Dale & Keefe - Keefe gushes about his man-crush on Jacob Hollister and compares him to Aaron Hernandez as a player; DeOssie explains why Jordan McNair’s death should have been avoided, 8-17-18

Dale & Keefe
Friday, August 17th
Hour 2: Keefe has a man-crush on Jacob Hollister and can’t wait to buy his jersey in the team store. He also compares him to Aaron Hernandez, as a player, not as person. DeOssie also gives his perspective on Maryland taking the blame for the death of Jordan McNair.

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It's very likely Ol was like chuck Taylor. It's like models and our hope hookers so cut. Dale Arnold dissidents corn flakes about it which she stayed tied bats detailing key. Meet date status. It'd take. I don't know that we were able to say this he's had it hit me. Past what do you Kamal there's no effect on the WEEI Sports Radio network. Our number two failing keeps. Ports radio WEEI Steve DeOssie is in the house let us. Got to give credit where credit is due meant a veteran move by Tom Brady working in and under armour smooth things in the course of answering a question about his new helmet to serve it is time on this patriots Friday to talk with. Patriots defensive back Devin recording our conversation with DeVon it brought to buy on direct marketing and complaints he insurance DeVon it's dale rich and Steve DeOssie how aren't. Are regarded guard bureau are doing great thanks at some point this year I'm hoping. If we get to chance that you screw us up and had Jason do this thing instead if you could not I won't know the difference well. Are you while. I won't because part of that happened that it got negated located PR success that's the a lot better defensive effort I thought from your team last night how did you assess what went on. -- we are came out good energy outlook we talked about this week I'll just pick in the field and quality are from the start. Everyone just being into it not that much action no. Goes wrong and effort and Eric and I probably got them last night. What do you think of your brother has that made the transition to becoming renewing the patriot after obviously many years the Tennessee them with Cleveland how do you think he's done early on here with a pass. Are they good on me and I think it was kind of food expert on you know other guys on the team you know Illinois continue their studies and different systems huh. Are you punish that and ought to come and learn in an industrial. But he works on my street clashes on the Cleveland. Well good transition and understand. You know what it takes to go to the NCR. And B a veteran there. General we know so a lot more pressure on the quarterback that we saw in the first game is his point of emphasis for your team and is that a factor of a philosophy change orders that are personal stereo. I think god is clear low yesterday something you always talk about. On you know how much better able to learn off of her and the back in the label that Russia passer. You're not mobile quarterback and he sat there and feel good in the pocket so. What god did a really good job of Russians are actually influence. We're talking to patriots defensive back Devin according on a patriots Friday I I'm always curious about this and I understand you don't make the decisions the coaches do. How much pre season. Game time do you think you need to get ready for the regular season. You know how I never think about it each year I've been here has been different you know I a year. Well outcome and also offseason shoulder certain own slate won't let alone and felt OK going out there are separate each year there burners older. They're not saying. A good job of being godly and Wheaties specially Gartner and what we're doing in practice too so. I think I got no word of and we are here. There's on the new look to get out of pre season something specifically especially you know after you've been here are so many years. Are they personal or your health season and they're trying to build on the bond which undersecretary. Our community currently trying to play well as a unit on I think there Q you know our unaudited Amato when Luke. I think he's not alone each of these supplements and over the course and actually going to be in trust. Also I think very catchy as the Washington Post game you want it morally to follow count. And you've been through a number of pre season is now do you see any need anything. Different horror or anything out of the norm than you see him in order of the pre seasons is there anything that. A jump solitude. More than supportive of social something. Are they where you know this year it was a lot of our core guys I think where we've all got started you know that you. He really start to realize how important it is each day Iraq you know. You on how many more you know usually in Oakland I think. A lot of our courts are older now. We try to really you know extend not point to everybody you're not a common. Veterans who changed teams and come here not to make arm we're doing a good job and this year just trying not to waste in the game and cause actual better. How the coaches preparing you guys for this new helmet rule this year. We all turner and you are very. We can't understand you have to go out and play that's being called Arctic wanting a few this year you know as are not going to be captured it and they keep all the way there. He technical officer and however has been called the night team on you're gonna happen just like last night with a lot more penalties were pummeled analog and our first game. So. We'll have to adjust each week all are written call. So do you go inside. Try to tackle differently than you have in years past or are you doing things the same. Armed lewdness and my god never. You know all I heard the patent on my home on an outrageous two or two just watching Charlie Cook that you're in don't hurt yourself. A huge