Dale & Keefe - Kraft calls the Gronk trade rumors “Hogwash”; Erik Karlsson’s wife accuses teammate's girlfriend of using burner accounts to harass her after miscarriage.

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, June 12th
Hour 4: Dale keeps trying to change the Trending Now that Keefe read during the break by adding that the Boston Bruins are interested in KHL star Ilya Kovalchuk. Rodman gets emotional when talking about coming home from North Korea. A disturbing story comes out of the NHL where allegedly Mike Hoffman’s girlfriend has been harassing Erik Karlsson’s fiance about them losing their child. To wrap the day up Keefe gives another Keefer Madness.

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You're just hot for better and better. Money our final. On Sports Radio guy. What is what exactly who they are seeing is seeing. I've heard of hoops fans. Led the half of the rookies live birth a slut who DI opportunity. And I made a big movie who unblock eyebrow mark what is it down. What if under yet I don't know car. Or to ride whip who you know sway the city there at that it's like exiting Atlantic and north North Pole. Was that a slight yet that it's exactly what that slay even what that could be. But the money our ballots go out and how did you speak out or locally and today and and not doubt the trending now with an an award winning on somebody go to jail I did have one that's why also tiny addition to an additional cans on the site collection of Boston Bruins general manager Don Sweeney. Did in fact confirm this afternoon to the Boston Globe. If he's been in contact with Ilya Kovalchuk group. Recently they are interested in signing him. He I think laughter he says he said this is Sweeney now I globe he was intrigued for obvious reasons shot 230 pounds still scores goals. He's 35 yeah I have to factor that in but he brings a lot to the table. I would say so. You like that they don't. Are now 35 scares me a little bit. Any hasn't been you know in the NFL for -- five years. He last played in thirteen. When there are seven games that Jersey at eleven goals and 37 games move that's that's a long time ago. According to the Boston Globe John Sweeney and there's other goals for he has he has interest that are let's ditch a couple of things here. I I think you should probably perk up a tiny little bit if your Celtics fan I know you'll lost in the Eastern Conference final yeah. How funny though dale I know that feeling that did beat cheated and got their butts stomped in it and act. That noted who apologist Colin Cowherd watts is on your side. The Celtics will do thrown the warriors. The Celtics won't have as much talent but they'll have the second best roster in the leak. They may have a better coach will seek. They'll have multiple players who could score late in games Golden State will have the most talent but they won't be the freshest. They may not be the healthiest. They won't be the most quotable. And they won't be hungry cast. Next year I think the Celtics that's why wouldn't everybody freaks out about a dynasty. Name the last dynasty that lasted longer. Than all of us productive. The warriors will win the west terms they're certainly not gonna take Houston lightly. But I think they'll be offended by the Celtics who are the closest thing to the warriors. But younger. Fresher perhaps healthier and maybe even. Better coached. The on better now now earth can predict how how is going to be healthier next June at the right help it was a death watch when it was yet crystal ball on all of the warriors LA yet what I hear he's counting on its fourth straight trips to the final that would then the idea why make games you wearing teams down by he is a thing it even with a healthy Gordon Hayward and Tyree Irving who's going to guard Kevin to. Like I just to start this more arrests. He's it's a great job on the abroad yeah I always that won't the last time a Dicey last longer than you thought our own the spurs now. Is yours lasted a long time they're together forever they want it in two dozen fort Payne can just take this good news that Howard says that your I don't know what the lakers were dynasty for three years 2000 through 2002 the lakers don't Wear black. Yeah but but hey I guess his point is you know they ended sooner than modified they lost to within the pistons go for the next you know Kobe Shaq each other than they move on but. These guys love each other but the word out what each other to do next year is going to be the third year with the rain so the personal trips to the finals was was basically this team but added. The second best player in the league they and so I think a three. Teams three feet yeah that's the lakers the bulls three hits are not like the crazy thing now it happens. In the NBA owners record in the and he finals in the last two years is eaten one and in a while they law toddlers ridiculous I mean you lost one game and it was really because you could tell late. They're like let's just go clones is back home and and and Oracle's he's business they're not gonna want it enough next