Dale & Keefe - Keefe finds a diamond in the rough in the Patriots preseason opener; Dale makes a bold prediction on the Red Sox MVP candidates

Dale & Keefe
Friday, August 10th
Hour 1: Dale and Keefe discuss the Patriots’ first preseason game of the year, Rick Porcello getting lit up by the Toronto Blue Jays again as the Red Sox suffer their first loss in what feels like forever, and why the NFL preseason should be shorter. Also in this hour, the guys talk about the Pittsburgh Steelers having a deflated football in their game against the Eagles, and Rich Keefe loves the dominance of Ralph Webb against the second half of last night’s game.

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Yeah yeah yeah yeah. The coach was in mid season form the news straight so with Steve Burton. Yeah lump those that are here's. Level I mean they were getting their asses kicked the path they know did most entertaining point hole they might finally managed it nailed all three points out of their rear ends next to generate what a drive good situation football. I think I love you have a not that sock I love the back and forth through those guys that got them. Memorable moments over the united way in the aftermath of coming from behind and winning the game. Belichick sounded just like he did that yeah as he would that was ugly ugly ugly football it's it's pre season football. You're you're happy that it's there to because you haven't had a football such a long time but. Pre season football no Brady no wrong normal court you know Sony Michelle no Isiah win. Just a lot of Brian Hoyer and Danielle exhort you really expect that it was ugly there for awhile you know what it was I I thought of this last night and and by the way I'm not try to take myself out of out of responsibility here. This is just like me. Just before the first Bruins pre season game and you get all I don't know. Yeah. Every. Soledad about the fifteen minutes in the first pre season game you know this isn't really the witnesses and yes this is a real team. And we felt we do this in the NFL as well at one point today I think match at a point this out. Like seventeen of the top trending topics in the United States all were related to the NFL. And pre season games in which woody who mattered was playing now it was us and but you know it's the NFL we love it we can't wait to have it back. There is no. Nobody listening to the sound of my voice who can tell me they watched and enjoyed all. Four quarters of that nets' last good not a majority it's just it just impossible and if you hung with the for the whole game great your your big time football and that's I watched I watched it on I was sort of get the Red Sox on his Wellesley flipping back and forth. But man. When it's Hoyer vs McCoy it like right away Karen no way to get yourself in four. And it was it was you know bad tackling is you can tell why they'll check was was frustrated they could move the ball all the first half. Even against some of the to lose some of the Redskins to lose. Brian Hoyer can't do anything with the football and I can I sit I have to sort of pick out individual players like I I don't find somebody is sort of look at Roger hill or Ralph Webb is now everybody's favorite player never let Ralph run bought into I'll shocked if you see him. On this router at the start of the season Robin and I mean although I don't know Michaels is gonna make the team while the fact that he was playing in the fourth quarter last night I probably not gonna reconcile army navy whether the chance of ridiculously I don't know I think the Sony Michelle injury will play a factor in that but. Yeah that's sort of what you're dealing with their yells a look at just. I mean. Brian Hoyer stinks you know can you give me that at least can you give me that suggests that this case states day that I at any point yesterday that he was yes wouldn't when they traded at one. RL how can hear a lot of sports dynamic nobody's gonna suggest otherwise. But it also makes life easier from bella checks in mcdaniels perspective. That you know we traded away not. One but both of our backup quarterback at least we got somebody in their who could make a call in the huddle you begin yet willing it's going to be. This one yeah I got ice dancing on yeah I'm I promised myself last night as I was watching that I am not gonna overreact and not gonna overreact. I am not gonna think about how bad the defense looked considering the last time we saw the defense like they look really bad I loved Kyle bit annoyed health care agree in last week the other the people around the rolling look at it this late at odds linebackers out about fast asleep at the linebackers are so low low. Holy macro the cabin noise is not making plays on running backs Jordan Richards he floated a full effort that's classic Jordan Richard's right there last night. Regular season game playoff game pre season game that's that's who Jordan Richardson's. Death as step and Gilmour who started the season like he did last year. He also not very good not good at all a surprise of the other at the starting corners out there. One of my surprise it was you know Julia I hope they rise settlement play yeah beats him I didn't want them to. But they also I wonder if this was part of the script to he wasn't targeted. So but it that it. Just kind of get out there and and try to get in shape again they did in football shape just wanna run some plays but it probable ones. Chris Hogan didn't look very good. You the whole thing with the holes hole but it was pretty bad. Together scoreboard two points in the second half but doesn't matter and it's hard to tell you know it was Ralph Webb can he do that against starters in the NFL my guess would be no. But one down three to go and then many it's a real football. I just can't I tried I tried to get all cranked out and had a DVR set as my wife and I went out to dinner. I left oracle date I did date night for us sought them out to dinner I I intentionally did not listen. To the football game on the radio driving home the I don't know that a shot the commented not not at all no I didn't want to know anything's gonna wanna have to start to gain impression might be yeah our best yet listen to baseball all the way home yes I'm home started to DVR when. And this is at halftime you're elect forcing yourself to continue to watch yeah Alia lawyers you're sticking around for the belt secular view you got a lot of fight and how fast our apathy that. And that from there I think if you what you wanna see is our what what veterans are still playing in the fourth quarter and you know what are those guys going to be around very long and so there's some things to look at and but for