Dale & Keefe - The Paw Sox come through with a special in-studio delivery; what did Brady really mean when he said this team needs a great quarterback?, 8-16-18

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, August 16th
Hour 4: The Hot Wieners finally arrived and there were literal hot wieners. Brady could end up playing the entire first half of the preseason game. Jaylen Brown talks about the Celtics chances in the East., and apparently the world is going to end sometime in the near future.

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Other people are interviewed me and we are struggling us. We have one of those guys in their struggle not out of south state you. We're gonna blame overload at Philly today stock last week because it's a pretty good week. For the oldest starting tonight for a they've start tonight. Still aren't coming sour forces we have any which team that can mommy daily and keep. Meetings on the WEEI Sports Radio network. Fourth and final hour daily key Sports Radio WB EI but it probably not a secret. Rich was not real pleased. When they moved us from afternoon drive to the midday show. It would out of my choice I understand it at it but he's he he is embrace that he's eased Amal and we've hit the ground running here we're enjoying having fun. And today I think we pushed him over the top this the best day ever though we had Johnny for the past talks come down we are talking about you brought up hot winners the cleaners CD. Pawtucket Red Sox now for one night only tonight. Will become the butt talking hot we sedate new Jersey's they've new hats they've come out new teacher so not only does Johnny come down in price all the cash from the front a target as hot air stats. The whole staff. Yeah hot air T shirts Ed he actually brought in hot leaders. So this is great we did I was doing first thought we experience for you in laws and commits us in the onions and I'll laugh all good I'm a fan now about how we yours for life. It's an almost two years afternoon drive not not diarrhea hat no your teacher know anybody drop off hot leaders not that I know of while they didn't make it as far as the studio if they did that's true word out even a weekend to the mid days or to get presents so thank you very much so if you're in the good thank you talked RF sockets out there thank you touched on earlier and I will say this you know. It's brilliant marketing and when you see a lot of a minor league teams I worked in the minor leagues and I've never very creative in the Miami got to be create I got to do stuff. And and you know you see other teams like that there's a team called the iron pigs I just love everything about the iron pigs every guy yeah Andy Anderson in Pawtucket you know that a lot of you see a lot of these minor league teams renaming their team for the night. You're from Rhode Island it's the perfect name to your big fat how leaders. And so that's out there that's will be playing tonight in the tactic the Pawtucket hot Wiener that's good stuff will will be. Running their score tomorrow right the Communist orcas there's a Red Sox game I don't pass that along tomorrow yeah the least we could and I believe nest and is actually showing how Wiener named perfect. Are things coming up our leaders here today all over the place so you heard in the open. Alex Cora put away now on notice T shirt that said it starts tonight meaning last night right. In other team had a real good record when he was talking a lot sin he was saying if things go bad. And and recently had a good weakening Saddam and starting tonight on one. The Automask Ara. The Red Sox were all in one I wouldn't count on them being all in much along with us though just to put in perspective they were 86 and 35. When we were talking Cora. We we also like to point out that startling one I mean there were all in one arts and I have put are now they have to goes seventeen and one the next eighteen and got out gathright and luck there in the first game yeah. When we were doing the the interviews and Alex so you like to Palmer it's out of the pen and plus. Now drew pom rants by the way does not have options on their they're gonna have to make a move tomorrow. Ian Kinsler is gonna be ready come off the DL they're gonna have to make corresponding move and I know it's easy for Red Sox fans the sale I note ago. He has no options. They can't send him down. They will keep him here they will options somebody else. Who has options yet and then when the rosters expand September 1 then union bring him back but you know the game last night evolve diesel involve The Who was lights out for two games he could not have started bad. Or promotional I want to rebel now while the third one was it was a disaster. And in the lap and then last night. You know only one earned run but it is still lose it was three runs. He was not great you know and so then you turned to Joseph Kelly. Good or what Joseph Kelly they got a dead rest of the season and the playoffs if he's been all over the place he set some great moments he's also really struggled at times. It's so that was frustrated to see him go out there in the the walks have been killed in the bullpen. Recently. But out of a not so sure you know Kelly looked like he had kinda. Start a trend in the right direction for a little bit and I was given up Iran and two of his last restarts some walks given up its. Dotel is definitely not a late inning guy on this team and in many any government for awhile but we are trying to figure out our who else can be besides Kimbrel. We've and he kind of scared me given a on our two nights ago the first game against Philly we want