year well together and wanna win a third straight time. At one more addition to trending now it but still it was fun at Hendrick was low lying and a half while two seconds a dollar cash. Carson Smith. Surgery tomorrow probably time for the always. I think really I. Where are you pretty surprised. Overall I think I did use civil locked your memory loss at all work love time there's much yeah yeah on hard times while he was suffering from fatigue and changed everyday lives guy called by the but you know it is much is maybe David Price was being a little facetious or whatever is there a softer player in Boston and Carson Smith probably not no doubt that David Price he told us. Now again he was necessary yes you say in the locker now is that what cartridge half the lost art are used to be cars that. Now now it's me at some Connery Irving spoke today and I mean partly and it kind of address. The recuperation the rehab now that the off season get ready for next year probably also partly at the pump hope uncle drew is an united front of drew. That they opening weekend but I won't be camped out outside the fact that the Lux cinemas that patriot place are they the first showing of uncle drew from in but Tyreke. One of the first things he was asked about you know what he's looking for here today with you're with your home with your answer. Well my hope is that they usually limited. She maybe one question is there a boat of doing. Because my hope. In this episode. But I think. Doesn't divide its views his religious redemption this year really injured. We've heard from again really post injection does we're so. I get to that point and I can't lose. Concise answer any questions in so I'm pretty short of mentioning. Pretty definitive now he's also. He's heard some talk. They show and other places about the possibility of the Celtics bringing LeBron James then. Yes in this business you. Kind of experience to go out of seeing a lot so. You know you. That I just got away from the city I don't wanna play that ever again and it won't happen here if he shows up I am gone. That is as clear as you could possibly be. On that one. So. Guess what Perry nobody else wants them now we want it we want you want to be healthy and want you to sign an extension that's what the majority itself expands. Once I would be lake a year from now if the Celtics are not in the NBA finals. I'm shocked shocked. I don't suspect something right they don't have two guys get hurt right it went really wrong tack if you like and a monumental Lee wrong that I forgot to me this is also. If LeBron for whatever reason wanted to go to Philly I just think doubt there's the better death is about getting our. So basically. Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady missed. I kickass game of Cornel I love at Fenway Park experts are they miss that it out and whatever get together you know today where basically bill Belichick's and I know you thought we haven't practiced all week but no we're outing or go home we're done. But there's the question about gronkowski and I agree with you keep this is a financial decision on his part. Let's get contract on before I bought their ticket chance on my money ain't get hurt I'm witty and I am with him by the way. But. Tedy Bruschi. Was on ESPN earlier today on first taken says there are some things that the patriots need to consider about Rob Gronkowski. What floor concerning TO wedded intended target interest aren't actual availability of these so injury problem you have to consider both volley because. You think about we when you pay at this point is that of the of the career. You're not really pay in based on what you've done. You're you're thinking about paying on projection first second third year of the contract that you get 34 year deal something like that and you know is the player what are people gonna be able to play out that contract and if you give one of the highest contracts on the team to a player. You do want that player to be the example. You want that player to be the example for everyone else on that team it's like OK here's the contract that costs next offseason we'd be here. So are you gonna are you now in with this offseason program those type of thinking all of that goes in to. Putting the contract and it's an OK now let's. It's a tricky thing to think about it because. You'll obviously want Rob Gronkowski are you willing to give him more money. But any idea of you know giving him an extension in or potentially having money down the road were I don't know how community isn't going long term yeah I think he can hang it up after next year yet and I think that you know we're realistic dislike it who knows how long anymore let's longer wants to play Florida with the idea this year but they think he would ultimately he's I don't know I don't think he ever flirted with the outside the truth I'd consider. Now now putt and I don't think I I never thought that this was at that fit not playing was an option for what about after this year all I think that's why so I did too and that's why I wonder. If he's gonna show up