Dale & Keefe -  Is the NFL serious about the potential new National Anthem rule?

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, May 22nd
Hour 3: Dale, Keefe, and Draper talk about the new proposed NFL Anthem rule. They discuss why the NFL is the only league to have this problem. Dale believes that Colin Kaepernick has a good chance to win his lawsuit against the NFL. The NFL would not care about kneeling but since it affects their bottom line they do.

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Yeah yeah. However three daily key Sports Radio WEEI. The NFL owners are up undertaking their meetings here in Atlanta I remember right. Earlier today they voted 32 to nothing to approve this sale of the Carolina Panthers to got the name of David tapper. Hedge fund guy who pay two point seven. Billion or two point seven billion in cash cash. Cash it's sad for the good. One of the items that was up for discussion. At the owners' meetings was the whole thing about the National Anthem now the president brought this up again in the last day or two. The whole idea of fun players kneeling in and the president likes to bring it up from time to time in Paris or the Pablo that it deflects some of the things so we went and we didn't know by the way that this was going to be a topic of conversation at the owners' meetings. At these meetings in Atlanta according to Bert every year. I'm quoting a tweet that bird has out their purse sources. One of them idea being discussed. Leaving it up to the home team on whether teams actually come out of the locker room for the anthem if teams do come out for the anthem. The potential of the teams could be assessed a fifteen yard penalty for nearly six. I've. That is so dumb first of all I think leaving it up to the home team's about it out you make it a league rule you either right everybody comes out they don't come out it's it's a rule period and now it's a fifteen yard penalty. Bought it on the kick off the wouldn't talk over the is that. Ended effort to. Please every one 88 pissed off everybody you know I don't know what birders say it is true it'd if you're a home team. That's your deal road he. You don't like to home team telling your guys you've got to come out right Abbie light is that they are the home team date me I dictate a date yet and so. So apple fabulous let's agree that though that's not gonna if you're playing against the team and you know that they have a guy that kneels in your opponent parents out there. A fifty yard should not be that in game penalty. For this. That is in this that is so I'm Wayne we know based on previous reporting that this is a topic in particular. That scares the crap out of NFL owners of this is this has got them petrified when we saw those stories and and and you know beat the what the president says about it scares them to death its effect on business scares them to death. We knew this was going to be a topic of discussion. Now my guess is they'll punt this down the road when they always seem to punt things that make them uncomfortable. Op I I do not see any way in the world. They will ever say you know what believe up to the home teams that. That you know I'm never gonna happen in the ideal penalize these two with a game has even started yet and I gonna fifteen yard penalty and so now what the rest instead of instead of you know looking at the flag have their hands over their heart they got to be looking a bit on the side right. Militants appointee when he and I don't pay six or you're dealing. Countdown this that the terror terrible idea. But I wouldn't be surprised if it's say everybody's going to be in the locker room thing. But it used to it almost seems like if I hate to say it this way but it's almost the coward's way out it is you know and it hit it like here's what we're gonna do but I wouldn't put that we're not gonna have this be an issue anymore nobody's coming out of the locker room for the anthem. Which by the way it acting Kelly used to be the what I used in gas area was in any member of the Steelers tried doing that and and they had. Okay whatever I went ahead. And liked what I haven't deluded as the team so there's gonna be issues with that but I don't think either one of these is the way ago. It fifteen yard penalty or having the home team. So just Willy Nilly so now you're on the road and you gotta check every in the locker or not the locker room what are we doing to go out there but some Democrats wanna go up there but I was up there about a penalty for not they're standing. Is of the opened the eyes the still the only sport that seems to have this issue. Me don't read about it in baseball was the one that catcher in Oakland or something out while my. There's probably a lot of different leaders to throw out there I think it might be as simple as. The relationship between the players and the owners in the NFL seems to be different than the other sports. But it in the NBA they have a rule. No healing America and so I'd keep that you didn't aren't as did other wait until about what whether it says T shirt are you know the penalty would be. If so say somebody say LeBron for examples I cannot I'm taking any game by opinion them. The what even though it's against a criminal laws probably nothing