Dale & Keefe - Keefe's Keys to the Midday; Why a Red Sox player is a shoe in for AL MVP

Dale & Keefe
Friday, August 10th
Hour 3: Dale and Keefe discuss the Celtics schedule for the upcoming season being released, Mookie Betts and JD Martinez’s chances of being MVP now that Mike Trout has been placed on the disabled list, and the incentives in Tom Brady’s new contract. Also in this hour, we get Keefe’s Keys to the midday move, and stories about Keefe’s narcoleptic driving instructor and Dale’s sleeping bus driver.

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Yeah yeah. Power for three daily key Sports Radio WEEI. We do have a couple things a lot coming keys keys to the mid day is coming up at some point we don't know when you're not gonna wanna mess out of lot of good ones chime right in that and are we can review panel's final week in review for this time slot yes tool we can review when we moved to mid day I don't snow. A light at the Celtics have released their schedule for the upcoming season. A couple of notes courtesy of John grandy the play by play announcer the Celtics. A couple of things it'll be the sixth time the Celtics play in the TNT opening night game. But it will be the first time. That they won't be playing LeBron. In the opening. You know October 16 the earliest opener for the Celtics since October 10 1980. This in the opener last year Ruth. Growth Sierra five minutes Celtics spent most of the early season at home nine of their first thirteen will be on the road. About 17 national television appearances well it's funny and and one of the notes that he made here the Celtics played eighteen games with the sixers warriors box lakers. Rockets wizards and thunder. All eighteen will be on national television makes that's. Mean this public so the second best team in the NBA so really this should be a surprise there included an opening night they should be they're playing on Christmas Day. One of the main time slots because they put. What are what what does this hour quadruple hatter the quintupled that are it was a bonus five that's five games at Christmas they on the day on Christmas Quinn topple quintupled thank you Rossi. The first game is. Kind of like day they go we begin at noon in the the last game against they uplift the late one. Those two games in the in between they have the 530 game against Philly that leads into Golden State and LA. So the subways are are one of the marquee teams and they have marquee players I mean carrier ring and Jason Tait of Gordon Hayward is or must watch guys. And then you put him in there against a broader against James Harden or whoever else but also really trying to prop up the Philly robbery. Which. Philly needs to hold up there on the bargain make it they had a couple nice players but then Simmons was terrible playoffs last year to will be heard all the time. So that one filly could let the NBA down as far as Boston Philly for the next five years. But the Celtics themselves they're absolutely must see TV they're gonna be all over your national TV screen all season and then and they should be. Then they're gonna they're gonna have a very very good team. I'm one of the notes Sean and I don't have a front here one of the notes is that when Gordon Hayward makes his return. Two Utah writes in November they play in Utah while he settled it'll be 550. Days since he last played a game in Utah. Op and how he's given you receive there you would think you'd think well but remember some of the articles over. I know Salt Lake there right yeah. I went out our do you see Donovan Mitchell play we're better routes as and there are some that went to the extreme of celebrating his injury followed media guys but that was definitely out there are a lot of the fans he sought so they were. Pretty upset them. That he left but the fact of the team is pretty good I don't know I my prediction mixed. My prediction month out is going to be it's going to be mixed out in Utah are one quick baseball notice we get back to the calls that you guys Mike Trout just on on the DL today. Exhibit a week and a half your top ten days or. Well Eagles on the DL with a wrist inflammation. That really opens the door for flats or Martinez the roar and the warts that you were talking to people love war and and you pointed out that McKee that's is just behind Trout war but that's also based on games played for him and because smoking had been hurt earlier he had played like thirteen fewer games. If if their games played were somewhat even yeah. My guess is smokey would be the same or may be ahead of them the capacity I got to shift to pass them now yeah he definitely well. Nowitzki less of an argument for. The Mike Trout voters and by the way day you know they should vote for Mike Trout most years this year that just happens to be two guys are on the same team. Who I think have even a better case. But if you look at Mike Trout it's remarkable go back to 2012. These are his MVP finishes. Second second first second first. Fourth. At any of this year last year the only finished fourth inning plated a 114. Games. Of fourteen games he's still. Ranks fourth. So a pretty remarkable he's always gonna get a ton of votes but he plays in the if he misses autonomy as he misses another