at everything that's mandatory to this point it doesn't strike you as somebody who is. Gonna skip the senior sit out the season because he wants more money put a little unhappy by the U summit while there. So late last week and Keith told you this during the award winning thank you know what Marseille thank you that that Robert Kraft was speaking today at a at an event at Gillette Stadium. And of course his name was brought up late last week. In a reported. A reported trails during air quote I am air quotes and quotation fingers and reported it deal where the Bill Belichick had a couple of deals on the table for Rob Gronkowski. And now goes to work my eating Tom Brady threatened to retire a big on Robert Kraft nixed the deal all that stuff. So Robert Kraft had a few things he wanted to say today. And I guess where I'm on your team is good people look. I just says it function horrible. It's. There was never I was never worse it's just completely made up. I think we have to be a cure for instance. People just have come out and say things him. This bit of frustrating. Wrong. 49 or ten officers. There's no basis to it here so like so. I just want. Go on. Today's demands from insurance that you all understand. That there's no truth. People shouldn't be able to yeah. Hogwash hogwash hash tag hogwash and people shouldn't be able to do. It just tweak things although. Kuerten was all of the morning show and he was standing by as of yesterday it was sources multiple sources told them. Now I here's I think the likelihood of Rob Gronkowski being dealt. Was something that was gonna happen by draft weaker especially draft I bring out all out attitude is all project. Tommy color and another thing when somebody is talking about a gonna retirement and Priceline gonna go make movies although the royal broke off and bills out of Jessica does one play football and Allen yeah I I believe there was trader conversations then who knows how far they got I believe Robert Kraft saying he you ever vetoed anything because who knows how closely cop I'm sure there were conversations with other teams. But there wasn't are you regard now taken this to the owner the right way to get to that point I think this past weekend I believe actually Barack Robert Kraft I think the one trade we always Robert Kraft would veto was Jimmy drop. The fact I thought a right till the double play UN might GR the other gala at. Yeah at one more thing we've we've got to get to hear you you may have seen this last night on CNN. He was on this morning on Good Morning America he's probably made the rounds Alia I'd. Former NBA star Dennis Rodman. Had a sponsored trip to Singapore ostensibly to offer his services. In case the Korean leader and the president of the United States needed any assistance and hammering out this denuclearization. Deal. And and I got to admit I I hit it called I was snap in between its channels on my TV last night. And I snapped at this exact moment. When Rodman got a little emotional. And I six every class at the door will open. I remember you saying at least I remember you sing at the masters and this is his understanding was that it was as though it was amazing. Is it is amazing is that basically what I said those things. Dust settles down the youth. When our back home I just sovereign debt risks. I just Slobodan don't listen I was segment protect it everything. Not believe that we have. I'm probably a halt I couldn't go home he couldn't go home please I don't I'll put the days. It could even blow a hole. I feel like yeah I probably. I knew things originate I knew what I all the do only what I've never had what they hear me and I wanted to see me. But at the old Melissa took all the hot but just the thing I want. K let me an excuse they added that today than Clinton did what everybody single port. He'll try to everybody has a great day it is a ground game and as a historic day so happy. Is very emotional. Our area our proposals happy tears it was it was hard it's now I didn't really get a lot of it was a sobbing mess on CN laws. It was quite yet it and a slight bit promotion popcorn now. Yeah whatever the hell letting up on promotion Hitler would that point yet you say this it lets you know is being ignored the point it's really. Well it's a lot like pot point oh well thank you have money. That got Jennifer. All these explain bit phobic what is the greater I don't want he's been I don't know that that's that while its currency used just on line he dues. And you money doesn't actually and so it was it was hot what's the difference we that bad. Of that material and on one of the actual money in a bank you know at that point is lots whatever basically made up of pot just repeat it's like monopoly money. Now we owe money it's weak ones we let go through Bob was hit point than that bitcoin could be worth like. 101000 actual dollars or complaint could. You know stayed. On the pocket where there are a lot of money got its pot point that people will you know by lines that no. Secede transaction. I get it going I don't get. The holders like a binding of big