Dale & Keefe - LeBron James is extra douchey while recalling  every turnover, but takes zero blame.Is 30 year old Michael Rotondo the biggest loser on the planet?

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, May 24th
Hour 4: The Money Hour begins with Dustin Pedroia coming back to the Red Sox lineup this weekend. Steve Kerr talks about the relationship between the players, coached and management in the NBA. Matt Light sounds off about the anthem protests. LeBron is back to reciting plays and talks about all of his turnovers in game 6, and Chris Mannix believes the Celtics best matchup in a perspective finals is the Golden State Warriors

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Yeah yeah. Fourth and final are failing to keep Sports Radio WEEI. As you heard Keith during trending out the award winning trending now thank you I thought that one was probably the best of the day nearly complete. Total trending now death Ian Browne who covers the Red Sox for MLB because he told you that Dustin Pedroia is going to be activated tomorrow right then there's a question about you know there's got to be corresponding move that doesn't sound like Bradley or Nunez snow out of Gaza on our conversation yesterday right Ian Brown covers the out the Red Sox for mlb.com. Says logical move is to either trade. Or DF paid Blake's wife Hart who was playing no role on this team whatsoever. What can you get any Blake's wife heart trade not a lot. Start the bidding right now just north of the FAA must third at a dollar and but he does the dollar to put a dollar but his overall point is valid I mean you're getting nothing. Now and so I even wondered why he was here they're not gonna run away from Bradley Lisa doesn't seem like that and Nunez chorus that he's healthy although sometimes when you watch and not so sure about. All those other guys are actually. Useful hints and then they let you stop exactly so. That for whatever reason they just do not want me give Blix wired a chance on the plate they'd like the other two guys that's in court told us a couple of weeks ago. So yes wire could the move some sure right now they're just. All over the phones trying to see if anybody wants YR or an Internet is doing today they won't do it today you do tomorrow when their activate the other question about Pedroia is where Willie hit in the in the batting order. He hit first or second. Betts and been intending air locked in there your I want it I know you want and at 99. I lead off I don't see a second and I could seem to like seventh may be ninth yes try to get somebody on the pond once in awhile and that's comes out that's why I think now you know he's sitting seventh that he set and after -- Bogart's devers and you know he can keep that inning going a little bit rather than going to the catcher's spot. And then to Bradley. But just the season that that's is having read it's insane what he's been he's been awesome east try to get up on two runs even in the leadoff spot I think he'd be driver and even more if you put some good Pedroia is probably gonna hit right around 300 get on base and a pretty good clip if you have him hitting right forum. Then those are gonna respond go higher. I'd of course the Celtics won last night 9683. They've taken a three games to two lead. In the best of 7 Eastern Conference finals game six tomorrow night in Cleveland against the cavaliers. Can I just say that that both of us were somewhat puzzled. By Thai lose post game comments our group that has to do with a whole idea of rotations and why didn't seem to find a spot for Kyle core over on the floor any more than he did. Well initially he's been put in always see him so basket pretax total matchup when he comes in the game lead in play him tonight so you know camera you know. Threw us for a loop but we got brought out two and a half minutes and a star before he was really goes so you know. So if they have a game they want to OK remember. While so little lot in their first ball used in the first of all I know polish allies not polish day writing about what wrong scatter report areas that in the pronunciation guide next to a but he was wrong that those weird also. Kyle Korver. Outplayed Jalen brown in game four if that's another there's another version there as well that's correct it's neither of those other two former. Blocked Jalen brown not once not twice. But the rice in game four that's insane how coarse things defensively. But he outplayed him and he was in double digits and who's knocking down threes in both games three and four. And the Celtics get out to a great first quarter they they make the change in the starting lineup. The first quarter was great it how corporate doesn't get off the bench the plane JR Smith who was brutal in Boston. Korver can't play because he's just waiting for semi old delay. Or are callable not bullish day all their oil whether or whatever and even says later rod. I don't know if he's bearing LeBron or he's giving LeBron learn excuse but he says. And LeBron he says he wasn't ready to go in the fourth quarter which