outing on the front everybody old building and me but I've Israeli if a player really wanted to. It could do already did you find whatever I even have product that hasn't already been done that way NBA is not a single issue with a at all and I think. Part of that is the NFL was the first of the four leagues to do. And the other league's all saw. The negative backlash and how the main message got completely modeled and everything and and how it's what it turned into a college Capra didn't seem able to have to actually now he vocalize what. Know what you wanted to have happen but now that even if even if he did in your right he didn't but even if he did I think away gotten lost it would turn into you hate the troops you hate the country you to know that I would turn and all that it would anyway and yet that's what got our problems so the other leaks I have is that this is. This is hurting the NFL this is hurting. There ratings like let's not do this if we wanna I don't. And I I was dead wrong I haven't either I didn't think it would have an effect on the NFL. I didn't think that people would stop watching because of this issue there. I think people a lot of times threatened about watching them. You know it's football it's Sunday I got to watch but it turns out you know what Brett this one they were dead they would a lot of folks were dead serious. I did a lot of folks didn't go back. It happened daily I think that's the climate we live in now where you know people are so angry on both sides that you know. They realize they can live without the NFL you know anger is so strong now. You know on on both sides that if you know. If a player does something you know that person feels is disrespectful. They're exercising your power to say you know what. I don't need you don't end there's so much other things so many other things out there to. That you don't. Let's I watched the NFL that much like come. How many times do we actually stated why what do you watch. Alia gave me out lighted a patriot ouster I want to write you want lightly red zone but how and why it's red zone and yet I don't watch out well three and a half hours. Of every single day girls on the way Monday night Russell football. Yeah. You can use I get now job but like a lot of the half. Why is Andy and I I know that some wise that's a problem for the NFL more than it why why is the NFL so tied up in knots with this issue Adam silver just is now in a and yeah exact nothing else birdie or not the NBA's that the two really good job when when they want a voice their opinions about social is yes they didn't give them other avenues yeah voice their ticket I don't give him leeway on other the Catholic think about Steve Kerr or Gregg Popovich is some of the pregame talks they have had and then that makes the rounds every season or. Even the players like they kind of protest. They Wear on you I can't read T shirts I NFL is so structured. You ya mean the uniform is the unit from camp where I feel I colors I you don't it Al has to be the same color and everything. So the NFL doesn't allow the players. To exercise that form of expression in a players only way of doing it. In their eyes is maybe the kneeling or a fifteen year but in terms of sun some out or protest. The NBA allows their players to to do that whereas the NFL desert. I just. What when I look at this. It just seems that the NFL is trying so hard to please everybody trying to please our fans I need to please the president I need to please our players. Grow a pair here right all that but also right Abdallah just say here's what here's what we're gonna do this is it from now want. But they'll also and I don't know the answer to this. Are are these sponsorships. You know the companies who who in you know advertise with the NFL are they different Indian BA. It's so look at the target audience to the audience of the NBA. You know it. I would speak is more sympathetic. Who with the players are talking about whereas maybe not as much with the NFL I don't know look at the different audiences of the two products an how much does that have to factored. Well according to. Of the peace that bird Briere wrote on the MM QB. Owner set aside three hours. For what he called a privileged session to discuss this privilege. Honestly don't wanna lately like that as doomed to fail are Rihanna fringe. I mean as as he points out they're talking about staying in the home team deciding whether both teams come out. Teams being a fast start digging yard penalty for Neal a heated three hours to figure this out but you're not after this. We did it because they're so afraid because if they make the rule. That anybody who's seems to be in favor of free speech is gonna then turns there all night or make him do this like a lot wasn't a rule before and so there. They're a tough spot right now but they need in his make a decision making it leave it up to the home team. It's stupid do you make a rule period right here's what we're gonna and by the way what I think they're gonna do against him as they have a locker room. We're home back yeah we used to do. Where we're going to be in the locker room for that for the anthem by the way at. It's kind of sad to see that to be honest with the I like this like this and the