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Thursday, March 8th

Hour 1: John Tomase is in the third host’s seat as he, Dale and Keefe discuss the rumors surrounding Richard Sherman and Aqib Talib. Which cornerback should the Patriots go after? Despite that, the East Bridgewater girls basketball team might be the hottest topic in Boston. Fox’s new OJ special airs Sunday...would OJ make a good third host?


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Yeah. What do you say that you will not be wrong. That's right we'll be correct Ian Rapoport school of reporting. He just sort of throw out all of the different scenarios and say that's what could happen it'll never be wrong did you see the Rappaport we yesterday count. And it's an out of my profound hearing LT ice I'd somebody usually doesn't form hall is now that I stored is that what they do for the morning show already known Elena we have yeah yeah. We can't on the weekend it got on weekends we get taking care bearish and other yet that yeah and I am I frankly am a little upset that no one. Put my chair at the 69 degrees. Like it and I say okay. I saw your response yes which was to list every possibility and say to you let's regarding what and one of them is gonna have. Now it's confirmed Ian Rapoport talk about Richard Sherman who's it's in edit just to name you're an article today and to be Riyadh a column about him. Saying that he literally could. Be traded released or capped that's insane what else is there to hire you don't know digital music and I thought about pixel there and it accurately they're actually five then because killed I hadn't thought about it now Russell morbid and retired is the only one that he's out of he's in retire says it you're treated really he literally wrote he reported that that was 8380 Siemens dropped in an armed hold somebody to tell them. Did I got here today and your insider here's this once or the pay cuts for the Obama isn't what's gonna happen with Richard Sherman this thing at 11100 reach suites people because the scope every trick and get everybody and I'm seriously trying to figure out what another viable option them. Retire retire and I had an elderly uttered that's going on right. He's only company our owners wanna do that would support so like Michael Jordan Miami and what are right nobody in the I guess would be the retire retired the only thing that he could do around four would be wrong. That's that's it. And it doesn't sound like there's any rumblings of him retiring he's still Taiwanese represented himself and he. He wants to play may not be with Seattle anymore his momma. Had a that is just very upset of such they had a nice run in Seattle she wanted to to continue with Seattle and maybe just a major we have some really rough stuff about peak Carlson I would imagine so. And decision she doesn't handles all back shots. The pass on the goal line. And so yet as rich just mention to Muster wrote about this on WEEI dot com today. And and let's just say that if it if the patriots are looking at the options of Richard Sherman or keep to leave. To command and it may be that both of those guys will be options for them. We can put to mossy firmly down in the Richard Sherman camp out a big fan of the mouth if nothing else but but I mean he's also the best cornerback in football. If he can best yet that's the that's the term I mean you got to put that out there I'm assuming that his restorative powers are fine and that he will play. And I will dominate a lot of eliminating that he's saying he's in the best shape of his life the right side of miles off. That's out of my Villa that's a lot of my favorite sound bytes of all it's amazing yeah. Well let me. Crabtree it'll way to win this aren't really up. They kind of look for. It'll wait a minute we're doing dueling sound bites yeah. From a key battle ready or sure I gotta be honest I don't know how you choose between the two to leaves got some really good ones with a page innately good. The good of air. I don't mean to be insulting but I do is more intelligent spine shot there sermons Collette he's more clever so fast it's. That said it. Oh yeah let me sit. But let any and mum and Pakistan out of there. I thought. You tell me as not a Smart guy there's nothing and no other way to bed until he was even saying hi to Tom Brady sudden pretty go to bed. So I can't remember it and Damon's afraid of the. Have rate fell by O'Neal not seen payment and a fine. Whether they were penetrated form or just gets cut any signs here and also goes against some of the other patrons are fundamentals play for the patriots because you'd have a guy returning to the team to somebody who has experienced here knows what it's like. That he be willing to come back. So you could argue though that things have changed its use last year that seems to be even narrative and everyone's going wait is that what that it's got a lot of that in the last like two years with. All the Brady Belichick or aircraft stuff swirling down and has put ourselves that there are a better Muslim a comeback and a couple years ago careful and act it out and it but if you tell the main stage maybe but on the team next year. The cared blog hated it and Pittsburgh and then he came back I would even argue this is about last year you know you specifically asked specific yeah last year pick could be. But I think it becomes that it Talib or Sherman either way. It's a big time upgrade over. Air row Jonathan Jones Cyrus Jones offered him that's the year. When I know but but yeah he doesn't play so please go right and I were aware recede over what happened there muck bowl but. He wasn't great national line he really welcome your thoughts 6 at all I am now I it's got the phones. But he did not is much that wanted to play the symbol we talked about that for a month and you'd probably talk about for another month or two. It was not a great year for him he was kind of an average corner I think this year daddy help me but that's one thing that he was diseased durable. Where is the key to lead and Richard Sherman you you have questions about them being healthy either either one. It's surprising to see it's Sherman had never missed the game until it it is he Achilles this year yeah that's crazy you know because I just assumed the