Dale & Keefe - Keefe brings up something you may have forgotten about Tim Tebow; Dale’s theory about Mark Wahlberg’s insane daily schedule

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, September 13th
Hour 3: Keefe reminds us all that Tim Tebow once helped circumcise young boys while doing service work in college. The subject of Tebow came up because he was once on an episode of Fixer Upper and that is Dale’s favorite show. Mark Wahlberg shared his insane daily schedule and Dale has a theory about why he is following this routine.

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Bronx that jolly Joker fox. Our number three dealing keep Sports Radio WEEI I that front would like to go one on one against a defensive lineman Andy he would that you all right he'd probably like that match up. What of one against anybody Peter King thinks that we're with the jaguars should do we Jalen rams I think they should still. Would you risk soccer off season about how you know he struggles against corners they are. You're one of the best horse in the league let's see it hopefully Jackson or allows the doing they really disappointed if it's a lot of zone and it's just. But all of these that he's he's great let's see him back it up. May maybe you'll maybe he'll win more than matchup will save about be a lot of fun to see those guys one on one for a lot of again. Be great for us. Putted awesome. I don't think Brady would necessarily trying to pick on her say I do. I don't think not and I all did not all day I I think he would very much like to have ground score a touchdown against Arlen that's I mean like. Stupid comment obviously a key Democrats were touchdown anytime I gonna live there that I haven't really really like Gavin score one against Jalen rams. Who knows the guy and the Steelers though with pot that Anthony Smith. Yes I think that isn't that ever used pocket and a and brought just as I liked. I'm going after you I don't ask don't go out to you again but that's the problem is here to talk trash too cute yet terrible player and then if you wall art that you're gonna get bears and so I don't think. To the Ramsey would ever have a game like Anthony Smith did. But he said something about the patriots and it just did not go back to. I think he did he guarantee a win simple as that and he guaranteed a win against the patriots. Column. Just down. Ackerman the undefeated season and yet they're brazen act Anthony look at all. At video clerk asked them like every single time was great I think Brady. Likes to take advantage of opportunities because they don't talk they don't get the same thing look out post game they'll say stuff. So this isn't as they've won a game help posed elder law all sorts of things I mean my thoughts pretty it's pretty team and it's you know you're very but it seems and so they don't get to say stuff. But Brady loves the opportunity like Anthony on TSA okay yeah I can't tell you what I think right but I'll show you what I think I mean and on target you can compare all the wrong spikes if he catches a touchdown pass on Jalen Ramsey he might spike it to the moon. A guilty of economic team he's heard every word or somebody told them what was said the key is well aware of how humans he feels about crop of a couple of and that surprised me a little bit petered. You know hinted that this is well. They really didn't use him one on one against O'Dell Beckham junior much at all no which is. Odds they were playing zone most of yeah I was frustrating so so if you're not gonna put him against Nadal back in junior one on one yeah why gonna put him against grant one on one I don't know yet if that doesn't make sense I mean they must have thought that now they won the game against the giants and their villain. They they did the right thing. But I would just put that guy. That's why you have some like Jim Ramsey you put a model of alchemy to put a month if you on for Hopkins or whoever your face of the number one receiver but with a team like the patriots. We talked about last hour it feels like Jim Ramsey on Chris Hogan or on Phil or set. It's kind of a waste. There's a good note Patterson are in a the other guys are going to be active so those receivers are kind of a waste so maybe he'll just end up being zone and that's kind of a let down. But it was fun romp that that'll be great Douby is going to be a match up. The one on one type of matchup in the NFL as you could find would be grown for three. Evidently by the way gram says Tom Brady's trash talk game is really pork Brady's yes that Brady does not have a good trash talk game anyway. So you'd rather you know just throw at your face isn't as bad as Andrew locks that I think acres out. Chaotic level of urgency about a Tivo is related to hit that. But am lucky to be on the last game against Kansas City might doubt inmates currently me each time but he everything on its aid that's a good candidate candidate to bring it more and more like that at the defensive player that probably drive you more knots. Like you just think you'd just you'd knock the crap as as a job and that's what are the odd thing happened on these guys you. Couple of days ago my wife and I are watching fixer upper again it's his thing. Like fix corporal fixed her up all its might doubt about it might how favorite show on HDTV. Unfortunately chip and joining gains are out of the business and that a fact Sul anyway so what are they either retired house is they'd make it better and I'm gonna I'm