Dale & Keefe - Keefe wants Peyton Manning put in jail; Which athlete could you not tolerate in Boston?

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, March 8th

Hour 2: Dale recounts a story of meeting OJ Simpson at Patriots practice. Peyton Manning has sold his Papa John’s franchises and while Keefe wants to see Manning in prison, everyone’s in agreement on how he’d fare as a commentator. Which athlete would you not tolerate on your team?


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Yeah yeah yeah. I'll have a TV yelling keep Sports Radio WEEI John Tomas is in the house with a us. The very quick how I met OJ story is under the patriot games is what about but 878889. Somewhere in there. And they used to practice at the a state school you know there in Iraq amber yeah. And it was a different day back then and you could stand on the sidelines and watch practice the whole practice if you wanted to. There were many of us who did but I had to play by play guy at the time zealots excitement. Of Tuesday. Stand there watch practice though it all yet and hopefully the dollar and 55 so I'm standing there one day watching practice. And a car pulls up in parks. And I see will McDonough and OJ Simpson get out of the car now they're going to be part of the telecast that weekend that would come watch practice makes cents. And will introduce me to OJ on the sidelines. And I'll say this he was charming. He was friendly he was funny he's asking me a lot of questions dizzy you know well said Nate yelled as the the patriots games. Any wanted to know stuff hey how's this guy playing what's this guy doing. And at the end of the whole thing shakes my hand tame and I really appreciate it thank you very much it's great to me chip. And so that was the only time I had ever spoken OJ Simpson was. Out as much eight was what you hoped he would be when you watched him on TV. We ask you what you thought of his ugly -- shoes he did now allow and so that's how you became friends that I I'm. Dale best answers are to witness. At the OJ trial for a adjacent block. One time and I'll tell us the handshake. Two fer no real normal firm normally harmless was it was normal for not like what are Adrian Peter out in front right it was a gloves no no gloves. Alamo book element too good to be true wouldn't it is you think these gloves don't fit so that's so I've met OJ Simpson. And I've met Aaron Hernandez and avoid what how that did you did you guys that are here on the show here early yet we had had him on before. To people who I know killed Aaron Hernandez's good example of why am always hesitant to say silence those are good because like you don't. No easy we don't know we really don't know we know who's nice to us are the most eerie nights series thing was after the the summer which Aaron Hernandez. It killed people. That was also summer which wrong. Was like going around going nuts in my you know there's a bunch of videos of him like dancing and in my elbow drop from people. And one of the first times there were at camp there interviewing Hernandez's locker. Somebody is asking him about Hayley you know was your was your summer as crazy as Bronx is that now probably not. Public alike the playback interact that it was that it was that it was a little crazier than it was a whole lot crazier. But if the if you don't want they want how many people the grunts you know non arena and probably less crazy if you go to watch one of these two specials will be OJ is this week and Aaron Hernandez the following weekend gorloks Juan Hernandez. Yeah I know the OJ story at this point in time and we know it we know what. Front words in backwards. Supposedly the the if I did it book. Was ghost written canning Pablo offend us I think is nameless. That is definitely me and they might that you don't yet in my glove and it's but but he ghost wrote it's supposedly is gonna chances are OJ didn't write the damn thing. And then fox. Commission to this this interview special. But after they did it they are unknown. Now all. We want to others show it now I don't know. That's bizarre. That it's at on this thing for ten years so like I'll be well or twelve years gathered they take it in 2006 while. You know on our programs are going very well right now we have an aboard Evans of the Family Guy we can air that now let's go audio today. Awfully I'll Algeria's anything you would think that they will have to address that at some point yes you know in the preamble that they'll have to say this is why we decided showing. There's got to be reason it it's not like an anniversary it's violent and thing you know it's just very it was I didn't sit on the stormy Daniels. Has no idea. But sex that's. That is a native of saving this for a rainy day here and I've got more unanswered questions for her nails yet I mean OJ I don't have any unanswered questions. Although I ides I do it I mean that's you know that's the one course we know how to get it but it's it's right here in your words yet Telus in your words I did think they are and Pablo as words in our problem fan mrs. I thought I knew everything even before the documentary came out and of deduct American iron and there's a few extra things you know