front. There you press against them every day for the most part receive them how do you do you look at this receiving core their offense has sort of this year. Are they they do a great job. Being aware immediately Kindle. On you here bills and go home or. I'm in the room receiver search terms in Albany touched the ball. On the themselves simple goal. I think they've done a good job at hand you know being out there he dates are galaxy to the at a subordinate clinical training camp I think is great ones you see him you know about her game and it. And they are missing typically been picking apart it. Devil we appreciate the time thanks very much we'll talk to again soon. Not proud to take care of that is out of patriots defensive back and captain DeVon according. That was good news we have bad news. Adam show after whom the guy kind of trust on this stuff is probably right tweet about a few minutes ago patriots first round pick offensive tackle Isiah win. Tore his Achilles against the Eagles will be out for the season per source. She after added the worst of the pre season on display. I understand you can't wrap everybody in bubble wrap you got to play guys especially rookies. But it's why I thought it was I son nick old school while with a shoulder last that academy deceit and operating anymore this. So the doctor out shout the honest about rallying cry speculate Achilles that he threw that out there who did. Also that is just brutal you wondered where he was gonna fit in with the gonna win more of those guards sponsors are going to be right tackle woody give Trent brown you know competition at left tackle. It's a first round pick is a two point third pick in the draft. The patriots hit on 90% of their first round picks. I think the expectations were high for him up doesn't play increases in number one place last night terrors Achilles are just awful. Servicers terrible valves or you have to have you you will lose even. I mean not they don't do already but there will rededicate they're due looking at the waiver wires from now offer cut downs come and go see if there's an area of veteran. Serviceable or office of Lima justice shall reportedly have. You know you've got some injury issues already on the office line you're doomed them. You're gonna have to find a way to make this work and said that I should that be in the season the softened somewhat usually dictate. How well oh how far this the pitcher's team. Until these speculated you know contract year for Shaq Mason's maybe they could move off Brad no you can't do that now now he's locked in these important and now all suddenly Ager model who they they re signed this offseason he becomes really important as you might you might be a starter now for a while on the other guy and quite frankly concerns me is Marcus cannon four in on now the question is can get out on the field can stay out on the field. You know in a perfect world markets cannon would be your starter and I guess at this point play Adrian model would be your back up. But you know you're confident that tackle spot right now. New York and warrant that would they'll be I mean more to becomes available book again if there's a report with a yard cut from the team. Vision what are house service will they be for the patrons. They usually it's it's the patriots cast offs and get jobs all right where ready it's not the patriots taking other teams cast offs you may not have a choice. Prove me may have to do that just based on. You know numbers guys who have sold beer above bad goods cable probably playing both tackles and Yvette it's prove that he can do the job at a reasonable level the tibia. Of future hall of fame with the gets the decides sued goad the gets cut but it. You find a serviceable guy regulatory need. The other thing Belichick is done in the past does make traits troop yet they may have to and they in the scenario here we were talking before there's an article about the talent around the league that's under 25 years old so it's really you know last three drafts basically how you've done there in the patriots ranked. Towards the bar. Right and they were either dead last in and one and one alone made some of it's semantics because you know Trey flowers is gonna be just over the age limit a couple of scouts were there but. Isaiah win was one of the guys that the patriots could have had 125 this year that could have made an impact on the team and now you lose him before you can play meaningful game. I didn't think about so Devin mentioned how is how the teams giving older I don't even think of it that way and firm. For him to say admin means it's something he's noticed some does you'd you'd get few usually you start. Look around and see that some your buddies are gonna have some good last too long and next thing you know. You look at the team in your one of the older guys you see your team getting over. Flipping the pages have done pretty well as the vive. Have been a position where they've led their team get. Old to Lofton. Right this is now you're certainly see that where you know that the best players on the team are all pretty experienced veteran guys here whether smoke forty or Brady or settlement even all wrong at all those guys are. So. Maybe some of the young guys or maybe it's their reverse from last year's draft class are rated somebody else that. That steps up and gives you sort of a sign of what you know thinks the congress this has happened to the patriots you know more often than you'd like to think lately trade flowers missed his whole rookie season and a last year Derek reverts right and you know missed the season that they have had this happen wary of guys who they count on yeah weird strange sorts of things. I'm as we said we'd watch the plan last night it didn't look like it was any big deal though. Now and then you get in though wasn't his rookie season with Cyrus Jones missed entirely out here doing