gonna bring it back that'll that I doubt it lets you now also the other the other day on fixer upper they shall reap a re run. Of a an episode with Tim Tebow you're watching reruns of fixer upper with him to occur. And was an ugly Patrick Heatley knowledge the that's the thing he was helping them to fix this house up. For these two kids in wheelchairs. Or access all of documents yet watch this stadium and you like. You think anything I've ever said bad about him at all I take it all back now I've always liked it blocks that's not true or any of the Florida whales isn't like him and then when everybody. All the NFL experts got so mad. That he was in the league. I went the other way of that well catalog they had snow is that he was a terrible quarterback you like portals like now he was he was forced to import the heat but they're better or worse than Tebow but people actually the computer and now they're there are worse people made it out to be as that and Tivo should have been allowed in the legally it was disrespectful to the lead. That's a lot of walked out nearly. Why why acumen chance he won a playoff game. He beat the Steelers in the playoffs that's pretty good. And at. Chance the next week by the patriots whatever. But he won a playoff game that's with a lot of quarterbacks and they anyway he might be the nicest person on the in the world I mean he just might be the nicest person. And I'm watching him of these two little boys. In these wheelchairs and the other racing the wheelchairs around this track they built in the backyard forum and the delight was taken and I was thinking OK everything can now the only thing ever but bad about. Tim Tebow was of these terrible quarterback. I said he's not an elephant what he's the guy you want your daughter to come home and say this is my prom date dad to help and we're gut. Was there are deleted scene and fix our periphery circumcised both of those boards he did not that now wouldn't that they knew it was deleted scene they let that out without when he does as one of his specialties that on the list of that he doesn't have to wait at least circumcised as. Is it. Well I mean only boys. All knowledge of the key. As yes he had look did a Google Video is here. Well I have a lot know that the true story doesn't give you hadn't had you would himself as you probably. He wrote a article about it when it when it happened right Tim Tebow does he do it himself. Now I don't know that I'd certainly well on his hosts its. At no Disney pictures of the Philippines and any without their just circumcised guys does all over the place slice and Dyson I think he was. Poses another Tim Tebow preacher with him. I don't think you can do that yeah and and that it deals is awful I got enough to write Richard Reid's re searched that and I can't Rafa please. That's does that with a warm up exercises first to how now brown cow off the year pago. Football star Tim Tebow. Helps circumcised. Pinoy boys PI and guys I don't know what that means. On a recent weeklong trip down the orphanage. Right. In now in that in in Mindanao. That just out there the Orlando sentinel reported he helped circumcised Filipino boys and writes hearing the missionary trip. Parody and I don't know when exactly involved how do you assist. Hold them down. Just. HCA's Tikrit could get even I'm not saying that's what he does either real man of the people research staff is there it is Jason. Landed that plane thank you. But there you go so that's dugout or pay off this tease about the rams. It'd dynamite teams and you well yeah of what happen what can we said we think that Sean McVeigh's this football Cervantes genius I can remember every offensive plays ever called yet we suggested Jared got is Nadine. Not marred only I in the NFL is that if she does this are the sun rises or set maybe it's louder than some meat kind of Knoll. It's a big almost automatically add onion grow up knowing at east west saw apparently Aqib Talib. Lama he now a member of the LA rams Ethier is may have but even dumber take them. See these anywhere. That day EC and yeah yeah it's yeah it's yet. Live by Sam Arnold and his a ball well good evening it. That number in and wait and see us out and today Kindle. They wouldn't give us a better event and what about that even feel like. Ballparks everywhere I'm not sure Playboy and these. President malls that they've. They can get it that's long gone over to feel good defense and they got a real leader at quarterback so. They index holdings and inside there's an air field. I look I I. Listing of Aqib Talib I abusive. Of course he thinks the jets can win the AFC east this year that three ball hawks and their just three blocks more importantly. He's very confident quarterback's name. No it back sound. Arnold. If you think you're the first five Larry every bit as say the quarterback is still elect and got Ramirez quarterback so. They got a real leader quarterback yes but one game he gets a good I'll give them that. They're probably the second best team in the east right bought part of every dollar. Measure that kind of dolphins yeah. I mean a great in I said. This is the biggest week of overreaction in the NFL of course this is the only where we you know after it sucks they're gonna fire them why I kind of all of a sudden I asked him and I said Donald and the jets are suddenly gonna win the AFC east and eight years I completely overreact to week one positively and negatively. I still think Miami's probably better than