you're going a mile Marcus Allen's fall the market salad stuff and that even you know the way the you know the jury when they went to his house at like how is house they completely change they staged it there all the pictures like him with a white friends and tiger era program change this out. We're a completely Chang at christianity over yeah where they did all that and so I did know some of that stuff and now. Just how chaotic I mean we knew from the outside okay out of the trial was to them when you get into some of the specifics of those are those new to me. I was reading that stuff I was watching that stuff every single day that everybody was. Or I was in sixth grade when the verdict came out and now was stop what you're doing it wield the TV and on top of the little tray plug the TV and and everybody watched the old lever but we stop school for gas and and I'm sure we all probably had the same sort of stereotypes unfortunately experience where. I saw the verdict I was just out of college like two months out of college broad day ends and so I watch with a bunch of white people and we and we are all gas like how is how could he get away with that. And and you see the videos elsewhere. There are different reactions depending on that was pretty split. That's for sure 6177797937. Is telephone number Pete's on the cellphone AP. With the or way Clive IP going to be. They or at the port up and he got exonerated of murder correct. But you still get mail for the gone back which means he probably would have done between reported here on the coast oil to me that was sort of of the earth just. But just and I also understand that he was never exonerated of the old Lloyd murder. What happened was because of that idiotic state law which they are now in the process of changing. That verdict was vacated. In the aftermath of his death there but he was convicted of murdering Oden law. Where what you said though he he had avenues to get. Quite a bit. Yet killed himself. While nobody I mean yeah I got the last laugh he could've appealed at the that would have been quite a process but the fact that he even had an opportunity to appeal I think that we we thought that was a long shots here like who knows. If you look up the chart what you got convicted of on the guns that message is keep looking at eight a lot of. You say. Exactly aborted and I happened at a whatever mix that's true too among you out and any of that hey I was at Churchill barrel per the but he derby in I was in the same room with OJ. Update. What a dark ceiling yet when you see that person and the people out when optimal. And yet so these pictures and autographs. They work. Yeah it's in people are definitely doing that some. For the story someday when you do it now without the hall few minutes ago and I ran into our our colleague Jeff Kuna from one of the other stations. And I asked him the question nice that you run and OJ yet and Mohegan Sunday you ask him to do a self it would ease and absolutely not he's a murder. I've why don't wanna picture with a murder. Most of becomes like your thing but I guess I might as it is not a lot of us I murder media on the murdered database there that's what apparently there are people who were Dylan. You know they. They definitely our community. Some that would when he was at the hill at the bills' playoff game and he's tail gating India ever race snapped pictures of them likely he's great you know. But that's. That's today yes you know. I Tony and night you said what what I put him on the air out for the good of the show him. Did originate and hold your nose and have to do that yet as the work what do you but you his and then and that's an area you can ask them. Would every one maybe gets upset navy hangs up whatever but your your controlled the inner maybe he kills you know no I'll know probably nine Al may be cut. But you never to in the documentary and they showed the clip he was on the Wendy Williams radio show. This was after the fact forget what year this was but he was in studio with her and she was just play flirting with a of the whole conflict and conflict. I wish I don't should be saying this for you are like one more handsome like torch aren't paying public gets it right out. So obviously he's the guy that was pretty he. Smooth I guess is maybe a way of putting it and that's similar to air Hernandez had their Bob Kraft saying he got duped. He was so you got me the ad you know what I don't I saw that footage that day of the day signed and all the media I don't know if you were part of that now scrum all around and that is a whole bunch of people all around and now. Any sane is the best day in my life and I've I can't thank this organization that night and all that money other donate tomorrow the Myra Kraft foundation I mean. He did all the things that you would want out of legitimate right. Good person to bill. And you fight and now he's not legitimate or godaddy was just second boxes check in boxes and boxes second boxes as well I'm not a sociopath as check check check. All fate. That's coming out because backs your point about you know we don't know any of these guys and that's why you can't be shocked I -- children you can be shocking the