Dale & Keefe - Keefe's Keys to the Midday!

Dale & Keefe
Friday, August 10th
Rich Keefe gives you his keys to having a successful shift to the midday show!

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I would agree I think it's going to be a pretty good race oh minutes. That it now now the time there's an atomic the president bill right run out of self. And how to solve the. He's truly a Boston Celtics your win here tonight. Daily TV presents. Players a season. Pre sales so here's your basically listen like ten days and I don't take more of them come. Greg do you like to see. So today's she's sitting and. Easy to win tonight's game. The worst thing I've ever heard on bonds breaks the there he's d.s peace keeps. Speed might think I'm gonna quit my death. All of curious what I'm probably gonna go live apparently it's. Whatever that's what is that I it's nice to apply it can hit it on our. Are the blog and I defy these keys for the May Day assuming I'll let me yet. Keep one wake up earlier on this is our freedom. I'm up already. I said there could be some issues they'll Wear sun screen as the UV light in that its strongest between the hours of 10 AM and three Piaf. And that's what actually worked indoors. Tended to have not yet our new our Alia is also a slang term for what something one does while smoking meth. Just check out urban dictionary remarked. At all. Tended to the proper way to hold the spirit will. I was up I've never done it but I I've heard that. Brunch is the most commonly served a meal between ten and two bronze of course they combination dale of breakfast and lunch. While Steve. The concept of bringing a meal to work dates back to the man. The eighteen hundreds. The historical facts about one reveal that farmers in industrial workers who couldn't come all at noon it stopped. Food such as hard boiled eggs veggies meat. Poll Ed coffee. In the all cleaned out tobacco tends more sturdy dinner pail. Was the longest he had ever workers what's well. That's an English speaking countries during the eighteenth century lunch was originally called bitter. A word still used regularly demeaning noontime meal in Scotland Ireland Wales and some part of England and also in some parts of Canada. And the United States. Still loose and easy for God's sakes now despite all this though we have posts. Should not eat during the show. You. Yeah audio of a people eating. During the show rotten that I asked to play very good in Atlanta writes a welder and her whenever that time I think the daylight now because I've only had like he's not he's got to back them. And again we're Damien Woody. Let's go to that they're miss you terribly when you're here. Don't do that six. What's going to be on on the thirteenth. If you're Yankee fan. Of any mental. That is really special things don't do that in the early or late dale please indicted mr. arrow into and that's where most people like to eat. Now we may be moving to midday but that is only for our listeners. In the eastern standard time as we are suddenly morning drive in California. Three or money. If you moving that ought to know you're locked as we will still be heard from two to six in beautiful Timbuktu. Radio dot com for your drive home. Spanish people. As both old people eat their biggest meal of the day between ten and now. That they take a long and I take a bit of Seattle there Damien Woody. Odd actually used to be up 3 o'clock. Because in Latin the word known or run referred to the ninth hour of sunlight in the medieval monastic Dave begins at 6 AM. And the ninth our would be 3 o'clock. That changed at noon being twelve PM began in the twelfth century. It was officially fixed in the fourteenth century. And it is better when he's told me just add a few. Most of burglaries occurred during 10 AM and 3 PM all the make sure your security systems are up to date and very effective. Your brain typically wakes up at 10 AM it's awful awful awful. If you just looked up at night out the best time to take it Napa is round two to 3 PM with who now the cargo GAAP. Most babies are likely to be born between 12 PM and 1 PM. And actually. And lastly yes well as full fledged 1111. They've magical time that people generally make a wish on because it's the only time on the clock were all for possible digits are the same number. Happening once in the morning and once that night. Shimon got to be honest 1212. At ten and went all well why are yeah that's not all four of them are ones that are rather Rob Schneider right I think it back 1111 Nicholas come on I'm not that dramatic are gonna make a wish that I didn't let us segment on the program Ross who did that comes up about 111111. Wish we segment. You just gonna say it and then there's I ever hear the whole variety wish this thing today and compete with Xbox was dropped it was up to think about over the weekend as we prepare for our move to mid day. On Monday down at Gillette which affect your calls just couple minutes daily key Sports Radio some beauty yeah.