Dale & Keefe - Is James Harrison claiming Belichick is a better coach than Tomlin sour grapes? Jimmy Garoppolo is living his best life & everyone is hating.

Dale and Keefe
Friday, July 20th
Hour 4: Dale and Greg Dickerson discuss Charles Barkley’s insightful analysis of the Celtics, Gronk going swimming with the sharks, and former Steeler and Patriot James Harrison declaring that Bill Belichick is a better head coach than Mike Tomlin. Also in this hour, the guys talk about 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo’s date with a porn star.

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Yeah yeah. Our daily key. Sports Radio WB yeah I as you just heard Greg say Greg Dickerson is in for rich people today and again let me stress for people who were just joining us. Rich got in trouble yesterday because it likely the shift change eating get the idea comes to coach Rick your playbook pot. He is at a wedding in upstate New York this was it for a long time ago Greg in fact was scheduled to fill in on this program more than a week ago. In fact rich is going to be up Monday to taking a long weekend to visit the white parents so you know when he is there for Monday show it'll get all hot and bothered so. But he's not there's Tuesday while their bags artillery he had no then then I would I would jump ball over that when that happens. Greg back at our studios in Brighton I'm here at Comerica Park. Repeated opportunities to call games this weekend with him never. I took a stately on get some game softer in the course of the season were the four game series in Houston earlier this year. Get chance to work in Detroit but this weekend. I mean that's what you think of vacation to the quantity frightened July adoptions more of the time of year lovely plugs just downtown Detroit can't do enough. Scored nice nice walk from the rents that are to the the ball park here today in. Sit here watching batting practice there was issues earlier there was rain and art and all that stuff. Everything's fine practice rounds out here could ask every earlier auto when we started talking about like two hours socks off. I'm sorry I put myself I want you to recommend that you are at at a I would catch up on some things that you may have missed throughout the course of the day. And the first has to do with that with well I mean look if you want analysis of NBA player you've got to go to. You know expert analyst of NBA players and if you want to talk about. Jason hate him. The Boston Celtics what you need is an expert like an old Charles Barkley tell you about. But it was going to be up to rest above Boston is tall girls he's got a bit together. Just cause you don't have more talent that made it all the little work together. Listen Jim Tatum had a great year sane thing I would Jalen brown I don't think it'll be content. Just down the row watching a wide Gordon Hayward should do ball. Or. So it goes it but I don't have Bullock talent that doesn't mean it is all work together. She didn't didn't data that was from my old auto worker Deborah welcome Jim Tatum had a great year. Now that was the argued optional right yeah I understand it just goes to prove it. Even even the best go on that show makes. You don't agree. You know who didn't suck that you mostly go. Taylor Twellman of the goat he won't tell god yeah he's good idea you know concedes he's got to its its humor quick on his feet. IE didn't get names were on the way girls apparently does I felt so bad. For for Katherine and who's one of the nicest people in the in our business you'd have to agree yes. And one of the nicest people or if she's playing in that celebrity golf tournament out late oh last weekend. For the second straight year. On the final day on Sunday she gets paired with Charles Barkley who for the second straight year proceeded to finish dead last in the tournament. What do slog that's got to be followed him around on around us that I'd go the other way I disagree with you look great. Was any your golf game that looks spectacular that's number one and number two. As much of a slog as it is how great order Peter played bark living you'd be entertained for the entire time. Mean what are they keep probably it'll growl. Now all I mean if if you don't Boston it's a war it that it about late him like it if you really good one Jody wood Dillard county he enjoys 200. Its stock with I don't know Brawley fingers dolphins the Raleigh fingers. Get ready. You mean I give me eighteen holes and several hours Charles Barkley and Catherine was lucky is that the world's worst swing I mean it's painful watching him swing and I am and I can't believe. It is never bury me. Just I don't know Renault I don't know if he wants it all they adjusted all channels shows where they tried to fix his swing in its old. And going yeah well. Okay so training camp for the patriot that if you follow the patriots running program. You know that the patriots told you today that training camp six days away Friday feeling that you would net up arrow into year. And then