Dale & Keefe -  Is Patrick Chung's tweet about nurses offensive? Why regular season baseball games should replicate the All-Star game off field  formula.

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, July 18th
Hour 2: Dale, Keefe, and Hart discuss Mike Trout and Bryce Harper’s in game interviews during the All Star Game, with Hart and Keefe disagreeing over how likeable Harper is, but everyone agrees that Mike Trout completely lacks the stardom that should come with his talent.  Also in this hour, the guys talk about a recent tweet from Patriots strong safety Patrick Chung about nurses looking sexy, and Andy Hart enters the spinzone.

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Yeah yeah yeah. Our surveillance team Sports Radio WTI and heart. Patriots football weekly is in the house with a today and it's been fun. Kind of getting his takes on how many different. Creative ways I can die. When he didn't take my place welcomed in your guy and you were wishing and hoping it just didn't quite work out you know why didn't you almost died going on not what I did not almost died I didn't sing that I just said no the best issue it was. So isn't what happened all so good you want I'll use the heroic act heart attacks and and you resumes as the climbers up there at Bagram. On that part was actually pretty good about Francis. Yeah to close this thing Clinton you know growth happen flatly and all those seals the use that lay on the docks and I think seals are EU and what each truth he. Eighties is don't eat chew good lie little girl get pulled in by this recent days shark I thought all of the little girl yet. Yelling get too close and all of you those heels together as they are inserts a group field a flock accidentally sucked Douglas lost analysts odd couple and they looked fairly friendly. I would that's another tour yet again yeah. You may sit and write yours off feet of fashion and it makes it now to Andy's got a new game and I'm gonna vote. Ensure a couple phone and I could've but I didn't throw it over the golden gate. Couple times earthquake could collapsed and there was an earthquake while I was out there I didn't feel it and things like a risk assessment managers want him Pollyanna but I pillars of every single thing Mecca and you draw the line. Up to me via you know the LA and yeah I think I haven't tested that day and now I might have been go whine you rolled down a hill like your head trip roll down the field dead at the bottom that's true I was dangerous I was thankful because I heard on the news today. The people who on the house the full house house. Yeah are all pissed off because all these tourists are coming by tour buses are pulling up a good result pictures of you are god how I did not find the house I went to the park. Out of right right next Parma it's not a well it's not at all at that TV trick wow even in the eighties they are doing to attract the crooked street. The world cricket history and now that's sounds like recently and there. Then why I did some stuff with the business the castle of the programs articles from the show you hear about the torture remind you go through all that probably heard it went to a torture room in the castle and hear it again apparently thought what. New to me. To monitor radio they really set a program once in awhile I added every hour now you don't. You can reset at that time but not data today. If ordered you know there's new listeners that not everybody are reflected these two to six. Can understand there are a lot of which Canada and obviously plane crash. Track Obama. Well eventually you're get one of these and that we're having an audio are better out there. It be right that's room. Even if it means. Death and eight and that opens up opportunities stupidly. Wasn't the the all star game last night the exact about the epitome of Major League Baseball yet in this day NH ten home runs. 25 strikeouts. Nine walks. The only way you can score wrong as the final run at that it its Major League Baseball including back to back home runs in the tenth to actually. Give the American League when that is that what it is. Yes but you're watching at the beginning of the game and it's strike outs he got Max Scherzer on the mound vs Chris Sale they look great but then. They can take you deep and any any guy that's not tune in Los Russian all star game but. That's really get a solo home run one's opponents notes who want or would you know the solo home runs the whole time and that's what we've expected blocks strikeout home run. That's baseball and I don't know how. That's gonna change because a lot of these haters out there okay without that's completely follow them their. Judge put the ball players should try to hit a home run notified if I don't I don't run a strike out don't care will will get on the next boat money will decide it. Eight money from fans whether they like it when they are. Enjoying this kind of game and then we're teams invest their money. If teams choose to not invest. In power which. This will invest in power about like Bryce Harper. Does he continue to get his contract because he's hitting for power order people say on no I was gonna give you 300 million when I thought you could I don't know it 300. How Karate Kid at eighteen he said to fourteen which is nuts but. Power and you know his age and expectation moist and previously installed a ton of money. It might who should get more like there're other guys that have power in so no bets and Trout and the other guys aren't built off salt so it's gonna be harper Machado this offseason