Dale & Keefe - Mike Babcock’s keys to victory; Will Leafs fans turn on their team?; Amendola not given answer on Malcolm Butler.

Dale & Keefe
Monday, April 16th

Hour 3: Danny Amendola told Mike Reiss of ESPN that he was not given an answer on the Malcolm Butler benching. Maple Leafs head coach Mike Babcock has a couple rather mundane reasons the Leafs could have the upper hand as the series heads to Toronto. After referring to the concept all show, Dale finally explains what “last change” is in the NHL.


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Yeah yeah yeah. Our number three yeah lengthy Sports Radio WEEI. It is of course Marathon Monday a wet Marathon Monday we are live from the globe barring cafe on boil some street with nickel of ultra until 6 PM here in the area for the marathon. One down hang out grab a cold Mikell ultra rich and Andy are down there rich keep an anti Carter there. I'm an army studios and you heard rich tell you about the the women's winner first American women's winner in the marathon since like 1985 or something. Maybe the bigger story was who finished second. A woman by the name of Sarah sellers. Finished second in the marathon about four minutes behind the the winner. It is her second marathon ever. Her first was the Huntsville marathon and you talk which she ran as a qualifier for Boston and one. She didn't know she'd finished second in the Boston Marathon her husband said until someone informed or after she crossed the finish line. Someone had to teller she still didn't believe them he said. She said that he said she's so full time nurse anesthesiology nurse at a at a hospital in Arizona she gets up at 4 AM to get her training runs and before working full shifts at the medical center. She was hoping to place in the top fifteen of the Boston Marathon so she could qualify for the Olympic trials. Looks like she made it. She finished second and nobody knew who she was meant to may have been. Kept Lizzy he got this when the easier to say thank goodness Sarah sellers username went to a went to Weaver state. I think the marine Willard and yes it states that in fact that. She may have even been there when he was there. So her two marathons when little might yet you when you're second on new era of from a second didn't win my first you didn't come in second or another podium there no sorry. No hurt two marathons she has finished first and second. I'd stop now Purdue and you're there apples out here when you get them there that's true. That could run literally. If Britney literally a good run really good enough to be the Olympic that's or while he does well yes you'll qualify for the Olympics. The US Olympic team and you know try to make that. I quit her job if you don't like America. It's terrible dated it was. That's it really is it that way around it like it for everybody finished it gradually since it. And it's eighty that are there you bragging rights now where anybody else that I. The earth and attribute to your lovely team that some of the Arab world on the toughest day yet. Daylight just there in the break that it will potty break and somebody left their shoes in the garbage and and I am not sure I'd blame them they whenever we want to she goes for the shoes again I'll probably seen enough. And one other quick thing here before I get back to the calls that night I wanted to view in you've probably seen this already. Apparently. In Anaheim where the Red Sox play tomorrow night against the angels may face showing it on and apparently the angels are asking fans. To quiet down during the Connie setbacks. Because he likes to focus block out the noise. I'm not doing now quiet please so there so often they're actually asking fans proved him guilty plea to keep it quiet Joni really wants the concentrate on the ice skating here forget him how that is that the put that out there so now would have the Fenway Park the places you'll go. Crazy low that it's gonna get through even at home I would do what I wanna do well but didn't mean to you about it. This way play here each year to use the guys he he basically. I think probably lied about it he said. Pieces I was aware that they had asked fans to calm down quite Downey that I was aware of that. When I wasn't the one that asked for the angels just did it to everyone could focus at the plate I was thankful for that. But yeah I change my pick up ticket prices now. With us though USA. Today reported that three women who were sitting behind the visitors dugout Kauffman Stadium on Friday night for the angels game of the royals. Were asked by stated security to stop hearing so loudly very showed him it back. The massacre portly game from the angels' dugout and no longer like and then this is from Yahoo! Sports that that sounds really hard you. Extraneous circumstances the sitter Kauffman Stadium. The thump the excuses but yes problems they've had the capacity of 3700903. On Friday night there was they paid attendance of 151000 alive and if more angels or upon it and that then stadium cheering went out of them so distracted but with the