Dale & Keefe - Kyrie Irving reveals how he felt watching the Celtics playoff run from the bench; SPOILER:we uncork the info of where LeBron James will land next season

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, June 12th
Hour 3:Dale, Keefe and Marc James discuss Kyrie Irving’s press conference. Donald Trump called out Robert De Niro, and Dennis Rodman had quite the interview with CNN and got a little excited while thanking people, especially Eddie Vedder from The Pearl Jam.

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Yeah yeah yeah. And our free daily key. Sports Radio WEEI Mark James minus some colleagues in the house put us. So law uncle drew comes out June 29 I only know this this they don't tell marshals are on ESPN all the time they are. I don't really see them anyway I don't notice than anywhere else but on ESPN as they've they've got a huge by Downey has no sales. Yet they're everywhere so out I re Irving had a media availability today. Now part of it obviously was to talk about the Celtics and you know rehabbing and I'll let stuff. I got the sense I talked to one of Ira AF colleagues down the hall Mike Hsu. And he said I was coming into the building he was going out he said I got five minutes with carrier ring true I think there was a bunch of radio guys who each had like a five minute block with Tyree Irving because uncle grows coming out. Ice but. You knew that if you got a bunch of media together he was sitting there and have. At a desk or table with the Celtics backdrop behind him you knew that if that was gonna happen other questions were gonna be brought up a needles to say. Missed an opportunity here roster for the most these these podcasts that's what really would have been pretty pretty solid for us to go at that doesn't drop all on my iPod in my hands on your mind that there was any. Go to our program to meet you have to go to the thing during the show. Yes that's that he would affect any organ thumbs down on the back terrorists that was in Atlanta I ever have to suffer podcast security guy you would think a nice five minute interview carrier and probably go to. Never got some downloads and I'm thinking how this I do every purpose the audio to meet US class great idea across the seat problem saw a very I. Let's. Yes I'm not gonna be great purpose and get it right so let's start out with Tyree Irving who you know run off the bat was asked what's his hope here today. With you're with your home with your user. Well my hope is that they usually limited. She maybe one question today but we're doing. Because I hope. Obviously I in this episode. But I think. Doesn't commodities is religious redemption here really injured. We urge you get really vote challenge him she does the word so. I get to that point and I can't really. For a concise in answering questions in so I'm pretty short of management and Iowa. Jackie helped us out here because Chris Forsberg for instance I tweeted about this. And and he said and Ky re assaying. Contractually financially it doesn't make any sense. For Kyle reed a look at and it at an extension now. He and guys you hurting just say I'm sure management and I will have a talk but it's not gonna happen now but there's reasons why it won't get into. It's really convoluted that trying to to get all the numbers are that involved but if he signed an extension right now the most they can give him. Is somewhere in the ballpark but a 108 million dollars whereas if he plays this season opts out. But that it starting at next offseason so you know this time next year. He could sign a five year deal the Max would be at a 190 million slightly eighty million dollar difference here for him waiting to when he signs it and has things to do width. Percentage of salary cap and also a nonsense it's it's. Very confused I saw yes it's our campus is very confusing all you need to know. Is he can make a lot more money by signing a Max deal with the Celtics. Next off season is that makes sense because I read the same thing about Kevin's rant to rants and it's taking a deal to show I think he's going to be able to feed his family I'm hoping I think they're right the odds are if you're a million dollars for this upcoming season I think he'll be OK because and then after that he's gonna get that it's whatever super Max where it's going to be like 219. Million. For like I don't know four or five years whatever that is and so. I think next here's the thing dale were the all these guys gonna wait till next summer. And then talk about I think the Celtics to within the coming off of the injury and other reports are he's gonna be full go but didn't ever really know. So if the Celtics I'd like to see it play for a few months anyway you know or or the whole season as it turns out that the great and if you looks really good at. That you feel a lot better about given the guy you know close to 200 million colors yeah so there's been a lot of talk around here of late about the possibility. Two are dead set against that. About the Celtics you know bringing LeBron James and