way he plays and everything at some point. I figured he missed games here and there but not yet he was an Iron Man now you're coming up the season with. Double heel surgery that's obviously. I think the Dow and it might as dealt with a allotted. Different injuries I guess over the course was clear pretty normally plays an obvious he's been suspended a couple of times the sentence is gunshot. Rupert chains off of Michael Crabtree of these guys that if she's country by the Crabtree from about 8 AM mayor David mayor Michael Crabtree is a look at them here it's it's on him. But to leave his also three years older. You know there there is that he was more healthy though last year than its currency. Positive thing it's only 31 but it's wells served as a running but he turns thirty. Al. Dario one's born 86 on the warning eighties so it's it's with a two year difference. I'd be happy either want a big ball the player in the personally they're both characters play no matter which one you like more doesn't matter if they're both gonna add. In big time personality to the defense and the overall team. And yes big even though they're not they're a little bit there's probably a few corners like Jalen Ramsey will pass them by in the league there's still a top ten guys. There's a better that as much I liked Butler the ball better than Boller. They're certainly better than what it was yes right exactly maybe two years ago you more art. And in in the case of both guys I've I've heard the arguments back and forth while the league was here he knows the system quote unquote he knows what's expected. Richard Sherman is a three time all pro he could probably pick things up here it probably could it is one of the knocks in Seattle and again I don't watch every single Seattle game but it is. You're on the side yankees left side and I'd say there was strong side so you know years auspices ready quarterbacks that that's the place to be in. Some teams ever few years ago I was Revis to. When he came in here wasn't there some some initial issues because. Rivas would follow people around but I thought it was the whole thing about you know he. They play more zone here that he was comfortable win yet he thought he was right man to man court conservative figure out there weren't that good you you definitely would Gilmore had issues early on in the year 2% will work where are you and you know. Can you figure out his own defense that didn't look like for the first four games to decode. But I think Sherman could do it I just don't know if if he's just so comfortable. Locking down one side of the field. But if you have Gilmore and Sherman shouldn't you may be tailor your game plans to go tells us those two guys yes. So don't just let them locked down he sat fields not to oversimplify but I VW pretty good way to start and had them when they hear everybody else yeah from there I think they started to that would Gilmore this year there was after they realized it Eric you know wants. He's a bigger corner that paid him there to match up Agassi's bigger wide receivers let's let him do that I think that's when he sort of all the sudden it's our play a lot better. I'd like to see them make a move it would appear if the stories are correct and they were aggressively. At least making an offer on Michael Bennett it would appear with the Radek that this could be a up pretty. Wild offseason for the patriots this could be one of those Bill Belichick just going crazy type of things. And if it if it had started with Michael Bennett if they'd pulled that one off we'll be sitting here they don't locked yeah what did that come from. It's clear though that means they need to do Billy you know the old. Seven Nazis or owners or any mosques and Kyle Brady and every well a starter all these guys under the sun. They need to do that the Stanford defense I mean they they could bring in five guys on defense and wouldn't be too few for me you added it really cut and so obviously if they were that it stated Bennett I would say that position is still. A bit of a priority to them and that corner past the but it just. Just it's your year has Butler is gone he kissed him goodbye and what you have currently on the rosters not going to be good enough. So it's going to be one of the I'd be surprised now with the with so much smoke around this that if they begin a year without Sherman importantly. If they didn't want it and maybe there is waiting for one of them to get released they just sign him. Because it sounds like to leave their trying to work out a trade with the niners up fell through he's hoping he he'd get released but. I figured out that he gets something for how much below that might be one of those. Same kind of deals as that they offered would Bennett wrote a will give you oh higher pickle we're gonna get what are your picks back and then we'll take the player. But the problem is you know these guys I guess the contract to might be impromptu maybe that's why they're so open for. Just desperately yet his sermons do to make 111 million yeah he said I not take an epic. So yeah that complicates the tree that's that's definitely tougher that come in here that's what people evidently and probably and I don't know when was the last and the patriots their corner that. Well O wanna. LSU the highest paid guy ever on defense for the patriots and for our weeks here like watts swing and a miss yeah and even Aqib Talib is gonna wanna get paid if you know Diana were seen reported yesterday that his preference would be to be released by Denver. Goal Laurie wants to go and that he would prefer to come back here. Well that means coming here for veteran minimum or something I'll take a million and good note note. How about the cash that check are better they'll do something similar to read this word gets a good amount of money in year one that there's an option which they won't pick up year to something like that where. I think they'd be willing to pay. Big money and it had to get creative with the other guys and they have their own free agency or nothing else but they get him for one year. It and that's probably try to use them for the year there they're going to be Super Bowl favorites and then if he plays well maybe gets one for both those guys are really close and it on thirty for Sherman