Dale & Keefe - Keefer Madness Week in Review, 9-14-18

Dale & Keefe
Friday, September 14th
Keefe reviews the best moments of the week, starting all the way back on Sunday with Ordway and included his conversation with Dale about Tim Tebow helping out with circumcisions.

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Their madness yeah ready to keep her madness. Racked up more not directly from Memphis from CNET talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff what did you say it's gonna be lucky for madness. Could be in a great deal of the men who love you so nice he's a nice guy and so screw you keep yeah I agree you love. Journeys US I hate which he's got sick it just that yeah. I don't think this is one of the stronger segments. My girlfriends don't need to go tomorrow. But they get younger man was released and I thousand dollars personal recognizance. We're discussing the three zoning and 53 for eyelid I'm sixty. They're. Patriots start phase three of their offseason program today. Every avenue and you know you can't play enough of Glen hard way with two issues really meant patriots start phase three of their offseason program today at the Friday it is week in the room week interview time they content and let's start speak Glenn orbit let's start off last Sunday at all real weakened revealed work on all went back to Sunday we can review okay of course the real post game show is back it's great tireless. The cops something here. I actually Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville will be back in the shows things you workers. Thanks to John. On average nine that's a Persia upstart Pittsburgh that are different or is it well. Baseball game I managed all of the market. Or through. Christie Chris scheme mark. I'd be shot time who we love we haven't seen him in three weeks that we love them he's been one of the the associate producers we have that. They've obviously got a tight bond on that Cho picked it up if you're never really new idea but now he's never been able while. Well maybe not on backed Shia I'm that that's out of its economic connection there that that's pretty good during our interview with with the playmaker yes that might alert right. I I had a misspeak it happens like I said I said Sam Donald. When I met say it was Sam Donald's gone to the hall of fame and I said go to the NFL so you know about that I have more. No I don't have any compassion and now I have now is bring up off ladies are paper any Adams schemes. Not sure I'm out sometime now this is my favorite thing there's a lot of aspects of sports talk radio this well this is my favorite. Thing going this happens everyone like thank you rich guy I would lie like what are with you so you Gail let it happen to all day this week. It's it's happens maybe once a week if you really listening for in for that reason it's my favorite thing Paulson Brockton had Paul. And life it has happened. All that but there's the ratings go parents go to Philly got bill okay bill hot now and it LL. Love it I don't know why I like it much but and if that's your cool. And cruel I'm not that that guy in fact in Dubrovnik rejoiced good entertaining it's just quick you know that's like a cricket. The speaker quick hitters all this is that we welcome in the quarry Coleman arrow on Tuesday which you are very excited about was. Dale this might be harsh because you know that going in court Coleman got socks I. I thought the player he's not good so that's. It's hard it's just like it now when Michael Irvin just sad that you got a lot of talent he does he just said that a minute ago at a Cleveland beat him up and up and he thinks the guy like Bill Belichick. Is gonna get the most stop and maybe he will maybe or like Tom Brady will find a way to my house out of speaking of Tom Brady dale has spent a lot of great segue so far on this segued review because he has been moved from topic to topic. Tom Brady used to do the TV times and by Tom Brady I knew a guy that he is friends live would do we sort of knew what he was doing that didn't really on it's a Graham and it a cartoon after each win with a an alligator which by the way they obviously prepared ahead of time because it it drop like. Instantly have me at the cartoonist didn't have time to sit there and draw out all our legs in the ones that didn't make it like the few times we live loosen up as Conan the garbage what he would do that there's going to be some of them McLeod big tourist Amman with losses adjustments at the only that we just went. That's a good point that you would lie if so TV time out. Tom Brady weird and Seagram video about three seconds is an including some pretty good production. Yeah. That's a weird bit of an option at all of the evidence video. So basically if filled that. And he asked the spin that to that but the other aching at that lightning cracked it we have the thunder please keep what did you say yes I don't. Production now and now you said he sends it to somebody else yeah. And that's what he does all and I don't think he. Edouard yeah and do that TV and either. But he knows what's going up on his social media pages. To start on that I had been. He definitely chart he knows what's going on there now to somebody else and others are there's a cartoonist out there somewhere selling pencils today. Because he no longer if you TB time you guys act as a pork pork cartoonist out of work now but it it's the same guy that adds the lightning lightning like him that the level not do you draw any more cartoons look at it. He puts in sound effects in the eighties. The other is gonna outlaw I have been told here by someone. Who knows but here you go run by the cartoonist almost all. He didn't do that TB times OK yeah almost all of Tom Brady's social media postings. Are Tom Brady he's. He doesn't add the sound effects. That's not all the cartoon. Added there's I mean he's commenting on bar stool that they hit a post with