Dale & Keefe - LaVar Ball's dreams are going up in flames; Andy and Greg don't like the Williams pick for the Celtics; Bruins in contention for free agent forward Ilya Kovalchuck

Dale & Keefe
Friday, June 22nd
Hour 2: Dale, Dickerson, and Hart discuss the misfortunes of LiAngelo Ball, Lonzo Ball’s future with the Los Angeles Lakers, and the reputation of LaVar Ball and his Big Baller Brand. Also in discussed in this hour, the Bruins meeting with the agent of Ilya Kovalchuk, looking at the Rick Nash deal in retrospect, and the wayward weiner of the Philly Phanatic

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Yeah yeah. Feeling heat Sports Radio W the average is off to a long weekend and be part patriots football weekly is in the house. I'm Greg Dickerson is with us as well up by the way. Guess that in the long run things probably aren't gonna end well. With the ball planned in the NBA I just read the story here on USA today about the debut of the big ball early grew junior basketball so whatever it is so last night have treated and get drafted. Evidently the LA lakers who worked out Lee Angelo ball league also worked out for the warriors didn't get drafted. The lakers reportedly informed Lee Angelo last night that they would not be inviting him. Two operatives to pay with their summer league team. They have his brother ones those on the team. But he's got a father's name Lavar who's a bit of a problem a a source a Laker source told Ramona shelled burn last night. That they tried to make this strictly a basketball decision. But ultimately. It comes down to more than that so in other words the Lavar ball factor is Rio. They don't want anything to do with this guy. He's gonna screw things up for all three kids and this is the worst. We Angeles Dallas he's our whole dollar thought it was all the kids don't plan is the one on my whom nine yen the highest highs to the next right now it is like after thought Danny DeVito he wasn't even invited was even considered. For a geely team right I'll be surprised if he even gets on to an NBA summer to he had to take these kids in Europe to find a place for him to play. And welcome back weary average like twelve points to blame a coach he had so. Just this Lavar ball thing is it looks nice and well now supposedly. I really started well nevermind not gonna runway right. But supposedly the lakers are already trying to get out from under long so ball first round pick a year ago. Lottery pick a year ago on their party is that what I had everybody re he was a member if you remember last journal your loser like I am and you want to the summer league games no big work. I had a lot. All right let's say hello to it. They were packing Thomas and Mack it was selling out Thomas and Mack arena 171008. UNLV for some early games. In which long zobel was playing with much of a phenomenon but at least he's talent. He's totality of the injury problems in what he was a shot polish and shoot around a fire. But he was it was easy and a parent as a delegate count actually but I just. It's some point in time trying to listen when we're on our early twenties we all look at our parents is God's you do even sometimes when you're older than Matt. And you list your parents matter what they say but at some point in time if you're long's a bull in your old enough that you can say. GAAP what do you do when news grew one and out right warming I can't listen to you anymore I can't you know I'm not gonna disassociate myself with you but. You know I don't move on from well so far I now it's reaching the point where media it is. Beginning to be a detriment to him but he went what to. Yes he went to overall in the NBA draft. And screwed up yet right you can only one spot higher than that except a year later than the lakers and let's not get out from now it might be the time where you say data and you know work you get media UCLA you got me in the lakers. Now it's time you need to step away. And I just. I wanna know more about the big ball brand I really do correct advertisement but about the 500 dollars sneakers the what they have recently ruled that was like some ridiculous amount of money Euro or sweat suit this seem like a con job yes. Well I don't know about no all I just think that he thinks dot much of himself but hope it. I wanna sales number. You mentioned that in the last night at the all what did you buy some of you know I thought I remember what I actually have a good friend. Who outfitted himself in his son with a big ball or brain T shirt. I've met this Scioscia and the teacher was probably a hundred bucks for them well last night everything is inflated last night at the junior basketball association's believed it looked or is wrong yeah the bald cells Europe a boatload every single team by the way what their nickname. Big ball just a big ball plus you'll be able. And it is one person. Fit dealt Martinez. Eight that's what he did last night drove 98 minutes to get to Ontario California. To get the game paid. 99. Dollars for courtside seat I don't know what he bought the big Boller brand soc which are ten dollars at the concession stand but. Those of the scary kind of people that we're talking about go to be and why. What are you. Wouldn't see why you why I thought that I have so many questions and I'll start at W. But what do you do. I just I'd like to see sales numbers you know actual. 