game that's built less than half way. Read screaming all the students could probably heard by the way it is the ultimate the only way that the three women were Japanese exchange students. Who I I'm sure at that point felt compelled to shut up because Shelly default on the stock. Are you kidding I think that I'm off this guy is soft it's a big raid yup. Because he heard it. These things as the interpreter is very thankful for the cheers but at the way to the focus and block out the noise from the Tiger Woods well like I'm sure he gets a chance to pitch here at Fenway the fans here will treat him respectfully. Are you wearing his at bats that way or it. The NL west to probably be fine with you or the AO last volume to file there and run it in Oakland we've done a lot of fans scream or if he's and that's the probably gets too quiet you could hear the ones that you have written their the united beaten those people there that. Fenway and New York it's gonna be ridiculous so early suits. Yes yeah he although the rebuke. The Soviets and distract them so them. I'll. Waiting refuted people like standing up on a funny McCain airing out all like mourning him in doubt that would prosecuted Tom Brady in buffalo throwing things and lord only knows. The point I said those particular things that they Euro and yen while nevermind so shall it. If you would much. All quiet little all phonetic that's what they should do when the big quietly through. It. Show me. That the teacher they didn't get its Internet sales are shale. It's not bad islands to back until you guys 6177797937. Chris in Boston Chris. What's that Chris. I got paid on I would get up we're not Malcolm Butler but it that real with you yet I swear to god it's dreary yup yup the that that is for you that's pretty you know acting. Or down. I can't wait the week of the moment but well well well I was there was. I don't think. Anybody would ever ask they'll attack why would it play. Honestly like even big Tom Brady would be or what but Emmitt dole. Or anyone like I think they'll look at him look kind of like alleged like yes coat and I don't think it would just go up to take coat closet. When I just. You're probably not only played a college or that have played special but do you like yes you go to the head coach. Well exactly that I don't know though on a different leveling out now the only person that would meet the cost would be the actual. And yet but yet only about it at your city commute from wired a lot like us but I do wonder post. You know Tuesday locker clean now they're back in Foxborough. If somebody would have to go only to do that I doubt it still. You know you hear these stories about you know Kevin's fault system but you know passing Belichick ten all it never says anything in them one time he says something like about. Quizzing you want something that game plan yet just I can't envision when the bill waiting on. When publicly that you usually one of them next run down what would. Players field day asking for yes oh yeah that I think they would ask there should make the annual if there's. Anybody else I just don't see him. I wondered about asking other guys other coach and I agree with you that you probably not taking that request to Belichick. I could see them you know map for it to be at yet in a defensive backs coach the quarterbacks coach B gas. It what's going on what went in play and I can also see those guys say in college in the last bill an and I would believe them they said I'm not really sure. Like I think a lot of those decisions are quote unquote made above their pay grade. Until I thought they used on like offering them more information that is necessary all you need to know is you're not playing well this week off or your position group media boots Eric row. And step on you and your point even those guys made the prophet of god definitely know there's nobody I fears. You know here's the butlers and why did it right. And eighteen years until it might help us now. 6177797937. Marks in Medford mark. What's going on. So I thought I saw a caulk comment and not you know we're gonna come out and play on a recap the last. If that's how he's got a call one. Let's review Foley models China and you might be criminals. Because I don't think in my hot hot guy I don't think they have a lineup patent but it's up the Bergeron won Mobil one number I don't. The great match I think there but I've got one look at it and think oh. There's only own a little bit left. They could get swept. I I gotta tell you I left for us out here and here at home Bruce Cassidy had final change. I don't think he was concerned about matching lines as much as bad Babcock is real big on on the line matching thing. And I'm sure what he's gonna try to do is he's gonna try to get. He's gonna try to get Matthew slide out there. Without Bergeron being out there but the Bruins are pretty good at it shifting things on the fly and they feel pretty good about other lines being able to play against Matthews line as well. Like that they can score that rely on the Bruins can but they also and he