until we do not want that no I don't know I understand there but I mean weren't you though ward has evidently trickled tactic tirade of sherpas. About that possibility as well. Lawyer says in this business we kind of experience though I've seen a lot so. You know since. Yeah that means do not bring out. Anywhere near me straight year op gone I didn't believe that's a very reasonable doubt that a lot radiates the Ottawa right now budget department of human life without the bottle I have a good time and that out its business. Why yes you don't want him at all alive I lift clean them because of his value to hold me cheated perhaps when I was 25 and a half years all these colony it. So I don't want anything more to do with them and I don't blame my later beat. Second time that LeBron joined carrier to win a title and now it's right there right this second time he did chasing rings Jason ray's all right I don't have a and I. I at this juncture I would just would be shocked died he somewhat surprised if LeBron does end up in LA I'm fit Laker. All yeah I thought I'll give you some more on that is that yes we got to carry al-Qaeda that we got that on down meat on the bone as well so so Kai re. Like a lot of people you know with the way the Celtics played this year and that the advancement by the young talent and the fact that you getting you know tools your best players back on the team. It's pretty excited about next year. I think there you know can win. You hear. That's what makes it more exciting and it challenges now. We we have championship editors. He thinks they have championship at a lot and they've. Game seven on a conference finals we used. Players three through ten and Ross did beat them in game seven of the championship final acts most about that. If about it but that it also going to be gone next in Cleveland yet you're two best players we think of the warriors won't be no they won't beat but we did this exercise during the season if you took the two best players off of any NBA team. With the exception of the Orioles state you're not going anywhere if he used to have to play the whole season or its just the whole post season without Harden and Paul. They're not Gorbachev and fine by what you know what the warriors. Take curry injuring at. Thompson angry and your name your make a playoff title I don't know if you're eating getting to the files with Tom saga probably not not supposed to. So that just goes to show it here's the thing to. If and win what what we all expect to happen transpires that's LeBron James taking his talents to Hollywood which is where it belongs. So it's not the Celtics can fall out of bed for the next five years making NB Al's. Yet another of their Laporte 000. Really diverse product or a new coaching it's robbery that are really now all the pot yeah. Brett brown takes out TGO Connell during that all the guys that are coming back and Ronny and he puts invade Syria Red Cross that authorities aren't. I selected yet one more from Tyree here because obviously unfortunately. I get to watch this team a lot down the stretch in the playoffs lot more than he wanted to be able to watch them. The question is what did he learn. This group you know forward. A I firmly on just go there I got to see who else that's there are bigger stage. I've been talking about how great their word there's you know some other numbers particularly proud didn't look as appeals. To the outside looking but purchase they're always lie and and then when they reported opportunity to take the reins of the team saw them take full advantage. These are guys literally going to be stars in this league for years to come. You know obviously Terry's in starting this. You know that that turns into two they go dynamic. JT and enjoying being much markets about it. You know the first game he's back from you know coming up missing a few moments with the stone doctor. You know that that's the type of attitude and effort that envelopes the to be a part of of course our anchor now hitting. I'm angry. Yeah soon which side. Are shot thinking we stock. Well I don't digital TSA Vodafone and dodges this all the dishonest fantastic interview on any one of those were deal to anyone asking the question I think. I wanted a lot of people want to know. Why did you choose to have deviated sect in surgery prior to game seven and not weeks after it was over not be in the sidelines for your teammates getting asked that after the movie there are nude on the truth coming out ask about that would bring us. Not a good look there out of seventh put it just it was conspicuous. Yet the timing I got hired in May be had scheduled you know getting invited by the way can I just even tell you yeah I don't even blame them because to you want to see LeBron celebrate on your new team's home court I would now they'll I would not all he did the right thing I didn't. Like to know he's written what was picked to do it priority to and. By the way Jason Tatum. JC in two grand out of a beach photo. Eyes he's on a beach on the program at an I swimsuit on where