and obsolete sort of over thirty super corner your products are no one more contracts yet and so if you can figure out how to do of the you know what was read as a twenty million dollars stated that he won't do they were gonna pick up. If you can swing it that way it's just a year that's fine because you're at the point now building this team. Where you're just maximizing Brady year to year so that means bringing in Richard sermon for one year you do it if it's to leave for a year you do. It makes holders on. I'm not convinced of that and I you know I I do understand that you know he's an unrestricted free agent they can't franchise him a terrible left tackle a terrible left which by the way is why wanna keep them Bret oh yeah and we are whales. Op I mean I'm I'm not trying to over dramatize this his his son hunter has had some. Very well documented health issues in getting great treatment at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Not that you can't find great medical treatment anywhere I'm sure you can wherever you go to play. But you know Nate had such a relationship with Dana Farber in the care that his son is getting there. I've got to think that plays into their into their spot price close and yeah as long as the patriots are fair or them yet been able cells that and it showed that in the past Mankins they've. They've made guys I've stated their position are you announcing it sold is going to be yeah a high enough where they take care of them. If I'm Neitzel there and I know that my son is receiving. The kind of carry you wanted to get anywhere else you were as good visited CN and there are people you know who was a Chris Cooper the actor moved up here because he had a six on just so they could be near a hospital like. People do that kind of thing a fire in his shoes I would think long and hard. Before I would you know we advocate for Mac assuming it's close vote you know what do the patriots and here's five Millon a year he had another accident says here's ten link if you get twice as much amount of money for currencies in the my scenario while we're at the take trips here or whatever else I was check out the Mayo Clinic in other Minneapolis general and they have to do it but I think it it's a competitive offer. That they'll probably have to keep on with a forty. Soon be 41 year old quarterback I would prefer not to be worrying about the left tackle position yet so you know try to protect Tom Brady try to keep him upright. And no I'm not saying that Nate holders the best tackle in football that's not my point at all he's absolutely the best of the freeagent tackles available. So you're choices to take an inferior freeagent left tackle. Converted guy who you Marty got Marcus cannon whoever it is to the left tackle position. Or go without an untried rookie. Implement our Friday undrafted suit that would count it like hated it and I gotta be their history of fines and I'm drafts and I've timed at cal state Fullerton or something like that has been once followed you when you think about. You know Tom birdies entire career he's got a bunch of different senators is that a bunch of different guards that abortion from right tackles but left tackles than. Pretty much met late dates older you know there's been injuries they've had to you know kick out guys like me can even dated for like a little bit but. For the most part it's been those two and so late in his career appears to switch that up and that could be. That could be the domino effect that really affects the offensive line. I don't know I mean I haven't seen anything announced I don't know that Dante Scarnecchia is back my understanding is. He has been approaching this offseason just like he always does that you know leaders in their working out you know dare to Manning's Super Bowl the end and that to probably run on the stairs at the stadium. But I I believe he's been working you know like he would always wore I hope it stays. Yes this definitely. The spurs as long as Brady's here because we see what went off at the line didn't look right now is that Brady didn't look right you know and it was only for a couple of games a few seasons ago but we we solid that looked like EC here before that that. That's if you do that it will not so older companies are only Scarnecchia didn't. Figure something out. Let's talk about Tom Brady for just a moment he was in town today and I didn't know he was back in town but he was in town today. He was sitting in a chair next to governor Charlie Baker there were both getting their hair. Cut off to benefit the Dana Farber Cancer Institute I applaud both of them there I've seen before and after pictures of Brady there's a big difference there is Felix a lot different now so late shaved right down nobody it's there it's real shortage short wasn't so it's like 2000 Tom Brady asked similar I guess getting Alexis got in on the I'm Tom Brady Seoul Monday morning he's on Good Morning America with his new look. Up Monday night he's going on nasty and cold there. Oscar Stephen cold there has clobbered Tom Brady in the past I'll be curious to see how cold air handles this as the but just what is out of the placate yeah he's he has some talk about things that in like he has not been very. Complimentary of brave us as Brady supports tri. I'm sure that's part spends. So those on the old cold air rapport in casual and all that well he he would have mocking me I had that result is it would not an understudy is this going to be a two day thing for Brady to promote the FaceBook commerce is time. Release which is Monday Monday noon I guess is the sixth and final installment of Tom vs tied it es he's gonna do Good Morning America he's gonna do coal baron and back to Costa Rica or something earned. You have made me get out the of the Montana cliff diving he's going to be something dangerous fun race August snowmobile or something out there he's going to be doing. To a suburb that that's Psycho as rocks off the yeah he's gonna cliff died and to the Tyler rocks right probably. Public easiest guys and talk about commerce is time with a wall watch that on Monday see how much they cover from the Super Bowl and in the aftermath of the Super Bowl. I'm sure will be asked about it I mean he's already you know been on record. A few times since