fifteen games or whatever it is. That would be insulting if if that's a Martina stay healthy and continue what they're doing it pit one of those guys doesn't win. Back to the calls the 6177797. ID 37 Josh is on the cell phone hey Josh. Again in order fire truck. Yeah so let's not sure. You would not okay for you struck her on the a sort of report about how it's actually been in. Which are on the radio or as good or bad. This is a real prom under outsiders thought a traffic cannot hear you on for what you say. So these are the results are good that those that the lead. He's. Aren't it. I have no idea what difference that's a 6177797. ID 37 sacks in New Hampshire and exact. The outgoing guy told the exact. I got a couple of things here. It all sea level not to seek hurt. Deploy. Yeah so we're back to the flatter you exactly sea level I don't want more pay off. Hang on you'll keep a close. I would actually didn't look into the latter it it's like trophy. That's where you could spot a few months ago. And your impression on yeah I do just that the street is right of course they do that now yeah I haven't put. And I look. Why don't network terrible drugs that Dalai Al. And terrible impressions that little for two geek out if you're got to do a distinct impression you have to use that can yell all I have to do. What is this Red Sox radio network c'mon. I've heard a lot of easily I've heard a lot of if they impression that was made it worse you know I hate to say at a seems to be drinking issue in New Hampshire it's. A there would just fine. Sports sportswear to hear on a Friday as long as there in the comfort of their own home or some establishment gonna call over later at about it Dave drinking is significantly better than nature. There there's not an argument to be had for my 100% agree thank you time. Rossi you seem perplexed I'm not huge triggered by well about on you. But you know I have noticed in the summertime and there's bitter primary waves that are nice and that's. All yet that helps and I sit on the Wayne haven't a couple of drugs. Harrington was last able intently as he all the that would be engaged that discussion we're gonna say I don't wanna promote a guy. What was he says ecology get a bit he's never had a drink in his life with ease as silver dollars. It's better to these and if you wanna pick up the stick you wanna call and see what they'll keep from their last afternoon Dick and some theories I know Reynolds act but I mean let's let's not workshop impressions of them that terrible makes it the if you're bring an impression of the year. You have to have at least five of your friends in Dorset that I have to call it in Dorset on this thing needs to be value. You know what you feel pretty good joke estate you know pretty good fill in the blank that you listen Zach has friends at all I would absolutely assuming that he had that big joke above sea level. You know the answer friends over the sea levels not seen curb it's not it's not seeker. I don't know this is he don't spoil. But. Unique. It is personal. Appearance and age again I wouldn't rate Holland and solemn. Roughly into not only very moment breadth there's going to be a lot starting Monday we'll reports that in the fortress of solitude or wherever it is dragons players act. And then right to the drag well I should be. Home to 45. Great to thirty away. In 3 o'clock their words elaborate on it I would like to your letter earlier today. We says Clinton was trying to I I guess make us feel bad in mate and make Lou feel better thought he was who's trying to convince Lou. But the commute home to is the same as the commute home sick. It's it's different it out all that bad the traffic is just as bad as Internet radio as it was it's as it is this is very rude awakening. No way that is right. There's no chance. I haven't driven home to but did you were you to death for a while that you're deft at home pretty easy right although it's fine to. I've heard it what it free stuff like 230 I've heard that Iran has some issues 3 o'clock it's really used would that rate. But clock I think were a source or its tail lights. Cerro now. And you might. I'm going to be fine. And obsolete farm. No matter what I am gonna be back and stimulate Fauria you're gonna like wheels up yet to 54. On one with a wide 10 yeah before I'm gone are those guys from a a year under your headphones going to be author and all I will complete the of the show the Shelby over. The much will be off and then about the plan out the door when your FICO on the is that what what you have to do in the mid day. I noticed last dollar for you on the death really just chill in our country mountain. For me do that too laid back then. You've fallen asleep and you do crop of them you know he's like that he his feet are up that he's out the door and it issues and his daughter shot. Keys and I think it's. Key. Use I I just say he's that I decide where shall we make that we make the shift at midday Saturday. I will be at Gillette actually that's right up from ten to two on Monday affect so we've got some keys to this shift. I think so we have some I could probably about outsource some more John gets it looked at. The last night and I or the public he's handled the and tweedle dum and Eliot