Dale & Keefe - It's the Money Hour! Marcus Smart it still a "top priority"; Shannon Sharpe weighs on Lesean McCoy

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, July 11th
Hour 4: It’s the money hour and Eck calls out the baseball purists and says just let the game change. Marcus Smart still remains a top priority for the Celtics. Shannon Sharpe says a whole bunch of things that no one agrees with about the McCoy allegations. The final segment is full of amazing calls, two of which got the plug pulled.

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Yeah yeah. Well how are they if it's the bunny hour or broadcasting from our Old Dominion freight lines that appeals to those at Fenway Park jumped mosque is in for dale today. You know what it's been going so well John what does that revolt there until six point five. I know when I'm willing to see that and raise it and take it one step further off although we do it again tomorrow yes. The things that know enough about to hear him do the game tonight I got it on the game. Where do Red Sox gave the Sox Rangers Chris Sale will do it lives we'll do it lives of tomorrow will be back to a clock but still. The rest of the show here to go get your phone calls coming up in just the moment but the stories we talk about and don't even a little bit last night in the broadcast. Is it baseball game where it's going. Dan Shaughnessy whose baseball hall of Famer for heaven's sake you had an article where he was going through how Britain Red Sox are. But how big team is and has so many issues. And it seems like you're getting people complaining about baseball now. From all sides. Yet some people who just aren't interested they say it's boring. And yet the terrorists getting a little upset about certain things that aren't the way they used to be the right outfit they get. The had a hard time making people happy if so this was during the game last night on NASA and they sort of get into that yours then attackers. Fascinating to think of. Or you sound like you know. Mr. Carter has this is this is life Steve this is going to pick the game has right now yet. And you got to accept them. You have to accept. So soon you know talking local game is plus starts what you consider. A high caliber site. Is pretty much six innings and did. So we need to get over it and that's why they have eight then pulled its. So we're gonna get over it wouldn't get. Get over it takes us older guys longer. In the background just on sale right here. So there's a couple of different issues and there so there's the strikeouts. And then there's the other pitchers don't. You know pitch as long as they normally do those those are the strikeouts. Strikeouts are up. I think even in the shots article tucked but they're gonna break the record for most strikeouts again or whatever the consecutive year. But no it's also up is home runs. It would you Wear what trade off to you want you want less strikeouts but also less home runs in just about nice nice singles so yeah yielded more action. But people clearly like the home run and the Red Sox and are good example how you know their ratings are up from last year. Part of that is they're winning but guess what they want a division last year to. JD Martinez is his new rule they did that David Ortiz a year ago who would it would always had a bunch of home runs. Hope roads are good and I think the unfortunate trade off is less balls in play because guys don't care they strike out three times again. Yeah I mean if I had to give back some home runs to cut down on strikeouts I'd do that heartbeat in just in terms of I'm baseball because. Like you know the project she stepped it was quoted four minutes three minutes 45 seconds average that's all time. That is a long time to have nobody on base and it's sort of like the old tennis argument you know is it more fun to watch rallies largest cases and it's more fun to watch rounds you know and so baseball to me is the same kind of thing you want guys on base he wants deals you want. Action. And all run is and it's just temporary tax but the all the plate in Althea bit misleading because they're not all equal we can you could be a home run or Trittler the first that ball and if you're keeping track of a ball in play. Out rather take the home runs that it there's other ways to tweak the game com I'm person knocking. Complain about strikeouts but yet that that's part of the game but there's a lot of runs. I just don't think okay get a couple more old duck snort singles in the in the shallow right. I'll trade those for home runs every time I'm trying to figure out when strikeouts became so devalued who have we became so desensitized to them that we just don't notice the used to be. If Pedro struck out ten. Greek yeah yeah agents struck out a lot of starters it's our time yeah now for sales sticks out thirteen and eleven or fourteen when our votes all the time me and David Price a terrible start the other starting at nine strikeouts. His bat immediately nineties you see that pretty regularly. That guy's still pile up strikeouts but he like what hitters. All with the key members whether they you know Tony Gwynn or weight loss or guys like that would never strikeout no moral point of pride. But that's over the big hitters but it was runner on the steroid there or some of the big hitters who care expert now. Mustard on a and I think you can live with the strikeouts for those kind of guys it's the Jackie Bradley of the world's. Who don't hit a lot of home runs or at least for the most part and that you're not you're not well you're under the bargain like your job growth there they strike out at times it feels the fifty home runs the Soviet figuratively if it 200. With less than one homers you're still straighten out a 150 times in the year. That's fair argued that both both at the problem baseball as Jackie Bradley Hughes of the Johnson off. And that's that's a rough paraphrase I don't think that's exactly what I said. Obvious question are getting into his baseball. Are they going to be better or worse of the same from where they are right now in fifteen years and then apply that same question. To the NFL. They