settlement question as an entire year so. Yet these these pre season injuries. Happen all the time happen around the league we've already seen him earlier you know them other teams and now it's the effect in the patriots and yet there are always in competition to monitored each and every year it's ridiculous it really news I thought I remembered something and I believe it was the Super Bowl win against Atlanta weren't day. Average age weren't they one of the very personable champion very young guy you go about our no owes the Seattle want that the way down the ballot yeah I did yeah because. You go back and that's where Malcolm Butler gonna learn high tower and Jones in Colorado does draw very young and they are all big impacts of the other team is. That's certainly got on older son now the patriots have got to knock another hole to fill now they've had a couple of open roster spots on the ninety man anyway right. Chances are they've been you know scouring for. Let's plug this guy and let's bring that guy in. They seem to be have been working out wide receivers lately for summaries and he got some place where I want it procedure yeah so now obviously they got that. I'll use the old term that got a Rolodex that they've been keeping and they've got names on a true play tackle. True but everybody who's on the street right now you have to you have to wonder why how effective they are now and if you're going to make a trade for offensive tackle. You don't. Your situation where people old Europe against the might try to hold job which is what they should do well there's not a whole lot of available this off season and one of the main reasons when Neitzel older got so much money just through the giants he got a ton of money you've won a best guys there and so they made the trade for Trent brown. And they drafted win because. Where also they got to go we looked at we pulled vocalist of free agents and I don't think anyone we're going to be huge upgrade member can't Fleming certainly Adrian waddle. Where two of the higher ranked tackles. That were free agents so jacked Mason's going to be one of the highest top rank are offensive line and avail right. You know assuming he doesn't get a contract on at the end of the season and at the tough thing to swing inferior trying to replace. You know Isiah wind we'll get his role was undefined and we didn't know where he was it was gonna starting a Teflon is a first out in August up yet all I thought it would for sure. But going any 100% sure where on the offensive line who's gonna play it's a today really wanna trade draft picks for. Bernal profits of one minute how good is that office on as to me as a stopgap measures of the guys were Jim's career earners were gathered through your own skills declined to read this also to things to think about nothing Bill Belichick hasn't dealt with before. But abuse zero dues and this this might just be you know paid Dante Scarnecchia you get your work cut out there was no ulterior Kuchma on an emotional figured out. Really if you think about it mark Daniels of the Providence journal expanded on the list I gave via he talks about patriots draft picks have been hit with so many injuries over recent years and Dominique Easley. Bryan stork. Trey flowers trade Jackson Malcolm Mitchell Cyrus Jones Vincent Valentine Derek rivers Tony Garcia. Now Isaiah win now it's it's it's been an epidemic. 01 thing I would say most of the guys you named there. Came with that tag became that label they got them in the draft because most that Dominic easily. Had blown up all this these before and felt them late in the first round so he gets hurt should we be shocked by that. The Malcolm Mitchell was doing with the injuries there's along with the guys all backed the Ras I Dowling when they drafted him it always hurt all these her call high school all the time common thread. About one TB twelve of replied on the whole list they just say there. To sire. To put it up there forgo their they better get there right away but at this plant. If so what's applied to be applied to an earlier than that I they went to other yeah golf cart up the TV twelve go to host is out there and assured an Achilles and they've got down. Imus gets the calls that you would 6177797937. Ot top news for the patriots has apparently they will lose. Isaiah win for the season with a torn Achilles unlike some Framingham Mike you're next on sports radio's daily key. It would putrid working out he secured are considered an athlete peculiar that deliberately to reflect portrait gets retired putrid. The big political football players will fly by everyone. They were all through teaching has sold the graduated and in 1986 from call from Doug division the release old dog. We always have followed those guys who do these charity events with the cops or firefighters and there's always fought the best part of it is is the after party back. And they're completely terrible Belichick really wanted to I checked everything. He wanted to limit. All connect at certain amount even bigger a limited archer. Come. Right but luckily my review I'm letting you play now you couldn't challenge every play you know at every ultimately Ingraham. Right no we're not talk about that we're talking about the plays or you're not allowed to pass interference you can't you can't go to the video on you can't dispute it. And that's my point total you have like recounted totaled about what is. So they're capital period you could hotel but not you don't have to. What you'll whatever whatever allows you to to make this a better system I agree with you I don't doesn't matter if it's a limited sounds all of the channels are done him in New York or whatever. As it's happening or or immediately after it happens. I have no problem with the how would I didn't think figure out if everything was arguable even if you're only allowed to throw the the red flag three times if