Barbados I can't tell he's got the a's did. Some beaches and a shirt on but he's got this is how sorts it is act now and he's looking at his phone dig you're out of reach for ethnic the downfall is he sends out this is to Graham pictured it to says summertime with a smiley face. Shane Larkin. Response weight room how all apple pulled up. Pays pretty thin in that I squalid it's not like he's okay yeah I not it's not lob the ball high Guzman distracts right no nonsense no nothing like that here's the thing I thought it was funny last week where I think the Celtics released a statement that. Jason Tito will not be playing in the date is summer league all now know he let the Sherlock yeah it's going to go I don't doubt that that's not a bad idea I think Martell Welch is gonna yeah get a I'm sure in Vegas habeas along. I think you're you're asking about LeBron. And everybody's asking about LeBron it's it it and another summer of LeBron it's been a the other one here we go are in. Back to waste in this summary is whereas LeBron gonna go right. LS thirty decide. Oh liked. It's done. Like it might done globe may be the fix is in that Lee Jenkins were another piece though if you are doing so I think it's billed to be Jerry Pate has the idea so Gary Payton is doing this interview article wrong I like their patent law and and Gary Payton. I'm not sure if you supposed to say this stuff for an item but. He give you an idea of where this this whole thing is gonna end up. Without. It was. So so that's the made. Everybody looks. That age you. We get the LeBron but Kenyon Martin got a pivotal broad james' kids are all well look I want it halted negatively yeah. That's a DNA apple now also according to two Gary paying him. By the way his name is brawny. Notes non BR ON LY dot Ronnie gene what's his real people know they call Ronnie Ronnie is if you abroad and they called him Ronnie well. So Ronnie James according to Gary Payton Ronnie that he committed to play at Sierra canyon high school just outside of LA it's as you heard it. With Scottie picked this kid and can mark. This squad for rice us. Shaq skid equipment rental have the keystone ICL and next year so sad excuse all set itself. LeBron had said in the immediate aftermath of you know losing in the finals and this multifamily decision. Like apparently decision's been made that out. Like it's made up now I mean you know kids can go to high school all over the country obviously blocked as Gary Payton points out experts if you have the option. Of playing in living in that they don't have a house up there. You also brought could be out there at certain times of the season gets going you want your home base to be in LA yet and it has LeBron James junior about Eliot origin doesn't force LeBron James junior but they obviously. He doesn't wanna go pilot projects I feel my guess brawny is the next best thing here is the latest odds according to Bo bottom which team LeBron James played for game one of the 201819. Season the highest ranking team of the lakers at seven for that changed dramatically over the last few days it did the sixers are eleven to five Houston five to two Cleveland 51 San Antonio 81 a New York Boston Celtics at twelve to one of Celtics are on the board there are -- of the field Celtics on the board he's no he's purple Eagles if if Gary Payton knows what he's talking about Andy does I don't know I didn't think that I wolf pretending done OK and -- -- guess if he does know what he's talking about yes then it's gone it's over. It's over now our clippers could be right could it finally get the government LA's LA ice on I saw somebody I think isolate somebody else on Twitter today said. And I I apologize I can't remember who was said the only way LeBron goes to the lakers. Is if Magic Johnson gets rid of anybody named ball. The loss of CO CC a suffered a sign and trade you know you're in the words had they had different theories the reason he isn't lakers keep Riordan's doesn't want or some of Levitt's hard. The bad and it happened there would be if he could get on the phone with Kevin Durant and talked to and then playing what in the Los Angeles. That would be the way to orange are number one competition. Going to the best three or four players in the league create a new Cupertino change everything. That the move that he could do but I don't need to rant. Durant has the Obama walks why would direct you bit. How embarrassing. Has that so you got your mouthpiece saying. His only chance that's what he's rooting for her only chance if he needs to convince Kevin to rein it to leave Golden State and team up with him with the lakers to the best part of the world and hit the bronze the best in the world. But now we need the scenario where is gonna convince Kevin Durant and won't be way second best player right right probably if you're gonna convince him to walk away. From a chance for. Of what a three Peter whatever it is right so you're here I want us to walk away from that. And go team up with the with the lakers why why does he need to do that I think