Dale & Keefe - Keefe’s Keys to Celtics Cavs Game 6; WEEI ‘Week in Review’

Dale & Keefe
Friday, May 25th
Hour 4:”The Money Hour” kicks off with Gronkowski the horse’s odds in the Belmont. Keefe gives his keys to Game 6 in Cleveland, the guys chime in with keys of their own. The WEEI Week in review feat. lispy Glenn.

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The speech that Palin she kill the bill comes down to play disciplined. Jackie Stewart expenses. Now Hanley is components don't chase it's that small dale Arnold and Rickie. Up. Hey let's all highlight the match today highlights intensity is forty straight minutes and receivers we have on the phones right now on the WEI Sports Radio network. A. They get to is confident that you picked up and it this way it right now. A minute you know this but the 5 o'clock our money our for the we have dry. Just competent it's who you gain. Is there and the money our day helped drag the money our company in this way it's right. The money our fourth and final aren't yelling keep Sports Radio WB yeah I'm Greg Dickerson in the house with a one quick sports racing but I'd that you might. Now let whip or racing now courtesy of Rob Gronkowski. Okay. Bronx horse a horse that's named after him gronkowski. Now is back training and apparently is going to be OK to go for the Obama is he running on the ground the suspect in the ground as a result. I was running and about on yes apparently the longer you wait at a track so crawled points out the races on 69. Months of quake wanna horse to play together more and hate guess yeah what. What the odds. On gronkowski at six feet yeah god. All right very good very good rob thank you rock thank you thanks for pointing all that stuff out two or some people it's it's fart jokes for other people at 69 Joseph I like him there all I'm drag all their own marriage was brought sports training on his own or was he got he got hurt yeah I got an hour with working with. Yeah he's it has been at a young he's been an NCAA level and his staff. His backs it up with I don't know where I actually working with the rest of us with a little Guerrero very pliable or snagged a big gas expense today has its own experience but I so earlier today the Red Sox. Kind of surprised a lot of folks me included. They announce that they have designated Hanley Ramirez for assignment. They have seven days to trade him or at the end of the seven days they will simply release and hilly coming on restricted free agent. Our earlier today the president of baseball operations date them browse the held a little media session at Fenway Park we carried it live and I'll admit it. He surprised us. Russert really is a baseball on that I talked doubts about. Yesterday outs or we were prepared to. Maybe gone different direction with our move. He called me Alex as I've got a thought or you. We're doing and he said. This is a move that. I would like to make a recommend make it ultimately comes from my final decision but he said I really want to play much more and more. He's a good player he's played very well for us. I don't think that today and millions of person that sets. And and on the bench well. It gives us an opportunity to keep Blake's wife are also being a position replace it gets more playing time and so is it just is something that I recommend us to. I was surprised he'd he'd just shocked all audio all all about lived up to each other at saint analyst with I missed here how this is Alex Cora as Mo. And by the way when Alex Cora met with the media later on today he he did not shut out from at all knowing it and I'd be surprised that you know the president of baseball operations would even admit that Hayward wanted to go to different direction. Al score brought this up and we went wouldn't so. It's that he's flexible I suppose that he's listening to other people but it sounds like was who was on his radar when he he would not have thought of this at all there I was also which is a little guys right is really why not about it he thinks of everything. For him because Cora. Doesn't give. Two craps about the vesting option he's just trying to win games but this team whereas the browse he's thinking. I'm surprised he didn't mention that the core as an idea being like here's what we're guys right away yeah not quite interesting he's so worried that the greats that minimal that would open it was it was all. Outscored that is it's also what it would be Bentsen's or the browse dimensions only other bonuses as you know you get the key place why are we. Play it. He got all his daughter play now key I don't Atlanta tonight dale mom and now maybe a little soon to accept the help Mark DeRosa MLB network former Major League player. He weighed in on Handley in and about this move by the Red Sox. I just think its interest in I think JD Martinez has changed a whole dynamic of their lineup I think. Hanley is one of those guys that. He's an interest in personality. I'll leave it at that let it seems on motivated at times it seems always in that was doing interviews that we don't hear from a so I I don't know maybe. Where around the world from the