murder some I think you'd be shocked by that no matter what yes yes I mean any of those people thought Aaron Hernandez was a was a jerk right. Probably didn't they like some murder in his future yea you probably don't the only athlete that I can confidently 100% say it's a great guys J. D. Drew. Briefly just the bad guy early is that nice dinners the nicest guy well let's get the Nokia and make you feel better though it's you know there's a good guy and he's popular with. People often do their elected people love those guys out of the game. A football players would issues TMC has come out with a report today. That at TMC has more disturbing details in the recent case of former dolphins tackle a Jonathan Martin. According to TMZ when Martin was taken into custody recently he had a loaded shotgun. And knife and an ax. He had a second shotgun and his parents house. He also on FaceBook had been sending threatening messages. Two former classmates. I mean it's like a downer of a guy here I mean look remote today an adult resorts is it. Is it just hit hit hit it eight times they had enters a part of it but I don't think. If everybody has a head injury is not an attorney would to a murderer. Made it may be it's gonna impact your. Of life obviously is an impact in some your decision but I don't think he just jumps you to murderer. If I got an editor's you'd like to think there's another step and over again today although sadly there are a lot of examples whether it's murder murder suicide than we we've seen it. When there's there's been examples of it even if you are a Chris Benoit in the WW either that's. Those head injuries sort of Ed connected but I still think dictated a different kinda elements his attorney and former. We got one of among text line. He's not a murder he was innocent okay what you believe what you want totally okay you go through after he was found criminally not guilty. By an insane Jerry. He was found civilly responsible for the death of two people in order to pay millions of dollars which he still close to those spam death known as you believe what you wanna believe if you wanna go through life saying he was innocent he didn't do any thing. You ought to limit Mohegan Sun and ask him for an autograph and a self and consistently that'll 6177797937. It's daily key Sports Radio W media. Yeah. You live your life so publicly and we really almost with such Eads. Are it's hard to believe that there could ever be any rocky times the original green that's light now is not to dredge it up again but more let's talk about how things can get distorted. To such a point that you are portrayed as the bad guy. New Year's Eve a little bit too much to drink. There are some of them you know actually no mark not been twelve news. And really when I look at it really what that big of a fight just that. Because of book could be in New Year's he let closes 3 o'clock more than just finished it party. It got to move for Newton couple loud. This just my point of what I make changes in that. It ought to such a point. But you portrayed in the press for wild elect a white speed world and that bothered me obviously above my whole family and then you know the death of this boom that we looked at it we have with fight we were bold cruelty. But one was hurt was no big deal and we don't know what ally. Probably not one of the things right Firestone's put on the it's real I needed jobs real I mean tooth generous annual. If Peter juice that's why you've never say they're good guys and at message Ager prestigious out now you don't know. But he felt like you know a few stupid to Santa got you Joost a year old wife beater believe. Would never touch your life. Did you know that could kid here's the boycott is such a point. But she won't portrait of the process for a while they're like oh why is he wanted these people we put a live voice. And boy do incredulous that he got voted to cry about ten seconds literally we're fight we were bold kill him. But we're purple particularly we got all what are alive and well what do you go one on one was guilty one was yet to weigh in here was that. Interview and probably could in any year. That's the thing. Was part two of the the documentaries. Were beaten up yours for yet. She threw. We're talking about this yesterday about Peyton Manning. Hula and by the way I CBS this morning picked up the story saying that we were telling yesterday they're Smart and Gayle King actually sit com. Interest and time now to sniff around on this so so Peyton Manning on what is 31 or 32 Papa John yeah. And two days before. The word gets out that Papa John's in the NFL no longer have a a relationship. Out patent sells his interest. In all of his Papa John's so the ball room he's out of the Papa John's business two days later. The announcement comes out Gabby NFL and Papa John's or are no more. And and so. At the very least even if he didn't break any laws that you may have what. I don't I don't want him behind bars I mean let's. Well for insider trading. The maximum prison sentence for insider trading violation is now time when he years. The maximum criminal fine for individuals now five million dollars but Betsy I think it's a difference between stock