to we have sky has not been a shark here the last couple yet but I mean he sold them plenty of time and I have faith in Kimbrel. To you recover in time and be good to go comply outs. But some of the other guys there's that still remain it's still there whether it's foreign or third foreign bird or. Every it doesn't matter those guys still leave you with a little bit you know tough problem. The best news from a Red Sox perspective took place before the game yesterday when Eduardo Rodriguez Italy 47 up 47 pitch simulated game. Came out of it feeling fine obviously they'll check again today but and I he is trending towards maybe not an immediate return about it. A a fairly quick return to the to the rotation here yeah and that began at a news you would assume it would be Brian Johnson. Who would go out of the rotation but I won't get their identity and into the bullpen I wonder if they would have any thought of Nathan the faulty. Go to the bullpen dealers that say that is when they got very limited experience there now a lot but they say when they acquired on your member by the it was the brows ski in core of both said. Hey of all the he could help us in a couple of different ways around Mike Wallace only had seven relief appearances in his entire career. In my well over a hundred to close the 200 starts so it's not Lebanese familiar with the but if you are struggling in these like that he has the last couple starts. This is he a better seventh or eighth inning guy than some other guys you have if they think that he might be. May be serve to make that transition now so his first relief appearances of the year aren't in the White House so I don't know they would consult our wake Alex prepares for this stuff. That wouldn't happen. He he'll give a chance and I would get relief appearances. I mean I'll have a month of September where they're going to be able to play around but they lost last night yankees got slapped around by the race six to one lead is still ten games. That it you know they lost that second time in the month of August and and lose any ground and now they didn't and in the lead is this a significant at at ten games. They can even gain more on the rays were up one zip on the Yankees here this afternoon Scott if they get even gain more ground. Without playing but Brian Johnson goes tomorrow night. As one of the over the previous prime justice are threes that quality pitching for his role in the rotation because you know a year to Palmer it's an Indy stuck with it. But he hasn't been great it's a he goes tomorrow against Tampa. Maybe has a better chance stick in the rotation but. I wonder when Rodriguez comes back if it's already a done deal between Johnson and involve the or they're gonna sort of wait and see that even still that Brad Johnson. Maybe becomes another arm you audible on. Yeah I don't think that there are huge concerns from Red Sox perspective at this point I think it would liked fix the bullpen. Think they're gonna get Kinsler back tomorrow night it will it will help the depth. On the roster I mean he's he's going to be your regular second baseman. The rest of this all sorts yeah playoffs they acquired him to be the second baseman every day. Brock called will get chances to play easy utility guy he'll play some in the outfield he'll spell some guys in the infield two more hits by the way I know he's still. Blistering. Dowd does so devers last night had his when he first air of the season. That's a bit and no quorum has said. While they are not worried about the errors and we've had other people of the core even brought up I don't our callers say Adrian Beltre. Who let the hall of Famer EST it is a great defensive third baseman. His first year in the majors here of like a millionaires or whatever ones I've read I read the other day where Jeter's first year of rookie ball or something he had fifty some errors. Op yep but so why I know it's going to be a problem long term but what about this year they. Wouldn't that be one thing that so if if devers commits an error in the playoffs or couple Ers in the playoffs. Should we look at that be surprised or should we be eight you've been watching all season long. You kind of know there's a pretty good chance that he could be booed and around world. I don't know what you do did you get evident C a defensive replacement for him not that Nunez has great defensively but is that pulled advertising. Who's holed about a third baseman defensively yes silently. And most guys are about it and of union with Mitt don't get on Broadway right there will as is probably not a huge difference. If if they were gonna make a defensive replacement for devers in late innings would probably be halt. And so maybe that's what you have to do. That I wouldn't be a would be shocked by just an and it's also not like you at all costs have to keep devers bat in the lineup. Yes really give you that reason and he's either better hitter than Nunez or hold bought. Late in the game I wouldn't even be freaking out though may be his turn comes back later in the game and the Soviet but he put extra innings Soviet because. He has been real rip the cover off the ball. Those are some of the a the other thing I want to have a classic game so rookie baskets and enough. Right he's not the starting lineup and I don't die by the way I'm OK and then I think that's great yeah guys of these should be Big Ten game lead but he still played. Well he got one pinch hitting appears so he's cut his wondered if you're gonna give the guys a day worker tell me as the day. And you're still trying to win my guess is smokey probably went too in the late innings