'cause he feels like a con a pyramid scheme you know that there's just nothing there I wondered if people re gonna get the shoes I want it out while I was off in record it took so long I'll ask the others have they sold how many balls have they sold because the ball Wilson Spalding put out the official ball and it's like. Something 600 dollars debated will be using games and you could buy it at the arena buying all this overpriced crap. Obviously issues are awful 33 year old Fidel Martinez. Why mine I I don't know I don't know might get some might money might my good friend mark and his son I don't know why. At march aren't they want to sway me marketing Smart intelligent I don't think ray yeah it's great fought well you can impart I have questioned judge people by their chins and went my actions he's really great person and I loved apple like to question his intelligence gaps. It in the teacher or at least I guess a kid goes to school and it's you know bragging rights it's a little the LU that the ball well. But I just the whole thing seems like just a house of cards ready to come toppling down that no one cares about. Well this whole summer and it seems that that magic Johnson's you know secret desire here is obviously. We're gonna get LeBron. We're gonna get Chris Paul we're gonna get somebody where we're gonna put together a super team here for the lakers. And their stories out there that the last thing LeBron wants is anything to do with low bar or lawns or anybody named ball including Lucille but you know well the first thing that. All wants to be attached the overall well I already knows all of brand LeBron ballots elect supposedly. That's one of the reasons the lakers are looking to get out from under this guy. Is because they think if they want a lure LeBron there. We gotta get disassociated. With the the ball plan for you heard the reports a couple of weeks ago before the before the phone call the conversation between now San Antonio on the lakers and San Antonio was like now we don't wanna talk to you at all or not we're not dealing polite letter to you but a couple of weeks ago there was a report. Saying that San Antonio had zero interest in long Opel but it wasn't even a discussion. I don't know but it now this guy along. He's a reasonably talented NBA player yes these flawed in many ways in my opinion but you know he's a piece of NBA player. But I think 13% and one nothing to do with this guy because that guy commands are they. What lakers think was going to happen. What do you think was going to happen they thought that long zobel was going to be such a good or such a great dynamic player. That that would overshadow his father and he's a good player he's. Chrysler's 88 but it whatever and overshadow the father the father is around a layoff you've convinced like best of goal like. Unless you can and and I don't. I can't understand they thought they were gonna do the lakers have done their best to disassociate themselves or. Porsche longs noble a well fought all the way things like. Not allowing immediate inner striking him but he did low hanging a barge in an interview last night for TM CI you knew this was gonna happen. He's saying the lakers are about to make the biggest mistake they've ever made if they trade away their help it they did that last year. They hold Lee did. You you've got what you knew you were going to get. Again I don't blame Lavar ball once a ball there the same as are they where I don't think what you know as advertised I don't blame why do you don't know I don't. I don't play in the lakers it looks like a duck and walks like a duck and quacks like a bucket to adopt the lakers desperately needed talent where they were last year and beautiful native went where there's a home he went three he went great so there's talent and don't even better than Lavar. The law hindsight being 280. Until ball is the lakers showtime it's magic they wanted the sure they don't wanna assert the race. Yes and your job you you major bet I did it they thought you thought you deserved it not long zobel was going to overshadow anything that affordable brought the valuable now that he's not sure we all knew that wasn't gonna happen right. When I think a lot of people that I wouldn't touch secular ten foot pole because my father. While I write instead at the time. Assuming that let's say that the lakers took Jason Tatum. I said I don't do any wants anything to do with long's old ball or Lavar ball I couldn't agree pictured Danny in the celtics'. Even contemplating taken out of that conversation guarantee. Sedans are talking like. You were dumped you made a dumb decision had yet to do that here's the thing. You'll always find somebody. As dawn if not dumber than you in a professional sports that's probably the lakers