you'll be able brought in Paul George and lakers and get your Chris Paul is different guys that could be tossed from doctor Dale Arnold put on his Twitter handle last week and I slid up off the year I said I would rather with the Celtics group currently constructed to Jason Rossi win one title with these team that went three with the broad. So do you open on his Twitter handle sixty to forty people agree would me. Yeah I agree okay yet to be a hundred of the bronze to bill and you are a few yeah let's. Yeah I did what happened. He and I and at that point and the point. Making at the time wise if if carrier my preferences carrier and states. He's the centerpiece yes yes I had a long term extension violence that what I want. It's when when the talk last week as well as he won a state does not he doesn't want to talk about an extension now their financial reasons we learn. Why it doesn't make a sense for him to talk about extension into except for he said today yeah he wants to stay here -- I'm Molly and he wants the player Gordon Hayward signed a four year deal this will be your two for Hayward so. He didn't really get even wanted to play Gordon Hayward for years and every trying to recruit the Cleveland before LeBron went back there he wanted to play it would Hayward. They had a chance to do it for five minutes. So he obviously wants to do. I would think multiple seasons with Gordon Hayward and the only way he can do that is the sign an extension after next season there's not there's not just an expectation for the Celtics get the in the files in more detail its like eat now it's it is or should be hope. It's an expectation of the year these two as if they had if they had. Irving in Hayward data there finals did you would have a tough thing immediately not five I would ask it they would not have one of the finals -- another would not have now but I think what next year I mean not to get too far ahead of ourselves because of the advancement we saw and Tate in the brown and if those guys improve again at the look out that they're good they're right up there they ever thought of a student in the couple games in the plot I think I still think Golden State has one more year and keep you and I talked was before. Klay Thompson will opt out after next season I would think you wanna be the man being. You know now I mean he's he's so it paid a lot of money to stay gold state and attendants are NC can pay cuts. Cigarettes in recent plea for more yours or from five receives a lot higher at 35 what Yeltsin said I don't know why I said that. I think I was talking. Yeah last night out to lastly I don't even 1 out and I am confident excitement. And allowed by the way speaking of the warriors they had their parade they had dueling parades that they have to capitals had to operate out today and it got the warriors have their offense did he make it their whole life is Ronald you know I'll ride here but he treated at a doctor. Surgically attached this customize it's. Incredibly amusing that this daily cup has right now probably got out of where the club that I frequent carries that around. Villaraigosa and his business. I've done experience it all around us no love. Field. Just rolled tape for the next half hour so just keep playing with a Mistress Carrie baby nine and a half week old pump. That's pretty good it's also available for dog on the planet and all around the halls here. We're all out the hallway looking like little kids who helped. Does miss my office the last Wednesday and I don't bullish and I saw that the U had yours in your tail. That dog once a week every brings it dog. One came in as Etsy servers to program like. I'd better read on yeah. What about as a captain now we're an iPad and now not notice it is Larry it's not hide her I Washington hi her Pug in her purse and bring it in no definitely no any lady. Of proxies all fit when we set that he's idols in Houston though. I as I would wanna be here the calendar years this unease since muttawakil. And now I yeah. I thought that I would step on that help Poland now. He's just he notes of markings question and I every did answer that question vote is surge Coca. He said this Scott Susan said he'd play on attending. Games at the surgery Italy and being with his daughter. Our. That's going to go that's the reason and so on batteries and the notes not very good. Ever since we turn on the cat cats. That's a great agreement that was you you'd be doing like healed. And service on in his pocket and my serving you'd rather LeBron that are just that and entities with dollars after evil surgery that didn't go great apparently he means you obviously we'll let the pain still. But he sat there courtside people screaming matches will be home resting I can imagine that the funds surgeries at home ovals stopped recovery that right he probably that's the whole thing let's give back to the calls that you guys pats up in Maine hey pat I don't. Bring got wiped out gone. AI I don't know but I you could be brought the whole undeveloped front gate each side it did it roll back