Dale & Keefe - Kyle Draper explains his chip incident during the Celtics game; Andrew Raycroft interview; Lamar Jackson to the Patriots rumors.

Dale & Keefe
Friday, April 20th

Hour 2:  The hour begins with some behind the scenes stories from TV with Dale and Kyle Draper. Former Bruins goalie Andrew Raycroft, who was famously traded for Tuukka Rask in 2006, joins to discuss Rask’s play, the infamous trade, and his time in Toronto. With the NFL Draft a week away, Lamar Jackson-Patriots rumors continue to swirl.


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Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Ailing team Sports Radio WEEI will make no mistake about it for the money will not be appearing on it either. When it happened it's hard to hear president. Would not want some Catholic of these very highly rated both of us have a face for radio to be honest about it and Rebecca. You get to do TV once in awhile but yes. But the makeup of the couple couple that have lots that'll that's. I'll make up with a camera at an angle that the Booth and you know jas would not be apart. You know they want ratings around please that's why I'm being honest it's not about my looks to vote Andy. I think he is prime entertaining person during the show if you were to see our guys are actually act on act like honest that you guys that even this out microphone near to. Well a lot of editing a lot of might link the guys you're asking for a little too much like the late I doubt I'll see you guys out there what you do you as his swing coach and by the way you guys work blew over their late night by the way to erode the chips are those. The I'm still waiting Jimmy Johns in Egypt united that he was a body there on time. Yeah I would say they have the tweet that out in hand you know happened there that a surprise you know you're going to be on. No I knew I was going to be on you to throughout my actually this shot is you know like from. Waste like start me up out this guy was a little wider than expected by the cameraman and I'm normally beat everybody but me now beyond. A copy yeah and yet everybody I needed Tommy yeah that all went here's my ego because I'll be honest I was heated afterwards or know the Al it was hot after the as. O'Reilly I am the only as a lot all serious. Let's Assad actually go viral and maybe this is a good thing yeah I wanted us to be junk. But the cardinals lately though they're a little bit of insidious guessed that what now they've started Draper for quick update half ago quarter was there but the game's going or Draper to let you know what's coming up either have to post game. And he's doing his little niece that that if that's it in the bag of open chips. On the table and adds he's doing items analyze and he moves the baggage if they just keep soccer pros know brilliant to have chips in the studio. Yeah daddy eat a man's gotta eat you don't want cranky draped in America you know. And he is Tennessee was removed the chip is a way to act you know ever hears of this beat shuffled all my god yeah. Because there ain't nobody on the planet will all due respect now and nobody planet that cannot lightly damp economic. It paid find out that you can have bags to chip guys had a. You guys are in the arena you have a whole arena where you can go CA you know the restaurant we're not too far from you guys. These tickets studio was you know what I'm really saw the ad like the size of our room here smaller than that. It's so. About to do my in my Judy chips had been out there. All I Atlanta hat back yeah hips were there for ten minutes some dilemma here in the producer goes to the chips off the table. Dot com I'm quietly confident notes on every magazine at the real quiet when apple app right right but if you watched it and I knew that it can't see it afterwards that you know rub my hands together that needed to get that chips Greece off the hands vet. No but I was only winner and everybody was all your men was the kids. About the people behind the scenes should've seen it chips before they went to meet its ships had been up airports and knew what you knew you're going to be on the air and you get a bag of chips like this shot is usually tiger also yeah that I had another bag of you know what actual sandwich you know you can't go to our I've had bad edit it and we got bottled up every bit the it's like it. Manager for the bottle water let you went to catch up. I can't eat before the Iraq from the it's like Sox yankees see this in the past ill advised school this guy I don't know about you do the prob but I'm a routine guy. Sure if I people war I'd gone there yet. I'm not a 100% I don't I can't bear any book I had a week yet that immediately clear on air. After halftime and that is my arm team Johnson for what I have right before my show usually is a couple coffee at a coffee with and a half hour leading up to mature floor and I watched the first happening right after halftime that night my dad artsy so. Now as anybody Matta you for the chips at the balls it text to be come on hand you go to chip it out. You know me I'm not taking a ball as well. I. Hadi Al that are anxiety out and it. It's a camera guy actually hit an 820 my guess