coins have you heard this unique graphics cards to mind the cones he. Exactly how important and that's it yeah I'd just like in my scale and at that point is they crypto currency widely believed by economics economics. To be a speculative bubble. It is the first decentralized digital currency as the system works without a Central Bank or single administrator with human elements that are. When I say it doesn't matter or about I can definitely play well we I would agency you so I'd love about it identity but once I might I have got it right now mental obstacle had to draft. Get through this I am PayPal account. Music and video can you pick your team has issues. Internal strife internally I choosing the patriots any team up. I thought I mean yeah trust me I got I got internal issues that blows your team's issues away. We'll get in the that would welcome back yelling keep Sports Radio W media. Yeah. So are eight pounds of crazy story comes from the National Hockey League today it was a story originally broken by the Ottawa sun newspaper. And and has now been picked up nationally. All across Canada. And it has to do win at Melinda and Erik Karlsson Erik Karlsson the captain of the Ottawa Senators and his wife Melinda. It also has to do with Mike Hoffman. And his longtime girlfriend and fiance. Like the odds are that Monica here so so people might remember the story that in March. The Carlson's. Eric and his wife Melinda. Gave birth to a stillborn baby named axle Michael. They kind of got that the attention of everybody around the National Hockey League. They posted Erik Karlsson posted a photo of axles tiny footprints. And he thanked the city he thanked the fans for their love and support. He wrote we feel very lucky to be axles parents. Even though he was stillborn we know we will hold him again Monday under different circumstances. And the joy he gave us will be with us forever on quo and that he sat out the rest of the season it was late in the year Arnold doubted that he stop playing or the year so as it turns out there's now police investigation. And the allegation here is that Monica Carrick. Who is the fiancee of Mike Coffman who was the team of Erica Erica. Underage variety of different burner accounts. Has posted over 1000. Negative and derogatory statement a thousand about Melinda and her husband among them. According to her sworn affidavit. Monica kerik is uttered numerous statements wishing my unborn child dead. She also uttered that she wished I was dead and that someone should take out my husband's legs and his career is her problem soul. When initially asked about it Mike Coffman said quote there's nothing really for me to say at this time that's all likened say unquote oil. So they they ended up finding some of these accounts these birther counts one album with Angelo act after sandy Gandy 45 sandy did it fortify our pool after that the baby was stillborn wrote quote. I feel bad for the baby. He didn't have a chance with Melinda popping painkiller medication every day cheese. Okay Sul. The the police and Ottawa are now investigating as a court has given Melinda and Eric a restraining order. Ensuring that Mike Coffman and his fiance Monica Carrick cannot go near them which could be awkward in locker room yeah I think I gather would be strange. And and so here's the two sisters that two choices that I see either this story is true. And they've got a huge issue in their locker room. This story is alternate got a huge. How are going to be fought. Just throw this out there I don't think you obviously do some research and figure out late IP addresses are ever also and you get to the bon moment and before you. Put that out there. How about what Eric Carlson said he he said quote how dear you you have been making fake accounts and buying hacked ones for months to harass me my wife but this is. In all new low even for you you are disgusting person period and quote yeah because truth right now I feel bad by the way I mean. If this is true. This Monica Kerry and and I I see this not trying to just you know drug did something to say something for clause in reaction sports talk radio she needs to be committed. I mean like. That's one thing you'd say like every about it you know you always hear that word all this person's cycle peppers and cycle. She's state certified side com. A thousand. Licenses like residents under a bunch of different names there there are examining Alex English whereas you posting this to Twitter instant brand out there does is put this out there Connecticut what's the crime went. Is aircraft at what it's no big and threatening supposedly it was talking to doctors are crack what their what their police are investigating as a stalking charge on this monetary characterizes so either you see you know that it took pictures worse than a thousand words. This pick of Monica Carrick somewhere its own black ties and we've Mike Coffman. I gotta tell you I believe she's guilty I just I gotta tell you she just looks like here's a little bit crazy little flop on you out there this humble little off the mean. See that