we rule find somebody they really wanna deal. They will find somebody BBA get 75 cents on the dollar form but they will find somebody who says. I don't want we are in dire need of talent where the and then what I don't magic man we need talents to its talented it. Then that team look for 65 cents on the dollar and and and exactly 55 cents on the dollar and his name is Dwight how order these other guys just bounce around in teams think they can. Fix change whatever the royals right. At some point there won't look at that that the awful. Thing is apparently for the kid that he so all feeling I'd actually that you feel that it could he go one guy who I actually feel bad apple he seems like it could be. Well put together but at what point does he have to take some responsibility and say I'm an adult it's my career it's my life. Dad get the hell out if that's a hard thing to do not and I and I had no idea that it gets stuck now. You see it in who Lindsay Lohan and some of these musicians that have to just say no you're out it's not working in the dude this is my career my life I need to do your crazy I'm crazy let's just go our separate ways and it's hard I can imagine it's hard and I know you know well as hard. To watch your career it on the circuit yeah well. He's right now it's good to have gone all the way he's got a big giant contract he's got money so well jacket he was drafted he hasn't lost that was the next contract come in front. How big dog I believe with the waning. That's a lot of guys plated Turkey Lithuania I would I will say last night but Melo. Forty points leading the Los Angeles bowlers to weigh 131. Point four win over the always typical New York apple like he's the wanna scored 92 points Arnold will gain a little mellow with the and he's the parents expect athletes you'll run he's the kid is a ball 92 the trouble now now they're all. Supposedly. He's headed for UCLA too but at what no it can't. He can't he can't tell guys like Erica gallery of art not that that's night dad to Canada care battles are about college education that's funny that's why can be a Boller. And you big LA Boller. Labels are eligible I'm not sure where Lee Angelos blindly you also it's more like at a morning Boller. I don't believe the people's brains beat in the morning wildly I got shot callers the of the little bowlers. Will there be a junior junior basketball Scioscia and assimilate all sorts like the Buick. Is this the worst is this the worst radio show I don't look at this the worst parent of an athlete's sense Tod Moran at marina which is that that's a name comes out that's close. That you know when you when you're like almost. Physically and verbally abusive when Bradley your child or who your breeding the child right on the go in the room which is worse then yes. At least at least bowl on global seems like a good kid and a good person. And he's an outstanding player Greg up via. Number two wolf OPEC and we don't know that he has a drug problem or anything like that need our non golf thought bad remember Beatty Hercules. Did that was like she active was on all of TV show in the I was pumping steroids until like a seven your world. Back I was pretty bad I remember it would not be Hercules importantly guitars and maybe. The kid had a long hair yeah in two was Jack and and outlook outlook is like Lou for a rate probably was a man's body yet agent 'cause the guy was injecting him with steroids. Back I pretty had high on the Baghdad list or what I'm doing and accept all the gap area. Know what age by the way would it be OK Greg just rhetoric. And is OK eleven note to self Alexa cancel that's got around the steroid delivery for you're not you're always GH and your instincts. Today. 3 perfect Paula brand found an article in the LA times. From this past January. The Chino, California company responsible for screen printing in embroidering. The big brawler Boller brand hats T shirts and other high priced apparel. Wasn't paid. They filed a breach of contract lawsuit in San Bernardino County superior court. The the brand sad when it came time to make payments they kind of bailed. We tried for about three months they said they would make payment about seven times. They kept pushing it backing kept pushing it back so they filed a lawsuit in November this was last November to try to get their money. Then the Better Business Bureau warn consumers about patronizing big Boller brand giving it an F rating. Saying it received numerous complaints about problems with orders. The problems including orders not being received shipments stopped being made in a timely manner and in in and an inability to get refunds. So the Better Business Bureau gave big Boller Brandon asked the company that basically pre installed but I price T shirts and hats again and. And asked for the stuff to com. There's nothing there that Fidel Martinez from Southern California age 33 in your 99 dollar courtside seats about your body. On my body on a T shirt. And went home to the teacher says slap them or so disgusted with them I didn't even bother to ask some. It will blow like this thing. We all do dumb things. I'm sure even as adults wield in stupid as a whole industry infomercials and stuff of people buck and the boat with a hole in the middle but yeah. The blacks and again we all are all flex is going to be real now the new one the flex glue where you can pick up eight billion pounds by just put it together it doesn't even after Dreyer and they do an underwater. They wouldn't MSNBC. Your NBC sports Boston would not run that infomercial. 