there's India bidding war I think for ball on a year McKee that's his comments yes about that there is an insurance earth rising tide lifts all boats don't and then I had a million I did like as a Red Sox Bannister watching. They were making a big deal out of the of the young guns in the American late and he was one of the pre. The outfield when it was the three it was off judge it was Trout it was bats and and they kept. Playing bets up as one of the three best young players and in the Majorly yes heart and yes our our did our part two which is great when he was marked up in their ask him how good Trout is trounced the man v.s Antonio a lot of reporters at bats in the name of it I Martinez to yeah really come on and they got a confuse confused are young and young guys and records but those guys are young and act I think you could look back. Just think with some of the other Alter games of the starting line at the 99 because of Pedro mowed down in India sort of speaks to an arrow of what baseball was. I would be surprised if the next several years it's Trout bats and judge starting in the outfield and then we look back on the 2000 late teens as that in early twenties as. You know Beth Stroud judge can really carry in the league but if you look at or talk about the era being about power and strikeouts. Yeah. Well that's and Trout. They're gonna bet 330. We've power in speed right like they are the they're different they're symbolic of the Arab they are. Of the five tool player they they do at all can we talk about harper and trounce interviews for me yeah absolutely I. You guys talked about it on the blog phenomenon and he has talked a little bit about yesterday yeah. I do you know what HM do watch it may be like them well. I found it I don't I thought they sounded very like hard as you definitely and I think he's a date and I didn't care for the fat and he did well he's managing. Everything about Sox except his appeal only only had and what kind of interview was OJ is in it is Mike -- inning didn't you end up liking you more yes even called out smoltz for a dumb question. So is there a difference between seeing the ball from right field and Saturdays at minute and a I don't know I. I forgot smoltz I like when camp when there were try to talk him into wearing a Mike when he had the back the next thing you know. Elena could do that I. Guys throw it 99 it can be talking you'll but no the interviews were great and I thought Trout had a little edge to him on the the one question about whether. Elect now are now is it I've followed edge when he said he said it went out like why given this guy's not marketed better he's they love the weather I've always follow the weather channel family we love whether he can be very popular with geriatrics they like whether that's true people do people do talk about the weather no question. But don't Trout. I thought an edge that they asked about guys not coming or not wanting to go to the all star game and Isa Al yeah that's a loaded question and this is great if you love yet he loves it. It isn't in the plan closely as Atlanta is not that long season but he knows how the holes are there about this and I was disappointed it. How personable and harper. Has I think he's and is not a dad looks like a dink. I look at DiNardo is Nate yes that they're both real autos there's the cools it down no obvious route little bit from the Jason Rossi. Applaud bond while his dad dad is not subject to drug testing and does the value looks like a member of the NW oh he does Scott about awesome and I got kind of acts are get Bobby root stock book why not comment on that would be gonna he's a Toronto expert you'd final potter routes of two. But about as close I was really hoping that. But it will never allow that to happen not socks in a regular season like this fix in the Monica's if you Alex Cora do you want your view what will keep bets. In it chit chat with the guys up in the bull in the middle of an inning of a game that matters. Well if you think about it most games are local broadcasts. So yeah it's the team that he's talking to you so it would be. Control. Right it would be managed in a way that let's be Smart about this let's try to put all it's gonna happen is that they've moved Betts is Mike tuchman right field he's on a conversation with Dennis Tankersley. That ball gets a tool on any misplaced it again guys that there is it happens but if that happens while he's talking to somebody the pitcher the manager are gonna think it's a distraction what about the opposite. I lose in the lights the announcing me like. That I Canada and other I think there's a positive note Libya but then the the visitor would not join. The opposing team and fan view me tell you do when your agent you have your Mike tires out hope that one of those guys who's gonna get you know a ball hit too much in the gap made a wrong make a panic the closest was gone. Those dollars up at piper on right before they turn Bryce Harper's Mike on he. Caught the maximum that that's flew out to home. And in their auditors Bryce Harper so we've missed him talking about the catch because it was the very first play of the inning. And they talked about the homer on some new little world little spoiled because. Not gonna get out on boys and I had a lot of pipeline that they want and more of those you're not and that's not gonna happen every game it's gonna happen. But if you my field if you Mike our opportunity to circular for nine innings you're gonna get some stuff. Or shortstop catcher yet. Pressure. It. Ads and ads so immediately you're right the holes I want you over there knock the pitchers or pitchers they don't hit the media as well as. Well to hold laying yeah I hold embrace change I hate to do this because we don't do this in in Boston area from the give fox credit for. The telecast in general couple other things not so great. On the whole hat cam thing. You like have to at Camden new much forming. Catchers cam as like I can tell where the volleys what's going on and stuff and get them item is something was great when they don't work to throw out and they work out like the might not you embrace it and do it more hawks also gave us via the tail on the hockey puck. Indeed good drive yeah is worth a shot in track and also a little awkward very cool segment or moment in the pregame festivities were they. Owner all the medal of honor. 