Obama's budget Johns not a sponsor or are the sponsored war during the regular season but not vote on either get a preview and I got a three people there you know well back in the good pub that's going on their back and tolerate it because it would have been crazy it was like their competitors some like subways ships out of Australia that would have been asked to let you know I've been reaching out to Jimmy John's doubting him out they built up. I was there but I I well I will then he'll get mad at me for admitting this but I will say when we're on the set at at the garden and you see a standing there in the urine is behind us. Op right behind where Jaffe standing. There's TV tray back there and he's usually got a big gold plated cookies or something. Hey you got what he's not eat a lot and I love the difference there. He did and he has its ultimate giant time is not what we're actually good news though is make fun different sense of Reading on the year I feel like it's hard to eat during the show and it sounds like you were eating during the you know when your mouth is can relate more listening liggett's. I. Let's let's go to the ads are now yes that you audio. Ill. Air template I've. They have get back up slightly out of find out what's coming out of pocket I have no idea. At I don't mind I thought it was great about I don't like someone said. Should just let the chips they're all tight you know my quality to the right thing went with the debt noticeable both forehand or done with it noticeable app. After it was believable way whose very nose global. Yeah. Did anybody at all parties in the a couple of papers over and over the and I think that's. Or it won't that we were all right spot chips. It was not was not tied in that regard as probably retire right now right now they tonight's game and it's just Kyle Wright made yeah. Yeah. I have to be a foot long city out there in the hands underneath. Naps as corrupt and. Is that marries off those if so will the Celtics take their series to three and out and yes this is going to be a sweep Deo and this is not Griese weird how are you know I thought it sounds like green team are now that this is a guy who has watched the Milwaukee Bucks. Play without any passion any energy. If you look at the 5050 balls the Celtics are winning all those. I think the Bucs are to make an offseason plans I think Eric Bledsoe has checked. Acting and almighty god dominate it right there exactly and so to be only two guys on that Milwaukee Bucks team. Wanna play your honest. And got Middleton knows it only two guys that have brought it Jabari Parker former number two pay. He can't even get on a floor rating point this series is over I think the Celtics are going to move on. And I say. I was talking to Carl about this and the officer here. Anecdotally it seems to me. At home court means more in the NBA in the playoffs. Been home ice means in the NHL on the play out like I've Ahmadinejad feels like yeah all the teams win that's on most of the time yes Owen and that's why I'm saying. They did everything there's posted in the first two names they look great. But can go to Milwaukee win two in a row there. It's I would be the president of the five games yours and if they spider and today. Yeah but they just I was shocked that picked the box to win the series they're a little error an anti snow out. I have a huge Celtics guy I just thought without carrier Irving which carrier ring I had an in the NBA finals without them out of losing the first round. But the box are way worse than I thought. They are so bad everybody besides the two guys you mention are shocked at how bad Eric Bledsoe is Jabbar Parker. I'm Malcolm broadens it OK in the series US and l.s been apps and act like they. The Celtics have absolutely dominated him would essentially like their seven man rotation. All those guys they have played have played exceptionally well Jalen brown as a monster India too so some of the things that they are doing or surprising me. I knew the coaching advantage with with the Celtics could I don't know if we knew was but it was when the or the box doing over there. They had no clue and here's the thing and not make this mistake I thought this would be a seven game series at the Celtics will win in seven. I keep we cannot measure which inside and so. On paper the bucks arm to be a mortality teen yeah I think yeah yeah yeah Celtics right now but Saudi injuries and everything. But the Bucs aren't hungry don't have dogs like confidence Terry rosier feels like he could take anybody markets more likely veto would imagine. Loses the first Terry rosier. Jennifer series maternal. Personally if you take them out to prove their version. Our own and these. So so bad. Outlets a highlight all boasted that. He's been so bad in the series and in not only that it's like. He's Russell Westbrook is like Westbrook you could say that yeah you've accomplished something in this league you're are you insane actor Eric pre and Brett Bledsoe. A guy who's being outplayed by the celtics' third string point are not back up not third straight it was Marcus mark before Terry rosier and so. If you're Eric Bledsoe this have to be your night tonight right