then as wells are offering any ground breaking stuff from from those two appearances. Issues where else immaculate yeah. But yet I don't I don't think it's going to be anything groundbreaking where on those who shows right I mean what is a big especially with straight and it's going to be so much about. The documentary and where they can go from here but what other athletes might get involved in. Yeah I'll do that as a partner to Janet's and yet so that one time called bear I I don't know how funny Brady. Is like I'm adding I'm happy with the house I'd. Always I forgot I guess we'll get to him about data as far as a Peyton Manning is the funniest athlete in history. I've heard Tom Brady Tom Brady's yeah stood in front of a camera but he's not necessarily. Walk funny. Now I don't takes some of the CIA does will will definitely get. That's our Cochran Laffey has which is now she's like elements on the and to retired is like and act but I certainly a minority here yeah have been at. A look at that I'll give you a couple of cold air tweets give me some called it it's Tom Brady said he's going to vote. No word on who he's voting for. But given his love of deflated leathery balls dot. It's good because there's. The one that was editors are definite a hole and went by fired A-Rod with a trident and net. Where Tom Brady with a Morningstar in shield. Friday night fights and sex half and I try to clarify that's a little it's like Miller. Tom Brady. Has cemented his spot as the GO AT so weird just last year people were calling him a cheat. This is easy way better. Arafat and this is not existing it was workshop and on Twitter may they knew it I can't he's he's on the streets are gonna do now this not work at all. Yes some article read those tool. On global would be better is if Tom came prepared with them. And Tom unfolded about let's look at some your tweets here is IDC. I'd like to be positive in my life than he does is this is none of this is positive variance or reevaluate he does your feeble he I mean unfortunately I wish she would belong there and do that but he won't right. Now no we won't out today they filmed those shows like in the afternoon at the cold air thing is it like 5:6 o'clock some like that Good Morning America I think he's online. So called bearer if he wants to he could have watched the last episode. Yeah he Charlotte I look back yeah and act in very well because of New Hampshire because I asked about that. Who got there. We got a bunch of stuff we're gonna get to throughout the course of the afternoon it you know I I never thought. Until I I heard the guys on the mid day show talked about it and I saw Dan Shaughnessy tweet about it. I never thought girls' high school basketball would ever make the grade in this town that are accidents wanna Jeff apparently self at some point will probably talk about. Why I think the girls basketball coach at East Bridgewater should be fired. Come on well we'll get to that as well as the afternoon we're competitive fire is. In the fact that they won by 86 isn't the thing that I that they were pressing. And laid a second half hundred bad but right you wandered I think that's around Najaf. Let's just say the fact that they lost their next game didn't exactly make me sad Yemen when he points and I and yet that's what that's he would do. 6177797937. Is telefono protects line is 37937. A world's gonna talk about Peyton Manning we're gonna talk but David Backus and his suspension. We're also gonna talk about a Danny Ainge who is continued to do what. His head coach has been doing all along which is throw water on that the Gordon Hayward return stock forget it it's not happening okay he's not playing this year. They've convinced me I'm buy it. He's sorry he. Six and 77797937. It's daily key Sports Radio WEEI. We'll get this out of the way right off the bat I guess. Dan Shaughnessy wrote about it today. Or tweeted about it I should say. I'm looking at a couple of articles here one on the Brockton enterprise. One in the globe. East Bridgewater. Is playing a I'm Massachusetts state high school basketball tournament game. Against rocks buries Madison park technical vocational school. About the end of the first quarter East Bridgewater was up 24 nothing at halftime they were up 48 to four. They ended up winning by a final score of 93 to seven. Roof dominance and 86. Point. Victory the superintendent of schools. Has apologized for it. Now I wasn't there are OK so I've I'm just telling you what I have read and what I have heard. One of which is that he's Bridgewater was continuing to press in the second half because night. I guess it they had plus 87 on the on the board. Where they shoot for a hundred barrels of the end game what's the goal there. Not ordered through the where they they were they so yeah applause there in the water was running their full court press into the third quarter. Yes and then kept several starters on the court in the final few minutes. So that's the area that that's the biggest issue for me every depressing is is concerning but the starter still playing at the and later for not gonna players scrubs then what do you know planned yeah I mean there are three things you do when your blowing somebody -- not high school basketball game you don't press you don't shoot threes and you know played starters terrorism and if you still keep scoring well I'll be all right so as not much better you're not the pound the ball exactly as an example of high school football what you got blown out you were in the same running play overall yes you do everything changed that the only you rate the same plane if you. Scoring and so beat you never change the according to Dan Shaughnessy the East Bridgewater coach Andrew McDonald won't talk won't answer questions about why aggregate. And as I said they did lose their very next tournament game. After they won by 86 how good was that X and it's archbishop Williams was the atmosphere wagon this year. And the as I said the superintendent of schools did not apologize. Op I I understand that you know sports are sports sports you keep score for you or I are sports. But I think at high school girls basketball. I think fifty would have been enough yet to. At a high school boys passed on the matter rain out on to say my god unless I got