if they if they happen to be out there on the ice with the Matthews Monday and keep an object to -- if that right they are oh my god what a mismatch this is that now you're screwed. Especially now what would rather Nash being back the third one's back to where where was the fourth line is that what you want to be. There's no huge weakness you know like that that that top line is that unbelievable that is a strength no matter who Toronto to drop there. But the other reliance should hold their own just fine and I also get back if you get off to a fast start they're they're done. Gains over yet so yet the idea that they could get swept yep almost expecting it because I have to video changed my mind midway through the first period tonight in. I don't know I don't I think I'm all in on the sweet Rick dale. No we I'm not in a sweet gal who it's. The world now a more carefully new ones I've read on Twitter that Europe pom pom waving Bruins got through I pray that he did nothing about a letter. All over the Internet on it it's there it's going to be true going to be true. Some guy with the an egghead and one followers senate so it's an admirably rightfully it 6177797937. This telephone number text line is 37937. This is daily key heavy hearts in the house as well Sports Radio W media. We're one willingness to use them too much fun. So go look after about the second thing is the plan and firmer math wasn't good enough. For us to have success we've got to clean out. You go. When you're playing or he's. Got questions. Welcome tomorrow. Yes anything promote a lot of energy. Exit routes in the ratings that from the get go I think you're gonna feed off that no deal the more physical and they've been here on eternity to us. And iron in our mind we didn't really get start on time get a quick starts and is that helped us with their two wins but you know on home ice for them I think there and try to similar tactics that we bitterly about. First voice you heard was Mike Babcock. As forthcoming as Bill Belichick is he generally is second voice heard with Riley Nash was coming back in the lineup tonight by the way he said that. It's coach Bruce Cassidy gave in too much credit for toughness he said he didn't get forty stitches in the area only got thirty. There were some on the outer ear inside the year and where they hear attaches to the skull. Because as he said it was basically hanging by a thread and he's just happy got to keep it. Hockey players are different that you remain. So I would do on a phase of that our last caller was so spot on talking about rock. That you get smoked through an attitude that Eastern Europe or play hard and yet the last means that that's going to be different theories. I'm sure. That you've got other things that the athlete that can be better if that is not going to be if you're the play hard need to tell your team made the playoffs guys but he did. Like yeah that's part of it I think they're playing very hard he mentioned in front of the net and technically part of that at all melted yet dis interest. I think there too but it that even their thing like going in the theory. That they're really good defensive team. Only one can just stand around like astronaut who will play with a little bit but in the that's what he's done. Didn't Marines. The most change. Welcome to moon yes they golf case closed guy that's because if you back off for it over. Yeah that'd. It's like this with author not having as much success that it is. Eric I'm war. She. Looked like something that I brought up earlier had taken him out he's just doing whatever he wants me about puck between his legs and score him out late DEC any. She freaked out he should outweigh any. I mean. Generally speaking you know you can't afford to get too stupid in the playoffs cracker ass now some concrete. Who got really stupid and it cost him three games of may be his team in the series if if things play out differently we're talking about a guy who scored 32 goals in the regular season. And and he he was on discipline from puck drop the other night I mean he you know he lost his damn mind. It that was done. Yeah now it's now it's desperation now think I try to save you said you need to make it now it's comfortable for him particular problem is that you do something. Stupid it that you have the results and now all of a sudden you're shorthanded. Rafa batter earlier at a total goal every other time rather powerful are here you you worked or did it the Bruins score so that's the last thing that they can do but I just. We we talk about it baseball what if a guy is just. Three for three with three diggers in the series that Europe is that battle and company welcome and I wonder they can do that with what possible. I didn't catch him to do it yet before and you know that the way that first line here's the thing. They may try to sand and they won't send a guy like Matt Martin after Matt Martin king can't. No. You know. And and they may want guys up front that's what I've read homer off we're supposed to be doing. Their job was to make life more difficult for