he wanted to started to begin the fourth but he couldn't go. So on the one Ayers that on May be so tired but also the sounds like he he kind of Baghdad the first performance so you just knew that Brad Stevens was going to be asked post game. About the stuff the time Lucent. I who said that's in the ghostly now playing for the team you know two sisters that's applies not to play him. You know we've we believe in jamming and we think that he's a big huge part of our team and it would not be Jacques if he plays time for some games. No cause Portland until he wants now federal yeah. It was as garbage time or another shot while but it'll be issue that's as Brad just sort of critics is Stevens for not laughing when he heard a question and a way to that is that you know he he plays it pretty really well dead Danny Ferry that you don't you don't get to him very much no doubt at all and but he had to be cracking up he'd like I wouldn't let his arrows Warner went corporate and play and you're telling me it's because Sammy was on the Angel Shani shedding. OOG. All jealous holy day what's it about a badge that his quarters on the bench. So LeBron post game had to be asked about the of this year's Celtics team insist on in bother comparing and other Celtics teams. They can present and I think they're very well coached and well balanced. And retain and got a bunch of young guys. I was drafted very and draft a very high for a reason because they can do multiple things they can. Be aggressive offense really can defend they can they can shoot the football Florida may push themselves and for others and you know slow actually for this moment right now I don't. But the talk about the previous teams that play against you know off play against them about putting the championship. Boston Celtics came before him and you know away when that conditions and circumstances will slow but you know right now this is the president is teams is really good. There a precedent where locals are well balanced than. Yeah we like to challenge. Is that some of the green uniform that makes you wanna quit. Yeah it's quite a ten point are about 2010 for a moment you you're quipped that the and it seems like twice in this series you've also kind of but looking forward to next year perhaps in a different city. Western Conference final resumes tonight that's tied up with two wins apiece Houston Rockets Golden State Warriors. So the warriors had a shootaround earlier today. Their head coach Steve Kerr. Was asked about the whole idea of the National Anthem policy that the National Football League implemented yesterday and comparing it to what the NBA that's. Weeks. The I'm really proud. And and see that's the easier today than they did agree on is player he says players coaches management. They all feel like they're a partnership in the NBA. I don't think NFL players feel like during a partnership at all is as somebody pointed out yesterday there's there's something ironic. About. And and the implementation. Of a public policy based on a vote of NFL. Owners. Now now. I mean it that you could just see though the relation because there are there's basketball owners there's there's NHL owners there's Major League Baseball owners. But just all the relationships there seem to be a lot different in football. Maybe it's as simple as. It all the non guaranteed money or just that there's a lot you know going on here that the players' union and the association and all that stuff. Cairo weighs in too. Why you have this in the NFL and not in the other three major sports. One guy who also weighed in on this is the newly elected member of the patriots hall of fame newly minted member of the patriots all pain he'll be inducted. This coming fall patriots offensive lineman Matt Light. I'm disappointed that it happened the way it did I don't know a lot of guys in the locker room but I do know guys like Tedy Bruschi and Mike Vrabel Roman Phifer and then Anthony pleasant guys that I played with and guys have played a lot of football in this league that would have never taken that approach. They're smarter than that they know that by taking in need they are disrespect in this country. So Matt Light is one of those who feels that that's exactly what these protesters now via the patriots did do it once this year is pointed out. And I really do think it was Maureen and might wind at all and yet he was mad I think it was probably more in in response to the things that the president had said earlier in the week. And then that that was it bid that it was done out here. I just what bothers me is I can understand if you hate it if you don't like it. Rate really like if you're Matt Light for somebody else and you see a guy taken in need during the anthem and you don't like it. Ask yourself why are they doing it in for Sony people the answer is they hate the country that will. I think you're than that met the conversations and over present a chip leader disrespect in the military conversations over but that's not exactly what they're doing that's your viewing it why don't you wanna get their