here I don't that it would have been enough OK yeah I think I'm all for you know hey if you're that much better great utility needs to be better like that that's what it is but it's very simple it's Monty said Eaton called press off. You can stop chuck and threes. If she turns are in care entity whatever terrible three point shooting at times to be only launch of whatever you wanna do that or your five worst players where the five players that don't get the play. And all of these other games when it's close. Throw them out there and if they keep scoring good for them I guess that's their opportunity to do it in the game's going to be over but to make it to the full court press the entire time. Makes no sense now if you want to blow college or pros that's forget a lot different but high school. You know me I'm not a big sportsmanship guy now but nobody could still click OK enough enough so there is on line there is alive rich keep let any crops like I do think there there is something to keep playing 'cause like for example like high school football by high school football team was terrible. And if the team on the other side was beating us I didn't want them to. Just lay down or to judge you like you've got a terrible rumors like you know. Tackle ourselves of that punted back he would want that lake like keep playing but. But you don't need to do it like what they were doing with ease report now supposedly East Bridgewater only had eight players. So I guess that means told your starters would have to play three three of them you know told them would have had to play. Tool when I get Aguilera hmmm I wonder how many were playing in the fourth quarter you know the answer to was it more than two. If it was more than two it's absurd are well if you're pressing into the third quarter. At the half you were up what do we play or else after three quarters you were up seventy to four. That the leader sass you're by president Saddam out in the first and yeah corner here because it could be this could start of the game. There to come out of halftime I got a lot of adjustments by the other team I know we'd joke sometimes and and yet you and I go back and forth bubble sportsmanship thing and everything crime and and in the in the professional ranks even the major college ranks take. Everett is on scholarship you know that's why you gotta do what you gotta do right when you start to get a high school on down. That's absurd especially in some of these and it also depends on what you know. High school it the way they've mapped out like the sections of the regions of the Wii like. They're not always equal a pitch try to balance in my bag your schools similar size of this school so you got obviously a lot of the same kind of team that's always work that way. So sometimes there's going to be a team that just gets crushed in the in there. In their conference or whoever it happens to be. And you can play a little bit differently against those teams you you just can again play the solid forty minutes or whatever the hell it is he had but Toma and I'm hearing from a lot of East Bridgewater supporters too much a little story to alienate players okay. Are we get they'll have a players which means he had yet to starters on the court. Fine yet the full court press against north pressing in the third quarter of the game like that I've seen about seeing 93 to seven but I I've seen some big time blowout games. And those teams that can't. Scored double digits they also can get the ball over half court but that's the brutal and watch it you're so full court press. And they probably had a zillion turnovers in the game of porridge is terrible and for the raps were saying are this is it just ridiculous that you don't even know how to how to call it. They they just can't break the press they did they don't have the ball handlers to get the ball over half court. And then that games gets out of hand early test machine tough guys have checked in hey kids have to learn to deal with adversity and defeat you know. And that while someday we're gonna lose either way we're -- never going to deal with adversity and defeat lets it out without losing by 86 point again there's a big difference between telling the winning team that they keep a close it like you don't miss shots on purpose or. Hey let them steal from you that's dom that's insane that that's not what you should do. But you don't need to full court press in targets as simple as that the other thing is and how deep the east pre drier team is there a it's yeah. But if you've got your last three bench guys in there for the second half. You're not score in 93 points you're just not like those kids are not scoring. Fifty points in past yeah probably scored more points in the second half in the first rate and our nose ray is close this Port Authority though it Puerto. It was a complete effort but yes it is good to show us ones at these teams. Area. That they news pansies nicely well Andy well on the Fiat that's self and got right is that this is a nation of pansies because we think that defeating a high school girl. I 86 points as of servers. I don't I don't see the other I can't see the other yeah forget about the losing team what if you're on the winning team what do you what's on what our lesson you take what's enjoyable about it stops being fawn probably like mid third quarter in and it what are the what are we doing this team stinks you want it that's just can we just a running time running time you know it running time. What are their economic fouls there are like how how how competitive for in quotes the game was in the second half of the tough to watch. And another text machine tough guy I coach over at some tournaments sometimes come down appoints court we use stock to kick some I. Let's stop and British soccer I don't I hope my kid never plays for you if you coaching you're concerned about that he started to improve his BCS standings and a half. The computer the computer takes that into account didn't work out so well in the very next game where evidently the points scored wouldn't of mattered since they lost the next morning Paula how. In points scored I don't think that composite what is their tiebreaker as the winner and a loser every game here in an enzyme are limitless and I do want to lose