the top line. Well let them and want to get one guy that cheap shot with a lot of guys you know kissed that's how it worked out the way they wanted to do for. I think it a try in this they are there to try our at Dover last game the period and it's good question I mean. Ultimately what happens is once you get to that mental state. Q&A human stupid stuff he get away from your own game another finish chicken and say hello than me you know even those. Deep in the club here and another parachute to hit the garbage can and most likely the I didn't medal on his blanket them dead giveaway that you finished there. I think a lot I'm impressed by anybody anybody have an article one period. Yeah and YouTube and go by my definition of daylight this yet period. And they they're showing the replay on TVs due to some. We'll so miserable it is the reaper although this is life. No wonder their principal looked up. They've been out there for what concerns. Holy crap they've been out there for like seven hours and isolate supposedly and this was wily gone through the numbers have gone up. On the ports itself they treated over almost 900. People. For cold related issue that's in now. And that's right yeah I mean Adrian has flip who was one of the victims of Boston Marathon bombing was trying to run today. In chief weeded out the key she felt like she was a failure her body shut down. Yet her arms not working on mineral their legs stopped working. Trust me Adrian you're not appeal you know you know any way shape or form but I could see it happening to a lot of people out there. Volume today was that just that different beast and then you you forget this is the national slash international rates so I didn't like. You some of these people are flying in from Florida where they've been training in California where. It's imperfect it's nice and warm those of the people. That actually root for some of those days where a swing and yourself a little too Mormon which ruled cooler they're not acclimated to this their body just can't deal with what you're talking about the second time you read your room too hot but all of them did you injuries I was running with this old woman you know that's that's too much of that. On others as part of Florida for the training and enough to yourself shot. I think we've usually you know of the Kenyan sweep and you could not have no native American in the women's side and her son second place guy from Japan when the adventurous what was his name. I ever had that in front you wouldn't it don't be afraid to into the program once and 1 AME it's very distracting here a live remote dale there's a lot out of over parts if people up food gas and gets distracted him here I cannot act also got an audition only imagine how people asking for their check asking who's that wages. She goes you it's very weird over here at 6177797937. Games out western Massachusetts native and right now. It got I don't look into the Mike but very the other and it's just kept him. Now you hadn't given any warning about on the iron in the circle or not. I was wondering yup you heard about why treat them gotten thrown out a lot are not yet. I and I I don't know the answer I have noticed it. If it seems like he gets tossed out. In one out of every two faceoff that he tries taken march and have to take and I've seen crate she chased out of fair amount as well. But but it does seem like birch run it's been chased out more than anybody can remember. Any one of the best faceoff men in the entire NHL certainly the best on the Bruins. So it is to the Bruins competitive disadvantage if he keeps getting chased out of the circle for those guys drop the puck went it right. Tell you do it look at our other weight immediately and today I got the puck but yet dropping it's not here to see you as more on. And speaker Mike Milbury is gonna lose tomorrow yes you can join us tomorrow it. The time is a little dependent on his travel schedule. It's probably going to be in the vicinity of 3 o'clock tomorrow. You know what's his plane lands wherever he's gone I don't know where he's known at this point on the he's gonna join us tomorrow hasn't been on the radio station along time. Always. Pretty forthright always says woody feel it's with this. It's one of my favorite parts of them you know they added that he doesn't sugarcoat anything. I'm in the process of writing the book that comes out next November I I spent a lot of time talking to Mike. For a chapter in the book and he doesn't hold much back. Good. Well the book the book when I don't have a problem about I don't know if I think people hold much back tomorrow we've he'll no talent like at least it like he believes it is and it will be fun to talk to him about it. It's it's we're breaking down all the coaches I have to get past the credit for the comment last week when two weeks ago whenever lust and I was on. And this whole discussion was around are they running out of gas physically or mentally and he sort of said mental. Yeah I think him you know worn down a little bit and at least two games into the post