the jets that take them on whose line. For cook yeah that Arnold the quarterback got a real leader and box is a ball hawks three times. One quarter offer for the jets in this isn't nice to me off by everywhere. Morse Claiborne. Remorse Claiborne for LSU editor of the SEC defense where the year he is awesome player race. He was the sixth pick in the 2012 draft. The only thing airman rob Morse Claiborne. So the wonder elect is the their field you know intelligence tests did you get to take the wonder like at all when our. Now at how far was her I would love to have the I would love to pull those yet not would probably be civil divorce courts now that the best score yet it's fifty. Fifty is the top score do you remember Arab U member of north Claiborne got. I'm wondering what I'm wondering what Aqib Talib got. Morris Claiborne got a four. A bit more on the wonderland. And it's those time and means and tie your shoes rebel barely it's a leader yeah he's the leader Rory. Yeah four on the wonder elect and it was one of those ones where. I think in my practice wonder licks or whatever they have it on line and it's a timed events the only answer every question but some of whom are simple click was the fifth month of the year and it's and it's like use chemical quick through it. But that's and that's our number remorse Claiborne jets though they feel really good even though only one week about who they took. But I think it's outrageous. For anybody let alone a current player to suggest this is the year that one of those teams. Topples the patriots it's just not gonna happen like a ball for nice. Piping hot take to keep it out Wednesday it's not Wednesday so we're awful warm takes back the piping hot the other forty's all piping hot but that one. The what's your evidence ball hawking defense actually got Brady and let out a second let's play it play along here let's say for the sake of our argument. But the patriots begin the season to win now. Beating the Houston Texans at home in the Jacksonville Jaguars on the road. Is a key toll still you know hawking how great the New York Jets are in other public and when he AFC's. I don't think so and then and then the patriots have Detroit in week spree that might be Patricia last game at I had to be his last game they're that's their own a Miami in week four that if the colts in week five. The ball hawks all over the field so they could zip out to a final start after we set out with me out I'm document in the win yet on Sunday and that's going to be really tough game against Jacksonville. But then I just don't see a big gap has not closed. In fact I thought going into the year this was going to be one of the worst AFC east seasons I think buffalo. They're going to be they're always a threat to go always sixteen. At least they are this year. Miami I think is it's 500 test and then like New York UK even it's immoral has a good season but he you're looking at something like a 500 years well. But the patriots could win the division and ninth and I look if if Sam Arnold and the jets win eight games. It's going to be a physical error rousing success yes that's a good year and I think that's probably like toppled the chart for them. The patriots don't play the jets it's one of those weird. They bury them so they don't play until week well. That's the first matchup than the last game of the season so the moral authority and have a ton of starts owners though by the time pitchers that. And Arnold will throw three interceptions against the patriots and most likely the rookie cornerbacks and quarterbacks don't do great at all and now a throw. And the patriots beat and type thing. Is better than folks. Yes let's paper's Q who is out with a element yesterday used tweeting about jewel aligned back badly yes and that this could be a real shocking for that he thinks the idea that afternoon I need the way. Can I. I'm I'm went to a certain extent I think if it Donta hightower is healthy. In JaJuan apparently continues to play the way that he has who yet the most snaps amongst linebackers in fact front seven guys he played the most against Houston. So they already trust apparently but it. He is already leaked ahead of him knowing Robert like you know and Roberts are nice and complimentary. Players of an audio audio Kyle man aliens whose he's the at least the way it sounds he's the Rob Ninkovich of the current roster. Who would you say panel under ring on today and now it's always seems to be in the right place at the right time all look the Atlanta all the stuff that just broadening its crazy if he is now Kyle and knowing and the motor right on it good Mulder are right he he could be. He can be that guy and it as long as high towers out there you'll take them. But what high terror goes down and then his responsibility. Increases that's what I do you have some of them some of the problems. You know he's he's a good third linebacker ponies when he's in number one guy that's a little bit different story. By the way they're not going to be all that tested I don't think on Sunday. If you get torched by Jacksonville's offense that says a lot more about you. He doesn't want them by the way you eat kind of buried the lead on the Morris Claiborne thing there without. He tied. Darren Davis of Iowa State for the lowest wonder export car yeah no I've ever done worse for yeah for that and Arnold put the SATs reappoint her name prompt maybe not but for. This isn't as their fifth to questions or sorts 45 a forget