Dale & Keefe - Kevin Durant's achilles injury could lead to another year of Kyrie in Boston; The Red Sox need to address the pitching issue now

Dale and Keefe
Tuesday, June 11th
Hour 1: The Golden State Warriors beat the Raptors in Toronto last night to send the series back to the Bay Area. Kevin Durant suffered an achilles injury and the Toronto crowd cheered when he went down, Boogie Cousins among others sounded off about the crowds disrespect. What does Durant’s injury mean for NBA free agency? Bob Myers speaks on Durant’s injury. Callers come in about how people would cheer for a Lebron injury, as fans did for Durant. The Red Sox’s blew it last night losing 4-3 to the Rangers after 11 innings. The Sox’s are in desperate need for a bullpen arm, Barnes even admits that he sucks.