season looks like he knew his team very well. At its finger on the pulse and and was able to express that a lot of were forced to sit out in this opening games to directories that you'd hope or maybe they're recovered. They don't have as many you know smiles on their legs that normally would. That should be good to go and yet that's when I was little but there are lots of let's go back in the first game and and both questions have been answered I think the two questions where you could. In the first line certainly the first line answered any questions you may have had about them fading of arguments and I think too has been good. I thought Anthony has Cassidy misfired on any game eight can you think of a move that he's made you went ol' boy that came back and bite them I can I can't think of one now know. I even think he tiptoed worked his way through the hole. You'd open. Brass you know fans calling for him to play early in order season I think again part of our way through that area lake like a veteran coach and Bill Belichick has to deal with that or. Or bad conquer any veteran feel like they get the benefit of the doubt but as him. A newer younger coach. I think those are the type of things that can trip you up if they don't they don't go well. Well in the one thing that we were kind of pointing out was in game one not going with Bryant did not know any of that was. Are you talking about a third line and then the fourth line guy. Rate your I want them out of going into the third Monday be swindles lead in the fourth planet that was the difference right wasn't that doesn't make or break the whole series. About one thing. I certainly pointed to the others did the game one secluded that some have been deemed too. An Odyssey that maybe the least prepared to play and he was the worst guy they have on the ice. So I think he got that all right and then now with it it's a lot of them are just about its full everybody. A grizzly and he's got a perfectly adequate more than adequate replacement in the cold and replaced reflect in the lineup. The outs in other ones that a lot of people wondered about going into the series with why atom aquae. You know why why it's playing with wade wanna play holding have you seen how the work Adam we've been doing shorthanded. Yeah he led the Bruins shorthanded time on ice he's blocking shots left and right he's given them that physical presence but he always brings anyway. But I think that that Bruce Cassidy knew that Toronto's got a really good power play the second best in the NHL during the regular season. And he had to have really good penalty killers available that's climate McCleon was playing anything like great. And at an added bonus if Iran does try to. Get a little more physical or the maker on a guy or these something like that. Quite on the earth I definitely alarmed at all of our you've got you've got several alternatives to some like that happens. 6177797937. Its telephone number text line is 37937. We are broadcasting live. Marathon Monday we're live from the globe barring camp I am oils and street would make low ball for until 6 PM. If you're down in that area for the marathon on down hang out grabbed pulled the global for a it's daily keep would Andy heart Sports Radio W media. Every play matters. Community planning elated little things here pandering of the season that. They don't feel quite as Mueller or look at as being crucial to the game but. You know you watch games around the league and might feel a little player will stick infraction now playing or not ended up knocking it down nicer feed on itself. They give opportunity for a second chances than a bare hands us to sell those little things it's hard on fox want to bucket and do good things. The word queries. Good questions. From the moon. Had to make the difference and it it will. Look Mike Babcock the really good coach. But. He doesn't have the speed and of the horses at least on defense. His defenseman stick. Morgan Riley supposed to be do their best defensemen and he has done so far. They got no answers I don't know how I I don't know what Babcock does the fix. The the leaks that his defense is putting in the boat because they've. Date they had huge issues with the bruins' speed on Thursday and Saturday and I don't think this Bruins are gonna slow one penny tonight. You only lose 51 in seven theory that there would do well but would be what are you doing right now are you scoring enough goals that now that so what you're clearly not your play at defending British strong. Yeah Agassi no you didn't he didn't do any of that and and now you're losing players now they're gonna try. You take away one of their five best players or I should say he takes himself away with that with the stupid check that your dad. It now they're doing with some other injuries so. I just don't want their adult love their chances and all the ruins everything is clicking right now for them in the may have lost a little bit of their home ice advantage with the weathered fans and our valiant men. Pebble like it's it's Canada they'll