Al what is the last two years. On our I've no idea that he so he's to blame for that same school time all the while these dads exactly. Now yet the blame for this school but he's been enrolled there. Altec got OK so you can be it role would you're not actually physically there prior to getting there okay are either got such pact I think at this stage site. If not not that you know Gary Payton is almost like just sort of fulfilled what I RD thought we're LeBron was going but I put. If dealing sports it was legalized in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts I put all law and the lakers getting LeBron right now. No I agree review under the Saturday night. For him to go the late get that a body wanna get on the Celtics. No but you know he really it well now do I don't wanna see themselves analysts and on the sixers the earth so there's. Also this one story is the follow the Mercury news has this despite their pay is comments multiple sources from Sierra canyons athletic department. Have made it clear that nothing is official. So now we certainly throw it out the the fact he's been their yeah by the way I looked a couple other notes about it now. According to this website. He gained recruiting interest at the age of nine from Ohio State head coach Thad mod as well Kentucky head coach John Kalla paralyze you to you do cal powers in Libya is not his god father. From. NBA point guard Chris Paul and visually both though between wade. Well he's got he's got more than 10 that's true so anyway also has a younger brother named Bryce a younger sister named Missouri. CH URI Oca. I don't know. He's he's got that back he's keeps going to Sierra canyon school you can tell it's not official OK and has yet to set foot on campus at LeBron said hey nobody say anything and I got contracts to negotiate here is headed for a paid. That's let's keep this on the down low. That's where is don't. Yeah he's put out its own any man have his godfather there whilom Chris Paul who's a free agent of Houston could also go to L Larry said family stuff. Am now would be fairly stuff in there have been in a boat to get it didn't get closer than you really can I mean when you now Tony waiting Chris Paul on the video and oh yeah I don't union that that that's a bonding no she wasn't on this one she was out and throughout. Noted all it was two on their run around it was no. Chris Paul and LeBron plus whatever I Nebraska it's a I'm Danny's a New Hampshire hey getting paid on. We are to grab yourself doing great. I ever worn in platinum but it would work to bring up raunchy. Which I want you to know I'm not a formal. Oakland player to elect him here. But if we were to Braylon Edwards talking about we would have to dump their reward or maybe trade Gordon Hayward. Why not just give it curry and Irving LeBron James. They make out because that gets 75 years younger wood over the years. We upper arm but I personally don't fall apart at all. And anyone who didn't want to try to figure a way to get a new Google long. I don't want to but everybody entry about. Always knew your arm. Gordon Hayward leptin dark side backer map out the end racing toward viewer of the more diversity Tyreke is Tyree LeBron are gonna play together. The congress who beat you they don't want to go to Agnes and every senate. Yeah. I won't and did not do any easily makes good moves. Not only has always sounds like you're on the portrayed and a little spark for the most part. Nobody had mentioned that I just wanted to bring literally everybody has to you thanks for the call yeah. Nobody has mentioned carrier be gone who's mentioned now who's ever said that there put together that would never codes it would never happen that wouldn't happen like LeBron to the Celtics. Isn't as outrageous as may do we a couple of years ago what do. The fact that he carried put together now that the opposite which is that hence the reason why I think that high re insert those questions on the New York Times interview the week he did I I think he's probably wasn't too. Happy with the fact that the Celtics would even talk to the broad and so does just happens would like to see if that they have a meeting or that there's nothing there yet obviously the warriors and the Celtics could be linked there because those are the only two teams that LeBron goes to. And they are the favorite to win the whole thing. If you go anywhere else they're going to be good just to LeBron right but it's our who're your teammates are you still by the gold state probably not end. Are you still better than a healthy Celtics team maybe not again depending on what the rest of his teammates I think the whole the continued LeBron going to LA's contingent on. Paul George going your first if Paul George goes the lakers I think LeBron is a done deal I think because you key is gold there. They dip reigning government Alonso ball Kyl who's most going to be no unsure what he's doing now is he's talking to Magic Johnson yes as you say are what's the deal who are we getting right let's let's put this together right