47 times a day if it were not true it's their better business. That I. Let's let's go back to last night's draft for the Celtics and Robert Williams the third. Is once said that the pistons nameless. So I'm guessing on the back of his Jersey it's gonna say Williams. Not that you know slash slash slash OC anniversary ball is doing any good column ball 00. But anyway yeah. You talked about conflicting opinions right. And an expert I rely on experts that's why you're here. We'll let you so much. But I rely on the radio delta and I don't pretend that the first it was Greg and then you what I mean and I expert I think you ought what did you what. Draft the info NBA got a lot. He would be just as valid as an expert has some of the experts yet so the Celtics go out and they pick this guy 27 overall. And we said it seemed to be a whole lot of folks out there who thought this was a great pick. Maybe not everybody agreed involved. And it really keep point 85 Mike Schmidt served when he's motivated. And he's got to be motivated to play every night if if Boston does take them. You would think that Robert Williams would be motivated to fitted to a team that's Eastern Conference finals as a chance to compete for an NBA championship when healthy. Because he has athletically. He's top five in this draft there's no question about it are you reminds me a little bit of another Texas and got much support you know very Jordan through the second round draft pick. No offense a game. But but he could run the floor he can block shots protect the rim and he did finish plays. I'd seen him so I covered some of his camp some warts. You might say that's one opinion but upon NBA future NBA hall of Famer what would he thanked them. He does one thing that nobody don't know on the subject to due he's aloft through it and he gets he gets vertical relief vessels just massive have been. Hard week from a typical roller Gordon Hayward or savings and heavy metal bathroom where guys. Passed to stay home. And made it opens up a lot of different things on the floor they like Mike Smith says it's a home we'll play if you're the boss so. A lob. Thought yes they they can't say that is our best I've ever heard Bob catcher opera racked up. There is a handful of write I play and I have to I I stand by I view or feet under the basket and I still I mean there's other guys they can't get low or athletically that it. But he future's going up and there's a big ball in your face that you just put to him I mean that's a lot of JaJuan Johnson couldn't I just want them. Don't like to thank them they've declined. Jobs right now and that I don't even the worst of the bill there was another. Art in there somewhere when I was listening. Weary just flat out wasn't listening to the bills and he just goes on he goes on this energy thing or something and I. I actually liked and they turn into an actual debate you have differing opinions and you legitimately feel like. That guy said something that I don't think that's true I think this kid gives effort I I pinkie. Then say had a natural what you think that was actually the towel with Johnson culture. ESPN production of the lottery. And then the has not been good. Some of these guys they're using are just not very good they're not TV ready I don't daughters Heidi Collins senator I know Chauncey Billups is on and their flagship MBA program but. I don't understand why he's comments yet I don't really care for him. He's not he's OK that'll do it he brings. Person now I'd rather hear really I'd rather normal biased here but a reputable peers I think Paul Pierce. Would have a better handle on a college game at least. Every I checked but he's. He is a college basketball watcher and I think he would have a better handle the Johnson bills. But it would now we're just left us to assess who would we believe. Budget bills. And dale is we all know very well. Any time a un motivated college player in any sport signs a professional contract worth millions they become very motivated. Well especially right pat and the hole in one of the stories was you know very pour upbringing and mother. And grandmother died mother had to take care of the grandmother for she died to lost her job no money tears and they were sort of emphasizing he stayed in school one more year ago we couldn't make Tenet cashed in last year waited this year to cash in but she's never gonna work again and this is. There's a whole story there that don't feel great about it it. On one level it's nice yes he wants to provide for his mother's hometown boy does he really like leaving home town what but I need you