Dale & Keefe - It’s only a matter of time before the Red Sox bullpen ruins the season; Keefe has a bold idea for how to punish the umpire who stood on home plate for Todd Frazier’s home run

Dale & Keefe
Friday, September 14th
Hour 1: Is it Dombrowski’s fault if the Sox don’t win the World Series? Probably. Cora reacted to the Trump comments about Puerto Rico. Todd Frazier dropped a ball and substituted one that he found on the ground to doop the ump and then admitted it and then the ump blocked the plate. Will the MLB do anything? Probably not.

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They get enough how. It's Wednesday bit of unless you look at six stigma about your birds and I'm not a school all. Dale Arnold 012 pitch from Joseph Kelly alarm is hit by the pit and here comes a time. This site. Back at Richie I hate targetable qualities all that but I think there's more than politics daily and keeps. Mean days on the WEEI Sports Radio network. Hell is going on in this world. First of all we don't get until 1010 that's another story for another day but that's for the show starts they'll have evidently attends almost eleventh and tenth. At home yesterday yes trying to keep up on the hurricane stuff you know shirt watching the news item on businesses and and and all of a sudden I flip over channel five. A terrifying was down there and over north bend over and Lawrence moron there are on fire it was crazy it's crazy watching that and it started out. Wrote what are like 5 o'clock and there are like 678 houses and this is insane. And then what you get up to over sixty at one point that it breaks at sixty to eighty structures were on fire most crazy unit to bring. Fire departments from all surrounding towns that was it was wild there are so for everybody up there it's just so awful awful live close to their close. They got us here it's up there and went home last night it would be churkin was supposed to go you gotta I don't know I mean and so. They're seldom turn off their gas but the minerals to say just get out of there by you if you live in one of those three towns like just get out of their side friends that live up there in May. They were they left they were staying in other people's houses so is just as the wild scene so you had three towns on fire right. North of Boston yesterday afternoon last night. He had joked Kelly trying to set a game on fire so Kelly it was this is his last night what was he doing or this guy just didn't have it and he was out last checked EO we are doing our our bullpen update. Seventh and eighth inning who's gonna over the guy's eyes guy yeah he was like guys guarding Ryan Frazier. On the line trying to make a good price break the real nice here are my eighth inning guy around college it's the seventh inning last night and he looked great and then the other winner Kelly combo. Was not ideal. And that's why you're still thinking when their relief pitcher hits two guys in an inning it's probably a bad start don't wanna see that. Don't wanna see dialogue so Kelly that was gives up a hit ready plunk the couple guys don't walk for good measure he just didn't have it at all. But then the guy who came in after Kelly. Does he start to get an elevator role Tug operator Workman is he somebody that maybe you bring in there he does. As much or more experienced a lot of those guys do the question I have more than anything else is you know depending on how this thing works out. Did Dave Dombrowski fall asleep at the we deal. At the trade deadline heated when we were talking about you know they've got to and a bullpen arm right yeah I get a guy who can command and throw some innings at in the bullpen for them and he didn't. I think he absolutely did I think I mean now it hasn't bit them yes I haven't yet but it just feels without Andrea on one win I mean they're they're rolling and you don't get credit for the kids or pick up the Steve -- pick -- great even evolving to a certain degree he had two good starts at the beginning and then there's the bad starts and maybe just maybe. He can be an effective bullpen arm although I'm a hold my breath on that. I think Portman the most damning thing for Dombrowski. Was right around the trade deadline if you looked at every other contender in the American League. They all add an arms multiple arm yes the Indians the Astros beat the Yankees evened out and arms and they already have guys. The eighties and the Mariners were virtually a one of them will get a wild card spot you'll be easily brought her spot. But they both added arms. The Red Sox felt as though they were guru what they had and that's three go back to the brows ski say at least better than Ryan Frazier and we know vigil Kelly is we got Tyler Thornburg Eric. I had somebody else or some guys I was I was OK it would breach or more than new war yes but the other guys how could you not have question marks. In some cases the other physical question marks okay we're gonna get Steven Wright back yeah how much you wanna newsman relief I don't think you do now may be. If it's a high scoring team in your starter leaves early and you have to bring him in in the fourth or fifth inning that I can see that. Let's let the last couple of nights have been good examples of you really close games late. You want and it does the right pitch the eighth inning but that is a bit of a tight rope action there. It makes me really nervous yen and look I still think they're the best team in baseball I still really like their chances all of that stuff. Opel and wouldn't you hate to see. An incredible. Unbelievable. Epic