side of it and then there's. There's very little dialogue actually going on. I do wanna get to this one last thing here we've got a couple of cuts to bring it of this because we mentioned it yesterday on the air. That there was a yeah court case was in Syracuse, New York wearing a job on. A husband and wife. Had taken their son to court wants to get him to move out of the house around now I'll point out that the son is thirty years old. So young pup he was fighting in court they had served him with a number of eviction notices they've tried to get him to move out fiction the other hand and that's exactly their point I think the fact I saw so they had tape taken him to court in he represented himself. Out of the I in our code is and old doesn't seem happy to bark out an old nobody can represent himself which is his legal right shore and it. Probably is an indication of how good he was a represented himself that he lost he lost and the judge basically said you got a golf over one you can't that you can't keep limiting your folks based any appeal. I'm sure item he should appeal so so anyway TMZ got ahold of this of course I'm hard and and and thug now. The first question here I mean you got to be honest. You get taken to court by your parents yet they want you out of the house you represent yourself against your parents did they have representation or their present them they have a lawyer. And a lawyer is back on office so it kind of wonder what it's like right. What is it like now living in the house what was it like yesterday in the evening after the court hearing between you and your parents. So. Sustained. It really hasn't changed since I yesterday. Someone yesterday when it was like coming song and I sat. Owens it was the same room we didn't you know ma wouldn't coroner Tom. Sol. It's snobs. Out. So does he would talk to his parents now he just likes living there 'cause it doesn't cost him and rev theory doesn't pay rent. Ask how I awkward he does coverage I think he dies I I don't know I think if not how the Honolulu lawyer now it's not like yet maybe go to law school so you know it it it looked it would lead me wonder you probably wonder you know. What's that relationship like and you have any kind of a relationship with them. It's. Not really my. You do do you deal not only is just. Yeah trying to get an hour and a and then myself. Don't think he's he's an area that I should have so. Almost certainly without insulin. He's like the only thing we talked about as well about the Fed mice hamsters. Like. But in my warm farm. Teas body all wait it gets worse it's worse or or batter it depends on on your perspective on this whole thing hopefully sell. I wonder you probably wide bill what is parents are like. Do you think your parents are good people. Why do you say that. He doesn't make your parents are good people because they. Maybe at the age of thirty and the great words of Troy Brown dude you purity of the moment. He's thirty. Then he was yeah I'd the at. Yeah that's Roth president of sewer rat the you're thirty you're 37 the final question and and the obvious one you know. Where's this go from here. Will there be a relationship between you and your parents. To. It's a good luck Y two yeah I don't get that Rodgers move out that that's brutal. I can't really throw stones out of that home for awhile for counts those you know working in radio at zone is not a lot of green exactly pay the bills a little battle thirty dollars and moved or no way you import. And I had a kid who lived with us for a little while yet. Till it's got a job and now is right if it and end. But I mean not honest to god I I would come home from work I get out of work here at six yell at 7730. You know she'd had dinner. You know asking for it as you know she's she's doing stuff. She was she was a a useful meant I was sad when she moved to how bad is under. That's the way to do I mean this guy according to all reports he doesn't do anything front all the lawn because cookie doesn't clean my guess is as bong hits in the basement. I'm guessing that's most of his day. Video games for Ford and act in just in any pigs. He has no job. If I don't I'll out of the prospects are not great asked oh you'll see more of the night. The green and fixate on that three months he's gets up and up asleep I was apparent that he's got worried now than I do its work he's got enough and obviously. And a little my parents after college for about a year we mute the lower as seed money I right that's what but I got that honor if I wasn't going to clean house on a weekly basis and do chores to make it worth the while he writes. What's the problem. I don't have any money to pay rent while hugs and I think that that at the age of thirty he's supposed to stay Lebanon and mom and dad's basement yet we we say based on I don't know where's it could be in the attic they could be there. And and not to when he thing now not provide any thing I think sponge off his parents I don't know how old. They are but. I know inside is are there north of fifty writes probably yes and I saw