saying that. I did. Like what he did though by saying hey guys back off because they know they were points like she's probably still get a hold onto crap I'm sure you could check her Twitter meant. LeBron that's one thing I like that he you know he said listen like it's not it's not her fault so don't matter and aren't so we'll see we'll see of that that turns around I thought LeBron handled the situation I start to finish I say the same for Al is all the problems Superman I am able Brian I I appreciate LeBron James actually started a fight last night at a bar unwitting Wally about Iran's aims to in the fight no ice among other people I was even alternate the bronze some thinking about LeBron said you know about them on the Celtics is something like I'll get out they said why is noted LSR Barclay I sixty the best player in the league and and somebody else said. He's the best player of all time. A bartender took issue with that and then or maybe they are all out of here next thing you know yet everybody's just shares line around and under centenary mistakes at sandwich. I was as good as got exasperated as our all time on. I wonder I does the the bartender says he said that's player vault a big page they have of winning Easter congress so. A it's terrible game why now I have Brady and Brady patriots syndrome at the same kind of thing until I it eats and proven otherwise now. I think that's what's gonna happen it's seven straight years seven freaking years. That LeBron James is then it has no carrier and this year is been in the fine I know he's got the NBA finals of last armored of that plus cats yeah but then they get smacked around there that's a bit Gaza that was your question I was winning these guys do what needs and it's it's a bad these this season this team is better than that team. Yes better than the Mo Williams Larry Hughes PT. As big an attempt yet. Q was out of of course they get swept and Chris this hour once a while us and we do another hour I don't think we have a choice we do not power I knew it was funny I was thinking how the money out so what the results are and what our what do we call this. All alarm. Less money via our blog post money our keeps last hour during cold and combat to support its excellent 777 at 7937. Order.