kind of year you know go up in flames because you didn't have which indeed it is amazing too that the browse the edit this is all him around his career he wins a lot of gains or his team's win a lot of games. He's not afraid to trade prospects and bring in star talent. But one of his Achilles heels has been bullpen. Youngest teams in Detroit really good teams in Detroit you don't want to look at us our rotation how are those ball parents not great fact they'll let him down. In this field like that could be the case if something's gotta take this team down which won their 101 game last night if something's gonna take him down a I feel like it's gonna be the pulpit for awhile there's that well are there some other starters will move the ball had. Right you want drew Palmer it's pitching there would you of all the how many all the I don't think you do. So it's gonna have to be guys that are that are on this roster and ranger is probably even though he has the least amount of Major League experience is probably gonna have to be him. But it can't just be him. But what if if the Red Sox win a series or two. Iraq a look back and say well it was all starters and Kimbrel or all starters and Frazier Kimball Kimbrel but I need another dire tune to step up. And Joseph Kelly. Don't I don't have a lot of faith and it's going to be jokingly. It's the only it's the only part here and we talked about this yesterday that there there a couple of things that if anything keeps Alex Cora up at night one is how much do you place and really don't. If he continues to not be able to hit. And two is the bullpen. I have to learn. Went away and about about Stephen writes a click click and that's are you saying but. Is that really how you wanna do I got the most of the guys in the bullpen RA you gotta look away scenario that the best wedding and that's not the way I saw. I'm looking for how it up in the ninth vote for Cabral and do we still believe that it felt like I had an ounce the over here but my hands over guys they don't got to strap learn. Please go away and it. Yeah that's tough you wanna want eyes on the field usually as a as a skipper but again think about this the New York Yankees have got you know ninety wins. And their ten and a half came spell yeah direct side laugh they got a adds laughter outlet nine whip in that it's like you know that. The American League east could be over by the weekend it by the time the weekend I. I've butter already be over what's the magic number now at five or six slate for for the division even that seems kind of high efforts in authority as a 101 wins this goes to show you the Yankees. Are having a good year. And but they'd be the best team in baseball wasn't for the for the Red Sox released right up right in the mix but yet they have they put the other 11 held a regular season. Everything. That you watch from this team all summer long has been and they've overcome. It'll bullpen stinks but a pencil pick them up and the offense doesn't have they not that it happens often but the offense the other night dozens dozens Corvel one run by you and Doug or David Price or my right whenever they make up for stuff. But to worry about in a playoff series against the Houston Astros the Oakland Athletics the New York Yankees. Can you make up for a bad bullpen yeah that's the thing in in you're saying are able the starters go deep and it into the games. Awards last time we saw that Jon Lester like it at the last couple playoff series and that's just one win yet he had a sweep in there. But how long of of of appearances for reports solo and David Price and drew Palmer ads and decree if Chris Sale that those guys didn't last very long so yet of seeing a lot of apple pan. That's part of it right now I think from the outside he says well the bullpen out so great about. But also you have Chris Sale who could only pitched 26 pitches to Major League team this week. How many innings in eagle on the play how many how many pitches to get thrown on Sunday. 58 like I can't imagine why I heard Alex say Alex told all NF on Wednesday you know they have a plan and got all three maybe four innings. In but the play if I mean you egg that's great yeah everybody has plans but it sure would you on the DL the first time when he got activated the plan was he'll be on the rotation the rest the way that he goes on the DL again. And then the plan was forty pitches that he first 46 the night I'll tell you want to come and get them in the second inning was that. Are suspects in custody you have a game plan and we're he's fit and well most likely three and hopefully for the two biggest news the last game against Baltimore. That's the one that six or seven so we feel it is going to be of them and if everything goes so goes the way we. We've been planning the whole time you know we would line him up for October 5. And there's a lot of you know in between his last start and that starts. That really counts. So Lisa Baltimore now looking at the schedule when I went to learn. Look away and yeah I think that's pretty got to do so his scheduled start is next one is Sunday is they'll set against the Mets. So that if you just play it out the next one would be off Saturday at that point second against Cleveland. And it's finals are actually be against the Yankees the opener of the final series. Now they always move it around but I don't see him pitching against Baltimore so I don't know where he was coming up about one. Yes the restarts. Remaining in the summer games they have that's it you're you're certainly aka the ultimate short address that question is