two teams lie you have within on the respect as I'd. He's the most that the least damaging release. Low back you know if you say every one has to be out on the field. You imagine the players and the players association to push back that they would have regarding dad and maybe keeping everyone in the locker room. Is the safest opened bigger and have some guys who say I want to be out there. And so I don't know the right answer dale on and if you're the NFL what's. And maybe there is no perfect answer for them you know there's going to be pushed back no matter what people are gonna be pissed no matter what you do stuff. Gonna have to that they are not going to be able to keep punting this down the road now I hit the season opener in September Brent. I don't know what it was by the end of the season there weren't very many guys around the league who did it. Here in in New England with the patriots yep you guys run off the back one weekend and that and then it was obvious that that basically that edict came down from bill Belichick's office. Hey this is what we're gonna do from. Now that was also different circumstance you know that wasn't going into the season that was a direct response to the president but that's what that was right it all the majors there was fifteen or ever was. But them. Every week after that there are all back on their feet. I'd back to the calls the guy's a 6177797937. Jason mr. KJ. Yeah I just you know I didn't really need to come I'll have to look a lot of national. And even local people are down they're talking. Opposite of that even what they alert. You know two game lead Albert just look what it does to immediately reeks of when they won two games at what kind they were also. At one global I mean if you would have told me after the game we pick sides and so. I take it and I just wanna shout slogans and. Nice CA IT CI. That's the point he Clark yeah it was a two people are very reactionary. You. Are on site. Not only does not have a superstar doesn't even have experience. So to them debut in Iraq you've got to be part of this team while Horford got some experience yes very true. And what are you never made it to the final and true. I don't wanna I don't wanna that we need to get this we needed morale. Is happy about this pilot. Yes more positive TJ I'm with the I don't think we have much of an effect on how they play Jan. Very. Hi Erica. I composite. Okay dad. That's what you should you should be positive it's 22 in the conference finals without Irving Hayward that's pretty improbable it but I think. He's right in the sense that if you take the conversation both locally and nationally last Friday. If you compare to today right. It sounds like you're talking about four different teams rate that they're the Celtics are there aren't they they're unbeatable and other out of all that there every sorry but you're kidding. And instantly with Cleveland Michael LeBron. You know he's got no help valves that raised its great shooters around of and so like they're this they're now the team to be. I'd Dave's in Bridgewater hated it I don't look good today if it it it. Dave. Dave yet I can't go ahead. I don't get it I'd. Good all the work bigger quote audible call cabinet. Sure we were talking about him than it make it might be able to enjoy and CF well. I legalize it out of this country. It's enough to own and hill street. You know underneath I mean moved his career there nobody jail without which uses. I out on the floor that it got a distinguishable. What. While being whatever you don't wanna sit viewpoint and that's fine but I mean there will be this vehicle you can make some money against the rib you know. Well I think he should around Cutler I think is about to make a whole lot you happy IE money is going to make more than he would have made as a player. There's I think he's gonna win as lawsuit against the NFL the thing. I I think that they've and and if you've been following this Mike Florio's been writing about this in and you know pro football talked you know they've been deposing owners including Robert Kraft. It's clear that owners in the NFL saw Colin Capp clinic as a starting quarterback in the NFL. And yet nobody would sign him he's gonna win do you think he wants the play football. I think he'd prefer that but it's too late he knows he can't. We also like for example yet now through it and once you sue the league forget it but we talked about this yesterday of China and sell if you wanna play football. And the NFL saying literally wants you. There's other week there's another league east north of the Borg go play there and if you play well. That's going to be harder for them to ignore you now I know these two guys are different and and that's that's what I'm saying even like two years ago Catholic really wanted to get back into the lead. A the UD have even more I mean it when his case but you don't need more a case if you went up there and dominate. At battle they initially he thought he was gonna be blacklisted from at least you know I don't speak. I think in his mind he thought you know. I'll get an opt out another opportunity Seattle worked me out you know at least get a training camp in Miami. That you're kidding me get a training camp in by now you've got a