him. This stuff with him it was not the video though. Now wait I killer I don't care what you're hearing it from I I'll believe it. Welcome rob this is us that's the source of stories we all about it. Out our great collars his roster wants characters on the show and we have a character now be the Michael Vick he's audition to be the third most. Unfortunately I guess for him and Brothers that can be a two person shows the public telling me art it's part. Different is it hard with David Gergen and for an hour heater no I don't know it'll work good. There a little old data showed discussion I guess I don't we just had a candidate that active so this is our buddy Eric on and on Tuesday. Eric's work. Eric you Campion work you're talking us. That you are going the non. A couple of things. So who do you execute how much you got it in their patriots backfield wolves will be hurt would be right back injury. And also are you got my ticket gases are an analysis again. Just jump in right here for security ball that the first part was just a con job to get by the screener. And out of there and talk about yeah that's not wanna talk time and your health and art. I have is that they got was this weekend like oh boy here. Hopefully Michael Vick. Yes yes he'll be exported arguably the combining all of them in his hotel room. What was that lies are right now with major actors in the continental or are the more you open. On the posh auction of poultry and shows Sunday mornings are for the bulk of soft and an LA times I you know I went to go you know look for an out of the box or studio here and and I would walk and Lampe child that's above market couple. You know our show everything actually after awhile couldn't show was over and sure enough there you are walking. Has about Iraq. Walker I was at my. As a commodity we're trying to and chief out of a preview from now known as well. She's been there yet talked a little bit I think carried the Eric under the terms of the temporary restraining order company fetal weight you have to stay. No I don't TVP if it was concerned the lady is his first NBA you read more later 8 am I have watched and and that was and I can. Goes on the might of the hotel room he was awkward you'd if people are explosive but things are talking about. It's sort of your spring. Being open and it was all that rejecting this call Jack Daniel's place in the jolly and here. US army commanders at dollars and Amy and on the chair and a term. They also an outlet is on the go on the balcony and about it was a great card operators are Trevor each without. Why do you think you would let you on the balcony with a or my jab at one and it got theaters. It's Tuesday. Some of intimidate them a little bit I guess they don't value who's minding your partners apart or call in over their paper to leave my hotel how long do anything to get rid of them all you it was four. About an hour and a half. There's a lot of there always holy crap holy smokes but don't say you hung out Michael Vick last week and he freely admitted by the way he flew to LA yet he hung around on the sidewalk waiting. He almost gave up he had nothing set in stone he was just got a huge it's gonna go to LA until they ran into Michael Vick but it paid off for the net. Persistent about atlas and everybody out by the way you like from a lever like a famous person stock let's. Around us just take a quick vote around around here quick vote around the Toronto stock. Would you let Ericsson on your that. No key Jason. Rules or anywhere else from him to sit. And Brittany and I thought now now we can't Lucy. I did picture yet so I don't know why I'm Nat. Eric six on that yeah. There it's there dale I assume Elton they're Nolan now one race. I've dealt with all of it even more fired up we caught you know what with that they'll. I think it had to do with what. Who is Dave what he had this thing. Let's kick up would Dave on the cell phone Dave Europe first on sports radio's daily key. They paid a nice idea that they've. I don't like that trade I don't wage out on a Bornstein my biggest I was done I think they're wrong they'll try our own market. But schalke attorney in Connecticut that day I am a parent are you are into the game David you know watched a lot of hockey in your life I played it I know the work hard but he Gundy got skate my body gave you game you watched to date I'd I'd and I love you like a brother Dave you don't have a freaking clue. Almighty god you kidding me you don't have a little you know Paul hockey stuff you're Dave I'm 57 I think it by. Terror and 57. On it. Implies. That they've tried we tried that that escalated quickly they get maybe now about it we went from zero to sixty a little question. Add it as far as my friend over here would say I was running a little hot. I'm not jarrah. At a that are out all the still how many days to allow the puck drops I don't know wireless I stop one outing 1 October 3 late tomorrow night they got the first pre season 230 tomorrow 1:30 AM they drop in China they are they got their equipment back good news like pocket. Com. I don't know what to find out this sort of a precursor to the Winter Olympics being in time yes it is London. Fans like NFL football more or less than Chinese fans like any job I have no light in. I mean. I'll I'll be curious to see the crowds for the games that that the Bruins in flames play yesterday. The EU. Toronto Blue Jays. Starter on the mound they name that I did not I was super family with but I did have to say it four times during the trending AA itself odd here's what's trending now Sox who for the sweep of Toronto tonight it'll be Eduardo Rodriguez on the mound at. Opposite Sam got view Leo it's and the obviate. Of the Leo the opposite Sam. I vote yeah I view. That different currency and every time with that Sam got the Helio. And mailed at that time. At that time they can all be winners if you really did give it a different pronunciation. All