the most part it's pretty bad that I keep going back to that's what. The ex FL and that's why the other league are gonna be like oh works. They're multi sport works you know anybody right now from anybody but those guys the the that alliance lead. There's already signed a bunch of players meaning they're not even into camp but I didn't and a ninety may have roster right now and I want I need to not even if from a team. The other big thing that jumped out to me was Jason McCord he did not play and I was actually surprised at that I was surprised to an instant he's the guy every year you go to the surprise cuts he's on my list of the he's gonna be cut. But I don't he's going to be cut but I think he's on the bubble I think it definitely is and this is when he didn't play. My my first thought was a must be a good sign for him right now I don't want to autograph yeah however Mike Reese who does his right up after the game. Yes you know six things that jumped out to him or whatever. Eighties saga about Jason McCarty. Eddie goes up perhaps the patriots wanted to get a deeper valuation younger corners like Jaycee Jackson and a couple of Addai he's the hot commodity error ICC and you know he's going to be the undrafted free agent who dominates this team yeah I think he's he's the new Malcolm Wright. If he might cost according job so part of my grease goes a lot more than I do. He says. But according lack of action highlights to me how his spot on the team is not secure as a backup corner. Then he goes to say how both Gilmore in row started the game a little played fourteen snaps he had most of your secondary playing. Demo ordeal that they like better about the defense and they are no no no definitely not but that's just another god I would say do you keep an eye on because. When they when he abroad and everything right yeah why not you know not only viewed you know the brother of of them accordion and other rockers guide but. He's got a pretty good career may be can help you out but tabulate Jensen according to be one of those guys who gets cut but don't go anywhere they would DeVon. Amid you know is proud to call anyone back and forth back and forth guys decked could be if he if he wants to do that he's had a pretty. Long career to it and when you when you consider how long most guys play in the NFL so maybe that's just at four honor I don't know how much he has left in the tank but. Thousand other thing it's both guys who did and in did not play is to get a score doesn't matter that is some of those a lot of things that don't really matter and game but it's just stuff that he could try to take away from. Then the big story line post game thanks to Jim McBride of the Boston Globe who has great within trees up by that's why when I write I don't know in my room this makes me nervous he's usually rest he usually nails these things long before anybody else. He was the first guy I saw say. Brady's workload has been reduced because he's got soreness in his back. That knack it doesn't look I mean am I big catch on brilliant sidelines obviously. I'm smile and laugh as you go monopoly game one and a full day. I don't think this is anything serious. It may be one of those things that 41 year old. Players go through in the housing SA every 41 year old man in the world right now probably is the source asked him this week but I thought we were allegedly Brady was different I thought Brady. With a TV twelve men and it's a make it and it ought to grunt work right now but but I thought you know this liability in what he's doing and him being. You know the the best that he can be and again the whole method. Would lead you to believe that he wouldn't be guy with a with a sore back. And so urea and I don't know if you would play the game anyway the way Jim McBride tweeted out was it was because it's not he didn't play and he has a sore back. It was he didn't play it be because so as only he wanted to give ago now. He practiced some the day before the game Wednesday that they were talking about some long bomb that he threw down. To edit and trying to hit Phillip or sat it was incomplete and then they said all right China. But I you know aunt and my thought was okay how bad does it hurt to be there let him do that. I don't think this is anything major now Belichick talked about it today might GRD. We don't know yet. It's a national I think it's a national thing right that was liberty gas some sort of guest NFL network good guess I would think obesity you'll think they're handsome man you sure is so so and anyway he asked Belichick or maybe a separate Cisco Rocco this. Said and Jimmy V he's the bribe you know when you went on went worth much Jimmy droplets beat but the ownership would on ES ballot check about you know. How you handle the workload here and Belichick acknowledged that playing as late as they do certainly does have an effect. On how you practice I know people's nail for God's sakes the game was February 4. That put a lot of football last couple years the other half but they also you know guys like Gilmore and role they play in the Super Bowl they played a ton of games and they were still playing in pre season game one bit younger than the 41 year old daughter I would say so but I get there we go back to. He is close EB. A little bit differently that's that's the thing of about him that he was the MVP at forty ins and out here is at 41. He skips the optional stuff so maybe he's working out a little bit different than he normally has going into the year. And I don't doubt thirty's practicing some with the I don't think you need to freak out about it yet you still they're still with the team I would expect him to miss games but he's in uniform he's warm and copy and watch him on the sidelines he laughed and with cattlemen that. Do you think that the incentives that were heard about yesterday the five million dollars in incentives have anything to do with the sore back. Oh only to say rather that is giving you five more million extra dollars. Why don't we make sure you play because we already know right now you do with a back I said yesterday I feel it stronger today. What the patriots did for Brady's an insult. An insult. I always hear yeah. You know the one of the most durable quarterback in the history of the NFL now Rob Gronkowski sort of understand he's had a lot of physical issues. You know he's had surgeries so you know we got to make sure rob richer help if you're healthy you're gonna make all this money. It can't be doing that to Brady it is a little so it's an insult it is it is there's but he but he agreed to a at a news slowly getting them what they think it. Well everybody again nothing happened yet we always talk with