time or two but I personally think the only reason this happens is they feel they have enough offense in the lineup to cover it. Mitch Moreland played great rule and they don't like Jason said there's there's an option that investor for north at twenty million dollars and I don't think they wanted to. On motivated it's time on it but they also buys and at times and Phillies players don't like this year's all in all the stuff are going to be 3030 and I know he won't be believe all that stuff. He seemed like he was all in this year now that could quickly change. As soon as you say hey you're gonna play twice a week or once a week. Academically go the other way but this seems like. I know the numbers are jumping off the page but it seems like a happy handling the season. Seems that most of your time well maybe not today that and other days he's been used with what all that beat either shoot 45 in the morning tweeted out his love for Red Sox fan he did say he would sweeten up a storm this year and he's all live on just stingers Martinez by the way the other reason why your. And I don't know about this whole thing and another reason why you're excited about the whole thing I can tell there's JE Martinez thank them so I don't know if you've heard but the Celtics play game six tonight tonight against the Cleveland Cavaliers there at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland and other JJ Redick. Was talking about game five which was back here in Boston of course Celtics get the win they take a 32 series lead. And Redick had talked about what it was like planet from the Boston fans. There aren't truly like I was ever died are being mapped to work with like that allowed a way that they've ever wave. I was a little worried are you remember we were game one or two about it and both of a bear like later game. I nearly 830 start. Like all manner that this is create a half hour of drinking. You know he's got it up or become a game like that that worried me yet they're gonna be allow our current twelve game then. Why Obama let that. That's a lot of straight out there. And I mean she you know she's done it some. Pretty incredible arena including Cameron Indoor Stadium person pretty big card to gain ever to stay that I've read it in the trip and their granddaughter. Are now. I was from the Bill Simmons podcast. JJ Redick mom thinks that this is that's pretty good though and those Redick and just the idea of who they only thirty game and Mike having that great allies have a drink yet on gala does this Tom Brady once said. Right here Luke Donald Alexander early every game against the cavs vanity thirtieth there and if they come back for game seven there have that advantage once again dollar will be 830 game but it's a game seven with a chance to go to the NBA finals the place and not you get to the NBA finals they don't tip off till about 90 wanna or not you're talking I just forty now I want to just out of her I don't work against them that Mac it's gonna be an out route -- -- 830 the sweet spot right now that I feel about that later about. Well don't worry because. According to Shaquille O'Neal you might not have to worry about the NBA finals if you lose this game. They go back to Cleveland jackets are gonna be okay defend your limit let's go to our game seven loss we will wins home tomorrow. We'll get a flu and then some. He's fed up with the golden conservatives believe that it won't win again crowd that was I don't know who let you know. And when to guaranty savings two years that they were here today and tomorrow but yeah. Because young fellows that play well. And then submit your freshman hit off what is it oh look they're all my person. They're not all pressure games do they pay so I didn't design I was trying to figure out what eighty song that was in the background good I can't wait to duke duke duke duke it'll as a program don't. Let's go to game six elimination and that's not a pressure game game seven as though yet and about game six now not not when we've seen Obama is you don't play any idea if they win game six they'll also game sevens a Saxon and convinced they're going to win against the right that's going on that Libby now did you know six victory he just says oh what Paul Pierson too if the Celtics don't win in six and lose so that's got either the Celtics winning tonight or the cavs winning the next two games. One of its vote on. Ones up on himself and he's got to be right back Arafat he could talk about our rights and order race yeah I'll miss. The Celtics on either gonna we can have with. Him and we could. So there's been a lot of talk about game five and with LeBron tired and is he going to be tie it's it's people who was in charge of making street got a proper night's sleep last night night and I'm not got he got not sleep well either and so on although by now what I heard I would heavens no soul. Don't worry this Charles Barkley agrees with that LeBron actually was tired. Well you're doing Justin Timberlake was screaming like a sixty year old Boston Celtics were kicking a 32 lead over the Cleveland we don't know I've got a lot of borrowers