do you you wanna making that third. I mean in a perfect world you clinched everything. That's when you don't start guys or all of the art in April for an inning or two how many innings that he pitch in the and his last start would be the question at parity thought I mean. That's a big I don't think we've got an update on that rate and how how does the shoulder feel right now. After that taxing one inning at Heathrow. Houses shoulder feel I somehow feel that if if their work issues in it and plastered everywhere today and we probably would announce some stuff yeah. May I mean maybe or he's just keep its own self Beasley it's too late in the season I'm just gonna I'm gonna go out there as we heard it before we talked to Dave Dombrowski. A month ago he was saying hey if these games. If if if the statins were tighter Chris still be pitching. My response that is our how effective would be like just it he's out there if he's 75%. That's better than probably what you have. But it's not the guy with a one point 96 ERA is that. You'd like to think. I mean I just that's why he's at right now because he's he's not hundreds not 100% a techsters says all of they have a problem hitting good pitching to nobody had ever. They seemed as they ground but I most major they had everybody out of the top four guys malign it now he wants to the bottom of the lineup is not great prize and Helio has trouble getting everybody yes he does sell get a good pitching bad pitching. The Red Sox as a group. You know have the best offense in baseball period. End of discussion stopped with the don't have a letting good pitching in every place is packed up and Al it's as a home other you know they have trouble hitting good pitching. I'm realizing that now earlier in the year they couldn't hit lefties very well that was the that was a bit of an issue that's voters as well it brought in Steve Pearce and they solved and that as and that has been a lot better. Now obviously in in the playoffs. Everything's better that's just the nature of it you know these teams are batter that's why there in the playoff Iraq as a Catholic all got out of the idea I'm not sure how much the Yankees scare me the way they scare some people they do I asked her how much Oakland scares me the way they scare some people. You want to talk Houston. I'm Whitney Houston scares the crap out of the one team yap and then Cleveland I I would not I don't think that would be an easy series by any stretch and likely won't be tough. I think. Vote the real benefit of having the best record. Is getting now wild card team and so the winner of the one game plan so that the Yankees or the days are gonna have to burn their number one starter. You know assuming that's lined up that weathered and furthermore starter. And then hopefully this is the problem yet and knock on wood that Chris Sale of healthy and then he goes up against the number two starter. For either open or New York that you should be a one on that series and you go from there. In their better them or both going to be sort aligned. It should be guys out the lineup now what are not yet sale is is where you want him to be that is the concern but you what you won't have an issue in terms of lining up your pitching as I said I think the division. It's gonna be over by Monday yeah Monday or Tuesday and going to be over it you're gonna go from there. Even before they fit they face that at the Mets mimic the Yankees there's a three insert the Yankees but that it's it might be the first game of the Yankees that bit Clinton yet sort of thing that the team swings I have a magic number six now. I remember right that sounds right yeah so I figured six and a. I guess the lineup for today not because it is a falls count anywhere Friday that's right rob you cited Russia's favorite that it falls there anywhere Friday fired up he likes this one best they have a weakness there where the TG IF guys that I write on. Heard that salt Michael Irvin will join us at 1130 yes we will talk with him and but that outfit last night. He you know all feel like if you sell it answer like I could not I could not Wear it know how would I analyst so much pride he could sell it in and it looks sharp. We'll talk to Michael Irvin. Are we can review keeper madness to death during their new thirty watts is totally review colossal impact that it it it might take us right to want our life we are everyone yeah so a lot of stuff to get to we will start talking some baseball would you at 6177797937. A lot of football. I DeVon according will join us. Sometime after the top of the hour. Wright's timing is a little soft malaria was the right we're in the world we want to like of those little fluid at the top of the hour. In his third start coming out of the obviously of them that we have this rehab starts when. I felt that six was good the way through ball in the sixth inning was good enough for me like it's going to be Ayatollah salmon. This is you did an outstanding job just keep getting better business college the plan we have right now. Alex Cora. Talking about you rod Eduardo Rodriguez and he keeps talking about his plan he's got a lot of plans and so far I like his plans. I was curious what you thought about yesterday. When Alex Cora talked about the president of the United States now even heat admitted. He generally tries to keep politics out of whatever he does here but the president yesterday for those of you who don't know. I tweeted out that that 3000 people did not. Die in hurricane Maria read people try to make or break out there that Democrats had Democrats Democrats