him if he wanted to get if you wanted to be the highest paid quarterback in the NFL. He could be yes. What do FISA should be. Show it again and like I want to take our noted I don't know we're playing hardball here at the Big Apple lawyer LC guys later. So he's out doing that we as these incentives but. We know the incidents are yet well what do it's just play fourteen games and it could be something as simple as that I don't go to the problem is then that that capital that the salary cap. So I mean either way it is I've waited it seems a little awe that they would make pretty deep that it I don't know with the timing of it. Where was the team already aware of the back problems and that is that oh. My wanna cover ourselves here for just give him more money that's if I was it if that was the case and I was Brady. I'd say forget it that's enough I'm done you don't trust me enough I mean for all the things I've gone through here that all the things I've played through. You're gonna wonder about you know I got a little back stiffness and you're gonna say well I don't know Tom we got a chip. I'd say get out and a liar would just play it's yes I area that's the thing and and and mark bigger concern that the patriots game was. They tweak its contract but he did and added two more years so it's still says this year and next year and and that's I know how stupid this sounds in the real world say it anyway I'd million dollars a lot of money and it's five million dollars as a tweak to Tom Brady's contract is also and it's. Yeah solid that's what we get about 210 or eleventh in the ML about quarterback takes much is like portals now. I was tied with morals and already under now a's tied and if you were gonna tweak his contract given ten million. Given that get him in the and by the way and don't make him jump through hoops to get it. Now given ten say you know what Tom just for being him where we're gonna we're gonna add to your contract we're gonna go where here it is this is what we're gonna do. The more I've thought about it the more I think an iPad what do you think she has like how this looks you think he is shares in the team or something Beatles I was not allowed well okay. Keep it out asking and I don't you're not the standard you know I mean do I think there's some nudge nudge wink yeah there's something on our I don't know just to go along with this for so long yet I know IA's quarterback in the league for the last. Well your. Probably a little brought a great point and and I was kind of zip and threw the early stop on the DVR someone to get the football stuff yeah. But balloon was right. It was kind of ironic wasn't at that one of the opening shots was a a full screen. You know front of the distort yeah maybe twelve very Florida a commercial Shelley that may have been part of that. I'm sorry there's there's something going on there and I think that's. I think it's fine and I don't know exactly and all the different you know I know he can't be a part owner of the team and all that nonsense on to say there's got to be something going on with the facility right there they get a free quote free commercial for maybe Dell's also part of the incentive package I don't know. But yeah that's that's going to be a story earlier along. He he certainly looks happy I mean Ares certainly looked happy yet. They get their asses kicked in his lap with the settlement and got mad I guess the he had one target was incomplete. They didn't show it but supposedly went to the sidelines and he slammed his helmet down. He hates Hoyer to. Yeah I just clarity on how much you know on what Brian Hoyer is our great starter quarterback Rodgers nice back up hope you never ever ever see him. But I just I would only pays for all back so that's true I don't I just. I sort of a wide wanna play cattlemen in the game I was very surprised I'd I did not think you'd see him. I thought you know like you can't buy the first four games anyway it's really easy you back into this will play some of the pre season but we're gonna start. Using in game one yeah Ian you know he's playing with a lawyer to might need to see this and again maybe. They just wanted to get him you know some get the models now on get out there maybe around a little break a sweat I don't know maybe it's like Iran reverses to warmer donating crazies are returning punts or kicks or anything like that. Who would like better McCarron or. Burials Gilligan if they are yet about guys back there returning punts migrate the other five it's wonderful as the acknowledge that and that knowledge about that if there was somebody on Twitter who said they get this is this exchange between. A football writer and as kids in the kids saying. Well why they're playing football well let's pre season football it's really practice morning outs and it says. Why the people there. There's a lot of people are at an Allison the fatherhood it's actually could question the other artists and they don't act Motorola don't have a logo on the field we don't have any of its own logos in there is a glorified practice. Which don't get me wrong they will use to help make assessments of people. But I think they used practice as much as they use the yen dollar check was happy that I think he's asked that every single year but he was asked that again last night after the game he says general that are. We are of course they do. And that's why. I go back to if you was being honest. I think Belichick would say. He's upset they're not to a joint practices because that was another partisan idea of practices by yourself young joint practices and you the pre season games so suddenly that a lot. To evaluate you have to narrow it down to 53 and then go from there where's that you're removing one of those aspects that he's been doing for for years in a row now. Subsidies but hazel seller about. Who do you tend to get more out of evaluations. From the games with a practices and other teams kind of tests. After the corporate. We are very rare thing so. That'll count. It all counts. Including joint practices that target that he's upset that the Eagles said no or they couldn't find a way to schedule with the with somebody else. Because now you have these four games. And you hope that they're better than last night I don't know how much he got out last night's game due respect yes. Just not developed the practices are going a whole lot better than that well that's we were talking about you know how low she did you know chill ballot check in you know how much. Softer and Chandler he's down at a feeling that might change the next practice I think your last night now videotape of guys getting embarrassing it's hard to be chilled they'll check way and Kyle