trading which is insider trading thinks that and the staff I I know what you want to be true I think Peyton Manning could face jail time this is that pretty this is a pretty big coincidence isn't it you know at the only thing I would say though because Papa John's took so much heat. And they were you know we believe in standing for the anthem we'd known Neil for the intimate idle times it's hurting our business. Their stock was gonna go a lot after news broke knocked down you would wanna hold on your pop Jon Stewart but when you're not connected with UN FL. They are missing if you own stock and probably Johnson is worth more and you could see it coming I'm looking at it as well as and they're starting went out there. That's on their ads that won't be there at tonight's beat the popped at the good people and I think we can say honestly don't I don't I agree not buying a bad thing about them and I'll bring you are talented player I am right now Papa John's right. Our Aaron I thought that her that help their bottom line did not hurt. Move it if you had a heads up that this was coming. You should have been buying the dollar but if you're not on every television this government is sock the he didn't sell his stock I'd just and keep talking about Al Sadr trading they'll let us keep all eight red and I had to do it right yeah he owns 31 or thirty pop. John the just happened to sell them you wanna hang on the days that are no he just a place to go get a good slice now we are talking about this yesterday as well because Payton was in the news yesterday. Where the the dual reports that ball ESPN and fox. Are are willing to pay Peyton Manning ten million dollars since its target ESR on him as part of their Monday Night Football crew apparently. Because they got an opening now Jon Gruden is gone they shared ends fox wants. Him as part of the Thursday night football package. And somebody wrote this today and it was Jimmy trainer SI dot concept art these companies in saint so down. Jon Gruden was making six and a half million dollars a year he was the highest paid employee yes and yes idea I was not a fan. And and so you're just gonna say yeah you know it just give them ten million dollars for Peyton and I Wear it every penny all right guys guys about it yes he would do what you would watch a game based on Peyton Manning doing it yeah I mean I don't I don't know I'll die. I'm not anymore I was talking about bank accounts to violence you guys notice. But I if if there's somebody who I'd be curious this debate Manning BO has absolutely. First how many people watch teams based on a broadcaster here I don't like this argument about what it does not do that shouldn't be the argument beat Atlanta has done ten million dollars he's not gonna make you want to Michael Collins at the pre game. Thanks to watch a game and doing it like that all I said yesterday no one is gonna watch a game or not watch a game based on announcers are either way you're you might yeah that's not true that's not true and if if if I gave wanna see the game. Gonna watch the game yes no matter what about Amy on the fence on your on the fence about game and you turn on and it's like an eagle and dance outs it's doing and -- and -- game is an option or a quick if you -- Roma doing game or you've got some B team it actually gets it yet I would largely dependent on who the teams are it's got nothing Monday Night Football your thoughts my life and I you know are -- the lawsuit Tony Kornheiser awful but you're still watching national Tommy yes you work island by UN in the attacks are a text and it correctly and did a better job and you're trying to do much. A text or broader point here and said. Wouldn't you want to have Peyton Manning do what Tom Brady game just to hear what he says. About Tom Brady's game and I ten million bucks right now wants a ten million dollars where we're at everybody that not now I would like to hear that. Yes I would like to hear but nobody's doing a Brady game yeah. And and offering his critique it EP he would offering my guess is. He's gonna be all trucks are really appreciate what he brings to the game but it is at reliant but it is already its not his place layer layer Tom Brady's playing on a Monday night. Is there somebody in the middle of the country it says that no interest all week Peyton Manning on the game OK now I'm in a victory here and figure out. And I'm not saying you don't wanna have the best broadcasts. Duo possible or Treo you but. To overspend like tactical way overboard. It's that I'm behind campus I was there as well that's you know that's you know I I think it went in knowing I think it's that important that it Fox's so dorms and all that money on Thursday footballer now they want compound that by throwing ten million dollars that a cholera analysts yet you know what that's actually good idea to me because there's an I football is such a bad product thinks you have to give read people a reason one at CNN. And yeah maybe I'm in a reason. I I but for most of last year although I thought he did drop off that Tony Romo was as good as the ones he with the best collar guy in the early. They need to split among the nets now see an and again I don't