couple of teams are I would consider what Seattle right throughout that maybe. It just the haven't. By the way to the texture who seems to misunderstand my point. Text there says all you make a rule period all okay commissioner Arnold. One. Rolla. Here's here's the point you don't leave it up to the home team now that's down that's that's the point and you leave it up to delete delete OK and that the treasury as yeah you don't say to the home team okay you decide if they can mount or not okay. Well it's still open. It's the delete the rule as the rule whatever it is it it is nobody's come up with. Good rule it is easy to stay in the locker room everybody stay in the locker room I think that's what they're ultimately gonna do and and by the way you're gonna get the anthem real early. You're gonna get the anthem like right after warm ups what they're gonna do is they're gonna finish warm ups teams are cargo the locker room there to do the anthem that. In in the stadium there and they don't show it on TV all that often anyway for big games they do want to obviously Super Bowl and playoffs and stuff. But that's what I think their ultimately gonna do that's going to be easy. Yeah I think I'm gonna make of same locker room for the anthem playing the anthem you know. What I've been fortunate are trying to find their seat I just thought that out I thought Canada at the on yeah that's what they do now. Call me crazy fighting just leave it the way that it is I feel like to tell you were sand less and less people are taken and yet anyway one I didn't always eventually it's gonna go back to everybody standing again and then the solid you made these these crazy. Changes to what was going on your cell in fear of guys taken any. You just wait and then less and less. And I don't think about it too. We're talking percentage wise a handful of players it's not like a very small and very small percentage and so. I understand people you know feel like it's disrespectful. Oh why has this become such a huge Abbie if poll teams were doing it. If 60% of only secret we're talking two or three guys have been made before I'd rather they don't know about I don't know I mean nobody's no I don't. They should do is they really should go back and and maybe that's tried to do this with some of the teams though a Seattle little bit but. You talk to the players that are taken needs that art why are you doing this. What would get you did not do this what should we do for the communities what should we do what you know around the league and I think that would also. Solve a give an example of why don't leave it up to the home teams OK other patriots are gonna play. San Francisco here for the sake of argument. Bill Belichick's got to handle on this. These guys are Nalen because he's made it clear they're not being. So worked on after the at about pretty sure I got a couple of guys and at 49 is still gonna take and I. And you're gonna call penalty on our work what happened yet the now guys let's go and and what you do there is you receive because then they get fifty yards in the tick off now than it. Back now with side you have the ball the fifty. That's right leading up to the home team is stupid as a terrible and make your decision. As as hard it is it as it is for you 32 owners to come up with something. Make a decision deal with a move on. Remember last year when Colin cabinet was trying to find a job and there were multiple reports indicating the teams didn't view him. As a starting quarterback in fact one of the reports was so broad. It said that no NFL evaluate your views him as a starting quarterback. That was incorrect and we know that now because I'm told that evidence being harvested. Through the college Caffrey collusion grievance includes internal evaluations of cavern it did put him. In the starting quarterback category last year. Mike Florio talking about Colin cap for nick and his saw a lawsuit against. The NFL is continuing there deposing owners Robert Kraft that it was deposed weaker so. I don't know that the patriots were among those teams that had him viewed as say death as a starting quarterback and they certainly did never need. There are starting quarterback. They might your wife Robert Kraft was one of the guys deposed but he was. You know what's going on a product and usher does that was. The like are you saved you got to sell the lockout maybe you can save us here. They're both Rosa bone helpless out by the way is Andrew Brandt points out the irony here of the the owners considering the possibility of of letting the home team decide if teams cannot for the end of the Ramallah as general Brent points out there is no league policy against kneeling. Others they didn't even get the courage to do that now they do that so. To their friend the blue whale and it may sound really. Or did it. I don't DO LL I just do it. It's gonna play itself out eventually no players you'd be taking in the again and then you just go back to business because right now. Again I know we're focused on the patriots and they don't have anybody taken in me but around the league. I don't Marshawn Lynch sets that show that sometimes. A couple of guys in the Seahawks have taken the I don't know who else like it's not it's not. And also