who added it's got and have to be two other guys. If he knows one other really good player ties to the time of really good in those kind of opened down. Technology so far and particularly in the final in Eastern Conference that you get into the final if LeBron is good as he is taking pitches a game in the finals if the next best team loses their two best players and then you get to the finals you get waxed in four games so that's what can they could do for you. So for the last he might play another five years he's he's a freak. He's not gonna waste any of them which is one other star player keynote when he went to Miami it was two guys when you are back to Cleveland it was two guys it was supposed to be for that whole run than Tyreke. Smart as the kids got out there for LeBron left Cleveland my question is this we always Wear won't talk to Paul George Chris Paul. Without Russell Westbrook. And where he could because as you know he won it he's in a no win situation there. Obviously the big thing the smaller this morning a bogey he was out wall Russell Westbrook was was singing. That Salim. That is that is that they were breaking this down today. Stone Temple Pilots from down now ice cube yes they were no doubt Vasily no no hassle at bats in this track of all time Nelson Ozzie they're that he had at least he put out a video of him singing this death and they are breaking down the lyrics but lyrics are aggressive. And another thing a what does this mean so that's what we're at now. It's like it's like I'll ghostly eyes him OG and Russell Westbrook singing know that signal massively. Which did not like what 89. It's about an ideologue around that time after you did this size that is in place that. No no Ross your object instrument about all of yeah there's something inside he's event a lot of stuff there and yeah it really like it's you know like this. Of the no Vasily an hour now I don't read it rips them because it is said the cat could make it right they are I replied that's an edited if they know Vasily I want that no anti semantic. Yeah only you don't want that there's other things you can't try and say yeah I'll amend bombs on there I'm sure but it's it was treatments yeah that was. While Russell was loses its NWA. Matter of not ice cube also left a tall rough on us but all over the star Carmelo or Paul George maybe boo maybe that's who is soccer today. A canoe out of easy. Doctor gray in this case a yell and yeah. A Patsy Ramsey red. The DOC yeah exactly whose preferred to have. In Jerry there there are a lawyer Jerry and Mike he's in Northampton name Mikey. Wondered at all yet and so you're you're you're right you had admitted to the asked to sign after this season to make more money. Cool and make my victory to take it lacked that Mikey if you unplug some good blogs on the right now let's go on a Northampton it unveiled avid art Amman on call or object. Summer school what are so reluctant Mikey you're right I'm glad. But he was right there is more money to be had. That is very confusing it's it's it's going to be a headache but it's all about percentage of the capital also nonsense much what the Max they can offer and all the different percentages so. Bottom line. He plays this year opts out which we all expect them to do sizing five year Max deal with the Celtics. He can make a lot more money than he did it now so supposedly. This was his own little distracting Katie. They Kenderick. That the lines and I'm I'm being careful about what I brief here click on also this is the terrain looking like straight bozos I saw it coming that's why I went solo. Yeah Paul George in Kosovo Albanian team Friday what on earth are talking about UH yeah. I don't know if you have a super team that didn't work out anything yeah as a boss. There's there's a Charles Barkley rockets and you didn't go right all of the rant left you yeah he left you solo. But I. This track print on what you are saying I would better Alonso vaults as though so awful. On those aren't up here with you active weaker against cal comes. It is obvious that no Vasily talk certain. 900. He's trying to do. The better player than he has right now. Have you ever basketball player that he logs of all get a better season he is same team media university Utah in had a player get hurt like Al rookie. Back who's who's better and I look good Byrne about the work out pictured above with I don't want. Odds are never easy and Jim yeah I'm sure Magic Johnson rob legal love when players are releasing district right now the longing for the days of the dry ice nature De'Angelo Russell. I don't know if it yeah without NBA ticket agent in these guys more rings and they all cash up Pachulia scattering eight play 49 miles seconds in the five. I'll sorry I report ranks second for all of that day I met the rigorous afterwards about the raids before and doing for instance the warriors had theirs the capitals had theirs but the warriors you remember earlier in the season when LeBron James was. You know pitching a fit in sub tweeting everybody Andy have Arthur finished