yes he did and that's going to be your night you have to die I don't think it's going to be got out aren't better road team now during the regular season anywhere at home I think it went and now do you think because of what we've seen in all the other Eastern Conference matchups that all of a sudden a trip to the NBA finals is back on. I'm not going to go now bar yeah. Think it's more about possibility yeah and on the part of green team I'm back and around our flight by Rick I know without a terrible it's really really bad you're not Toronto you're not on board another Toronto routed Washington kind of stinks they'll win that series pretty quickly but then in the second round if they lose to Indiana or Cleveland wouldn't surprise me. And if they lost the Indiana that would surprise of that Cleveland not so much. What about the sixth or you stick it out yet I am fixes are good jobs surprised that they lost at home though. In game due to the end it would Dwyane Wade Bowen on the what you see that night. They did have a chance but they get to all and be back he goes at all yet this morning three I mean maybe the sixers are becoming the favorite at the Toronto. These can prove me wrong I guess like it they always have a solid team but they just never currently I figure by then why because they're nor that reporter you know it'd be empirical what an analog. I think government it's never work but they've got these. I've got a great opportunity and that there was nothing if they want the regular season the Celtics on the regular season last year didn't need any. But this Toronto team has widget to all stars I mean. This is too hard on remote village hit the road mount Benedict then you know they in the Eastern Conference the top 5 player easily and Eastern Conference. It's I'm out of highland Toronto. Don't Cleveland you wanna you know Barry O'Brien. Evidently but I don't know that is a round matchup that you see what he had to do just that win by three but yeah but can he do and I built. Hit the and it ended I think he can do that I just I think there's not he need. He needs the play out of his mind we've seen but that he also needs somebody to help home like these that carrier ring for three years he had Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh part of that. This year he does not have any of those guys so maybe. He can play 45 minutes tonight and beat the pacers but then when you have to go and face Toronto what you said it was a much better team a deeper team. Is he gonna have the running mates to beat down he may not. Amid they're still they're still probably the favorite just because they have LeBron but it is as close as it is. Ever bet 6177797937. Is telephone number when we come back we'll talk to the guy the Bruins traded to get to corrects. Back in 2006 and or re cross joins us next Sports Radio W media. I could make an argument. They June 24 2006. It was a day that helped turn the Boston Bruins franchise around back stay in the National Hockey League draft. The Bruins drafted Phil Kessel. Mile Lucci each and Brad marsh in that exact same day. They traded their Calder trophy rookie of the year goaltender and 0304 Andrew rate cross to the Toronto Maple Leafs for Tuukka Rask. So in one day they added Rask castle Lucci each and marsh hand. Andrew re craft joins us right now and you should have gotten a ring I think in 2011 for being part of that deal ha. Yeah out because of that gone I yeah I would die advocate sending one is that you. That's after I I wanna talk about up about Tuukka Rask and we did this on the podcast earlier today but the folks who who don't tune into the podcast a while the new here this. I want a goaltenders perspective. On Tuukka Rask how good a goaltender re isn't how we place. I Walt Walt he's world class. And you know top five in the league. Year after year. And you know a lot nightly live as well he plays on in big games elk. On to go out there on the road you know looting. You're you're leader. But the pattern that has to be able to rely on Putin and the liquid luck or just spoke on the call it. And making all the big paper correct Iceland. It was two vintage duke allotment. What's the difference is specifically in the playoffs home ice and on the road and you know he had had a plan from a crowd like Toronto. And you've yet to do against you know Montreal what what is it like in the playoffs the difference in homer wrote. You can you can be when you're quite well and as you can. He looked good people on the road if he'll Flickr a little pressure on you're not an especially game last night where you're now you're all through the one. On now or not situation in Montreal we we won game four on the road block anyone and it's now. Like there was more pressure on the whole team to win 98 they know they all. Like the situation we're in you know more nightmare they win on the road there live now on you know day in game seven. It's not that much under the on the road like it was certainly on the game clock night in a little bit of pressure all year or more on all of either where little or. Andrew you know you mentioned too as the top five world talented. You know his critics will say however. At times