129. Medal of honor winner but that. I actually sent a year later I get choked up. As they were going through the list Alia LYCE law killing and then just started researching them there was apparently a website we well there's a glossy glory years of a gas than a medal of honor went but I. The awkward no cheering in the guys are just like waving and there's no noise in the stadium and I know they always do that they had said please tell you there at the end Folger. And law that lots on baseball's the Drogba he's the one to all the last year. How to book and embark on our mom was there. But it's a hoax ever. Man alive and I was going back and forth on Twitter with Gary and Austin who was there for NASA. And brag I don't know which seems a bit because I set I got result not wanting to edit the 29 medal of honor winners. And they go to commercial and Gary tweets out. You know. All of the players going down the line and shaking hands and I said how does fox not showed that deaths in the moment and a big break came backing use the little a little video of it does mean is what you wanna see it is these players going down the line shaking hands with each one of these guys and the one guy at the prosthetic lucky you didn't even know riding grinds and you know. And you hear all via I had no idea and you. It ranks I guess specialist all have their own it was a ovals and yeah it was cool moment those vertical does that. I liked it that I'd done without the cranes in the city. The background and skyline and yet here were of the cranes in that wealth under works under construction everything Gary Woodland terrible. I didn't like all the stars and stripes that school I liked it all of it whether it's arbor I feel like to talk to us at our equity and every game and doing all the cleat I like that the good look was brace or sharp. I did. I I thought that harper was a guy who came across much better than I expect yet he cracked I am well that's fine and the goods and don't let these indicate get a clown and ask questions grow while the clown question he's a clown know he's now that's why he asked the clown question low clouds are entertaining the solemn than Tara banks is fourteen. Currently 23 tailor them to fourteen is a starting point Arthur Barclay isn't. Is. He's gotten to where you where he was nervous as I was watching Chris Sale throw in the first inning. He hits triple triple digits three times he throws 100 point 71 of the pitches which is the hardest pitch he's thrown since 2010. And those of us who were remembering 1999. And Pedro is on out there yeah an. Studies show Jill the same but apparently fails and he was coming after these guys audio and by the way I wanted to stadiums off these kind of places at 124. I helping. I was not that worried about cellular pitched one inning it was nine pitches. And it's not like he's the guy that's never hit a hundred this year they showed the graphic he's been a 140 something times and seasons though. I'd I'm not worth what Pedro. It was she used up a little bit more than he normally does and he did a second inning of work so I was finally percent. I yeah I was a little. Puzzled I guess that they didn't use Craig Kimbrel. You know to close things out and that we find out. That evidently Alex Cora had called HA hinge instead listen. If there's any way you can avoid it but please don't use Kimbrel he would he would Dow closed four of the last five games before the all star break. And Cora said you know if you can stay away from my teacher pre shared it and good for him I mean that's fine right. In an ideal world I think you'd make the same call about sale. Well now I think that's why they only thrown one in right and then handset the pro Morton two innings if they don't guided gratuities like Africa. And in the mattered. 617 sound frightening yeah I got a little right got to move this call to the to the front of the line up at 6177797937. Arthurs on the cell phone they are there. What's up Martha how are you that and welcome I'm sorry guys I'm going to bring me. I don't quite a night that it was about this is horrible they're playing grab that. Let it play note is no question acts there also are all boxes. I thought it was awful it was despite the worst of what ought I change the channel to lock I IGG reruns it is just. Always episode I Dream of Jeannie wasn't. Anyone. And I heard you know there are you lied Arthur Arthur let me ask you what question would you have ask Mike Trout. No no I would've done it because what you ask Mike Trout that situation. I didn't post a process sought. While you would rather just jump ride at Joseph Barkin and John Smoltz talked about who was up in just have more of the same brother that. I am. Right now about eighty Maxine. Like several