to be a big city boy now right he'd come to Boston blew the big boys now I don't know if that's what idiots you know what you'd do you couldn't be motivated for. 35 games in college wrestler and your plea to the NBA and by the way those 35 games will allow you to get to play 82 later on for a whole bunch of money. Right would that be motivation and our. If you are better you make more money that's what you've got the talent you could have been number and has both the number 27 and I'm I had an athlete Jean-Gilles ten makes a lot more and right when he's out. And that was and then some of the specifics that he talked about when going back I was reading quotes about. He wanted to prove that he wasn't just an athlete who runs the floor new promo law he wanted to prove I can start the break I'm a passer. I can hit the three from the corner we know he never proved that was a two for water well that's a lot all that's a lie basically he went back to school last year to improve as props and had dinner at the opera and he was going to be a lottery pick last year. Now the 27 this year. And that was negative right now by the way it's the right from the biggest steel in the draft last night to now we're saying. Do you Turkey two years know what's the answer for you oh is that he got bounced around between a couple of NBA teams. Geely human finally go to federal included in and prayed in two years and then be out of the NBA and for why he will be a throwing you. And you don't want I'd I'd also the same thing the ice at this art. It's it's a great pick now yeah because you swing for the fences you'd try to 27 to go for the guy with the highest upside at a much especially. Especially with the kind of team that you have now. Creating unity and anybody running any two guys to get healthy. Three years from now I don't think it will be a home run in and by the way it is real and line up but they've also got a hold on to pick still common. It takes and got other guys are relatively happy they could theoretically a 41 round picks next year there you don't need them and I was real last night and I. Don't sense to me the last week all the stories of on a move up to the top by the wanna get into the top ten and they want to look good don't you don't future. Whoever else mount it never really did they want the mom but not necessarily the play a critical lots Anthony. Because I mean isn't this a young team to begin with what the hell do you want another. Nineteen to one year old kid Arnold mumble don't you wanna take older. Don't wanna old don't you wanna say okay. I got up the kids and somebody that emit the late wanna missile defense thing is a four year college player anymore is there I don't think there are you know for everybody agrees talent gap and he went on picks before you and I wanted no part of him. That's a pig and back she had this argument you he wanted to know I love now. Wanted him. He hates sportsmanship that's the perfect key player the guys that dang are we started he went to Utah but the plot like that the do you ever go to draw the the tripping to me was never as big an issue because I do think there's a lot of players that are right on that edge of our they scrappy. But if you remember on one of those win. He gets sent to the bench and should shut he's trying to talk to him and he was literally. Shaking crying having some sort of an attack might. Got issues. In terms of being under control and like there are some deep rooted as your critical beyond predicament he was better last year and he that he once he I want to be on you but you'll at a basketball thing he you're you don't which he he's he's not wired right I can't not write a tell you but he will be suspended in the NBA. I want or somebody's gonna beat the crap. An Italian jail. Yeah and great on grain on grounds of Magellan yes that's it that's a good I'll wait rent on greens are not where do they usually smaller version of dream on green but the dude can shoot. He did there's a difference and and I at that. The equation I used yesterday was Brad marsh and and Graeme on green. They are both Netflix at times they do incredibly stupid stuff there are also among the best players in their league so you put up with it. Race and Alice are going to be one of the best players in the league but there's I'm gonna put up good college basketball player yet but I did my highest level. Ten years ago for seniors are going Andy probably not a first round pick but in this day and age of the NBA with the shooting in the spreading the floor the first compact. Yeah I just think it ma it's a little bit light on a ball you know you're getting great mound there's going to be an issue. There will probably be multiple issues it would absolutely stunned me if he is not an issue at some point India. If there's not technical suspensions are you talking about kids get NBA talent but you know this other crap into hockey mask while not saying. Being. And instigate or router would have you wanna call and hockey is is part of hockey on somewhat of part of basketball to analyze and entering