he lets in some soft goals. At times he's not consistent. Which your response to that then you know there was talk earlier this year that they can't you know win a cup with two grass I disagree with that I think they can. But I just your thoughts on you know that the critics who say at times he lets in some soft ones. Yeah and I mean every goalie in NHL legend from Auckland I think we've been spoiled here Autry you know a lot of years you know they're and that natural we goalies here on between Hammond and two grand. And at the way they played at the date on defense you know protecting our burn net. I think we can all lose sight sometimes. On just how good they are and every other team has. Can have all the issues thinking give up our schools and on you know what is the nature goal in and in the NHL. And a lot of time peacock older could play fired. You know the best player in the world as well sell you know I think it took them more a product of being here for so long that. You know and it really heart with a cock. There's not many goalies in the NHL who work in other school in the world it was a great self. You know I it it's it can be unfair why it is part of being an NHL or soccer and Kurt is a can't irk or. We're talking with former Bruins goaltender Andrew rate croft he was traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs four to caress back in 2006. If it took a rest as the most polarizing player on the Bruins amongst Bruins fans today know Chara might be right behind him. What's your take on the play of the 41 year old defenseman and captain of the team. It's been incredible you know that he got here art especially. And yet the last but this year in together this year it seemed like you spin. A little invigorated which you took under the scheme obviously having. You know such a great unit thirteen of them all are guys that get too excited for these out and and what would mean it is that the main reason you know I think they won the content to outlets trying to keep them requiring turnaround. You know to be able out here on the ice for thirty minutes a game against the pop. There on the other team. It will let it ability to shut those guys down is. On you know it's somehow underrated lack of the Lara know whenever we've played against some. As a team and Lamar Alexander Corretja or liquid and final and you know bay everyone knew how hard once you get any chances on the power play on its side. Need them the forward one or the other quarter and it's all he does make such a big difference voting rights for the team and you know on out marker 45 point seven that's a nice big deal. That's not to put you on the spot whether it but who would you say are the 45 best goaltenders in the league right now edited to grass is one of them who would be the other Gaza not less. Our. Eric Wright had a bad year this year lies you know hit the I'd love what he's. He's done in his career there and they're Packard are quick and I'll fire on. Parker any is an amazing the last two years and he you know yet another amazing year this year or art and are currently or play at a Wal-Mart. You know tinker a guy a little older like you eat they'll put him in any big money in the is that you know what I'll I'll take those five guys aren't sure I'm missing somebody like John quicker locker guys that are right around out. You know if I I had to go to battle one time it Beatles. Andrew and a series with Toronto first started but as things when it goes seven. Put you at two evenly matched teams I didn't like the weighty NHL. You know seat at the teams and had their playoffs. Situated. Now I think the Bruins are gonna close this thing out tomorrow what what do you think's been one thing that the Bruins have been able to do against Toronto. That's you know made the biggest difference in this series. Yeah I agree the articles that are out there who's going to be a really hard fought seven game series and I can agreed and water. Al is awful and I don't know what the leaks trying to get out of this and you know that should change or. Art I think I a and I are good got a couple guys and strong a former. And they talked about Powell. There are beliefs are little overrated and just there are the other young team and maybe not had ready. And that really came through the first two games especially. I think they obviously battle harder in their home games but. And I'm surprised. That blocked the other way as much as they did not strategic I think I would agree that that. Now is the recipe for for a gentleman leak here and try again. You talked about how you know every goaltender can give up the soft goal and I agree with you by the way. Fredrik Andersson is just a strange goalie for me to figure out in game three on Monday. He gave up an incredibly soft gold Adam equate a bad angle goal to Zdeno Chara and then he made a couple of the greatest saves I've ever seen in my life. Then last night against typical 28 seconds into Torre proved. I mean I don't wanna say they're losing because of Anderson but they're not winning because of the play of Anderson. No he's I mean he's probably gonna steal three game now they wanna win and and not go that you know kind of