get it better worse or the same. In fifteen years that that's on the table or you also. Markets Smart and what's going on win and your means it restricted free agent. He has beat top priority according to any gains that knew from today. But he has not gotten any offers that we know of a couple of teams that apparently have shown interest. Did Griffin the the former cavaliers. General manager he was on the Jeff Goodman podcast talking about market Smart. I think it's a little different with Marcus because I think Marcus understands that organizations. Fairly well and he knows what they're all about and I think. Again spiritually market is sort of identified as as those. Emotional center of that team sort of balance of that team so. I don't think it's quite as profound situation because he really does understand it I think what becomes really meaningful for Marcus Smart. And he's I'm sure his representatives. Have experienced this as well a guy like mark is Smart is only. Truly valued and appreciated on teams that are playing for something really meaningful. Because in the absence of that you're gonna talk for more about what he can do to put you into relieved meaningful moment. But once you're in really meaningful moments all you talk about the things that he does to enable you to capitalize on the moment. So I think that's. That's the issue he runs into there was no no cap space to begin with. And bad teams with cap space are gonna get it to a guy who can't really beat a great extent of who years which is just the natural winner. You know your four years that markets Smart that your team that is still hoping to land a big player or tool in the next offseason and it. You make a lot of sense that looked at it reports that there. I think it's obvious. He has but it seems that markets Smart his agent are haven't really hard time out there it's I don't know if they actually are because they seem to be willing to take the qualifying efforts that they seem to think on some level to recognize that. The heart of this and a state of the art disgusted or that way and he told Jack it all right after they lost the playoffs than he's worth more than fourteen and I mean that was before the market had been sent and once the market was that it was like oh yeah in and so the story that came out that he's willing now to accept less than fifteen million. Good thing yeah dec yeah that you're gonna find fifteen million total right now it's just the Waco does have to be. But going for him when you see what Evan Turner made Helio when he made those guys are Nazis but there's timing that you know. On restricted free agents they were able to go up there and cash in even though he's a better I'd I'd better more valuable player. That either of those guys are. Yesterday we talked about the shot quarry. Our stores it seems story there so odd today guy yet had to hear what she had sharp that allows them. Giving you remember it being an embryo with a little bit LeSean McCoy evidence that it. Which he got into it or his group got into it with some of duke will be fault it's bill Barr. In Philly in building now there is also the lid is a bit bit zero party below us. Am a female we didn't want war with Romo hurt you know and lately you know so what would doubt emitted by the close champagne and they live off that wrist. And now this situation. At some point in time. The sharp McCord gonna have to change the way he goes does business or change the people that are around him because he's gonna start loading the benefit of the doubt. And that's not a very good thing it's almost like. OJ was Winston James wisdom of loft the benefit of the doubt for you know it was Shawn McCoy go to start if this is skip a bit of all mobile. Now beat beat beat him to grab pole the way apple also attributed have been taken that. But this is not a very good look monopolies are double what bullish on the court but from the in a failed to cut bait. Take these issues very revered series since 2004 and I don't wanna get too well this is worth to re right this won't work great are great hard. Domestic violence football in one basket all the say. While there's a lot of men and agree lots unpack all the macro weakness of the NFL takes this stuff really seriously that ridiculous that you know how it's not a good look foolish on in the NFL that's the issue it yet that's the prop about a woman whose faces like beaten to destroyed. And so he lost the battle it out he had. Yeah its program and that change the people around him how but he takes some personal response that you wanted things and then it if what is being alleged that it is true. It's everything it's it's easy woman beater a child beater a dot Peter in this steroid user they're all about one post but if that's true it's all on there or. You know what. What is being you know from the information that's been gathered at this point they're still looking into it. About how it may not have been him. That caused this damage but it was somebody that he instructed to do yet at the rate for Ruth which is now I mean we knew invoke rake her route. Yes you probably shouldn't be playing football and oh by the way Rick for Ruth. I think is eligible to get out of jail this October yet. He's the staircase that Netflix I did it finally you've recommended tablets that'll so that guy the main lawyer or Michael Peterson yet also represent recruit Nokia small world. It's like Hitler no we got through before their deals moving forward. Ali Rossi and not others with mr. Ross. It up like I did not hear dale spoil all spoil the pants on the porosity Meehan bill we're talking about the staircase in Rossi was an article I don't want that you know wants that. At any like. It's a prosecutor willing to leave the room without the Roman with that this blah I'm not gonna do it at that he's something. That it's a thirteen episode on it didn't hit revealed until episode nine if any at. All. And disappointingly I heats where was he when people Tommy is twists in the movie your wait till the end or anything so all is very costly he sees a lot of stuff in. Sometimes I want season and so we'll talk with dale and it needed a win at all