I saw a picture of this gentleman dale and back to you know looks are the most important thing let's face it. Draper called me uglier earlier in the week and installed over that but anyway this gentlemen. If you're just travelers are exactly like you think exactly. Whatever would you heard this story that I thirty year old was. Going to court with his parents because they're trying to kick about these ads that look exactly he's not spending money on haircuts. No he's not one of those wild flower or shampoo least thrifty. He's threatening in that regard spoken went through ugly Lou we. He's an ally all that and everybody. I I am so thankful that DMZ got to this guy because I wanted to hear from them. Could be mitigated guess what certain they don't want a relationship with you now they don't Harvey Levin do in breaking himself out for this interview that you did that the somebody's idea or his room. Do you think Ross maybe reach out like I'd be the third hole spurt. He would you know I don't know if he's like you home through at least get them then you can hear from that we're doing speakerphone as you have lots to talk about before the throw everybody have more prominent you I didn't play against the ball because I just didn't realize that's for whatever name easy isn't. 617779793. Sevenths telephone number dale and keep Sports Radio WB. Physically how did you feel that it memorable figure that one Time Warner records duke. Do you think you look tired at all mainly lieutenants of me yes. But right now political home. And time. Well it's been pushing that team since the trade deadline armor and it's we have been seeing the effect that it on targets. Over. There's going to be fine political home during the week. Fatigue thing yeah weathered all this thing. Not a mission fatigue you. This morning and hum far. It's home I'm home. You're about it is when it's Time Warner gone were the case before it doesn't sleep that much during the collapse so busy thinking about everything he modeled loosely over. The big brain on brat I play well get Alley because he's up. And all the time he's reading as we now he's thinking about where is gonna be next year he's. Thinking about I was gonna manage the LA lakers salary cap he's he's he can't breasts and he's very very busy. Also that Andy is that a lot of great things in the years happened I've been here done better than that. Right there none better now he wants more LeBron more classical Rondell is that more close yet run so as we know he has the memory of an elephant and people remind us all the time about that he had six turnovers in the game. Last night now felt like sixteen bought it was really only six and he were counted all of them and I thought it's an interesting details that each one. I had to turn or you'll feel like you're just really. My first turnover that you I saw something happen and mark is it a good job markets more to the bridge every minute to definitive you pick at all. My secretary and over oh we're baseline lost lost my foot on Mars more snow turn over the couple of them one in transition project agreement on. We don't stand stop it kind of planet we're so. So great president right away though thought on his hand asserts that took. All right there on the eighties credit markets horse that's I want is that he lost his footing generally some of their lightly on each element in the end as they probably blaming the the Elian I was now popped up on him like the Bob guy. But the judge screen pass I know I was sitting pretty high up. But that would put in that Jeff Green in the sneakers without the terrible Ottoman hands. He'll get a bet only goes wasted Eddie and he glared at Jeff Green after that so he has six turnovers two of Omar may be his fault that runs on Jeff Green. I don't recommend bounce back asylum. And Brodeur wonders to switch. I had a chance maybe so in the end had a little bit in traffic go. Jason short evolves about JR Smith really that's about it turn around and met Jeff Green had another tour ever so now things are looking a little bit up for LeBron. Was right there but this was hampered. Mission took them back had a pulse the volunteer was here to campaign. Are from the Bob Simon what about seeding means. If you're isolated and that means the double from the baseline bomb us. Home safe enough to of that out of turn over the rosy about it but I think that another guy's audited and over it. You get doubled to all the time but I haven't seen every defense ever you talk about I'll go back as well as an every defense in the history of the game but they get double team. And they hate them what they what do you say. It's Tatum got his hands on my pentagon wide open to the face time to a low miles less turnover which is very ordered Curtis Sumpter was here we got to pick and roll and got to switch and I just lost about bombs and other senator. Away from there. Baskets of us must external. Until six maybe three that was just made it this made it reality check terminals. Six turnovers career homer his fault they were all his fault they watch my game