every single play is review molecular both teams would use all three every comedy club but how many plays. Normal game do you think review. How many I bet a Benetton car dobbs special this new helmet are all located every every play out how come then how come every team doesn't use all three charges have been a candidate there's certain there's certain things you can't challenge there is how many what pass interference past appearances it was you can call you could throw the flag however timing holding holding onto it yeah those ones that -- judgment calls it about a certain model would they care about defense to hold on don't care about offensive form that's true but you but if you really want his talent linebacker if there is go to suited to guys ProLogis were more ports read all about the same philosophy was a score more points. And yes those guards servers that hold linebackers will longer than their vision about. Is it the idea was that you know every play it was review oval and everything was review mobile third and ten you don't get a straight national flag and let's take a look at the thing real quick and see your father left guard was holding or a czar or being held or whatever you unit was or pass interference on the way away from the field that you'd you'd try to figure out something. Probably right to have slowed down limited to flew to freedom. Now what do you make everything reasonable. 6177797937. Isaiah when reportedly done for the year with a torn Achilles in last night's pre season game. Stealing keep with Steve DeOssie Sports Radio WEEI. It's preparing you guys for this new helmet rule this year. We all turner and you never think. We can't understand you have got them play that he would call Arctic wanting us here this year you know there's just not going to be to hurt because they keep with the way there. You have to go out there. However being called Nike. You know her just last night there was a lot more penalties but I don't know I don't know what and our first game. So. We'll have to adjust each week our then call. Seven according who joined us earlier here on the patriots Friday. We also gave you the bad news about Isiah win according to multiple reports now the first was out of chapter to report. That win suffered a torn Achilles in last night's win over the Philadelphia Eagles that would make him of course done for the season. It's it gets real philosophy question for the patriots that I wonder about here because. We gave up long list of draft picks who have missed significant amounts of playing time over the last several years for the patriots. Then like to take chances on guys they app today Belichick was talking about Keon tae Davis. He said he would have been drafted. If he wasn't dealing with a knee injury in and they were asked would he have been drafted highly in bella Texas possibly. Belichick compared situation coming out of school to Marcus cannon. They like to. Take guys whose injuries make them a bigger bargain if this guy was helping all of our available here. Ever the value is an in the draft a lot of times are guys that drop because of injury threw it where the nature throws picking if they have a first round pick it's late. 2017 million pixel third round 2016 they didn't have a first round picks so they have to try to find value picks but he can. Bite like you mentioned you know Dominique Easley and go back to Ras I Dowling there were huge injury concerns for those guys. And and that's exactly what you got when that when they became a pro and so some of the other guys even in there too but they took chances on. Injuries were there NC had to know is going to be a bit of red flag. One wants and the team and boot boot situation also was good the patriots. In this silly me rookies to come in and contribute to the team they've had good teams have had chance to caliber teams. Of that we're drafting awesome two point about where there are drafting and so it was like they had to hit. F.'s Lee hit on a first runners every year actually a camera we're seeing green with a actually had to. 100% had offers from directing a peculiar to or years freedom's worth of them right right solution now you've taken the chance to loaded with with some of these guys and there have been a few guys in Rangers history. Maybe that's where you get your bargains and. Because then there's also the other example Rob Gronkowski. Rob wreck us he felt the second round to the ball his injuries he's also dealt with injuries here but he is so good right that it was worth it all is that he's passed up on knowing that he could probably pretty good. Peace deal with back injuries always on the green or at Arizona that now on paid off where. I doubt that it brings about a change in philosophy has the rhetorical politics been pretty consistent about the way he's run things down there. But and and you were looking it up we don't think that Isiah Winn had an injury history that Georgia now you said he missed a bunch of says here he missed about a practices due to illness by. And over yet breath that could be anything but I was retiring and I was there are enthusiasts. I had the flu would be suited for in terms of the matter. I don't doses class or some sort of a fifth three or you're gonna go over our game to practice he'll regret. I think you've pretty healthy is part of what a Muslim is the story that it is pretty helping Georgia so he's not he does not fall into that category and by the way it's just a fluke it was just a thousand years where I eat you got to play some people wrote in pre season and by the Iraqis are good. Guys the U wanna see play. Now policy Brady play no. We're good at fact I've seen enough of Brittany for this entire pre season we're good I don't wanna seek wrong play. And drop probably won't Bo Brady. The only ultimately was at six series silly errors the first half but it wasn't it wasn't a ton of series by. After