watch a game announcer I don't not watching game for the announcers. I wouldn't I wouldn't to an idea oh. Okay and I'm gonna stick with us on and I would also say. I an eagle in and whoever's there and I'm out I don't care. But the idea that that Peyton Manning is gonna bring ten million dollars worth of value to either ESP an hour or rock doesn't that the premise here is. He's real big in the midwest these real big in that big swath of red states in the middle of the country and he'll bring viewers in because ratings have been down each of the last two years. Think ratings are grown up as Peyton Manning stood in the game. You guys know it but the thing is you wanna make your broadcasts in advance you want people to tune in Monday Night Football. I was watching and I'll admit I was watching court hazardous Miller because guess what I watched every Monday Night Football because that's who we did. They turned that into an event the teams didn't matter grant it the broadcasters. The broadcast is kind of mattered you listen to cosell this before your time. But you would listen that you know yeah Meredith what it would have for whatever. Only game on like so it's one thing if you're on Sunday to pick between or fruit or a college game as a milling college games but on Monday night Thursday which they're going after. As solid you can flip to a different station are different game because you like those commentators better you're stuck with the Soviets the patriots. Facing the cheats on auto on Monday or Thursday I don't care who Stewart yet but I would argue light. In a sense how is it any different than the business we're in right now you wanna create a compelling entertaining. Block of three or Italians are to be the big difference. That's well I wanted to and and as a writer our director of that's. The some overlap under I just would I I would not watch the game for him and I wouldn't not watch the game because of him. And I don't think that. A football fan is is basing his viewing choices based on whose call on the game but I Sullivan I think could be subconsciously if you're if you're watching a game that you just slip by and you start watching. And it's a compelling engaging broadcast. You might stick with it longer it's not a matter of I'm setting my DVR to like search for Peyton Manning broadcast of record every game got to hear of but if it's if it's a good product you're more likely to its continue watching I'd like the idea of getting us some guys that just recently played has. Whether you like Romo or not I think that he provided that each set and more a connection to the current game. And that sentence then fills them there's a lot of guys that sort of fit that criteria seem drama to Peyton Manning fan. He's played with that against mostly guys that are in the league so he gives you some build a better so chances are that broadcast will be a little bit better. It just doesn't seem out of things and have a huge impact there are people that like this don't mean nationally he's very well like yeah I mean he's a celebrity with credibility everything you just said well over the tell anything he's. From twenty years ago while it still happens. Yeah where you're talking about on offense and murdering muscled up and hold on that Tennessee players it's always bothered me that Tennessee thing bothered me bothered her that thing was. One sided by design right it was the you know what it was the complaint you know so the complaint is suppose it's not that it. Supposed to be unbiased it is supposed to be biased so it's a very dedicated I S debt we don't know we don't know exactly what she. Broken down pretty good defense on thank yet but that was again that was from her perspective Ed fox has a tough perspective. Yet to be a part of what we don't know if it's true the point is there there is no. That didn't have to be true you know for a while for that document that is a biased document when that when that thing comes out Jessica Peyton Manning super fan Kuroda right now we're gonna oversee what numbers again and win that it was an easy out. My guy. But it got a router aren't I mean obviously he would be. Only doing their big game of the week right at Thursday night or Monday night you wouldn't be on one of those you know awful games that. You know Carol and I Jack other than others they games are pretty terrible. They are tunnel universal are terrible but it's still that's a prime time. Thing you know god that's supposed to do they want that to be an event as you were saying and I don't think that it is. Now that the ratings would go up the very day there's still great if you're if you're the NFL. Maybe Europe set that the race going down but if you're in the NBA the NHL or Major League Baseball would kill to have that number. And so I don't see that number going up regardless of who's doing the games we Peyton Manning to be Vince McMahon would be limited budgets. As part of Mexico games. And I was gonna watch the museum is at the definitely Helena nobody's watching those either now. 6177797937. As the telephone number Tex lined a 37937. A Johns my sees in the house. Stale and keep Sports Radio WEEI. Watching girls these troops on while you