and guys what some for maybe not. And I've faith and give the U mass teacher is gonna help you out with this effort internally you know. I would normally do and Whitney you'll identity is gonna help are answered. He's the one has never had a drink in his life I'm trying to announcement. She's got control of the ship now they say falls count anywhere Friday. Russia our own for all that not Burke rare senior NFL reporter for the MM QB also doesn't work for. NBC sports Boston right is the first that I had seen. Who was reporting what the Tom Brady. Revised deal is all about the incentives for the revised deal on this is what we've all wondered okay. And and what he says is that he's got five. One million dollar traders. Each of these carries a one million dollar price tag if he's top five and quarterback rating that's a million dollars. If these top five and completion percentage that's a million dollars. Top five in yards per attempt. Top five and touchdown passes. Top five in passing yards. Now he goes on to say it is Paris soon if via its it's isn't a joke if the patriots win the Super Bowl. Each incentive becomes two million. But the most he can make is five million anyway so another words. It the only reached two of these but they win the Super Bowl on so well Foreman and gets the out to me anything at four but at the golf five for the sake of argument yet he doesn't get ten million he still gets the five. And by the way quick look it's my research or to be rob a quick look he finished in the top five last year in all five category arrests of now couple news fifth it was like he cruised past everybody else but. He was first in yards as as we know he was top three I think in touchdown passes. Even yards per attempt which number eighty it's got task Barnett that was out there having big thing but Brady was fifth last year. Just barely. So last year I was the stupid but this is in his contract now. Tom Brady averaged seven point 88 yards per attempt Matthew Stafford averaged seven point 87. So a hundredth of a yard and you're talking about a million dollars via. Export to Ali and if they when the or maybe even to Millen right. But so I wonder if you know can get when you're looking at that salary cap issues would they consider those as I would think because he. Would it earned all of them last year you know I think these are considered likely to be earned. So why even do which means you add five million dollars to the cap. On to him why not just on the five and why are you making Tom freaking Brady. It play for upper lip what do you do well because of the bad back is sore back did play. That is just it's it's bizarre and out when it when they did this to Ninkovich two have gronkowski a last chance. You said okay you know he's had some physical issues what you're saying is. Rob if you are healthy. You're gonna make all this extra money we just wanna make you healthy and you understood it get on his medical history. What is the reason for this with Brady. I don't know I mean I don't know why you wanna give them and incentives unless you think for some reason. Bucks accurately think the reason one of the has been here for twenty years it now all of a sudden you're gonna say. A play for things to be top five in the league all these categories and if you do that we give you five million box. Which five million is almost cancels its level on the incentives it's not enough. It's if the incentives bumped him up to. Dean highest paid quarterback something like that hey if he could go up if he can get the ten million units LK. It did he can be the most eaten yet as I mean it's capped at five minute this is in its one million dollars like most quarterbacks in the NFL next year. So that's what you're dealing with with him and it just seems. Opening seems kind of bizarre so here here's the the only way he can get to five -- he either hits all five -- In its five million. Or he hits three of them and then when the Super Bowl right. Those are the only ways he gets the five million dollars there's also a minimum and attempts and he asked at B 7% of the playing time it's a while that matter well if he's very of that five. He could have he plays one game as a QB rating completion percentage yards per attempt that you don't have your best qualified basically. For those year and rankings. Just silly now I wonder if they're gonna do something similar with a weak rock which as we both said makes a lot more sense of the is. Top three let's say amongst tight ends. In yards catches. And touchdowns. What else you could throw it there at yards for cats and I doubt they do that but just if you wanna throw those in there. And maybe he can make a few more million boxes well that would make sense but making Tom Brady go through this. Seems little little clawed at this point of his career. Now the easy answer here is take you on NAFTA agreed elect. Men and you know what he does agreed with them I guess who might addiction if he says yeah okay that's fine or leaves me thinking you know. He and Don you both look Madson. All right and I'm pretty confident that I wanna hit the use all get the money but. That seems a little bit of a sign of disrespect. Salaries if it. I I pay opportunity to make money and then again if you're