what it is. And you do is you zipped through his quick easy and yet at a certain amount of time to do I have in front of me the lowest the worst wondered exports in NFL scouting combine history you know it was terrible for quarterbacks was Dan Marino. I don't have he's he's not on this let's myself Vince Young was really Vince Young has the lowest quarterback score on this he had a six. Six Frank Gore had a sixth for a course on a great ease out golfing career Stalin Benjamin had a seven. Table on Austin seven Terrelle Pryor's seven. Where's the young music themes that delegates and young sixth different tune in to show you we've mentioned it on a bit evident just moments ago in the Evans had an eight. Vince Evans then that is quarterback USC. So anyway some Morris Claiborne witness for. Is tied with Darren Davis running back of Iowa State's lowest wonder league scoring NFL scouting around minus it was falsely reported that Ryan Fitzpatrick got a perfect score fifty unit getting like I thirties forties have been like that. But a big oil at one guy's got a perfect score ever. He's the last I last won elect checked yeah that's him. Darren Davis by the way played three seasons in the CFL. Team and that's what that they are wider field out there if it helps. Go there yeah there are just from a 6177797937. Mites in Framingham they might. And by the Baja bought earlier I don't rule. You'll get used to go for a few coaches I go to the better aren't altered it to Detroit. Know what yet which he can't do that you get first my connection or you could all you can Mike I like what about next year there are gonna stuff figured out by that and you got next year. Patricia last camp with a over the Detroit Lions about that. Back at it there like a bid you good hard dog to go to like it duplicate it wanted to look up. Well board's continued. They should. Do regular season hard knocks. Could you imagine her coaches would go out there there in the minds they're absolutely surmised but yet that the lions would have been a good one have always wished wanted. They the NFL to make Bill Belichick select yes although he still fun what did you do enough in those meetings as I can you imagine him now he does. To be a lot of stuff with the NFL I'd say he trusts gaffe and it but it always comes out like long after. Right I don't think you would want sort of the immediacy. You know kind of guide us weakened and on Tuesday we're watching it on hard knocks yet and make. You get likes oh hue Jackson for example this year him talking about certain players that are on his roster. The baltics and these are gonna want that or those scenes or he's probably not gonna wanna know what's on the other players are saying you and about practice on at the lovely. It just wouldn't fly could you imagine with the with cameras all around the patriots you know. The whole time. And patriots players are already paranoid about what they can say and what they can't say. I meet nobody would say anything with a cameras around although maybe it turns in the look at commerce times and off whenever he starts he starts talking to the cameras about certain things that he wants ticketed to buy. Yet to back as one of the rules is if you made the playoffs you don't have to do it. I think they give the option might not do it made the playoffs though because your season's gone any way every year it's O. Nobody else like the idea of sort of like and up and coming team too they usually have not great teams that are that are doing. The NFL must relate like it. I think so like look at the browns I'm not sure that signature hue Jackson loves it right now not enough of Olympic tie. They didn't lose the opener they did not lose the opener for a first time in awhile that he has now won 31. And one as they NFL head coach. But I think Indiana has elected because it made the Cleveland Browns. Interesting. Lake the worst team that the warm goalie for the last two years. People now know some of the personalities on their team again there's more people interested in players and the browns than any player in Major League Baseball. He liked. I got to know drivers Andrea little bit and baker mayfield and miles Garrett and even some of the backups who got cut like I know what their personalities are. Where is I don't know anything about any Major League where. I would love to see the patriots do it. I have a feeling it would be such an epic failure. Because. You see this stuff that they sometimes Mike up telecheck on the practice field and stuff or sometimes on the sidelines for NFL films. It's pretty bland you know what we may seem hard knocks New England after Brady Beltzner and prong outlet and it's Josh McDaniels residents here are three of again Josh yeah Danielle playing. Credit the the miniseries skater and a half. Have to wanted to that he interest in the team because there's going to be that terrible thing Evan B Wilson 617779793. Sevenths telephone number text line is 37937. I knew thirties coming up just few minutes. I have buried the lead we have free tickets to giveaway for the always. Well I forgot all about that. If it's free ticket Thursday within minutes about 6177797937. Daily key Sports Radio W media. Sometimes. For new thirty today by the way I sometimes probably in thirty at L 32 you to keep sometimes people do stuff that. I think is actually just designed to make them look like a heart corrects. But they don't wanna deal hard though for you know why other people think their