figure it out they'll get there we you know all those things. That they will be there and they'll be loud rock is to start. Question is you know the first time that belief that some adversity. Based on what happened in games one and two that they turn like rabid dogs on 45 nothing twelve minute stand. It's been pretty good. You know is there any layered the only thing because the teams doing so well they've gotten lost in the shuffle that maybe there now Torre proved all you need to go to I don't know the other side if you know him and go the other negative. Well I I just want elevating pick and bought anybody's thinking and look at they had. I'm just curious at the scope I think they're playing a long time and it's one thing where I can work its way of the effects if finally if a guy's struggling right now the teams doing so well. You can come out of its slump won't even know it because others with the maple leaf we look back on that oh this player. Didn't play rates that they waited that jumps out. Like I think that time it's actually been playing pretty well for Toronto he's one of the few forwards who I think is a show me anything on defense I. At the month with a single guy. In some like that either. I don't know if fix that now you know the truth though the whole read our back that he can't coach height. I mean. Can he knew coach talent in the players you can you can steam you can do this and that will will play this and then but then ultimately. When they get run around like chickens with a head cut off in the room defensive end which is what's been happening. And especially at Berlin's top line which they are they are in constant motion. They never stop moving their skates and it just it doesn't look good for them in that regard. I did today double line tool that the that stopped you from. Allowed twelve goals over the first two games of the many issues right now in their goaltenders that or been yanked out of or what's his confidence level right now. So I mean BB early start and that's important comfort them and if that ever bad because they could find themselves down. Wednesday this is that this defeat and we're going to give too much fire power and were under. Don't forget about it sometimes I forget you know that that we get newer hockey fans joining us on Twitter and on the text machine. A couple of different people said you know I'm I'm I'm I'm a little ignorant to to the terms here. What is last changed me and and and I forget that not everybody understands when when you're making line changes the home to. It you're in Toronto tonight. The Bruins will be allowed to make a line change in Nelson the Bergeron line over the boards. The refereed will put his hand up to the bruins' bench he will then allow the Toronto coach to whatever line he wants out there. And and there's not there's nothing that Bruce Cassidy can do he stuck with a line that he stuck out there the home team gets the last change the world has changed. With them tomorrow. It's the most important thing at all now well. What else does the captain to sell right now. He does than anything else that he can offer you know and elect made it last change to make all the difference in the world I don't think so. I don't doubt it all right I do doubt it only because our if you can if you match up whatever line about cop wants. With every line of the Bruins I don't feel like that's gonna shut them down completely but I think it matters. Who. Bergeron Marcia posture for going up the kids right now they couldn't go to that the Western Conference all stars a good there's the field of finalists will have to be fair they're probably not gonna keep up the pace that it would are unreal that night we had every night Tony Tony joints in two games if you read that I don't feel like that's sustainable. But guess what they have other lines that are going to be able to score but and that's why you know. Some of those guys haven't gone crazy yet it's only two games but you know that they have that capability. It's not the first lines carry them right now much. And me and Gillick around the league at some of these other things how about Las Vegas yeah. I mean killing the kings so far you look it's not there are some teens who expected to win I expected national to win I expected Winnipeg do win. I'd I wasn't sold on Las Vegas and ultimately am gonna I'm gonna not be sold on the until the playing for a Stanley Cup. Now it's Bruins Vegas the week out part of this of the earth and the south they're that they probably should think we should be working on that right now but probably show that look at that it could be that could be the series though. Eighty Hartford and had you know videos or anywhere from. Yeah anywhere. Yeah I mean at Tampa Bay it's looking like death lineup. Probably for the second theory Pittsburgh's not in Philadelphia around because Philadelphia's goaltending and stings yet Philadelphia's goaltending always stinks. I ultimately when you get to the playoffs. It's death and it's goaltending of makes the difference so they'll obviously from the