are. While I was too tired of them fit either foot on the bag. The fact that's why he would start stopping the America and snow birds you're not gonna cut apart and all of and I don't know. If you look tired to look tired I don't know if I could have done better but out of I don't know that always. Why was tired out critics had their data on his neck yeah definitely pretty tired of that as well in south accidents will broaden could quit another time before that. Although I don't know if it happens at Cleveland. That went to more games seven and a wrap this thing out. These numbers courtesy of Chris man X game three in Cleveland Selz led by fifteen in the first quarter. Game four in Cleveland cavs led by sixteen. After one mom if the Celtics survived the first quarter night they went right and so I just keep a. Sounds like at united and I just a little bit that I just hands you you're not suggesting he's sees right now are always not I think nobody tracked well. You're right reality pale in all I think gasping I'll let you know flat. It would just demand it. Julio losses of zero win here tonight. Daily TV presents. Players accused tonight. Bruce asked so here you basically there's like ten days and I grew ten forum come correct you're like CI. It's something Jane she's sitting in the previous. Keys to tonight's game. The worst thing I've ever heard in my just raise all these guys. He's he's he's keeps. Steve I think I'm gonna quit right now. Correctly call this thing. He's sees that he's pleased exactly what it is. Okay now Brackett talked about out there a long time record bill. Topics. Not just I don't on the bike at eleven. He's in a while with dolphins have struggled on the roads we thought we would see into the mode you'll little bit. And gave you game six if they win ya gonna do this all the kids I mean I hit with the NBA finals you feed but we're not there yet we have to start with this gap. Webber wins the first quarter and they are very good chance of winning dip and it should I had a little bit about it. Look at that are out there now the team of the first quarter is four and one in the series. If my team scores thirty or more points in the first quarter they are undefeated. If I validate that teacher in Cleveland tonight says. Whatever it takes the Celtics have won every game this series would Erin Bain starts. So look for an early sign to see whether they win this game and not start. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel how they lifespan of nine to fourteen years. Abroad has been in the league for fifteen years you do the math. A truck and I you do the math but that left. And I that I that do you have something on the cavalier boss. Company that in their own your keys somewhere. Al Horford autographs haven't rebounds that they are suing though this series when he does that. I ever about corporate. In its advanced age a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They are difficult time learning new skills all much like tae woo and his team game but I didn't they get a if you can't teach old dogs new trailer right pig used dogs for keys. They should do whatever they had to move this game the Boston yeah I don't know if you heard the Celtics are ten and all at the garden with both these days they're not at the garden tonight stuff. Celtics are 210 in the series what mark is Smart scores in double figures in their four and one in the playoffs. While. On downgrade today is may 25. Or as some would call it the Christmas of may. The last time I felt quite. Not a thing. The Christmas the bag I'd never heard of that though laughed at the point that the last time the Celtics had an away game on Christmas it was against the knicks. The game was tied at 112 in the final minute see Israel would make some free throws. And Marcus Martin hit a clutch three. So Merry Christmas and Manny. I never heard that makes Christmas a Christmas in July and a sort of them but not. On May point LeBron was reading out the mess which they book named after a brewery in Vermont which usually agree that our day. I don't think that's how tough was made I knocked it out. A mild problems I don't think LeBron was actually. Really means that we'll do they make heady toppers the delicious beer in the series when LeBron shoots over 60%. From the field. They cabs are too and know when he doesn't they are all in flurry. I like that last Celtics are three and know when Terry Rosie here at exactly one turnover. Once I don't get it done it why don't get through one and number sort sort don't know it's hot game. Thirty seconds ago he was heard it all in one with a turnover area. Tonight's game is being played at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland yes but the Quicken Loans headquarters. If in downtown Detroit's. What way of life that it wants a life that he. Kevin Love like on May not be as important as you think. In wins in the series Kevin Love is averaging just eleven points per game. While in the lawsuits. Seventeen point six light it up Kevin I am noticing things two things if we don't make sense. In terms of its times finally figured that out. JR