and how the dog and I'll see you later in the majors that you've shrunk and you crawled under the main you know button and a and in deals like oh he says this I don't want to spoil it for anybody out wants it but he says it's huge revealed it's significant in any goes. And he says and that's the that's not a spoiler on it even watching it. It's gonna happen in the first two episodes O'Keeffe media there'd. So there's my wife and the talented good I'll teach you what an odd and are not I wouldn't and I told her after once it passed that I was like this is ridiculous that dale Thomas moment you apologize after he'd do it right he did it. You know let that one well without it stated yes oh. Yes. No no on the roster and at the Pentagon and you have got to work that is known both that is speakers and again headphones. Are fine fine line Arnold evidence that that. As well it's interesting. After the first hour they were great. But you're just talk. It this way it. Money our. On Sports Radio guy. Money hour we have a bonus money hours outside that revealed today on Wednesday to keep and to mossy note deals today feel the rest of the week with dale fans here or not he will be back in on the Monday let's go back to the other phone calls shall we Ron in Westfield looked up and run. They got quite go on doing great how are you. America first and longtime nice. Yeah how about if we can look batters in the batter's box out as well. Yes that's what they try to do right that it basically that is the rule but they don't really enforced now. You know if you get David Price the quick pitch would be worth every penny whether you pay him a lot with the equipment you know what though the batter's box thing is a good example of baseball players being so resistant. To change hands. I was there in spring training in 2000 whatever year it was when they said they were gonna started forcing this. And David Ortiz we could not print a single word he says it was just. Expletives upon a accidents upon acts lives just. Non stop you know this is an affront not peace but this is the trap and now this is. This is the worst thing that baseball is effort Don you don't understand I need that time. Pitcher throws 98 I need time to planned. We have Ortiz on at the foxwoods thing over the winter and carnival cameraman whatever job and winter weekend. And he's like yeah you know and they introduce that it was easy it was fun. I just I'm like wait a minute I was I was there you what I can't day and he said he zeit. You know bro I'd be whenever I I I didn't think I didn't think I could do it once you do it it's not that bad. For the pictures I guarantee you it would be the seem oddly nothing yet just. Your fort yet no choice get the ball throw the ball it's not that. But it's one of the things where you're doing it the minor league level you're doing it earlier on everybody's been would be used to raise everybody's. By the time they get here there's got to be David Ortiz that thinks like them walk around the box like in you know it's been on my hands and into all of the night got to get it in unit annual there you get a pitch to get up get back on the mound where you go according yup walking around getting on the mound. Go to Chris in the car what's happened Chris. They got played on but. I've got a large while putting it to two things apparent dissent to that I'm was Shawn McCoy that. The U educate. Into no doubt you wiggle or couples false. IE don't lol we know that. That hat though the woman with a salt and another for facts in the police reports on. Yeah now everything that was written in there I don't know if it's too were balls your question about it being a legal matter maybe that's why I I don't know lives they Indiana but I. Right you can probably guess like if you do something like that in a moment of anger passion or whatever and then it turns into a national story. You could see the person who did it. Who's now in the spotlight being like yeah I'm taken right now people ordered to attack her yet right gap and I mean. That it you're right like we don't know I don't know we don't know how she got those injuries in terms of if McCoy had any anything to do with it. We do know that his history is. I would ever know quite well. Talk about hockey you don't recognize my truck was in Boston last week in people walk on who we are we want it right it's. When you're watching a baseball game. I can picture the clutch. And the battle when I watched all of the typical talk about the court you see everybody every second well. Are you talk all the same site. This year that they used them constantly. Been in IR it's I can tell you. I want Torre quote in the award was hard to tell you who don't want to walk him by. Mean I see I think yeah people probably similar about it for most people they would be missing I don't talk about well bands would recognize story yet. I don't know baseball if it's just the batter pitcher hater that victory pictures that people recognize again Boris figured it sports talk radio listeners. You you are the people would recognize him but it's everybody else to lure this other things that it would not recognize at all whereas LeBron James you don't have to be a fastball and you know the -- you know if all and you know exactly Tom Brady is that it's a cross over into all these different demos. Baseball players. You gotta be a baseball yet but I mean it's we're not that far removed from Derek Jeter everybody knowingly who has the poppy everybody it seems like a ride everybody knowing that any legacy of a bunch of them all left from Santa this exhibit there was a handful of those guys and now. There's not mean McGwire Sosa you could say for for. Two Summers everybody probably would have known those guys work minutes ago we were talking about it earlier so you don't recognizing baseball players outside of Brady and maybe Aaron Rodgers I don't think. Necessarily football players are that recognizable there's not a single hockey player and an average percentage. From Muslim world view about Beckham. Yeah I mean me blade but again like as the face of the league basketball has bats well that's more than the other three