is amazing my favorite stretch this is when dale told you that calm down girls tweeting his party. Might become a Sparky woods and I've become a bit by favorite sequence ever and that you really can't do any better than this. Is when he turns the ball over on one and that he is slowly get back on defense and that he commits a foul. It's unbelievable because of LeBron James has never committed and there are never committed a foul. And obviously when he turns over a surprise even put to those on himself I'm shocked by that. But the other on brawl somebody else's fault so for him to do that innate when he second span on the court there's nothing sweeter that bill. It was the greatest thing these guys have ever seen. You couldn't hate him anymore economic twins and had no doubt be terrified up I would be Terrell bribes and leaving via trouble LeBron in the brain matter crowded together at the same time I'd be scary. I yeah I guess the question we asked this earlier we asked it to Chris man it's earlier as well is he legitimately. Exhausted tired man X points out how he's kind of had to carry this team throughout the playoffs sure if that's the case Celtics can end this thing tomorrow night. Because if LeBron is not at a 100%. They can't win I don't think yet the broad needs to have a monster game every time but it's what's also been proven that he can have a monster game and they can lose he got right 42 point tripled bumping and you can lose because he doesn't have enough. Going on so. If oh July stays on the bench maybe Kyle Korver never goes and it helps knowledge I owed owed to allay all OJ at center court was great to those two games and they he would have so he needs help. But then the other thing for tomorrow night's game is will the Celtics shall let what are they gonna do semantics he used he pointed out of the first quarter first clues but huge. Look at these games in the series your last night the Celtics put up over thirty points and they hope the cavs in the teens. That was the exact opposite games three and four so there's always runs teams are always there or you know maybe you know able to come back the Celtics did that in the regular seasonal lot. Overcome a double digit deficits but. These first quarters have been huge in in the game and if the Celtics you get out to a hot start the yeah maybe they do wrap it up and says. Realistically. Though the war probably the more realistic option here is the analyst mark. At the moment when it Sunday undoubtedly do which is the way Oswald yeah I think it's gone yeah now if he is in fact. Hobbled because he's just had to carry all these guys around on his shoulders. All this time you know then then you perhaps to put away tomorrow so that I hate how sovereignty corporate in the south but how he's tired now is fatigue. So if we look back in ten years. Then you sell it at 2008 team the Celtics made the NBA finals ending LeBron James NBA finals streak at seven which is insane that's an unbelievable round. But he didn't go to eight. As usual asterisk because he tired. Fatigued but that's. He's tired of plant star players and I know he is a bigger star for his team that anybody else's or wrongly he has. For a big time player that teams that are left he has the least amount of help I get it. But so is Jason Tatum not Boston as fast result there's Taylor brown and work in the right hamstring injury and we pointed out earlier Jason Tatum Lester played 29 games. Right now he's played in 97 games so far. It in and I know he's young and he's got the youthful legs all that stuff but if anybody. Had reason to be exhausted that jump from 29 games in 97 is pretty significant yeah I would say so. You know Al Horford he's in his thirties like he's not the only guy Chris Paul's from playing really well I don't run looks tired. Right liberal most nights those does look a little tired mostly I'd leave him on the bench that's fine. I do like the seven man rotation that essentially the Celtics have gone and it. You know semi was in the short term. It's good yeah but that's already to enable or game needed one more game and the the forceful brought out of Cleveland for the second time in franchise history. Which is pretty immediately beat the law brought book that somebody will write either Lee Jenkins are bright white collar perhaps Michael Holley Akron zone Michael Holley. Could write scattered in perhaps he does Evan and they went the same high school with Michael was ever a year and every year but he could write that book with a broad. And a big part of it unless they only highlight positives which again a LeBron book might might be like that but if they point out some of the things that he had is obstacles. The Celtics would be a huge part of that ball early in his career and now late. If you look at the situation from the Celtics perspective. They are so far ahead of what anybody could have legitimately expected at this point but I admit the point early on rich it if they get to the fire. And Andy that they lose four straight lose by 25 points a game nobody can complain now