appreciate it brings me. Up fast on. That's pretty close to yeah got to work on that a little bit but it's heads. The ballpark now we gave our call for gets so worried that he was just gonna take his job right there then is that I have a contract right after that I voted whoever it was the lightning a look at the site. They've enacted bag right now the problem. If only loads pretty good to be honest I'm not gonna like the second commitment. General Lisa did admit that yes your man and understand why you see through view the idealism will of American meat house seats is just gonna grab a Budweiser it's just grab just like you and I don't know I don't know what he's bordello and plays on in the neighborhood with the kids in the garage you know it's just one guy he goes and -- in the diner talks everybody the normal that's a little cups in Italy will he be willing to second guess. Willie well live via Tom Brady and patriots if it's Tom Brady president of sexually Summers past. Time is through those against mine that's the right as much as I threw them but he's in the beginning he seemed made up some ground at the end get a good match. Yeah he you know I'm starting out as a that are pretty. This of the operating in the playoffs. Data that it was Romo critical. Know that he would second guess talent all you need to run there what I but it needs to throw that pass over here that he did wrong and at times where he obviously is a really good relationship with Sean Payton and so he's doing a saints game. Everything's very sorry something's and he does great he obviously respected Tom Brady atonement and who wouldn't buy but he did indeed a lot of patriot games and there was a lot of you know. Robbery local were evident in their winning those games they deserve there right yeah. I actually think that Peyton gets more hate in these parts and he deserves I mean for a for a lot of the of the time they were they were competing together there. You know he was like he was being beaten around by Tom Brady and the patriots. For a lot for Ty Law giving viewers say it alone them implement active player. Or gut. There's great there was such or it was such a good rivalry is great for footballers on those doesn't play it was the best and it was early on their careers it was a pay bangs the regular season MVP Tom raised these Super Bowl MVP what would rather have. I don't know seven happen and it always have it pretty can be both but pretty it also. Racked up stats of the best of him if you give receivers that Peyton Manning always that plus his ago plated doors all the time number one pick tamper with that was only. There's there's a great story there great travelers its bread Brady's best robbery. I park and you mention a seven but you can't. Say that Ahmanson's own six you know of Manning doesn't have that he's come back tonight in 06 the patriots won another suit bull because guess what they're not lose Rex says they'll lose and Rex Grossman. Right dose of that I mean that game did as much for Manning's legacy is any gain always did ask if he didn't win that game and they didn't win now maybe still gets the Super Bowl with the Broncos but where he's terrible plague that defense is great email a couple of throws that he YouTube if you with a shell of himself. But yet that that called Super Bowl I was all they Els all they need it. Because he could he could have been demery get it and it all on the outside things had an element I did a radio show once I think exe resign here with Ted Johnson was in for summaries if and Manning came up what do you think demanding what kind of guys utility really he's an ounce at the plate with a pro ball I wanted to hate his guts he's accused green. The full minute of man it's the opposite effect Alex I have a feeling it's I have a feeling that's more accurate. I really is a great guy that that eases that guy now. And I'm trying to set aside what was what it means that what was alleged to have happened at Tennessee yeah but from the timing error the NFL. It's like Brady today may really have anything bad to say about him. I don't want to minimize what. Could it happens tonight and I did not either you know but I and I go back to that storage John King is the dire writes it and he takes her one sided. You know view of what happened. And runs it as fact is if it were some that was the finding in a trial or something like that. And you don't wanna do this thing where you start picking on victims but you know his accuser has a history she sued on a Koran Koran whatever name fashion designer she sued a bunch of it was people for stuff. So it's like just slowed down a little before say well he's got he's got the Tennessee a blast attacks us we don't we don't know that balance fact. Now of all these things I don't like I shucks attitude and I think I just I can't stated he's had to wait what do Camara and then over saturate the think Brad how about that. Makes general of the audio you get back I mean and I just please tell us athletically and know how to cells really getting easy what what if it's real. When it it's I don't I asked people and that's literally how he feels. All I delegate but enough that are you. I think there are not