are making up the number to make him look to met him now Alex Cora was deeply involved in the aftermath of hurricane Maria her. At the time his owner in Houston. Put together rate plane full of of aid and Alex was down there he's been down their on a couple of occasions. Trying to help out. So. He was asked and and I am not surprised that he addressed it considering the circumstances he was asked in this is actually before the game. If if he had seen what the president had tweeted out. And out and and what he thought about the president's allegations that 3000 people did not die. And that. You know it was just the number because the Democrats are trying to make him look that 68 team. I don't know you know we will never know how many. Now how many coming with us I hate that people make a political issue at this a lot of human beings and people that went through. Is they know what happened. I mean. It is chorus that jokes. He did not trash the president and we've heard other all no no no not at all because I don't respect the right news point that I have respect for me the president has stayed so he didn't go. The other Steve Kerr or Greg pop culture now where you could eat antique. But he but he did it and he's right they were making it's about politics that. 3000 people or right around 3000 people the governor down there said 2975. People have died well it was an independent. Report. A supposedly independent yeah I was more recent enough that Milken institute at George Washington university at the government's request went down there. And the governor has raised it from 64. To close to 3000 and then you have the president talk about eight to sixty or six to eighteen. Now all of that is 3000. And it put like put just using his numbers that only talking about it as though they're trying to make him look bad and not really. Related at all to the people down there Alex Cora who is a native of Puerto Rico and as we said has been there on a couple of occasions in an attempt at to help out in the aftermath. Knows a lot about the country and and that demographic make up. Our population 90% of our population our elder elderly you know it's these old people just put it that way and the effect of September 16 the rain and the queen's and whatever happens. Maybe. Eight in Kabul that. But the after effects people on top that. And when you have food your water no communication. No medicine. And is. And they're not talking about that today freak out right people died right it's a it's a long term effect you enough power for a year basically right. Rob but as as Alex said if you're if you're in the interior of the country and you can't get out and people can't get to you. And you don't have food in you don't have water or your elderly and you don't have medicine and you can't get to your Madison right. And you die did you die as a result of the hurricane I would say you did. Thank you thank Larry and it makes common sense to me right but if you talk with 3000 people lost. Why you know why. It is because of the working that that's that's why and then I guess are of trump strides play semantics whether it says well these laws that you know it was. The first day of the storm these people died that fit your normal generally don't you count your only try to make me look bad that that's what does make sense. Alex won on the talk about. Specifically. The president's tweets yesterday. To be tweeting about 3000 people and be efficient and essentially disrespectful. Far from my country we see it that way I know probably doesn't feel knowing how to say it and Matt thank you for openers he went on there. He did what he did. I hate talking about politics all that but I think this more than politics. I don't know how he could have handled this more respectfully than he did he was out did he was asked at his pregame press. And availability because the president's tweets that can out an hour or two before back. Alex is a native of Puerto Rico had been involved in trying to help the people of Puerto Rico. As I said his owner in Houston put together a Jumbo jet full of stuff. That Alex was part of flying down to help you watering and all that stuff. And and again wrapping this up on Cora. And the respect that he has for the president. And how I don't think he could have handled it better you can hear this part. There's some other countries that really suffer. We still in a UC EC. There is forming now everybody Hispanic. Now. He's not easy by saying one thing for sure I'd tell you guys before. One thing I'm proud it's like we we stand now on our on our own two feet. Do we need help we don't we know that might we've been battling through it we know where we where will we will be there. And just a matter of time. It's now it's is that it's a little bit of college frustrating that the topic keeps coming and coming common. Wasn't quite nicely you know and I respect him now he's a president of the United States might add on stuff that he says. He says he respects them he made it very clear is the president United States even thanked him but developers governance and for further for some of the help that they have given to Puerto Rico. He does all that but you notice the headlines yesterday bill corps says. President's suites disrespectful. Which he did today. But what he struggled much of other stuff is like very complimentary of him are who knows that he means that all may be does breeze very complimentary Heatley wanna go down a political road but he felt it important enough to discuss it in to answer the question. But a lot of people are just seeing the