not really saving on the cap that what's the point at all wanted to give it to him he's worth it is the reigning MVP. He's probably a lot of people's prediction of the MVP again. Or at least he's got you know top five odds I imagine it looked that up on being. He's the guy you want in dire make him finish the top five owns categories to the nick of army. It's got a few extra bucks anybody listening are perhaps I affirmed for a guy who has made this much money that over the course of his career. And when you're dealing with other quarterback contracts. Assigned him that much more money and again the only way he gets the five million their only two ways. He hit every one of these five things he finishes in the top five in all five of these categories or. He finishes in the top five in three of the five. And then when the Super Bowl he's our third right now in non MVP odds on Rogers once. So he thinks they're they're making a finish in the top five of these categories wary or his top three right now and MVP. Yeah it's weird and you know for on top of these is it a sore back and on top past that story that we don't love all of his receivers. Now. I can't imagine that he does either. He loves drawn to a settlement in those James White was I think he does. There's three guys that are going to be out there with a whole lot so big it's a little overstated Chris Hogan the thing I don't think so. I don't I don't love them. They seem to have any minimum ample times yeah. I don't know if he does who loves them I mean he could he could trust them somewhat. Now the other guys will see. You know last night might not flying and I don't want to play but you don't get a chance to see him with the court they'll Paterson. Or even guys that he hasn't been would much like Phillip or sentence and Kenny Britt. But yeah I mean the that's bothering social burglars the first one to have that. Wonder what they are they do seem pretty attainable but the same time what's the what's the point may well I don't think that I and I said as I sat I I think they would be considered likely to be earned. Because he would have burned all five of these last year right he would have yeah used like news first third third fifth the fifth but believe him Arnold to two hours. So now I don't maybe saying wait a minute and Wendell is on elements suspended for the first four. Probably going to be harder for me yeah that's good point Brendan cooks is gone yeah. It's as Eric Decker don't help them get these. Handsome man I don't know if you noticed I have notes that they forgot a lot they really think that all the time trying to dwell on. If you ask me but on his handsome handsome son of a gun to see that Julian implement instrument though there's Tom. Julian and Decker. Are all standing there talking you know British sharing a laugh you know pretty good and pretty handsome and Nate Abner is standing behind them sort of staring at them and an element pedal and instant read the photo and said. Nate you mad Breaux. A yes fight not to groomed for your your hang out gondola. Restaurant or something that a drug hanging out of those three now you're probably gonna do all in all their might be some overflow and a black hat and I think it aggravated it could be that is who you wanna hang around and have probably. You're gonna look like crap but has got a but it does that might be an opportunity Gloria mountain 6177797937. This telephone number. Let's go to two Stephen Portsmouth tasty I don't. Now I'm dialogue. And ragged out as that involving the men said they get a and they are high it's. I think we'll be I'd be pretty good there. I think you're gonna be great there and instead you know yeah if more people assembled into a sixty yard Ellen could go one. Yeah. I hear you Steve and if I hear I hear is the one LCI. Have that it. Martinez. You know when when you're not hurt pretty bad and not working or whatever. You what you get and that yes your. Error. All die absolutely I would counsel William. But if he does in fact when the Triple Crown yes absolutely give it to him. Now to our lawyers and Steve I would agree I think it's going to be a pretty good race on the fifth that it now it is now the time there's a atomic the president dealt right. We're not a joke was thrown out it's now easier the other losses of zero win here tonight now it's easy breezy day. Players sixties and it. Bruce asks so here's your basically was like ten days and I don't tend more of them come. Greg do you like CI. Some days she's sitting and. Easy to tonight's game. The worst thing I've ever heard a monastery he's only done this easy can. He stays. So you might think I'm gonna. Off curious what's wrong positive gonna go live and apparently it's. Whatever that's what is that I I that's not apply it depended. Are the blog and I defy these keys to the mid day assuming over the edge. Keep one wake up earlier on this is our freedom. I'm up already. I sensed that could be some issues they'll Wear sun screen as the UV light that its strongest between the hours of 10 AM and 3 PM and that's what actually worked indoors. Tended to have not yet our new our Alia is also a slang term for what something one does while smoking meth. Just check out urban dictionary for marked. Tended to the