that way. The agency Kevin knowing all those guys have been rivals to. Boston sports teams are to weather the best are the worst guy right away don't like and so over the last forty years it's Jeter it's Peyton Manning it's LeBron it's. Whoever else you want plug in there on on those guys I missed the runway grow. I'm not I would never now Peter Pan and I I want to take epilogue. I just the right tactic at the at and obviously when talking about Peyton Manning has yet Tom Brady here. But it got me thinking about it a question that I saw on line earlier today and that is which athlete. Would you just absolutely not tolerate. Having on your team. You wouldn't tolerate having Peyton but you had Tom Brady organ Peyton Manning but it's also one of those things where if Peyton Manning started out on the patriots would convince myself the like you would have liked yeah I would get that Tom Brady was on the jets you know yes multiple. They're all August they look this is that what you eat that grudgingly I felt like yeah how much is that mattress sky six all the stuff he's probably is just so expensive so yeah you pay companies but he's your guy. So that's a little tricky so. To answer that question you'd have to look at guys that. I don't know how you can do it but without being buys. Reliever Derek Jeter for example if he was drafted by the Red Sox and played very user guide. But he you just you someplace for twenty something years of the keys so into the world but that we've had guys who have come to town and you hated before they got Rodney Harrison's exhibiting from yet. You hated him. I hated him everybody hated him. And it finally got there it was pretty yes Baghdad that guy's a leader that's a captain right there oh yeah Ed and I I. I am telling I liked him he was a patriots Monday irregular on our show he committed that he was on to talk to we say a lot of stuff. Up until the FedEx delivery after that I wouldn't say and so much that after that he was to I was covered and then he was still great even after you always owned up to it he never. Ducked it and I are you know I mean united. Yet rod he's another again elements of its Akron although. An analyst at night I I didn't understand what don's mean I didn't like him when he Brady's. I am ticket what you need that full yes. No where Matt Cooke. You could Donna and yet every window you could never in April and stand yet. They would stop going to games of Matt Cooke suddenly it Don Sweeney Elliott we acquired Matt cook or bring an end here yeah old would be feeling worse that'd be the only daughter that coast or worse. All's well you know and I you know that I grew up would you can't you can't forget Apple's of those ones obviously a terrible because. If you're either dirty player or just a terrible person if you're really really good player it can be forgiven I think for me of like you're you're like OK this guy out there when games the Mac only help you win games plus he's deplore yeah I was go to war Liz and I had sand many points out again Red Sox hate him closely started day here's my record kind of document it's actually wanna play short probably third quarter mile track that mattered to me. Yeah there are guys in the Red Sox have brought in different guys like us are you David prices are probably. I don't worry is that LeBron. Yeah you know I I went out and we actually convinced your fellow like him I would have to. Well especially now he's still the best that I did three years or maybe not the best then maybe you'd be the worst case scenario could you get. The shell of brawn at the end but as the best player in the league so I would hate him at first but then you do it. Actually. It's a good triple double about it likable is not bad you know trip to the finals alike in and at first it was like. We hear him you're bringing Shaq in here. So I was like well I watch on Shaquille O'Neal Jermaine O'Neal without a problem those guys they should have kept tool one O'Neill I mean Rasheed Wallace came in your people immediately like Rasheed Wallace I don't know what's that like a I mean I don't did it hasn't finals they did a big. It looked at Detroit I would lead league in technicals every year to a crowd you want him. Foreign and once that once he's on your admits that bogey cousins and in all he's a Celtic for life people with law while horrible that the people would love. The other muzzle on him guilty because he's a coach you know I mean he's he's blown up Ollie actually Larry so definitely we're thinking it so if you had your choice. Bogey cousin to Brad Stevens he said book because Brad Stevens the night question on the other players are more important there are other good players on our side and another era. No but I I don't I think it's you look at the coaches quote that you killed. Not exactly the who's who really owns and my own my dad served America there and so on I don't think they. I'm not saying they deserve to be fired necessarily but it's not like those guys going to be we snapped up by somebody else. Whereas if Brad Stevens was a everybody the league would want him and if he's as good as everybody says it I think he's a great company uses that people say he has that I'm sure