headline itself and on guys this respected. The president the now not true. What he's doing is he didn't like the tweets because he's he's claiming that 3000 people did die we're als or probably is a pretty good sense that yes that is the case. Here's what I I think is a fairly safe bet. It may well be that will never know the exact number. Did MIT I think it was entered into a report here's what I feel fairly safe in saying. It wasn't eighteen. It was not eighteen now and anybody who wants to say it was eighteen is delusional. Yeah right now if you wanna say well why did they die what was the reason what happened I can tell you the desert as a result of the hurricane. More than eighteen people that. It was a horrible horrible storm they needed help this so to say that it's just. It just a Republican vs Democrat that they is is insane and that's of course point is to lose like this. To sort of politicize the loss of 3000 people. That's a real shame and all this to people are picking sides and you know if you're if you're on presidents from side yours say well they're making up the number that if you're not yell especially on the other what Democrats are making up a number mean to make me look bad. As as Alex said he generally speaking has tried to stay away from. Politics and and I understand why sure I mean I understand why any professional athlete. And and start with Colin capita in work you're you're now aren't enough power on people ran out wise no matter and what you say. Half the people love you have to people HS. You know half the people think your your great guy half the people think you're a moron you've got no way to win now at all I I was somewhat surprised even answered. Yet set to get is how that's how important it is like this is not one that you could really dark you know and as someone from Puerto Rico he he felt like you wanted to. Make his case any did it as you point out as respectful as possible. When this is any time a professional athlete manager head coach has been asked about the president. Some are certainly more respectful than others this is like the most respectful effort. He disagreed with the tweets as of some similar view it as he's the anti. Donald Trump I don't RC at that point is that's not what he did before and after that in some. This is the president has states irrespective an even give a thank you in there. What to say that this is just the Democrats making it look bad that's why he's saying it's disrespectful. I was surprised he went there the reaction as you can imagine. Turk is next I mean or people who at a time the people who are on the right of the political spectrum. They Khaled scores and the people who were on the left of the political spectrum say at a boy Alex says stick up for your country. He was actually kind of trying to thread the needle between the might he kind of was but you really can't think as soon as he opened up her mouth a lot of people are gonna pick sides and and assume that you've also picked sides. You know but just the vote number and then turning it into it a debate like that when it's it's not just the number you know is these are these are. 3000 people out of that have died it is just another example of you know research company coming out within answer. And then the responses fake news well I guess is that's what we're seeing and the irony here is that even members of the president's. Republican Party. Yesterday said now like I don't think the number was made up no I don't think the number was faked and I know I don't think the number was trumped up by the Democrats to make the president look bad but needed to scream fake news and then you know. In all it's got a spot I was surprised Alex went there I thought I handled it as well as he could get glimpses of it I'm glad that he did. I let's get to the calls that you guys 6177797937. Mike is it will bring campaign Mike I don't. I'll do what I did hear how you got great migrate. Abby two prominent and a good good good good good in her I just wanted to make a comment on I'm not cars as. A fantastic job he's done this year without a doubt need not deny and that the only one week at site that I can act like 90% of the gains. This year and only wanting packets he had the problem is pulled the trigger around on that starting pitchers when he doesn't when he should do that when he shouldn't do it. I think they I think you. He kind of gave way to poll after poll Astros weekend at Fenway baker one. All three of those game I don't know why would not let price and he was blown buying a gave up a run but. I think he was don't bite to eat you look at used in the air and Andy was it was you look and again next time. So Mike what what would my hope is there. Is that he's just more make it sure these guys are ready to go come playoff time and if that same scenario plays out in the playoffs you'll see. A starter go eight innings orbit what do they needed a complete game I think he's trying to. Make sure there is healthy as possible that's my only gas. Right but I didn't look like just look at last night in on the engine and and that again going to relief and evil told joke actual chemical and and AG use I mean right now the bad I mean I personally it was me and I'm not an old. Played baseball culture anything out but I'm I'm yelling at tedium like Larry Hackett hit I got here you dirty it up or hit equity lock somebody that you hit people right. Yes that was the question in my eyes and I think they'll might have and to Rich's point. He doesn't really care about the wins and losses here he cares about trying to get