proper way to hold the spirit whale. I was out I've never done it but I I've heard that. Brunch is the most commonly served a meal between ten and two bronze of course they combination dale of breakfast and lunch. While Heath. The concept of bringing a meal to work dates back to the man. The eighteen hundreds. The historical facts about one reveal that farmers and industrial workers who couldn't come all at noon it stopped. Food such as hard boiled eggs veggies meat. Hole Ed coffee. In the all cleaned out tobacco tunes or sturdy dinner pail. Was the longest he had ever workers and what's well. That's an English speaking countries during the eighteenth century luncheon was originally called bitter. A word still used regularly demeaning noontime meal in Scotland Ireland Wales and some part of England and also in some parts of Canada. And the United States. Get loose and easy for God's sakes now despite all this we have posts. Should not eat during the show. Give audio of a people eating. During the show rotten that I asked to play very good at what price a welder in reverse remember that and I duplicate like half because I've only if I keep us out of them. And again we're Damien Woody. Let's go to that they're miss you terribly when you're off here. Don't do that six. What's going to be on on the thirteenth. If your Yankee fan. Of any mental. That is really special things don't do that the early or late dale pleased that he mr. Grasso the death and that's where most people like to eat. Now we may be moving to midday but that is only for our listeners. In the eastern standard time as we are suddenly morning drive in California. Should we give more money. If you're moving that ought to know you're at Locke as we will still be heard from two to six in beautiful Timbuktu. Radio dot com for your drive home. Spanish people as both old people eat their biggest meal of the day between ten and two hoped. That they think long and I think a bit of the end there Damien Woody. I actually used to be up 3 o'clock. Because in Latin word known Oregon referred to the ninth hour of sunlight in the medieval monastic Dave begins at 6 AM. And the ninth hour would be 3 o'clock. The change the noon being twelve PM began in the twelfth century. It was officially fixed in the fourteenth century. And it is better when he's told me just add a few. Most of burglaries occurred during 10 AM and 3 PM all the make sure your security systems are up to date AA had very effective. Your brain typically wakes up at 10 AM it's awful awful awful. If you just looked up at night out the best time to take it Napa is round two to 3 PM with who now Leonardo GAAP. Most babies are likely to be born between 12 PM and 1 PM. Actually. Lastly as well as full fledged 1111. They've magical time that people generally make a wish on because it's the only time on the clock were all for possible digits are the same number. Happening once in the morning and once that night. Shimon got to be honest 1212. At ten and what all well why are yeah that's not all four of them are ones that are rather broad jogger right I think it back 1111 Nicholas c'mon I'm not that dramatic are gonna make a wish that analytical segment on the program Ross who did that comes up about 111111. Which we segment. He's gonna say it in and did I ever hear the whole variety wish this thing today and competes with Xbox was dropped it does not think about over the weekend as we prepare for our move to mid day on Monday down at Gillette which affect your calls just a couple of minutes today he Sports Radio some beauty yeah. They've magical time that people generally make a wish John because this is the only time on the clock were all for possible digits are the same number. Happening once in the morning and once that night. Shimon got to be honest 1212. Ten and went all well why are yeah it's not all four of them are ones that are kind of brought jogger right I think it back 1111 Nicholas. And. Military times funny too funny to forward going. Normal he's grown normal. Where are clogged the standard. While of the good nugget there once while we outsource the keys and thirtieth of your best stuff. And it's still we have in place at 3 o'clock and eleven UTT if points expletive yeah yeah. Into this. The 2222. Hits it that way. Not a guy and the military god it's 2222. Here's what's coming up in sport plus. As dumb as new thirty noted Thursday it apparently is gonna go with us and I didn't realize we're gonna do 1111 make a wish that went and thought about that there are a lot of stuff cause they have ideas supports and wishes Reggio New Hampshire book for the last segment on Friday is. It's been very productive show the good about it the great about it. You back to the calls do you guys Paul's in New Hampshire what what is with New Hampshire after that we're a hotbed there when at all. New Hampshire is everybody who's always been the New Hampshire. I know about it I did holiday. It was virtual when he when he got off. Why did you. A poem. Should do. And we. Are all you're not least three and nine guys aria. You are idiot. And you'll punch yourself in the face in the united more than likely to need an air bags about ten until. That's impossible. You don't look a lot and I. Well Jean