sports combine best. It and why is that not just because they're tall you know I mean that you buy into and out of batteries and cameras on them all the time. You don't want at least here all the time. Football hockey have helmets based on that happened these guys down yet divided out on well does that help maybe maybe a little that make a little with a sense. George is in east credits what's happened George. Hey what's happening guys that you know our you know I've been watching baseball long term old guy and non. And it seemed to me the pictures now getting bigger stronger. And you know and not just took the role getting bigger stronger and they throw clock absolutely you don't own a hundred miles an hour. Quirky thing. Now now everybody realizes that I heard it. Lowell to mount a little bit. And we'll look I think feel a little bit you know and may be you know the little radical move via mobile phone directory for a couple inches. Sort of advantage of them all on the pistons could go on a consistent than being I don't know how many years of playing feel mom it is. Yeah but also they got a million strikeouts right now to look I don't think the pictures. Thank you look at somebody IRAs now what this is the steroid era where it was solves Wong in favor the hitter yeah there are guys now that areas in the twos. They got not unheard of worth before what page are those years when Pedro on the Saigon. What was the are the two runs better than everybody else's with some them in ridiculous I'll be out in he had a year where basically his ERA it was like. The re full runs lower them began so yeah it's just like that. Borderline not even possible so this year that's not the case here it is funny guys whether it's Severino Seau a couple of ask for the Astros looked affiliate pictures of the Thomas strikeouts though. Again mr. on the mound it's doing you know accidentally. Steve's in Connecticut he's up next with upstate. So our base. Aren't they sharing sharp and don't you on track. I'll love it that's what that's like all vaccine that's been at that sticking with our that's collar yesterday. Urged its article back and just take the crown once again as that's caller of the day. Where'd you or in the Jim Rome show we would rack that because that was so strong but you'd deserves. A reward for what it is all back tomorrow though with. Welcome Everett after I Arrested Development you get the call back you know I'd love cutbacks more. It's one of my favorite sports comedies to call the joke that the yet to be that good if you keep sticking with you that commitment. On the her and left there. You must love the barb Easley called back six movies later called back goal oriented maybe that's dealers well tomorrow will they keep. Bring it back to Yemen I just watched the Iran Iraq last night somehow missed it and I don't see you well. You know I IQ yeah do I get an idea idea yet. Like that had a call back to something from the first avengers. Yes well that and also oh yeah I was lucky getting smashed around my whole there's out on and then went or was Helen Holcomb some real low and lightly. Houston kernels from the let's call there. I'll get got a New Hampshire with Chapman's got. Got eighty coat may not happen but to. Elect able to Iraq. On the screen what sort of automatic yet so apparently they want you want to tell us what it is now let's see how Tauziat. So I don't think it's necessary but likely it'll let out a ticket is there could be. The liquids are so. And I'm not a White Sox by two and you wouldn't see some some. And that a lot of terminated. Or not that breaks. Are part one don't do is double the number of well in oh my god scouting Johnson and I got. Yeah I'm now today should. Go out to end the fight against series. All treat older often. Create around. So there's remarks at once it's gonna richter went in. Yeah Marty about jobs got an advantage no one got everything out right yet each state but that it's a make or break statement right here I've gotten him when he got hurt. I. Now I do let's Scott Dohmann patent racquet to the point out of that bracket now that I've always thought baseball's problems more playoff seed in the east the the recent poll just happened needs to stop stop and remember or stars are not just say stop that's happened. Stop the phrase it's got. Yeah I hit hit my shot and reduce. Regain this is not war and predicted this idea that it. I want to reduce our target time of the game are one reduce how all the ink is if you take truly are. So in order got to tackle it actually long innings. It up to worry about one and done. We just got to say two relievers perk me her ticket to relievers off. Wreaking there's like nine and pitching staffs. Right so. So he wants Tommy John surgery to you know let's half let's and strongly here we got Mike in the car what you have Mike. And yet they're the ball one that. So I think the better to catch up and sing it and that because they're not simulate that is dragging it on. It'll. CNET I think they are suing allegedly did and as I was saying it there's loss in the strikeouts. If you're swinging for the fence at the wheel inaudible pounds as they say. Yeah up mixing it suitable place so it's that that is step up and. Well you know and that's that's it yeah is he would be. Choke up. More art show all yeah Alley like Barry Bonds one he accepted it very much mark lucky Italy would also aren't looking it was a great. He played and joked yeah I think they say about mark lucky never checked his swing. You don't believe that Burris never did they think they're all in or you take pitches that I. It's about Mark Hughes at the Red Sox at the end the laws. He also one of the few guys for awhile that would where that double your helmets. He's a switch hitter but some of it that I have to come get him one. Some people that annoyed that brought them in the wrong way nothing out of those people with something interesting you know a lot about Michael and I wonder what God's standards I was I like the break I think evidently it be fair with an affront moderate filming there so you'd root for them in the early nineties. But it felt so there's an for a long time.