guys break out you know let's see if Joseph can work his way out of this I mean Stephen Wright gives up the bloop double and then walks a guy the other night first and sat nobody out you think it might get him out of there he's now I yeah he's got to work this out. Yet he he he loves our local factor at Seattle game was being raised RTE let him out there in game you know he gave up ten runs. He came back and won fourteen and everybody how long you're keeping guys in here you get an up and runs. I think I think though you'd have to admit that some of the managing moves that Alex Cora is making right now. He's playing with house money when they're I mean long term gap and and it belonged to he's not worried about. You know clinching a playoff spot parity did that her thank Alexander division that's probably come in pretty hard early wins got that I got the teacher meet what he's worried about is is making sure that when they hit October. They've got things sorted out as best they can making sure guys arrested properly smoky best and plan last night. Because they're they're trying to work all this stuff out and even in the case of Joseph Kelly I'm sure he's thinking look. If I pulling the minute he gets in trouble. What do I gain here you know I get a game that doesn't mean. Any forget that does mean something on the playoffs is glad decided after watching Joseph Kelly pitch now for awhile and his Major League career. The guy either has it Horry doesn't I guess you could set about lot of pitchers but it's very clear with him late Feagles up there a cute find the strike zone. I don't think all of a sudden he's gonna find it so warm somebody up we have Kelly at that attack right away he had that great and if he doesn't get them the hell out of there. You're right last night you can't do that last night is say let's do we got from but a playoff game you better do it you can't let him. Walk a guy hit two guys and give up a hit. Without recording an out UT EU can't have that but I sort of don't I'm not gonna freak out about because it's a regular season game against the Toronto Blue Jays were ever attended a half game lead in the division but playoff time you can't allow that. I liked the way he's handling things this month you know where he can he can say interest just that's okay were fine right. Playoffs are already done divisions close yeah. Probably the team record is probably you know gonna happen here as well he's not worried about I don't I don't speak to Houston Astros this weekend. Now but he although I think this is the masters series of the little bit more frustrated to be. Because that was one where like you could see some of the things from that series play out. In a playoff series and it doesn't look at the route thoughtful talk to Michael Irvin from the NFL network at 1130 hockey for madness had known thirty is our week in review. But a lot of stuff still to get to with you guys. He has a never ending scorer and where to no avail. Ichiro got everything falls guys were from so there are times. Especially you know. Barry Petersen and I'd like to be the guys who don't always like the officiating in the NHL and to serve at least the guy who defends the officiating in the NHL on a regular basis. I'm probably not as big a fan of referees and umpires and that it's as affiliates I hate almost all of them. So there was a game last week Mets are playing the Dodgers. Todd Frazier doesn't all that gets fouled. Over but near the stands Alex verdugo fouled the ball. Yeah I first third base side light front row so Todd Frazier dives into the stance. The ball he drops the ball. He sees a replica ball. Sitting. Like you know let let an eye on the ball and rubber baseball facility in the front row picks it up any holds it up like this in the umpires call for a lot of holding real ball a bit like a and then dug rigor but though this rubber ball is gloves showed up on the rob Bartlett data. And that eagle and so he runs into the dugout that talent teammates about it and what he did too was rather than thrown out on around ot get thrown out back in the eye and say hello. So I can imagine and they were but so this for the game in LA so the Dodgers fans had to be freaking out that all of there right ball well. Think that's out but so not to fool them and that he would he would let's see that's that that is a minute later on you're all moron if you admit values the news of of the more on performed don't it ball trick though soul they wants so the umpires not the same umpires on shore. Keep you told me had a chance that let you know last night so I closed this was absolutely bizarre I'd miss the story before sided play catch up and I found out about how last week. He told the crowd fool the umpire and then admitted to fool the umpire which apparently really fired up the umpires just. All does this cold the umpires and so man. So Tom how in the was the home plate umpire in the last night that was not the umpire. When you have guys that rat that's a brotherhood it's a fraternity it's a bunch of losers it's a top Frazier smacks a walk off home run. And as he rounded the bases here is on his way home. Halloween this loser standing. On home plate he's the umpire he is standing on home plate at play and act like he's blocking the plate he's closer than any other teammate they'll hold dugout it's clear it's a walk off the balls in a walk off everybody can burn out there you jump on the plate even if you're a terrible team like the Mets. As it becomes Walken and he got he only has room to put. Like that front half of its foot on the plate