now so the coach ovary area. Dead flat wrong and I guess in the regular season maybe like if two teams there for the same record pretty and then the Pentagon had they had they are if you're good enough to scored 98 beats me by eighty points you're probably your turn in the practice if you apparently they weren't as good as they thought that is the very next game didn't go so well thought would happen so that team that scored seven points obviously stinks now what or the games like against everybody else. They were or other teams dislike a point a year ago this is what happens I don't for the do you have a suburban team player vo tech team like this kind of thing can happen you know because like rushed the suburban kids have played together their whole lives lot of cases in the vo tech is drawing from everywhere. And so you know it's not when you're talking about seedings and how schools get put together yet. A lot of times you end up with matchups like this in his note there it's gonna and badly. And it just it just is in light again cop out even into college and those guys are technically getting paid. But if you wanna wax that team in college go for pretty even met even then. A lot of the coaches will. I'll call the process they they still might win by fifty points that you see a lot of you know those really low level teams come early on might just the pad their wins early in the season. But they're they're not usually doing that and that football you do CAA college football and I think that is part of it got to the text are saying that. High school hoops does the tiebreaker to but the reality is in college football. They do look at margin of victory because of the way the polls are the young people voting you of the computer formula. And so if you're playing you know Kansas who stinks and he beat them by ten compared to. Forty look at that actually does matter in this those guys need to run up in the one time a year where. We discuss high school's sports is on the team gets waxed by 86 so that ends our our discussion of high school sports and it's absurd and I don't play well last by the way the Brockton enterprise tried to get a comment from the East Bridgewater coach he refused. They tried to go to practice the next day to talk to him. He locked them out of practice he wouldn't allow that them they they emailed him and asked for comment he wouldn't talk to them. Sounds like he's real proud of the effort of the girls' eyes and I guess not yeah one thing that's great. Having covered a small town sports when I first banana ice are college. Is that you'll have occasionally you'll have the high school coach he thinks he's Belichick Daytona their run on the program how they've appetites in India and he won't let his kids talk to the media because it's that distract us. You know. This earlier the paper to Slovakia made a 6177797937. We got some of the things will throttle on the table as well and him in just a couple of minutes. It's daily key Sports Radio. WEEI. I'm. 6177797937. Is telephone number text line. 37937. Deal before you move on I believe. Andy might have some audio of that East Bridgewater policy we are covered some audio announces him. Felt like we have exclusive audio there could be him pretty got a little while ago I've I'd. Did a commercial here about the the oxygen series that is coming out to two parter coming out march 17 and eighteenth. About Aaron Hernandez uncovered. We'd have been telling you hear that Sunday night on fox. An interview that was done years ago. Never aired got buried it was actually taped with a OJ Simpson in the aftermath of the publication of if I did it. And in effect in this interview that OJ does. He basically admits how he did it. Now he he tries to couch it well you know obviously if I'd done it you know I would have grabbed the knife and it ended. We haven't heard about him. It airs Sunday night Soledad O'Brien as part of the whole thing she's been tweeting out about it saying you've never heard anything like this in your life. What's infatuation. Was bad boys in this case both happen to be from the NFL. I can't wait to watch the OJ thing I can't wait to watch the oxygen thing about Aaron Hernandez why do we care so much about the stuff. I mean it's I think there is something and maybe this is oh weird thing that I have not that I'm not alone we hear year infatuated by. Like serial killers did not of these two or serial killers I think ideally what that was an arson in yet know they have had a chance and if there are bad but there is just something because. You know it just seems like you know how could somebody. Do that how could have to do with these guys did. And then on top of it what they're already. These famous football players in the case of OJ Simpson made big time celebrity. But this guy I think every generation at that time that is sort of a different idea of who OJ was is that you know the halt in football player. The actor went in the naked gun movies the sideline reporter in the NFL they got in the Hertz commercials that everybody knew OJ was. Hernandez not as famous nationally but certainly locally it up and coming star with the patriots really really good college football player. A very good. NFL player. And then you hear the stories about these guys you just say you know how and why. Would they do. When your parents side you're Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy posters out of date they said in the hands and they're always very supportive of Baja. This this is this 55 target as the defense can talk Richard is the phase of an hour ago there's a serial killer database on line. You can you can get a boss to have any automated zodiac killer and you don't just look at any silica I know all the main ones like on the DC and commerce in the electorate that scratch the Nazi Kane is out here like. How are we so a lot of them all these guys existed. Go back to Jack the Ripper like I'm I'm in on these guys my brother lives on the street from where a couple was murdered by a serial killer in Vermont. And it was like this big mystery when this these people went missing me just went home one night and then I was honored Dartmouth was that. I know this I was doesn't Vermont. And they cut it was like some famous serial killer that they caught in