and something else you gonna unit Adam on the air for this I mean it's still it is a rescue rather than four pats are five at bats and playing in the outfield for nine innings it was a bit of a break I don't know if you wanted to. They get the month of September. What he gives guys days off each of the games close which just. And he actually holding off. I don't know yeah I mean I I do understand up by the way I'm just looking here a Tampa Bay has a two nothing lead over the Yankees right and go. That was in the top of the first they scored twice the Tanaka going for the end yes. Or product to knock again race is now all you know yeah slow super ago. But for the Red Sox could be up ten and a half games going into the sitters tomorrow Tampa. It's this whole month is going to be put it in cruise control. Get everybody healthy get everybody rested future rotation in order in a make sure it like last night night and I applaud Alex for doing it. Get Oki the day off you know what smoking. We're fine delegates are rotating other guys and it JD Martinez yeah okay I'm I'm ready dad. Yet while apply taken it back them you know that fund and you'll also see a lot of five and six inning start from price and sale. We just off findings are from sales thoughtful punch out the other night but price goes on Saturday so goes on Sunday they each have. What eight starts left or whatever the whatever it lines up to being. I would be surprised if it's a lot of ninety pitch kind of sixth inning stuff we were talking about that in the aftermath of sales coming off the DL how they switched it. Price had been following sale. But they flipped it is and its sale follows price and their evidently gonna stick with death even on the off day gave them the opportunity if they chose to to go back. I think they like it better with price going first and then sale following but also because of the scheduling it it's a four game series against the Indians starting on Monday. Its sales the only god and avoids the Indians who crush him but he big doubt it lasted well it and likes knell for instance. Who's you know decent pitcher for Tampa Bay Red Sox miss him this weekend right. Exactly it's though. Sales gonna go the last game of the Tampa series and in the first game of the series against the rays again after Cleveland that's how that's gonna work out I'm sure is gonna dominate those guys and well I am a report to though not so much this upcoming series with the Cleveland series. Is got Cora clover right out of the gate clover vs torso or at least that's how it stands right now. And then Carl's grass goes in the series as well because. Let's face it a Red Sox Indians series and it would be no layup at this point either you know as good as as much as the Red Sox are cruising in the regular season. There a couple of teams in the American League. That are still gonna give them on a hell of a fight the clout than the Astros. Even though there are slumping right now they are but the Astros and the Indians that's going to be its officers and one. Let me give you one little update as we go to the break we'll get the call from the other side at 6177797937. We we mentioned this yesterday during the program we opened up the bidding. On batting practice at Fenway Park for Roger Clemens. And sell laden the other bidding stayed open all afternoon long closed in the seventh inning of last night's game. The high bid was side just over 50000 dollars. Ooh we're nice job soul they contacted Roger and told him he was very excited. He said how about if we do to. So also last night last night and made 94000. Dollars that's incredible he accepted the top. And the second place bids. That's awesome 94000. Dollar a little over 94000 dollars was raised. And and the proceeds benefited the Jimmy Fund and the Roger Clemens foundation but the Jimmy Fund. From last night's Roger Clements batting practice session at them like the Jimmy Fund made 50000 dollars that's great. That's incredible he is still somebody was open to it that's also and and I know in this town he gets a lot of mixed reaction. I I can tell you that died down at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute he gets no mixed reaction. And from his playing days here through now they love Clements down there and how accessible he's been to the kids and help out. East and east the police uniform on and go down there and it has pretty healthy kids that's very saw last night the batting practice session with Roger Clements at Fenway. 850. Thousand dollars for the Geneva that's awesome. Down at Gillette by the way this wraps up the home free season's schedule for the patriots. Played game one play game two at home and then the next two or on the road. So a lot tonight at Gillette patriots in the Philadelphia Eagles this time Super Bowl rematch. Well maybe. Tunnel and a few heard rich say during the award winning and jam packed trending now the dust all our the it's not so award winning every morning awards. Like that's stops other shows on this that he should I say it stuffed ferret out so the whole. Premise here is that Brady's not only gonna play tonight apparently it half the ball Mike recent Jeff how he could play as much as the first half. And you know you can sort of see from his perspective. He's got some new receivers he's trying to get some timing down. His workload during the the training camp thus far been cut back a little bit. Maybe there was a back issue in there that had a little sore I don't know how serious that was. So it it brought about yesterday. Tom Brady standing in front of that back drop down on the practice field talking about the