at any kind of jump sort of what went on Allan what are what are what if we had mold over Hallie he shouldn't have. I need to lower the shoulder article on full speed lower drop a shoulder to the plate. Your days on the game's over and I guess you have to make very touches home plate but don't be it -- off hard apps like this guy. 100 fight Todd Frazier. You don't want the fight what does he do not Frazier at the last lap before the umpires everywhere they smacked the walk off home. This from. The video on espn.com just clips from when he goes first of all I really celebrate so MLB tweeted out a home run unending and screen shot yet of the actual at the moment he's trying to touch home plate. And how in his blocking the plate. What a loser. What an incredible loser this guy should be suspended for the rest of the season. I wouldn't admit I am I back my number I never walk that back now that's foreign presence of the add to that a flood hit a little harsh well I have no problem with suspending him for the death grow things and how much does it have left anyway it's. Oh yeah I mean in but just and they don't give many playoff games were I don't know all the playoff system works or or one. What is he trying to do it but this the other day are you rewarding us for how wraps and umpires often think it's about them owes us everything. The street believes that these guys think that they're that people are there to see them is ridiculous if you have a problem Todd Frazier talked to Todd Frazier about it Nicklaus and you'd probably should have done that that it you'll hidden ball trick you need to show us up like that it did it how to talk about it but don't wait until the game was over its. Steve on the plate like absolute Shumpert. By the way if you're wondering about the Tom valiant Mets thing. Earlier this year remember when MLB released the video of Terry Collins and Tom how Ian after and Ellis. Yes no us and our guard was ejected from the game for throwing behind a batter. Day they released the video which you know had about 5000 F bombs and it. And and some other things and ultimately MLB. Required that the video be scrubbed from the Internet because they've got at. They've got an agreement with the umpires association that this stuff wouldn't be out there. So this whole argument that was viral for awhile and everybody was listening to Tom how Ian and Terry Collins. How it's got an issue with the Mets anyway. I guess so I mean but that was actually look at that video or talk brought up that video. I like the video being out and by the way there's an agreement. That that video can't be out there than they should put out. Darn glad that's true but still so now he's got he's he's upset Todd Frazier that a year that has upset Frazier all now know that ray golden ball don't know my point was simply that Italian in the Mets have had issues already this year. He's the one who ejected in regard the throne behind the batter. Terry Collins went out when not Sodom so he's had problems but it you see this screen shot of of this picture of he's blocking the plate now and it. But that I hit the jackpot now asked Tom how in what a loser inside and out. This afternoon jackpot now flights without somebody had a little bit more extended so it's not just the screen shot it's also not be MLB can't. Where they just edited as soon as he touches home plate. But it's one where he stands his ground steps on that freighter kind of looks out of it then goes and celebrates with teammates but it's a fairy awkward exchange as there late. He's Khaled ball and up what you fight them got. How in the could get out of that. I I I. I think yes the answer for this at some way you'd like to think that rob Manfred would make yes answer for it yeah I'm sure it in if there had been a pool reporter who'd been able to talk to him and you can't do that Major League Baseball generally. I'm sure it would have well you know I have to make Sri touches home plate. By blocking. I've never see that that's never happened before you know it was a most of the plate. He left about it literally like a force like wearing chip block that bit Frazier could touch and literally. Frazier would have to go through the umpire you just take one more stat yes. If he did that I don't think he's in bad trouble at all. He really he would have banned by thick catchers are allowed to block home plate anymore at little of that fire. And hit and run how did you had 23 Mets yeah jump around home plate. Thank you got Tom valiant blocking the plate you know I'm only one degree separated from Todd Frazier. Todd Frazier was a yeah he was a and a cousin no so the young golf how Little League dale which was on my little league of course two years after senator that was that the Lee get chucked out of her Babe Ruth up Edwards got. Got Everett they know all about yields on two years after I was a golf town all star of the dostum also our team was in the east regional finals. Against none other than Toms River New Jersey. And Todd freaking Frazier and Todd Frazier beat them. Is the problem walk off although of the B umpires on the plate as he's running home home but. That'd that. I'd doubt that you do. Well there ago we got some baseball. There you go I've got for other baseball. Ring any bells. That it does. You. Don't like them. Well I don't grow a little long time what does Eric Chaney so that's true that's that's commitment if it couldn't finish my character. Are your ass definitely jackpot now for stereo home plate trying to fight Todd Frazier I just I wanna know how I just the amount of Major