Smith is putting up ten. Points in wins in just two points per game in lawsuits. For another JR Smith that if he makes they range. The cavs will win if he doesn't the Celtics will win. Texas that's correct no questions during the he's not trying to. And Lafley. Well ha our Barry I'm sorry. Lastly Cleveland that was founded by Moses Cleveland who was a lawyer a politician. A soldier a surveyor. And it is from Connecticut's. Fifth Beckett Angeles Cleveland and Moses Cleveland reality is only different lyric (%expletive) off my back my ticket in term rule here. I grabbed it as well are about to outsource the keys although those are both in the heat from the inside to watch tonight is you know remember those that cavalier coach company Moscow. Although some of who wants company of Boston. Some. Okay. I signed today. Very well done again that aren't popular theory you could collect probably what I don't know is gave us what that was good. Right time to thoroughly how the us the wicked witch of the west originally hailed from. Cleat went wow really Margaret Hamilton who played that we which it was the was about one. Top fives yours billable I. Noble. Peace theory I got one Ford all and I'll I'll all the I'm ready to 200 I don't. That's about April or early February that doesn't ever thought about the Red Sox did it. It is very first Major League home run and I'm so I'm very senate like. God that's my regular guy I don't know because you've got to mix and you've got to lie about that. He is all good well done guys. Well on all around. I've been with young Fella that excitement lasted quicker it was quicker than the last couple the keys are gonna Baldwin's side I its majority but Christmas. Maine that's what they call on the ball well and I'll ever solved it I don't hear that every day but some are all well know they always wanted that and also Greg we also we did keys to the series so that's why that may have little bit longer there's a lot to get you there. This was more specific for game six that's why this has meant short oval to a little bit shorter yet lifetime by the way. Does he a months worth of Christmas in July movies or right around like locking out all of them if they don't do them in Jerusalem now let me ask both you guys this deed did you have a favorite key there. No welcome Andy's the last one. Yeah Alan if you have a favorite the one that he once that's done now I know why I like candies that I got kind of solidarity Garnett and I aren't anything new doubts initiative keys keys next go through any don't think anyone consider happiness together. He doesn't like heat to do keys key politics of the NBA finals you and other strategies used keys on briefer shows. And I he did not want me on there I think it was because he actually sat on the radio that he is ugly he didn't use that well I don't that's. How I heard it I was exactly what do you and I'll dress I assume and outrage for ugly human being. Physically he did saving about a young guy no I don't think that's the nice thing to say about it hurt us because Kyle's good pretty boy on TTP. Where I make what are your like Oreo where you want to blow. So make up I don't want any. This is what I look like taken earlier this is that a better word apparently fast credited. Now none of that house now there is pains actress trying to help you out here they had a few more they've got a key for you yeah is that it would Moses Cleveland but I like this when I I even hope it's true it probably is president Grover Cleveland's summer White House. Aren't more and I like that that's good I series one Greg they're all serious or are. This weekend you. These Red Sox all timers now yes insurance loom along a little economic team Abbott's yeah Red Sox used to have a picture in 1970s by the name ma Reggie Cleveland Reggie blah. Very well have spent the week went on I had an the vessel itself not really elaborate what happened at the children at. More respect for. You said that without an intern in the house today at an outsource any of those keys some of uncertainties Mac entered into a little these early yet been involved like the price of bread then he had gas prices they really fixated on now I try to move away these things you really applied in the series with the game. Pretty clear. And the Celtics do what tonight while Abby got a pay attention to what it's apparent they aren't well let's stop about it. I as Alli now. These these matters out there at all I don't know all matter so sadly Al Gore for a lot less than ten rebounds it means JR Smith and had a couple of threes that means terror rose years ago more than one turnover means LeBron the issue over 60%. It means Marcus Smart will be in single figures it'll all those things added up with rookies. Aaron beam them start their yank him there aren't any better. Here's what I'm gonna tell and I talked about how home court is all that matters in the NBA player goes. Celtics went real idea I said before game five whenever we ends gaining five. Queens in six. Since the Celtics won in game 500. To a loss might disagree with you here aren't something's gotta give it out I