quarterback position for the patriots. You know I think yours have short term goals and long term goals and you know this year's gonna focus on myself wanna play for a long time so I said dad for a while on foot and a broken record. You know it's. It's really this year is the focus and you know this team. Is he he's a great quarterback. We'll find rugby down. Yeah he's right he needs a great quarterback this team does he agree quarterback. They absolutely do and we talked about a lot in the offseason about. Their roster. Compared to other rosters and how much Brady in balancing act make up for the rest of the roster and not to say that they don't have great players is wrong is in a leap. Player high towers very good Gilmore is very good. But there's more to drop off there gentlemen you can name a few guys but other teams have those two in May they might have even more. It's a Brady makes up for a lot of that and I think Steelers has gone out there one of those teams that you deck but. Of their roster but Brady's point there. I think he was just trying to say like I need to be the best that I could be I think he's trying to say that but the way comes across is if this team. Did not have a great quarterback all screw man I dig it I if that's true it RO it's not hate I gotta say it that way he'd put it that's his regular I don't know if it. They do you think that's the shot a belt sects in roster construction and Caceres roster construct I don't. Because I think that he's pretty used to how they construct the roster but he's had great rosters in the past he's also tell us our roster not like he's got both Dion Lewis told then Boland today. You know the patriots didn't think he could do it anymore they didn't want him out there he's kind of this and is corn flakes about it now. Op what I don't think they were willing to do was pay. What they consider kind of a rotating position they like diablo us at 896. Yards here last year. But they think running back it's one of those churning positions where you know wing work bunch guys I think they're like Louis they like the inability lights older he got they all right now dollars this year. Five million not guaranteed for next year but six million dollars this year for Dion Lewis. They just work and pay him all the. But there there have been other teams so for example. 07 to always. That only team did not have a great quarterback but they still won eleven games they have more talent. It Randy Moss for God's sakes that they they had more talent on that team. Did they do on this year's team. But you have the best quarterback in the world so that's why the predictions are they should still win the AFC it may be. There's still the biggest favorite to win the hole there the super bull. But if they don't have a great quarterback in made backing up Brady right now they don't they have they have below average quarterbacks backing him up. They would be screwed. Because of the talent that is the rest of the town outside the court. I mentioned before that we talked a lot about skill position guys who have left here this this offseason. The guy who was probably the biggest departure was Neitzel there. And I don't just being physically he was a bit he was your starting left tackle had been your starting left tackle since Matt Light left. And now you're casting about trying to find a new left tackle. They just didn't feel that position was worth that kind of money I'll tell you that the next departure this co aux Jack Mason. Oh yeah are you particularly the next guy who. They're gonna look at why. Top flight free agent guard is gonna get me off season next year and I can pay it now it's not gonna happen it's got to. The reasons why they brought in Isaiah wins but just getting out front and it maybe he can play tackle this year you know last year in almost makes me wonder if they'll we'll Shaq Mason out here. Because they get out ahead of it tailor Jones now they're they would. Are they want how much of the pre season they want a plan but we've seen crazier things you can't rule anything out with the patriots in the way of their roster construction you just can't. But if they're competent enough I think Marcus cannon's health that's going to be a factor how they think Trent Brown's ruling is going to be a factor in playing. Because right now it's in the to have six guys capable starting. And obviously only five spots. At some thought that Isaiah when I was just gonna coming here and beat out Joseph too for the job. But if you think Shaq race is gonna be out the door a year to try to get something for the morning his time out of last year I think they felt win was going to be a better guard than tackle. And especially once they got Trent brown. I think they like Trent brown and Marcus cannon tackles now. They love to me at one god you know while Shaq Mason is the other guard but based and I could see that Isiah win. Yeah and again it could be viewed it and it innovators in the middle but I think they definitely could. Trade Mason because the kind of fits the mold if they if they don't wanna pay them they wanna get some open forum. But how much would a team do you view for Shaq for one year shot at a no you know I think that that's that's a tricky one but. Yeah I think the the Nate soldier drop off to to turn Browner was is huge we don't talk about it as much. Just because we've been so focused on the receiver position. How those guys it doesn't really stack up to compared to years past and ya how's Brady going to be with the all these new guys. So he wasn't. Saying anything that was wrong. Because half a dozen regular shot Massey I didn't read