the personal look so good. When you got to think and maybe this'll be it even though I know all the reports first probably apply the first parity see that elect a guy is good there any is back out again and I. A without also bad Q and they keep just keeps going back out there are so. I don't he wants to get reps like he's the guy that always wants to play but. Too bad into Dale's point you just can't protect every single player but you can protect Brady you can protect rock you know things are though that even have to protect grown. There are all talk they do let him thanks and our druthers I'd laughter but I do this every operate absolutely you know the only date on what. It's more essential. Especially if you talk about love it every element for the first forwarded it it's more about loans are essential. But it's it's preferable to give Brady and whatever receiving corps. Comes out of this some time to get so but again. Two quarters. To mean that things and Brees talked about the past two. Coming out after the half. And it's. In feel of what told ms. Weber is a down time. As though a little time at third chalk board would be with the coaches are coming back more real gurus start the second half. He likes that he likes the that third game where he can go ahead. Do that and get into teams so. I would expect she buried next week into the half relief efforts and for order and. I wanna seem at all and I agree but you probably now regard the third game as the one that supposedly matters billion plus personal addresses and console fourth when you don't see anybody know hopefully nor do I want to rattle. You see guys that are going to cut you see that the veteran guys that we're doing out there and I Narnia done donated every you're giving a veteran guys choose to showcase themselves a little bit and get paired up somewhere some coaches do that. The number tar could be a big Eric Decker game. You why I think that details it is yeah I just keep an EE he is on your I had like Eric deck now I I love that brought a midnight on it's been all your time today well you have to get we definitely felt and all your time it would take a policy would think about that crap. It's perhaps you are right around the unbelievable isn't about highlight today to a lot of content probably pass interference at these states that makes that extra care tells us that he is a decent tight end okay and you know what the comparison is and they didn't wanna say it on the air last night when you want to watch Aaron Hernandez he's a little Aaron Hernandez whose game. He's very personally thought the biggest tied in the world he can line them up all over the place. Those trying to compare reflect why check which is also good ones of them that H back type. He's faster than whites are those thousands of Americans yes that's going to be somewhere maybe amid a blend between the two but he could be an effective player any nice block on the James White touchdown. So as a complete game project a policy of my sisters were holding your breath in this regard for him I wasn't a guy to my guns I got daddy is my Japanese everywhere a little over seven jobs anyway I feel the pro shop pick out our policy measures if the posters here that got yankees beat you the absolute guy. But he is less than. It was him absolutely now. I don't know what I'd put him in the Aaron Hernandez category in terms of in Tel best ability and talent on nominee he was pretty good about sailor how how they can use that might be some. Good and I do need to be creative in the front four games at least they've always been creative but. You know when you're down. Two without settlement though also need to be creative and whether it can be James White but also on average can be somebody it's. I got me I think you're gonna see so much more of Dwayne Allen. Because of questions about the offensive line and keeping Brady up right I think Dwyane Allen's going to be I think right now as offensive lineman most that it probably will be here SC Dwayne Allen and that's when they're trying to run the ball but I think they're get frustrated seductively over run the ball between the tackles that much it's so that they're gonna say our worst pass and we passed it's going to be. Probably still too running backs you might get white and Birkhead with the dogs on the back animals no yeah. One of outright and then and then in one receiver maybe it's Hogan David Paterson saudis presidency a lot of two tight into running backs certain you don't leeson's a lot of. And returns for a bigger deadlier than have to be creative leader have to find some different options. I can easily see holes to remove guys Diego state. A former player or a signing off on that they'll opt not just what you just go there to snag a so just making it wasn't making the team wanting to be special teams as far as our groups finds a little bit. Still important with the with Billy Crystal promo item I'd just like a mighty easy to play got a Lexus the freeze she's got to follow someone feel like his brother. Look he's OK I think take us better. When I tell you are excited about corporal Patterson's plan last night and I did all he in Paris that long ball was all big what are you doing that close to the goal line ten yards often see if you look where is he going good they used a two yard rout that that top I had to that was had to be an audible asylum watching them thinking. That the this about the play that cold to solve that defense to back was ten yards off court open arms and those greasy Brady's abroad as ordered it through at least you Brady's smiling on the sidelines they don't keep up placement well we'll have that already I was I was more concerned about the the receiving candidate in the throwing not -- pointed out he's saying what we can use this because I think Paterson. It's gonna have to be plays like that it's gonna have to be and around that'll touch