local athletes on whether that's on the court didn't like about it let's all questions. So you rather just more pockets bolts. Rate at a high it is awfully there was no value. At. Aren't you know it's an all star game now as an exhibition to give you an amateur players and an exhibition game how much value looking for our am what I read. And that yes my opinion and always on your hard data entry into the database single I Dream of Jeannie episodes online literally all there was a line you know it could have been any better and Matt. That's not true they might try to. It's via. Certainly not in. Being around these other guys I NG actually have fun. Come on I think that's a bad question I was not I think there's some guys act like it's pulling teeth going to the all star game and obviously. Obviously we have guys like they're the rest of the long season Bob lives or not. You know some guys make the playoffs they wanted to rested for that I don't I don't I worry about I went all nine innings Havoc that was a bad call it bad things that. You hate that. And start that's why I'm. Fine if he says if they made this a something during the regular season or in the playoffs and then he disliked it for some reason but this is the all star game it's an exhibition its stars its grab ass it's fun. In that would have been most of ladies they asked Parker or no harper said a slider here. Ethnic throws a 99 our basketball now I don't like about two ports on the back up I think it is unless. Until I left side I'd Arthur yup bomb six Clinton didn't you know a single I Dream of Jeannie episode I'll Wang or what I view. I didn't I don't agree I agree I yards switch it over to my dream team and it did. Line early you lol terrible bad lying on a bad guys all believe Malone Arthur we love ya why we even a Malone called back soon yes we need yeah. Of course in Canada are good. Though a celebratory comedian here. We seem to make sense after him like got a bigger fear and guys are gonna be absolutely statements here from now on camera. The rest of us. Right that's our question right here. Six. Final question bro. It was rice not interested in answering your have a player of the year probably I don't care have a beer at that. Grayson played on that. On I think very few wife who's the media white night there will stick with its eight unanswered and that its highly illness that little thing. Of course in Canada are legal drinking age so a celebratory Canadian beer. It would seem to make sense that certainly got a favorite beer and guys are looking through the military equipment. And not let him. Alas. Canada business. Our question. I'm gonna guess that's a media relations that is going to be a pitching that is it better be right as they are the guardians of the free indeed. Questions some accounts to be again nationals guy was not Alex beer here at sun can keep a I'd like priced and I liked it more after last night's game that I did before I. I always like could have been me but I didn't 'cause I notes so that a reason you don't like him because of that when he was nineteen years old is that now what do you think becomes office picture I'd likeable doesn't have an error about him. I also like TO at random Austin all and to our heels rip in the patriots annually he deals Poland through the CFO. Eating sand to sell one on one ripping the patriots. Skipping the hall induction. Is a lot in there development act but so not a good but you don't have into cells. On the European Politico we've pretty cute for the Butte problem operating sort of being like. Begging medium team want just called cheaters don't need to he tried to work out of rate at a few Summers ago numbers now. Called California TO. Is bad news. He's. You don't he's going to be SE FL star now weaker global player probably have to. Eighty to use as a patriots. Employee what do you think of Patrick Chung recent we didn't see it. He says this is twenty minutes ago it still up there decline in question well. A few hundred at Patrick Chung tweets out. Shout out all the lady doctors nurses it's utter a good start looking good in their outfits exclamation point in sex. Praising the female form. Yeah easily doctors. The only. I only eat out sexy stuff. Find that you use Heathrow and I don't understand have you ever commented on how sexy she looked in her outfit now I wouldn't so now. Is that with the hell we. Aren't sure what to do there I think it was good intention there that may have gone awry at this point still up. Is an hour not I would take a and again I think it was Andy senate is there even as we speak out. And I. Played me with my daughter delete delete the now eats the talk about later with a 10 myth is that out. 319 you truth I saw where doctor Jess from Boston sports media. Link to the tweet and she wrote. Mom. We always responses were all pretty good in the people sick in the head gets the most part. One of the popular hacked bro I don't know with Gloria I. Say that you might need Jacki yeah the pot yeah yeah exactly act. And though my friend I just go you know I started with good intentions to praise the female doctors and nurses that are such a key part of our medical system and really lives. I would go I would that land that I. Really focused more on the outfits sort of it's like here 6177797937. Chilies in Palmer hey Joey how you don't. Let's go away. British. Nice that you Joey Tom part of trying to form Dudley Hart won easily this is that the door. We not sell sounds like he's got robbed Redford Paul and to be honest I haven't got a pretty stagnant I'll tell