I your stupid T. How are they they could play huge roles in accordance gives you one reason why I think the Celtics gonna win tonight because of my career everything that we saw. He had dogs and it makes 00. Guts and it's a goal with a gut feeling in and go what the feeling that goes shelling quit Clinton as a welcome back for game seven the bronze or eagle on the lakers that's an eagle I I exit the Celtics played better team I think they have a federal world team I think people want to go all these runs tired. Old quonset dollar national signal at east I did that tea you said the fans went and the ball there and sidelines or walking over there on the court things off the 6177797937. Bills in Montreal Heytvelt. A guy I had given an area. That sense I'm kind of falling Katie that you're negative and let this thing. Build a Montreal what the hell do you know basketball build Taylor grateful for the win by sneezing and I. And know basketball. By iron and I don't know all the basketball's plot I lost to build c'mon. I'd give it said that they all that's the penalty. Then let me get hit on the first game you guide said. It seems to be a series that you guys it felt that that is LeBron again that seems to be this series we're talking about your game. He checked it out check the atmosphere but now the second game you guys they've got to come out you've got to play in game. We won the second game duke and that was before they see. Before that moment that we had after two game going into the game. You know out of our game could have been the third game because if we're playing at night that the wait would have played the third game. They lost them and support enabled it Geithner and I'm just. All the dirty got back and I don't like to do to help I don't they're what six on the roads Marty's confidently tonight big you know that one counts all the people do it right out of court because the ball on the road this in his on the road these little things have been the team YouTube I don't either against that and I don't know I. You're listening to Ron Paul but dale and Greg both said the celtics' road wins and while they are good they are volatile and down right. Adult routine as disgusting and rocket Rashard was overrated. Come on guy cut but the loss. They've been bought and a longtime member bought and everything atheist and I hope I baked idea and let me get the idea of guns being negative event. But he and they got one guy. Reality rank as one of the green and I did this is what you had. Well I yeah. And tease you like you failed to realize like that there was a communication. Issue you think so well I mean Montreal France we are going fixated on him being from a for a while because it's obviously a little different there was a difference in language he did not understand I think what we were saying Greg I interpreted that as you thought he was the last man. That's how I read that I think all comedians alas that's I guess I do about it yes. That's what that's lies in the bills fired up keeping you guys are being negative for picking them to win again. I got tipped off by Dexter but I did look it up just to make sure Oca world headquarters for key bank. Yeah. Final drive sponsored by cars for kids don't make car help the child today. Schedule your free pick up an 877 cards for kids. Or cars for kids dot com. Yeah. Yes you ready to keep her madness. Right that one out directly from Athens when it talked about ducks weren't close and stuff what did you say it's going to be like Kiefer man. Do you know rebuild Lebanon and now he's nice he's a nice guy and so screw you keep yeah Federer you. You do during each. I. I don't think that's one of the strongest against. In most efficiently with both on and an angry. The maid of Bonner hit the bottle hard fouls at the best man wins his own car. I think you're ugly. What to expect and I. Yeah. Then I think it. I. That I figure Utley wasn't Draper talking to you the other day well that's admired companies right it definitely rusty is a problem with the world of or you know I'm a lot of curt Ellis stopped and got out today he never used I think you're ugly. Ross is a positive persons that he wouldn't use that word but we are here so we can review sound cue from madness you have. One of the great moments in the history of WE EIG gets you in just a moment but first. We have evolved. A street or callers still that we took this week. All having kind of different strategies for when they call into the programs let's go back the Monday to begin with would bill. Builds on the cell phone Ayodele. I did. Fatal howdy. You you called us spell it. Now so there's the just not even close to being ready guys wouldn't know a little sarcastic. But I wasn't inherently wet still I don't that you need to say well are you called obviously dead air or grass nobody was going to talk no it was well no I'll say hello I heard that we had to say I don't play it just it wasn't great. But then there's the alternative you could have. Tom who really is the exact opposite of GAAP Bill Thompson Westfield they Tom. Number I hitter ranch which are usually hit the ground