Tom Brady responded. And may be only two days away. Ash tag early reporter. Oh wait I did do some checking with some on my sources and I was told that most of the post that UC posted on Tom Brady's its program feet. Comes rate from Tom Brady and Tom Brady's ball. So there geez small bag of lies smoke while Jason why can't accept that your IRU. I you question our sales will optional. You actually met my source I feel little careful about challenging him. I'll get beaten down but I will I this is the hell I'll talk a celebrity callers are I didn't say call now and an absolutely they'll TB time answered. You know Vietnam and do that and approving them. Most of the stuff that he posts when he when he responds that T cells instead Graham and puts the animal in the sixth arts. Tom Brady but Nana is there does does your source or as a source ever told you why he. Darden doesn't do Twitter. He he just made that decision I know we'll all it was a vote on FaceBook all that was ordered a heated and on the other hand ball you know which is going to be you want to take the time apparently there. To do both then and he asked his fans what they thought. So anyway training camp starts in six days or two days depending on you know when you make it in there they're gonna report. But even bigger than that is Rob Gronkowski has in another big event coming Rob Gronkowski. On shark wouldn't. It's. Really not it's. Always knocks. They are not getting caught not yeah I don't know little pop. It's. Cool I don't know when we'll we'll hit my let's go back. We'd like grunts swimming with sharks pats fans. I'm OK with it a brother hadn't do got them you know ride around those those motorbikes who's playing around with background. Illustrated that he. Saw the other night on ESPN. One of these specials after the espy's celebrating ten years of the body issue. And they had little vignettes on you know different photo shoots in and there and they had the wrong one. And they said you know most of the athletes who participate in this thing political with a certain bit of trepidation. You know you gotta kind of coax them out of their rope eventually when you get to that point. Close offsets in front. They go to ground in the lunch line it's it looked good to just put on hopefully it's that she just. While we're here but it just cover this stuff off a tree you know we actually have a huge human resources and asked you. The puts something on May actually have rules here makes that he was the most uninhibited athlete there ever seen their does that surprise of not non volatile day. So what James Harrison who as Greg pointed out earlier spent about poppy about an hour and a half with the patriots last year. But he went on undisputed was talk a lot about ballot Jack him and all of this stuff. And then one of the things that he talked about was having conversations. And he would have conversations. With Bill Belichick. Sucks and fun. Now it means nothing like the guy keeps you on TV on he just told me straight on it was like in Aussie you doing this here. If you do that well it's a possibility that it grow and you know as the weeks went on then you know on them more and slipped. And you hear that from a lot of beat all 31 you know he's really funny nine now. People are early players will say it behind the scenes in people who know all. In my favorite stuff. From James Harrison. Was discussing here is last two coaches. Bella check vs Mike Tomlin all his role on us. Let's let's go to that when a weekend Jason that's cut number one here and and Greg rotted out so it's good when the listen to let's hear about James Harrison comparing. Bill Belichick and Mike Tomlin you. Wound up last year in New England so give us better coach Mike Tomlin Bill Belichick. My far. To meet. Do you this year view of Mike Tomlin as head coach Mike Thomas good thing because he's in his players' coach and I think he needs to be a little bit more this. Other met. You know that the big thing with when or votes and she's very resonant and disciplined and once more feel the same page it's not one of these. Anything as far as someone going the wrong thing and I think in over there there there called quote from that that are. You know your opponent know that you know we're Communists in meetings that we I'd never been summoned the life. And I think you know that's really what helped me pick up there before so that's. Take it a breath oh I doubt that. That was the quickest answer in the history of answers now Greg well just last year in England so give us better coach Mike Tomlin Nobel. It's never a question out cynics would say Mike Tomlin right. I and I I did think about that yes Mike Tomlin economy probably don't like it very much. So maybe that maybe the answer easier and pretty. Great detail why. Everything that he said are things that I think a lot of us. I have discussed and talked about through all the years with Mike Tomlin that you know Mike Tomlin to spray and it your face renewed. It shows that face on TV in the journal almost like the Bill