talk with an end. And winning in the playoffs that is a perfect example of you can get away with not see your facts every night and winning record we've seen that over the lot. Or five years because people you know or Crawford. You've all heard the starting job that went on without Marc-Andre Fleury and now courier or two in the last two years as well you don't. CE you don't need to. He great all of that iron anymore like huge aircraft would be great in that in pioneer seemed like a game like lot right and you and you ought. And he gains. Like Frederick Anderson has done in this series on you know it consistently bag all the okay to gamble mock and make 48 who wins. But you can't come back and acts like her cornea that can get another one shoulder. At boulder boulder momentum killer and it's really tough on your keen com well. Now when when you are in net could you hear specifically. What the opposing fans were saying to you ever or is there or is just sort of like a good general kind of blew all of a blended together. You know well here like during the game on the record more general look you obviously 120000. People you know. Cheering ray crock you know you can hear that on salt but no winner go that would I don't know you you you're exactly. Into your. What's the what can you share over the sun's outer trio that anyone can you share with us on the radio that something that you would hear all. Double act. Why be heavy that it could go to forever wonder if you socket yeah athletic and very under original on. Get some places don't go worse for the goal is life. You know the buildings where those are careful you have to sit on the other side of the rink. And you kink yet guy heckling you all you law. And your got nothing to do it negated if they're caught argued and I shall you know I get a little more courage and element he had the heat off. Although little worse time and you're everything mentally act or done until you get stuck in. On you know you have on. We're not talking. Gartner and I would imagine though it it you know a heckler did their research. And I came with something clever you would appreciate that though right. Absolutely hey you know originality is that the cleverness is always appreciated. When. When heckling Korea certainly better than the standard. You know the standard and seeing you would expect. And array crop as of four Bruins goaltender and Essen colleague. And he is that the guest on the latest addition of these zero pox given podcast which will come out a little bit later on today. Ander and I'll get much more in depth about his time playing in Toronto and what's life like to be a member of the leafs. And we appreciate taken a few minutes and we'll talk again soon. Out of our very orderly here today thanks in daycare and array croft joining us. As I said via the podcast comes a little bit later on but he talks about he's got buddies up in Toronto. And they've already given up these studies that if the head they're seen as they're aren't our guys yet they have. That they're used to this that they're used to their team failing compost season in such a hockey rich area. Hockey star Blake you eat you know what I went up there. Last year just as Doran raptors and Celtics game. Both teams were playing but nobody had the raptors on at the time and I'm like you know the better team now and now they're better take a Micah. But it's still ingrained and of people up there you know the Maple Leafs are their team but yet. We talk about waiting and I go to raptors never done anything but the raptors are are are their team that's more you know likely to I would say it went. I hardly at all out all I did talk to John Shannon Roger sports that last night. And and he said that right now it's kind of a fifty really lit Toronto that they are really cranked up about the raptors. And you know obviously at home court and they go nuts up there for a minute they and they alone he said there's do the the fan base right now it's kind of split which would never of happened in the past. Basketball and hockey. 6177797937. Its telephone number a Dallas Braden will join us at about 430 we'll talk socks and a news. 6177797937. Is telephone number text line is 37937. National hockey National Football League draft I should say is next week. Thank goodness you actually have stuff going on the first day of the draft because last year you didn't infect you get two picks at least at the moment. I was watching. On the gym this morning watching on television and and they were talking a lot about. Lamar Jackson. I like him. And the and the patriots suppose that interest and and Tom Brady instant ram something out positive talking about it and everything and everywhere he might actually like that rule Tom Brady likes this one Paris day so now the question is. Would they spend the draft capital you'd probably have to move up into the mid teens to early twenties to get them somewhere in there. Having your you know it's morning you might agree you can might be the only get a break there probably not. I mean accidental bodies you're gonna have to move up some to be able to get him if if your interest that you don't give up ball first round picks to get