pass they did to coax last year in total rail. June rings in about ten yards off of love malware civil and plug and people that's it that's a good that was part of the of the dock on Paterson for the for all his tremendous speed and reasonable hands now that. You get manhandled them last overtime. I add texture says Dwayne Allen should be cots. He's costing you five million dollars and he does next to nothing. They love what he'd also my fiance Sara oh well I finally got to the greater if he's. Yeah but news. Maybe their fifth defendant and got up and upload them to expect more than that though. I definitely. I surely I expected more I'm sure they had tools they had to expect more than that. I mean OK if you're settling for. Some extra help the run game let's for an open protecting Brady OK I get that that's fine but for five million dollars he played all sixteen games last year it had ten catches. Who turned compared to those were some good that they are happy targets by Tony to. And more than I would've done it so I could just over one game you it looked as so how we would Hollister out of the window and turn them off. 2.5. Really you sold your voice shortly that's 450 yeah. He docket this. Boos as the brits don't give these people five million dollar. Blocking and blocking tighter and and how bad is Ulster as a bloc and a bit of his big is Alan. Who's that Boston that the head one years that was Michael Williams like we wouldn't tell that you visited tackle whose handle is absolutely I was also watching him he had to be 350. All of easy had to be yet to Washington bubble that is or this guy with the aesthetics. 177797937. We've got to ask Steve about down. College football and and the story line across the college football landscape here in the app in the offseason. As we get ready for the start of the college football season. It's daily key Sports Radio WEE. Paul is a mess especially in the Big Ten. In this offseason somebody tweeted out a weaker tone goes like 29% of the coaches in the Big Ten are on administrative leave right now the and I unity we you know what happened at Ohio State but I wanted to talk to Steve particularly. About what happened at University of Maryland and for people who don't know nineteen year old offensive lineman by the name of Jordan McNair. Was involved in an outdoor work out on May 29. He collapsed. Overheated. He died on June 13 from complications related to extreme exhaustion and heatstroke. Since then the head coach DJ DJ Durkin has been placed on administrative leave. Rick court the strength and conditioning coach was placed on leave August 12. Turned in his letter of resignation a day later. That the head football trainer and the director of athletic training were placed on administrative leave on August 10. Steve you played college football at the highest level of Boston college. And I'm sure you had coaches who had dammit we're gonna we're gonna push him hard drive yet. The hell are these people think. And in the end especially in this day and age when the when so much more information is available through your and so many opportunities to there was some real trees for cut outs in what was going on there for someone to step in them and put a stop to him. Sometimes. Coaches get crazy in the and as sometimes players. Get crazy push themselves through such as coaches sometimes players view this guy Rick or Rick Laporte seen Stewart and I are not as Johnson does and when you read when you read the reports about a looks exactly what is. You're not you're not making any one tougher. By grinding them into the door. In the in April or may or whatever. I partied with the of the toughness comes from mental. Understanding that you prepared and ready for anything that they come your way and it doesn't come. From from what a coach screaming your grind to go from them and take it off the Tigger off the deep situation how to use. How do you go back to other players have you backed that that Jimmy's parents hunting while recruiting would we do somebody that it did this to be idea that your. You do that you push their kids at that point Meeks. Am I mean you can vote that's something you heard in the seventies and into the horizon once a while and I but. Died reasons some you know but now there's so much information as and it's not just you know you have to go look for the information information spare if you're that business. And you don't know this stuff that he I don't know how you got a deposition in the first place what do you. Actually the players' parents so Jordan the fairest. The player and that his parents they both. They both talked and sort of some spots on the head coach TJ jerk Durkin bruises and. I think that. All all I can remember it is that and what I think you did you either on remembrances pensions that are kitchen table. I assure me that he would take you myself. He did anything of I think he should be. We whose job. I don't think that he should be allowed you coached anyone else's job in this environment like this my child I. So we'll never get back. But Canada may now in the corporate when Zach was being recruited me and opponent brown bill. Did you have a brown coach city your kitchen table and talk to you about Zach coming to his school on what it was going to be like yes. I do. It put you know it was that was over mark when young man whose are capable of for four years of filtered over very capable of making good decisions. So I was bitter truth so listen in and and pay attention if I heard anything good good. You know cause alarm to go offered I talked about it afterwards but. And it was. You heard things like that. But coaches don't have to go in there and tell alluded to are about current recruiting and the way it goes well. You have to really doing their similar to carry your boy your boy is going to be under my protection and all the stuff. Affiliate to sell a lot of them well I