heart I don't know they think that this is impressive in some way I don't know it's like. Humble Bragman not really all in the all that humble I don't know this is this the weird ones so apparently I'm Mark Wahlberg. Who got a ways like the Boston super and the key is that our eyes and is associated with the other patriots even my. Yeah Brad given up around the. Don't Kohlberg left the Super Bowl against the falcons well side was getting audio blade and Fuzzy and I decided what happened there. But so he left some trouble early. And then he's also a big Celtics and you see him around there are about the Red Sox amount of it seems like patriots and Celtics anyway. He edits are gonna post well he'd be posted on its to Graham. Mrs. the typical daily schedule for Mark Wahlberg now I will say this before we dive into this too too deeply. Maybe he's training for some movie role where he's got to be you know ball up like Arnold Schwarzenegger is something. So maybe this is a this is what I'm doing right now because I'm getting ready for this role type of thing he was in the fighter. And through the fighter replace Nicki wore anything and it was it for the act he was ripped Sul he posted his. He says typical daily schedule a typical day at 2:30 AM wake up. Seems early enemy. Think it's really fairly easy money wake guys up to morning right here at this radios they don't get up at 230. That's up at 230 I think nobody gets up to thirty unless that's your work schedule unless you're working it like for. Or four really I never got a lot of starring Larry up to thirty parity called kind of shenanigans on this. Mark what are you me. Yeah hi mark 2:30 AM the morning to 45 AM prayer time. Arctic at fifteen minutes to sort you know what I do and I wake up I think it's like you got the got to go to the bathroom and you know wash your hands on us. Maybe get me to get a drink water because you got a few minutes before its prior to write prayers and praise at 245 tired he praised apparently for about half an hour so ballpark because at 3:15 AM. If breakfast maybe the second most outrageous thing I mean I. A rape a fifteen. Well so it's. Blackout it's 15 AM and by the way again. This is not somebody who has the graveyard shift that's not somebody that you know whatever that that's their schedule their police officer or doctor nurse now. This is an actor who plays pretend he goes he goes out there hey I'm gonna pretend to be somebody else for the day that's what he does and he's eating breakfast. At 315 out of the most important meal of the day. It is all fail or the other make it pancakes at 315 this kid trying to sleep less valid bake it. It's particularly well he's got to prepare and sell because from 340 to 5:15 AM. It's very specific he has a work out 3:43. Am forty to 550 those guys that up for an hour and ten minutes he already pray pray and a break and breakfast. They don't work sign up so if you eat a big breakfast they elect I want to work out. And I can't I have buyouts accents. So he he doesn't work out with a good amount 34 to rely according to by our team working out. 5:30 AM he has his post work out meal aren't so he's one of these guys that eats a tonne at times there's a lot of different diets out their dale had some say eat like eight meals and it's how flight. He has already eaten two meals and it's 5:30 in the morning. So I have still snooze and I have the fast asleep at 530 and it's got that two meals a prayer and a work out. So then at six. 6 AM. And I did on this before you eat breakfast but now he's gonna shower. Austin he's really just a sweaty mess volleys he met post workout meal that's grows so he showers at sects the six they have finally gets this hour all right our rights are the day in the closet shower upon 7:30 AM golf. Goggle Saturday well apparently not and kids at 8 o'clock it snack time job of course video stop you know you sop up a couple of holes grab a hot dog maybe graphic chips. It go from there as easy a snack and he he's got lots of smacked another way and 8 o'clock he's eaten breakfast a post workout illness Mac. You put Michael Phelps the idea to have 8000 calories a day. Another my kids and I we just we gotta I gotta paint ball gun and my sons that Leavitt wanna shoot the side of the house or shoot the tree and he's ready to shoot anybody. And I said well I'm not gonna get shot but maybe that's my for a big day was it tough guy so he just wanna shoot me of course I don't know the kids. So we shoot it like forty times when kids laughing hysterically and in my life finds out that she takes my people. OK okay they gallery I thought the Olympic by the way 3:30 am breakfast your wondered about it yeah fifteen embarrassed our according to him. It's a breakfast of egg whites sprouted grain Ezekiel bread. Allman blotter and avocado. Sounds awful. Itself I actually like on account that's out there so many says that he golf's at 6 AM. Those 730 while notes yes 730. But he's got a 9:30 AM cry oh chamber recovery so it immediately sent okay c'mon really I was in the cried out shame he told an SL job listing the other guy. He tells Men's Health Magazine where usually sprinting pretty much. The workouts to the gulf say Purdue golf ball yeah that's the only way you can eat and play golf and on and on time. I guess though. All the half an hour wind and I'll eat a snack on the floor of the course that they showered for an hour and a half. I don't know I don't want to really I don't big east takes a shower