bit noise didn't sports for a touchdown or Jordan Richards is blown a tackle. Against the guys economic team like all all those plays that's gonna change. Belichick's demeanor of the pre equipment. Approach it is demeanor right really now yeah absolutely there is not allowed to get excited about last night part of the telecast last night that under part of telecasts was sideline reporter Rob Ninkovich movement very comfortable by. He did was popped out there on the field corset is dresses while I think we've we've noticed thanked him and a lot about his pants and spent did everything. Hey big big big thing London's look at your talking back from. Sign language. There's a line you're either with that they would ask of them are enough I admit when my pants is that their little too tight I don't think they are big loss I was him I was gonna ask you activities as he gets up in your pockets of big you know. Amidst a while I'll pick up. Oh Richard cheese as much tees yet. I was written off in this. I've either so Rob Ninkovich was part of the telecast will be out of the pre season yes he will be a patriots Monday regular with a us he'll be down a Gillette Stadium with us every Monday. Between ten and twelve. We would happening here on a couple of occasions love talking to him he's gonna join us in about 330 today so we'll kind of talk about what he saw last night. What kind of import there is to wit how much Steve put into it how much do you take out of it. I just I refuse to take a whole lot out of it that's all. Yeah I mean it's as simple as you want your starters that never got hurt and so he's he's waited as the not play so I use because if you don't want your top guys the play. But the the ones that do you hope they're able the to make it out of there and men. You're looking for a couple of guys that maybe you know turn some heads and you know Ralph Webb had some good runs you're looking for JC Jackson you look at for the offensive line that. That's kind of what you go into it would pre season but that's about it. I spoke balls back so you'll you'll Leo was taken I was given the opportunity thanks to the fact that it was born. I don't have to check in on a bit more of the Red Sox game perhaps that I plan would figure report saw. He you know what he set top here against Toronto all year answers that won't face out of the playoffs I don't know I I we're good there now he's actually had a very good year except against rock everybody has that team yeah out for him it's Toronto for what he had a very good year does that really good year he's twelve and foregone and got a 17 ERA I don't think that's a very good year. I think he pitched really well against the Yankees last time out I was great to see you the game lasted two hours of awesome. But he's a fine I mean his record's good because everybody on the Red Sox record is good this herbal and runs or they're the team is awesome but I I don't think he's been great. I love how cynical we've become. Human meat well Austin not putts and we've become around here where now. Cycles solar and lost. Really they lose once a week they don't get off it a little while the week if multi Beth gets the idle cycles in the in the it's a cool thing although it isn't like much harder to do to get a no hitter. Oh is that it all is that right oh yeah I'll achieve many fewer cycles the no hitters. I'm and a good and I thought it was cool I wanted to see all take a delta is cycles from this now at the same time home run last that's exciting buzz between allies and I don't usually if if you Ken Giles why did you give him anything Giles on top here. Styles are bad debt added I I like that he did yeah I know that we're appreciate that given the chance and if your McKee that's your they're just hack him to. Did not go and I think at hockey Betsy is good but it's not at all. Yeah it's good that at Toronto bullpen. Into the game and time. Pretty good good and Eddie was excited the young. It's gotten into the dugout and ask that apply for the and they went as I was like I said it was about once a week and a cold weather weather at all in the Baltimore they fell to 81 and 35 on god out of there and it's winning streak going that's apt six gave up for yourself how would reign of Marcelo was that was a rough outing opera routing for but so that you say I bet I'm an answer is probably somewhere in between but you see the Yankees are many see that blue jays are in a what's the real reports yellow starting with daddy was insane he's he's not going to be -- I don't think ever again. So why top of the guards to be an hour from now the bottom of the hour we'll we'll talk to Rob Ninkovich. I was listening this morning I did hear Kirk minute hand on this morning. Will address that at the top of the hour we'll talk about what Kirk did on the air here today he tweeted out yesterday we said yesterday we wouldn't comment on it until he had a chance. To speak on the air and he did this morning. I'll talk about that a top of the hour we'll get to the calls that you coming up next. Forgot the golf on the team. Above our shoulders so it pops into my head die as I think about this. Before the the US open Rory McIlroy was interviewed a couple of days before the tournament earlier this week. And he's had a he's had a really good year like he's been a consistent top ten finisher all year. But you know no major snow you know right. And and somebody said till would you rather have a year like this where your consistently a top ten player but you don't win a major or would you rather win a major. And miss like twelve cuts during the course of the and he said I'd rather have this I'd rather be a considerably make it more money that way when you Gary Wright you although we're not friends and anything I'd rather be the consistent player. And he hits every once Sally ride to the majors one and the other into this is always come up with would you rather. Win a title. Or be a hall of fame player. Alike yet if we drug robber order Charles Barkley exactly parkway and and I would be borrow I'd much rather be Barkley or. I Ariza bark is holed up America. Buddies and rings off camera MVP. One of the best players Horry isn't a bad example because you know he or I hang Iran. But he hit big shot I don't know why a lot of big shot popping up off putting but he's also one million titles to. So I don't know what you're talking about somebody who is a fringe starter or assembly a BJ Armstrong would rather be in merger rather be. You know John Stockton that I bought it last night with a whole milky bets that yeah you know he's got this individual achievement. He hits for the cycle doesn't happen very often. And in the last Red Sox player to hit