you can to can't you tell the league too late. The NFL can talk to fox and ESPN CBS and say don't show it lets let's just for the game. Yeah it gives you can do that and it's harder and harder to know well sitting at investing in the NBA I'm not sure how to do it the only hockey but I. We don't show the National Anthem you know that's very commercial break time every. We occasionally do especially you know Atlanta Renee rancor right right and you know we were showing it. But in in the NHL in most Arenas they dark in the arena. So he gave no idea you'd have a hard time even scene the players on the bench. There was one player who did in the NHL I can't remember who wise and he did it wants him and ending nobody in the NHL's that it anymore. It was kind of interesting actually that the Bruins have a couple of American players on the team David Backus Kevin Miller. And I noticed that when they were in the starting line up because the starting lineup changes aren't game Mac or Islam not only did they stand you know at the blue like like everybody does. But they always stood with their hand over their heart. The of the the American guys on the team always made a point of standing with their hand over their heart cell. This is the only sport where this is an issue. And and quite the more they are because the president has got them. Petrified but also but the more than they talk about it the more the day we hear stories about potential changes the more life they're getting. Went there other things and make and that split. It's affecting the NFL's bottom line like are people really to lead out or not going to be games because of this issue. Let that thing you can look at the great and now you have to respond somehow right now. Well there are those who think that the decline in ratings in the NFL is at least partially tied to this. I mean they do have a financial stake in this life he got. I don't think. For me and I used to watch all of unifil the Aggies to park myself on account but now. There's so much other stuff going on you know kids got soccer games you know it so I'll watch red zone I'll turn it on my son will watch red zone. But I don't they have a concussion issue too I mean there's so many actors they are lobbying on on them that that gluten leads into. You know the ratings going down attendance going downward ever. It sold it to signal you know and point to this one issue I think that's being shortsighted you know and so. Back to keep scoring maybe get up out should be making a big deal out of it may be it's not that big of a deal but it about making it a big deal yeah I you know could. New product because it keeps bringing them up he does I said he did a couple of days ago he brought up again kind of out of the blood in the morning that one of the meetings that we read number the the article that was like literally tapes of what was going on in the meeting in response rap and one of their things was. We can't keep responding to the president like the owners are saying that to the players invites further listen we can't get a tape of this I. Today I assure that that somebody owners are major donors to going out there to their friends with the president and so. Is the president putting pressure. When the owners to get there how you know get a house in order for lack of about it there's really nothing they can do that's gonna please everybody does it look anything like that there's nothing they can do right now that everybody unanimously delight great job by the NFL back on board but I was watching before I don't what they do somebody's going to be summoned only a matter of you go on either cited in the and that affects sponsors to have because there are sponsors that. Are there a while or repeat what the next decision is by the NFL I'll I'll I'll make this bold prediction that's not a little. Lower and I don't know I know using Internet you know all of it is not a mental act act. Dave will never. Ever ever institute a penalty for players and have some soup you wanna talk about opening up pandora's clock yes yes. And players filing lawsuits against the NFL in the system I mean they will never do that. Now let but in the NBA if you deal. What's the penalty we we don't know which you gotta be here it would be violating some sort of clarify probably a fine you know and so yes. Is he can't like assessed a technical foul he hit right into our cash and I'll order our Internet is out at I think at the end of the day legalized gambling is that a common and save the day anyway. The police aren't any that's been around once once the legal everywhere people are believed that early games watching the games are not gonna care people are sitting down New Orleans ended up doing jumping jacks it won't matter because your bet on the games they're going to be watching them on one. While the owners are certainly taking the bull by the horns they had eight hour privileged session. To discuss this today and Ed and apparently the best they don't have water in this hump at the home teams decide it has suggests something else for word not deciding. That's all that's all coming announces it will we have no idea what the Bryan let's put us under owners and that it. Then if it's a good idea will take credit for