about someone who who law link just had a baby stillborn. Right candidates don't and that's the lowest of low that really has that and like attacking them at their lowest out here and you're ripping them and so two years ago Ottawa is beating Boston and the plows are looking like a pretty solid and not the most exciting Washington's Conan but I messiah or whatever but they are right they win and move on. This year they missed the playoffs in May of two of their best players. Wives and fiance is a viciously ball only once cited your prize is attacking the other well it and what brought to mind obviously is the whole situation with a 76ers. Sent. And social media and these Brenner and count issue is open up Carter account dale that was Disney World. To be compared to this. The right way and about yeah I'd like. Collars or I. Currently got out about this is displayed its relentless. March helpful to that he can't play he could yeah plays like our ports are right I'd like outside your baby's dad but that's insane I mean this this is that means she needs to be committed. For padded walls Stucco they got to figure this out Mike Hoffman can't do though got her I don't know what's going comedy it's in the bottom of this and and he's in return. He can't he and Eric Carlson can't play on the ADT editor in which they play against a tough call other Carlson's fighter necessarily but mate who I think you will die if you will I had that time they'd ever since he's in about Gretzky but every time he had to lay some up you know Gretzky and get into it I think corals and that to channel that this is just as this is really with an uncomfortable story. But when you CD it's weird she's editors that they too like she's obviously obsessed with the error corals. It sounded more like Melinda are so I was oh yeah or are our product better player on the team that ya better looking woman got it all that's the Russia factor and that's. I almost wonder she's taken you know my husband's a real good player too and he doesn't Dolly attention you that as I get. So Hoffman's under contract for two more years and I Carlson there contract for one more year. In the bowl looks like I have no trade clauses could the NHL and everybody has an entry costs by allowing I would guess he would wait and I think Gary it's gonna have to intervene here and say this is special circumstances though there's no way you could ever. It's like. Hypothetically could you just imagine something like this transpiring in the Bruins dale. Well pictured this happening anywhere anywhere so it's hard it's hard it would have been asking them this is the right confident right and this is this one like until you this picture on the Ottawa citizen dot com. Article that publicist thing. She looks a little bit crazy she's got that Glenn Close fatal attraction to go and Abbott and Abbott was due time yeah. You know I'll I'll I'll say this who knows how the picture was taken I mean it. Single snapshot that show she sounds nuts I think he listens to her and forget about it those I've never heard of that awareness. There are there are always issues on teams. You know sometimes wives girlfriends have. Minor spats or you know how come his tickets are over there wire my tickets over here you know its outlet or a Tony Parker stuff or maybe yeah allegedly sleep salute to its wife yeah I did yeah that happens and that's not a good thing either but that happens. This is different this is a very unique case. Where you're actually going on social media. That torturer woman who's just lost a child. And I also I don't yet the EU. We said the suit and the Klan jewel like if you have to go pros vs cons I am going to have a burner count and I mineral attacked somebody. Pro. I don't know what it is haunted you get found out and you'll click sociopath ball you're old what a pro. Notably here's the thing though rich what's the leagues here there was no law. Sample or example prior to his cell I think. Frankly Angel felt Zell always debate argument proves to me. He's he probably felt as though take a test the waters when it does no one's ever done this and there's not like it's asking is it all happened each Wear red wings GM when media so he was the first now every GMs like. Holy that no birch output now episodes for this for Hoffman's fiancee if she's tweeting these terrible things written about Carlson's wife. What is she getting like lights and retreats on I doubt it I can't correspond to what are you not in this one like anonymous Twitter acting like op at this happened like. First of how does that help. Does that make her feel better. I don't get it yet but without bail out and you look at the crack TI has a supposedly there's a real good chance Eric Carlson can be traded this offseason anyway right so there's a lot of hot again and some people think that the Boston Bruins might be interest that he's got a very affordable contract this year I would be in but my guess would be. If all of this stuff is proven true Mike Hoffman probably got to go to you do you think that's the Ottawa Senators are gonna Satan