he can figure out. Cousins or were other head case would potentially to roll through here. Did you like Darrelle Revis before he got here. I mean when he was with the jets obviously didn't like them but you respected him as being the best. Quarter and one yours the best defensive player you know and what was they're not alike actually if the jets you can hate EA and you can hate they had the team that he used but there's nothing about the way he played known awesome date Ares is -- that was just the a jets thing and it wasn't there long enough where was it didn't domino can sue ended up and patriots you know again that's one I'm not embrace it or not -- Albert -- where I never embrace -- now never out from the minute it was announced the assigned to the minute you left this place. I hate it didn't wanna hear it didn't want to root for the team that he played port now I've rooted for the team media hated Albert pains on on his network appliance or was good pick out. Does that discussion last year when Adrian Peterson wasn't free agent Ed thanks and there was some thought out of the patriots might be interested in Altima and if they weren't or whatever. But. Yet out Dowd won I think Adrian being here is do you rank party. You know thanks and now I'm not I'm an all those guys were also comment on two and Pearson had what it really did one or two big games last year there's a but for the most part he was done. We have those guys that and that's also a different level like there's there's players that you don't like four on field reasons than this sellers our off like Bruins fans despite back into the local guy. Hated Chris and I. Now he comes to the Bruins and you had to go on knuckles. A player knowing knocked out Ricky militants teeth but. Yeah. So he was a guy that that you came to sort of begrudgingly like at least he was slow any was local lab data huge debt yes. If he was coming in here from Saskatoon I'm not sure that they would have embraced him as quickly as they did no problem. So this got guys who you just absolutely could not tolerate would come up with a couple yes I'm consume we're not we're not buying out take them. It when you don't like sportsmanship. I hear what our right here that I just hop rap artists that I I did not stop on your guys up on other guys in practice that's on about somebody like Josh Goran I would have been I've already out without Gordon drives it right I don't bother me it appears to have to mostly access. Knowing. Let's go about he looks like a roll off. Hugh I mean. If it I was built like him I wouldn't Wear surety I would love just core I mean this team he's got like a twelve pack. Really he just he he looks he had to find a picture it almost it almost looks fake when you see it today. And you're looking at a New York hot this and that's succeed align all. He smoked his way through most of plea in a get an issue so but it play for three years that he came back he had he was good idea at five games it 335 yards and a touchdown with the Cleveland yet quarterback quarterbacks in the knowing that he's the only players and yet he's only 26. And I would I would absolutely love Josh Horton. Or Justin Blackmon who defied him yet but they're very aware he had only are these okay second Texaco one for you as a Terrell Suggs. Move. Be hard to root for him when it would be you do how good it is terrorist organization and that's how good is slugs to the same guy again you don't need to be friends that these guys noted Iran not get their Jersey but we're gonna help you win think about you feel about Harris. That I got to admit that one iron down. And in disguise it as much like it's Ralph Suggs. Or Bo was asked does the loan from a and whistle creepy yeah. A husband and my advice I Nelson out on behalf of Chris price I would sing next do you think that no thank you think I I don't know I don't have to be polite and you wanna get a bigger quell a home Helm now. Oh thanks obviously some details well how about you rub lotion on mine I would want to hear that an accident worse. And all of my back. There are sound but the probably. There aren't many that you couldn't find a way to justify like what they have to be good enough if if the players good enough that you'll talk yourself into effect combination of a terrible guy and then I'd like coach O cinco when he came in a lot of good. Well it's actually viewed it promotes its terrible god that the times at a terrible player to at the time it was but before that. A that he was a character like to Ochocinco or especially when he is Chad Johnson and he was a good player. We didn't know about him you know hitting women. Allegedly borrowed. Or OpenId knowledgeably. So prior to that about of the great sign that I was going to be great men that no he doesn't get a parent Cincinnati playbook is much much easier and he just was a mass. That was one of the rare examples it David Harris where a guy makes it through the full season. But usually those better guys get cut encampment of doc and double figured out he made it through the entire season and had zero impact. 6177797937. Is telephone number text line is 37937. John Tomas he's in the house would daily key Sports Radio W media.