it that way because I think that that if you have a a really good roster. And an average quarterback you're probably gonna lose so if they wanted to do everybody knew that Barbara Taylor right at the only way you're gonna win is you've got to play great quarterback. Yes so but I would look at that nick foale's for example. Played great in the Super Bowl but he's not agree nobody was great that day didn't act in that game one right but I don't know I wanna raise cattle leading up to it too. I mean when Carson Wentz went down with him weeks left in the regular season most of us thought there'd done. Today are they're Nichols a great quarterback I would not nobody went but from the time Wentz went down. Through the Super Bowl he watches so I think players to through 53 on the Eagles are better than two to Pittsburgh pitcher yes yeah absolutely as a quarterback obviously is is is so dramatic he could swing things but. This team does I he's dead on about it this team does need a great quarterback and fortunately for them they have one. Because you're on your diet and I went W audiences as he owes it to them to play great I think that's probably what he meant but we can always read into it and other ways. During and even braver and we'll try and but I I don't think the Brady Belichick things is what I've never bottles all season. It was as dramatic as everybody thought. I've never thought that they had this close personal relationship. I think they've got a very close professional relationship. I think Brady told the truth here. When he was on with the with K and C on Tuesday. You know that there's nobody I'd rather play rather have coach you know he's the best coach whoever whoever coach d'antoni I think he meant all had to stop I've provident. I shuns on the cell Tayshaun. Hey OK guys wanted to do I agree what you just said. Keep I think that. Whenever he beat Tom Brady he's always he's talking to somebody different audiences. And that he tries to you know save the right thing that got a global web you know each person and I think that you know. Eight get over analyzed and then it out. It's not the manner he says are going to be twisted into it with him speaking against somebody ought not be it against somebody. I simply true I mean every time he speaks it's headline it's amazing every every single time any almost never puts his foot in his muff. Now he yeah he would think about how many times he talks. You know it yet though though morning interview. He's here every single week he talks Wednesday at the post game or the other press conference than post game we saga that at least three it scratchy gray. He's or at least four very public interviews every single week so. Add up all that time over the course of the season he's saying a lot and even even his non answers end up being Harry got to make up. Make news all every time. As opposed to Belichick whose non answers get ignored or mom that marked out sniffles nor sniffles. Yeah all of that stuff now Steve's in Portsmouth tasty. Hey guys I've got they get it done that. On the upper not. And and immediate question in respect all and you know him getting back on. Go to a broken record here that other other people wouldn't say that as bad as tightly. I think about entry at exactly what you do pretty well it got more black and if I heard that you know let out there. Then you know and previous games and are anything other on the field position I mean yeah that allowed back up and make Erica I'm Matt Light. It solid yet you are critical all in tight grip that it LP. An underdog and unknown you know immediately Yair I'm not yet Palin saying it and they don't work yell like hell we wanted to know. You know what I. I don't think that it's fair to say that but they're entered the governor there governor went well pretty easily and great error occurred in academic truck economic. How acrid smoke and you know look like etiquette and then I. To put it according don't don't. I'll say this though Steve and and I agree with you that he has always done more with last I agree with that. Isn't there a limit to. How far you can can log. A sub par roster yeah that's finally when you are now off 41 year old quarterback. He go back to 0612. Years ago winds at 29 year old quarterback. Yeah the I mean you can only do so much in some of those some of those years and again that the bar so insanely high here it's a Super Bowl every single year. But look back on some of his years that they didn't make the Super Bowl. Yeah you can you can look at the roster civil that a little bit more talent they are they going to every year with at worst the top five quarterback every single year. And the best coach every single year but at some of the other guys if they're not good enough for them that's when they fall short to Denver or to Baltimore or whoever. Yeah. Aren't just a few things. That we didn't get an opportunity to get to throughout the course of today and knew what else you got to know what else seminar columnist I think it's the working title. Wealthy got Russell and elsewhere spit balling this are and that that I stopping I ask you Michael LC acted Alvin Daley also the Dow that day are done everything taking what else ya got there and I get he has something but when that I doubt well let's give you a couple of things that I. That's do we Jalen brown who recently did an interview with Bloomberg. Let's give you a couple of cuts here let's start with Jalen talking to Bloomberg about the Celtics hold it oh hold on. I I I threw Jason off with him I was on the other cut first and it's my fault Jason and our fields which are the hot route here that's