go to bottom and we'll do well in basketball football in particular the were irritate your boy and make him a man had a series here and he's leaving the Philly there there of a lot of all scorers used car salesman and there is gonna tell there's gonna pitch it. There once they get the guy they move on the next thing right some I'm sure do have a strong relationship of their player. Others I'm gonna use this guy for 23 years you have sometimes four but like that that's it in imminent war on the next one they ever football coach to. How many guys are on the Rosser how many guys that the recruit how many guys that they recruited a father and their school. Visited 85 on the roster right how many homes are they going to how many false promises are they giving the people. Lynch was five recruits you you probably don't do very actively recruit a hundred point 50 yeah I bet it'll. And Ben. And and in with the chancellor recruitment of probably another hundred or so so. I mean and I did rose colored charts service come to my house war so they're talking might. Dead in the rules when what you should Colorado and a my dad was paying attention and took their relations we're in particular boys when did you start this horrible bloodbath but we think they're mr. DOC so. You leave my son in alerts what you did our New England Patriots. We'll. I don't gospels we but at what he's a solid evidence that trip to America absolutely. A so we'll but put the idea that. It is there that. But coaches that there's nobody in that's on that staff nobody in that situation. That says stop. Stop how do you how do you have that sort of mindset. How many calls on her own stuff. And now quality yet. Men and by the way Rick court the strength and conditioning coach was the first tired DJ Durkin make it right. He was the first guy he hired guys and he'll receive at all so even though it was the right trainer that was that was more I would say at fault. But at the head coach oversees all of this. But he is going to be tough for for other players in for him to recruit going forward doing it for Maryland's Doug easier file I dare and stuck by him while it RTZ and still technically the coach there and always on mr. leader I had a fairly. I don't certainly gallon these that they have to that's exact irony it was amazing to me if you saw the press conference when the president of the University of Maryland. Said the school was taking. Moral and legal responsibility. For our death of Jordan McNair and both the president's name is as a man named Wallace lol. And when he said the school except legal and moral responsibility. For the mistake unbelievable. I mean the minute he said that. Well you mean darker thoughts on our government's hotels I don't know I think they're probably maybe it hasn't happened yet because they're just go through every other word that contract out DJ Durkin is gone in my opinion an earlier question. Our Urban Meyer it is probably not gone analyze exactly. Still blissful state there aren't more successful. If habit as well as part of it is that sounds. From Mars bode do a better coach at Ohio State football more important than Maryland football I mean I've that's. Sometimes the truth is these little pathetic but that's the truth and forever community. A policy aided and abetted but can be lead turned a blind eye to. I've you're not gonna hold them accountable to. I like the Ohio State president's quote on when investigation will be over. Or it'll be finished when it's finished yeah got to thank you for your mr. clarify if I'm. Mark McNair. He is says Jordan McNair is dad and so eloquently speaking a moment ago. If I'm mark McNair. I would be trying to track down DJ Durkin and Rick court and do bodily. Armed with mine how could you control your emotions how can you see something that that was soul obvious Seoul office iron and not that the death was deliberate put the treatment was deliberate on the idea of how do you live with that if you're that person how we was too apparent how do you live with that to a million union job as a parents to remove their college or protected kids. I mean Ali and Ali to defend Durkin to only to this degree and I think he should be fired. You know this kid collapses. Training staff gets involved. I can see where Durkin is not going into the training room perhaps. To check on Jordan McNair he's got a whole bunch by the guys out on the field you trust the trainers to do what's right but as it turns out according to the reports. It was an hour before they got in touch. Yeah that went with the 911 and oh by the way they weren't doing what you're supposed to do to lower his body temperature which had Bennett a 106. While what I and that's argues that if they had done that immediately. He would survive that too. You hear other stories and its tragic we hear other stories from other sports seeded where. You know standard practice player collapses that awful awful scene right but at least they go through all the proper protocols right here you read you read it in this city of San what where they don't like you got how any of these. Coaches or trainers don't you have to have good food trainer or derivatives strength coastal to have to have minimum levels. Takes training and education insurgents which were I would think. The emergency response toward your immune responses some like that is part of that training I would think so CI. Here's what I fear happen and I thought that this is theorizing and like Robert told totally unfair but I'm theorizing. Rick court the strength and conditioning coach was in charge of these workouts he was the guy pushing these players. What what I fear is gonna happen what we're gonna hear is these trainers said listen this guy's in trouble we got to take care of them in this Rick court to pay. I got charge of these guys this is my work out these are my guys I'll tell you when you take him off the field