I think they'll we set a whole day talking about the Arthur fist and we like to acknowledge that was mood right of the art of the cartoon fist and that it's a Grammy that mood. Trademark green today at the parade was wearing a shirt. With the Arthur fist and had three. Rings on loving and cry at the food. They're good at all 1517. And eighteen on Yahoo! also has the right but we all against LeBron better than the one last year where you were the one would like to Quicken Loans Arena he antiquity. And that was that delegates so today was really that that was today it was incredible that go back months from when he did that are professed that. Good to have a war mongering quick work by grandma you know six months out my pastor and oh yeah. Normally do this initially to feel obligated. Well what Cisco well what I'm gonna and everything that we from our president. Okay. Two minutes ago David Field. That. That's doing what I care I don't follow him on Cutler. Our our president Toledo two minutes ago any kind of knew this was coming event. Robert pinheiro. A very low IQ individual. Avoid has received too many shots to the head by real boxers in movies who who I watched him last night and truly believe he may be punch drunk. I guess he doesn't realize the economy is the best it's ever been with employment being at an all time high at many companies pouring back in our art into our country wake up punchy. An excellent point oh yeah at night and how boxing moves and Robert De Niro in raging bull and and I think that's it a long time ago he doesn't want to be some effects by the way I have heard about Robert De Niro though I heard he's one of those guys to be wrong. Boys guys that if he had a script problem he's brilliant. And if he doesn't have a hard time you have a conversation notes that forever you yes that's who I don't know that actual nugget I got there are such good actors they're so used to it character. That they don't even know who they are as great as he was and is the young Vito Corleone in godfather part two is very good. I love Jimmy Conway that could feel some locker room I mean that was just like awesome when he went straight bore you with the foam core. And if you every body because. I gotcha yeah. Almighty good good thousands of them yet but that he got you know we're talking about you have Dennis Rodman. On CNN last night and the idea of them the president attacked Robert dinero on Twitter and and as he took it could eat it too many shots today that from real boxers Sonji now. Rich people's crime oh just forty pounds and it elegantly is enough did you guys ever see the movie Koppel and yes and I he said it had no idea area it had to hero yet had our Harvey Keitel right. Cathy Moriarty who played Roberts murals wife and raging bull played Hargitay tells life cop drama that was like I don't know it was like. Now so he did cal loses mind. The hero ads on. I'm now in a lot better quality is totally shot they had from real Obama bully the count I believe in 1980. Bright sometimes there's a delayed. That's not untrue and I Justin's up a New Hampshire hey Justin. They got. Didn't show everything had been injured done simply become GM and president about operation. And it seemed pretty master ball systematic. And so I really don't have any here they'll actually personal Iran. I'd personally would have. No interest whatsoever and having no bronze joke on the spot then toward the people like Victor green and eat it dot com all the antics. Yet to come with a pregame antics of prime those looking to make sure that camera bottom I think it would negatively effect Jason data and Jalen brown. Development. In a major way as big an injustice to elect Brad even shown. He can do quit the team that he has been out the course bare plywood lumber futures to bring it guy and he could follow me. But right now I don't want it at all and then you know -- that easily this will be the third time he has left the team raided a third time's a delve in Cleveland Dell Miami's at a bail on Cleveland again he's gonna sign mourn those one year deals are right because he's no law you can get the the super backed Steele he's not gonna at this stage of his career. Commit to a team for five or four years and another teen Zack and do that. So it's a one year deal. Analysts say things don't go his way about your dot using sailor will play a crisp also morals or oppose somebody also the only reason that I would have even considered it was if carrier ring wanted to. He's gonna opt out after next year which was that the narrative going on around here. While that I'm taken al-Qaeda changes everything here. But that's not case yet I don't think it is LeBron is a ring chasing gold digger and I don't want any part of moment I'm glad we deal put that that that Twitter pull up their own deal he Arnold Twitter handle. The 60% of New England state fans. Agreed with a ski because like if you talk about the one thing that could in. Hot market Smart when he fifteen Terry or is your Tony sixteen Sheila brown 2017 Jason Tatum. No you