League Baseball will do anything. To Tom how you know they cannot justify. All they have to him linger and the blocking the plate on now listen I think Frazier was that the not all I love all and all motherland the greatest trick herbal not that he does all cavity admitted I don't say it and then you make in the umpires looked like it yeah that's like a magician telling you how he does yeah you know I don't. It's yourself a way to talk it about it you keep the keep quiet about it you might be right. It's. And so you can. Did they want to see who is that the right and I I play eggs and I didn't go to the Batman O. Yeah. The guy. Bullpen that night at that moment and I think the movement no wild night. I think Terry called complete Chris pad and a biopic a puppy sounds just like Chris. It's and so you have to sound like it did the right now. Yeah. On the they don't want them. And relax. It's just that led to what if series game after all what do Frazier. Now what it Frazier had stepped on his. He was hit every right and Italian goes down you know like he's against a brick like he's taken a Mick Foley a yacht mr. sock and I'm. That's what is best for what you look at those looking to get out of that. What was his point. Was trying to do I don't get it best if there so Fraser socked a home run. What goes through Tom Allen's mind it probably has what fifteen seconds for Frazier to Trotter on the bases. RF and he's like you know what went for a show this guy out who just walked off with a win and what are you doing now this is this is similar to. When I was saying both Serena and the chair umpire were both wrong to varying degrees yeah Frazier got a shop. You've just made the alms looks stupid don't talk about but that doesn't make sense for this and they're like no I'm just out now the umpires and Sam really you're gonna make us look like moron I saw what they really. That is set at every other aspect outright ridiculous statements I've not been. Motherhood thing isn't it already done I did it should budget does it matched I don't know that by the white. Right so. But what that with a way to give them the way you're Burnham is a pitches three inches outside the highway. Like that they get them not you know when challenged him to a fight. Right after it's a walk off homer at that point the ship is sailed if their if you want to talk to Todd Frazier wore. You know say so did to them personally that's fine he probably showed. But to the to do that package as he looks like you're quite known. This articulate there's nothing about. Tom Alley inside an excellent. Yeah. Ribs sticking up to the players out there to see the umps. Got I'm he's got a good strike out halted on the urgency. Fair or foul whether myself sort our our Twitter followers speaking of strike call. Tweeted out the video to us a YouTube video of Tom how Ian making himself most of the game again. With the strike three call on a yankees Oakland a's game always here as the one of these is the real showman all alternate shot and I'm about video on Twitter and this is Tom valiant. Okay Tom we guess. We've really bright throughout its. It's. Really. And I heard himself make in this call RE dot I Betty did a based right out the showdown they pulled the groin. He really that's a full body punch out. Down god see if your player to get to see that a married man. Couple of us would a full one ET on that. Is the best club fired baseball history Fred drove it. It's a great subplots of he guided everything that day they get them on the game save the queen at the full day for a tournament. Nobody at the reforms don't think people get them if he's out even at long time ago that indeed on the rail list of good comedy sequels dissidents. The call. We've gone through and half but if I am willing to suspend compound in for the rest of the season I'm not willing to put him behind bar well okay have a media that have a medium somewhere what about no playoff games Tom I don't know product out there absolutely playoff games Ed ends. And yes the right Todd Frazier an apology letter of at least yes they can write a letter that we all get to see it in yes the mean. That's that's arriving and community service. This is this should not go lightly bouncing. Yeah. The victim rights. I. The old theory that it did. The. Don't I love their cause that's what I know I think it's right. Tom have been handled himself the Greeley weld that he was great then. Usually he's glad that it is there everyone. Terry does the little gasket whose every thought he was great to have some surprise that this guy would would stoop to this level. The jackpot. I said the jackpot all right. He looked like an idiot like and hock yeah you know and how actively with the big guns out a slide down. A parent know what the equivalent would be hidden in football late. What was who was the the NBA ref. Good guy running in front of proper for a spikes that went running right troubles I. Thought what we're doing tonight and killed. Well Joan Crawford would was nuts Tim Duncan he hated Tim Duncan that's what about God's sakes it's like it and I don't say a human being already hated him he hated his guts. That gathered athletes and NBA ref that try to make it about them they get involved but this is taking it to a whole new level which you don't seem like the big. I wish Frazier just steamrolled and he he yeah come close I mean. He touches the player that arises just aren't my sort of like bumps yeah they are not running into homes just sort of made contact and then how you and you know steps away. He said. He is an absolute though.