and beyond mere talk and share. An actual. A all yeah. So that's what you can party candidate you know on kind natural and let and let each day ought. I've natural ones I've I love that Paul thank you could go for that a play I. I actually remember. I told the story before but my driver's Ed teacher who was an arc left I told a story horrified yet a read out of that car and its allies and our collapse. Who falsely dropped. And it whatever that teacher and other I am 58 and a half for whoever was driving around vice. Our friend the backseat either in the front seat he would say and I quote. Just drive around for awhile ago. OK and then I'd look over two minutes later he's got is as (%expletive) in his chest fast asleep thinking of tap the brakes and it. Say that cuts that's right here. But anyway he was the guy he pushed the nine the three and nine stuffed soups ever ever think in a tendency here we go amen I'm in the car tended to. And he was a Big Three and nine guy I find it harder to turn a three and nine. Yeah really commit your body I mention them. Billy the bus driver let me drive the blast Moses Moses thoughts on the we will. Keeps the focus people's civil so dangerous so we would you know and it would we be on this big 49 passenger bus we'd be two hours out of Portland you know the game's over you know unless you had for your job growth area. And it and he seriousness we used to have to take my left to take turns. We would stand in that well you know well I got on the scene just talked to him and somebody would have to intern talked him because. He I think he thought he had see through violence. And while no way to just rest my eyes for a minute. That's utterly terrified you'd be B tests sleeping in your seat crichton and sleeping but also and you hear atomic these. It early. You go to the rubble pats on the side it was in the Boston you know jerk it back in ruling. That's dangerous addictive and a caused problems from time to time Tim's New Hampshire hates him. Hey guys say don't try to use him. I know Blackberry on missiles structuring and then we're ready contract a contract. It's so ridiculous that you just given a money in the heat bubble lacked by. The patriots have never thrown money at a player you always made him earn it and I think they wanna just be able to say look even operating at a earning his money. I mean my I don't know what is he didn't leave this absurd idea. I agree but. That's they way to take it right they don't throw money at play. And today a lot of money it's Stephon Gilmore last year a lot. But. I have to. Ferret out I mean I listen I said with the gronkowski thing I at least understood he had physical issues. If you're healthy rob we're happy to pay a bit to get hurt. We don't want it yet at. I understood. What logical explanation would you have for making. The golf. Sing for his supper. I don't get it. Now I don't know what the salary cap. Situations like in in in you've said you know it's if there are deemed to be easily attainable but it does count towards us dollar cap so. These seem like you would be able to get on the at a mall last year said that while it was an item this year and Jim in Portsmouth got a good point about the so HM. Hey I do I got it on silent on. The day. Everytime they talk about Brady and last year with why did anyone mention it once was LP a lot away every category. Does that triple more out with game. Yeah and our Ali all Brady has to do was finish in the top five yeah and so has quarterback rating Wentz is was worse his completion percentage was much worse yet less yards and you're right maybe you ought to pass the but I doubt it is pretty led the league that wouldn't have been a match. Don't care about the at that I care about like getting it to. Who cares about reviewing stand to reason due to a flyer who now was this W like he knows we don't care. What. Summertime it. Wanna ocean. To the winds. Coming in steadiness. Don't know I don't know another stop to this report more outbreaks shouldn't have to be one of our present Aziz and Jim right. We're. Now Craig got from what he did that that you led the league in passing yards really what he did in the past UW pass it. In a way Brady was that Brady was better than once last year now really want Ed. And let it without your playbook. All under one of these guys to have its unstoppable when. His soured the Pittsburgh fan going to move the cheating angle pretty quickly McConnell yeah I mean it's yes. OK and Eagles fan okay Carson Wentz gets his due. Let's say Carson went Wentz was helping. Brady only had to finish in the top five to earn these bonuses that's what we were talking that it once was healthy David birdie woods Super Bowl. Don't put that way good point full split out of his mind. If I was active at NASA which is why it's was healthy. I'm in better all the way around yet again it hit a good year no doubt about it. Listen Brady was better obviously I mean that we got the same argument the other way Brady was lights out the year he was suspended. Lights out at you could have a great case for him being MVP they played twelve games Matt Ryan play in sixteen games. Matt Ryan got it. I think fans so you're saying well you know he could in the MVP that's a lot of games to miss