Dale & Keefe - It’s not if Gronk comes back, it’s simply a matter of when Gronk returns to the Patriots; Why Belichick’s mindset to always look forward makes him the greatest coach ever

Dale and Keefe
Thursday, July 11th
Hour 2: MLB “Superstars” Mike Trout just wants to play baseball, Mookie is as marketable as it gets and yet his popularity isn’t as big as it should be, kids want to be Kawhi not Mookie. Back to Gronk rumors because last night Gronk at the ESPYs said “I’m coming back”, Gronk on Rich Eisen show “call me in the playoffs”, so we have deduced it’s a matter of when not if Gronk comes back. We breakdown Bill saying you don’t defend a title, you just win another title in consecutive years. What is the mindset of Sox v Patriots?