Cowher Sheehan but you know. He gets it's he. Gets asked coached off by the the likes of Belichick and others he's just you are you watching menus. How is fifteen then so good and so consistent with these guys head coach because at the time you watch him. Make decisions in football games you just scratch your head and say why is she doing next. About album about James Harrison saying Tomlin. Not as disciplined mind you mean a guy who stick to flatten trips a guy on on a kickoff return isn't disciplined. You're kidding me. Subtle that's been a lot and Greg pointed this out earlier in the program there's been a lot of its been kind of a tumultuous offseason for the patriots. Lot of stuff that's happened since the end of the Super Bowl. A lot of controversy a lot of fake controversy a lot of question marks. And everybody's wondering what kind of a back. Will this have on the team yet is there is their dissension in the ranks Chris Broussard says don't worry the patriots will be fine. I think they're going to be found. And here's why. These reports and this tension we are caught wind of the midway through last season or maybe two thirds through last season. It is not who did it hurt him in the playoffs. No doubt the one difference I think is that. Bill Belichick with the pitching of Malcolm Butler in the Super Bowl. That rubbed players including breaking the world wait that was the first of all the things they could say it about Belichick before they never could say it. He doesn't have the best he said Whitney and as the number one per hour bitching Malcolm Butler I think was some question marks in guys is that the one problem. But I think they'll be overcome it and that's been your child keep these shortens. Errol I'm gonna say it right now 527. On July 20 2018. Mark tape being New England Patriots. Will finish seven and nine. Not make the playoffs. Bill Belichick will be out as head coach after the year not a big Chris Broussard guy he based on his NBA predictions on the got I don't say is that FL predictions aren't too good either. Amid that basically feel worse about the season it offers for sergeant the patriots will be fine I'm done I'm on a model the patriots. So there's been a lot of talk we we talked about it me yesterday we haven't talked about it yet today there's been a lot of talk about. Jimmy drop blows. Dating partner here of late. Other folks out there talked about it as well we'll tell you what other people are saying about Jimmy geez. I'd date in Beverly Hills the other night when we come back and just a couple of minutes. Cents. Given the music that Rossi plan right now so speaking up makes it black. Evidently Junichi. Decided to go on I a nice quiet dinner date Beverly Hills. I don't know how great that the paparazzi would have known that he was out of a particular restaurant Beverly Hills but somehow they were able to ferret it out. And dobbs. Let's just say that it got a lot of reaction. Because apparently the young lady who Jimmy. Was able to. Eat. Is a young labor and enough he RM media might sing it right I think I am yet you all gesturing usually you think you. You know exact solutions that the Arab media who. Is 41. Quite a bit older than Jimmy was what 2526. She's 41. Teammate Tom Brady and these. Unlike Tom Brady she is say I'm an adult film actress. Received in the right word a performer maybe that's the work. Not exactly the tax fraud in told. Well maybe so. So anyway. He was. There were pictures of Jimmy team with the army and that got a fair amount of reaction from folks out there. Among the people who talked about it here in the last couple days undisputed did and that meant Shannon and skip. Add an opportunity to of course take the high brow approach in discussing. Jimmy G and the army I can assure. When Jimmy thought her heated political wreckage you do puts a bit long little bit more liberal I don't think he thought apparently I played very comparable would what you today by the year didn't she gave without and you look at medical problem. Right yeah. Immediately posted pictures on her. And out of there little dinner. OK so a apparently he was. Each sign off on the hair outside uploaded dividend and we'll take that for quite fortunate it's it's. It's it it's matter of no hottest place to go out in Beverly Hills yeah. People the he he he he bowed out there will. Lou I have no I don't recall. Saying that is booed booed out. All like he's my blue and you ultimate. That. Explanation I've come actually South Africa are beleaguered food supply at his might that's what optimize my machine when Amy said booed. Now. If they totally in I I love the holier than now attitude of a lot of people who who monster. He's the starting quarterback. Of the National Football League team on its efforts just before he has to make better decisions. He has to be smarter than that and trust that might be something to the better decisions well I mean at big points owners. Date to me you know do you love who you love. Obviously if he lights there are many many more than