the West Coast I forget what he's off site. He had killed or tried to caliber re staff or something like you know an Alaska in Alaska okay way it was like. Right up the street from his house they got a security system does everyone was offering terrified and you think late. Played they something happened and it's not like that serial killer data now serial killer and actual serial actual series just insane a vet that's shell mine hunter and other asset on Netflix that that was fascinating and I was. Part fictional whether they're real care to a real sailors were all the killers were real and it's just something about that and that I think. All Simpson really sort of spy on reality TV when that's that's throughout the game expect that before cutting in during the NBA finals and were watching. This low mole car chase you know what is happening right the the OJ Simpson documentary that won the Academy Award oust Jerry was. Phenomenal yeah. I mean and and I don't care if you thought he was the worst person on the planet he probably was. It it was fascinating the whole historical background and and what. What was building in the political climate in the country. OJ owns this country for about a year and a half of that case owned the United States of America. Now rate growth on the other hand is involved in a plot he hires somebody to shoot. I don't think they were married right it was his girlfriend is pregnant girlfriend at the time senator Chris Hill warrior als treatment gap it kills her. Net of the baby is born. And is still living ring at sixteen years old brain damaged. Now the rate coral story didn't captivate America at all because he wasn't a celebrity. Music loses her and that's how you look at OJ we all knew OJ right and he was like you said naked gun all that stuff he was. He was safe you know he was a non threatening star athlete he wasn't break Ruth's. Who people thought was a gang bang where he was OJ he was everybody's so so that's what I mean that's a shock. And I also the part of it is the timing of it is a 1994. When it. You know of the you know OJ murders happen and then the trial is what 96. How many get going soon as well as autos and only five they've got to get I've ninety's and then that that took forever but. That was also what your options that you're TV options and sort of like you know how you can get caught up in some of these stories. Were so were much fewer than they worry more watching it all day that's all lost in Europe SaaS leader in your watching these court cases. Whereas where there Hernandez just a few years ago. Of a billion choices you can you can see all these other things he also just wasn't the star that OJ was like locally I think everybody here's got swept up in it or following it. But I'm curious what. Other parts of the country Yemen and say Chicago or Detroit you know they read about air Hernandez and then a week later. They still careless on effects like us with the roof thing of the MIT you know that in and like you said in Chicago today not even think about Aaron Hernandez I hear. Was a pretty check out this door yet but even here nobody really light and even patriots fans are probably is a little light arms like the guy I'm so con two main man when he when he signed that big contract and he's kissing Robert Kraft on the cheek in that band that didn't do it for me you dogs I was key he conned me he did I thought. For all they get the best tight in tandem in football now about a dollar all the crap I doubt I think a lot of people liked him and maybe didn't. Take the time you know learn about the person but just the football player himself. Remember I beat you so versatile as the guys who want receivers lining up in the backfield analogies to a summary different things in the patriots used a minute and all these different ways and he was really good and he was insanely young like his rookie year is the youngest guy in the NFL. But they had that that Jersey gives back program because they do it. It sold so majors he's like yeah that is a pretty popular guy wasn't Brady wasn't romped the burden on that next comment here. And but again just not the not the national star did so again we're gonna were gonna follow it where finding out all these details whereas. Nationally yet maybe they see. You know is. You know shy and Jenkins on Dr. Phil maybe they see admin than the than the next day they're probably on the the next thing the the date the patriots were at the White House following the Super Bowl victory. That morning. And Kirk and Callahan broadcasting from a radio studio I don't know if it was in DC or Baltimore they were down there and and Google over the White House. And I heard for a minute and say. Aaron Hernandez is committed suicide. It was like. It now out of nowhere. I mean it was shocking it was it was just won his case yet if you're not or will we know we never thought he would of or we're talking Mike McCann words are always different experts on the error like. Those of like a great chance for him and that it took awhile in the next thing you know. He's found. What was the exact terminology was was a not guilty erratic wanted to not guilty pig's ears and a bad idea he had the chance now to then go back and appeal. What he was in jail for previously easily. If this can this. Get out of prison well it's it's also the reason why I'm so interested in watching this when it comes out because. Isn't the biggest question we all have is okay why do you do. Why do commit suicide was it to protect money for his his daughter. Was it you know was it to you whatever what we don't we know we there's all these unanswered question was he despondent that the prospect of a lifetime buyers although when everybody was thinking now it's gonna go back and appealed the other thing it Jose Baez perform magic in this case like that seemed like a long shots noted that. You know it's those sort of that most recent over yet it's getting off from the dealt panacea this one was it was always more circumstance. Investor. But so maybe I don't think Arnold documentaries that tells. Why he dated. Right yet I I hole. I mean and I don't know either you know none of us is seen yet yet you know what I don't wanna hear I don't wanna hear he killed himself the news and I don't want to hear that