for the cycle was rock hole. And back. Think about that for a minute that there is also our season and must've been I think it was so that John balance and before that a guy that is always viewed that everybody gathered in their aka and annually it. They lose that OK so blocked. What as you said they've lost what 36 times this 3530. My time won a lot of games and and you know he got this individual achievement. I had no issues within celebrating it. Not at all well and because they still had a chance to win the game and they were down four east smacks that thing here hit for the cycle they're still up. There's still a chance and now they don't score anything else but they had a chance. The worst part really for JD Martinez was seeing bats go four for four he won once before so he was down eight points for the batting title slash Triple Crown. Now he's sixteen points behind bats yeah he's not delivered papers there are always at an all look he has that is cool off a little bit I don't know the winner and my net. So I had no issues at all good for him to celebrate the happy teammate like I held sky I saw Alex chorus comments after the game you know everybody in the dugout was obviously thrilled for the guy. And they lost some one sometimes when I on Twitter was darkened me about you know the alum and lost. I'll get RF a they did lose they'd they'd they counseling and says that it was once a week they do at best that's out there. I bet tight some tells us they win tonight I've a feeling about it they'll feel a bit bounce back tonight that pesky Baltic moral battle royal does seem as the were planning on it might win all four home. Just the way things have gone and I'll also say this because I've gone back and forth on this when this this is a out. And adjusted opinion on my part adjusted idea and it just that opinion and this is not based just on the fact that smoky went four for four with a cycle and JD went one for four adjust that opinion feels like a flip flop it but I also I prefer my other out okay. Adding look he's going to be the MVP. Now I I had been saying JD Martinez. I think more he's gonna be the MVP of the American League. I think he's going to be Mike Trout for that too so my vote right now these Judy Martinez spoiler alert I don't get a vote so hard really hard but I have a microphone I can tell you how I feel I would vote for Judy Martinez right now leads the majors in home runs is the majors in RBIs second the majors in batting average. And he has been a major difference the Red Sox Hugh shot. I think you probably have a pretty good case because smokey bets. Combines. The war stat that everybody loves to love war so he's just below Mike Trout right now and he's on the best team in baseball and he's gonna win a gold and write it he adds an element that Judy Martinez doesn't suddenly if you if you put that together even though the power numbers aren't as the same as is Martinez. That's probably. And he's a guy two years ago we finished second last year even and a year that he would admit it wasn't great he finished sixth. There is also something about voters kind of consistency their wares JD Martinez has has not really bad there this much. And they just they love the advanced stats. And they don't really favored Judy Martinez is much you think that they would. Based off his just is his raw numbers I think we'll keep that's is gonna win the MB now I have been saying is medium BP and its own team and I've gone back and forth that's where my adjustment and AMOCO with VP and less than ironically be the manager of the Toronto blue Jay said last night. I think they should have co MVPs and it should be those guys really about that is incredible images that I hate Cohen William physically by the way while during the up here's a here's a spoiler learn how how we operate during the idea bruins' post game show up you know we name our restarts are player of the game and apparently the game what's awhile. They'll talk me into cheating us outlets and a first line and I saw an Alitalia. OK if you really think about a guy Major League Baseball those co MVPs every single year because they pick one of the American League and one of the nationally they don't do that he had an M 3 about it Eastern Conference MVP you know Western Conference that BP in the NHL the NBA. Imagine that surge that in the NFL it is your your FC MVP I don't. So there you have to make it split that down anymore well I've gone back and forth I think Mo Pete is the MVP and his team. I think he should be the MVP in the American is the best offensive right fielders get when the batting title he's on the best team in the league in his power numbers. Are are really good as there aren't that far off no other yeah right so. I mean I I I don't they can go wrong wave would either guy. And who knows if that's so right now I know I know you of the wharf that might try to seven point eight bets is seven point five yup so he passes him. It's going to be a no brainer easy combines everything if you're one of these guys that at best player on the best team or your god it just doesn't watch the games your nerdy just look at dwarfs that you're gonna pick him as well. And that if you factor in complete all round player you'd you'd put him there are so. Yeah that's probably the Smart money what could end up hurting him is the JD Martinez votes. Yeah generally it's because they may split a lot of that I 'cause people well I don't know I could pick Nokia could pick JD. And and they end up splitting a lot of the Red Sox vaults quote unquote and Mike Trout slips in and and wins the whole thing but for me. It's smoky that's who should be the MVP of the America understandable I'll vote for Judy Martinez I think his numbers and especially keeps this pace up the pace that he is on. You know they're gonna be pretty silly you know the number home runs him in the high forties he's gonna have a 130 plus RBI he still hit about 32330. It's just it's. Is off the turn Jerry they both are they're both on an unbelievable season so we get that talked about as the afternoon goes long I mean we talked about the football game if you want to. I'm still I it's just what one guy or I don't Ralph where every dollar Ralph Webb. We always talk about how do you often sort of they always have a guy after the first week of the pre season yes we are convinced Austin Carr called god yeah that facade fell on staff who else there's been a few other guys that are there is always one of the notes now. Notice that everybody knows how to book here and compete and get better today. I don't wanna hold him. He's got that he's got a hold that rally go down the route he's got it down to south goes over the page