Stacey we put that in the opposition and if it's a bad idea what you say see what was left thousands up to those teams robs in New Jersey en route. I don't well I'm actually calling it that much credit because I never understood the big deal because. There's no difference and what do what was happening shortly if you look at National Anthem when they show it. There's very few players that actually doing what you. Are those that route they're talking to each other or not. So I don't understand what particularly. And then. I look better and I certainly in Iraq. And I know Jewish back out at all his right to do it but if you are some of the country and more arguable. While there what Robin not to relive all of this again dale Gregory did shows and shows shows on this and we appreciate you sir yes wouldn't we absolutely do and and you know what we could talk to somebody else the very next call would have a similar experience to view it is serving the country who hate deal and it went not right so late. You're not I've seen texts from people America patriots hate it when they Neil idiots. While you can't speak for everybody you you just can't so all those are a lot of people that hated that there's a lot of people that had no problem a lot of people that care last year olds while watching the game. All that's that's. It's not an issue for some but it was a major issue for others trust me we did we did weeks on it we don't need to do that again. No light at I guess I'm just wondering why the NFL just continues to be completely hamstrung by this is there waiting for the perfect answer and there is there isn't one right that bass I think so probably taste the least offensive answer. Yeah make it the rule and move on though that. But they're scared to death. They are in terrified they're afraid of their players they're afraid of the president they're afraid of the American public that if there this raid on charges and sponsors of the bigger storm. They're they're scared to death by everybody I guess I'll waits in Connecticut hey wait. And wade. But what's my. It's in. A lot about it. I saw. Up only guy that are out there. Do whatever you want amnesty or what it. And ranger in the special force and served as. No way Dow's only laughed at because the Steelers like they were doing this on the team is over there than the last second he ran out there did that that's route I left it. It him by any means and slapping and how how it came across with the team and that's what you might end up happening again that if they put in the ruled that it's sort of up to the home teams and some sometimes you're staying at other times you're going out the players might be saying screw a one out there regardless or I'm not going out we're. I. Had. I took it. Up for the greatest. Sport. Itself. That's an individual choice in so maybe. It should be left up to each individual what are we it would that we think about that. And the NFL them like that idea because that's that I makes them nervous. Because they think it's hurting their bottom line by the late. All of this has nothing to do with patriotism or right or wrong or freedom of speech or anything else NFL owners are only worried about one thing. This is costing us money and hollows that's all I care about if I'm an NFL owner. I care about whoa whoa whoa the ratings are down advertising dollars are down debt Roger expects. It's the only thing they're worried about. Those are collusion case URG three. Yet two quarterbacks can't see the field yes two quarterbacks that can't run a pro style system yet to quarterbacks. That the you have to play college basketball to make it even. Remotely productive which it Kelly did last year doesn't work and what you get from the 2220 is no point. People wanna point to steps of flashier and what he did with the niners. But certainly this is not only for everyone if you don't grow up and mature as a pocket passer this league's gonna cheer you up and spit you out we see it to achieve it down the Cam Newton so. This isn't a case of collusion if this column was Tom Brady they're between five teams want this time objective. It was Heath Evans who are joining us on a patriots Monday. Well used to buy said that when he did that the bad guy act on Andre I don't know for the wealthy and other issues. But so he was all of the guys that said you know Pollack tapper it stinks that's why is on the league and I thought. Paul cabinet biggest problem was he wasn't good enough to force a team to say you know what screw it will take a break if there's going to be a distraction mole taken McKie wasn't on that level he might have been. It's 45 best quarterback in the league accused and one of the 32 best right but it wasn't great and so they said you know what. We're better off without somebody else that did that kneeling in cap pretty. Isn't the only issue clearly because other players had mule and you're still in the lead thing. Common capital there's still eleven Eric Reid is still looking at you know get him to yeah. But you know we've seen other players Neil. Protest and whatever waiting one fist in the air whatever. The so wise colleague happening. The lightning rod he did cut out if that's gross been all that it would take ours about eight Cox. It's