running time. Mentally I went all that we missed the personal sense of directly Jackie Bradley he stinks. What do and and I. We've grown. We caught him mid sentence when you flip side I hit the button and he was he already going full. I have a feeling he began that conversation. Much earlier when Rossi put my whole and they just thought it was I was like ten or eleven minutes ago. They'll get to pick between the two would you rather have the guy hit the ground running right in between this summit's final look at the back to get through the warm different ago that might be the better guy that they have. Now we also had Jeff wife was using the phone in a unique way what's the problem here Jeff. Talking into the right under the followed. If you've already talking into the hearing part on our right now. You say it hairy Jeff I got out I'd try to dial out again you're ready you're get connected but you know that it LL that's momma the extension that I ask. This article different number well involved in this or that job yeah monster. Monster yeah. And articles on so I guess that we have this is the last the last car that we have to lose. Again kind of sums up the week I Kevin and Rhode Island Europe first on Sports Radio stealing key. Yeah and hello Leo hey we're great area of oh. Well but the way it. We'll definitely there that's where you are a little gap a little bit of a doubt they got to be ready ready to go back to you wanna start as soon as prostitutes who hold the view just started and just go and we'll get to yeah and you're going you're fired you're fired avoid this phrase you can. Record. And that. The caller answered that you although they're not allowed to not call had that for a call an hour that a fine so speaking of all of them now maybe the greatest moment in the history of WEEI evidence they've long battles elaborated on his eyes and it's sure it sure is. This on Monday this was the very beginning of order labor Loney in Fauria right at 10 o'clock Glenn orbit does trending. A apparently he had some dental work done but he's in the top guy who's gonna fight through its own 10 AM sharp. Here's Glenn with the trend now. Yeah I trending now lives I. Were being rescued by a form of direct marketing well patriots start phase three of their offseason program today BOT eight to Gillette Stadium. No Tom Brady no grown Red Sox a three out of four from Baltimore they wrap up. The series with a five zip Chela on Sunday despite thirteen or you'll have. Now and nothing. Vision and started the show biz don't and I want to series with a floods shut down Sunday despite what it literally it. Twelve of those go work singles to think I have. And out where where Fauria and Maloney what. Lot of guys had your eye on I don't notice those guys just know bill does Glenn does the training I don't attorney Iowa or under hot hot hot about the British novel Paulson plan on what you sit this one I'm still ahead a little secret here is Greg it pains me to say this as somebody who does read trending. Not everybody in house listens to the trending. I hate to say I don't I ate at K and everything you know you don't you're not guilty of that but so blends those are initials there's the more favors for the the boss calls since been sentenced in permanently. Now what's that would return if you keep vehemently bedrock I Baghdad area and so yes we did. The series with a five set showdown on Sunday it's like thirteen or you'll hear it. Twelve of those though work singles. And it's the Celtics coming off a thirty point loss in game three game four tonight 830 tipoff. At the Quicken Loans read on after the show. That is on him. Fort Wayne and phony and I. Get to the show and I just a reform of government let people hear this he's just if you look at the north or or. And it's the Celtics coming up 830 point loss in game three. Game four tonight at 830 tipoff at the Quicken Loans of rain let's get to the show. Let us. A photo was probably 1004 or whatever time they they end up during the show and I think planned assumes it's just going to be a regular show let's let's go vols go from there. Louis Christian maybe a little bit different for a first of all I think he's. Improving them. Is he kid unity and what's what's your blogging if they did you either way you want I. It starts in its its yeah I knew when boys and little red letter rule opium. We did threatening both him and looked it let it is yeah. I don't feel good government I. And it got their team three of war. Susan church appreciate you repeated the live right here 830 tipoff. At the Quicken Loans of read. I Don't Ask Don't Tell cannot live now quell that gate on this but I took him when I hear you everything it's weird like it it was it was subtle. But right away we broadly ways it sounds we won't look at jealousy yeah. It can't be out you know there's a lot of old there's nothing and he hits a little bit of the work that's. Not right. No I don't like getting a little bit here and I don't know I don't know if I'm definitely not with a friend Hillary got philosophy. Marketing well patriots start yeah. I know I gave the none. It's we