right and I betcha that's what happened with this guy. There and full toll full social you know. But again does the traders there they are trained they know this stuff this is these guys they would run and operated at a very possible. Bet the head into our assistant trainers weren't really on the field as possible you have student trainers on the field with time because they had trainers. Are usually doable with all the sports room and while others of his administrative. Even some of the system traders are dealing with things are going on. In the training room whether whether it's a basketball player getting a the treatment or volleyball cleared during. Something done work. Odds are there in and something as simple as the of spring conditioning driller of summer conditioning broke odds are that might be astute trainer who probably wouldn't feel. Empowered to go up against this. This coach Delaware where a trainer who's in power and say I don't care what you say Jack this is now my responsibility. One would hope. Actually right and I am there have been. I've seen trainers. That have stepped in a so I've watched it happen once it happened and high school sports on what's happening in college sports. You know and I'm sure it happens in the pros at times too I'm sure it happens I've seen triggers that opens it up that's enough we're done we're done here with us and them. Special just supposed to. That's exactly what you're supposed to do and this was just. And complete mess from start to finish with. Something that it didn't have to happen that's what hurts so much it didn't have to. That's in there for DJ do as far as DJ Durkin is concerned one of the things that they're gonna try to do is if they can fire him for cause they don't pay them. Well though they say 65%. Of the monies on apparently a Muster part of the deal amounts were otherwise if they can't do that then they have to pay him the entire salary. So that's probably part of what they're doing now while he's on. Administrative leave Blake said he had two coaches in the Big Ten ball on administrative leave Wanda looks like he's should be goes way out Wanda looks like he'll probably back. Even in time for week one which is what next week at an age where it isn't a week from tomorrow about the season. But if this is a baby as a monetary thing them why would the while the present school except moral and legal blame for this because that's right there who do you basically telling. The family's lawyer to just put a number on why he worried about. 345. Actually I actually give them credit I give them credit Purdue in the right percent because what you would have expected a big time college president to it. Well you know we got an orderly sale rumors you know it was fairly finish from what that is. But you know exactly at. But is there is very good good immune to those of the present school has to understand that when he. Says we take full legal and moral. Responsibility for us. He'd understands he's opening up a pocket for us with a legal for him says he's a duplex I don't know he no exact so as to why are you worried about. The difference of water too many balls whatever it is with with this had told. Full darken this is his first year right he's probably got a big trying to honor the some guy that he's got like a five throw your deal lenders who got some guarantees so and there's probably have a substance and may not be as much money as they're gonna pay the McNair family Barrett. It's probably a pair of fair amount of money they they placed the head football trainer and the director of athletic training both on administrative leave as well. A wonderful owner of the director of upward trend was near there on the field or somewhere wonder if that's the case or if aren't conclusive the thing or maybe it's good to do blanket. So a suspension and go to a mostly in December of 2015. He signed a six year deal. Let's see total contract pay over fifteen million. So those contracts pictures fifteen million yeah OK so three have been you to have me in the year yeah. Okay well with your three years left followed through things you're consenting. As your three years left Follett is signed through its hornets point one accord orchestras of what it's humans from you know as a for use the funds to try to promote. That is mature and so. Supposedly the order to you know focus that you aggregated content teams it's supposedly the board of regents at Maryland held big conference call yesterday. And I'm sure what they're saying he has. Our how to we get rid of this guy. And what's gonna cost us to get rid of this guy. Right definitely when whit Emily get another job. Followers also also ripped him a get rich forgo the raise additional coach he's done. Yeah I never get another I would imagine. And one with the release of was to deal with the three guys but with them for probable that the whole story it's Sports Illustrated put out about. The culture within the football program in this strict court who is just blacked. You know putting more weight on a ball are then Denham and an athlete has ever lift its mark and just an iron and a skull. And the guy looking at a much. That's not I don't have that. Right. Where does that come from what was of what's Mattel what's it doing for anybody. It relational sense whatsoever. Again but there are coaches vote there even at that level. You know you talked him with the Big Ten dollar. I mean. Even that level there are coaches there. Still lots I think for one season DJ Durkin was on the saying it was on Irvin Meyers Florida staff. Our time together I'll linebacker. It's special teams coach I believe for a Florida. A surge doesn't Tenneco's last year and hires there. Though they. Nice combination there I suppose our coach and true we're gonna start to effect a back and calls you guys coming up next 6177797937. Its daily keep with Steve DeOssie Sports Radio W yeah.