it's sad that no one is gonna take a chance that I'd like to see a response see how it will play out if he did get that shot. Now it's on once you sue the league that's that's oregano oil in the hotel they have the yeah yeah. Well it was it was at the point where once he did that. He basically had to sue was the only way is gonna get his money and and he's gonna get his money I think they're so. In my gas. Well especially if as Mike Florio says. They've got depositions where at least two NFL team said he was a starting quarterback in the NFL. They had a cellular collusion case suddenly becomes easier. To prove that. So how do you figure that NC who do you get. And then he's there it's it's our Corvette was not in a no that left your opinion puck out of they write that out obviously no team body was good enough to bring him in. But then you then you know how do you prove that he is black ball and that's why you need to find. Email. Out whether they can come up without an I don't know but back to the calls Mitch is an Austin, Texas a niche item. Writes okay. I don't say. You know one thing I never. Hear discussed there read columns lottery thing is the fact that this is not an issue in any other week. Adam silver declared that all the play well at his place would stand. And there was no blowback from that it would know about social justice worries that protest that there were no player protests that. Never been an issue and an LP so. What why the NFL. I I've brought that up earlier rich I do not understand why this is the only league that has an issue right now what about the relationship not to mention the owners before what about the commissioner. I don't play on the players in the NBA respect out of. Our contrast to repeat it yet but also the rich the NBA gives their players and our other outlet other avenues. To voice their concerns to protest whether it's wearing sweatshirts. Or you know alive sneakers with words written on my NFL doesn't allow their players to do anything. Other advance Neil now they're trying to take that away maybe I don't know you know it's so I think that's why they're there when you look at. Baseball did it happen in baseball was there a woman and they'll is popular with his picture for the eighties yet. I ad buys our national in my mind I. But there was some of the one guy I think that was the only one I can remember. There was the one player I think from the Tampa Bay Lightning who didn't Neil because they're they're standing on the bench. But he put his fist up in the air and yeah there was the one player who did that. It is not an issue in the other sports but in the NFL. It's got these owners completely hamstrung here they cannot figure out what the heck to do but I wondered if they didn't talk about it all of this offseason did talk about her at all just went out there it was business as usual and just waited for it has to continue or not continue. Would it be as big of an issue that people still to lose their minds or that initial push back in and Monica real hot most players were not mostly a lot of players are doing at that one weekend. Right after. Donald Trump spoke out about it. And that kind of died down a bit after that if they just showed up week one orally here we go and some guys Nielsen got most guys don't. Would still be an issue if they are tempted they'd bring it up they they do more harm than good. Bruce Maxwell was the name of the closure for the for the Oakland days and he was ill when I can remember. Is gone I Joes in New Hampshire hey Joseph. For. What I think one that well actually it was money it's such an artful. Went well. Where well like knowing you. Yeah around but found that one what part of the old or older you are seeing. And that's. That ever played and they are not being able. I don't know about that you know I feel like I see a lot of people. I mean there are like 88 and one girl running neck or ignore traveling the world day you'll they're cutting the corporate. Is it for financial reasons or would they rather spend their money on something up like auto club are the wrong McConnell yeah I think people. I think there had been a shift obviously in the violence in. Football people you know are tuning out because of that at the deck you know questions and countries that you look at it. Fewer kids playing on on a grassroots level and so and I think like this that. People are busy nowadays man is it you know they got things while Iran's you know football used to be a Sunday being appointed viewing every single -- all regardless of race over exaggerated and for sure and I don't feel like if I've missed that 1 o'clock dolphins bills game I'm gonna miss a year ago right Audi. There was a a story on 1 of the morning news shows this morning I get out known and unknown news item that's half news shows. It was about a a husband and wife I forget where they were like long islanders something who had filed a lawsuit. To evict their son. He was thirty years old he wouldn't move us. I had that I don't think I'll positive. I think I did they win it's still under its opening days it even all the law ID wouldn't do forty states. A third easiest squatter you know. And hey let's outline a Eddie wouldn't leave you got yet to pitch in around the