exiles like a patriot when he talks like that let on the tragic anyway from me look at these better than Jonas gray. No management not actively acting as if the door on the I'd always thought a pre season tilt against the Redskins he scored two touchdowns. All right and I westerly wind so. So he's decided is when my team is doing everything I can hope to win this fight it plans to visit them. I agree at Ralph it's all about the win. It's all about the victory there in pre season football. Our guys know it thugs that. This late. It's a cliche you already are lord their god you got it I guess it's easier to based dollar check in the meeting room the next thing you know you'll win that if you lose but he wasn't going to be a happy guy and that meeting room anyway Ralph like hey scoreboard guys scoreboard there as well you know. Our. Well. He's just executing assignments they'll be rough web I think it's gonna really take the league by storm. Jaime got right. Don't get talked about simulator in flight now here's here's a serious question do you think Ralph Webb is better than Mike deal asleep. This team I don't let me all he might be I don't know all. I Cingular as it was awful last tired seeing jealously play when it matters though he had a couple of years ago he was pretty good with the bills he has his average yards per carry through the room I have to admit it archer was not good it's hard for me to give up on him because that was the one guy got right knee sees them that's right when I said that this is the perfect check signing and when I'm gone silent like a genius right if they gold cod and islands like a dope again now that's for a while now more than that you. It's definitely opportunities present themselves you know. There you can make happy. The whole bus. To get the without don't know about his locker it was out his locker for two minutes and thirty seconds two minutes thirty seconds of Ralph Webb audio we've played all of an aura that right now. Not giving up up and Honda and our gun Bergen regardless of rubble that it on the it and I think he's got achievable it's Michelle's injury. Really kind of lingers that opens up another sponsor people get all all all worked up about Ralph Webb McKeon I'll blot on a limb here and say yeah that in the long run yeah Sony Michelle's gonna mean more to this team and Ralf went hale thank you gonna go away after the first round pick. Or this undrafted guy just doesn't have to do win. I got him let's see here. I love of I alone he's your guy Roger knows pretty good actually 2000 hours or what to expect from journal but they ran out all the eighteen pounds they said yeah Flickr's cells into the smelt somebody hit him. That gotten good about what he's a proposal now. A High Court Eric Patterson had a couple nice catch you look like a receiver not just the guys juggled job but hold it any holiday bacon plays out there are so. You know. I want the hole and muzzle talk about it. If you don't unit watch every minute Bulldog hustled into the reds I was start to finish that was you know going back and forth yeah. 6177797937. Johns in Connecticut Tayshaun. It I've called each of the last year there are asking them and keep extra Clinton and you want him out of here right now would you think of the last night automatic looking at third. We're gonna you'd probably question you know Belichick about it last and you noticed a subtle change and one or won't. They placed it. Who have for the first time and they moved the extra point back four years ago he kick in extra point from the middle of the field and set the hash mark in you know. He does that you know rest your problem that's one vote. You know. Herbs like called last year as well as you know it did come hash mark and equal and consistently. Numbness that are afforded her rights are moments so. I'm just pointed out that. I'll I'll I'll tell you this Steve who listens to the shelf yes he's told me he listens to the shows so he may have taken your advice Sean we'll try to do you know what I don't Larry mark that's good stuff. Well. At that are pretty flat. And pretty caught come back the bottom and now I'm with you every time you see a ticker. Lining up on the hash I just think they're out to get themselves but it was a short one who what difference when there's a lot of run up and knocked it through and then they move it back a little bit there was a moment I know at this angle it all the ball tails look at. It's 33 yards ticket straight down the middle. And so maybe that's what we'll do this you'll sleep. What are they now as pitcher had caused Bill Belichick and coach receives a football's not about winning or losing. What did you hope to get out of for staff. We needed pretty much everything better just. Not good enough and an area. This disease good situation football it's going at the end of happening like. Yeah about 38 seconds of good football. Get going on. Mid season. Or for the coach. Them. Perfect just part of that team needed did you want a brutal for half give me something and Andy get that you know it's all worth it now. So I I almost hate to bring up. This is a really bad word here we try not to simple Rossi get ready for this while we try not to say this word here because. It leads the things I'll get people in trouble I think an exact words that the oh log on to for direction that the word. Deflate game you know you see the Steelers can cause I did. I did sell out evidently I'm Howard ask and by the way. He is a sideline reporter for the Philadelphia Eagles he's a Philadelphia radio personality and during the pre season. He's a sideline reporter for the Eagles. He said. That the Eagles found at least one Steelers football that he said was quote on quote very deflated. During their pre season opener on Thursday. The NFL investigated the football and they sit out not their fault football was defective. That's at the NFL said. They're at at all our football there and I defective football took about twelve hours I'll start to finish that it's twelve our daughter while the investigations that I'll hop. You know what we're sorry Pittsburgh you got a bad football here keep it in looking at a football for twelve hours. What do you do I don't say it looked at it for a while my hours I got quicker than it than twelve hours to clear the Steelers have any wrongdoing that's stupid. I S insists that I mean as you said this football looked like a marshmallow that's a is that they aren't this is fine. That they took all the air out of the already massive crowd footballs and pre season that well one would think now I would hope not. You know most of the third string quarterback that they feel when I make it this team. Have come out