for an hour and a half wanna be super clean though. Hannity get Mac cry out chamber of project private chambers are well because that leads up to the 10:30 AM see these eating again. He's back on his back eating at temporary. Yes I don't believe the ninety minute shower right I just think that you know. Just like that the snack heating doesn't take ninety minute now now I'd rather drive right. I EL he's got he's got some other things so he knows what's next all this is the important thing yes 11 AM he's been up since 230 a cracked a Lemony and it's. Only time. Both are well along with meetings and work call cell of old boys. All right while a kind of a maybe they'll blog together but Tom Brady can really get on board that yeah it's 11 AM. The only time you work you're you hang out your family. Unless you have worked meetings. It got badly timed out work meetings and work calls and you're talking about other movies and and and that leads to 1 o'clock lunch this guy is just eating all that long. All of this is meals he's had three snacks is that a post work out meal is at three meals was in his third meal that day and it's 1 o'clock now I will also say something I have. Haven't eaten a single thing since last night. 830 amok and eat until like 230. I think that's single thing. That coffee and water in that amount time that instrument fasting. It's not planned but it is as I am what I if that's what it is that's not what I wanted to do it is what it is I it's a let me just say this okay. And and I said I started this by saying there's got to be some movie thing. Because also wanna since Graham account. He. He has eight Celtic. Of course a a nude from the waist up self absorbed. He is she hacked it offers always jacked. Yeah easy he's if you work out ten times a day and only eat egg whites am ambassador to Jack this is dedication though. You look at on our he does and he is obviously per week preparing for some big movie role what's the best move remark overs are about. Had a Amber's great values because here we have a crystal Smith autumn ruby killed can't we are actually anxious tell Courtney misty Jenny. Quick step may need a low shot between reconsider case because DeVon never looked back. Pretty good you gotta and head right now. Pre sell a lot we've got the Wii got lunch then we've got at 2 o'clock more meetings and work calls and it hasn't stopped 3 o'clock we're gonna go pick up the kids at school like that's nice there are at the very leading into 330s. How good I was mad and that's backed out of Buffy smacked I've followed by a work out number two at four cars that's just the that's is brags that shower at five I was working out what today shower and president. Dinner family time at 530. And 730 bed time. Art because that my first question when you see wake up at 230 is there are what time is this lunatic on a bed and you find out 730. An area early YSE here's an idea why can't you just kind of move everything. Go to bed at like 930. Wake up at 430. Get us there a sleep and you don't have as much of like I don't know a vampire schedule. This is for this so let me let me just run you through the the menu options okay offer food because you know we the first in Akron well what he's what he eats is pretty specific he says I'm quoting now. I start out with in people who are just joining us this is Mark Wahlberg. Typical they have these things and I'm telling you it this is for some big movie girl he says I start out with below its blueberries and peanut butter for breakfast. I like movers in potter and I saw it Heather then I have a protein shake. Three Turkey burgers five pieces of sweet potato and about 5:30 in the morning is Michael Phelps these diseases is car is like organized much. He's less calories possible at 8 o'clock I have ten Turkey meatballs. As full Turkey at 10:30 AM I have a grilled chicken salad with too hard boiled eggs olives avocado cucumber tomato and lettuce actually sounds delicious 1 o'clock I have a New York steak with green peppers shop every day it sorry my view and New York State 3:30 PM I have grilled chicken with Bok Choy. Is its own ticket Turkey's stake Eric 536. I have a beautiful piece of halibut cod or a sea bass. With beautiful vegetables may be some sauteed potatoes and Bok Choy. I had a lot of Michael okwu hydrate during the good good good that's. Also go back to the at this back for seconds LB out the protein you. Think that would pass Olympic testing. Path. You know your standard testing. Hot I think Hollywood that's at the moment is finally it's really matters of their it would not bad enough that he gets up at 230 to do list. He makes his gym trainers and personal chef all joined him off. They're called before AM club they're down there and that he's got the you know or Graham Vick millions of dollars part of a club. Graham. Was euphoria amid. The ever had a wait each eating is a chef. Tomorrow probably snapped Lou there simply put. I competed hard reality general yourself native and I'm sure you know these these rich or famous people want everything done for them so a show like I asked the pick out the right blueberries I don't know I don't know what movie. He's preparing for believing it's obvious that's what he's so every day he's eating three Turkey burgers ten Turkey meatballs a piece of steak a beautiful piece out of it and our guy our god and all the other snacks. It seems a little outrageous. By the in my favorite movie that he was and probably book unites. And