four ties chances are good you've got one of them run a moment think and the other one don't like. We don't know which one could be any of them yesterday we edited in callers name was mark he offered up a different perspective on regular season win mark in Westwood and mark. Hi there I'm what's going on mark. There's been that aren't when he as a baseball that means there's been about a 120. Series and what it will win. History doesn't ever I remember all of winners do you remember who won the world there is some years back no absolutely no. More than one hundreds. Of the world's. She's in the World Series I remember all the 105 game winners of the team dying man out of a 105 in owners. I know and I'll. Don't. Remember it don't matter to him. About baseball and hackers what actually be a 105 winner more than you do the World Series. Absolutely. There's no way you actually believe we're winning it with the last hundred game winner in baseball. I don't know how. It out of your mind. I don't feel my headphones off on you guys started jacket but I don't like Laver again here's a little tidbit for mark. The last 100 win team. For a series scene from last are we up there's Jose the last one with a team that won their old final game they want the whole thing that doctors and Indians also at a hundred when last year so it's it's somewhat common anything. Now the mayor might be counted out liar but we bring them up a lot because they didn't win the whole thing in the little let down that was that how it did matter that they 160 games. These and a World Series they cover ago but at a hundred -- games -- offered by T shirt and it lives on forever there there is a teacher I thought that he's the first to 100 wins teacher I don't think I'll buy that week why the way I have never in my life purchase that an AFC east division champion shirt with a lot of those AFC champion shirt 1990 sick it's a Super Bowl shirt or nothing but before they were when I had a six follows squeeze cheese. I don't have one of I have c.'s John I answer I have a double lyzard. I don't ask Larry Johnson he's got a garage all of our. You're felony Rossi that we were talking about what the put it we can view you said you know I actually think I agree with mark migrate them during the call. Nobody will like it I couldn't even answer the hundred days of saint. How do you agree with the regular season because I think they want it's I think the Seattle Mariners are remembered more than the champions of that year or even three years around. The people remember that line people remember the Cleveland Indian teams in the early nineties to plus 110 games out of it in the World Series. Ten years about it I love that eighteen team member on intently and then not only got smaller out. They'll be so disappointed that 110 win team couldn't win the World Series. I just sometimes teens. Stand out more than two I think this could be one of those if they don't when Egypt Egypt. Did you doesn't their teams you're really on that's I was marks if I'm thanks for checking and thanks mark. They club a market economy. I'm on board do that not all and don't talk to us hot laps that we got a left that we was look at how much we've got all right we were lines earlier this as we learned a lot about detail of those TV habits there. Things popped up along the Alia a couple of days ago I'm like watching fixer upper. Like fixer upper are all its might it might how they ever want HT TV your watching reruns of fixer upper with him to he was helping them to fix this house up. For these two kids in wheelchairs. Or access to documents yet watched this thing like you've. Ever said bad about him at all right back now with their deleted scenes and fix repertory circumcised both of those points he did not that now that they knew it was deleted scene let. That's putting those of his specialties on the list than that the positive to circumcised. Ball solidly. All of the keep. As Jesse had look if you Google Video here. Well I blot on that note that the true story doesn't look at it as a graduate himself just he Stewart himself. Now I don't know that I'd thirteen year old and his hosts had no. Didn't picture to the Philippines that he was out there to circumcised and guys just all over the place slice and dice and I think he was. Both of another Tim Tebow Richar it was I don't think you can do that yeah and it and that it deal is awful I got enough to write Richard Reid to. The re search that brought to please so. He's it was so warm up exercise. How now brown belt it out. Football star Tim Tebow helps circumcised. Penal white boys PI and a guy I don't know what that means it's in an entertainer in Mindanao. Have. That just out there the Orlando sentinel reported he helped circumcised Filipino boys I'm considering the missionary trip parodies I don't know when exactly the ball how you assist. Hold them down. A aides say Tikrit could get even announced today that's what he does either real man the people. They go to another person you know and I don't even need anesthesia as long as Tim Tebow is all the that I depots there you're healed I'm like yeah. God gave him the planet. That you preserve as. Much as he didn't actually circumcised boys. Well yes cystic. That's more than you arrive there he did they said by the end of the procedure by the end of the Thai news in the operating room helping out yes he was snipping the stitches at the gas. Equipment. I have ever used a clip from we your view on next week yeah. Asked me that wants it the Ozzie is talking about something he does in the shower that's that the I think it was starting the mark correct. We'll take a break we'll get back to the calls have you guys 6177797937. Its telephone number daily keep. Sports Radio WEEI. Sam obviate gov Helio. I'd I'd and I love you like a brother date you don't have a freaking clue. Penal white boys PI and told guys I don't know what that means. So yeah.