down and not at his fiancee and so that the questions also pop up this hot and often know about this and if he didn't know about this you continue your relationship with someone like that now he's found out your fiancee answered thousands of its just too great teammates. Wife who just had a stillborn. Yeah later it just to sort of localize this thing and I don't believe me these things but there were articles foxsports.com. Torres Owens dot com jointly that. LeBron James I'm not saying it's the online you global broad high res girlfriend LeBron jeans. Allegedly allegedly allegedly said three times slept with congress Irving's girlfriend. That's on mock none of that's online Comerica Delonte West people online you get to say it. Well I know you sit and he just proved that a bit lately allegedly lake lake high Irving spotlight it's like they're little abroad mob Delonte West thousand they'd go well we disaster rumor from the region analysts. Keeper madness is gonna save us all it is certainly a well minutes. Era of Sports Radio W media. This. Yes you make it cheaper madness. Racked up one up for Iraqi tremendously and it talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff what did you say it's gonna be like reefer madness. Good deal of rebuild Lebanon and now he's an ice he's a nice guy and so screw you keep yeah I assure you left. You know your news you can. I hate which he's got slick it did you guys make too. This is one of the strongest. Red Sox stayed 30 poor. He to kids had a I think the early end to the consequences and and through their actions. Your professionalism stinks. I question it. Barrel. Oh well. And I brewing out there go to Tuesday and it is time for key for madness and deal we got one that you'll never be able to gas. My ass for your dad now neck again okay good that I guess I get it right up there right now the weather is getting nice out there. This serves as a warning to anybody with a convertible or a son. You might think you're doing pretty well at the of one of those things are cruising around looking go wrong well something very terrible. Could go wrong no we go up to Canada. For this sad story that's right Canada. Just felt like something wet hitting neat it stunk it was strokes really it felt dirty greater weight could smell the smell of the. There ago are back hey keep. It was sorry it's not about who are not. Yeah album might think we're the ones that were so that was then last week's there's a whole week without your there was label him as Yahoo! story this ladies driving around and then it got pretty bad for groves really it felt dirty narrator wheat could smell the smell around them. Susan Allen and her son or part of his very intersection. As they watched the liquid cover of their vehicle. And fall all over them. You know what. I was we had video. It's as did you don't you wish he would video of the ocean services like continue given that you take it seriously can any act things and that there you have that you that's the reporter they obviously a good job covering the story that you get down there to the scene. Didn't recreate it necessarily but they wanna talk her through. And they they spoke with the with the ladies. As they watched the liquid covered their vehicle and fall all over them there was food on my car from here. Entirely across the hood up over Darryl aside over my entire roof. Down here all here and then the vehicle was cited as their entire one side of the vehicle was covered in food. Are its really its head to toe soup to nuts they'll it is. There's feces everywhere on the automobile but how it but wow dale how did that mark had this happen. Refine them Carter is just inundated with hey it was falling from the sky you could yield. Following. From this guy Malcolm X I and it. Well let's lose that that is. Has brought this guy of all places where are we safe. Inundated with it it was falling from the sky you could feel that drops hitting teams it kind of felt like. We got a dump truck full of my dumped on top of us. Now that the five other nationally limited on track on the ideal model of one woods into the upholstery in the dashboard ballots so we knew we may find out oh we may. When I looked up there was nothing above us that a plane flying it had already flown a little bit past obviously and you could stills. See the light things falling from the sky coming through my standard guys listen I thought my car was obviously open. Into what will play right away he's gonna play like a hundred heat I. I want you. Ought. Let me get to vote coming out and get pretty close because it does get right right here we how's about you would see it right up ineptitude that's. And it started crying Hamlet I'm pretty grueling. Start crying that's province. Actions and sound as that says I thought you'd be judged it to happen now she's dram is she's on the tees are over dramatized in this you think yeah a little bit a little bit human who and what they. Trying to pull moisture away from me so my son's rate in the I sprayed him we sprayed it a lot I. Las for a there's not a whole plan I