then maybe close second would be fear. Where fear was cut I missed the wall. So you got Mark Wahlberg with his workout regiment okay. And that leads me into what you might have those kernel of truth is that what you weigh that as at I have another IPA I had followed by half. And out on the video game then I went off sweep out the brightness of over two doors down here the Bruins begin training camp they had their they had their off ice testing today. Who sewed John McDonald tweets this out and east as fans are wondering how many pull ups that Dana target. Because in the past he's routinely reached into the high thirties would pull ups which by the way it's freaking insane he weighs 255. Pounds. So today. Heated sixteen polyps. That was it what happened week. A down. They changed it up a bit this season. They made them do waited Paula stock god they added 62. Pounds. That it came followed Chara why he waits till 55. On there they added 62 pounds of weight two putted sixteen point three dollar crass things team pull lots. And with sixty to act so Mark Wahlberg just heard that is a different crowds are now mark. Fine where about it. That's ridiculous for that size two and with it the long arms to be able to do pull it since. It's not steadily uncovering a 117. Pounds. Is what he was hiking. Up sixteen times in the Paula bar with a 424041. Or one. Again so glad I'm Mark Wahlberg got that you can lock 6177797937. Its telephone average daily keep. Sports Radio W media. So we'll talk about you know be approaching. NHL season Bruins have half they're team in China. Half they're team here. Bruce Cassidy is in China with half the squad happens here the NBA season is. Working on the horizon as well. And Sports Illustrated has come out when their list of the 100 best players in the NB. Yes they did top 100 players of 2019. There's via a network when they do their top hundred and it's really more kind of projecting right it takes last year but it's also sort of what they think is gonna happen you know what what they think it's gonna happen. And I don't know all week. One on another it they have they've because they were doing it in parts they did a 151. That fifty to 31 and thirty through eleven. And then they did their top tens of a whole list is out. They ranked players all hundred all the way down to one that. The Boston Celtics. Maybe not a surprise have six players in the top 100. So as low as heroes here is number 82. This is fine teams won't fully loaded and I had a scary Terry people are all fired up about it but I might even be high but anyway he's our clocking in number 82. Jalen brown 47. Jason paid them 39. Gordon Hayward when he five. And here's where I have the biggest age now where there's two. Number seventeen. Carry Irving. Number while sixteen. Al Horford who. Are you doing here. How are well why did it. Everything average Dell does not average a lot wrong there are some personal Al Horford is not the sixteenth best player in the NBA and he's also definitely not there at the carrier ring. And carry Irving is incredibly hello. What this is is this it'll Ron bias. The league and everybody who writes in covers the league loves LeBron so much and he's yeah he's great great player I get why they love him. But then they disrespect the other guys so like that just to me goes back to when he won a title. Which carrier Irving thousand or is LeBron used the prom that did it. That's why they're so quick to dismiss them when he left. And then when he was not that start there were on they started that the change their tune that ultimately got hurt another back to. Everything is all about the brawn who no surprise is number one on this and shoot me but Kyra Irving is a top ten player in the NBA. And they're talking about for next season some for the upcoming season he's in a great spot. He was a top ten player last year before he got hurt he still in the prime of his career. So I don't understand like he's not a top five player he soccer than terrain or curry. Probably not even James Harden or the Anthony Davis. But he deserves to be in the top ten and I I you. I think he's very Chris Paul is a beat right now he's better than Jalal MB or Jimmy Butler who were all pop and the on this list which I think is outrageous but they completely over rank. Al Horford. Dumping on a guy. Who's my tad bit. I don't stop I can all stars my thoughts are as good as I've gotten ahead key five medals are at the end of the comedy a ensemble. And that. Merited his Al average. I don't I'm kidding me angry I'm nothing out of art. Oh my god and apply to most aren't we get it. So Al Horford who averaged. Twelve point nine point seven point four rebounds four point seven assess now another blog nerd numbers out there that are one of those are the basics that. Okay fine a point throughout this that three had and that the right up for Horford. They say Horford as the patron saint of the top 100 and that Ian bodies so many attributes we tend to value highly he plays both sides of the ball without condition. And in a way that makes everyone around him better his game is ball reliable enough to anchor team. And first or not to allow for changes on the fly he fits the modern game. Nothing and corporate style or skills that would make him a target a playoff series. Our watt. If anything it's incredible basketball literacy would poke holes and opponents game plan a real time. The way plays up all the standard in the wake here's himself can establish a