there thrown super deflated football's. I guess. Now the whole thing here is and patriots fans of course there ads will explode. Because it took the NFL twelve hours as a matter now. And port and tweet about it I had conceded that that's also the part I album patty warts Twitter feed that he had needs we did something about it we could have been really in for and by the way it. I'm with you. I don't think the Pittsburgh Steelers did anything the football I think it would be stupid beyond belief to do it at all. But it pre season. That were cut down fumbles we're gonna take all the air out of this week you can't strip it you can't lose the ball. But yeah that's just. That's what the first thing should have done issues looked at for twelve hours last summer right now right Gerri Foreman sitting in the corner. Shake saying things about it and they now. Now I can't even as we speak stuff. And the night I thought it was amusing and quite honestly went esque in reported that it the that the word B to Sudan before just never ever again. Well it happened again Thursday night pre season games Eagles and Steelers but nothing to see here the NOL says all set. No fault what a relief. One right now after reading of the wells report the Steelers preceded allfirst yeah I did I had you at all. It's that read every word that stupid thing. The longest book I've read in years of all I do it through hallmark. Fine I don't think. Physically cut the work done and I don't read books and stuff about that typical of the school turns out of don't say that I guess I don't try to get all the credit in Asia and you get it I you've been very successful like pulp and she does better than a pastor at 6177797937. Brendan on the cell on a Brandon. Guys how to go and it's great. That I work. A little awkward and a lot of really good. And what are mobile mobile author on the first. Let me finish my dad and you guys to be from ten to witnesses or short history father and. And every round out in a land that plane I iced out rented a cure while the threat there are. Let me start with a terrible point and then all of that I'll rip you guys that know how well a gas pocket with an even more terrible point he would make more -- spread and if you said something that made a lot of sense at the beginning then people might believe you although I might actually put some stock right now and you know. So when they scored three points there in the first half he was all of them there on the rothmans. I guess. But he and I think Erin there though that all about it but if you company to lineup believe that's. We are people too. Server it to break the news of Brendon that the checks still clear does it on the air sorry Brendan 10 AM sharp. We'll be there Monday with a whole bunch of people I mean it's the season goes along. It's real idea who is true. Who's going to be joining us in the fall a lot players every Monday and that's that this whole list Trey flowers and in play last night I don't Vietnam. Julian Edelman who did played he played my first four games the regular sea heights our resolve doctor and I tell him. Wells. Hogan whose doctors and and you can tell them. Other credit if you watch the game last night probably enters Hogan was not very good in the game. And that's that goes to guzzle rotated on Monday and that either demo quarter or Toronto Harmon on Fridays during the season. Though because Willie McGinest on nine Tuesday us. Peter King on Thursday is a look forward to an iPhone Irvin on Friday as its its its we're gonna wheelock going on now they didn't say when Willie McGinest football life is gonna air that is there an outrageous all right gave the list of people who word. Going to be featured here would have foreground and the mcginnis football life. IPad I know what I've heard other guys talk about it Tedy Bruschi effort talk about it on sports that are. You know I've Ninkovich last night talked about what it was like to play for Robert craft you know that there's going to be something in the mcginnis football life. About playing. For the patriots for Kraft for ballot check. Yeah I mean he he still like you know another crafts on it seems like when he's down there are you out of her shirt and he's another guy another example of the countless former patriots who. Did say much at all while their players and and they went into the media and they've done a really good job the other there's a ton of those guys but you figure vote you know mcinnis to. He predates spell check obviously you know he's in the in the 94 draft so he was on you know those teams and then the early days of Belichick in the early success in those through Super Bowls. And in those years in Cleveland but I don't think I only got thirty covered as much in the football life but. Now he's definitely one of the guys that stands out units are what the early successful days of the patriots. I would guess for the top analysts. By the way some news out of last night's game. I think it was Mike Lombardi who pleaded during the course of of all preceded the twelve games last night yes and at one point he said. He's had most important thing for coaches watching pre season games that everybody gets up after the plight. That's the audience here at the guitarist everybody it's well Darius ice unfortunately. Awful. Now they showed that in the locker room after the game and kind of smiled and laughed and stand in their talk and didn't think there was anything you know majored wrong well it is tore his ACL last night done. We'll miss his rookie sees second round pick you know one of or the top running backs taken and you thought maybe I love it. You know could have a big season and then first pre season and you hear about every single year and that's the thing it's just that's why I think pre season shall only be two games. You don't need and if you wanna have ninety guys are both games where I don't care to with a roster sizes and know there's cuts you know every couple weeks here. But before pre season games it's just that many more opportunities for something like this meaningless game. And now his rookie years done that's that's awful every time I see this happen in a meaningless pre season game. I am more convinced than ever that I never went Tom Brady to set foot on the field until the season over and operating ground ball to not touch the field they do it and I know he hated. And I know he'd fight at metal prongs wants the plan I understand all that. You have nothing to gain. Not only that but the patriots are more of those weird kind of situations where their division is so bad especially this year every most years it is this year a pig it's even worse. And bell checked and other opponents yeah