because that to me. And and I am sure you know now that we heard those rumors I don't know all of that stuff came out when it happened and it's just like. That's Maria cars the country right now. Well of course he was day who could live and thanks so that I yelled out there what regional yap mouth I don't feel like that's that's not the case. And I actually amazed at the number of people who wanna hang their hat and whenever we talked about OJ in the aftermath of all this. Again texting you know OG and do it. Yeah I just such a jury duty until now that's true. I mean I I guess there are people who wanna hang their hat on OJ was innocent. Sorry there's a very small portion of people in the country by that. The other is very small portion of people who buy that that Aaron Hernandez was was not guilty of of killing old Lloyd down. Now probably not as OJ thing this weekend it's Sunday night as this. All just the old interview or is there is some of those hi I. Now guessing is I am gonna take a pass guide I don't think he's involved now Oca but I think they are for the right price injured doing. A couple of naps. Autograph football player would give only your highs and back colleges you about that it did yeah I look I said at the time. After he was found not guilty in the in the criminal trial. Ice and ultimately the way OJ Simpson could make the most amount of money he's dual paper view from a tropical island and confessed. Yes I did paper you pick and it was fine all they had to confess and tell exactly what he did in you know but now awaits as a monster incidents. He hit the ballot are well down at that time Twitter didn't exist this was back then one when I was saying. He he would make millions if Ian Donald bad Yale like now I know down now on what's this type in the immediate aftermath of that out as the appetite for OJ kind of back because of those yet the documentary series in the near the television show on effects that people seem there are renewed interest. It OJ Simpson. So it no matter what he says in the interview on Sunday. Is he going to be like oh now it. People are going to be applause let me just it's a morbid here yet which is an eye on your daughter actually let us see OJ Simpson in effect telling how he get enough. Not if feed yet. They have the premise of the interview with if I get on the court what is going to be telling you was exactly how he could drive you nuts though because as you watch this. Merely disguise for he's walking the streets like that's so when I'm on my serial killer database. When I'm gone through that those guys back to percent of whom are either in jail or dad. Or got killed in jail without so that's a most of Amare and so OJ if he goes through you it gives you these details about how we killed two people. Then the interviews over. He's like in Florida but thank you that the bills playoff game. That federally yet it's alienating yet you know it was getting a bill taking pictures of the bills now and we ask that question when that happened. And if you worry if you were a Mohegan Sun in southern and who saw OJ would you ask him to do to make itself with it I know thank you now I'll take a picture of the Jews. Well that's a good story ought I don't I don't I. Don't think so he's a B list celebrity. DP out beating Saturday evening he slower later you know is he still a celebrity and a sub that events and I don't think people that wrapped up Adobe curiosity. The genetic. I'm not gonna sit there and hour this thing I think most people are gonna do it a minute wait till it's over and then blocks their pilots clips winner. Keep for your hero we do the OJ media conspiracy conspiracies slow summer. Conspiracies without. They were caught on trademarks they were they were conspiracies but last year no last year Letterman. What's your parents are we opened up the calls through the guy so that's how about that wasn't quite some of those bed ridden the color scheme here there is no jeans and oh that's right got a bunch of Rome that's right aired here here's a news flash for you you know he wasn't in the sent. He killed two people now are Aaron Hernandez wasn't innocent he killed at least one high cabinet taking mighty killed three more likely three. We know we killed one. I wouldn't take a picture of the OJ but would you have him as the third hosts for. Is my alternative might. Now reside now it's as sad about Britain can. Brit mechanic or a Jack and I don't think I don't think Britney McCann he's going to be on the show I think she is locked in due they would pull rating with the that you yesterday. Riddick rusty called ROJ Simpson on the line to see if we get him for next week we have an opening today is out for our. Or did it and you get the Jews here. We put them through their out of autos and I don't grow. Yeah we got like patted down already gets in here we'll do one interview would you want would you want a phone interview without Jason yeah ya yet. Yeah now. What and what to do whatever to help the show and whatever it was all I carried out there which you ask them public. Naked gun four what are the chances. We're gonna get that by there's so many unanswered questions naked gun people worry that left down a cliff hanger there let's let's go all of the guys get it back the other. I mean I guess thugs ask him. You know what to do with the slice now that he that he wants to documentary series that he wants the what you think Cuba Gooding junior about how did he do playing him. Did you do it you know things like that like yeah that's another six yeah yeah he's an into it. You agree to our college football for a lot and some of the highlights that you murder two people. That I kept him off guard. Good Fulham would ever know he could just have some crazy ramblings at some point. Now wanna be is friends but I think you'd be good. Could guests. We'll deal got introduced through Pittsburgh room Molly's all that surprised I don't know I don't know are battling right all the way they DL men gave him those brutal okay now there's a very gifted gifted if they were too big for me he's Ellie Hoge is tells your OJ Simpson's idea patriots practice I'll tell on the other side and all right 61777979370. Layla to tell about it. What hole. I jog to my season house its daily key Sports Radio W media.