culture. Horford exudes a winning a fact. He has all the yeah court players the entire league last season and that's ranking reflects that you drapes right this value must've yet it -- how Draper and this. It is I I don't understand I think he is. The fourth most important player on the roster. Let alone on a number one in sixteen in the league. I'm glad he's on the team he's a good he's a good is a good player sort is almost like a really good role player and a sense like you want them on your team. He's he's not gonna hurt you. But if you don't have carrier ring or Gordon Hayward or Jason Tatum are Jalen brown a -- year ago with just Al Horford so the the Celtics have just released a statement. How regarding Jabari bird. Offer people who haven't heard the story I Jabari Byrd was arrested over the weekend. He was charged with. Several hideous things including domestic violence yeah. Asphyxiation for lack of better term choking this person kidnapping. He was under observation at a local hospital but apparently. Will be making the court appearance today for his arraignment. The Celtics have put out a a statement about Jabari bird and I'm quoting directly most importantly our thoughts are with the victim of this incident. The Celtics organization deplores domestic violence of any kind and we are deeply disturbed by the allegations against Jabari bird. Pursuant to domestic violence policy in the NBA's labor agreement matters of this kind are handled by the league office not the team. And so the Celtics will be working with both the league and local authorities to assist in their ongoing investigations the team will have no further comment at this time. So we saw on the team. Again I don't regret that I don't know Lisa I don't know if they can. Because apparently these things are not handled by the league in the league may be saying look back off until we finish looked and this thing over. He kind of guy editing time I would think. I don't know I mean and again I understand you want make sure the you get all the information necessary to isn't in these cases ye. I don't know if they know all the facts just yet. So if it finds out that he didn't doing him wrong then you don't wanna column for nothing however it doesn't seem. To be going that direction out I mean I don't know I just I'm surprised that he is. Let's be honest. To barber is the fifteenth player on the rosters are the first and whether or not I Riley shouldn't. Factor it usually does later this was a more valuable player on the team. You could you would see why they would want stick by him but though they Qaeda barely made the roster. Going through this I'm surprised that there are there's the mother of north. And at least for the moment I'm I had I question how long that that well. Continue. Now the the National Hockey League had via a domestic violence allegation. And I doubt on the name of Austin Watson is his name. He was arrested back in July I guess is arrested in June. In July he pleaded no contest to misdemeanor domestic violence. He was arrested. He was allegedly while not allegedly he pled no contest. He struck his girlfriend. Bomb outside a shell station in in Tennessee plays for Europe for the national predators. He was released on 4500 dollars bond sentenced to three months probation. Including an inpatient program for alcohol and substance abuse 26 weeks of batter intervention. Well the NHL yesterday suspended him for all of pre season and the first 27 games of the regular season. Are without pay. Linux 47 games because I don't know how does not have eighty and I have allies policy it is the only worry that meant throwing a dart and a and a number of border something so they go case by case yup there. But that is. It is vulnerable it was in the Colorado goalie a couple of years ago. He had while there was the defenseman Slava Boyne offer the the kings are well who's gone from the league right. But hours that gives is solid inaudible what is as is their policy but an auto battery that house one they literally don't have one they're the only professionally that does not have a domestic violence policy. Gary Bettman said today's ruling while tailored to the specific facts of this case and the individuals involved is necessary and consistent. With the NHL strongly held view that it cannot and will not tolerate this and similar types of conduct. I he had an in person hearing. With the league on September 7. The NH LPGA's it'll appeal list. But I think it's like boiler plate you almost have to because the predators have even said you know we understand completely. Right he forfeits our 362195. Dollars. Of his one point one million dollar salary why as far as I know Nashville is not cutting this guy here. But I literally racing in order missiles because now all of a sudden you've gotten a handful. Of examples now so I wonder they will put an policy rate the next TBA you know one anarchy I will say this about the Celtics statement which they released just a few minutes ago. It's the first time I can remember seeing a statement like this begin with the victim. Yet so I mean star Pelé Ohio State are out there with the victim of this incident that's or should do. So that's those are but I I wonder what the future of depart birdies on this team and in the NBA mostly. I can't believe they'll. They'll be on the same I don't think so either but he still is 6177797937. Is telefono we'll get back to call did you guys just few minutes it's Daley keeps Sports Radio WEEI.