read the NBA finals. It's just insane with the injuries that they had is going into the year two would be if you think back to the expectations at the beginning of the year. It was. Be able to compete that they should be able to compete they are by no means the favorite they didn't know how the new look cavs were going to be even just assume abroad was going to be there. And whether Isiah is gonna work or not but they're they're gonna be there as a LeBron. Is that this might be able put together but even that for everybody they were a year away. Acted as a healthy team let alone as a team without their two best guys. So it's it's an incredible Ron and just being up 32. Is is pretty incredible if the Celtics you know. Completeness that we think they will only and one of the next two and they'll move on. We didn't think there was any chance he was staying in Cleveland anyway. But it fee if he looks at the Celtics. And next year they get tirade next year that got Gordon Hayward he's got to be thinking. It's a matter where I go on the east well maybe not maybe thinks I go to Philadelphia will. Will not about being the one now I'm I'm one person that doesn't mean that's a great fit for a budgets talent was a loan that would be the best spot where. I think the Celtics would still be the favorite but feel you'd be pretty close. NC looking at Golden State they're all going to be back next year that team. He looks pretty unbeatable in other tied 22 with Houston and and at the Celtics in the east so. Where does he want ago you know there's there's more teams that are tough in the west but I don't think it's as dramatic as some people let on. You know we start looking at some of the other teams their liquid LeBron joined said the lakers with a couple bodies. They'll be in that top 45 for sure we talked about the of the shortened bench that the Brad Stevens out and and I said. You know in the short term you can do that if you're looking to end this series you can do that. Can you do it for nine more straight games if that's what you have to go through I figured I'd have to you yeah I mean there still be games where so emotionally it basically is there a man and if they play well depends and a few playing Kyle Korver Carolina that's that they so maybe if you know Klay Thompson sits there for the warriors have sent me maybe that's the case. But I feel like he gets cool statement it too far ahead of ourselves. You're gonna wanna throw more guys out and and just be ready defensively that way so I'm sure he would play a little bit there but. They liked it there's no more back to backs obviously you have time off and yellow extra time right in game one is is not until. Game one of the NBA finals one week from tonight. So they wrap up tomorrow they have almost a week off so yeah I mean anything to predominantly seventh seven and a half. Half I'd I would say in the rotation we allowed ourselves to look ahead a little bit to get to say okay if the Celtics win this series and go to the NBA finals. Who would then match up best against we both thought it was Houston. Asthmatics and Golden State. Yeah so he's straight with the matchup how that played him before and how both teams outlook their offense looks like a gold states in Houston's and you're talking about. The other Celtics can switch everything and they can make it more difficult may have also played well against them. In recent years even on the rosters been different under Brad Stevens they've played well against them so Chris could definitely be right I just think. You're over thinking it if you don't think it's Houston but I know that series is tied at Houston's just fit the better regular season record. The Golden State's better like I was thinking of a seven game series with curry to rant and Thompson. I would rather face as good as hardness she's going to be MVP of the league pardon and Paul a rather face those two than the other three and if you do play Golden State. You know you say well you know maybe they won't stay healthy. True right now eight were dollars hurt yeah that's about and encourage current obvious and not a 100% although I don't know if he looks pretty good and he does. I mean I don't Chris Paul is great game for about it though he's a 100% volleyball teams might be dual boot with some injuries involve teams don't go all all that deep either you're timeout but the Celtics play with just seven. Well the rockets' most nights and looks like it's just seven guys. Davidson was her hey David. What's going on you know what's gonna. Person. You know I've been teaching in the years what was missing Utah fluent thank. My main reason to colony because. Can you are mommy I'll thank you David you're my boy. LeBron the most over rated player on the planet. I'm sorry I have to figure why they keep saying this Mark James and those animals are aren't. Not yet David what are the tour they keep try to stage LeBron James or short. When they keep. Agent LeBron named Vicky project Colby. Five breaks. To dump in Kenya vibrant. Magic. Magic by brings. Byrd three race. On lebed