he has that it was like he is actually really dating errors into orbit with these balls that dude. Does not a lot out my eye irritation fingers using dating. No they're not. You are. My problem with it elements being very very superficial. And shallow as shallow what I am and I'm willing to admit it. I got a problem the 41 point. And if you're gonna data porn star. Metairie jumps yes I don't understand. I thought I saw the ballot the other 41 part of it no problem about the age 41 point Scotch I'm on your dad your twenties acts. I mean come on I nothing against 41 year old women nothing at all my what shall than 41 but a lead in your twenties X. Wanna take what girls but I don't wanna you wanna be the women that want a twenties and that's what he's 41. Continued you grow apple for God's sakes you know dates 41 year old porn stars. Like Saturday or apple where seventy year old politicians. Not 26 year old NFL quarterback you know you've got a point to thank you. About it while Horry speakers get Janet of course continued there route discussion of this relationship. That might be a wife gill what they get tired of well you don't know. But it's like we flash back within it's like he's gonna become the Joseph need that today human Joan yeah. We know. You know what they they they they try to biggest you've new drug they try to make it seem like. Everybody married about every quarterback got the mole hole boom did our bureau next door it all right let the man live live live. Limited let's live but actually what I have not but also something about Jimmy gee you know they've done vivid vivid you got good Ole us. Good law that is. The Dow bureau next door it OK. The man live live live. Haven't you both live. Answer this question bill shift pretty fired up about half I. It's almost like it's personal thing now it seems to be who who is less. With less. The girl next door type. Is it is it this young lady or is it Tara Reid. Mostly now and in defense of Tom rate on. At the time he was dating terror reach yet not yet become the train right he has now that's the point if you're right she was she was actually try to be legitimate actress she was you know low. Very attractive young lady. The train wrecks stuff came like after Brady dumped him. While I have a feeling that my teammates he may have seen that that light coming down that tunnel and hit a lot we've got to figure we've got to move away from this. I is that it I found it weird. Well I was already speeding up of 410 point start yeah it's very weird I've got a little strange yeah it does everything got Goliath. I did read how does a bloody meat of 41 year old points. The eight I'm not I'm not asking you specifically I just just throwing it it's more more rhetorical question. I think once slid in to somebody else is the yams. And my guess this on apple thank god you stadiums. Of its exit at a so what do you reckon any justice voted out there what do you think to BT's parents think if they see this what and it just their honest. Would not now they're saint all Jimmie that's great if you what do you think you're saying to each other. Donald sheets ignoring what is this what this wouldn't have gone on a ballot check was there was coach. They had rated him. He'd be with a nice wholesome girl he has he would say young's single young man became the eight other single ladies and good for him. But that it weird I just found it a little off the rails for. Didn't the wrong Tampa flying. Well points are a couple of years ago the girl and Arizona but alls she was wary jurors don't like about I thought she was a blow by an adult film stole our young and adult that 88%. Hold up fail while we still don't know if last night it was a time when I won't say why I have my Ryder court quotation fingers up now on. I mean I think there was just the whole thing about her wearing his Jersey rye yeah. Yeah is that it would be. It's all three craft was upset maybe organization look bad but I I'm I'm trying to remember whether she was just you know. Instead Graham model or whether she was. Legit film. Porn actress and it if you the 49ers. You acquired this guy you'd get a huge contract. Run off the bat you make in the face of the franchise you make him the centerpiece he has the you'll probably. Wouldn't necessarily love the idea of this continuing what you probably not a exactly choice number one but you know here's the way I look out of jail. If you look at these lists. Of transgressions. Of all forty niners players of all I fight here's way down this since this isn't a bottom of the list OK based well all the things that other guys have done the last five years old that's fair shoot nothing. I just idols rate. I mean if you go the whole road fiscal hole that case good job agreement we'll just keep this thing go. Gail and heat without heat today he's off but along we get the off today appeal Monday rip it or citizen today. He's back they're right studios would squeeze in some more calls for the top of the arc and we absolutely let's go to who. We'll continue