think in the because. It's true there's no words to live by and apparently well it's not that you're. Felt just a cold sensation hit Blake might side might basing my shoulder and I look beside me I thought the big truck side is that like dumb and I step or something. But then the smell hit my nose at almost plummeted instant. It's of them shut this thing believed and he drove as fast as we could two blocks to the nearest car wash and power lost. My car and our bodies off. Allen said she let her vehicle to be detailed as a still smells like feces for cabinet news I'm Linda Kelly I'll Colonna. You know it's still smells like Malone of the east end was flown a very British Columbia and others are you trying to connect Kelly and Cologne thank you of all the stories you've done this one has grossed me out them really yeah tranche a burger. This is my this is worse well there's more of the story can get their lending their airplanes or other landing airplanes they're there they're blaming the surrounding area against what. Some people don't believe this to be the case. Cologne airport has taken the incidents seriously it says there were three planes in the air when Allen's incident happened. Two of them were flying nowhere near the area were Alan's car was hit. But there was a smaller aircraft an area that hadn't flown over half an hour prior to the incident in that particular plane doesn't have toilets. A plot picked him so. We know well does that not. The plot is that it violated God's world expert a league or something I don't know three planes in the area at the time of the attack to Obama why in a different direction with one of them didn't have a toilet. More eleven or without and well. And I army we get them warriors aren't. The airport has a theory as to what might have happened to Alan's car on for you ready for the theory you guys ready for the I didn't know him well the airport anymore yeah all right let's Eric. I'm perhaps I could have been some birds. But again obviously this is just speculation and our. Birds is a bunch of birds all simultaneously. You can ask why. Larry. Bird barely on dork what I know they are up against guys aren't at that and it's not a bird or plane that. I give up it's up to adopt. Might it have to read out. I'm perhaps that I could have been some birds. But again this is this just speculation and are part of Allen isn't buying the bird theory. There's no way can be very it's there was so much that on my part in order for it to be without much food. Without a word of the light it would have been 500 birds keeping all of the same time. Which is very rare from my experience well. But I think our guys. Then using the toilet in the sky right together what and how often do you see 500 birds together boy I think the one thing you've read or to ciphers that like the burden. Who is white. It's also good point journalist careened. OK but it's not like human feces while so social ceasing his human feces in L yet paper Reggie Bush is got twelve half million dollars today is suing the St. Louis Rams really. Because oddly enough got to know that about why he wanted to. He went out and definitely in this man is always there and look at just what we also let's finish this I have another epic and only theories to rely on theories that Susan Allen says it's for the birds. Any thought. And do the work that he does not Portland landed with the word who won him an enormous. Splattered week and it was very Byrd who is played in black it would've guess thousands flock of birds to ride over Paula wants to accompany her much of the country. Kelly a.'s global news Colonna she also got pink guys and I'm not making you know the part of that is you're gonna get. That she got pink guys shouldn't read anything into the fact the story was from Cologne. I don't think those parties for something's not that it I think I from yes. Yes you good night from Pope yes I would Dixon. All practical matter it's a real thing yeah real thing I can see that happen. I I know. Taylor she finds out I was from like you know plain whatever she's sponsored she can make some you know what they also said she said in why I think also disproved the bird theory which is really the only theory both have had to offer was there was some of that you know like. The blues to the blue stuff and a poorly upn and offensively is that there Alfred and the fact that for a number close to the operator and would. God knows what toxic I was treatment or how. Does it. Mean on this this thing that happened is that plane have the bird rights. Yes mark but they don't have the pertinent to the fabulous. Look at about one billion dollar amount you know I don't know I don't they're on their next win. But it's a mutt right yes doesn't everybody die easier and easier and out Red Sox afternoon baseball Lamar that's right so we'll see guys on there they slack. There was so much that unlike our. Talent that you might hurt vehicle to be detailed at that still smells like feces. Then the smell hit my nose and I thought was already. And it started kind of like I'm pretty good.