house the other that you and it gives you still live in their way to thirty gotten off the dishes or something don't I don't think so that's got to be grim year you're trying to you've got a little. The court to get your thirty year old out of my house is in the basement smoke and we need. Plane and a lot of it he never see I don't know I don't normally don't it's Paris authorities have. That if you are yeah basement right Erica. On Norman's in Rhode Island hey Norman item. Norman Gloria. First time caller. Sounds stupid but watch this get rid of the Atlanta completely. Forget about the no worry about from one in most major sports they don't even show you and so let them before the game anyway they cut to commercials. But the people in the rape and in the stadiums and Arenas like it. Well they might like it but I mean it that way they go to the game. I know this Ellis now it's not like to go to C game it but I'd I'd. I think you're being a little shortsighted and here's a plan does just get rid of my health get rid of it may not show though. I'm okay that's showing it on downbeat usually don't animated literally turned into a thing if he had at bell though. What about high school games like the winner you know released I don't know equity drug a lot of williams' ability to just play sometimes sometimes you get a student from the school and they would sing and be great other times. You get like a state are acquitted yeah so I am radio I'm just so happened in and we don't have that app lets kidnapper today somebody from the core it's a good thing great we don't need the eighth it's odds terrible. If the owners actually passed this phony baloney idea that Albert Brea was writing about if they did you have. And okay were stale locker rooms now palace where this can do that we're not gonna come out for the anthem we're gonna make it simple for everybody. Well then what happens when you do get the Super Bowl because they make that an extravaganza. You know you got that giant flag out on the gas field in servicemen and women holding the flag that they have to pay for yeah it's not up alphabet game NATO that there yes and then they got the two teams like I mean it is an extravaganza. I can't picture the NFL doing that with the two teams on the locked out of there that the last note of the anthem you know rings and here come the two teams clamping on the stairs. About the whole thing and then that's also. You Leahy said bill before you got to do via the way earlier because usually do the anthem that he's run out for kickoff witnesses are here we go right to go but it's usable locker. But there's going to be a delay between that the start time there. They've really they've created a mess themselves. Which by the way I kinda find amusing. Because they're tying themselves and not it's not your problem it's our problem and and you know. I'm not amused by the the whole issue of the anthem I'm amused by NFL. Being the only league that can't solve this and they just can't figure this whole thing out. Our Brian on the cell phone hey Brian. I dealt I just wanted. Because this not for them so much a cabinet or the field but how hypocritical. Well. For years they would take your money from the department. Just to have the audit data out there and who prepared the flat. It was I mean. The it was. You money you can look this. And now and then when they come out there currently comes out there in the area of low level of soccer the money. Goes just sort of incidents of them being hypocritical about this cult like the I mean is that miracle there's been no other player could function for decades. And NATO and I think we'll vote on it for our. Probably. But I'm not sure that owners are hypocritical in every sport that at some point or another where you're right about the hole. You know paying for patriotism thing until they got routed and then they stop doing that obvious as simple as the money there's one as much money in the world it's the only thing it's only reason the owners are concerned about this now right. If for some reason everybody if all the sponsors love players taken in need they're probably tell me a great ticket mainly that they just the money around like a real thing where there they're gonna hill for them to Dion. They're just afraid they're gonna lose money lose revenue. And because they've been for a long time now lives to make it more and more money year after year that the the values of the franchises continue to go while we saw what Carolina just sold for so they just wanna maintain patents or anything that stands in the ways Weatherford. 617779793. Sevenths telephone number. It madness today and madness and move on yet can well there was a whole discussion going on which I was not allowed to hear don't know I like he and Jason had to leave the office yes to discuss this so that I wouldn't Knoll you know what and when you don't hit it all I don't why I am not surprised playing I like I I I like it when a guy I get it cold -- yet also but this was one they actually left the office to discuss as public or non related you notice not. Please will they still listen please they'll stick around for them so that's coming up about 545 thereabouts it's daily and keep. Whip Kyl Sports Radio W media.