over the Jimmy G talk Mike in Fall River might you're up next with Della Greg on dill and chief ally in my. But pronounced and that's what's gone. I got to credit and then in June went to China regular. And I had to tie Richard and active church regularly. And I don't. Brush and what you were doing and she is well. There are brought in Ron Meyer might just destroyed clarify things and do you come out of the water. Please blow to talk and guys are talking your phone she's an adult children act out a prostitute. Cheers. The difference between being a porn star and a prostitute. Was legally what is. The man. The but there. He's he's he's done with you. Once no no evidence that Jimmy Key was that train wreck when he was with patriots. None that I know there was the one time around the trade deadline with supposedly. One of his buddies got a's ball and basically said goodbye in England when he had been traded was there any other issues that I am missing here. Now now on to direct Archuleta got going on now Jonas great at the thing in Munich the you know it was gone out of town after 200 yard game but a government. I don't remember any issues for you EG. But this he is a professional athlete in his mid twenties who just signed a gazillion dollar contract. And he single. About that. Athletes do crazy things. Oh who were rich and who were in their twenties about that agree that they're necessarily trying to. And I in I think I think this too shall pass. For a Jimmy wrongful prime minister of I appreciate you say you reach a solid while she does all kinds of money he'll let short Tom Brady mature. He saw Tara Reid ms. dale said. He saw the craziness that was not in America to have a lot of error you know settled themselves down. Go all in Framingham high ball. Yeah out of the park about a bad that they keep up with this are applicable to Iraq open. Nevada right here I have a couple bullet once dirtier ones. Very crucial overrated. And if they. They have it you know who QB and I don't I wouldn't say I have a good that Ochoa. You know I mean what you do. Remember wouldn't it wouldn't wouldn't dad you look if you will run you might go to your friends you know. Obama and I want all Holland mom feel and and and and don't know they'll they'll this it's a really. This is this is what Portland game. My wife and Irish Catholic Church quote kick in the you know while it's well. You know and Friday on the guys. I had the ball most of us are the same way if my son when he's good old old age of he says dad. I got this adult film actress set from. I'm seeing aunts and my boy god love you and United States that it takes a little desperate that Israel law and oh yeah modern rocket and a mom would not be copied and whatnot what do you say that he. While it got us there just now. Went yet another political ads even you know our ebitda does that mean I don't what they've done this year to prove anything. Public Greg and I think I target Dante I army better. Impact you have a company. I work as well. I I think it is going to be happier life you know I mean who have it would have been a great kid and and I don't I don't according. Who will. What volume I volume at thanks to a phone call you do you got every right should be. Concerned about his defense yet belliard they'd they'd bring back doctor high tolerable or. And Aldridge his defense was that great plastered begin with and then obviously the last thing and we all remember as the defense of the block goal. If a Super Bowl or solitary added mental block outside of outside of a high tower coming back I doubt that everybody except I really do think that it and it wasn't the block agreement but I think with an aberration. I mean it Horry a top five scoring defense in the NFL during the regular CF but it but did you feel and I know a lot of us that a lot of people had this. Discussion. Back and forth last year. Did you really think and stats aside. Did you want to watch that defense during the regular season last year earned and have confidence and a yet because I I came to realize that that they didn't care about yards they really truly didn't care. That all that mattered was points and Belichick told us that it was the only stat that he cared about was was points and they were good now the Super Bowl they were awful. But I I really do think it was the aberration and not the norm don't you. No no because I I thought the defense is over rail effort coming on the show again on our. Until chief is suspended on Tuesday. Nobody I mean if we don't know all I mean it's I'm really happened and then Greg thanks for covenant it was it was fun to have it so you four hours with mark games tomorrow. Where it's only gonna feel like nine but it's should actually four hours you won't get to say anything. Hi OK February thanks trap me have a good night everybody that's that's that's. I think what this about. Get you ready for Red Sox baseball I'll be here with him never all night long great thank you very much ever Greg called a blanket and got lucky guys you know Monday by.