annuities that our policy Jones and you know. Take lives. He thinks either talk to let. They act with the poor are no. Longer have a game he kind of just brush. But I think about it in I don't know that would be they wouldn't want. Media members. But certainly. That's up at the actor dad harper brought up injuries when he was saying about where you know you keep Strauss fight back guys mad yeah so it's a lot Douglas. I think that now be part of it has been the one god one got we've heard from all they have it hated it is it always asked softball seek slap back at me on Twitter by the way Arthur at Arthur did it as a class act thank you. Appreciate. He said he says thanks for airtime on shell he must like the red carpet part of the Oscars sane mind numbing nonsense. Thanks. Arthur I like the red carpet part of the idea and I do think it's similar in that it's not. You know it's idea and yet but it is not like a gun was grilled Obama now it's not a presidential press conference earlier some summit in some foreign country it's fun we talk about all our nightly on press conferences and summits in foreign countries alone does this Arctic aren't there have fine he's not happy doesn't want to have five or what's wrong with baseball and really the world in general oh. Tell opening altogether there full of world they've got holes strong aspect Patrick Chung started out in the right place and now new and different direction but let's talk about having to market. Baseball players better. This is a good opportunity that Uga team we all that your Bryce Harper and Mike Trout and through the other guys during the game where we normally wouldn't have heard that right out of it sticks around the post game press conference or listens to the pregame talk. During the game that you're watching you also get to see some of their personality. It's good. On the flip side about rob Manfred basically throwing Mike Trout under the bus. We're marketable orbit he needs to do it like he's the wanna beat them market himself. Out rob it's a problem for you right out of the league and don't even want him out more than he needs you. That he's gonna hit 338 with forty home runs and a 130 RBIs and some teams gonna pay him thirty to forty million dollars every year to rest or any of the things are to make it 34 million and another two years and he's free agencies that make 44 million and then he's fine he doesn't need to do all its other commercials and actually cut go the other way if you start doing all this crap in it affects his baseball and his numbers go down it's bad for him. He might be the most buried superstar in sports though. I mean he's as good a player as there is in the game he's about and you never get to see him I mean it's that he gets buried on a lot of issues that we talked about this in the west things the lack of angels zinc you know there's two big factors in building in with senior afterward guys go from. Fund player good player to superstar because of what they do in the post season we'd run game on the line. A picture of you know even Joseph average type players like the Indian and goal. Aim for I tell you that it cannot on the tape here a moment ago jags are brilliant Joseph Jesse has a title and a part time but yeah those guys mean ever all eyeballs were on the J. D. Drew even though guys that are almost dis liked. That get that Montel it out in the policies yeah. And so I think if you could put him on a stage where he's in a World Series. Is all star game. That's like 600 hits a home run every time he plays an all star game is a multiple of BP's Nelson put that in an ALCS and the World Series against a play an extra 101214. Gains on the national stage. And I guarantee yeah he'll become more of a star. My hand here and yes sir Peter I would key feature getting heart today typically there are some parts. And yes like for my face far more answers than a year ago but I've. I will fall and not basketball and even World Cup. A soccer and march citing an interesting when they went on what we do how to fix the action is. They'll never do it on and society at that than to smoke in my own facts about ice sheet that can be. Self Philadelphia Peter I got an app process like that if god spoke. So instead of sixty feet six Internet or make them try to throw strikes from seventy feet GAAP. I don't get what you what point I was second excite the game. It's gonna make it a World Cup soccer. Now today because of the distance maybe like running started a couple steps and profit. Panel that got a anti propaganda a hot day to bounce and if you want to make the game cricket. Now I would just in the caricature that's blowing that would that would be different it Mike Trout because cricket player. I think Mike Trout would be one of the best at whatever you do as a group linebacker. He's like the LeBron thing I take him in any other any sport as you looked although he dwarfed by judge that judges of being the that was. Giant average little guy I bet in one out via. Water you know it goes well it just right at that they've gotten out of baseball whatever size are you could be the best base unit yet Trout just. That's the speed the F let us that he could do in the one he's the man. What about running back whatever. Win. Probably Patrick Chung we still survives and I'll say this. It's quite an assortment of gifts that he has us on here today he sure has. For those of you who missed it Patrick Chung at 319 this afternoon tweeted out shout out all the lady doctors nurses etc. Looking good in their outfits. Sexy stuff. There among this