mongering is one that team a lot of things and help them win championships by being a whole it is you have to have a certain talent level you throw for teams to be willing to what I data grace and Allen does and he's a great team. He is a great team and I got to find out if if grace and Allen can be a great teenagers well don't know whether whether that duke players like this guy you know I don't I never heard otherwise that's right question I never heard otherwise. Never heard otherwise I don't know for sure I don't know if you would I think that some they would keep. People would any statement to your point that the warriors loved Raymond green I can tell you this the Bruins love Brad marsh. Every everybody loves the gas also an elite player that's that's what my point is accurately player put up a lot every team that employed Rasheed Wallace. Every team loved that. Everybody else. Rescuers say you looked in every sport has a member you know the whether it's Rodney Harrison or Cortland Finnegan are these guys that just seemed like totaled thinks they're always fighting getting a and then they find teams that won because they can play to see Donovan Mitchell reaction last night after it came off the stage came up the stage Donovan Mitchell just. Leapt into with arms basically gave huge was so happy. Being newest tricks. Did the crowd. Might expect to lie down I don't know if NHL practice tonight. There in Dallas any big. So they don't like the guy from Sweden. I've known advocate from whose job Obama owe people other than it does matter the Bruins at this moment don't have a first round pick couple Canadians. Might be a couple of Pineda. However Don Sweeney is hard at work today. He is one of Ford general managers. Meeting with a guy named JP Barry JP Barry is the agent for it you cobol chip. He Barry is meeting individually with Don Sweeney also the general managers from the LA kings. The San Jose Sharks and the Vegas golden knights. Don Sweeney has made it very clear they have sincere interest he wants to sign Ilya Kovalchuk. Apparently the interest is mutual. JP Barry is already narrowed it down to these four teams one of these four teams will end up with a 35 year old. Who last played in the NHL five years ago. And you want. I'm not sure I've heard you discuss its Nash or him well and end this guy will be shorter term and probably less money. So in that regard you know you should be he didn't play in the any chapel placement class but he have been playing cabinet in a night I think asked the question what. How well is he playing in the he HL and playing really well he walked yeah I like he's 35 he's not for a five. You know he left but when he left the New Jersey doubles he was a prolific scorer five years ago. He went over to Kate tell he's been you know point gain guy over there as well. Now is this the guy. But the Bruins see first ball. He's a right shot right wing that's what they're looking for he's a top two line guy. He can you know he can slot on one of those top two lines and and provide some. Some offensive part of big guys like 225 pounds and strong. Apparently not only to the Bruins want this guy sincerely. They're making a contract offered today there one of four teams that are making contract offer today. And they'll find out you know I I would think fairly soon if I'm if I'm Sweeney I almost wanna get an indication from JP Barry might change what I do tonight. You know JP Barry select I gotta be out for the Donny are united in this thing OK then I'm gonna go this direction. Now should I read anything into the three other teams being Western Conference West Coast teams. Because NIC initially the number of teams interest it was like in the teens. But a lot of number four so now we're down to four. Finalists or whatever you got called them. Did they pick three teams in the west as he wants to be out western I mean that me analyzing that temperature. I know I think that that what he's looking for at the age of 35 is you know an organization that it will pay him obviously but we'll get the chance to win. And I think he's made the determination that would skip base probably based on despite what happened this girl's and a cup finalist data back exactly sure that's that's that's here I don't I don't I don't disagree with you by the way and just saying you know he's looking at isn't accurate and Stanley Cup final this year. How bad are they going to be. Announced bite if if as you say it's between. Culture it would be culture or would be Rick Nash ash I would go away from Rick I would go local based on what I saw Matt. We act and would see a coach Lester and the money and last summer league basketball I imagine and I'm happy I KHL statistician if it's not that expensive you know it's only about seven rubles it's not a bad at all. I mean. Obviously you couldn't predict. Injury when you acquired Nash. I was all for giving up the first round pick up got to get our I had no issues that then so I can't clobbered Don Sweeney if he doesn't have a first round pick tonight we get are collapsing when you get that