had no where Bill Russell. Did he ever a final. Don't. It. I'm sorry but. You knew he'd. Ever. Until at Davidson it's a good stuff I think will broaden it needs to win a couple along with it and let's come on now I don't think and they've got an outsider like that top eight I don't get a lot of guys but I think LeBron and his career is not over yet nobody got the big shot Bob Horry he's got onto rings still can Tyler earnings. Not a good point. But LeBron needs to win more than three things like the league is it the star player. Is sold to work and oddities he gets an app guys if he doesn't work figuring out actually go and how many friends gonna bring with me that's that's the goal. We come back and wrap up our hour and see if we squeeze in a couple phone calls as well our final drive. You're just hop in Canada who beat. Now but it sled right now and you don't know what I'm talking about is kicked me in the polls in the 5 o'clock hour. I but it you know this but the 5 o'clock our money our for the we have dry as predicted that no arts. I'm thinking about money our bill I did I. And that's finish strong boost your guy that's Chad dukes of my best judge dad and mom and dad it's the money our get kicked in the no hard. Keep in regard to your hockey in that duped if you're just off the bad they look out on the sled so there are. That's my bad debt that you write about Jim Rome is an element that the little Rohm and management wrapped around. By the way this up portion of the program results and on its final drive. Sponsored by cars for kids donate car up child today. Schedule your free pick up an 877 cars for kids or cars for kids dot com that we need immediately Citizens Bank the sponsor. Them. Funny now aren't you act like that ball an hour into. And gone as well as the so now. They'll right now you're five ideas a if this were approved bursts just to two with a calm down Ross calmed down Roth I wanted our. We get five minutes I want caller earlier who I want all agreed to respond to my back I was pretty day out called action that's they say that's good already don't actually you do irritates it and you said specifically ones on a podcast route to a mostly sees you literally said the words called active and what have we got some action. A lot actually alias there we ask that you could say on the radio oatmeal like we in the lives that's that a lot of big deal. So podcast about that's the laws but the 5 o'clock our money our for the he had drive you don't Chad. Soto way. Yet it kicked in the no art no I don't know Barkley quote if you scheduled big time guest in the money power than they hang up on you mid segment I had to go out talk about safety that released somewhere and that is a ticket and it's. That's why we usually go guest free in the money our that'll only that chance. The has not been all this data I have little doubt that's pretty much that we all out. I'd doesn't write back in the lineup tomorrow night nice not tonight but tomorrow and I tomorrow they don't make a move gonna have to do something with somebody. We suggested maybe Blake's wife probably voice while our the FAM. Unless it again injured pops up today for somebody or it may make up an injury today for somebody they could make up and injured for somebody who doesn't care sector Alaska's was RD activated off the injured list today Bobby pointer sent back down to protect itself on pointer. Up and an up and down and roundup. Probably slide are now would your prediction be trade or just the effect. I think that. What he and get for player to be named later I feel it is a good share I think 133. Hi is it like. It's not without but it doesn't play every day you get back at regular bats he could hit 160 S of the earth and get all the lip I like nine to have a catcher who's it meant a -- any way you don't miss a thing and it's not like to win it late in the game in your catchers up you penchant for those guys every time like you'd think they would use though the more to their advantage but. They haven't really done that so thinks why are is good is on who wouldn't be surprised if it's the player to be named later or cash. And then down the road you get prospect number 200 in somebody's organization. But I would be spreads via I don't know it wears on bodies. Ever keeps coming up next week at the very exciting edition of ever keep we have Chris Lani and our Lawny hosted solo effort chief last night. The Dow's down Weston Johnny's so. They would you know we can't eject jet. Jet coaster that goes effort that Jett love yeah I don't I don't. We sort of hung around Weston John is a little bit we did before he headed over to the game right had to get it ready to go. For the game it was good spot to get to pregame or tell everybody all day come on down to regain solid game so we we put our money where our mouth laws and it was it was a good time there I would love to go back. I will be back tomorrow. Don't go anywhere though because Gilani and Keefe Ali of the dubbed bonus money hour that's what they call it a bonus money hours on the way next coming up next.