terrible. I make more definitive but if I understand this culture that could see police terrible like it's a compliment it all away and there and there that's not a compliment. I'd still I mean it's a little does it need to be said. Are some people gonna take it in a way that is listen I don't get offensive I'm not telling you it's no big deal it's not. What's his name's Josh hater yet I don't I don't know how bad at all I understand that part is I'm close to that like if you look at the same thing you'd be fine if a woman said shout out all the UPS delivery men out there and brown looking good today. No one would care. No one would care. They do you look at Braun opened the short shorts the most thinks I'll doctors and donors a political front of the delivery guy out it's not my favorite color. Terribly good to pull off the brown and he brought Paula is on our donors always try to stay on Iraq Boyer our own except that big deal it doesn't isn't a big deal failed it it does not do him any good. It is sexist yes it is sexist and that's not a good luck would you tweak that a lot of big. I'm trying to the best record and it's nice Dominic trying to fend for confidently and sat out. Now on a big deal would call me and they take it down we'll talk about it at least I'm trying to act a it's just not that they could do you know I'm a terrible over overstate it I that you bought it back but I'm saying it's sad look at late. Risk reward if you will like the reward that was once. Obviously yeah you're right now now rob about that if I'm a patriots fan you know I would wonder wander the hospital. My targets artisan nurses what's going on here now hurts. That would be that. But the shot I'm truly you just gave me an MRI equipment what we all. She reads the tweets via shout out to America's hovering around. I don't know it was not make more than it is and right. Well I just don't think in 2018 that's as those from the you want to go to meetings not a great year. Okay sure like the world we live well to that is what we got he founded as a graduate who has stated it you shouldn't you shouldn't singled her out specifically. He was. Being more priest and just lumping in all lady doctor maybe there were a bunch of them in the office and he wanted to single anybody out there's like all of you were very attractive. I tale. Look out on the author on to something here it's not. Kerry not. I want that's right in front and a day that we are talking about Josh Peter tweets you're right there's not a edit that out elders. At all right now there's no day when it's terrible. Great at the terrible word you'd expect out of limited vocals China it's our great. Well good their outfits because that's the point of a woman doctors look at opera he didn't say that that's what's what's implies that they are looking good and but I only belatedly I play all alone doctor applicant that the doctors found the good to answer that maybe their outfits weren't flattering. It's on them and they're fairly general war and I got out to point out similar dress code and a woman tweet up Patrick child looking good of those football pants today. It's funny right because I think if you look women's they pick teams based on the uniforms of the football and the bots at this that. Did that says that he screwed what do you think it has to do with the EU type of job that he's talking about him and it's the PC pleas of 2018. Well there there is that. The over reaction now I will say big gifts reacting to these are. Larry SAI know there were so many ways to shake your head or odd guy out there. Mats on the cellphone and I don't. Hey guys who's gonna. As a second episode. Don't get it appears on the chart. Here. Well it's. It's not a situation. Might be without a mildly Dublin we need. Well I mean. I don't think the problem with that I don't know if we go yeah it's Keith and I mean how he can't a couple of Gerson. I. Bet. I it just call out lady doctors and nurses specific leading car accident and are out taxes well yeah the second week it's an amazing they can be so Smart while looking. I don't putting my feet missed that only now that he deleted the wrong line. As an out of these into the world by any means that it wrong I'm not looking at Patrick chug like oh my god discussion did talk about that suggesting that again this is not Josh hater. And so that is the best judgment. No that's off. But it's not a. Okay well it up what I don't PC police American habit you know I don't I don't. Well I don't know how big a deal they admitted he has now it is clicked yes on the scroll of BS yeah Kennedy and I don't want. If activity to activity that could deal will pick you're stuck compact without why would we. It's it's not gonna reach idiots are lied or anything at him once this hour. The story is Patrick Sharp and loves lady doctors and nurses does it have never seen a nurse and oh she's not. On howling turtleneck city yeah the whole process thought yeah he could have kept that thought to himself he could've been a happy wanted to. That's the guy. Who doesn't want. Catches and I thought. A culprit that. Slip on Martin quietly tell your friends that you thought she looked good or something in your group of friends you would go out for everybody she looks they'd shoot. But this is. Each mystery what he's doing he's shouting out all lady doctors and Paul Anderson X era he's inclusive and that's what we really want to go on for. We won inclusive culture that's. I think he deserves an award. He might. Be East Hampton AP you'd. I haven't seen the video to Patrick Chung. But I he