you couldn't predict he was gonna get a concussion. No I don't think there was anybody who complained about that no one everybody was all four because the Bruins were on Google for what it is easy to say now. Assuming that it stays the way it is Bruins don't have a first round pick tonight it's gonna be easy as they say. He had done that yet at a first round pick tonight well at the time they were going for and there are loaded with young talent that they analyze him. So I mean you're a little like the South Asian even if you drafted in the first outside it's not like this I'd better get up quick. We need nine year loaded with young talent dirty good team you were already considered a top contender for the Stanley Cup mean. Don't think you're in a must draft massage and Providence who couldn't write who could play in the NH I had on the veteran who you know five years and the lead. Hey Al what does not like he wasn't HL like the number one league in Russia right but what is that level compared to NHL. 88 and I understand it's not NHL it's. I think it's probably a chiller may be slightly above HLY. Eagles are behind that was another it was an a personal thing was a mob thing the united. Well Italy and I let let's. As he stepped away from a lot of money here body when he did guy. He had a long term and interminable contract in the NHL's Adnan maybe Lola morello just drove him out of the country and he was working for Lou in the doubles is the story there right I mean we don't know the coal. Store. Probably not interest. To work and I'm not a hockey that will be deals thing and exile since he signs of the Bruins and it comes on the ideal and keep showed that will be the first question that he passed in a column. It is number I don't have is a Russian heritage what area of the country proposed work over there he takes time and it is time international. But don't tell were on the air. I don't know that all of us play in aid to the mob make you come back to the case actuality I away from the NHL. Will Bruins fans be upset if if the Bruins big free agent signing this offseason is 35 year old in a vehicle tripped. Been playing minor league caliber hockey across the globe not a not a unlike other seasons now because I think most Bruins fans look at this team and say. Pretty good team and don't need a small piece here or there but I don't think browns fans are gonna be upset if that's there now marquee guy. And he certainly didn't York sort of painting it as if you use to make this signing panache is gone in either war. I don't think there was any affinity relief. Grown for her for Rick Nash in the time news here because I'm more disappointed in in the performance in the injury in the playoffs and every. And again you can't predict that but Pappas the facts of the fact he got right the reality is the hopes that came with the trade were not realized. It'll be interesting to see if Don Sweeney is able to. Move one of his high priced guys some of the hockey rumors out there is that the Bruins would be interested in moving away from David Backus. I even read that they're trying to see if there's a market for David Craig cheek Richard makes sense now that frees up a lot of money who. I hell would want is it too eager to three years to two years. Who can take two years in the acts while I agree on what the UI widgets said last summer when who's gonna take Matt olasky. Thank you gotta eat some of the deal all right but I mean I need to eat eats like he skates in mud I loved it when he signed David Backus a few years ago or a couple of years ago because they meet at a player like that but. And it was a it was what was a five year deal and at a five year deal and might have three left eye and I got a five year deal. But I mean I I look at that deal on exit could not ask for years he's just gonna be awful and I don't know overtake I'm sorry and distract a lot of bad pun headlines. No Backus. All right save that for rugby pay for patriots put. Anglia headline puns are fun and by the way I will headline did you read the did you do you get the show email the rundown now. I've looked at I had research. Like. The paper profit. Did you see the headline from the USA today others legitimate story. In a legitimate paper right USA today sure yeah hotels on Iraq for a time and illegitimate the patriot football weekly I don't think dollar air sorry for answers at all just not allowing just joke mr. brown sometimes they hurt they cut the I think they let somebody like me write this headline them. Philly fanatics wayward Wiener hits woman in face caused injury yeah I'd probably you ever been a quote from the dead is a lot. It just hit it just came out of nowhere and hard. This is what exactly for show Pratt. No that's what you rested for a show Brad I can show you didn't have to I I play I appreciate that I opened it used in print and highlight. Show prep. Wayward Wiener is now highlighted as is. It came out of nowhere and hard McVeigh told the guys on him. You know a little behind the cart. Dale you came across integrate and bow you know the lord's