called and I think the low lying and that's what it is one of those things on the what they've. I'm it'll do what Donna just a little bit. On united and after the day you don't move now seeing. Oh yeah and Shiite I guess you got the essence this is a tough position. Yes I do it bearish. Logo are your English you he'd be off might never. Like working for hours when I never did go Lula and seeing it and but let's not 830 yeah well yeah. I. Like I don't even look at these. It clearly Bogor. Fat. On it like it here. All the whose real. Natalie Morales real bullets I'm glad again as Red Sox 830. I money. What more of them are at the reds are 83. Or from what we're gonna wrap up. So you're gonna have to deal then it's elegant look my announcement but. Thank god I'm doing the zone right here on here's the problem okay as much as I want laugh at this really kind of wanted to do oh here's the problem. On Wednesday. June 6 studio wants them at 11:20 in the morning I'm having it wisdom tooth extracted. You're gonna sound and I have audience and there at 2 o'clock at Fenway Park. And it's the Celtics. It is an act. You won't be doing the trend yeah. You know running well all I hear somebody say that it's the we we've sort of gone back and forth about their tennis singles. I can tell you from today before right. You know compacted that stopped huh. Yeah and extract I I 20 yeah. Yeah yeah I think we're doing there what other items are literally made my. I was knocked like split and every tree. Thanks restore order true warrior. But Kirsten thinks he's on this. And he's suddenly he's diving on route one. And Foxboro and suddenly let's get it right that's the stadium he's suddenly used ball we are a Bentley and he said. It's Brady picked it right he's driving a Bentley. And because it's your pillow beside of all of you guys act. I don't know why don't get a little bit of it was a big old white guys right Daria wasn't it wasn't that but I don't think that we are off of one of my wife baby is assumed that. It is pretty adamantly. I don't know I disagree. Also a rich guy rich guy's got a bad timing of it or not a real plus you have a Bentley in fox again if so you'll ruin lives a quiet everybody else and thought it was going north. I don't know how they get taken seriously though I don't know how they can listen when it's not a big deal so finally there's a there's a point where. Again Glenn Estrada fight throw Glenz shown up to work he's got to take it day off like David Price he's here he's at work put but Lou just has that as a hard time because. All about spam and give this up so for and it and the only time I'm gonna be away guys in those four days during those mandatory minicamp. But if it. Right now. Important that it could it is all about sacrifice. I I seriously aren't saying. Sacrifice. But as we don't know them legitimately it'll get better to shield in a while I. I'm confident I will not only imagine what a big if unlike some of these rogue permanently yet this really won't that it was released on our hot day as well. Yeah. There's nothing wrong with the U permanently. Settling down I'm gonna talk like this the rest that I you know by the dog died suddenly you guys are pentagon. And it will actually get better is as I don't want. Do you think that's what it is I will Iraq drinking habits do it I mean I think I definitely don't do that kind of lives. It'll Wear out its own. You know not work today I was behind the other and then I'll. I don't does that thing work and I shoulders off to war that they just the good guys what do I want to let you. You cut your views it as an excuse. And I do get credit for showing up and actually it's funny to my got into the car that day was too well -- he sounded fine but they kept played cults of him from all on any adverse over an hour and a half he did not sound right and I don't make a suggestion decline if he does someone is listening of course. Next time he has major dental work. He could schedule after 2 o'clock you can practice all are open normally captors and the lack after two was well the dance an emergency that you know wanna set up the first thing Monday morning there Alberta and advisories. Murray went right to be on first thing Monday morning worked on him he animal. In other words it was a cultural and over again able to do. There's even more double that's that's probably feels Wimbledon and that sort of a ways certainly we always have it if we need to finish it later. There that's actually pretty Greg good to see again I see you guys enjoy your Memorial Day weekend we'll see on Tuesday but it keeps up next where is John right now which Keefe on solo which he launched a writer Paul but at that Ricky Williams beauties of our area he does he has got to differences. We passed a world. It solo he's that he's good he's got to get ready for the Red Sox all about it. Red Sox a three up 40. Jason Gillette Stadium. And it's for the Celtics. Single. Patriots start phase three of their off season program today. And it was nothing coming up 830 point loss in game three. Game four tonight at 830 tipoff at the Quicken Loans read that if.