got a video this week. That that well I'm kind of thinking in it may be eased in my Mass. General. Because he you know he's he's out from the area. Hand and he's just and so on. Noted that it auditoriums. And some don't issues taking care of he's just shouting out or the you know eat people there didn't care. All the nurses in the huddle. If you look at all the way to dock. I gotta be honest and an event that meet dating back I hope you're wrong in this regard I know he's not having things taken care of that with a prominent in the hospital I mean it's stale amber we're training camp starts he's got to drive that in the pace car at New Hampshire Motor Speedway this weekend made him do these days and he is available for you drivers don't when you don't actually drive look out yeah Patrick here comes Patrick -- epic. Yeah actually be they physical to ride in a car you don't want him dying in your car IdeaPad look for the race as those hot. And make sure he's OK now. 08 and assurance that agent got shut out and take a ride in a car they get up to like sixty miles I don't pace got a delegate slots thirty years on that sound like him. Matthew Lyon to lighten up on the challenge we they shouldn't be mentally are all hardy right an emergency. A blog posts and that's Matthew is in grandy I don't know where grandy is but how are inactive shall. Just think Sammy it's not listener it's nice. Arm on the Patrick Chung thing a thing maybe you're shouting out I think that women of our it matter if it's successful. Maybe not such it and. It could take total area like this bit on that matters and he's really I got married and I commuted. Now. And let it whatever NRA's. Bethlehem brains tweet. Yes. Although he does it look good in the out its. Oh. Intellectually Matthew India and sexy stuff. On knowledge is I mean that the role in sexy because they such accomplished. Female scholars and professor at the effects he's now he's really going on there shout out to the doctors and the nurses he knows the work they put in the school and they put in to get to where they are looking at them in their outfits that are those outfits I hope you all the schooling. He's. Have to explain every part that we have yet to explain something that doesn't have a patriots say my ass bed till if you go to bing images nerves out that's all boys you get stuff. No one's ever been there is used to being he gets stuff. An end and he's looking over your shoulder right now from the other room oh is that what you're searching over you ever seen her a lot. Got like for your perfect of Hollywood. Well. And that's offensive right there that's out of this we should point out that doctors and nurses do not Wear this out the different. Well doctors did male and female doctors generally Wear the same sorts about its. Nurses stopped adoptees as the white. Jacket on and then it actually has the light green scrubs Robinson so these are wearing white tonight. Album the nurse it's mostly I'm not yeah there's nothing else but Jack about it. Doing this I ensuing should work rate and our objective by women I know I'm not gonna show or on my show Patrick Chung was he somehow or try to do you know I started when they're older he's black and sweep that Andy though that after original that you largest viewing it that hundreds of thousands I just it's all right this agreement. You know once here's an L article second common Halloween costumes albums in there and if it didn't cost articles are. Had a chocolate brown actual accomplished nurses and is it yes we know that for a fact. It is that shot I totally doctors nurses X that are with six that are immune. The female medical workers to solve them EMC's EA physicians assists and that's right there's all that we think level physician assistants experience that actor figures. That are all. Anesthesia tweeting. Okay you know yeah okay we dollars and arbitrarily yeah. He isn't hot a he has not our fault that we. Lose in clarified as much as they are being clarified it he did it's clear in fine. On course you'd look up to see here move along. What kind of share in finisher is anywhere and over there nice patrons thought I had producer wants. But the publisher Rossi was complaining that he doesn't enough free stuff he wants free patriots though. He just wants free stuff Andy. Our producer of Friedel anti Andy can Serengeti down made it very clear he did not. Anti took care of your right I didn't want and he did I thanked him very much. That is fair that yet what I'm saying is like I go to when you go to like us to war. You've seat patriots pull one part is where you know it's either so I'm back to Otis patriots pro shop and opera. It would place. You know what the key is nurse out that help guide the stethoscope. Got to have you gotta have it that's doctors tool. She's not in there if you have an access. That no I don't think so they know when they take your blood pressures they do it without her wearing a stethoscope around like that doctor does our owners that they put on murder yeah. The part of their car part of an art final that's kind of the got a heart they have access to that. It's with the other rock around their necks within you know appreciate doctor. Well no but they at least they use it for are any are any of the nurses on on your screen there you know raping the stethoscope around their neck like a doctor death's no one has the inner ears like about the use of yeah yeah yeah yeah. The wrong she got anything else on besides the stethoscope around ha hat on this is far more offensive than anything that's one thing I.