aussies in the terms and obviously we're Wiener. I say it I'm gonna be here you guys go on shows here till 1030 writing program away letter describing what had happened so you audio link to a story that you she would want leader read a prepared to talk about Andy yeah you're talking about the and that the articles really short the headline is happy article and the headline as and it's all really want an act of Howard Weiner hits woman in face. That's what you said me and if they can be put on the right and if I I saw the nice lady interviewed on TV. She's got black guy a unfortunate thing is she got their elders at all well and if you're. If you do the research and I don't know I'd say that but you know that she was already injured and the reason she couldn't catch or deflect the big Wiener. Is because. Should shoulder injury so she her normal reaction wasn't up to you know about the intelligence of getting a giant. Cannon to fire hot dogs now pretty cool but I think the one issue they may need to look into is it according to the story. To keep it intact. They wrapped the errant hot dog in duct tape. We'll also replicated. It kind of makes it a missile a project I didn't write this is not lost in Jakarta in the guy. Which to act as a came out of nowhere and hard will she be suing the Phillies for nine million dollars or I want the Red Sox make they told the station station she isn't planning to take any legal action or does the news report about this detectives are too she. To be here for thirty with a strange story involving the fanatic a hot dog and a head injury. On Monday between mascots got a free meal high into the stands with his iconic can then hitting the Montgomery County woman square in the face. You sentence I never thought I'd say but he thought a bun in a sausage couldn't really heard anyone frankly. Think again engineers are Bloomquist live in Plymouth meeting this afternoon to explain just what caused all this damaged serious injuries you Serra. Brian and trust me this is not like capping that they wanted to be known for knighted the Phillies game she hit right between the eyes. Off Dogg fired from the fanatics hot dandy in the room right. She got sent to the emergency room that's hit a message for other Phillies fans. And I never thought about the group could tired can McVeigh did. This and that both it's ironic here. McVeigh did get hurt by hot dog and to scan them nowhere and with lowered. And mine yet on Monday night McVeigh was seated behind home plate with a Philly fanatic started firing hot dogs real hot dogs into the stands. A longtime tradition just like in this YouTube video posted a Major League Baseball. The minded fanatics hot dogs are wrapped in duct tape and one landed squarely between McVeigh's eyes. And then next thing I know he's shooting that he shot it in our direction beach and the damn it Blake hit me like a ton of bricks. My glasses flew blue jays. Catcher allotted a way because she isn't shouldering treat it require surgery in the coming days. That night she ended up in the emergency room to make sure she didn't suffer concussions. My doctor about that fact I know it's going to be. It's sore it's very sore McVeigh loves the Phillies and Atlanta take legal action but she does have a message for fans. So it could be aware you know could see never now. You know I mean he would shake rule that I understand the baseball. But not a MacBook. And then that's. She does understand the first story gets a few laughs it gives people a good laugh and if that makes somebody tackle and that's why it. There is Susie I understand baseball. But not a MacBook. I don't wayward Wiener I I I work hard I work with children Welsh. It's not object I spirit I by work with. You are carted like to blow all my parents are fun me Jamie Foxx get in trouble recent yes something similar and are not going to happen everywhere and it was like. My heart and pride yeah on how did you how did you ever come up with a plan of wrapping it in ducked out. How do you say we have caught it heavy. Like if unravel I think the value of the ripple not to take up exams plus doesn't either I just the clean hands off Luke warm that's the problem at the X accused shoe and adding duct tape to this why would anybody want it. It took daily okay denied a suspect he's like yeah that would make her answer I never thought I hot what could carry. She's hard to screen him too much. Dale anything in Baghdad and children and idea. Admitted it's funny I'm happy to bring joy to the world with her little instant for children like us. Right not making a good lap on Friday afternoon about a Weiner is cool front back. No I think they may help radio goal area as this money our fourth block India corrective its golden time that's true. Smile and yet she does understand her story gets a few laughs it's taking a good laugh and if that makes somebody tackle and that's why in the world needs more spotted me to all of you. And and she will be well and you are a humorless old boot up and there's no funding now you guys made me laugh more than her story.