them. Not god you know I mean I I. We need if that's your plan going in the navy you do have to move up a little bit to make sure you get them but a lot of mock drafts he's the fifth quarterback taken and I know a lot armor very early on but. Could he fall its point three I think I think there's a chance to visit our I'd be thrilled with that I'd be thrilled with the margin I I love Lamar Jackson I would be thrilled also but. Is he the exact opposite of Tom Brady and so in terms of system. But I think you're gonna have to when Tom Brady's done dough and blow offices look this is that's allowed him start to get someone something differently you're talking about a guy in in Brady historically one of the most accurate passers. The NFL I've ever seen verses. The Mark Jackson whose accuracy is the biggest you know wanted to big question marks and so I loved his his play making ability escape ability. You know he's a great player but. I don't see him in Foxborough. I just saw him here is that the point they were making this morning was that the patriots has seemed to Shawn Watson up close and personal and seen how dynamic he has an. How well he played against them. And that maybe Bill Belichick is thinking you know the next wave. Tom Brady was great for that wave but the next wave of the future you've got to give it a shot Watson it yeah Lamar Jackson who's the next Tom Brady like that that's brutal right there are higher gonna find the next Tom Brady so I think yet the fun the next best guy and be willing to adjust. To that player look at bill O'Brien in Houston so he goes from coaching Tom Brady here are going to a close to Houston. Can't spot a quarterback to save his life I mean he's terribly easy Bergen right now and I that he was here I just terrible quarterbacks. That they get Shawn Watson and prior to his injury or away the best idea but and now like to Shawn Watson but let's not act like he's you know and about the win the Super Bowl next year they'll pretty deck press got look at it soup. What happened dec present nine cent want a better. Did that press got a look at that prince got a program that any day exactly but it when he as the well exactly how it out there if you Elliott and so when you look at Super Bowl winning quarterback. Most of them. Aren't the deck Prescott's of the world but either Aaron Rodgers is now. Tom Brady out of every product gonna move around a little like Brady's pretty unique tactic for for what he's able to do now before there are a lot of quarterbacks was. Would stand back there he's elusive although it was not fast indeed they could do that there's a lot of quarterback I think you don't need a statue bank of known now I wonder at Wright and Aaron and there are guys there's a difference between you know running the option and actually being a mobile quarterback and I think those guys can. Still have success and I big. You know Carson once prior to him getting hurt he was a got to move around a lot he's not your conventional quarterback necessarily. Knicks bulls would do some of that stuff. You don't Russell Wilson can run a little bit he's another guy who won a Super Bowl so I think. You look at all the college quarterbacks now I mean you're gonna have to adapt to that rather than hate you we're good there but neither excuse of a completely different here etc. how he works. Do you want them to just take them to first take their two seconds stock up at four positions of need are party want them that puts him eggs in one basket gulf for something. I want them to take. Whitney had just used that I don't think. Because we've seen in the past you don't need to trade up to get a quarterback. Do I mean you can use this summer your second round picks to get a quarterback let's say it and I don't know the names but you know we've seen in the past didn't go Rob Lowe. You know you don't trade up to get Lamar Jackson that they. When you have so many issues on the line you need to left apple obviously I still feel like. You also need you know what's your secondary like you need to safety do you need a quarterback. I still like me and it left tackle at left tackle now door and so I think there's so many needs in in the past Bill Belichick has been able to. Maximize. He's drafted it and not necessarily move up. To get out one guy and so I don't think so there's no way I would. Trade you know to first rounder just to move but to get Lamar Jackson or a person at her ideal mark. I was probably play in this game yesterday because John Elway has said he's listening to offers for the number five pick overall in the first. Now would you and I parties and I would do this I would move up to number five to get Bradley job. If they take three quarterbacks and say one Barkley with the first four picks and Bradley chavis' they're number 5. I am seeing all. Yen but dale the differences. When you look at that position you know the defense of like it's more. You know the guys that that performing college usually perform Nina. Cornerback is such a crapshoot that leap from you know college city that balance is perhaps greater than any other position in any other sport. That you have to make it how many times have we seen guys you