don't need a broad Milwaukee Toronto. Ought Washington Wizards. Boston Celtics don't need a broad you're just added three places he wouldn't even consulted unsteady and now that's been me in other even needs of because. Yeah who knows what's gonna happen all of the tourney teams need. A typical thing the boss doesn't exactly the only teams and we got a five wood based on what they had to not a matter of fact it's been in. Oh that's like you're hiring Irving that you could get away from this guy and you find your employer's pocket and out affluent away Greg's own self. On May Greg. And it caught all right let's not. It was a you go to Golden State are all or how old is remind LA. Acre Greg Greg by the way it'd just have been down the featured just triple a salary cap today we not know about it if you have got to play for free dinner out enough. He's go to the lakers Craig he's totally. How do I go and how an area are they gonna do that it would be whole areas in two of the goals on odd series right I'll probably do that yeah. I. They are from a contract and wait around that and got us soggy grass and oh yeah I've got out there I'm name dale still. But they break your meticulous description is just it's it's awe inspiring you right. Yet I gravity I see ya know I think he asked if we minded I think yes like I don't. I don't know Ginny bus filled accident Chuck Daly editor of any better off. Of battlegrounds of the pearl because it might have been the other Eddie better although he I don't know what that the ball. So it was so I think they've while leave the whole thing. Yeah wherever you want to have. Had OK so I talked to some people don't wound here I think some people announced yet quiet better let me ask don't. Oh good or about it but I would ask you something else but thanks somebody if you wanna back and go ahead and somebody. It's not so what is it you don't. All the computer does that still stood but we don't press one Bruno both through all the guys at what it would mean North Korea. Bit odd of they can Chuck Daly a ticket Phil Jackson individually plus plus they get you know did you love listen to get any credit reports that everybody is supported me what ought to all these things. So we'll take my kids today they still worry about all season is always have gone up and down they still would mean you know. Does what they do about it may edit it and plus you know what alternatives does a plot point park mall it's. Ordinary I gotcha yeah I got I've got I've Larranaga and they're at is that enough access to what I think that they're not going to I think all the people who treat you at EST sequence of events don't think pot points an opinion of the flight over here at the T shirt at bat that I want other offers several days no way to pay for my room because of where the city closes word on just I don't I don't have a good answer actually room by the way we missed grudge match. Dinero will be with Stallone. Grudge mantle we it and punched in the head Nat Soledad you want on all I know you and how it all here now that's true yet Al Rocky Balboa dale. So the next year the golds it warriors have stuff curry and a contract for 37 million their Klay Thompson for just under nineteen different mongering for over seventeen. Andre Iguodala for sixteen their Shaun Livingston for eight that doesn't include Kevin Durant is likely us out of thirty million dollar deal after them rookie deals giving guys like you know bell and Jones and Coke so. They don't know how odd why she lords often stared at that like but I know that in some people's minds to cap is crap and you can just. Fudge your got talent and a the FDA you got your work cut out for the Arab bring guys in like that. You can you can move numbers around but now that unless he plays for the veteran minimum. He's not going there it's just an ethernet and I don't blow it up though they're not gonna say oh wait very among green on three dollar and get ready you guys bring in the broad. Because yeah on the one hand you're you're more talented that way. But you've won three out of four titles and went back to back with this group censoring is joined he's so they're not doing. Anything I wasn't surprised that you know New England being you know obviously I think that this is the number what sports town in the world that I think we have the Smart sports fans. I'm surprised that deal Arnold's hole on Twitter you just keep wanna go back to the. A long period of my god I can't already I don't know I don't oh well I. I what I was surprised at 40% actually. Here now they're fat fingers and into the wrong but OK okay well I think it you know what we've got to do quick rate that maybe you could bring it up on the other side and that's because we did the Ford powered I didn't really our power to winless without LeBron is the monster. Could you maybe one more traffic arriving at a daily on a lot of what are Anderson we have keeper Matt instead we shared it I never know what they're about you definitely have yet predict this month it's not about poop then. And all of.