Dale & Keefe - Mookie Betts is costing himself a fair chunk of change; A very intriguing Celtics rumor ahead of the NBA Draft

Dale and Keefe
Tuesday, June 18th
Hour 4: The fourth and final hour opens up with some Red Sox talk following their win against the MLB best, Minnesota Twins. The guys wonder if Mookie Betts is costing himself due to his play, they also point out he played good when David Ortiz was on the team and last year he played great with JD Martinez on the team. Hart thinks the salaries baseball players are able to make are ready to pop, calls come in on Mookie and the Sox. Reports are that the Celtics may try to trade up in the draft to take a point guard out of Vanderbilt, Darius Garland. As always, we wrap up the show with ‘What Else Ya Got?’