bruins' perspective you feel better about them. That you did heading in the Booth that's safe to say that I had a little doubts a little bit at the end of the year. Anna and I wanted to see that that the hiccups that they were. That they were experiencing coming down the stretch were just that it cuts and that you know there are going to be okay. Well so when you look at out when you look across the league now the way the rest of the post season is playing out. You feel better about their chances of winning the cup Aaliyah. Yes look I thought they were I thought they were the best team in the east. Despite the fact that they finished second I still thought there with the best team in the east. I thought that they were going to be in Stanley Cup final against whoever came out of the west I think it's going to be national ultimately. And then who knows you know if you're in the Stanley Cup final who knows. Other national and it's loud and that's on the new yet at least one good food. I walk ovals to be you know we'll tell their that would that street is probably a home he told him I would prefer that than like you know that I'd rather go to national Vegas it's really I'd much rather than I've never been that if pass that along with the change hearts and for that week. I don't know. Now the county in Mosul now over you know if I me. I. Into one of the field and it's out of business. A bit of you why you. Know we're gonna have you want your go to the studio in Brighton. Yeah now well out there acted. Everything like Dylan dale that oscillation in Vegas heart would be useless. So useless today about the boy did rich was talking and you were like within walking just I just all of would be over there. And it's an affair with this there's too much going you know you're the you're would be our equivalent our shows equivalent of the Christian Fauria squirrel moment. That is the movement compliment. Her looking man right with a look and that we looked like a good look at the Indians had professional good sense of humor. Yes very good sense of humor yes right. Yeah accomplished and in multiple areas I don't easily once rabble rings I ran marathons. Very similar right and I think there's actually a lot of similarities there's been all but it was one marathon. So you relative two. He's the only red suit just that we could say he's ran multiple marathon. And Hillary's that Reynolds are excellent let him finish the person who's an incident so. We had dragged down and I thought I don't I don't think about it back here and instant Hotmail. But I think you can imagine what the answer was yes so we're not gonna hold them back leverage that night you you know better we'll. Flanagan today that the little detour. Stop at one of the Porta potty so that instantly thirteen point eight seconds. In an added that as a pit stop young now that is NASCAR quality wonder well. Your picnic that you don't hear about went shopping you know just go. Yet here that rather take their team that's that. That's really appropriate that if you can. Killing people going to the body like that that's like. It's a Mexican last night it you know Kelly our species mass invasion of privacy made a letter to Rubin was she I don't waiver or sideways stuff alone they want an abortion etc. what are forward -- you gotta keep it your all on video apps like coming out of a different board applauded this just right. There for reason and yeah I mean they're there to be used many reasons. AppleTV any number of Italy really there's three. Just to read write you the number although one of them you do anywhere who. You think that nobody nobody on to open courses ever get from opera on the boards across our hearts I don't know Rockies looked down my left I'm reading what he's talking about how do you rate. I'll let you should do battle but America program that you could go to you wouldn't work well. You hope to you know the route to Iran and he's he's brought a dual core part of the problem. That that's a good note that once the nuclear meltdowns did the among the blitzer there I'm not why couldn't there. So would you need privacy when a few good for you and it's worth it happened and I believe that he went read. Way. It was the violin it's like what's. How long. Let's watch we'll just one month that it intends I don't know I didn't believe it or not to afforded have a few run ADR the motorcycle with a person facing Beckett he was not there and I. I thought god has blanked the privacy. 