know top five PX number one overall pick don't pan out and so when you look at it a guy like shot. Well he does translates. To the NFL I think we look at some of quarterbacks and I know Brady's 41 you know going to be 41 and everything but. I don't speak you'd you'd trade up to get quarterback. After short and I had a job I go up to five and I biggest reason why would do that is because he's gonna play right away and he can help you win Tom Brady with a birdie at 12 or three years left child will be a part of that words if you moved up. The draft a quarterback you're giving up all there picks and then year not bringing in a guy that can help immediately as I have this yeah you can win another Super Bowl like you could definitely win one more suitable may be more I guess at this point when everything that's going on you can take it one year at a time. And I Nobel check is not gonna. You know give up on the future and just go all in that we've seen based off some of his other moves you know trading Brandon cooks for first round pick. He is concerned about the future whether or not he's coaching the team or not. But I would not move all the way up to draft a quarterback I think that would kind of set you back a little bit however. Well I think we know how they'll draft a quarterback. I doubt no doubt in my mind you all they have to answer that yes they can. Do it a bull British quarterback for next year. Pretty radical definitely got to start plan OK so ready to play this upcoming year these are lower so big well yes I'm not sure about a year after this that I got I thought I'd write and the guys write it now Barry I don't like crazy. Does not horrible these guys yet that would rookies you do it robs burger bulls those guys get him any day they cannot figure you're sort of what they can't just pick and rookie quarterbacks do well all the time it's not crazy for a rookie quarterback especially if you invest the first round pick. To start them right away and it did ideals. It's not an ideal situation I don't think it really matter I don't so if he sits for a year and he's definitely ready to go with the same thing he still didn't play. I think you got it absolutely do that I think trying to predict what the patriots do in the draftees. At. Quite an exercise like you could say hey they need a quarterback Vick eagle receiver in the first round and just I wanted to take one in the first round right there is zero doubt in my mind going to drag and Obama invited traffic don't if they don't take one in the first let's see three rounds that a solid when it doesn't matter building in in my opinion they'll take one in the first three GAAP as an and that that's fine if they draft elegance in December and that'll count as a flyer it you know avenue so you think. I ultimately think I don't know ill Mason Rudolph it's if you file a lot of and that's why it may take a quarterback at when he three or at 31. The fine with that I'd I'd be happy without the then draft another need. And I know they're not big on out there they dropped bass player more often than not but. They need a left tackle the new corner of the needle linebacker they knew of the a lot of different spots all the sudden so you could on the first two days of the draft you could potentially. Add two or three starters to your team that's what I hope that they do. But they're gonna do it as more likely to veto that then they do that instead. If they trade up to get a quarterback in the past that sent north court radiant that would demand. I Nvidia at this at Grady. Eight at the time look like they're they compete for your job this year Audi. Fascinated to know what the patriots quarterback rankings looked like it every team's different. They got some teams think Josh sounds about something that sand Arnold's about some Josh Rosen a so what's the patriots and if they have Lamar Jackson or even Mason Rudolph or pile a letter one of those guys outside the top five. If they have them really high. Would they not mess around and just take him in the first round like I don't know and I all of a sudden now there's six quarterbacks go on in the first round that's that's about love the no. Yeah I in. It if if it's if it's Rudolph it fits Lowe allowed us especially if it's Lola. You know taken in the first round they all they that over pick all the time. They do all the time during the court vision and a first round in with Brady and and on thank Scott Pioli always joked about it if we duel with what we were Dolan. But don't let let him sit they're the 19 in art but moved with other players I mean team on Wilson. They didn't need to take him in the second round but they decided to relate with Toronto Harmon they didn't need to use a third round pick on them but they decided to forty. While big people were shocked that he was a first round pick and that one worked out but they're not afraid to to overreach on a guy they they like him. I think did I the only possibility in my opinion in the first round is that they might trade down. With a second. I think they're picking a 23. Event can we got scared that I could I'm ready yet while I'm I'm saying at 23 I think they're gonna take a tackle. And I could