at hot round here jails around talking to Bloomberg about the Celtics. Holding it down for years. She's gonna be an eight seasons coming up LeBron James has gone to the lake area's hottest that changed the game on the court. Definitely think you know LeBron has. Strong on these. For seven years I can say they want every year so now there seems like this up ahead. You know it's our job to comment you are not the Celtics are going to be pitino that down for the next five to 710 years. Five to seven to ten years he shorted the brawn a year it might have said David that one for several eight at eight straight finals. It's seven. Upwards of an emergency funds no question about it I hate I invited by all the probably gonna he's not only did have a strong vote. On the he's for the last seven years we barely got a better this year. And I must say it was all right man. He's not because he's not being accused and that's what are my serve was sort we have some young guys who could really play and we didn't back down from nobody's you know. You have you lost the game seven and you had a seriously damaged although I kind of doubt it well and added I'll be honest for a minute beards elated LeBron was still on the east. I do think you would have passed them by but you didn't till you had a chance this year and you didn't do it or organ on. Well aren't I find. Said so so Jalen in this interview with Bloomberg. Who went where some athletes are a little hesitant to go. I'm Jalen brown was talking about the president of the United States. We've certainly seen players and teen speak out against the president I mean dean thinks that he is trying to lose points to decide. The country. I am not sort. That's a question now have to some might have to ask him I would say he's doing a good job of making a lot of people have said. I wish. Its forces as good as it has a unique thing in our country so influential was almost like a sacrament for religion people praise like. LeBron James mourn and praise anybody else you know this forces so powerful you know and I think he realizes that not think. That's when the conflict begins. Well I mean you know obviously them the president attacks the NFL a lot maybe more than any the other sports but then doubled back and forth with LeBron James that he had as well and that's it Jalen brown is decides to sort of jumping on the air. And hey this is again goes back to the argument of you know athletes talk about politics I feel like if they want to and if they. Feel like they have something in it to say in it that's. If they feel strongly about it than they should be able to if there if they don't really care that much they should be forced to do it either. I would say someone is out met a lot of people outside. But those seem to be true that people are now. People all all the punishments that don't they're going to be really reflect well what more Uga was like god this is actually you found this article can I greatest run a mile creep me out there's an MIT computer model that is predicting what's gonna happen here in the future and it turns out. There's gonna be a dramatic drop in quality of life. In the year when he what wait a minute that's two that's running throughout the one better the end of civilization. When he forty. So that is not that now time for me to Glock and get a now a thirty year mortgage yes they say yea my as well. It's if we do nothing about Vegas is the condition of the planet is becoming highly critical on points one if we do nothing about the quality of life goes down to zero. Pollution becomes so seriously you'll start to kill people which in turn will cause the population to diminish. Lower than it was in the year 19100. At this stage around 24040 it's 4050 civilized life as we know it on this planet. Will cease to exhaust planet now there's also there's been a few other times where they've people try to predict the end of the world number Y two K yeah 2000. Was supposed to be a problem that we survived that and then what's the most the Mayan apocalypse that's when it's while putting eleven but we're eleven and may Tony Allen. That was one and then I was on the 2012 the twelve of them in a movie about relatives of the of the sort of dodged the few bullets here I don't know where even here you know week could be it ever but disability that it's ahead of opinion so giant universe somewhere also dale we have a our poll results that. Leo we asked the question I don't know how this possibly came up we asked the question. Is silent slant silence of the lambs and more movie. A simple yes or no he could vote at the O'Keefe W yes or what are Courtney Cox from nests and said one 1000000000%. I'm with Courtney. She's on that there's 54. Per cent a razor thin vote but 54%. Of the audience. Says yes sounds totally. The hormones. Think about this and those rights. It's. It's something people goes just a thriller that that's a that's a guy from a thriller that's an important is this now that's on top of the saving shots didn't show and eating. So what he's eating other guys. Face in that little makeshift jail cell that was my horror scene I was kind of wore a terrific thank you think about this if you well. August 16. 1948. There Babe Ruth died. August 16. 1977. Elvis died alone now August 16. 2018. Aretha Franklin. Went Olivo a high note here you know male. Holy smokes and it's. A tough day in America the world. We gotta get out here all of that is coming up next we'll see guys tomorrow end. Steve DeOssie nice is off. His ball long foray well Brian pre season game to new breakdown we'll break down the planet I play tomorrow. Okay. They sun king.