but the idea of weeks one through four of the regular season. Could basically be their free season. We've seen in they don't it's that way every time it's spotted so if Brady doesn't play until the first week in September you write that I could be ready for the season. What's the big guilty of the pack game who cares at least she's doing it any game that that's still. You know does count for the standings so he gets a win great if not I'm sure we'll be tuned up Brady go by the time October rolls around. And ten and six and still win the division I might not get the body I would believe that without record you probably wouldn't. But there's not any you might even do a lot better than that they these guys I don't think need to pre season most of them don't and now Brady will claim that he dies. You can you can duplicated as closely as he can and practice much more controlled environment. The red Jersey Johnson nobody's gonna Vietnam. You don't need Tom Brady does not meet pre season. To get himself ready now. Randy Moss didn't play in the pre season and then went out and set us singles only had recommended five touchdown and three touchdowns breaks a record. LaDainian Tomlinson and they got to a point where he'd never play in the pre season and I know some of you would take shots at him in the playoffs that's fine that's warranted but it a hall of fame career. Never play in the pre season. So most guys don't need I think should be more for. If some of those roster battles you know Braxton burial tomorrow McCarron can do pack go or let's say it was about nobody at heart but melting my mayor Ralph Webb can go out there and and just continue to dominate and that's nice. But the star players there's just I don't see any use for and a lot of coaches would would push back on that. Specially that something that they're just so used to it's been a part of football for such a long time. But man you owed when he Watson to get last night is is even more clear with this this isn't really necessary and I know it's a it's kind of tough block. For people who were being forced to pay regular season price has sock or pre season football for exhibition football which is what it is and it stakes for those people. I'm convinced most of the season ticket holders to him away anyway. Well it probably do but they're paying for it you know I don't know but I'd say your friend gets the girl most of the money in the pocket and in there are not ones who paid for the tickets generally speak well maybe not aura or you know they sell its movement you know the style is guilty at face value amok on market up when I when I wanted subtlety but even given that. Even if you think in if you sit there last night you know can I don't get to see Brady and competency. Flowers at and to Tennessee of this guy McCord you know what. Tough but isn't this this just proves that this is an. A news Bolton but the league says they care about player safety and that's Leo the helmet rule on things like that was really didn't come up last night. But they they say they care about. Player safety. It yet really it's a Volvo money like wiser for pre season games also each home team or each team can have two home games in the sell that out to put as part of the package. It really all that concerned about it you know Whittle the sound too. Every team with two pre season games you take the chances you cut the chances that half of an extra concussion and a blown out AC yell you know hip injury always once you do that no problem and I don't think the game would suffer because most of the star players barely play if they play at all anyway. The the last year I did patriots games on radio last year and the last pre season game that year. In that game they lost Andre Tippett Ronnie pat and Gary embarrassed for the year. They were done. Running at the end of that pre season game and their season was over before you ever snapped the ball in in real life. Now I am I'm not trying to you know make things dire here from a patriots fans perspective you want to chance. Have a chance that Tom Brady you know gets hitter Rob Gronkowski gets an ankle turned our. No thank you. Well that was so last night obviously want a little bit of tabs on Jimmy garrote blow plan for the 49ers right but the other part of that kind of UBS to to all of us greatly breakdown of bug problem real weakness above up and not on not a pro bowler this is an all pro quarterback and he keeps no I don't think I've I don't we've heard added I don't did you really pushed back against that's a slippery that out that we get to grappled with my point is an act team. The niners. Lost six guys in the first half to injury now. Varying degrees Arnold they've announced you know what they're all doing the guys that hat or forced out of the game. Including a couple of starters six. In the first half. But in that means absolutely nothing. And oh by the way tunic Rob Lowe played a series he was three of six. For 34 yards. No touchdowns no interceptions those again yesterday's series better and Tom Brady I do Rebecca. I do and that it's start got to forget that we were laughing so hard that it was hard to continue with our perception that call like really that call. Oliver couple minutes they could've lasted an hour because he had a lot to say he was frequently. Really adamant that Tom Brady was the epic. Is a system that Laura back to balance the system and Rodrigo. I if I were 8888. Paying patriots fan yeah. And that's only two of these games here yet to worry about yet is Marty played one next week is over the go home home in what way it was I don't wanna see anybody who matters I'm sorry idea it's not worth it to me. So that I get to see Tom Brady played two series the first string offense. And it's OK all marriage can't know on the none of these they rob Webb doesn't matter now relegated to the players liked it but. Problem is I've done that I'm gonna go all right I'll I'll say yeah I Brady means more to meet and Ralph I don't think OK five but not the but the point is. You still have to field the team and so by the end of it now Tom Brady in ground are definitely in another category. But it was still. What forfeits. Or three fifths of their starting offensive line. There was still a couple their running backs it was Andelman it was high tower in Gilmore and he's played a lot of guys and that is the pre season goes on the yet even less guys to work with that did not just from out there let's go but by the end of it you'll make it a couple of cuts you even have as many guys. Seeing if you wanna protect a lot of players. It's guys that are at least gonna make the team and playing games that matter that are forced. To go up there and play.