see them trading down from 31 get a couple more second round picks. Or organ a second and a third night at 32 round pick senate next for third. And then he goes crazy felon holes did they could always do what they've done before to retake a first round pick in trade it to a bad team for their first round and asked. I don't they are you wanna fifties and Ted you're ready and we did you see something like that or get more picks I'd think after not having a first rounder. The last two years are you not trade them both out I had outside to get might just take poll because it ye are yet to restock the the young talents a now. So if you work if you guys are sitting here prioritizing. The things that you think Belichick needs to draft let's say let's say takes both first round picks. What he wanted to spend a month. Left tackle via left tackle linebacker. And again with a caveat that if Lamar Jackson who I personally like falls to the 2330 your take on Arnold I pulled I would draft him there. But I'm not gonna go nuts and move up and have less picks I think a big left tackle and linebacker are our bigger needs. Left tackle especially now I wish I had ordered back and I know they don't they hate the whole idea of drafting for need. You know they they go for the best value the L player available as a valuable left tackle these ladies AZ because it is day are desperately. Needed that left tackle I don't think he's on the roster right now the starting left out or the years you might be in trouble practice. And you might need to draft a quarterback because short order what Iraq and actually our data there yet I I I think he's gonna make bogey. If he doesn't make both picks it's because he trades the second one out. Attitude as second round readout you know you they can trade up and I don't doubt it very rarely very well that was the theory this morning was that. He's gonna trade up from 23 get Lamar Jackson. Wasn't it was at Florio or summary of the Josh Rosen camera out there but he's got to move all way up and go wrote really she's. And I I can't imagine that I would look at the great process and we are out I write a I don't picture them doing that now mediator. The the drama seems to have died down just touch but they'll be something new black. Rob Gronkowski is speaking tomorrow. Others an event at the stadium. And at me it don't work out commercial tie in the he's got. And he's gonna speak tomorrow so this will be the first time. Anybody's had the opportunity to speak to go wrong. A lot this whole off season thing tomorrow could be the day we find out what would what what's going on. Or is that just more cryptic talk in might bear a greater than he had may be more ads that make cryptic at cryptic talk. But it at least as far as we know it's the only time he spoken publicly about that about any of the stuff. Not counting you know this is definitely had an old environment where I imagine probably. Yeah on the onion much. Only questions about the events guys it and yeah well I'd be one of the wettest year. That they're not they're not promoting it that way. Now it may be that the commercial tie in is Smart enough to realize that if we wanna draw some some eyeballs to this thing we got a we gotta be you know spread to somewhere as this happened at that it's it's elect tomorrow. But he's not what you know part of the oats well they're not work we tomorrow anyway yeah days and today would have been the last day yet this week yet. Of OTAs I'll find the exact the eggs exact information that I was reading earlier today. About what this is all about and you know. Supposedly what. What he's going to be able to talk about all that stuff but at least they might be the first time where we now. What he thinks about anything don't you think Sony's answer Robbie gonna play this year. Yeah parity gives you a non answer. How how awful Zuckerman. It was everything off of tomorrow he is speaking at the monster energy super cross event ever ago at Gillette Stadium. They get the big like dirt pile on this matter honest I don't know. So that's what it's going to be that's where he'll be it'll be tomorrow at Gillette. And somebody's gonna have to does somebody has they'll be right they'll be like yelling at the president on his way to Marine One and I hate that and South Lawn of the White House mr. press. They'll be yelling questions Adam. But he'll be excellent tomorrow he wasn't it to that he was not on my days are doing it. Well I don't how will that find his way there tomorrow it might have been a patriot place you missed my I know I would know what he was. Talent around what his girlfriend it didn't you know in Poland you know things like that at a TV twelve. I wouldn't be surprised he's made an appearance it to be twelve this week now. 6177797937. Bottom of the hour Dallas about Dallas Braden will join us. He's been almost a couple of times he's on one of the bars full podcast he's as a blast on the starting nine podcasts. With that Jarrett around us but he also does Oakland a's games. Out in the Bay Area travels back and forth and he's at this rate he's netting schedule. Brings a lot of energy he'll join us at the bottom of the hour here on Sports Radio.