6177797937. Danny's in Rhode Island beginning. They made on what's going immigrant. Get it I'd actually called earlier and yet but are burned pretty expert report Arctic. And and let's talk about that that the line between you know you have been managed to somehow. Shut down. Marcia and Bergeron and and parts not we have such line depth. Compared with a bat we won a couple of you have eleven might bet that that's ridiculous you know. I actually if you go through the roster. I actually think this Bruins team is better than the one that won the cup. Top to bottom now and that's it and you can look and you win it doesn't mean anything but my point is you know of that team had won thirty goals war. This is got three on the same line. Yeah. Yeah I mean you look at point thirteen be definite about it that you like respect our bit battered CNET yet. I think the biggest difference between those teams walk while if on differences play. Tim Thomas had a better regular season and on theater great playoff. Then to now that you've been bad with a night out from the Thomas Wilson was great season yet. But they also don't need it could be as great because they score some of the gold prices that different style of team even though they have you know a handful of guys that that playable. The opening reality is known remembers how good you're Italian port Matthew seven by the greatest team. The Bruins the Bruins in their Stanley Cup winning here. If if I've got the numbers right now I think they do. They scored ten power play goals in 25 Stanley Cup playoff games they were awful on the hour worth there was the work that everyone. The Bruins have five already in the first two games very. So that that's so different and they weren't winning game seven to read into them but they're also not can we gained 73. Street Paul. I don't know that that's a quote that I want all lit up and I don't want to play them every series they get the put a lot of experts who wore that go to him today you're wrong Lynn yeah games easily make you happy now I think I think Boston in five before this. Yours started so that's that you have them winning the cup before the series started. Now well we go about our I got the winning the cup now I have yes. They are winning team had a vested in yes. They do about that north. Right now what they I think you're around them let him in the east now maybe I should watch more. I. Like I tell you about it but in the east I feel very confident it is best even now. The playing the best right now but they were even in the record they kind of went that the and their for the week which you'll every commodity and with the most points that would have been needed was an obvious. State but now the way they're playing at their who'd veterans plus they spent the last. Month plane went with a name complete roster. You know that they have so many guys hurt so many guys out of a lineup and we knew all along they were gonna keep keep getting guys back getting guys back which they've done. They're about as healthy tonight with the exception of Matt grizzly there as healthy as they've been all year. They've matched it hasn't selective than any sort of you guys are out now we get it hasn't hurt them at all look I do think and I think the teams that like each other. Played better than than teens that don't. And whenever you say that's an easy job at the Oakland. The the Oakland they hated each on the app I've got to go back that far to find it seemed to pay to be rather than one chances are it's not a good way it's not a good formula for winning. What about the patriots I don't they love each other after not of them operated on him last minute guys and they didn't win god of the team they don't want. But it's also easy again I get back to this everything is worse for Toronto and better for the Bruins would cover up. The locals in the for physically and I love everybody proud and happy we're happy Las Vegas. It even if the Bruins get down to nothing you know if Toronto warm feeling like hey we're but the Bruins all season long only paying back its Google deficits. Edited win every one of those games but they they did a lot me you know more than most teams do. So that's what the start. If the Bruins don't get out to a big start. I think it's still going to come back we'll follow CN over the Toronto only forgetting they're down to nothing like the games over this game in this first period feels like the seasons on the yes. Yes wolf. Them idiots and I and look I know that the Bruins once had a three nothing series lead and lost the series four games to three I understand it does happen is not very often. If they have a three nothing series lead in this I don't picture Toronto winning foreign run no. Though notes it's. Your right and there's guys that are on this team and put a goaltender go work part of that but. Things were different and again you have to get it through multiple injuries and all these other things for about the plan. Right so as soon as this show is over at 6 o'clock and not before now but it's and it's it's over at 6 o'clock turn right over to NASA and because at 6 o'clock that's when we'll have a a complete one hour pregame show with. Billion Berrian Meehan Chris were leading up to the game with the with Jack can bring in Alex and everybody you'll hear from David -- not gonna pregame show tonight as well. So a lot that's coming up so I'm gonna leave you guys in and rushed to Watertown but you guys going to be here till 6 o'clock and and everybody will be tuned in self. Jump on the lines the one talked to Andy and enriched down there at 6177797937. I texted them if you prefer 37937. Its daily key Sports Radio WEEI.