miss a quarter of the season. That's tough. I also know that the post season has no impact on the voting but to me we can a look at this now nick foale's goals on Iran. Tells me that the the patriots were wearing the Super Bowl their backup of the Eagles were able to win withers. Obviously if Tom Brady agrees to this Tom Brady's fine when it with Beckham might argue all Leo who might say anything I'm just saying from the outside looking in. It seems kind of silly that your asking the greatest quarterback whoever lived tipped it he's underpaid now by the death he's grossly under pay you out. He's still going to be underpaid if he gets all five million but trouble getting another five million will still make you wonder paid. But it got to kind of do some stuff it is really weird as it feels like gay a Red Sox type of thing only in the sense that they've paid. Players from other teams a lot. Red Sox to a more but I'm just thinking of Stephon Gilmore getting all the morning that he got he'd never play with the patriots they give a ton of money. If you go back to give him a Dole's first contract. They give them a decent amount of money and that every year the minute take a pay cut. The guys that are on their team there's a handful of them together they sign Rob Gronkowski and even air Hernandez to bigger contracts while they're on the rookie deal. But they make their guys like smoke forty or Jerod Mayo or Logan Mankins they really make those guys play out Vince Wilfork was a good example. They make them play out their whole contract before signing on and then without Brady they opened fortunate that he hasn't really force there handle or. You don't demanded that he was the highest paid quarterback they've been pretty fortunate in that regard on the gal who writes you Miguel salary cap page in his great yet. I he also writes now one's salary cap issues for Boston sports journal he wrote about this and it was yesterday. About about the restructuring of Tom Brady's contract and the impact on the salary cap on quoting what he says. While there's not been a report that the five million in incentives will be classified. Not likely to be earned I expect the incentives to be classified that way for a statistic to be considered not likely to be earned. Brady could not have accomplished the feat in 2018. For example leading scorer rushing touchdown. So scoring a rushing touchdown in 2019 would be considered not likely to be aired since Brady threw 32 touchdown passes in 2017. Throwing 33. This year would be considered not likely to be earned. But here's the problem. All five of the bonuses as. Delineated by Bert prayer he would have gotten a mall last year right he sold they are likely to be earned. So that's the difference here. Yeah I think that's very very strange that you make him go through this. But that's that they need to they've decided to do that then obviously signed off is this it. Well we think and mean there's been no official word of anything this is true adage is that there's enough reports for your right we don't like it's been over on percent is there some is there something we don't. Know is there's some site deal we don't know Tom will put these five million dollars in incentives in your contract will will be juice it up a little bit. And Alex Guerrero gets to come back into the facility in and work on you downstairs again. Yes well again use you solve the the little commercial they had for TV twelve last night there on the broadcast. Maybe it's they want more home game. On the pre season anyway that the so that's you know craft sports productions. So he'll be itching to see next Thursday if we get another one of those from guys like hey here's the TB twelve facility that. That's worth that's worth something in advertising dollars from about some minerals that are there. I can't I can't figure out just on the face the way it's presented now. I can't figure out why de blob just in the money exact yet. Because as I understand it the way this is structured it's gonna count against the cap anyway. Yes you're not saving your and you can out my first thought yesterday it was our only they can find a way to save money off of but still given the money as adults a consultant said. The salary cap can be manipulated it and now be one way where you don't have to you know. The he can still get that cash but it's not gonna affect the team but if it doesn't what do you make them earn a four Greg and hammer state Gregg I don't. Eric has been on that's gonna. I'd click like I'm on the outside of our older would you guys about the fact that these ladies European theater actor. With their the contract contract structure. Biblical buffalo. I think review how good he was. And you'd better promoting soccer or order and he would call or god. He actually about who's actually you know he's like yeah couldn't at all. That nature. But you couldn't leprosy. Other good theory Greg and I'm with you on Rob -- definitely motivated them I don't know if five more million dollars and motivate Brady and I think just him wanted to winner of the Super Bowl and and you know being great would be motivation enough. I don't know I mean I'm not gonna dismissive I don't know for sure but. It seems odd that this would be his idea.