Dale & Keefe - The NHL Playoffs have been heavy with underdog winners; The Battle of The Playoff Theme Songs

Dale and Keefe
Wednesday, May 22nd
Hour 1: Dale and Keefe kick off hour 1 finally knowing who the Bruins will be playing in the Stanley Cup Finals, the St. Louis Blues. The guys discuss the amount of upsets that have happened in the NHL playoffs thus far and whether or not the Bruins are favored in this series. St. Louis Blues theme song is not in favor, and Keefe is surprised that they didn’t use music by Eiffel 65. The guys announce that at at 12:30 they will battle one another in Jeopardy, to see between Dale, Keefe, and Scheim who will claim the win. The NFL is making rule changes to team practices including outlawing the Oklahoma and Bull in the Ring.